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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  November 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> adam: still a lot more to get to including breaking news in dorchester. i'm dame williams. >> kim: i'm kim khazei, 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> ryan: now breaking news. police in bourne arresting a man for an attack on a teenaged girl near a bus stop. >> jadiann: also developing at 5:30 mitt romney a candidate for trump's cabinet. >> ryan: family members of samson take the stand. >> jadiann: a fearless firefighters jumps into action to save a man trapped inside his burning car. >> announcer: 7 news at 5:30 starts now. >> ryan: now breaking news. police on the scene of a shooting in dorchester. sky 7 over west cottage street right now. there is a major police presence at the location right now and boston police say the victim is suffering from life-threatening injuries. >> jadiann: we're going
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what is going on? >> reporter: a very active scene in dorchester. we're at 20 west cottage street. i want to take you live to sky 7 over the scene. the street has been closed off. a person has been shot. that person has been taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. at this time, we do not know what the circumstances were that led to this shooting or the status of the person that shot this person. looking for the person at this time or whether they have him in custody. we're working all these details, but the story at this hour is that a person here in dorchester has life-threatening injuries after being shot here at 20 west cottage street tonight. the area has been blocked off. as investigators and detectives swarm the scene investigating. we'll have much more thought the next few hours of 7 news, live in dorchester,
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>> ryan: police making an arrest in an attack on a teenage girl in bourne. police say the girl was walking to her busstop when the attack happened. >> jadiann: adam has more. >> reporter: police have arrested an 18-year-old. he is facing serious charges tonight. police say john aleadership a tacked a 14-year-old girl on her way to her bus stop. he grabbed her, threw her to the ground and began choking her. the suspect is facing two aggravated kidnapping swells assault and battery charges. the suspect is being held on bail. will be in court tomorrow. i'm adam williams, 7 news. >> jadiann: we're following a developing story. president trump is considering mitt romney for secretary of state. romney was the 2012 g.o.p. presidential nominee and an outspoken critic. but the two started rebuilding that relationship
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when romney reportedly called to congratulation him. >> ryan: emotional day in the case of a quibblinged killer. gary samson of course. >> jadiann: jonathan hall live for news boston with more on what happened today. jon. >> reporter: the jury considering life or death for samson, not guilty or innocence. the day begin with a state police sargent on the stand and confession tape. today really the focus was fairly on the victims. the defendant, 41 when he committed the crimes has been heard from quite a bit in this trial. >> in the heart, in the chest. >> reporter: but today the gary samson jury heard from the families of his two massachusetts victims, a third man died in new hampshire. >> who the people are get
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expect for phil, jonathan and e.i. >> reporter: he lost his son. he took the court to describe their of love for john and their pain once he was gone. he was a good kid. he did a lot of good thing and i think he had a lot of promise. people should know that. >> reporter: elliott rizzo, the youngest of the three boys was 12 when his body was murdered. he saw his mother's reaction. we scream. i laid down in the grass. i didn't want to move. john's mother mary riza wanted to go to the woods where john had been stabbed to death. i begged them to take me to him. i didn't care what he being looked like. he was my son. i just wanted to give him some love. phillip mcclouse can i was 69 and newly retired when samson murdered him in marshfield. he and his wife brought up six kids in quincy.
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very generous. another daughter, cheryl was married a few months after the murder telling the jury he was not there to walk me down the aisle. it was very difficult. the riza brothers say that after that awful summer they went back to school but they would come home each day to find their mom sobbing face down on the coach. they would take turns rubbing her back to comfort her. one would rub her back the other doing homework then court facing a murder charge. the 24-year-old hid his face in court. he is accused of killing a 31-year-old brockton man in june. he was arrested yesterday in boston. police say he has a history of violence. crews responding to a serious crash in peabody. officials were forced to shut down the road. there accident created traffic. no word on the condition of anyone in the car. >> jadiann: speed safety, that's what councils are
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nancy chen has more of the details. >> reporter: boston has long been known as a walking city. drivers will soon have to slow down on its streets. city council voting last night to lower the default speed limit to 25 miles an hour from 30. >> it's been the talk around the commonwealth. a lot of cities and towns have taken the measure to reduce the 25. people still need to get from point a. to point b. i think it's really realize to slow their vehicles down to be better prepared driving the streets. >> reporter: it's all part of the mayor's vision 0 initiative to eliminate all fatal and serious crashes by 2030. crashes like this hit-and-run in the back bay in march. however some pedestrians remain skeptical about what difference the new speed limit will really have when it goes into effect in january. >> i think they go too fast. i don't think cars are going to listen to the speed
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they want to go. >> you know how it is, when people see 30 that's the beginning of the negotiation. right? >> everybody has road rage. they're tied up in traffic. when they hit an open street they're gone. >> what i found is we've become more of a biking city which is great, we've got hubway. we've bike lanes in a lot of places, but the drivers, everybody is texting, they're on their phones and they're not aware of bikers. >> reporter: in boston, nancy chen, 7 news. >> ryan: two men facing mu gruesome discovery. police found the body of a 26-year-old man stabbed to death and stuffed in a suit kase buried in a shallow grave in new jersey. today they arrested two men. police believe the men were at a party with the victim in new york about 60 miles an hour from where they found his body. the victims' friends are in shock. >> you don't expect this to happen to anybody that you know or any friend that you have, but esche a guy like him. >> reporter: an autopsy
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gasoline. a 7-year-old boy and his parents are facing charges in indiana after an argument turned violence. the boy was arguing with his father what he grabbed his mother's gun and the boy is facing charges. the parents are in trouble for not securing the gun probably. >> jadiann: the blast rocking parts of central illinois has left one person dead. ten others hurt. families left with damaged look what what caused the deadly blast. christa del camp has the story. >> reporter: sur valance footage shows the moment a natural gas explosion struck a community in central illinois. it happened in a building near the city square blowing out glass windows and doors up and down the block. rattling residents who say it sounded like a bomb went off. the city's 125-year-old opera house destroyed. a local power company worker was killed.
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been repairing a gas line when the explosion happened. >> we never experienced something that loud. >> reporter: witnesses say the blast was felt throughout the entire downtown area. >> it shook everything. it was almost felt like an earthquake. >> a massive rumble and a big boom and just everything came crouching down at one time. >> reporter: officials have shut off natural gas saying it's not clear when service will be restored. residents say they're thankful more people weren't hurt. >> it was pretty s. anybody to have to go through. it was bad. >> jadiann: new details in the investigation of the cincinnati zoo that was' forced to put down the gorilla. a federal investigation or inspection concluded that the zoo's barriers to keep the public and the gorilla's separate wasn't in come pliance with standards for housing primates. according to the report 9
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followed procedures and the child was in "life threatening teenage after falling into the enclosure. >> reporter: a school bus packed with children gets caught under a railroad crossing gate. parents shocked and upset speaking out. but offices say that video might be misleading. >> wait, wait. >> reporter: you can hear laughs and screams the moment a railroad crossing this school bus in kentucky. then you can see a freezing rain closely pass by. >> trains aren't quiet. they don't speak up on you and to be on the track then, the whole situation should have been avoided. >> reporter: jeremy's son took one of the videos. he thinks the driver was being careless and got stuck in a dangerous situation. >> the driver had already drove on the trucks and then decided to stop and look both ways. at that point i guess the
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said the video is a little skewed. officials say the intersection isn't very big and the back of the bus would be on the road. >> they shouldn't have been that close. >> reporter: parents say the space isn't very big but interest is no excuse nor this incident. >> small crossing. but looking down the tracks there is nothing blocking your view. >> reporter: the district says it will no longer use the crossing. the education department is investigating what happened. >> ahead here on 7 offduty firefighter jumping no action. how his quick thinking saves a man in need. >> ryan: two passengers dodge a commute err train before it tears their car into pieces. >> jadiann: one person we know now is deceased. suspect under arrest following a shooting on cottage street. boston police say two people knew each other and that the shooting followed an argument that. is video from sky 7 h.d.
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>> ryan: a fearless firefighter jumping into action to save a man in need. he was offduty when he came across a car crash. >> jadiann: his quick thinking saved the man's life. sarah french has more. >> reporter: a up in
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a chill scene on a georgia highway. one that could have deadly if not for this man. >> my wife started yelling she saw smoke and large plume of smoke over the cars that were in front of us reference the couple celebrating their 31st anniversary when they stumbled on accident scene. he, a 30 year veteran did what he was trained to do. >> ran out. 10 feet in front. saw what was' going on then went to the back of my car because i keep a crowbar and possibly about to combust the man had to work fast to get the man out. >> it was a bad trauma, he was bleeding from the head. he had blood all over him. his legs were pinned under the dash board and the steer order wheel. >> reporter: his wife shot the video. she says to see what he have husband does first hand was both frighten and surreal. >> very proud of him. but at the same time i was very scared for him. he is going in and out of
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the smoke. but you know what, he is the first responder. nobody would have walking away from that. >> reporter: as the family paid him a visit. he reflected on what touched him the most. >> i never had it happen to me but the mother called my the next day and she couldn't stop thanking me that i saved her son. she was' calling me like an angel. i said i'm not an angle. i only did what my heart told me to do and what i was it appears the smoking car had just collided with another vehicle second before he got there. he says the driver had a couple of surgeries but should be okay. in the newsroom i'm sarah french, 7 news. >> reporter: mostly clear overnight tonight. lots of sunshine tomorrow.
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>> reporter: sunshine tomorrow.
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50s to around 60. weekend is 50/50, the nicer of the two days will be saturday. that is your day to rake the leaves without wind getting in the way. p sunday is windy and it turns colder and especially next week. jet stream it's looking like this. that's why we've seen temperatures at or above normal but as we roll toward sunday a cold front comes through that. will rearrange the furniture in the living room of the atmosphere. so the jet stream will looking like this nix week and that means chilly conditions but what about winter? i have a log that details this in greater detail. in fact i'll be doing a facebook video around 8:00 that breaks it down, but the short of it is that we are in a la nina winter, last winter it was so warm, second warmest in boston. that was el nino so el nino has a sister la ninja and tip credit storm track looks like this in a la nina winter. you got your cold conditions
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picking vacation goes to florida. going to be nice there but for us here, colder than last winter but normal cold. so i'm not advertising bitterly cold but not nearly as warm as last winter, with the storm track on top of us probably going to have messy storms. some will be rain. some will be snow. so in terms of snow, i went back and i plucked out from history four winters and in new england that were la nipa winter. there were heavy hitters, worcester 94 inches of snow. here is normal but i also found light weights. here is one, 1988 had ever 1999. 16 inches of snow in the city. worcester 28 inches of snow. i also found two so i think boston i would lean towards average. normal and worcester and points west and north perhaps slightly above normal. in snowfall for central, western new england and northern new england.
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it's mild with temperatures right now in the 40s and the 50s. we finally were able to shed the clouds from earlier today. now we've mostly clear skies. we'll have that tonight. here is our next weather system. this will be a big snow producer. high plains but for us it will be the cold front that whips up to new england sunday. it likely sunday morning so again tomorrow and saturday are quiet and mild. middle and upper 50s, rain showers sunday morning. which will western new england, northern new england but for us morning rain showers on sunday. windy all day sunday and again on monday. look at the temperatures on monday. only in the upper 30s to around 40. see you at 6:00. >> jadiann: pats fans welcome to fantasy fixer, i'm jadiann thompson with trey daerr who died to dress up. >> out to saab fran trying to keep it classy coming off of a loss. >> you don't normally won't wear the tie. talk about the pats and coming off of a tough weekend on sunday night
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have another big matchup in san francisco. how do you see this? >> rough night against seattle. another n.f.c.west and san francisco not doing a whole lot right. they're at the bottom of the nfl. historically bad against the run they're giving up 180 yards per game. blunt on track. >> jadiann: russel will son proved to be a problem for the got another athlete in kaepernick, what do you think? >> seems that guys move give the patriots problems and they haven't contained many quarterbacks they played. the loss of jamie colins clearly had an impact but i think we're going to take the right step forward. bill belichick certainly going to figure this out. kaepernick only one game where he has over 20 yards passing. >> jadiann: interesting. now the a.f.c.south could be
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out of there? >> i'm liking when i'm seeing from colts. getting the pass game going. month grieve injured for a good part of the year. dante good matchup. >> jadiann: go set your line-up. >> ryan: a dunk, how far one thrill south carolina was willing to go to shatter a world record. >> adam: good thursday evening, i'm adam williams. >> kim: i'm kim khazei. an update t news we've been following. a person is dead. another in custody after a shooting in dorchester. and we'll bring you the latest on that. >> adam: then an emotional day in court as a man is sentenced for a drunk driving crash that killed his best friend. >> kim: hank investigates a dangerous intersection in boston leaving some pedestrians fearing for their safety, drivers from us trade, bike riders too. what is the city doing about it? hank find out. >> adam: those stories and
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president-elect trump >> jadiann: today is guinness book of world records day. hundreds of thousands of people trying to get in the record book. >> ryan: one man tried to make his move. he bungee jumped an dunked a chocolate chip cooky in a cup of tea. check it out there. dipped the treat in the mug.
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tea. how many times did he have to do that before he got it perfect? >> jadiann: how do you practice? don't look, mom. there is another 30 minutes of 7 news, kim and adam were waiting for you, i'm jadiann thompson requirements i'm ryan schulteis. >> announcer: police arrest a man they say grabbed an choked a teenage girl while she was' walking to her bus stop in bourne. >> all i ask is you think twice before you act onc tiers after losing his son in a drunk driving crash. the victim's best friend pleading guilty. mitt romney was once considered one of donald trump's fiercest critics but he could seep be heading to the white house. >> reporter: mild right now. >> announcer: 7 news at 6:00 start now. >> adam: we've been following breaking news. one perch dade. another in custody after a
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this happened on west cottage street. we're learning the victim flew the person who shot him. >> kim: let's get out to alex who is there in the neighborhood. alex? >> reporter: a very large police presence here in dorchester. i'll step out of the way. this is west cottage street. it's closed down after a deadly shooting. police say a man in his 20s or 30 areas crime came to the home and an argue 789 erupted. the man was shot. police say both know each he is being interviewed at this hour by homicide detectives. a gun has been recovered. sky 7 with a birds eye view from above. police tell us that the argument between the two was inside the home here on west cottage street. and that the person who was shot died in the sprayway of the home. we spoke to police commissioner evans. >> reporter: do you know what the argument was over? >> i've no clue.
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homicide investigators are going to try to work with, any witnesses. >> reporter: so this area is shut down. west cottage street here in dorchester and police tell us any charges that the shooter will face will come after his interview with detectives. live in dorchester, i'm alex depratto 7 news. >> adam: bourne police have arrested an 18-year-old in the attack of 14-year-old. witness stepped in and the suspect ran away. now he is facing charges including attempted kidnapping and strangulation. he will be appearing in court tomorrow. >> kim: also on 7, a man suffering a profound loss earlier this year when he drove drunk and crashed his car killing his best friend. >> adam: he appeared in court today to change his


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