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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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new developments overnight in a tragic school bus accident that's claimed half done lives while injuring many more. an ambush style killing of a rentless damage as time is running out at one of the remaining honlts in aleppo another starbucks price like to alert you to, here come the holiday, "early today" starts right now. good morning, everyone, i'm ayman mohyeldin.
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tennessee the bus driver has been ahe wassed he is charged with five counts of vehicle laffer homicide and reckless driving. 35 students were on board the bus when it crashed. mortgage crews responded to find the bus wrapped around a tree chattanooga's police chief calls eight single driver incident. >> that is being investigate as a possible cause. >> this is an absolute nightmare for the community, for the police department, fire and ems. i can assure you, the public safety professionals in chattanooga are prepared and trained to veth investigate it thoroughly and we have all the
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>> it comes days before thanksgiving. the school will be opened for student and staff. this morning, the suspect is in jail for an ambush style killing of a police officer. the suspect was captured by a s.w.a.t. unit monday afternoon. he was driving with a woman and a baby when arrested. he was charged with the challenge murder. he was antonio police headquarters walking inside for less than a minute. four hours later officer ben marconi was shot in the head. now, the driving this call mccain allegedly pulled up and walked up to the detective and shooting him in what has been described as an assassination.
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first person who was the law was the person he targeted. >> his family asked in lew of flowers, a donation that supports children and fallen police officer and fire fighters. kanye west remains in the hospital this morning after abruptly can selling a national tour sources say the rap mogul was admitted to the hospital. l.a. policepo medical welfare call. the decision to hospitalize them for safety, this includes a rant and his endorsement of president-elect donald trump. kris jenner says he's exhausted from his tour. a brock lynn man has been
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a nice times square plot. now, authorities say he traveled allegedly in an attempt to join isis. his lawyer said he had legitimate reason, in july, he told an under cover fbi operative he followed the events in nice, france and said a gar badge crush people in time's square. there was no indication he was planning such an attack. 18 people were used in the bass till day celebrations when a gar back truck ran through the crowds. after an off the record meeting with several media executives and on air person amendment, including our own lester holt and chuck todd.
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enough not appealing obamacare but still more questions about potential conflicts of interest arise. nbc's halle jackson revoels. >> a new video from the president-elect. >> our transition team is moving smothly. >> listing off his ten-point plan. >> i will have the department of labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the american workers. >> reporter: a tape produced by invited. his aide forced to fend off new questions how the president-elect can july both his dealings and the business of the country. >> by the time he takes office of president of the united states, everything, every law will be complied every i and every t will be done. >> reporter: complete with trump lines met the foreign diplomat. >> they spent a lot of time talking about the property and
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property that diplomats might concern trump's acquisition of that property and these others is under investigation by the department trump will oversee come january. not just here at home but around the world. 15 from turkey and in saudi arabia. >> why don't you give back the number you have taken from certain countries? >> some of trump's biggest deals coming from india, some business partners visiting last week in the thick of transition talks at trump tower. >> the conflicks of his ownership while serving are
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>> there is new video held in washington, d.c. one of the speakers praised donald trump with that used in nazi germany. >> for us as europeans, it is only normal again when we are great again. heil trump, heil your victory. >> he intended his word to be ironic and exuberant insisting it is not a neonazi movement. they are saying president-elect trump has continued to denounce racism of any kind. he was elected because he will be a leader for every american. sax fifth avenue is getting into the holiday spirit revealing the festive window display. new yorkers gathered to watch
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it ran down on fifth avenue. an impressive light how is lit up the building. they ended the night with nothing other than a bang. people can see the stunning window displays and designs until january th. beautiful display across from:30 rocky fellow. more on the earthquake that rocked a part of the country and generated a tsunami warning. meanwhile, parts of the feast storm this season. some areas are already getting over two feet of snow. but today, tornado as bill karins is following it all for us. where's the danger for us? >> we're in east texas a. few storm in the middle of the country. it will be later this afternoon. it is the potential for a tornado in waco, tyler and austin, texas.
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and later on tonight into tomorrow, we get snow into minnesota and wisconsin. today's travel trouble is in the middle of the country. that's a big look at the weather story. now, here's a closer look at the day ahead. in east texas, we only have widespread gusty winds and hail. the northern side will have a wintry mix withno mixed in. >> of course the busiest travel day of the year. we'll have that forecast coming up. just ahead, a word of warning for drivers the families in aleppo a climbing the situation in a syria reaches a
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people dead and over 30 hospitalized. a local doctor said they suffered minor fractures to their arms and legs. developing now, a powerful earthquake off the coast of japan overnight. a tsunami send residents fleeing for higher ground the 2011 either quake killed deaths or missing people. nbc's janet mckee is live in japan. good to have you with us. why is it less than we saw a couple years ago? >>. >> reporter: it was actually an
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would prove to be one of the most powerful ever recorded. thousands of people were told to evacuate tonight those warnings and advisories the concern, of course, is what might happen you will remember experienced meltdown. the number three reactor was knocked off line by the earthquake officials say they were well within safety limits. they warn people to be safe and ready. >> thank you very much for joining us.
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after forces bonded more hospitals leaving 2 vest,000 people with limited access. the u.n. humanitarian chief says the situation went from terrible to terrifying and now barely survivable. >> cameras captured the moment bombs a team was filming inside, patients didn't know where to run. nurses faced a heart breaking choice, taking babies out of the incubators, keeping them alive or leaving them in a hospital that had become a target. now, there is only one member of the aleppo medical counsel.
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bombed. what will it mean to the people of alone po? >> it's for us extremely terrible. >> this part of aleppo under attack is already disaster. >> there is no food. >> food is running out. >> you need to go with me, you just hang up, okay? the 250,000 civilians in eastern aleppo have almost no access to medical care, richard engel, nbc news, of course in. just ahead, is donald trump feeling a wall street rally? plus, another rally at starbucks. we will tell you what it's costing. more next. noooo... then if i want to come back again... yes! it's perfect. now that we've added adjustable base, my favorite part is to be able to lift your legs up a little bit, lift the head up a little bit, and it feels like i'm just cradled.
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>> in today's quick hit, michael phelps is making his official, in fact, the most decorated olympian pulled out of the drug program, ending his career. but if he decide to compete in the 2020 games, all he has to do is add his name in now. according to cpsc there are a
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they will decide on these adorable 11 week old females man das, all ideas or suggestions are welcome. stocks are trading at a near record high, a price hike at starbucks to alert you about. cnbc's karen tso details. >> reporter: the market is looking at whether they will have cuts. yesterday the dow, s&p and nasdaq all tracked fresh record highs. cpc says the u.s. markets hit over levels last week.
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appointees by donald trump. they are suggesting that the chief brexiteer should be ambassador to the united states and you mentioned it is going up at starbuck, an increase of pastry, keep in mind, hot drinks are not going up. >> i am sure before summer that hike may make a difference, thank you for that. jimmy drama, plus, how presidential drama are fouling up some thanksgiving plans. you are watching "early today." stay with us.
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i read that 15 million americans will eat at a restaurant on thanksgiving this year. because when your family starts yelling about politics on thanksgiving, the first thing you think is we should be dng many donald trump and hillary clinton supporters are taking to twitter to say that they voted in the election, actually that uninvited trump, the family is trying to come up with alternative dinner plans, yet another sign of the post-election blues or some may say maybe friends they're
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way. they say spending in another room unnoticed. i know some of my friends, their close families have been divide over the elections. >> i think half make america great again. half with the hillary shirt on. >> if you manage to keep your plate, try to avoid they do not plan to discuss politics. 38% said they thought of having a political conversation during thanksgiving dinner is way too stressful. the other thing is football. >> that's a distraction from the serious stuff. >> you are watching "early today." stay with us.
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>> this is 7 news now. >> christa: good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, november 22nd. we're good to go for 7news "today in new england." >> kris: here's some of the top stories we're working on for you. first up, heartbreaking story, a tennessee bus driver has been charged after a deadly crash. at least five elementary school students were killed when that bus slammed int split in half. 23 others are recovering in the hospital this morning. federal investigators are expected to arrive on the scene to try the piece together exactly what went wrong. >> christa: also millions of people gearing up for thanksgiving travel. people are hitting the roads and the skies for the big holiday. we're breaking down the best and the worst time to make your getaway over the next couple days. >> kris: former massachusetts house speaker sal dimasi will be released from a north carolina prison today.
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battles tongue and prostate cancer. >> christa: a local singer hoping to advance on "the voice." courtney harrel taking the stage with the top 11 contestants. the top 11 will be revealed tonight. >> kris: yesterday wasn't a top-ten weather day. this morning isn't much better. >> christa: it's like we fast forwarded to december already. >> wren: that's what it feels like. yesterday we only reached into the upper 30s. closer to our average lows yesterday. 38 is all we saw. fitchburg reached 37. worcester a for yesterday's high. so the warmest of us were in the low 40s. with these wind gusts, it doesn't feel like it. here's a look at peek wind gusts with full-speed wind gusts up to 54. in boston wind gusts reached just about 40mph. salisbury also seeing wind gusts around 50mph. so a very windy day today, as well. i saw a lot of hats and gloves. you'll want to bundle up again as you head out to school.
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day today. wind gusts up to around 35mph. a little less windy than yesterday. but i doubt you'll know. it will still feel cool, but more anyone than yesterday. wind-chill values are also chilly. we're still feeling like we're in the upper teens in worcester, low 20s in boston. "today in new england" starts now. >> christa: first up, breaking news, a tennessee school bus driver charged, five children on board, killed in a wreck, and what investigators are looking into as the possible cause. >> kris: alleged school bus abuse by a local student. we'll hear from the mother of one of the victims. >> christa: new video enter -- into the newsroom overnight. 2 ambush of a texas police officer has a message for the victim's family. >> kris: president-elect donald trump laying out the plans for his first 100 days in the office. which item is at the top of his agenda. >> this is 7news "today in new england." >> kris: good morning. it is tuesday, just about 5:00.
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delcamp. it's cold out here, it's windy. it could be a lot worse. >> kris: positive spin, again. >> christa: this is lorraine, new york, folks. they had three feet of snow, seven-foot snow drifts. >> kris: i'm guessing upstate. >> christa: upstate new york. i know they're no stranger to lake-effect snow. those areas are heavily affected, as well. visibility not good, wren. we're in the clare when it comes to snow, but we're in the in the clear when it comes to chilly temps. feeling like 18 degrees in worcester, feeling like 22 dress in bedford. low 20s ins be and low 20s across the cape and the islands. and a very chilly start again. it's again very breezy for us. low pressure camped to our north. snowy weather in upstate new york. we're in the clear with that, but we're still seeing strong winds in association with this low pressure system. as we do head in the rest of


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