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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  November 17, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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live for us with more on the coverage today. what happened? >> reporter: this is a death penalty trial for gary samson who committed the murderers 15 years ago. he admits he did it. the courtroom was filled with people who loved gary samson's victims. there was as you say an emotional day on the 5th floor of the moakley federal courthouse. the defendant, 41, when he committed the crimes has been heard from quite a bit in this trial. >> my name is gary samson. i'm in a lot of trouble. i don i don't want to get killed. >> reporter: but today the gary samson jury heard from the families of his two massachusetts victims, a third man died in new hampshire. >> the people get lost in there and that's what this is about. it's not about anything but -- >> reporter: mike riz ox lost his son jonathan. he and the rest of the family took the stand to describe their love for john. >> he was a good kid. he did a lot of good things and he had a lot of promise.
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should know that. >> elliott rizzo was 12 when his brother was murdered. he cried as he described the scene that a body had been found and he saw his mother's reaction. we heard this blood kurtleing scream. i laid down in the grass. i didn't want to move. john's mother mary wanted to go to the woods where john had been stabbed to death. i begged them to take me to him. i didn't care what he looked like. he was my love. nick rizzo was 15 whether john died. he looked up to john as the best a person could be. philip was 9 and newly retired when samson murdered him in marshfield. he and his wife brought up six kids in quincy. he always wanted to give. he was very genius, another daughter was married a few months after the murder. she told the jury he was not there to walk me down the
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elliott rizzo is now a federal agent with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms, their career choices were iming pacted by the murder of their brother. the government is done questioning witnesses. the defense takes over monday. no court tomorrow. jonathan hall, 7 news. >> ryan: we're following more news today. boston drivers being told to pump the brakes. city councils are the speed limits in some spots. we've details. >> reporter: boston has long been known as a walking city. drivers will soon have to slow down on its streets. city council voting last night to lower the default speed limit to 25 miles an hour from 30. >> it's been the talk around the commonwealth. a lot of cities and towns have taken the measure to reduce the 25. people need to get from point a. to point b. and i think it's subconsciously
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be better prepared driving the street. it's all part of the mayor's vision 0 initiative to eliminate all fatal and serious crashes by 2030. crashes like this hit andrun in the back bay in march. a result of drag racing. however some pedestrians remain skeptical about what difference the new speed limit will really have when it goes into effect in january. >> i think they go foo fast. i don't think cars are going to listen to the speed limit. september. when people see 30 that's the beginning of the negotiation. right? everybody has road rage. they're tied up in traffic. when they hit an open street, they're gone. >> when -- what i found is we've become more of a biking city which is great but the drivers, are on their phones, texting and not aware of bikers. >> reporter: in boston, nancy chen, 7 news. >> jadiann: crews respond to a serious crash in
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officials were forced to shut down the road. we'll get to that. accident creating traffic during the morning rush-hour. so the that is what you are seeing right there is the backup. no word on the condition of anyone inside the car. >> ryan: lawrence police are being looking for this man who they say is involved in a shooting. investigators are not releasing information about when that shooting happened. they're asking anyone who recognizes him to give them a call. a mattapan murder suspect facing he say cued of calling 31-year-old brockton man in june. he was arrested yesterday in boston. police say he has are a history of violence. campus concerns at tufts university. nine students have been diagnosed with mumps over the past three weeks. department of public health says it's working with the school to prevent the illness from spreading. anyone who may have symptoms should go to the school's health services immediately. >> jadiann: deadly gas explosion in illinois leave
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windows and causing power outages. christa del camp has more from witnesses who saw it all unfold. >> reporter: overnight footage posted to social media shows the moment a national gas explosion struck a community in central illinois. authorities say the explosion happened in a building near the city square blowing out glass windows and doors and store fronts up and down the block rattling residents who say it sounded like a bomb went off. the city's 125-year-old opera house a local power company worker was killed. 11 others were hurt. the contractor who died had been repairing a gas line when the explosion happened. >> we never experienced something that loud. >> reporter: the blast was felt throughout the entire downtown area. >> it shook everything. it almost felt like an earthquake. >> a massive rumble and a big boom. just everybody came crashing down at one time. >> reporter: officials have shut off natural gas
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>> it was pretty scary. something i would never want to have to go through. it was bad. >> reporter: police shut down several blocks around the blast site, and some people were forced to spend the night inside a local shelter. i'm christa del camp. 7 news. >> ryan: a close call on the tracks caught on camera in northern kentucky. a train nearly hits a school bus with children inside. the bus was stopped under a tracing gate. the train cameit of hitting the bus. parents say the driver should have been more careful. >> trains aren't quiet so they don't sneak up on you and just to be on that track, then, the whole situation should have been avoided. >> ryan: the driver is off the job. pending an investigation. >> jadiann: a coast guard rescue near rhode island is caught on camera. a woman got stranded in some rocks while wind surfing with a friend. she suffered in hypothermia
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in with a bear. the woman ended one cuts to her head and wounds to boat arms. she was' taken to hospital but she is expected to be okay. experts say the mother bear likely saw the woman as a threat to her cubs. >> she went in a fetal position, called 911 laying there and at that point the beer again probably realized that the threat to her cubs had subsided and she moved off. >> ryan: the mother bear was wearing a tracking device as part of resources program. it was found then put down. >> jadiann: it's a dangerous intersection in boston and drivers could be crossing the line. tonight hank investigates. >> ryan: the annual boston christmas tree raising some eyebrows over how many green it cost. >> jadiann: then a car hit by a train in revere. police station are looking for the driver and the passenger who took off. >> ryan: sal demacei is out of jail.
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release. >> jadiann: nbc news reporting president-elect trump is considering mitt romney for secretary of state. a lot of information coming up on this >> reporter: we're in haverhill for this week's class act where we're highlighting three teenagers who are bringing bridging both cultuream and language gaps with an awesome program. you will want to see it
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confusing intersection tangling traffic in boston putting people in the crosswalk in harm's way. signs baffling traffic lights and drivers ignoring the rules. >> jadiann: changes are on the way after hank phillipi ryan took the issue to city leaders. this afternoon hank investigates. >> reporter: this may be the most confusing and chaotic intersection in boston. >> it's awful. >> reporter: where merrimack street runs into stanford street.
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>> reporter: signs and directions here are so conflicting and so misunderstood they force everyone on foot and on wheels to make risky decisions. >> i was never a jay walker until i moved to boston. >> reporter: look, pedestrians get their walk light but a few seconds later the left turning drivers get their green light. that puts them in the same place at the same time. >> you can't turn. >> reporter: i was this close to having someone hit me yesterday. >> reporter: here drivers forcing those on bikes to use the car lane. >> dangerous. >> reporter: watch this. look at all these drivers zooming right on a red aroar. city offices say you can't do that but car after car powers through without stopping. woe to those who try to obey the law. >> see lounge before people honk their horns for the right turn. >> reporter: what is going on?
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is one part of a new federally funded project. one that is supposed to make it easier to get around boston. including those cool new bike lanes but when we hung out with traffic experts here, they told us frankly, it's not working so well. >> the lack of guidance that both drivers and pets have is making a lot of people feel nervous. >> reporter: here is the deal. city traffic officials promised this tangle is a work in progress. we've been adjusting things remit up in the city's traffic control center they're monitoring the intersection to figure out the best way tomark make it work safely and firm for those on foot or on wheels. >> we're trying to balance it out the best we can. >> reporter: when we told them how many drivers we taped zooming illegally right on the red arrow the city decided those days are about to be over. they're making it no turn on red. >> the time will go up -- sign will go up. >> reporter: you will
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>> reporter: is there an intersection you think is annoying or unsafe? let me know. just e-mail me at i'm hank phillipi ryan. >> reporter: skinny and mild tomorrow. forecast for the weekend up next as well as my thoughts on winter. stay tuned for that. >> jadiann: then at 5:00 an alarming assault caught on camera. an officer now under investigation accused of punching a woman. >> obama spends his last day in europe as commander in
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some people there are outraged how much it cost to transport the tree. the gift is to thank boston which send medical personnel back in 1917. >> jadiann: artists putting thes final touches to an ice sculpture in belgium. the theme of this year's exhibit is antarctica. >> ice in general, it's a really nice material to work it's not like wood or stone. it's a subtractive material, but it just, tools go right through it like you glide through ice and it makes a nice sound. i love it. >> jadiann: the show opens this saturday and ends this january. but that is in belgium. so -- book your tickets. >> ryan: disney will be lighting up the sky this holiday season with hundreds of dancing drowns.
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it'll have 300 shooting star drones. the drones are equipped with four l.e.d.lights that can create more than 4 billion color combinations. >> jadiann: not to be the debby downer, the journalist in me what would happen if any of the drones went rogue on us. >> ryan: have a drone catcher. >> jadiann: something out of "star wars" or something there, didn't it. >> rep rogue 1 for a second. enough of that. j.r. sunny and mild. temperatures tomorrow heading for the upper 50s to around 60. the weekend is 50/50. saturday is the outside day. a great day to do yardwork, sunday not so much. clouds, a few showers morning, windy through the day. that wind is a cold wind especially next week. jet stream is being looking like this right now. but as we work towards sunday and into much of next week, the jet stream will rearrange itself so that it
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now what about winter? we're not going to have an el nino winter we. had that last year and because of that we had the second warmest winter on record for the city of boston. worcester was 3. this year we actually have el nino's sister and typically the jet stream looks like this where you do see more cold across canada and the northern tier of the u.s. the south is warm. if you have a florida vacation this winter looks warm. but here see the storm track it's rate on top of you, some of the storms likely to be rain. others will be cold. overall probably messy storms, a colder winter than last winter but that doesn't mean a bitterly cold winter. it's winter in new england. the other challenge will be what we call greenland blocking. at times when this forms i think that will force the jet stream south and other times when it relaxes then it will be a relatively mild. so i went ahead and found
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67, here is one, 2005-2006 and notice for the city of boston a couple of winter are right about normal which is 4 inches of snow. there was another la nina where we had nothing. in worcester there seems to be more of a sign that perhaps you have slightly above normal snowfall. snowfall ask a much more difficult parameter to forecast in terms of your upcoming season. temperatures is a little ease ye but even that is a challenge but i would lean on probably a normal wince for snow in western new england and northern new england, above normal snow which is great for the sky areas. see how that plays out. i got a blog that i detail all of that. right now it's gorgeous, no snow in the forecast, 55 in town. norwood at 55. we do have skies that have finally cleared out after morning clouds and high pressure will be with us overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. so we have a nice one coming at you tomorrow and again on
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the cold front. with some rain showers in the morning. blustery and cold sunday afternoon. again on monday. see you at 5:00. >> ryan: here is matt with a check of the roads. >> reporter: we'll begin flying high above this three-car cash on 128 south in canton. tough getting by the crash. traffic is jammed back to route 1 in dedham. once you get past that will you be heavy up to the split. the leverett zakim is moving well. the southbound side is crawling across the bridge. not a fun ride on the mass pike west leaving town. you will be heavy and slow from the alton brighton interchange out past the weston state police barracks, further back you are will be on the brakes from route 16 to newton corner and moving well into downtown.
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from 128 to 495, 27 minutes. i'm matt fitzgerald, 7 news. >> jadiann: according to the c.d.c.cancer could soon become the leading cause of death in the united states. heard disease is currently at the top of the list. but researchers say deathly heart disease has been declining. >> ryan: a new report says one in seven americans will facial drug or alcohol addiction. the u.s. certain general calling attention to the >> jadiann: only 10% of those now addicted are receiving treatment. erica edwards has more. >> reporter: this is a snapshot of a heroin overdose taken before life-saving help arrived. it took nearly 200,000 to explore the death of america's problem with drug addiction. in a comprehensive new report from vick murphy. >> i'm calling our country
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statistics. nearly 21 million people in the u.s. have a substance abuse disorder that. is more than the number of people with cancer. drug overdoses are rising steadily. >> it's happening more and more everyday. >> reporter: highly addictive opioid pain killers are used more often than tobacco. >> more and more of my time and more and more of my consultations are with patients who are on high dose opioids or are addicted to opioids. >> reporter: still the surgeon finds only 1 in 10 people with an addiction get the help they need. one goal of the new report is to reduce stigma attached to substance abuse. >> if we afford the same compassion and care to people living with addictions that we do to people with any other chronic illness, then i believe that we'll be able to address the addiction crisis in america. >> reporter: the economic impact of drug and alcohol addiction tops 400 billion dollar each year.
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>> ryan: ahead at 4:30 -- prince william. travelling to vietnam. what he is focusing on
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>> jadiann: disney's new beauty and the beast trailer
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12 hours, it stars emma wattson as belle. disney hopes the movie will break records and introduce a whole new generation to the classic tale. >> jadiann: now to a real life prince, prince william. the duke of cambridge visiting vietnam to attend a conditions on illegal wildlife trade. the 34-year-old serves as president of the united for wild live charity. a cause very close toes his heart. much more to come here. >> ryan: i'm ryan schulteis, 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> kim: breaking news, under arrest. police taking a man into custody after an attack on a girl near a bus stop in bourne. ready for romney? the former massachusetts governor meeting with the president-elect. the role he might fill in a trump white house, ready for relief. a judge saying a former massachusetts speaker can he had home after serving part
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dangerous drive in revere. a car on a collision course with a drive after the driver is seen driving around a barrier. >> reporter: sun came out. >> kim: an arizona police officer off the job after things get out of hand during an arrest. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> adam: starting at 5:00 with breaking news. police in bourne making an arrest in an attack on a 14-year-old girl. police say she was' from behind, thrown to the ground. >> kim: the attack happened last week and since, police have been busy trying to solve the case. jadiann thompson joins us live with the breaking details. >> reporter: bourne police have arrested an 18-year-old and he is facing serious charges. police say the teen attacked a 14-year-old girl who was on her way to her bus stop. they say he grabbed her and threw her to the ground and then started choking her. a witness intervene and the suspect ran away.
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including attempted kidnapping. the suspect will be in court tomorrow. in the newsrooms, jadiann thompson, 7 news. >> kim: more breaking news. boston police are investigating a shooting on cottage street in dorchester. police tell us someone has been shot and that person has life-threatening wounds. we have a crew on the scene and we'll bring you more as soon as we get it. >> adam: moving on to a developing story, we're learning that former massachusetts governor mitt romney is being considered for a position in cabinet. he is expected to meet with the president-elect this weekend. >> kim: ryan schulteis joins us with the latest on the trump transition. >> reporter: this is a surprising move. trump called romney a lose hoar choke and romney led the never trump movement. romney was at odds with trump refusing to endorse him.


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