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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 17, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> we have breaking news this hour. we're learning new details after a train slams into a car. police identifying the driver learning more about the moments before the crash. key clue in the search for a killer. the suv investigators are trying to track down hoping it will lead them to a murder in princeton. donald trump getting some big name visitors who stopping by trump t his white house team. good morning. just after 9:00 on this thursday. thanks for joining us. i'm kris anderson. great to have you here. i'm christa delcamp. we have ren claire watching the forecast. and hopefully we get some sun >> it would be nice to see. if it all lines up that way, ren. >> we been watching for some sunshine. so far this cloud deck the anchored over us in boston. we will continue to see mostly
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the cape. a couple breaks in the cloud cover. most of that is further to the west. as we head into the rest of the day, i think we will see peeks of sunshine this afternoon. especially into later afternoon. but most of that sunshine to the west. we do embark on mild stretch of weather. high pressure scoots from the west and we're actually looking at mild temperature more sunshine by tomorrow. already in the low 50s now. 50 degrees in beford. worcester chillier in mid 40s orange in the upper 30. you can see lots of 50s here highs to w mid-to-upper 50s for few of us that do see sunshine and into tomorrow we're close to 60 degrees through much of the viewing area. the coast will be a hair cooler. you can see what's headed our way. temperature drop and we are looking at much cooler weather headed our way shortly. those details after the break. time to check on the traffic situation. let's go over to danielle gersh. hey, daniel. >> good morning everyone. here's a look at expressway. it's slow in best directions. kind of a mess here.
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we have disabled vehicle. that's east milton square and then southbound we have an accident at east milton square. really slow in best directions on the expressway. route 24 not too bad on the pike, though, eastbound we have a crash at 128 and then westbound we have another accident at newton corner. it's slow going 93 stop and go pretty much back to 495. let's look at the drive times if you get ready to head tout door. 26 minutes to half an hour on the expressway northbound. also 26 min pike from 128. 93 southbound 128 to zakim bridge almost half an hour. if you take the dmoocommuter rae have delays on the fitchburg line. a car ripped apart. wait until you see a video. a commuter rail train hits that car and tears it in half in a violent collision but the two people inside manage to walk away. >> and this is surveillance video that shows the moment of impact. we're just getting new information as well into the newsroom that police have now
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car. >> they also say they may know what led up to the crash. let's go to victoria warren live with the breaking details. what have you learned vicki? >> we're learning that police believe that may have started with a minor fender bender. and the driver of that car may have been trying to get away from that original scene. no one can believe how all this ended we have ur survey lance video that shows the car drive around the crossing gate in revere and then get slammed by the train. out and then just take off. the car was cut in half. mbta police say they have now identified the driver confirming there was an earlier accident. a witness tells us young man involved in that earlier accident followed the fleeing car hoping to get the driver's information and when the train gates came down the driver decided to go for it. the man in the other car stayed to talk to police. >> we stayed and spoke with him for 15 or 20 minutes.
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imagine how i would feel in that situation. he was definitely shaken up. he just kept -- i wanted to talk to them. i don't know why this had to happen. mbta police tell us at this point they have identified the driver. there's no arrest, though. they do say that charges are force coming. nobody in the cars hurt and nobody on the commuter train was hurt either. victoria warren 7news " officials are investigating after a green line train went off the tracks in brighton. it happened on b-line trolly near commonwealth avenue and lake street last night. no one was hurt in that incident. >> right now lawrence police search for a suspect. the man you see here involving in a shooting. investigators aren't releasing much information about when the shooting happened. if you recognize him give police a call. >> some new details in a princeton murder investigation.
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clue after vanessa marcot was killed after a jog. nicole oliverio live in princeton. we understand officials are hoping that this new lead could help break this case? >> kris for three months people living in the community have been hoping for a break. they have identified the car the suspect may have been in and hoping to lead to a possible arrest. >> new clues that could lead to killer. three vanessa marcot police say they are looking for dark colored suv. her body was found in august. witnesses say the suv was parked on brook station road where marcot was found and where the murder was thought to have taken police. they say the suspect was likely injured in the attack. the bu grad works for google in new york city and visiting family when she went out for jog that morning.
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when she didn't come back from the run. in the day following her death. search crews combed through the wood looking for evidence. police and family members called on the public for clues to her death. police have received more than 1,000 tips. now they are hoping this clue about that dark colored suv will bring an arrest. anyone with information is asked to call state police 45 been begin the information. they are asking to be on the lookout and to keep this investigation in mind. nicole oliverio. 7news "today in new england." right now we're getting a new look at a robbery in newton from surveillance footage here. a man walking into a convenient store. he demanded money from the clerk and that man is still on the run. here's 7's nancy chin with more.
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manners. >> please but no thank you. the man on the mission. he was working alone tuesday night. when he didn't turn over the money fast enough the masked robber grabbed cash and took off. >> you don't know from here. the armed robbery took 20 seconds. a team back at work the next morning at the newton center gulf station trying to figure out how much money was stolen. a team said he never considered fighting back. e i see the gun. minutes after the armed robbery several heavily armed police officers rushed to the scene but the thief was long gone. the robber was wearing a hat in what looks like a bandanna over his face. investigators are hoping someone recognizes him. if not by how he looks then by his voice recorded on the
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the best time to happen in this town. i work for long time in this position. >> the clerk said he doesn't know if the robber got into a car or had anyone outside waiting for him. no arrests have been made. in newton. nancy chin. 7news "today in new england." new this morning some concern on campus. tufts university confirming that nine students have been diagnosed with mumps over the past three weeks. department of health said it's working with the school to help prevent the ill f spreading any further. anyone who may have symptoms should go to the school's health services center. get ready to slowdown when you dive in the city of boston. city councilors agreeing last night to lower the speed limit from 30 miles per hour to 25 in thickly settled area. officials say they were compelled take action after pedestrian was hit by a car that was drag racing in the back bay back in march. the law could go into effect the start of next year.
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many well-known faces have been seen coming and going as he pieces together his team. some of those contenders are being met with controversy. let's go to sarah with the latest. trump seems to be getting closer to naming transition team. national security adviceor the president-elect reportedly closing to rhode island native for the job. >> lieutenant general michael flynn visiting trump tower on wednesday. amid reports that the rhode island native will be joining the trump national security advisor. >> he recognizes the threats we face. >> flynns a registered democrat but sharply against hillary clinton. his resume speaks for itself. ground experience in iraq. he headed up defense intelligence agency before being forced out in 2014. another mix south carolina nikki haley set to meet with trump today.
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said her constituents are embarrassed by her. >> governor you will support trump? >> vice president-elect michael pence touring soon to be home wednesday with vice president joe biden. trump insisting the transition is going smoothly. and a tweet attacking the media. another visitor at trump tower wednesday afternoon. new england patriots owner robert craft who has called trump a close friend. no word yet on the reason and forth about trump's kid continue. new york time records that they have not applied for security clearance and they do not intend to. that's ivanka, you guys. >> hillary clinton back in the spotlight for the first time since the concession speech she gave a week ago. i will admit coming here
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past week when all i wanted to do is just curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again. >> clinton took to stage last night where she spoke at the children's defense fund. the group honored her because of her lifelong work on children's issues. we're just getting started on this thursday. an inside look at a convicted killer in the disturbing new video. it appears to show gary s trying to attack a prison guard. crossing into danger. you may recognize this intersection. causing some confusion for people and cars. hank investigates and there's now help on the way. >> cloud cover has been causing us a little bit of confusion. we've been struggling to see some peeks of sunshine. when will we see some of that sunshine. that answer after the break. >> will gronc be on the field to take on the 49ers. what we know after his hit to
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>> ren the really into clouds. its way over my head. its not. may have been boring for you. >>ist saying today we are fighting with this cloud cover. it's been camped through eastern massachusetts and it's kind the day. a few peeks of sunshine. not out of the question. i wouldn't count on a whole lot of sunshine here today. especially if you are on the coast or the cape. a little bit more sunshine as we head further into western massachusetts today. but mild temperatures. temperature in the low 50s. 50 degrees in bedford. 50 in boston as well. worcester in the mid 40s. 48 degrees in jaffrey. not terribly uncomfortable. we're currently at seasonable highs. we're going to warm up further from here. as we head into the lunch hour
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some could hit 57 for those who see peeks of sunshine. into tonight this model this computer model is suggesting that we are going to see a lot of cloud cover clear out with some peeks of sunshine by the late afternoon and early evening hours. and i do think that's possible but i think it's a little bit behind with some of our cloud yef rear right now that will fight off through much of the day. especially in eastern massachusetts. then we clear out as we head into the overnight hours. high pressure from the west and we see north. it's a bit breezy. couple of wind gust around 20, 23 miles per hour possible. layers are a good idea. we're around average although if not a little bit warmer and then we warm up close to 60 degrees for many of us by tomorrow. to our west you can see the travel forecast showing temperatures in the mid 40s in minneapolis dealing with some snow. and you can actually see this front here with showers and low pressure ushering in the snowy
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into the sunday forecast. then our temperature will drop and we could even see some flurries into sunday night. enjoy the next couple of day with this mild weather. because we are turning the page with some different weather as we head into next week. here's part of the reason why. as that system moves forward moves further eastward. we see a dip in the jet stream which ushers in some cooler canadian air. that's going to mean temperature in the 40s for us ase today temperatures in the mid 50s mixture of sun and clouds. west of 495 loop. if you are east of that count on more cloud coffer. mostly clear skies. normally that would usher in cooler air to the north we have moderate air. a look at your 7 on 7 forecast. you can see we're talking about moderate temperatures into the weekend. by saturday afternoon cloud cover starts to thicken ahead of the next frontal system. that will bring us some wet
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and potentially even some flurries with that. it's too early for that. isn't it? >> yes. >> it's never too early to talk patriots football. they were returned to practice field later today to focus is going to be on whether or not tight end rob grownkowski is out on the field with his teammates. we hope to see big 87. there's the reason there's speculation he may not be out there. he wasn't practicing wednesday. according to the injury report he still dealing with chest injury after taking that huge hit during sunday loss to seattle. teammate are hoping tha will be ready to go in time for sunday game in san fran. >> you want everyone out there and everyone healthy. you understand what it means to everyone and how hard they work. we have to do the best with what we have. and be hoping and praying that we're at full strength anytime we take the field.
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bennett dealing with a ankle injury. >> hank investigated and some help is coming to solve this traffic trouble. >> at 9:30 promoting peace in
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putting people in the crosswalk in harm's way. baffling traffic lights and drivers simply ignoring the rule. changes are on the way after hank phillipi ryan took the issue to city leaders and this morning hank investigates. >> reporter: this may be the most confusing and chaotic intersection in boston. >> it's awful. >> merrimack street runs into statford street in the west end near causeway street in td garden. why this crosswalk such a disa so conflicting and so misunderstood they force everyone on foot and on wheels to make risky decisions. never a j walker until i moved into boston. pedestrian get their walk light then the few seconds later the left turning driver gets their green light. that puts them all in the same place at the same time. >> here drivers use the
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lane. >> it's pretty dangerous. and watch this. look at all this drivers zooming right on red arrow. city officials say you can't do that. but car after car hours through without stopping. and who to those who dry to obey the law. driver peer pressure forces them to break it. what's going on our investigation found this irritating intersection is project one that supposed to make it easier to get around boston. including those cool new bicycle lanes. when we hung out with traffic experts here they told us frankly it's not working so well. >> the lack of guidance that both drivers and pedestrians have is making a lot of people feel nervous. here's the deal. city traffic officials promise
9:23 am
>> up in the city's traffic control system they monitor the intersection to figure out the best way to make it work safely and efficiently for those on foot or on wheels. >> we're trying to balance the best we can. when we told them how many drivers we would take zooming illegally right on that red arrow the city decided those days are about to be over. they are making it no turn on red. >> the time will go up and that will take care of that. you will change that. is >> is there an intersection you think is annoying orren unsafe? let me know. just e-mail me in the newsroom i'm hank phillipi ryan. >> keeping us safe. you know what? that's right near our station and intersection and it does seem like a wild west down there sometimes still ahead at 9:30. stair -- terrifying moments on the track.
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>> it was a enough points for a win. two fourth quarter points racking in 20 of boston's final 24 hours. lead the cs to 90-83 victory. c's hosing a big game tomorrow. here's a win for red sox the american league cy young award going to rick porcello. but this morning not everybody is celebrating.
9:27 am
including one famous face lashing out on social media. sarah back with more. >> haters going to hate. sarah upton throwing a fit after decision to choose rick porcello over her fiancee burlander. 27-year-old receive 17 votes second 1970. i got a lot of people around me that i love very much. and have been instrumental in my success and getting to this point. and on top of that we've got really good bottles of wine that need to be drank. >> kate upton didn't agree. she posted three messages on twitter expressing her displeasure one which we can't read on tv. here's one we can read.
9:28 am
you didn't win. plb keeping up with the times and fire those writers. porcello said he's not phased by the comment. for record he did receive 8 first place votes. >> bye, kate. >> much more ahead at 9:30. could john kerry be headed for elected office in the baystate. who wants to run again. could we talk about the potential for some snow as we head into the did you know most c homeowners policies don't cover the cost of unexpected home repairs. it's up to you, the homeowner, to pay for them.
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now at 5:30 a massie crash on train tracks. police know who was behind the wheel. shocking video from inside prison as gary sansom tries to avoird the death penalty. peaceful rally after an officer charged in minnesota.
9:31 am
killed by police. >> welcome back. kind of a cloudy thursday to start thing off. hopefully we see some changes coming up soon. >> any luck we will get the cloud cover? >> there's hope. we do have some clearing cloud cover west of 495. here in boston and the coast in general we have going to hold on to cloud coffer through the morning hours. into the afternoon. and at best a mixture of sun and clouds. the good news is temperature are trending mild. we are at 50 degrees for most of us. cooler in worcester. 44 degrees there. 39 in orange. testimonitelwide we talk about highs in the mid 50s and we stay significantly above average for the next several days. breaking story from overnight. a car ripped apart when a commuter rail train hit the vehicle tearing it in half in this violent collision.
9:32 am
moment of impact and we're getting some new information into the newsroom. police have now identified the driver of that car. >> they also know what may have led up to this crash. victoria warren has been following this story since early this morning. she's live with the breaking details. vicki? >> if you can believe it. we're being told this may have started as a very minor fender bender. and that the driver may have been trying to flee that original scene. the crash with the train caught on the crossing gate and then get slammed by the train a moment later two people able to get out of the car and they just take off on foot. the car was cut in half. mbta police say they have now identify the driver confirming there was an earlier accident. we spoke with witness who told us a young man involved in that earlier accident followed the fleeing car hoping to get the driver's information and when the train gates came down the
9:33 am
to police. we stayed and spoke with him for 15 or 20 minutes. i can't imagine how i would feel in that situation. he was definitely shaken up. he just kept -- i just wanted to talk to them. i don't know why this had to happen. again mbta police say they have identified the driver. there's no arrest but i'm told there will be be charges. no one in either of the cars and no one on the commuter train live this morning in revere. victoria warren 7news "today in new england." also this morning. people showing their support last night. the community holding a peace rally after messages of hate were found around town. about 100 people stood on street corners with homemade signs. it was last week that a native restaurant received two letters
9:34 am
this week racist graffiti found on the wall of bathroom at natick high school. the vandal's message calling for deportation of two teachers. i said, oh, no this is not going down in natick. >> if enough people come out maybe lit change mind. police are investigating both cases as hate crimes >> police are searching men that robbed a pawn shop. they took more than 1,000 worth of jewelry. they left behind a tool bag and flashlight. >> three car colliding in front of a gas station. no one was inside at the time. the crash happened just after 4:00 yesterday afternoon. at least two people had to be rushed to the hospital. now to killer in court who is trying to avoid the death penalty. some new video played in court
9:35 am
moments during his time behind bars. gary sansom violent when free and violent when incarcerated. the jury saw video of sansom attempting to slash a prison worker five years ago. the target james hughes was trying to deliver food to sansom in his cell and had to break the news that some special order commonsory items were not included. the video shows him throwing the broom handle down the hall in order to hurt him. >> sansom who shows no mercy for the three men he murdered in two one begged for mercy when he surrendered to police. i don't want to get shot or
9:36 am
held up he decided his killing sprees over. i don't want them to shoot me up. i'm sick of it. i know i john that hall 7news "today in new england." according to the judge prosecutors could wrap up the case as early as today. happen today three suspect accused of using counterfeit money in burlington will be ca they say the suspect try using a fake $100 and two stores on wednesday. they confronted the suspect and two into custody. >> new this morning a new study out of harvard that is calling for the change to happen in the nfl and it all has to do with the way doctors treat athlete. sarah is back now with all of these new details. researcher say nfl doctors have
9:37 am
player allowing them to return to field before they bodies are ready. the new report funded by the nfl player's union. they are paid by the individual team. they may put interest above the players's health. >> it's important to know the report doesn't mention specific cases where such a conflict led to player returning too soon from an injury. the nfl said the report is an academic exercise and league interest exist. we are following some more news today. it's secretary of state john kerry ready to run for governor. some democrats in massachusetts are hoping that kerry will challenge charlie baker in 2018. but according to the herald other including barn any frank believe it's unlikely that cary will want to enter the gubernatorial race. >> a peaceful rally after a
9:38 am
with killing an african-american man. just this summer that protest broke out after that shooting. now the prosecutor in the case said use of deadly forsz wasn't justified. a happenedful of demonstrator gathered hours after learning the officer who shot and killed castille will face charge. he was killed during a traffic stop in july. and the aftermath of the shooting streamed on facebook sparked outrage. >> please don't tell me he's dead. >> the officer who fired the fatal shot now facing a second-degree manslaughter charge in two counts of dangerously discharging a firearm. castille had a permit to carry a gun and warned the officer that he was armed. the officer yenez said he thought he was reaching for the gun. the county's attorney said they castille was calm and did what the officer told him to do.
9:39 am
use of deadly force by officer yenez wasn't necessary. his girlfriend was inside the car with her 4-year-old and live streamed this whole thing. i want justice. the attorney representing the family said the charges are just the start of what the family hopes is something >> we see this as a stake in the ground. but we are continuing for this case to send a loud message >> officer yenez could face up to ten years in prison if convicted. a close call on the track and it was caught on camera happened in northern kentucky. a train nearly hitting a school bus with children inside. wait until you see this video. here it is the bus was stopped
9:40 am
speeding by. the train came within a few feet of hitting the bus. parents say the driver should have been more careful. trains are quiet. >> they don't just sneak up on you. just to be on that track then the whole situation should have been avoided. right now the driver of the bus is off the job pending an investigation. and police are investigating after a person was killed in a major gas explosion that happened in illinois. surveillance camera inside this business captured some of the damage there. it at least ten people were injured. no word yet on their conditions, though. >> college cross-country runner retiring after a deer ran into him during a mete in pennsylvania. cell phone video showing several deer running across the course during the championship. the runner managed to finish the race. he did neat help from teammates >> they are running.
9:41 am
wow. >> that's wild. >> coast guard rescue with crews racing to the rescue of a windsurfer who got stranded at sea. a real life hero couldn't get a day off. how a firefighter rushed in to help save a man's life after this wild wreck. >> i'll take a look at what
9:42 am
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9:44 am
>> officials say a women got stranded on some rocks near point judith while she was out windsurfing with a friend. she suffered hypothermia but will be okay. >> ren, it's still gray out there again today. >> that's exactly right. it's gray but mild. we will stay mild through saturday. a nice stretch of quiet weather for us. and again a nice taste of really september-like especially again tomorrow. scattered showers by sunday and into sunday night we could have flurries in the air. so some cooler weather definitely headed our way especially by sunday into next week. right now we're pretty mild, low 50s that's where we are sitting in boston. bedford 50 as well. temperatures will reach into the mid 50s for us. no complaints there. you can see we're still dealing with good deal of -- good dill
9:45 am
less cloud cover as you head west of 495. that's the trend throughout the day today. we will have some lingering clouds even mostly cloudy skies through the early afternoon here across the coast. temperature wise we're mild as we head into the lunch hour. some could hit 56 or 57. only a few spots. here's in boston we're looking at temperature really peeking around 54 to 55. and this computer model showing we use the cloud cover by the late afternoon early evening. lingering clouds a little bit thicker than what this futurecast is showing for us here. anticipate a few more clouds even around the boston area. bedford i think you're not quite as clear by this by 4:00. still the general trend we will clear first from the west and eventually to east as high pressure pushes from the west. winds from the north breezy today with gust to 23 miles per hour. heading into friday. temperature in the morning will be pretty seasonable. in the upper 30s low 40s.
9:46 am
friday as well. here's what's headed our way as we head into your sunday forecast. low pressure in the upper midwest bringing snow showers that way. that's what's headed our way. first showers into sunday. snow potential into sunday. temperature trend warm until that frontal system arrives. and then we take a nose dive in the temperature testimony department low 50s by sunday close to normal high we haven't seen much of that sort of weather. look at today's highs in with wind breezier than yesterday. gusting to 20 to 23 miles per hour. low tonight trend comfortable. we d clear out the cloud cover opening up to mostly sunny skies into tomorrow. highs tomorrow will be close to 60. we'll be a little bit cooler on the coast mostly sunny skies. we keep the sunshine into saturday. cloud cover starts to thicken up ahead of the frontal system that does bring wet weather into sunday. but take a look at your turkey week here. temperatures in the low 40s for
9:47 am
it is going to feel more like noer next week. okay. ren, thank you. also on 7 an off duty firefighter rushing into action. he knew just what to do when he came to scene of a car crash. this firefighter didn't think anniversary trip would turn into a life saving mission. >> a car up smoke. a man trapped inside a chilling one that could have been deadly if not for captain sero. she saw smoke and large plume of smoke over the two or three cars that were in front of us. the couple celebrating their 31st anniversary when they stumbled on the accident scene. with no first responder in sight. a 30-year veteran did what he was trained to do. ran up like ten feet in front. saw what was going on. went to the back of my car.
9:48 am
the car possibly about to combust napolitano had to work fast to get the man out. >> it was a bad trauma. he was pleading from the head. he had blood all over him. his legs pinned under the dash board. we got him free. his wife the one who shot this cell phone video. she said to see what her husband does firsthand was both frightening and surreal. >> very proud of him but scared for him. he's going in and out of this the smoke. but you know what he's a first responder. nobody would have walked away from that >> as the brooklyn native's family paid him a visit at his firehouse reflected on what touched him the most. i never had it happen to me. the mother called me the next day. she couldn't stop thanking me i had saved her son. she was calling me like an
9:49 am
was trained to do. >> it appear smoking car had collided with another vehicle seconds before he got there. he said the driver had a couple of surgeries but should be okay. thankfully he was there, guys. it's interesting to see how that training kicks in. you don't take a vacation once you received that training. you are never off duty when something like that happens. the boys are back in town. new kids talking about their new tour. they've been hanging tough. what it means to be heading back to play in front of the
9:50 am
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into week 11 of the nfl season. it's time to make sure your fantasy team could stay on top. here's your this week's fantasy fixer. >> welcome to fantasy fixer. we're in week 11. i'm jadiann thompson. >> how about san francisco try coming off a loss. >> you don't normally wear a tie. >> the pats coming off tough weeken a there's another big match-up in san francisco. how do you see this play out? >> rough night against seattle. san francisco really not doing a lot right. right next to cleveland. they are at the bottom of the nfl. historically bad. giving up 180 yards per game. san francisco defense just way too soft. russell wilson proved to be quite a problem for the patriots. got another athlete coming there
9:53 am
>> seem any of the guy that move around give the patriots problem. they haven't contained many quarterbacks they've played. the loss of collins had an impact. i think they will take the right step forward. bill belichick will figure this out. collin only one game over 110 yards passing. >> interesting. now the afc south could be the worst division in football. you may see something good come out of there this >> i'm liking what i see from colts. daunty injured for a really good part of the year. last two games at a touchdown adding yardage. >> all right everyone. go start your line up. >> patriots start giving acting. >> see what they think of
9:54 am
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>> blast from the past. now new kids on the block are back on the block here in boston. the band visited fenway park on wednesday. where they had a chance to stop and meet and take selfies with fan as well as promote their new tour. the tour starts next spring. they needed to make a stop right here in their hometown. boston is a special place for just kind of the anchor to the whole tour. to the total package tour is fenway park. >> makes us feel coming home. since we got back together in 2008 the response we had from our hometown meant so much to us. not only new kids we will take you back as well. the fenway concert in july is also going to feature boys to men and paula abdul. >> all 90s all the time. >> brings back to younger day.
9:57 am
all part of ad for foot locker. >> tom brady just because something great year after year doesn't mean anything is going. why can't some things be great. >> it starts with questions then questions turn intoes a summions then assumptions turn into vacation. why were you punished for the weak of greatness for something that never happened. >> teammates have mixed reactions about brady's acting i think that's his new thing right there. >> getting in touch with emotions like that. >> he was acting really good right there. almost-like natural for him. >> he needed a little bit more of pacino in him. >> the commercial was shot at brookline diner during the final week of brady's suspension. but at least he's laughing now. >> a little look at what the players deal with in the huddle. getting the point across? >> i think they will tease him
9:58 am
across the coast as well as the cape. we're starting to lose a little bit of the cloud cover to the west. west. mild temperatures highs in thead where we celebrate thanksgiving like we used to. where instead of rushing to buy and the only thing open for business after dinner was the family room. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays
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this morning on "today's take," an italian stallion. tony danza is our celebrity co-host. then from the perfect table to the perfect portions for each guest. we've got thanksgiving covered. and we can expect a sequel. coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this thursday morning, november 17th, 2016. i'm tamron, alongside dylan.


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