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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 22, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> breaking news this hour a driver charged after a collision that claims the lives of five young children when a school buses around a tree. >> alleged abuse on school bus and a young boy telling his mother he was sexually assault on board now she is calling for change. a suspected cop killer admission. the apology he's issuing after texas officer was ambushed on the job. >> good morning to you. it's 9:00. it's tuesday on this holiday week. thanks for joining us. i'm kris anderson. >> i'm christa delcamp. so important the forecast going into the holiday. how is it looking at this point? >> if you are travelling today. you're in luck here. for most of us mostly sunny
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westward. unfortunately it is still very chilly out there. and we do still have some strong winds o out of the west. not quite as windy as yesterday. but it's still going to feel cool and we'll still be looking at sustained wind at 20 miles per hour. windchill values are still pretty chilly. feeling like 18 degrees in worcester. feeling like upper 20s in bedford and boston. highs will be in the low 40s well below our average highs which are in the low 50s currently. 50 degrees when you fact knorr the winds the highs will feel like the low 30s. cool but treated to plenty of sunshine and dry weather here today and tomorrow as you begin travelling for the holiday. speaking of holiday travel. time to get a check of the roadways with danielle gersh. it's been a busy morning. here's a look at the expressway. there's stop and go traffic here. if you take the t this morning we're seeing severe delays on the orange line.
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the expressway the drive half an hour. south of town in kingston an accident. on route 3 southbound at main street. then we have another crash we're watching on 495 southbound at exit 25. the pike stop and go pretty much into boston. route 2 and 3 not too bad. 93 southbound slowing down after 128 into boston. and route one seeing stop and go traffic as you get closer to city. let's look at drive 93 southbound 128 to zakim bridge. 38 minutes this morning your longest drive. back to you guys. breaking story from overnight. charges have been filed against the driver of school bus in tennessee. it crashed with 35 people onboard killing five children. that bus wrapped around a tree when it crashed. and now federal investigators are looking into it at this point. saying maybe speed might have been a caution here.
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the latest on this tragedy. the crash reportedly happened along narrow windy road. in the early stages of investigation police are looking at a possible caution. >> reporter: as families in chattanooga mourn this scene etched into their mind mangled school bus on their side wrapped around a tree. emergency call went out at 3:30 monday afternoon. >> school bugs flipped off roadway. they believe there's ejection. the bus had 35 students onboard. ranging from kindergarten through fifth grade. >> i can see an arm moving. i don't know if anyone can get to it. 24 children were rushed to the hospital. police questioned the bus driver and overnight announced he's under arrest. >> walker issing with charged five count of vehicular homicide. >> one of the children who was on the bus talked about the
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his hit garage can and mailbox and then flipped over the tree. the community asking for prayers. >> a bus accident with multiple injuries. the children is every public safety professionals worst nightmare. we can't imagine how much worse it is for the families the friends and the loved one of the victims. police looking at speed as a possible cause. investigators have a warrant to remove the black becomes from the bus as they try to determine exactly what did cause the crash. eagan 7news "today in new england." we're now parents here locally demanding change afternoon a mother said her son was sexually assaulted on a bus by another young student. now the boston renaissance charter school is looking into those claims. let's go live to victoria warren in hyde park. vicki,be vicki, both of the boys are just six years old. >> this mother said there were
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change they say that the school and the bus driver failed the children. >> it's painful for this mom to speak out. she's not showing her face to protect her young son. she said he was sexually molested by another little boy on the school bus to renaissance charter public school in hyde. >> there was another child touching him. and different sexual act. hers son is 6 years old. other boy threatened violence and also touched four other children. he was threatening him. saying if you don't this i will shoot your mother. this mom said another child on the bus who saw what was happening and told an adifficult and told the school. they contacted police. saying we have taken this matter very veeriously. and have taken appropriate
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appropriate steps to protect the privacy of the children involved. it's very difficult situation. clearly potentially some need for therapy. a lot of therapy. this mom agrees but say no one offered to help her son. she said he's traumatized and afraid to be by herself. i think the driver needs to be disciplined. i think the school should take more responsibility as far as getting the kids in counselling. and person on every bus. as for the young boy accused of d thering. they investigating but they say given his age there's noting they can d they now have state agencies the department of children and family and the district attorney's office involved. live in hyde park. victoria warren. 7news "today in new england." donald trump will not pursue another investigation into
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campaign manager said this on msnbc. during the campaign donald trump threatened to assign a special prosecutor to get clinton into jail after he were to win. and donald trump also cancelling a meeting with the "new york times" as his transition continues. the president-elect tweeting perhaps a new meeting will be set up with the "new york times" in the meantime they continue to cover me inaccurately. and with a nasty tone. president elect trump was supposed to meet with editors after the terms of that meeting were apparently change instead. this as we get closer look at what his first action as commander-in-chief may look like. >> donald trump laying out his plan for first 100 days in office. >> truly great and talented men and women patriot's endo are being brought in and many will soon be a part of our government. helping us to make america great again. talking about executive action he can take on his first
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american energy and immigration. >> i will direct the department of labor investigate all visa programs that undercut the american worker. at trump tower he continues to meet with cabinet picks including scott brown who wantings to run veterans affairs. i'm not competing with anyone. there's tremendous people out there. the president-elect also interviewed primary rival register hail victory. the president-elect transition team speaking out after this video from the white nationalist conference showing nazi like salutes. in a statement the president-elect has continued to denounce racism of any kind. and he was elected because he will be a leader for every american. >> the leader of that white nationalist conference said the comment r with mit to chica and ironic. >> former massachusetts house
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prison down in north carolina. he's been granted a compassionate release as he continued to battle tongue and prostate cancer. he's now served five of 8 year sentence after being convicted of fraud, conspiracy and extortion. >> this new video of the man accused of killing a police officer in san antonio, texas. in a stunning move the suspect apologized after being taken into custody late last did you have anything to say to his family. i'm sorry. >> otis mccain. the 31-year-old now faces a capital murder charge for that shooting. 50-year-old detective was killed in that ambush style attack. he was writing a ticket inside
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ambushed. he's one of four officers across the country shot. separate unrelated incident. >> tsunami warning has been lifted after the earthquake shook part of northern japan. emthe six miles off the coast of fukushima. 13 people were injured in the earthquake. its actually an after shock from the devastating earthquake that hit way back in 2011. that one of course triggered a massive un killed in that disaster. also this morning the u.s. state department issuing a travel alert urging u.s. nationals to be cautious at holiday festivals in europe. this comes one day after french security services say they foiled an isis linked plot. 7 people arrested who were linked to a terrorist attack that planned to target a popular christmas market in france. still ahead on "today in new england." a robber running into some trouble. and now police are searching for the suspect.
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brockton after his plans didn't go well. a famous wrapper hospitalized. what we know about kanya west after he cancelled his show. new documentary on the marathon bombing unveiled and what some agiinstead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first.
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>> it's tuesday we're talking thanksgiving strategy. i got one pie down. apple. your son helped you. i know you're a baker. i do like to bake. lots of baking this week not as much cooking when it comes to turkey. i give that duty to someone else.
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noer. we are looking another windy day as well. high pressure briefly pays a visit. we look more cloud cover. yesterday we only warmed up into upper 30. wind gust that reached 50 miles per hour 54 miles per hour in the viewing area. very impressive wind. the coldest since april 25th. we're looking at high temperature similar to what we saw yesterday. a little bit conditions in association with this area of low pressure. that still sits to north and camped out there for the last couple of day. we see lake-effect snow showers in association with that over in upstate new york. this is what that means for us. as we warm up here's what it feels like through the morning hour. chilly, started in the low 20s in terms of windchill values. as we head into lunch hour windchills in the low 30. that's about as warm as it
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temperature low 40s again. that's because the position of the jet stream has shifted since last week. we saw a major dip in the jet stream. issued in cooler air for us. this will be in place throughout the work week here. expect the low average temperature really see very nicely where the cool air resides now. 33 degrees in chicago. 40 degrees in washington washington. mid 30s in boston. so a cool, cool throughout new england. cool throughout the northeast. more sunshine today. it is going to be windy and cold. highs in the 30s. we still have wind from the west gusting up to around 30 or 35 miles per hour. into tonight temperature will trend cooler in upper 20s for many of us. it will be below our average lows. we stay pretty breezy through the overnight hours. wind start to lay off a little bit into tomorrow afternoon. it's breezy tomorrow afternoon as well. look at your travel forecast. today travel conditions
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as we head into tomorrow. showers in the ohio valley. apart from that it will be pretty easy travel conditions into tomorrow. your thanksgiving forecast has a little hiccup. i will take you through that quickly. we'll see that cloud cover thicken up from the west as that frontal system approaches. and by thanksgiving morning we could have flurries in the air. freezing drizzle as well as drizzle. bit of a wintery mix. you can see that nicely with the three colors in the skies through thanksgiving forecast potentially a little bit of drizzle into the late afternoon. back to you guys. all right. new this morning super model gigi hadid sang sorry after impression at the american music awards. >> i love my husband.
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she said she took the joke a little bit too far. its a handwritten note she posted goes on to say i afull gooiz to anyone i offended and only have the best wishes for our country. >> kany west has been taken to ucla for psychiatric evaluation. lapd responded to medical welfare call at west trainer's home on monday made the decision to take him away in ambulance and then actually keep him there in the hospital. the hip-hop star f health and safety. according to "people" magazine west went freely with emt's in astaying in the hospital. seeing treatment. it also comes after week of bizarre public comments in which west ranted about people like
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west is now cancelled the rest of his tour which includes his show at the gardeny was set for next month. a new documentary making its debut last night on hbo and it takes a look at the boston marathon bombing. and specifically the road to reco k reco erecovery. >> the documentary has been very well received. it's main focus as you mention is not on th survives east they continue to recover. in marathon the patriots day bombing some of the survivors give their accounts of how their lives changes since the bombing. and they say they were touched to see how far others have comafter the attack more than 3 years ago. rebecca gregory posting i am so proud of each person featured and every survivor that continues to take their life back from evil every single day.
9:19 am
see them at their most vulner elable. it's dedicated to those that lost their lives as well as officers shon collier. in the control room. jennifer eagan, 7news "today in new england." >> police car narrowly missing them as they stand on the side of the street. we'll be right back. a welcoming home for the holidays. and that nothing should get in the way of a good conversation. we believe that room for one more shouldn't cost more. and that you can make a place for everyone.
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>> a dangerous drug that could be deadly foes for police dogs. just a small amount of this drug could prove deadly for the dog whose are actually trying to snik out crime. investigative reporter found a state police officer are looking to make some changes to protect the canine whose are right there by their sides. front line in the war on drugs. they are using their nose to locate the narcotics. it's been a risky job but something has changed to put the crime fighting canines in even more danger. a powerful new man made drug is flooding our area in the dogs get anywhere close to it they could die.
9:23 am
we have not trained the dogs on this drug. they are encountering more and more at crime scenes and in drug raids. just last month during a raid in florida three police dogs nearly died when they came in contact with the drug. the drug enforcement agency using this video to warn police canine unit. >> it can kill our canines and partners. >> when police officers are exposed to phetnyl there's something that can save them from the it's narcan nasal spray that's often given to people who have overdosed or heroin. but the spray doesn't work on dogs. >> detectives have come to us asking what we're doing about the dangers of this. state police making a change to protect their furry partners. this will be one of the first in the country to carry injectable narcan. giving the dogs a shot instead of the spray could save their lives if they've been expose
9:24 am
invested into them. and there's a lot of devotion and we will do whatever we can to keep them safe. the massachusetts state police say they expect to begin carrying the injectable narcan in january. and the depart said it's contacted by other police department looking to provide the same protection for their dogs. in the control room. i'm cheryl fiandaca. still ahead on 7news "today in new england." some good who is shot in the line of duty. as he heads home for the holidays we also have the results of who did it better find out if
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>> it's time to finned out who did it better. they cleared out trash in plymouth. bri is good at talking trash. the goal to empty several bins into trash truck as quickly as possible. kris finish 4.01. bri beat by 11 up to you for voter who sided with bri. lots of support from sobel media to help her get that win. next week she is taking on a star athlete pat's legend troy brown. see who has the best hands in the kitchen as they hit the burton's grill. they are making sure customers get what they order. you can see that next monday morning right here on 7news "today in new england." they had check for fish and sea. and charlie brown. my goodness.
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nice and neat. you are saying bri is track talker. when she fails a forecast. it's not a permanent condition. much more ahead at 9:30 including patriots giving thanks. how robert craft and member of the team gave back to those in need. >> we're giving thanks for sunshine here today. but sit still cool. does that weather stick with it as we head into your holiday. we'll have that zbraanswer aftet down this man. ? at blue cross blue shield of massachusetts, we offer a variety of medicare plans
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>> a robber running into some trouble his failed attempt to break in caught on camera. police are hot on his trail. a tanker bursting into flames. who quick thinking emergency crew credit with saving the driver's life. >> near miss watch this video a
9:31 am
children there watching what's happening within inch of getting hit by the cruiser. the video takes your breath away. they barely, barely miss getting hit. it's just after 9:30. some really belizy travel day upon us here. and i know weatherwise it's kind of looking like a mixed bag. depending on what do you travel. we need to get to ren with a check on the foreca we have some snow further to west and lake-effect snow showers there. but in southern new england it's actually a beautiful day. plenty of sunshine for us. but very cold still. we do have breezy conditions out of the west. gusting up to around 30 miles per hour. sustained wind up to 20 miles per hour. it's feeling pretty cool. windchill values in the mid-to-upper 20sen some of us feeling like we're in the upper teens. travel today pretty easy for us in new england but it is going to be cool and that's the
9:32 am
later tonight into tomorrow. for today it will be another pl blustery day. again our highs only feeling like low 30s? ren thanks so much. to our top stories now. police are charging a school bus driver with vehicular homicide after five elementary schoolchildren were killed in a horrific crash in chattanooga, tennessee on monday. 24-year-old arrested overlast fight. they believe he was speeding. 35 students ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade were onboard. 23 others were taken to the hospital. parent of student and boston -- at the boston rest seans charter school demanding answer now after alarming sexual abuse allegations happened on a school bus. a mother told 7 news that a #-year-old boy molested several other children on the bus last month. the department of children and families and the district
9:33 am
investigating these allegations. and a rocky robbery caught on camera in brockton. take a look. this man tries to break the window of a store. but that's a fail there. he throws this rock at the glass. then it bounces off there. >> i didn't work out the way he was hoping. the stores owner reacts to this robbery failure. jennifer eagan is here with more. he has a great attitude about what happened. >> he does. you may remember the store owner stephen davis. trial about the murder of his sister. davis now owns a brockton convenient store called two debbies. he said he couldn't believe his eye when he saw the man break into the store over the weekend. >> a would-be thief caught in the act. >> how stupid could you be. he tried to break into the convenience store sunday. he got out of mini van. he had a black bag in one hand. a rock in the other.
9:34 am
ever seen. the man threw the rock at the door trying to shatter the glass. >> he's liking on the floor like he's pitching a ball. the man doesn't give up. the rock went under his vehicle. he was too fat to bend down to pick it up. >> he couldn't stop laughing when he saw the video of the attempted break-in. he posted the video to facebook along with clear message. >> the top five dumbest thieves in broc. license plate and rear end damage to the van. what's your warning? >> don't waste your time. don't waste your time. there's cameras everywhere. davis uses laminated glass at the store. it cost about 1200 to protect that door. in the newsroom. jennifer eagan, 7news "today in new england." breaking news. some information we have just coming into the newsroom now. an arrest in the case of the mother killed outside of a party
9:35 am
police say 44-year-old gloibel was belten to -- beaten to death in, in a parking lot. a 23-year-old man from worcester will be arraigned this morning. he faces assault and battery charges at this point. also new this morning investigators in chelsea are releasing a key clue they hope will help lead them to a suspect. in a deadly hit-and-run. police they say this is the man that you see here who was spotted at mexican restaurant before hitting and killing a man with his car. the 25-year-old victim died the next morning. police are searching for the suspect's car. one person is in the hospital after a mult by family home goes up in flame in manchester, new hampshire. we're told that person now in critical condition with severe burns. it happened on pine street and
9:36 am
a police officer shot in line of duty is heading home for thanksgiving. they are sharing the photo saying he was released from this rehappen hospital yesterday. officer morris said he wants to thank you or say thank you to everyone who helped in his road to recovery. officer morris and officer richardson were shot multiple times during a stand off with man in east boston last night. the suspects killed in that shootout. >> we have details about deadly ducksbury. thousands of dollars have been raised to help the family of the man from carver killed in that accident. people have donated $7,000 to the family of 28-year-old who died on saturday. investigator say he had been using circular saw to cut a water line when the saw malfunctioned and then hit him. right now police in hudson, new hampshire are investigating an armed robbery at this rite aid happened monday evening.
9:37 am
saying man with knife entered the store demanding cash. police in portses smith new hampshire are looking for this stolen chihuahua. someone took the 3-month-old puppy from pet store over the weekend. the pet shop owner said the two-pound puppy on special diet and microchiped ands selling for about $900. also on 7 a tanker bursting into flames on the highway in the driver here is lucky to be alive after he was rescued. but it wasn't paramedic or firefighter who was first on the but insteads of passerbies. tanker rolls over on highway ramp with more than 8,000 gallon of gasoline. the driver tossed from the wreckage lands in harm's way. >> we got massive fire. down in the ditch i have three bystander waivings a out. these good samaritans saved the day. they found him next to his truck and they pulled him away from the scene about 150 feet. they look back and where he was at is now ungulfed in flame. early reports indicate the
9:38 am
the drivers trying to avoid deer on the ramp. amazingly that drivers only hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. >> truly they put their lives on the line. we wear protective equip. ment. emergency crew are thankful the say mare -- the good samaritans were in the right place at the right time. it's a testament there's still good people out there. officials have been able to identify those three good sa chief said that they plan to honor them sometime very soon. there's more news today. tragic story here when 17 family were killed in this 56-car pile up. happened in northern china. massie crash during foggy conditions. witnesses say wet and slippery roads may have played a factor. 37 other people were injured. close call in pennsylvania caught on camera. take a look that video. a group of children standing on the corner here watching what's developing during a police
9:39 am
did you see what happened when a van hit that cruiser. causing it to spin out of control. it eventually slammed into the car. the group of children standing right there watch it in slow motion. how close they were to that car. barely missed them. the officer suffered minor injury. none of the children were hurt. people in florida the neighborhood there had to leave their home after garbage truck burst into no reports of any injury. >> 7news now turning to quite a discovery about self selfies. 127 people have died taking selfies since 2014. 8 killed in u.s. the most common cause of death falling from a building or a mountain while taking a selfie. nearly three-quarter of all
9:40 am
or younger. >> chipotle facing a big lawsuit over calorie count. according to complaint three customers say the fast food train lied about the calorie in their chori sk zo. they claim it has 300 calories. that only referred to the chorizo in the burritto. not the whole enchilada. >> you got to print. you could try eating half of it if you are too full. could you really stop at half? >> she's fighting to keep her spot on the voice. we will take a look at courtney's performance last night as the dorchester native looks to stay alive. >> this a need story here. first of its kind surgery that took place in boston. a new prosthetic that could change one man's life. we start out your work week with snow showers. do we have the chance to more of
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imagine a world where the holidays were about people again. where doorbusters referred to loved ones pouring through the front door. and the four-letter word that defined the season was l-o-v-e and not s-a-l-e. what if the only reason to wake up at 3 a.m. was to spot a reindeer in the sky?
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>> it's 9:43. a local star hoping to advance on the voice. courtney taking the stage for the final 11 and she needs your vote. ? ? ? the dorchester native singing
9:44 am
from a chorus line. >> i feel good because it felt good to sing it. that's the one song that every time i sing it it's like oh my goodness it feels so good. so i'm happy with how it felt. >> i feel like i get a good dose of kharma. you can vote on the voice app and voting closes at noon. get the results to night on 7 nbc at 8:00 followed by an new od new "chicago fire" at 10:00 and news at 11:00. >> she's still in awe. >> she did say quite a few times. we been in awe of the weather pattern how quickly they've been changing. from saturday temperatures to what we are dealing with now. it feels like december. not feeling like november. we're below average by about 10 degrees. that's what we saw yesterday and today. today we usher in more sunshine.
9:45 am
you can see it's gorgeous. we will see some sunshine throughout the day today. but again it's still cool. we're dealing with same systems to the north and it's bringing in windy conditions out of the westen some lake-effect snow showers in upstate new york. but for us we're looking at sunshine. dry conditions and cool weather. here's what it is feeling like through the morning hour. mid to low 20s as you head into the lunch hour. doesn't warm up from there. highs in low 40s. it will feel like low going to be in category feeling more like mid-to-upper 20s as we head into the warmest part of the day. last week we saw the warm weather. here's the positioning of the jet stream. the jet takes a big dip as it does so we push in some cooler canadian air. that stays in place flew the week. you can see where that is in place now. much cooler air in the northeast. 33 degrees in chicago. it's breezy and it feels like we're in the mid to -- we're in the upper 20s right now.
9:46 am
will feel like again these wind are blustery out of the west. 30 to 35 miles per hour for some of us. the cape and island saw wind gust up to 50 and 54 miles per our. not as breezy as yesterday. still windy and cold. into tonight we say gusty with clear skies. and temperatures falling into the upper 20s for most spots. cooler in worcester. norwood, orange, you can see temperature in the mid 20s possibly tonight. as we head into tomorrow. quick look at your travel rain showers in the ohio valley. plenty of sunshine. pretty nice conditions for wednesday. as you head into thanksgiving. we push in cloud cover. that moves in the wednesdayening. the cloud cover moves in late wednesday by thanksgiving. we could see couple of flurries in the air and some freezing drizzle and drizzle. wintery mix thanksgiving day morning. that continues through the morning hours.
9:47 am
we could see a couple of slick spots. plenty of cloud cover but we do dry out and chance for showers into friday. closer look at this thanksgiving forecast. drizzle wintery mix. couple of sprinkles by the early afternoon. cloudy sky into the later afternoon. your 7 on 7 forecast. showing temperature a bit more moderate but thanksgiving looks cool. as we head into the weekend friday looks like we have a chance for rain into saturday maine man getting amputation that is first of its kind. jim ewing a rock climbing enthusiastic. he took a 50-foot fall. shattered ankle when he landed. this past summer he decided to have lower part of leg amputated. now he's the first patient to take part in an experimental procedure over brigham women's hospital where doctor were able to preserve nerve ending which will eventually allow him to sense that new prosthetic.
9:48 am
in my foot which made it very painful even just to put on or remove my socks. walking barefoot anywhere was excruciating. he's back to climbing. sensor will be implanted in leg next spring that will communicate with his prosthetic designed ironically enough by a team here as well. mit. so amazing the work they are doing there. up next the 7 sports in another patriots forced to sit out. why fo down this time around.
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aurants in boulder. (google assistant) i found a few places. (vo) the new pixel, phone by google. exclusively at verizon. the only next gen network that lets you get the most out of it. how is this possible? (vo) because verizon lte advanced delivers 50% faster peak speeds in 450 cities, coast to coast. buy a pixel and get up to $400 back. and get 20 gigs of data with no surprise overages, and 4 lines for only $40 each. why settle when you can have it all on verizon? >> good morning. through ten game the patriots have force unnine turnovers it's on the second time in franchise
9:51 am
the season. they have however had turnover on their roster. and now allen branch is suspended facing four-game band for positive drug test. espn reporting branch tested positive for marijuana in that he will appeal the band. the 31-year-old was also suspended by the team for a week back in training camp for unspecified reasons. bill belichick wouldn't comment on the latest disciplinary issue saying matter is between the league and the players. by 13 entering the fourth quarter. here they come with isiah thomas on the ben. . hangs and hits. it's a five-point game. he stays on the rebound. gets it. six boards and five assists. then after he hit a three to tie the game. terry gets a hand in the passing lane and comes up with a big steal. how is this for defense?
9:52 am
2. part of 17-0 run. scoring 12 off the bench. celtics win it 99-93 for their second straight win. and huge congratulations to legendary coach john grady. inducted into the massachusetts basketball coast's hall of fame. he has 454 wins and he's still going. i'm joe amorosino, that's sports. have a great day. david ortiz farewell with a letter. >> he talks about resisting that urge to play again as behind the scene relationships and also the moment he will always remember. jennifer eagan joining us with more on this letter. jen? >> maybe he doesn't want to let go. farewell letter titled thanks for the memory. >> he credits another fan favorite with helping to shape his career. he said pedro martinez may have saved his job back in 2003 because pedro told the red sox
9:53 am
him they would have to keep ortiz as well. ortiz added that while he still works out alternat thenway he's wavering on decision to retire. he writes about how he hopes to be remembered. i don't care if people know my numbers. he would be great to be remembered as a hall of famer but let me tell you what i care about. i hope people remember me as a guy who brought people together and a lot of fun to he certainly did. ortiz ended letter by adding if he could he would give everyone in boston one of his famous bear hugs. in the newsroom. jennifer eagan 7news "today in new england." it's all about fun and bear hugs. there's a long line. >> no doubt. i'm sure they are the best. coming up a couple of pats getting to work on their off
9:54 am
at fallon health we realize that no matter where you are in life you can always be moving forward. when we can move forward together?
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>> patriots owner robert craft celebrating this thanks giving by giving back. he and some of the members kicking off the holiday by helping those in need. here's tim caputo. there's a little heavy lifting for a good cause. patriots player present and past continue the long tradition with good will handing out food baskets to families in need. he helped carry a basket. he delivered them a giant check for $10,000. >> we did this the first year we bought the team 23 years ago. and you know it's amazing. i said to some of the players we've been doing this longer than some of you have been on the planet. >> running back james white born the year kraft bought the patriots participated in the event for the first time.
9:57 am
back. there's a lot of less fortunate people out there. anytime we give a helping hand it's great. >> many player helping the overflowing baskets to families cars tonight. have a great thanksgiving. >> they are volunteering on day they could have spent resting. he said they didn't have to practice until wednesday. i can't think of better way to come back out and give to families that might be going through a time where this thanks you get just walking to the car for 30 second walk is tremendous. i'm just happy to do something you know the positive. tim caputo, 7news "today in new england." >> every single player had a entitle on their face. >> feels good to give back. how about our forecast for today. it's looking beautiful out there. temperature will be call. still windy but we are seeing some sunshine. we keep that into tomorrow as
9:58 am
mix potential by thursday morning. but then we'll see some mostly cloudy sky.
9:59 am
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this morning on "today's take," giada delaurentiis gets ready to indonesia widish with special co-host. oscar winner marion cottilard on her new movie with brad pitt all coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. all right, welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, november 22nd, 2016. along with tamron, we have our pal, giada delaurentiis who just slapped bobby flay around with that -- >> i did not! you're going to get me in


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