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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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center which works with abused children and their families. boston renaissance school put out a statement saying we have taken this matter very seriously and have taken appropriate measures to ensure student safety. we've also taken appropriate steps to protect the privacy of the children who were involved. now, the department of children and families is also investigating and a short time ago, we managed to talk to boston mayor marty walsh. he said he was notified by the police of all of this and that to the district attorney's office as well. the mayor called this a very sad situation. that's the latest live here in hyde park. >> i seen this big white thing coming towards me and i said what the -- well, yeah. and he hit me. >> the woman who was knocked to the ground by a hit-and-run driver talks to seven news about that very scary moment. today the driver who hit her was
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admitting that he was behind the wheel. dan is live from chelsea with the interview you'll only see here. dan? does well, certainly that video itself was dramatic. video of the accident that happened at this intersection but now, you can hear a description of the woman who went through it and talks about the moment of impact. >> looked like it was right on top of me. and he just kept going. >> 72-year-old carol donely talking to just one station describing the harrowing moment she was hit by aan the accident caught on tape. >> i said, he's not stopping to myself or something. i hear the big bang and i hit my head. i remember that. and then i guess i tried to get up. >> arnold hernandez admits he was behind the wheel of the van that hit donly but he never stopped because he didn't know he hit anyone. >> he had no idea that he had hit her. he didn't hear anything out of the ordinary, there was no bump. there was nothing to suggest
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another object. >> i'm hearing people scream stop, stop. >> a witness said the van driver acted like he knew he did something wrong. >> he's dodging through traffic, going through stop signs, all of that stuff. >> no question in your mind he was trying to get away from something. >> absolutely. >> police released tips from the accident. >> given this was a 72-year-old woman who is plowed down in the middle every the street, they're requesting a $10,000 cash bail. >> i'm lucky it's not as bad as worse than what it was. >> she suffer a fractured wrist and a browuised foot. she wants justice but not sure what that would be. >> at least if he stopped, it would show he was sorry or whatever but when he took off, i really don't know. >> hernandez was originally released on his own recognizance. the judge set bail at $2,000. >> and we have some breaking
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defensive tackle allen branch now facing a four game suspension after testing positive for marijuana. here are the details. >> for the second time, allen branch is in trouble, this time with the nfl. defensive tackle reportedly hit with a four game suspension for a positive marijuana test. espn reporting the 31-year-old run stuff ser planning to appeal the brand. branch is in one of his best during training camp for unspecified reasons. he's got 33 tackles and a sack so far this season while forcing a fumble with branch potentially out of the mix, patriots defense is in for a real test down the stretch. now, assuming the league's punishment holds up, branch would be eligible to return for week 16 against the jets. >> living in filth.
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apartment. officers say when they arrived at the scene this morning, they found piles of feces scattered throughout the fly infested home. the father of the two chirp was taken into custody and we have the story. >> yeah. neighbors are just horrified by this situation. officers said this is the worst thing they've ever seen. >> all i can tell you about my husband is right now, he is in baby-sitter. >> manchester mom blames her husband for their problems and for what police discovered behind closed doors. inside their apartment early monday morning, officers found the couple's children living in deplorable conditions. conditions so bad, it landed this dad behind bars. >> he located a 2-year-old who was naked, no diaper, no blanket, in a bed covered in feces and urine and then they went into the other bedroom and
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a homemade harness on him. >> the state taking custody of the toddler and preschoolers. neighbors say they had no clue. >> that's disgusting. >> it's unbelievable. >> this mom hopes she won't be charged, said she tried to help. >> police say that the bedrooms have been covered in feces and urine for quite some time. >> my son was potty training so because of that, he had accidents. >> what would you say to people in the public who say you should have known something because you were their mother? what would you say to tho that at this point in time, my kids mean everything to me and i love them and i did try to do things to protect them from what was happening to them, but no matter what i tried, he overpowered me. >> now, police are wrapping up their investigation here a short while ago. as for the father, he's still behind bars, due in front of the judge later on in december. now, as for those children,
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>> well, i just checked in with the big guy and there is no turning back now. winter weather has arrived. give you a look outside. doesn't look like it feels, that's for sure. did you feel the powerful wind gusts today across the area? and early this morning, some of you got a dusting of snow. check it out. yes. you can see it in lowell. residents had to bust out the scrapers before heading to work. let's go get the latest check of the forecast. >> winter is here, early this year i might bedford at 32. worcester 28. big storm came through here over the weekend and rearranged the pattern so we have a chilly pattern for the rest of november. also windy right now. winds still gusting close to 30 miles an hour so that's driving those wind chills or what it feels like down in the teens and low 20s. it feels like 22 in the city of worcester. it feels like 15. here is where the storm is tonight. it doesn't move all that much overnight tonight and tomorrow
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in the lakes, even flurries in western new england. closer to boston, windy and cold, temps 15 to 31 and through the day tomorrow, still cold. more wind but we'll have sunshine around tomorrow, temps to the upper 30s and low 40s. great day for travelling. if wednesday is the travel day for you, we'll update that in a few minutes. >> school bus with children collided with a pickup truck. you can see the truck had serious damage. driver had minor injuries. neither the kids nor the driver were injured. police investigating an act of vandalism at a race park. several racial slurs and swastikas were spray painted. police have not made any arrests. >> hundreds of people rallying outside of the statehouse today calling on the community to practice tolerance. this rally was organized primarily by the anti-defamation league but more than 30 groups
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mayor walsh in attendance. the rally is in opposition to reported hate crimes since the presidential election and one man shared his experience in cambridge with us. >> he called me f'ing muslim, followed me around the store to guess where i was from so eventually i asked him, i said, hey, you know, i'm born and raised in new york. is there anything i can do to help you? it's important to have bystanders who will >> several officials who spoke today called on trump to speak out against these acts of hate. >> turning now to the trump transition, president elect donald trump meeting with cabinet candidates today informing a former massachusetts senator, scott brown meeting with the transition team eyeing the secretary of veteran affairs position. brown says that he and president elect trump share a passion for veterans' issues. >> we obviously spoke about my
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issues and i think it's the toughest job in the cabinet is to lead the v.a. while there's so much angels there, it has so many problems as well. he's obviously going to take my application or interest under consideration. >> transition team says they're in no rush to fill the cabinet. >> still to come at 6:00, it's a story of bravery. >> a man takes a chance on a hopes that he can feel again. how the new procedure could help him continue to pursue his passion. >> tonight, there's a drug so deadly, state police won't even train their dogs to detect it. >> the dog could die. >> correct. the dog could die. >> what if their partners are exposed? the new way they're keeping
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>> now to a story of bravery. all in the name of science. a rock climber received this unique prosthetic piece after suffering a traumatic fall. he could become the very first person to actually feel sensation in the prosthetic. >> it's incredible. it's an experimental procedure that's one for the history books. >> jim ewing, a rock climbing
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december 2014 when he fell 15 feet during a climb in the cayman islands, shattering his ankle. >> i had kind of extensive nerve damage in my foot which made it very painful, even just to put on or remove my socks. walking barefoot anywhere was excruciating. >> jim, a 52-year-old engineer from maine decided to have his lower leg amputated and be the first patient to take part in an would actually allow him to sense his prosthetic. during surgery, doctors preserved nerve endings. >> when the limb is amputated under the traditional model, however, what happens is we literally just sever the limb and those numbers that are normally sliding relative to one another are allowed to encase in scar such that when a traditional amputee tries to move their ankle, which no
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we're just trying to restore these natural dynamic relationships. >> jim says with the support of his family, the decision to remove the lower part of his leg was easy. he even started climbing soon after the surgery this past summer. sensors implanted in his leg next spring will coordinate with this prosthetic. >> in light of courage and strength, it is fitting this procedure be forever known as the ewing to have this new amputation protocol bear my name. >> jim ewing, a man who jokes he fell into this situation, taking the first steps for other patients. >> all right. moving along tonight, a lot of us are thinking about the holiday later in the week and how the weather is shaping up. >> yes. good thing it's not easier because you wouldn't want to go hunting for eggs. >> it's quite chilly and windy
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>> new pattern. a cold week ahead. that wind eventually fades away. another windy day tomorrow but in term of travel weather, overall it's good. there's no significant weather headed our way. last week all the orange squares
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and for the rest of the week, today. overall the month still 2 1/2 degrees above normal but the pattern has shifted to a colder win and this cold pattern is with us for the remainder of the month. not to say that it will be this cold and this windy every day, you know, for the next nine or 10 days but we're going to have at or below normal temps with the jet stream looking like this, this week which has ushered in cold air from canada. chicago 34. boston 34. still warm across the southern states. miami at down in the lower 30s. we factor in the wind which is still out there and the wind chill, this is what it feels like when you're out and about this evening. feels like 15 in worcester. bedford like 21. province town like 24. big storm parked across southern canada and now it's just a big pinwheel dragging cold air across the warm great lakes and that's generated snow showers. they've been hefty not only in
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england and some snow showers have been able to hold together all the way to the coastline like we saw this morning. tonight not a repeat but it will be windy and cold once again but no snow showers tonight. perhaps a flurry this evening in worcester hills. tomorrow cold, windy, mostly sunny skies. 39 to 44 the normal high is about 50. so again, these numbers below normal by about five to 10 degrees. lakeville at 44 tomorrow afternoon. north of town, upper 30s to the low 40s and then as you work into the worcester 30s with the winds making it feel like it's in the 20s and out on the cape and the islands, chat ham at 44. wednesday not as windy. lots of sunshine on wednesday. temps wednesday low 40s. fine for travelling tomorrow and again on wednesday. quiet up and down the eastern seaboard. major hubs should be quiet. that weather system is in new england on thanksgiving with
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perhaps, though, a few snow flurries on thanks giving morning. see you at 7:00. >> allen branch is by no means insdensible but now that he's facing suspension, we'll see how many more hits this patriots defense can take with jamie collins traded away and espn reporting branch ban. 31-year-old was also suspended by the team for a week back in training camp for unspecified reasons. the matter is between the league and the player. with branch yesterday, the patriots defense stood their ground in san francisco sacking
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before and flower says the patriots weren't about to let another mobile quarterback do the same. >> this is the thing we've got to deal with. obviously we're without a quarterback so we faced two of them back to back. so, you know, just being able to contain them and things like that, that was one of our priorities this game. so, you know, we got out a little bit and we was able to contain it. >> pats defense stepped up their game but yesterday belonged to happy homecoming to the bay area. the san mateo native living out a life long dream. back where it all began. brady throwing 80 yards and four scores against the team he grew up cheering for. the patriot says quarterback showed off some fancy foot work on touchdown passes. just another part of the
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evolution. >> i think you have to have confidence that you can, you know, be able to do it. you know, i think you just try as hard as you can and try to train the right way. and i feel like i've tried to work on some things and i think we had great protection for the whole season and since i've been in here, guys have been playing great up front. so you prefer the play just to play out like you would hope and when it doesn't, you've got to make some >> the big green going back to the # 3-year-old coming off the bye week. fitzpatrick has thrown eight touchdowns this season. kick back, relax and check out the best of the best on the high school gridiron with the full plate of highlights and scores from eastern and central mass.
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six days after an embarrassing 4-0 loss, u.s.a. soccer dismissing the men's national team coach who went 55-27-16 in his five years at the helm but could never build off reaching the round of 16 and that 2014 world cup. former national team coach arena is the favorite to >> staying on the pitch, check out the service from that phillips floating one over to a wide open darin fletcher who boots it home. west prom rolls to a 4-0 win thanks to the phillips-fletcher connection that gets our play of the day. and the celtics road trip rolling on tonight in minnesota when they take on carl anthony townes and the timberwolves. that's sports. >> 7 news at 6:00 will be right
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>> thank you very much for joining us here for 7 news at 6:00 on a monday. getting all the days and the -- you know, holiday weeks mess people up. we'll be here all week. great to see everybody. >> hope to join us back here at
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breaking news tonight. school bus horror. several students killed, many injured, when the bus slammed into a house and wrapped around a tree, splitting it in half. we have a late report. manhunt for a killer. police officer ambushed and assassinated, a deadly stretch for law enforcement. four officers shot across three states in just 24 hours. holiday week storm blanketing a big part of the country threatening to make a travel nightmare for billions. beating black friday, skipping the crowds but not the savings. how knows those in the know are already getting big deals right now. and glory days, our monday inspiring america. the 55-year-old father who just made college football history proving it's never too late to live your


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