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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 25, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> 9:00 breaking news one of television most famous mothers now gone reaction pouring in after the death of florence henderson >> breaking overnight a state trooper rushed to the hospital after his cruiser is rammed by an suv. we've got the very latest. and it's the day shoppers have been waiting for. hitting the stores early looking for those black >> good friday morning everybody. thanks for waking up with us. we'll get to your top story in a moment. first kind of gray for black friday. it's hard and those live shot pictures to see boston skyline. it's so foggy. it absolutely is. we're actually contending with the spots. we have had drizzle and showers and slick spots and also this fog.
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you are out and about. you can see the cape fairing better. we're still seeing reduced visibility worcester looking pretty dense fog. visibility under a mile there. and you can see bedford and boston also at about 22 miles worth of visibility. i will take a bit to mix out. winds right now are very calm. that's not helping the fog situation. we're still seeing that fog even by the midmorning and then that really start to lighten up by the late morning hour if not to north some snow showers but we're in the clear with that in southern new england. we're talking about rain showers and drizzle which is what we've seen this morning. some bands of rain setting up here. we've seen the drizzle as we head into the late morning hours i do think we're talking about rain showers up to tenth of an inch of rain to spots. following breaking news this
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star carol brady on the brady bunch has died. she was 82 years old. before the brady bunch she was a star on broadway and today hollywood is mourning the loss of a legend. ? ? here's a story of lovely lady. >> that lovely lady is florence henderson who played carol brady on the 1970's sitcom. her real story wasn't so ideal. born in 1934 she grew up pour with who left when she was 12. henderson used her singing talent to entertain the family and helped make ends meet. >> i don't ever remember not singing. i would sing for groceries. >> the singer turned ac-trek turn to tv. she was nbc today girl and become the first women to cohost the tonight show in 1962. then in 1969 henderson become
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that i wished i had, had and that everyone longs for. she continued to act and sing on tv for decades after the brady bunch. she even cha-cha into the living room on dancing with the stars. henderson had four children with her first husband ira bernstein and med her second husband while undergoing treatment for stage fright and fear >> her tv daughter matterine mccormick who played marsha posted this. florence henderson was a dear friend and in my heart forever. love and hugs to her family. you are in my heart forever. >> she died in los angeles from heart failure surrounded by her children. breaking news from overnight. a state trooper rushed to the
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cruiser on 93 south. the driver of the suv was drunk when he rear ended the cruiser. trooper had minor injuries. >>the driver was arrested and charged with oui. >> happening now shopper in massachusetts and across the country getting their holiday shopping started. braving the traffic and long lines and hitting the store looking for those black friday bargains. victoria warren live this morning at the north shore mall with more. the mall here opening at 12:01 a.m. if you take a live look behind me this is some of the busiest we've seen so far this morning. people in here have been going for hour. many of them say they are not hedy to stop. the black friday faithful lined up ready to shop until they drop. >> we came midnight when they opened. i wish they opened earlier. >> we been doing this for like years. and we didn't want to break it.
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then i said, no we can't do that. they came for the deals. and retailer hope they will spend generously. >> we're optimistic that this could be one of the strongest seasons we had within recent memory. but for some of shopper it's about more than dollars and cents. i was surprised there was so many parent out. she's been asking every year. parent making famil how was the wake up call at 2:00 a.m. awful. but i like to go shopping so. >> we had to get woken up twice. adult still going strong. >> maybe all day. and the kids having fun but not quite ready to keep up with mom. what will you do for the rest of the day. probably sleep. who knows when that sleep will come.
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just stay up. it's about split. 50/50 and again they say they see a waves of traffic in terms of people coming into the mall. this right now is one of their busiest times of the entire black friday shoppingent. live this morning in peabody victoria warren 7news "today in new england." happen today in boston a man accuse of hitting four police officers will be arraigned in court. 34-year-olds arrested wednesday according to officers approached his car he sped off dragging two officers and hitting another two. he now faces multiple count of assault and battery with dangerous weapon. those officers are expected to be okay. >> 7news now turning deadly shooting in kentucky. police are searching for the people who opened fire at a kid's holiday football tournament. gunshot tearing through the crowd leaving two people dead and six others injured.
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crowd of people to take cover. when the gunfire stops the screaming begins. this park posted the juice bowl an annual football tournament. they gathered to feast and watch football. most people are here having a good time. unfortunately this tragic situation has happen. cell phone recorded more than we're thankful more people didn't get hurt in this situation. some shots were deadly. >> that man shot in the head like that. they told him to hold on. it's horrible. it's really horrible. >> as police investigate the mowtive many in the crowd mourn the lives lost. >> this the very tragic of what's happened here. i mean i'm saddened. >> it's a sad time for thanks
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bowl. police are still searching for the suspect. and black friday shopping takes a deadly turn in nevada. police are now searching for the person who took off after shooting and killing a person in wal-mart parking lot in reno. they believe its the result of parking space dispute. >> now to latest in donald trump's transition. the president-elect saying he's working to keep a business here in the united states. earlier this year carrier ac company announced it from indianapolis to mexico. the president-elect made keeping jobs in the united states here at home a focal point of his campaign. and he tweeted out this message yesterday saying he was working on thanksgiving trying to get the carrier plan to stay in indiana. and intelligence officials are saying that president-elect trump has only received two intelligence briefing. the president-elect got daily
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"washington post." vice president-elect mike pence received briefing almost every day. also this morning, people in central america feeling the effect of major earthquake. the quake hitting off the coast of el salvador and nicaragua. the epicenter a couple of miles off the pacific coast of el salvador. so far there's no reports of serious damage. but this earthquake comes as braced for otto. the president of nicaragua declaring a state of emergency. officials in coastal rica orrering 4,000 people to evacuate. hurricane otto making landfall as category 4 storm. that making the record book as the southern most hurricane to land. central america. heavy rain still an issue. potentially causing dangerous flooding in fears of mud slides.
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weeks found safe. the suspect police are looking for. prisoner cutting their way out of jail. two of them still on the run. >> our soggy weather continues through black friday. the forecast here this morning. what can we expect for the rest of the weekend. that answer after that. >> a heartfelt message to boston police from a young girl
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>> welcome back on this friday. 9:12 pretty gross out there. most people inside doing their shopping. it's black friday. lots of good deals out there. >> they were gray for black friday. one day you want to stay inside and curl up.
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day today. we are still seeing the fog. it will take a while to mix out as we have mild wind from southeast. light showers possible for us now. we've seen driz showers drizzle into tonight as well. we chance for showers. the cape and island as you get into worcester county really a slight chance seeing moisture. peek of sunshine return for us since we've seen sunshine. we have that returning for the second half of weekend. temperature right now are still varied. we woke up temperature close to 50. that's still what they look at. 40 in boston. cooler as you head further inland. 35 degrees in worcester. temperature will be seasonable for us today. we are clumy with the fog we are looking going to temperature
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mild wind that does feel more like the mid-to-upper 40s for us as well. s those showers across the north shore most light band of rain setting up moving further eastward as we head into your day. closer look at who is seeing that them onster having seen the showers. billerica seeing those now. this light just a tenth of an inch of rain most spots if not less than that. a lot of people couple every little bit count we count on next week system for the rainfall total. here's look what we see with visibility under 2 miles with visibility. this is pretty dense fog. honestly any of throughout the boston metro could allow extra time because as you factor in this fog as well as the drizzle and the showers it's not the best xhooulting conditions for
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looking ahead we have chance for showers again more bands of rain setting up as we head into the late morning and afternoon. still some drizzle as well in there. 7:00 tonight we see rain showers most of that again light and we have chance for drizzle into the overnight hours. we keep the cloud cover tonight. temperature will be mild for morning lows tomorrow. you can see what's headed our way. next system up the coast. that's going to bring us the chance for showers to the cape and island as well as the coast. as we head further westward most likely staying dry if you see much of anything hundreds of an inch of rain at best. saturday afternoon we could grab a quarter inch of rain through the cape and island. a look ahead at what chances are for rain. today a pretty good chance as we head into tomorrow a good chance as well. slight chance of showers into sunday. highs in up thor 40s low 50s. mild winds with lows tonight very mild.
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and things stay soggy and overcast for saturday forecast. thank you. there's more news today. one little girl sending a meaningful message to boston police officers. 10-year-old wrote this letter thanking police officers for saving peoples live and keeping the city safe. both are officers she wanted to show her gratitude to all the officers. they thanked her for her thoughtful words. so sweet. it's very special family. they thought she was at boot camp in texas but she had other ideas. i'm home for about 25 days. i'm really excited. >> the sweet embrace between women in the air force and her boyfriend caught on camera. 19-year-old was returning home in texas. your family doesn't know you're home >> no they don't. i'm excited to surprise them.
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house where they were having thanksgiving. she called the family pretending to be at boot camp. she said she was on her way to have thanksgiving with a family. but little did her family what was about to happen. >> what? oh, god. oh, god, are you kidding me. tears were followed by hugs and kisses. the only one wasn't surprised was terras a dad in on the secret to make sure everyones on the back porch when terra aarrived. she's about to lee for itly for deployment that will last two years. you can hear the enthusiasm and the love that her family. >> whenever they did the montoga. i like ball. >> still ahead on "today in new
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while tom brady spending thanks giving hard at work in the kitchen. >> up next millions of shopper hope to follow their feast by scooping up some bargains on this black friday. olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation
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right now as we speak millions
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their holiday shopping. shopper braving long line and traffic hoping to snag those deals. >> nbc jay gray has more on the frenzy. the dash for deal actually began while the turkey was still warm. shopper starting black friday on thursday. they buy some gift. the real crunch comes today through the weekend when six in ten americans are expected to make we know they are not only shopping bit 61% of people are planning to spend more money this season as opposed to last. sale predicted to be up by 3.6% over last year a welcome jump at the end of difficult year for retailer. once again this year big ticket are electronics high tech and television. clothes also continued to be a go-to gift.
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up in store or log on. everyone looking for a bargain on black friday. >> couple of tip if you plan to get out in this bit later today. make a list so you don't get caught up friday shopping. bring your smart phone. a lot of store will match a lower price you might find. jay gray, nbc jersey city, jersey. >> that's a lot of homework to do i'm an impulsive shopper. let's get it. or online. you look at credit card bill oh i guess it wasn't that great of a deal. the next half hour of "today in new england" if you like ice cream a new study has some very good news why you may want to try some for breakfast. >> fist are flying live during a
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>> something in life are great by themselves. sometime they are better together. bu be thankful to see tom brady out on the field come sunday. the patriots having closed practice thursday. whatever went down in foxboro tom brady was not part of it. brady sitting out second straight practice with the knee injury. bennett dealing with ankle injury. still too early to panic. bruins in ottawa. not making the trip back to lower body injury.
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david also back after three game absense as made presence felt with ten seconds left. 11th gel of the season. the bruin looking good out in front. mark stone getting behind the defense. scoring we are level at one. in the third ottawa they take 2-1 lead. a season low 20 shot on net. for the bees. black friday matinee this one of the best one on the schedule. celtic hosting spurs at 1:00 p.m. inside td garden. that's it for sports. have a great day. >> it's thanks giving. got to have turkey for sure. >> grandma mashed potatoes and gravy. turkey number two would be any
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sauce. several player shared memory of thanksgiving day football game and high school and everyone said they were thankful for family time. >> we have a look at tom brady. sharing the photo in instagram showing the quarterback doing some work in the kitchen. brady shared the before picture on face back feel thankful. good food and football. it's a great reminder of what's motion important. and how could it can be. >> do you think par took in the pies at all. come on. >> he will be okay. did that exist? >> made salad maybe. ahead on 7 new. marijuana shops may not be
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intervene. >> while northern new england looks at snow showers here today. what are we expecting in southern new england. that answer after this. hollywood in mourning today after the beloved mother of tv brady bunch lawrence henderson
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rushed to the hospital after a bad crash. his cruiser was rear ended by an suv. the driver oh hit him now facing charges. >> police investigating a deadly crash in plainville when drive yes going wrong way on 495 slams into another car. a women missing for three weeks in california found safe police now looking for two suspects in her disappearance. >> 9:30 on this friday.
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>> lots of news to get to this half hour. first let's send it over for a check on your forecast. >> the slippery spots to northwest lighten up here. we're dealing with fog which is on the denser side. two miles worth of visibility in bedford and under two miles of visibility in norwood. it will take little while to make as we have calm wind really throughout southern new england. we're dealing with wet weather. not dealing for us we look at rain showers and actually the temperature upper 40. most showers so far have stayed to northeast. the north shore grabbing a little bit more moisture than the rest of us. we could expect to see the showers and drizzle throughout the forecast today. upper 40 across the cape. upper 40s and low 50s in across the island. you can see what we're seeing further to west. temperature mid 30s and
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to be mild. we talk about temperature close to 50 this boston. 46 in waltham. pretty mild temperature you factor in the mild wind and it doesn't feel too bad. we're following breaking news this morning. america's gavery tv mom has died. she's actress who famously played carol brady in the brady bun. . her publicist said she died at cedar sinai in los angeles from heart failure she was just admitted to the hospital the day before. she was 82 years old. a state trooper rushed to the hospital. police say the driver of the suv was drunk when he rear ended the cruiser. trooper suffered minor injury. the driver arrested and charge with oui. happen know shopper have moved on from thanksgiving to black friday. hitting the store early trying
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where victoria warren is. i can imagine people get their second wind at this point. second and third wind. it's one long continue day. the shopping beginning you can see live behind me that there's still plenty of people out here. they come for the deals but it is also a tradition for so many families. here at north shore mall they hope for an expecting a better than average holiday season with the crowds which this year seem to include a lot of families shopping together. for some this is a must-do event every year. we came midnight when they opened. i wish they opened earlier. we've deny doing this for year. i almost broke it this year. i said we can't do that. you know one thing that i've
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their face. despite not cleaning despite shopping for hours despite searching for the sales everybody seem to be in a good mood. one women told me black friday shopping is the best way for her to get into the pirt of the holiday. live in peabody. 7news "today in new england." shopper high thanks. shopping doesn't just start on black friday anymore. millions of people started shopping online on thanksgiving day. shopper spent 1.5 that's a 13% increase from last year. some veteran taking a stand against new hampshire college. this after college officials decided not to apply the american flag in the center of campus. a group said they plan to bring a flag to campus sunday and will hold rally demanding the flag be raised. the college made the decision after a flag burning incident following the presidential election.
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retail shops to open. the globe report some lawmaker are looking to push back the store opening to the middle of 2018 or later. they look to push back the start day when resident can grown marijuana at home. wrong way crash. 22-year-old man kill when he slammed into a car on 495. a woman in the other car also badly hurt in the crash. heersz brandon >> it's terrible as anything i can imagine. because it should be avoidable. >> have an early thanksgiving more between exit and 13. in the other car was 21-year-old women police say the crash was so severe she was rushed to a hospital with serious injuries. investigators are still trying to figure out where the man drove on to the interstate and
9:36 am
first lace. interstate are clearly marked and can't understand how someone could make such a deadly mistake. i've never had any problems seeing the right way and the wrong way to go. tragic. i feel bad for their family. i wish them well. my thought are when you drive here it's no joke. you better be wide awake. don't drink. and if you not feeling over. >> the girl from been staibl. she was taken to hospital in rhode island with serious injuries. in foxboro; brandon gunnoe. 7news "today in new england." also this morning the death toll is rising after scaffolding collapses at construction site in china. right now there's at least 74 people dead. iron pipes steals fell on the worker. around 500 people are helping in the rescue effort. this is country's worst work
9:37 am
years. police on the hunt for two inmates who escaped from prison. it all started when four prisoner cut through bars on a second story jail window wednesday night. two inmates were captured outside the jail. police say the menu see here are considered dangerous and desperate. they were facing false imprisonment and weapons charges. >> as the search continued we obtained video surveillance had been outside the perimeter. investigator also say they haven't found the tool the prisoner used to break out of the jail. new details this morning after a missing california women is found safe. 34-year-old sherry vanished three weeks ago while jogging in northern california. after she was released by captor she was able to free herself of restraints and flag down a passing motorist.
9:38 am
been waiting three long weeks to hear. we're ecstatic to report that sherry has been located and has been reunited with her family. on this day. shes found by passing driver along the interstate more than 130 miles from her hometown where she was believed to be captured. the sheriff said she was found with a few minor injuries. the sheriff said there's likely she was bound with restraints. but was able to summon help from passing motorist who notified law enforcement. >> before thursday she was last seen november 2nd. neighbor report seeing her on mourning jog near her home. her husband keith came home to find two kid had never been picked up from day care. his wife nowhere to be found. after keith found her phone he called 911. >> i'm coming. that was sherry husband days
9:39 am
i'm so sorry that i'm not there. she's has been reunited with her family and although well wishes and social media messages of pairs have been answered the questions still remain. until we identify the suspect or suspect. the public shoul remain cautious. they are working to identify those suspect. the roads yesterday. authority say two people were arrested when they refused to leave the area. talk show erupts. other people had to step in and stop the fight. the video was uploaded to you tube instead. holiday season in full swing. the 2016 christmas festival of light kicked off last night.
9:40 am
of our lady to get a glimpse of the lights. hundreds of volunteer started working on this back in september. about 300,000 lights are used to light up the ten acres of space. in my whole life i never thought they would ever see so many christmas lights go up at one time. organizer say they expect more than half million people to visit the festival between now and new yearsn close. i think that sound like wonderful friday night activity. go out there. hot cocoa for the car ride. >> still ahead on "today in new england." thanksgiving. hundreds of miles in space. how the crew on the international space station celebrated the holiday. >> following through on thanksgiving vacation. the first meeting now between a teenager and a grandmother in arizona.
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that answer after the break. at fallon health we realize that no matter where you are in life you can always be moving forward. why move forward alone
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>> some of us are still full from last night. researcher saying eating ice cream for breakfast could make you more alert. according to a japanese university study people who ate ice cream for breakfast
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linked to mental irritation and high alertness. two things i'm sure i could use more of every single day. i'm love thing story. i can't listen to that. that's too much. just open door to have ice cream every morning. of course you are happier if you eat ice cream. while things are soggy keep a rain jacket what we've seen earlier in the work week. we have bands of showers in northeastern massachusetts. we look at rainy weather we don't look at wet weather. dealing with snow showers we will keep it here with the rain showers. moderate rainfall most light. and it is going to help and we definitely need all the rain we can get. but rear not talking about on the of rainfall as we head today
9:45 am
have seen slick road to northwest. at this point it's concern with patchy fog and reduced visibility with showers as well. currently visibility in worcester down to under a mile. two miles worth of visibility in bedford. lit take a while to mix out. it's taking time as calm and mild winds. wind from the southeast for us today really only up to 8 miles per hour. that will not scoot the fog out terribly quickly. it will lighten up. and backing off into the late morning hour mixed bag. 37 in orange. you can see here in boston low 40s almost 50 degrees throughout most of the cape and 50 degrees actually in island. pretty comfortable conditions especially when you factor in the piled winds. high today for us will be close to 50 degrees. which right around our average high. we have been chilly. today not too bad. 49 in quincy. you can see across cape you talk about low twists.
9:46 am
not a bad forecast just overcast and a little bit soggy. throughout the day chance for rain showers and drizzle. i think a lot will teelter totter back and forth between the two. as we head into overnight hours we keep the cloud cover. we we talk about potential for drizzle. it's not until tomorrow. you can see futurecast isn't terribly excited about us seeing the moisture here throughout the boston area. i still think we could grab moisture with t around couple tenth of an inch. today a good bet on moisture. tomorrow a good chance but better chance across the cape and the island and not much chance at all as you head into worcester county. but sunday a slight chance for early morning showers. we will see sunshine. as we head into sunday forecast. today trace amount of rain. and by sunday we're talking about maybe a quarter of an inch again a better chance to see those rainfall total across the
9:47 am
today into tonight and tonight we talk about another round of patchy fog into tomorrow morning with mild temperature and mild wind temperature in the upper 30s for most of us by tomorrow. that chance for rain but again it does stay more so cape and island and by sunday we're talking more sunshine. powerball jackpot continuing to grow. it's over 400 million making it ninth largest in powerball history. so your next chance to win is tomorrow the receive 403 million over the next 30 years. or a lump some of merely 243 million. the international space station enjoying their thanksgiving feast in outer space. astronauts celebrating the holiday 200 miles above the earth. the crew had to microwave their thanks giving turkey. that's what i did with my turkey too. a teen and grandmother in arizona get an extra special
9:48 am
they went viral for their texting change. grandma invited him over for thanksgiving. butten after the mix up was resolved the invite still stood. so the two met up yesterday to meet and spend time together. people say i have faith in humanity again. i'm thinking wow. >> she let me in her house. that shows me how great a person she is. people like that. >> after meeting with wanda the teen spent time family. he went home to have thanks giving with his family. fun to follow the story along the way. good to see them together. coming up next on 7news "today in new england." honoring a state trooper killed in the line of duty a community coming together this special tribute. >> and disney latest animated feature already breaking records
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>> touching tribute for state trooper killed in the line of duty. trooper thomas clardy hit by driver while on traffic stop. community coming together during thanksgiving football game. state police and u.s. marine joining in all too honor the trooper marlboro high taking on hudson in thanksgiving day match up. but before the game everyone paused and remembered thomas clardy from hudson and both teams honored his family. him honored to be here today. it's a beautiful tribute for my husband. the oldest son held his little brother. 4-year-old did the ceremonial coin toss.
9:52 am
you know after this time. and honoring my husband in special way. lieu wisconsin was at the scene along the pike that day back in march after another driver hit trooper clardy in his cruiser. he served in the marine with clardy and can't say enough about him. >> it tellious about someone. reesa said her husband loved thanksgiving before the game she thought heaths there for this one too. it was snowing. i thought that was a sign he was looking down. wishing that he was here to see. the support from everybody. >> the hudson high school football team wore special state police decals on their helmet to honor trooper clardy. coming up next on "today in new england" a record setting rendition. >> aretha franklin belting out own version of the star spangle
9:53 am
financial game. >> coming up after ahead i'll take a look at who is seeing the fog that's taking a while to mix
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at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always believed the holidays should be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday.
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>> trending today if you look to make your christmas tree great again here's an idea. this red cat can be your for $149. gold. operator are standing by. >> speaking of gold. melana striking gold at the box office to begin the thanksgiving weekend. made record 15.6 million on thanksgiving day. however it's not expected to surpass thanksgiving weekend record of 93.6 million dollars. frozen set that record in 2013. also trending franklin
9:56 am
national anthem. >> between the viking and the ? ? ? ? here's the thing it kept going and going. franklin set the record for the longest rendition of the national anthem at 4 minutes and 35 seconds. her version quickly going viral >> and put things in perspective. we want to look at other famous performances of the anthem. here's one of my favorites. i could lip sinc this. i love this one.
9:57 am
seconds. you remember this. big hit. her version two minutes and 21 seconds. ? ? alicia keys wowed the superpole in new orleans. super bowl record at 2 minutes and 35 seconds. >> they are all amazing. >> i was going to say the thing. i feel like we go play football now. they are unbelievable performances. always gives me goose bump when his hear whitney houston sing. it will take a while we will see this fog into the midmorning and late morning hours i believe. visibility under a mile. allow extra time if you on the road. when you factor in the showers we see it's a little bit difficult in terms of getting around from store to store for black friday shopping. temperature cooperate fine. we look at seasonable highs in
9:58 am
ahead. thanks for joining us. i'm nancy chin. i'm sarah french. hopefully we will see you back hopefully we will see you back here hopefully we will see you back here at ikea, we believe that making room for one more shouldn't cost more.
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spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget. this morning on "today's take," what's better than black friday? "freebie friday." plus, tamron taking you where no one's ever been before. you will not believe your eyes. wait until you see how we are re-inventing thanksgiving leftovers coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, welcome back to a friday. black friday. i am going to be honest. i don't like that phrase. >> why? >> i don't like black frooiday. >> why is it. >> because to me it is like a negative -- >> but isn't it a money? >> why don't we call it green friday then?


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