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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> new at 11:00, two boston heros honored on the ice. police and bruins alumni pay tribute to two officers shot in the line of duty. >> the case of the missing quarterback. >> gronk returns to practice. but where's tom brady? >> and sparking concern. what caused the pocket-sized blast? >> all right. out of the gate at 11:00, temperatures taking a dive as we head into the holiday. the chilly weather forcing people to some towns dropping down into the 20s. >> and while it's only a small chance, some people might see some mix of snow. probably mostly rain. let's check in with your holiday forecast with brie. >> right, you can see this line of snow that's stretching from western new york down through the poconos and then even down through new york city. they saw a brief period of rain showers just a little bit ago. and that line is creeping closer and closer to home. clouds filling in for us.
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it won't amount to much, if anything at all. but, the temperatures, as you mentioned before, are below freezing in many spots and will drop, continue to drop, as we head into the overnight hours. 30? in bedford. 29 in wooster. 27 in fitchburg. while i don't expect a whole lot in the way of precipitation to fall, if we do see some precipitation, there is a possibility that we could get some icy slick spots on the roads. very isolated, because with this forecast model, you see by the time we reach 6:00 a.m., we haven't precipitation showing up here even heading into midday. still staying dry. at least according to the forecast model. we will get some unsettled weather heading into the rest of the holiday weekend. we will run through that time line hour to hour in a few minutes. >> you can track the thanksgiving temperatures and black friday forecast at any time on and on the 7 news phone and tablet apps. >> now, freed from the flames. >> he must have been trying to
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>> a man saved by strangers during a risky rescue. >> neighbors began to worry when the man who lived inside the saugus home never came out. some of them rushed toward the flames to save a life. alex is live in saugus. alex? >> well neighbors knew they had to act quickly. this man who is in his 80s has trouble getting around. these two neighbors kicked open a door to get him out. >> as the fire raged, those who live on midland ave they call mr. anderson who lives in the home. >> i knew that there was an elderly man who liveed in there so i ran over and was able to knock the door in. >> larry applegate had to force the door open because mr. anderson, who is in his 80s, had been overcome by smoke and fallen at the foot of the door in his attempt to escape. >> luckily mr. anderson was sitting right, like laying right at the front door because the smoke was so thick that if he was anyplace else in the house
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gentleman was close to the door, the smoke and raging fire made it difficult to pull him to safety. >> he wouldn't have made it out on his own. it was really overpowering. we had to walk away from the house two or three times ourselves to catch our breath before we were able to pull him out. >> mr. anderson was taken across the street soot covered, dazed but conscious. firefighterssay there's no question those who ran into the burning home saved his >> obviously things would have been a lot different. at least now he has a shot. >> the men who ran into the home brush off the word hero. they are thankful mr. anderson is alive. >> anybody would do it. it's just lucky i was in the right place at the right time just to save him. >> tonight the victim is in the hospital. the victim told rescuers that he unplugged something, heard a
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>> a on a collision course in a waltham parking lot. what happened here kimberly? >> well over my shoulder, you can see one of the badly banged up cars. the bumper is completely gone. the car at the center of it all has been taken away. >> a grocery store worker collecting a car during the busy food shopping rush before thanksgiving. >> it was pretty chaotic. all this damage. >> it was just before 4:30. workers saw a woman behind this black chevy malibu back out of a spot and never stop. >> one vehicle backed up and just kept backing up. hit the cars, hit a car age holder, hit a bunch of carriages. a lot of destruction but not
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god. >> in total, six cars were damaged including this woman's. >> i came out of the grocery store to find my car. pretty much damaged in the front and on the side. i don't know what happened. so, i am a little speechless. >> no one was inside the banged-up cars. the hurt hanford worker was on the pavement when emergency workers arrived. but they say he was alert and conscious and taken to the hospital. the driver of the out of control car also went to get checked out. >> before thanksgiving that it's pretty sad. >> we are told the two people taken to local hospitals were not badly hurt. no charges have been filed. >> a boston attorney and former people magazine eligible bachelor in the courtroom but on the defense for the 4th time. attorney gary zarola pleaded not guilty to rape charges. it's the fourth time again he has been accused of sexual
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>> in those three previous accusations, it never ended with a conviction in this case, the victim didn't come forward for a couple of days but prosecutors here in court earlier today believe they have a solid case against this attorney. >> he's no stranger to boston courtrooms as a prosecutor, defense attorney and now again as a defendant. today gary zarola hid behind his own attorney in court while pleading not guilty to raping a woman in boston earlier this month. >> mr. zarola is nothing more than a t this is a case based upon a foundation of lies and we vigorously look forward to our day in court. >> he has faced sexual assault charges before. twice in boston and once in miami. all about a decade ago. in all of those cases, zarola was either found not guilty or the charges were dropped. in this rape case, prosecutors believe there's enough evidence for conviction. >> a very strong case for the government. >> his attorney says the alleged victim met up with zarola after they went to a concert.
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top. >> the alleged victim was kissing mr. zarola, was affection at to him and spending time with him. >> zarola was once featured in people magazine as one of the top 50 bachelors in the country. now he's making headlines again for something his attorney says is completely made up. >> in this case, it it's apparent that the allegations in this case, they are false and frivolous. the truth will come out in a court of law. >> the judge ordered that h attorney says he should be able to post that fairly easily. >> police arrest a man accused of taking officers on a wild ride in dorchester. authorities say he hit four officers with his car. they say two officers approached his car early this morning. that's when police say he drove off dragging the two officers and later hitting two other officers. four injured officers all expected to be ok. >> we are following more news
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school bus crash in tennessee that happened monday. the driver, 24-year-old johnathy walker is facing vehicular homicide charges. toxicology reports show no drug, no alcohol in his system at the time of the crash. walker careened off of the road and smashed into a tree killing those six children. investigators say he left a designated route and drove down a curvey road going well over the posted speed limit. now filling up the cabinet. >> s's navigate this role. >> the president-elect making more picks during the trump transition. >> slowly but surely the president-elect is putting together his white house team and tonight he has given two important roles to two women. ryan is in the control room with more. >> and so far, mr. trump's cabinet as been all men but he's now turning to two women. one of them hasn't always been supportive of the president-elect. >> raise our families, care for our loved ones. >> president-elect donald trump with a thanksgiving message for the country.
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our divisions and move forward as one country. >> it comes as he's trying to diversify his cabinet hiring two women including south carolina governor nikki haley. she will serve as ambassador to the u.n. hayley whose parents immigrated from india is a rising star in the g.o.p. but was critical of mr. trump during the primary. >> i will not stop until we fight a man that chooses not to disavow the k.k.k. >> but she seemed to warm to mr. trump after meetingh last week. >> i did vote for him. and i was absolutely thrilled to see him win. >> she opposed trump's muslim ban but supported a block on new syrian refugees entering her state. she's made eight foreign trips but lacks foreign policy experience. his second female pick, betsy dubos, a school choice activist who opposes common corps and wants to expand school voucher programs. mr. trump is spending thanksgiving in palm beach.
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good news and bad news at patriots practice. the good news, gronk was back on the practice field. >> oh, i have to do the bad news? tom brady nowhere in sight. >> rob gronkowsky making his return to the practice field. but his presence was overshadowed by that noticeable absence. tom brady, a surprise no-show today. >> tom brady was named the offensive player of the week. what are your thoughts about that? >> tom brady. >> on a day when he picked up a record-tieing 27th a.f.c. offensive player of the week honor, tom brady was missing from patriots practice due to a knee injury. one that's not expected to keep him out of sunday's showdown with the jets. >> he's a great player. no question, you know, he's our leader. we love playing for him. >> it's a pleasure just to be in the huddle with him. super professional and comes to prepare and prepares all day.
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>> backup tight end matt lingle might be in line for more work this sunday. gronk will reportedly miss a second straight game as he recovers from a chest injury. >> i think everybody's just expected to do their job. it's a big thing around here. it really is. it's just, you know, next man up. just has to be, you know, you have to know what to do. if something happens, it's, you know, your turn. >> we know when a man's don that void. we are confident in everybody's ability here. guys are willing to step in and take responsibility. >> that's the patriots' way with gronk likely not playing this week. the good news, brady very much expected to be ready come sunday. >> coming up next from the night team, people inside a wine store put on burn notice. >> scary moments caught on camera. what was in a man's pocket that sparked the dangerous fireworks show.
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honor two officers shot in the line of duty. >> and a reason to say thanks for one family as their little girl heads home. >> looking good with the forecast, but we do have unsettled weather on the way for
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two officers shot in the line of duty in east the boston police department and bruins alumni. >> it it's the first time we have seen both officers in public since the attack in october. brandon is live for us in east boston tonight. >> tonight was all about honoring these two brave boston police officers. they were a little overwelmed by all the attention. we didn't get to speak to them but everybody was happy it see
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the officers dropped the puck at tonight's hockey game between the boston police department and boston bruins alumni team. it's the first time we have seen them in public since six weeks ago when they were shot multiple times on duty in east boston. >> doing well, you know. a long recovery. i know matt just got out this week and rich was out. but thanksgiving, we have a lot to be thankful for. enjoying thanksgiving with their family. >> santolo and morris responded over the thermostat. they walked into a fire fight. santoro was shot four times. morris two times. they hugged one of the fellow officers who saved their lives. the mayor knows the family from dorchester and said there's a lot to be thankful for tonight. >> last time i saw his brother and dad was in the hospital. they weren't smiling. and tonight, they are smiling and they have a smile on their face. >> boston police scored the first goal but with santolo and
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winter. >> i just went in and talked to the bruins. they are grateful to be here. it's nice to be able to laugh and celebrate on the night before thanksgiving. >> i hope some day both physically and mentally they are able to get back. because they are both great officers. we are real proud in how brave they were that particular night. again, i just want to thank everyone for coming out tonight. >> morris actually just got out of spaulding a week ago so there's a long recovery ahead for both of them. but again, both officers looked >> caught on camera in new york's grand central station. a sudden spark and then a fire. one man's pants pocket, his e-cigarette exploded. he suffered minor leg and hand burns but is expected to be ok. a florida fire ball causing confusion. an officer's dash board camera. check it out right there. later a family surveillance camera both capturing the ball
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that thing is huge. the flash is believed to be a fire ball which is brighter than a usual meteor. there have been no reports of damage from the fire ball. i hate putting our meteorologists on the spot. but this must be a big meteorite? >> it changes terms once it hits the atmosphere. >> it becomes a meteor hitting the atmosphere. that one just burning up, i would imagine. we'll have to do more research on it. gozar rocket launch. how about that. this smoke is what we are focused on for early tomorrow morning to start off thanksgiving. there's a possibility that it could bring isolated spots of a wintry mix. some slick spots on the roads and possibly the driveways to start off. your better chance to see that happening will be to the northwest of 495 because that line is losing steam as it's traveling in our direction.
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moisture, there's no precipitation. upper 20s to near 30 degrees. 34 in boston right now. but i imagine most of us if not all of us will hit that 32-degree mark overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning and in the upper 20s, as well. that's where the concern is. if we do see any precipitation, the temperatures are cold enough to freeze that precipitation upon contact and it could cause for, again, those slick spots. as we make it past 9:00 a.m., i think that concern is n start to warm. just a touch. at least we don't have to worry about the wind tomorrow like we had the last few days. we make it into the low-to-mid 40s for most of us. tomorrow afternoon. and then it isn't until after the sun goes down that we start to see any drizzle, light showers working back into the picture for us, and that sets the stage for an unsettled weekend to continue. even into friday. black friday shoppers getting in line early, you might want that umbrella on stand by.
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doesn't fit the bill here. it's very broad brush strokes but at least it gives you an idea of where we might see some of those very isolated spots that could pick up on a quick blast of drizzle. blast isn't the right word to use there, that could be freezing drizzle early tomorrow morning. so just make sure you tune in to today new england and see how things are developing as we are moving through the hours. very cold start but into the afternoon i think midday early afternoon we are dry. football games looking good. no trouble spots for us aside from the unsettled northeast. the really stormy spot will be in the pacific northwest. a lot of wind, rain, and high elevation snow. again unsettled weather heading through the weekend as i mentioned, the system sort of slowly moveing in our direction and weakening. but it could tap into a surface low and bring us some more rain by early sunday, not a lot of rain, though. quarter of an inch to a half inch.
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more wet than white. we are really not talking about a white thanksgiving here. here's a look. 7 on 7 forecast while temperatures do stay cool until we hit the beginning of december, believe it or not, it will be dry. sunday, monday, wet weather works back in for tuesday wednesday. have a good night. >> you, too, brie. thanks. a happy homecoming for a little girl from east boston with a debilitating illness. the 10-year-old got to go home just in time for thanksgiving with her family. the bubbles, the whole nine yards. this fall developed a neurological disorder that affected her mobility. but now doctors say she's doing so much beter. she is going home for thanksgiving, which is an incredible blessing for them. >> interpreter: i feel very proud of her. she has been able to overcome all the things that have been happening to her. >> she is beautiful. and paulina will keep going to physical therapy in hopes that
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volunteers from the lynn fire department serving up a feast for children in need today. the tradition started 28 years ago originally serving about 80 kids and now has grown to 350. firefighters say it's one of their favorite days of the year. >> there's nothing hard work about this. it's a joy. to see the smile on their face, make sure they have a meal. our children got involved, to see what it is to give back. >> it's a joy to see these kids' faces as they eat g, potatoes, stuffing their faces. most kids come in at 80 pounds and leave at 90 pound because they have eaten so much. >> the firefighters union pays for the event and they hold a charity golf tournament to pay for it each year. that's so cool >> and they are the best cooks. can't beat a fire's cooking. >> absolutely not. >> sports, joe, a couple of injuries to talk about. >> charra is the big one right now. the bruins are in ottawa
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them. julian weighs in on what's going on next in 7 sports. >> join me for our football
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how did tom brady celebrate his record-tieing 27th career a.f.c. offensive player of the week award in he didn't spend it partying. hese a knee injury but one that did not and will not keep him out of the jets game on sunday. that's the word. jimmy gropolo the only quarterback on the field who welcomed gronkowsky. the all pro tight end is expected to miss again. it's next man up in foxboro. >> you got to do your job. probably say that a lot, but that's really what it is. whether my job is, you know, to
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a look for, you know, or take some reps with the offense, i'm here to do my job. >> we have a heaping helping tomorrow of highlights and scores from eastern and central mass. that's tomorrow thanksgiving day at 5:30 right here on 7nbc. the bruins traveling to ottawa without zadano who is out with a lower body injury. big z. considered doubtful for claude julian is banking on a team effort to fill his super sized skates. >> we will need everybody to step up and you know we just lost our best defender and, you know, the teams hate playing against him and that's the kind of impact he's got. now, you know, there's no individual that will step up and do his job more than we are going to have to do it as a group. >> celtics and nets, marcus
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he sets up isaiah thomas. isaiah laying in two of his team high 23. smart gets fancy this time. the know-long diamond transition. the layup and the foul, celtics up by two at halftime. third quarter smart serving up another delicious dish. this time finding zellar for the lay-in. smart four points, eight rebounds, eight assists and two steals. nets never led in this game. in the fourth quarter, bradley caps it off with a hustle play tipping in his own celtics win their third straight 111-92. play of the day. brought to you by capital one. >> college hoops oklahoma state freshman cameron mcgriff is a new comer to the cowboys but watch what he does right here. nasty. elevates and slams down on rodney pryor's head. be thankful you aren't on the business end of our play of the day. and kevin love pouring in an nba record 34 first-quarter
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for 14 from the floor including eight of 10 from downtown. that's sports. >> thanks so much. >> and here's jimmy with what's coming up next on "the tonight show." >> hey guys. leslie mann is my guest tonight. kid inventors, music from machine gun kelly. do not change yo capital one believes your bank should work for you, not the other way around. ? with a place that feels nothing like a bank. and helpful people that talk to you...not sell to you. with free checking accounts that are actually free... no minimums. no fees. and a top-rated app, let's you bank right here. that's banking reimagined.
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