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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  November 25, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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we're live the a local mall with a look at the mall madness. >> anchor: everyone's favorite tv mom passes away, florence henderson dead at 2. we have the story of this lovely lady. >> anchor: tom brady back on the practice feed getting ready for sunday's matchup against the jets. what's latest on his knee injur. >> reporter: damp and dreary weather continues, but we are talking rain showers rather than snow, so when will this move out and when can we move back into sunshine? a strayinger shows up to thanksgiving to their table of a texting mishap. >> anchor: first at 4:00, alive look outside on a cloudy and cold downtown boston, looking a little gray on this black friday. it's looking like the showers will continue. >> anchor: yes, so when will the sun come out been? it would be nice to see mr. sunshine there, bri. >> reporter: it's like we're in the dealing with sunshine and also not dealing with snow.
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you can see the light showers still hugging the coastline, southeastern mass near buzzard areas bay as well as cape cod as this hour. the main event is sliding offshore, but we're still dealing with some fog out there and so it will feel like you are walking threw a cloud if you are headed out at all this evening. you can see reducing visibility very dense fog in worcester at this point. visibility not all that bad in boston, some low clouds in bedford. now running threw the time line for the day tomorrow there is a system that forms offshore and it does rain showers to start the weekend. then it just gets president owe on sunday, hopefully bringing back sunshine for a time. snow is headed into northern new england specifically in the crown of maine. current temperatures too warm to support any snow for us. 47 in boston, beverly 41, bedford out to worcester, fitchburg at well and as i mentioned before we're going to kick out those showers as we head to the overnight hours and for tomorrow and we'll update this in just a second for you.
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store for us as we head into the middle of next week but that also can bring very beneficial rainfall to the tune of one to two inches of rainfall. we'll get to more detail on that and the time line to come in the extended forecast in just a bit. >> anchor: bri, now that we know what it's like out there let's talk about the topic on everyone's mind: black friday. shoppers lining up for the best deals of toys, tv's, pretty much anything else on your wish list. you can find out there massachusetts law prohibits stores from thanksgiving. >> anchor: but when the clock struck midnight, the doors blew open and shoppers were ready to find the perfect gifts. 7's jennifer egan was live if braintree at the south shore a for more on today's mall massachusettness. i was there at about 12:30 in the morning of the pretty crazy. you were, adam? you didn't tell me that. here at south cher plaza it did open just after midnight and from what we can tell it seemed like things stayed busy here all
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shoppers searching for buys. andy and her mom came to south shore plaza in search of this sweater, $160 cashmere for $40. >> reporter: what have deals been like so far? pretty good. it's a little crazy. >> reporter: the crowds eddie all day but crowds were big they are morning. shoppers lined up at midnight outside stores at the wrentham outlet mall. in braintree, south shore plaza's director of marketing said deals last all week. not as many retailers are doing the crazy door busters, they are extending their sales throughout the weekend. but black friday is definitely a tradition for a lot of people. i got up early and decided i would go to the mall today just to be with the crowd. the only lines we encountered was like at dunkin' donuts was crazy. but at the store it wasn't that bad. it was really cool. >> reporter: we saw plenty of shoppers with their hands full of gets, sometimes admittedly
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it wasn't bad. are you done with shopping today. at leer for us, we didn't buy for anybody else. so on their web soothe the national retail federation acknowledges black friday as really evolved from a single day to sales throughout the entire season with many people shopping on-line too but as you can see there are still crowds here even now. live in braintree, jennifer egan 7 news. >> anchor: bragging news now out of newton of the police have made an arrest in an arme gulf gas station. the 33-year-old suspect turned himself into police headquarters today. surveillance footage in the store captured that robbery. he has been arraigned on charges of and robbery while wearing a mask. >> anchor: we are following more news today. a beloved tv mom has passed away. florence henderson who played carol brady on the brady bunch died of heart failure last night. she was 82 years old. today hollywood is mourning the loss of a true legend and remembering her incredible
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of florence henderson. >> reporter: that lovely lady is florence henderson who played america's favorite mom, carol brady, on the 1970's hit tv sitcom the brady bunch. her real story wasn't so ideal. born in 1934 in indiana she grew up poor with an alcoholic father and per who left when she was just 12 years old. her debson used her singing talent to help make ends meet. i don't ever remember singing and i would sing and pass the hat. i would sing for growser ease. >> reporter: the singer turned actress took her talents to tv. in 1959 she was nbc's today girl and became the first woman to co-host the tonight show in 1962. then in 1969 henderson became carol brady. i created the type of mother i wished i had. i think everyone longs for. >> reporter: henderson continued to at and on tv for decades after the brady bunch.
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into living rooms in 2010 in chancing with the stars.. her denson had four children. she met her second husband while undergoing treatment for stage fright and fear of flying. people used to kid john and say you hypnotized her. >> reporter: her tv daughter maureen mccormack who played marcia brady posted this message on twitter. florence henderson was a dear my heart forever. love and hugs to her family. i will miss you daryl. you are in my heart forever, florence. >> reporter: her publicist said she passed away from heart failure surrounded by her children. in the newsroom, nancy chen, 7 news. >> anchor: if you would like share your thoughts about the iconic actress you can go to our web site from there, you can find our social media accounts where you post your favorite memories of florence henderson. >> anchor: also today, tom
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returning to the field after missing the last two practices the quarterback getting ready to face off against the jets on sunday. >> anchor: it promises to be an epic divisional show down. john cuoco live in foxboro to tell us more. john? tom brady has been dealing with a knee wish u. it's something he didn't juan to talk about or about his status against the jets. tom brady back at practice, warming up with his teammates after missing two days. the pats qb keeping quie health ahead of the teal's divisional game against the jets on sunday. i don't went to get into it much. you know? so it's just bumps and bruises like everybody else. tough time of year, guys have been going a lot longer than me so everybody is dealing with something. >> reporter: number 12 believes he is improving day by day. as for as if he will be good to go for sunday, brady says we'll see. you work hard to do the best you can do, whatever it is on a given day if you can
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opportunity to do it that's the way it goes. you have to do the best you can to get out there and help the team. so just trying to do it the most i can to get out there and if i get my shot on sunday then i do the best i can do. >> anchor: coach belichick staying on message as well. tom on the injury report identity we always do, like everybody else. >> anchor: for belichick brady and the rest of the patriots, the focus is squarely on the jets. a team with a history of playing the pats tough. you just have to be able to come in and be ready to fight p all those games we pl a lot of good skilled players. tom brady also not talking about how he may have been injured. live if foxboro, john cuoco, 7 news. >> anchor: president-elect trump's transition to the white house well under way. the president-elect spoke with world leaders from griese, hungary, panama and speed sweden today. he also talked with the prime minister of slovenia where his wife melania was born. the transition team saying the president-elect has now met with
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come under fire will some say he is not doing enough to resolve potential conflicts of interest including his real estate projects in argentina. the transition team also saying two new white house staff picks will be announced later today. trump's communications director says after today's announcement they won't make any more until after the weekend. the team's newest business venture sparking criticism. a make america great again hat ornament was being sold on amazon but it's list while amazon isn't telling the ornament it's still available through other sellers. however, it's not cheap. it will cost you more than $200. people in new york city hit the streets today but it wasn't to wait in line for black friday deals. they are protesting president-elect trump and his business allies. protestors marched through midtown manhattan for a tour of shame targeting banks and retailers with ties to trump. so far the protests have been peaceful and no arrests have been reported. >> anchor: a state trooper is
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boston. police say the driver of the suv was drunk when he rear-ended the cruiser. the trooper suffered back and neck injuries but is in good condition today. he is expected to return to work in a few days. the driver was arrested and charged with operating under the influence. the suspect reginald pyrim appeared in court being held on $5,000 bail. >> anchor: a south carolina man accused in the 2015 deadly church shooting will stand trial for murder. a judge ruled th competent to stand trial. the 22-year-old is accused of killing nine black church members during a bible study at the emmanuel african methodist church. a michigan man pleads not guilty in the death of a 28-year-old college police officer. officer colin rose stalked the man riding a bike on tuesday. he said the man shot the officer in the head. davis faces several charges including first-degree murder.
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friday. the dow was up 6 points and the nasdaq is also up 18 points today since the election both indexes have reached record highs of the investors anticipating president-elect trump will slash taxes and reduce regulations causing corp rate profits to rise. >> anchor: ahead here on 7 news at 4:00 texting mistake leads to new friendships when a stranger shows up to thanksgiving dinner. >> anchor: tired of turkey? how bay piece of pizza? we'll give you a slice of heaven. it's what's cooking. >> anchor: then at 4:30, a woman on trance plant. her heartbreaking search for a donor coming up. >> anchor: on 7 news at 5:00, it's a 911 call that captures the holiday spirit. a young boy inviting some surprise guests to husband family's thanksgiving dinner.
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>> anchor: thanks give dinner one familiar lie won't forget a complete stranger showing up for home cooked meals and is it all started with a little at thing we've all done that. >> anchor: occasionally, yes of a grandmother accidentally inviting a teen to dinner at and as sara french shows us what that teen left after the feast yesterday he had a new group of friends. a bird in the oven. guests arriving from out of town it's the family social event of the year. this year, thanks to social
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thanksgiving unlike any other. her big family growing by one more thanks to a tent message mixup. up and an unintentional invite that grandma wanda decided to exit end to jamal hinton anyway. this is our home and let's go do some eating. >> reporter: a simple gesture that gave everyone the feels. and won over the internet. i had to look up what does it mean #. # can i get a plate, # everybody's grandma, grandma. >> reporter: thankful for a lesson in kindness. she welcomed me into her house that showed me how great of a person she is. i'm thankful for people like that. thankful for a blessing in disguise. it came from god above that he is something us as tools and vessels to bring a message, you know, to others. >> reporter: two strangers that made the world smile with their selfies now standing together smiling over a friendship that is sure to last
4:16 pm
thanksgiving they will continue to stay in touch and share their story with others. in the newsroom, sara french, 7 news. >> anchor: coming up on 7 news at 4:00 santa clause has come to cambridge and he ditched his slay for a boat. >> anchor: november is the cloudiest month the year but clouds have been hanging around a little too long so when can we break out the sunshine? the forecast is coming up next. >> anchor: at 4:30 pipeline protestors in north dakota taking time for their award winning actress in fact. >> anchor: ahead at 5:00, a driver facing charges after days after investigators say he hit four police officers and dragged two of them down the street. it's all coming up on the news
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>> anchor: now turkey is almost gone it's time to focus on santa
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cambridge side galleria this morning to say hello to black friday shoppers to see who has been naughty and who has been nice. good thing you weren't out there. >> anchor: what are you try trying to say there, adam? >> anchor: we're looking live outside right now. this is the zakim bridge and it looks not too bad but i'm telling you what, if you if your commute takes you anywhere near the popular shopping areas do account for extra time because it's jammed up out there. >> anchor: you would know. >> anchor: came in from the south shore and waited a litt plaza. >> anchor: absolutely. well, santa is going to need to be on a boat now is the stay for it. it's raining out there. when is it going to clear up? >> anchor: like we're suck in a cloud and quite literally so where the fog is dense in worcester through orange, jaffrey into the connecticut river valley. visibility not bad along the 95 corridor and points south and east and current temperatures are too warm to support any snow out there. low 40's, worcester stretching up to bedford.
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and drizzle out there as i mentioned if you are not getting any light showers you still get that mist on that face.. there is that free fable for today. cape cod near the canal out to prove ins town seeing light showers at this point and that action continues to slide off to the east. now this weekend we can break out peeks of sunshine tomorrow but i think our sunnier day sans rain take that out of there will come on sunday, albeit a bit breezy and also chilly with temperatures topping out in the low 40's. here is our time with the wet weather. through tonight keeping clouds an, maybe spots of drizzle and into tomorrow the rain will favor southeastern massachusetts really south and east of the i-95 corridor and it's not a lot of rain on the way. light showers for us, maybe counting for a couple el more pennies that we can add to pennies we have already seen. 10th of an inch probably the best we can hope for and favoring totals closer to a quarter of an inch the more south and east that you get and not a lot of rain we have seen
4:22 pm
no change in the drought monitor this week still 40% of the state underneath that extreme drought conditions so we really need to bang on more rain it. might be coming for us in the middle of next week. tonight isolated light showers, patchy fog, 35 to 43 for overnight lows then tomorrow again we get those peeks of sun, 42 to 50 degrees and then here is your chance of rain. i think we can squeak out a dry day on sunday, monday you can bet on it but tuesday waiting in the day and it stays unsettled and really rather wet and windy wednesday late into thursday and if the forecast models are on the right track right now, it could be one to two inches of rain plus. we'll bank on it. >> anchor: before we went over to bri we talked about the traffic out there. certain spots better than others. here is in a mat fitzgerald looking it erodes for us. matt? good afternoon, not all that bad. we'll begin on route 1 north a tad slow through saugus.
4:23 pm
through lynnfield the southbound side is moving well through saugus across the tobin bridge and into downtown boston. all clear on the leverett connector, the zakim bridge is moving well northbound is clear from the tunnel all the way up to the 128 clover leaf. the southbound side is wide open from assembly square to the tunnel. here is one of the only delays in the area and it's on the expressway on the southbound side you will be jammed coming out of the tunnel to the south bayp showing center then you will be a bit slow again turning a brook parkway to the braintree split. the northbound side is moving well into the tunnel heavy fr the south hampton street off ramp. we'll look at the drive times on the expressway from the o'neill tunnel to the braintree split only a 12 minute drive. 95, 24, route 3 being looking pretty good. if you are heading to the wrentham outlet's it's a bit slow on 495 looking at a 13 minute drive from 95 to the wrentham outlet's exit. >> anchor: before you get sick of those thanksgiving leftovers switch it up and maybe go for businessa instead. >> anchor: sara french has a special secret between a sausage
4:24 pm
not that hard to make in what's cooking bones of this building date back to 1987 a library card catalog headquarters, but now this jodie adams restaurant is more focused on filling tummies than filling book shelves. it's a big, beautiful restaurant, a really flowing bar that kinds of flows into the dining room. >> reporter: their signature flat breads are the talk of theo including their pork and fennel so let's get cooking. first thick you have to do is get the dough. we make our own here but any would do. while it's at room temperature spread it out like this. it's really important it's really flat all the way across. not too thick or thin any place. we have a fennel puree which has fennel, riccotta cheese. put a ralph cub on there. >> reporter: i love anything
4:25 pm
pork spousage on. after you have that all set we have this pickle mustard. >> reporter: i have never seen anything that looks like this. it's pretty fun. it hasa lot of acidity and really gives lick a pop. >> reporter: pop it into a hot oh haven't and ten to 12 minutes later let it cool slightly. after it's done give it a drizzle oil. >> reporter: cut it into pieces and add cheese. put fresh sage leaves, kind of all over the place. >> reporter: top it off with fresh parsley leaves. delicious. >> reporter: this looks awesome. i don't think i ever had a pizza like this before. i will just dig right in. cheers. that is amazing. >> reporter: with all of the
4:26 pm
together, great job. thank you. >> reporter: a flat bread for any occasion. that's what's cooking. i am sara french, 7 news. >> anchor: that makes you hungry. looks good. net here on 7 news, she was home for the holidays an airman from florida surprising her family for thanksgiving. >> anchor: a kid's thanksgiving football game turns tragic gun shots ringing out leaving two people dead. >> anchor: ahead at five:00 a california woman reunited with her family after vanishing three weeks ago. police now
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community. >> anchor: all right, first here at 4:30, a woman in need looking for a kidney donor, but she has been afraid to publicize her search because of her faith. >> anchor: that is until now. today she is opening up about her condition. 7's kimberly bookman live at mass general hospital with more on this story. kimberly? adam, the woman you are about to meet is muslim and she is going to tell you a little bit about why she thinks that her religion could be a problem. she gets all of her dialysis
4:30 pm
transplant here as well if she can find a donor. it goes directly into my heart. >> reporter: right now dania is alive because of three times aweek dialysis and a host of daily pills. this is just the morning ones. >> reporter: diagnosed with lupus at age 11 the disease attacked her kidneys and she desperately needs a transplant. but after finding no matches among family and friends shall she needs to make a wider appeal. the problem is, this muslim woman thinks donors off. if people didn't know that part about me, you know, they wouldn't think twice and be like hey this is a girl that needs a kidney and once you put in that, that piece of information that she is muslim, i don't know how each person is going to react. >> anchor: the recent political climate had her co-workers at brandeis university who wanted to offer help fearful too. in the days since the election i have heard numerous


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