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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  November 22, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm EST

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chief meteorologist jeremy reiner is sticking by. >> reporter: the good news, roads are going to be dry for the next couple of days. a lot of travelling this afternoon. more clouds off to northern new england as well as new york state and temperatures 30s and 40s. the city at 41. bedford 38. worcester at 32. filmburg at 38. we've wind out there as well. it feels like the 20s and low 30s worcester it feels like 21. bedford feels like 29. boston feels like 33. that much. sitting and spinning in southern canada. in continues to pin wheel cold air in southern new england. a bit windy especially this evening. lows between 23-32. tomorrow, that is your big travel day, sunshine all day long. not as windy but still a chilly breeze. temperatures in the upper 20's by 7:00 tomorrow morning, numbers in the mid 30s thursday morning
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southern new england. we'll detail that portion of the forecast in a few minutes. >> ryan: time to talk about the traffic. if you are heading out of town you will be joined by millions of other americans. send it over to adam who is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: good luck. the state department of transportation says you should expect longer waits and delays no matter which way you choose to travel. logan airport officials are asking people to arrive two hours early for domestic flights and about tree hours before you are heading out on an ina the d.o.t.says when it comes down to is safety. they want you to watch your speed out there. don't use cell phones behind the wheel and definitely obviously goes without saying do not drink and drive. >> the number one thing that we want everybody to do is leave themselves enough time and enough flexibility so that they can just take it easy. take it safely. put that cell phone aside. get where you are going safe and let all the other folks
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they're going and share the holiday with their family safely. >> reporter: by the way, it will be the first year people will have the electronic tolling system out there when you travel. remember state has been ripping down the toll booths. d.o.t.officials believe the new tolls will help traffic roll more smoothly than in years past. good luck. be safe. adam williams, 7 news. >> jadiann: for more on the traffic out there right now, let's head out to mitt with a look at the >> reporter: big delays on the pike west jammed from alton brighton most of the way out to worcester. the mass pike map, that is a 37 minute drive. 128 to 495, almost an hour. it is almost an hour again from 495 to 84 in sturbridge. over on 128 south tough going from most of the way to highland avenue in needham. northbound slow going from the pike up to 93 clover leaf in woburn that. is a 51 minute drive.
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route 1 only 51 minutes. tough most of the way to the split. southbound that will be a 25 minute drive. from the split to route 24, that is 12 minutes. from the split to the o'neil tunnel another 23 minutes. >> jadiann: we're going to finance to follow the traffic and let you know if there are problem spots. be careful. you can see there is already traffic out there. >> ryan: we're following 4:00. a 23-year-old in court. >> prosecution say the woman was beaten to death then run over with a car. the suspect is being held on bail. steve cooper is live for us in lowell with more. >> reporter: a strange twist to the story when we learned that a police chase over the weekend that ended with a car smashing into a house in northboro is linked to the murder that happened here in lowell over the
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brokeover over all this. >> . [bleep] >> reporter: they're unimaginable ang swish spilling out on to the sidewalk late today. family and friends heard details surrounding the murder of gloribel orengo. >> no! i -- my best friend! >> reporter: charging her with assault and battery. with a deadly weapon. >> reporter: in court 23-year- perez pleads not guilty in the death who prosecutors say was not only beaten to death after she was' kicked out of a party, she was' run over by a car that took off from the scene. her 28-year-old sons was with her at the time. >> a trooper in massachusetts state police attempted to stop the vehicle on 495 south. the individuals from the fled had fled reaching
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>> reporter: the car which was reported stolen later crashed into this house in northboro after a chase with police. but everyone in the car took off. personez wags arrested -- perez was arrested yesterday at hoar mother's home in lowell. her lawyer says it was the victim who was the instigator. >> we've no autopsy report to indicate the, the reason this person died. >> president >> reporter: family wants justice. >> i want justice. i want the boy, girls, i want whoever, all of them arrested. everybody. >> reporter: perez is being held on $30,000 cash bail. she returns to court next month. in the meantime, police are busy trying to locate several other suspects they believe are connected to this murder here in lowell. live in lowell, steve cooper, 7 news. >> ryan: a deadly accident in a massachusetts ski
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the man was working on a piece of machinery when it fell on him and rolled over on him. byron barnett has more. >> reporter: this appears to be a tragic accident that took the life of an employee here at the nashoba valley ski area. this all happened about 9:30 this morning. westford police responded to a report of a death at the ski area. police say when they arrived they found the body of a deceased townsend man who was employed by the ski area. the middlesex sources say the man was working on a snow grooming machine when the machine ran over him. the d.a. says the death is not considered suspicious. we were told the man's family has been notified the terrible news coming two days before thanksgiving. no comment from anyone here at the nashoba valley ski area. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> jadiann: a piece of art causing controversy at salem state university.
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-- the piece is inspiring racist behavior. the school says it's using it to open a discussion. kelli o'hara is live for us in salem with more on the controversy that is brewing. >> reporter: controversy on campus, absolutely, you can see the sign in the door says it all. the display is locked for now and it's going to stay that way at least for a little while. >> very upsetting. i, it absolutely needs to me to deal with. >> reporter: students not happy about this. an image depicting people dressed up as members of the k.k.k. the painting part of an exhibit called the state of the union. a show meant for artists to express themselves about the recent election. doctor lisa mcbride says
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our students to think critically. some art is provocative. and so the key is how do we prepare any person to enter into this room as an informed american? >> reporter: students say what they're upset the most the art wasn't explained with information. that left it up to potentially negative interpret air, an explanation is up they still want this >> the dialogue is happening amongst students of color who feel threatened by the images. >> reporter: you can see students have been leaving messages outside of the exhibit. you can see some of them say team work makes streamwork and you are loved. as for where does the university go with the exhibit, they hope to have another conversation on monday after thanksgiving and they hope to open it up
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>> ryan: 58 days until president-elect trump takes off. hillary clinton may be in the clear. trump's campaign manager says he will not have a special investigator look into her e-mail. >> my agenda will be based on a simple core principal, putting america first. >> reporter: so far this week donald trump's has had a closed door sit-down with network heavy weights and a meeting with the "new york me actually outlining his agenda, the president elect choose to reward a two and a half minute video to lay out his first 100 days without having to answer any questions. >> i will cancel job killing restrictions on the production of american energy including shale energy and clean coal creating many millions of high-paying jobs. i'm going to issue a notification of intent to withdraw from the traps
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>> reporter: throw a major campaign -- >> on emigration i'll direct the department of labor to investigate all abuses of viks programs that undercut the american worker. >> reporter: notably missing in his outlook is any mention of deportation, refuges or even the wall. one particular rallying eye for trump supporters -- >> if i win we're going to look into the crime very seriously, folks. very, very seriously the president-elect won't be be had ing. >> he is thinking of. different things as he prepares to become the president of the united states. and things that sound like the campaign aren't among them. >> reporter: that was die an gallagher reporting. for more on the trump transition stay with us. you can check out when we're not on the air or
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updates on them as well. five children are dead. more than a dozen injured and still in hospital after the horrible school bus crash in tennessee. parents left to grieve. >> federal officials have announced they'll investigate and an arrest has been made. students arrived today at woodmore elementary in tennessee surrounded by media. they're in the national spotlight after a deadly school bus crash that left day that we've had for woodmore and hamilton county schoolings that i can remember. >> reporter: the bus driver, 24-year-old johnthony walker has been arrested and faces multiple charges. his mother apologized to victims. saying walker is a father of three-year-old himself and has never been in trouble. the accident left the bus split nearly in two. parents and loved ones rushed to the scene to find
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killed, three first graders, one a child only in kindergarten. >> the most unnatural thing in the world is for a parent to mourn the loss of a child. there are no words that can bring comfort to a mother or a father and so today, our city is praying for these families. >> reporter: people lined up to donate blood. one woman waited three hours in line and the staff stayed late to accommodate everyone. a ntsb team expects to investigate four at least a week. tennessee authorities say the bus was travelling above 30 miles an hour when it crashed. ahead on 7 news at 4:00 a drug that can be deadly for police dogs. officers now looking for ways to protect their canine companions. >> ryan: at 4:30 abuse allegations on board a school bus. parents now demanding
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>> jadiann: a dangerous drug on the streets proving
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dose for police dogs. especially those on the frontlines of the opioid crisis. a small amounts could be deadly for the dogs trying to sniff out crime. cheryl fiandaca spoke with police officers who are looking to protect the canines who help them fight crime. >> reporter: the state police dogs are on frontlines in the war on drugs. >> they're using their nose to locate the narcotics. >> reporter: it has been a risky changed to put the canines in even more dangers. a powerful new man-made drug is flooding our area. if the dogs get anywhere crows to it, they could die. it's called fentanyl. it can be 100 times more potent than heroin and it could be leathal to the works who are working to keep us safe. >> we've not trained the dog on fentanyl. >> reporter: but they're encountering it more and
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drug raids. last month during a raid in florida three police dogs nearly died when they came in contact with the drug. the d. e. a. is using this video to warn police canine uniits. >> fentanyl can kill our partners >> reporter: when police officers are exposed to fentanyl there is something that can save them from the deadly deadly symptoms temperatures a nasal spray often given to people who are overdosed on heroin but the spray doesn't work on dogs. >> d we're doing. >> reporter: the state police are making a change to protect their furry partners. the department will be one of the first in the country to carry injectable narcan. giving the dogs a shot could save their lives instead of the spray. >> the dogs do great work for us and we have a lot of time and money invested into them and there is a lot of devotion. we'll do whatever we can do
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massachusetts state police expect to begin carrying the injectable narcan in january and the department says it's already been contacted by other police departments looking to provide the same protection for their dogs. i'm cheryl fiandaca. >> ryan: coming up talking trash and bri eggers looking to win in a remix, find out who you thought did it sunshine tomorrow. thursday thanksgiving morning few issues. >> jadiann: then at 4:30 a failed robbery caught on camera. the store owner is laughing over this funny footage. >> ryan: at 5:00 kanye west under observation. why he is in the hospital. >> it's a holiday tradition. high school football on thanksgiving with our local athletes getting their chance to shine. the news station brings you
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join me for our football
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>> announcer: now 7 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> reporter: lots of sun and still windy and cold. right now in the city, 41. worcester 32. bedford at 38. west wind doing its thing gusting over 20 miles an hour, that's t out there. worcester gusting near 30 miles an hour, sending wind chills down to the low 20s and worcester feels like 21. we'll have that cold wind blowing overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. this area of low pressure which has been with us for a few days, it begins to drift east and weaken. and as high pressure moves in from the great lakes states that will begin to shut down the wind a little bit but not completely. overnight tonight mostly clear. windy especially this evening.
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got the bags packed. lots of sun, cold, west wind with temperatures between 39-45. northwesterly wind is trying to settle down and if you are travelling across the northeast dry roads up in northern new england. they've had clouds and snow flurries the last few days but they'll have sunshine tomorrow. as you head out of new england more dry weather down 95 corridor and back through portions of pennsylvania. now on to thursday. the big day. cl. there will be a couple of snow flurries and a little burst of light snow thursday morning. here we are at 7:00 am. it's not a major weather system. it's not going to be significant amount of snow. but i do think there will be pockets of some light snow and really it doesn't take all that much to foul up the travel plans, if you have travel plans thursday morning probably going to be a coating to in some of the locations in the worcester hills and berkshires a coating to an inch. again this will be the higher elevations where you have the inch possible.
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merrimack valley and south of the pike, coating possible. metro boston just talking about some flurries and sprinkles in the air. wet roads at that. drizzle thursday afternoon. friday cloudy. drizzly near 40. saturday, few morning showers. temperatures in the upper 40s and sunday dry roads. mid 40s see you at 4:30. >> ryan: see you then. get a check of the road home. a lot of people already hitting the roads, what is it lik we'll fly high above the pike westbound at newton corner on the right hand side of your screen. you will be crawling out to wheresster most of the way. eastbound side you can see that is heavy too. you will be jammed from route 16 to newton corner. take a look at the drive times from downtown boston to route 128 weston. that is a 44 minute drive and from 128 to 495, almost an hour. over on the leverett connector jammed boat directions. not much better on the zakim. northbound side jammed right
4:25 pm
128 in reading. the southbound side, delays back near mystic avenue in medford. the expressway is a mess from the o'neil tunnel most of the way down to the split. the northbound side is jammed approaching the funnel. further back you will be on the brakes up past neponset circle. >> jadiann: who did it better in this week's challenge, brie and chris lambson took out the trash in plymouth. >> ryan: it was a against jadiann the goal was to empty several bins -- brie finished 3:50 but it's up to voters that decide bri won another victory for our bri. see if this luck can continue on next week when bri will take and see who has the best hands in the kitchen. they're going to serve up what customers order. >> jadiann: next here on 7
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chair is hit with a stun gun by police in texas. >> ryan: crazy chase. cruiser nearly runs into people on a sidewalk. >> jadiann: sal dimasi on his way home. >> reporter: mass d.o.t.apologizing for a
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>> announcer: this is 7 news at 4:30. >> ryan: we're following breaking news first at 4:30, a 23-year-old woman pleading not guilty to charges in connection with the murder of a local mother. the woman is accused of assault and battery that led to the death of the woman. police say 44-year-old gloribel four was beaten to death at a party in lowell then run over by a car. police did go after the car which led them on a chase that ended here in northboro when the car crashed into a home. everyone in the car took off after the crash. the suspect was arrested yesterday at her mother's house in lowell. police are still searching for other suspects they believe were involved. >> alarming allegations of abuse on board a school bus in boston.
4:30 pm
the boston renaissance charter school is looking into the claims. been speaks with the mother of the victim. >> i cried. i lost it. >> reporter: it's painful for this mom to speak out. she is not showing her face to protect her young son. she says he was sexually molested by another little boy while on the school bus to the renaissance charter school. >> there was another child that was touching him, and asking him to perform, you know, different sexua just 7 years old. she says the other boy six years old threatened violence and the also touched four other children. >> he was threatening him and saying if you don't do this i'm going to shoot your mother. >> reporter: this mom says it was another child who saw what was' happening and told an adult who then told the school. the school says they took immediate action and caboted police saying -- contacted police saying we've taken this matter seriously and have taken appropriate measures to insure student safety.


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