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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  November 25, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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transplant here as well if she can find a donor. it goes directly into my heart. >> reporter: right now dania is alive because of three times aweek dialysis and a host of daily pills. this is just the morning ones. >> reporter: diagnosed with lupus at age 11 the disease attacked her kidneys and she desperately needs a transplant. but after finding no matches among family and friends shall she needs to make a wider appeal. the problem is, this muslim woman thinks donors off. if people didn't know that part about me, you know, they wouldn't think twice and be like hey this is a girl that needs a kidney and once you put in that, that piece of information that she is muslim, i don't know how each person is going to react. >> anchor: the recent political climate had her co-workers at brandeis university who wanted to offer help fearful too. in the days since the election i have heard numerous
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subjected to ethnic slurs, being told to get out of the country and the last thing any of us want to do is to inadvertently make dan why a potential target. >> reporter: with supplies piled up in her apartment. they have taken up a good chung of our home. >> reporter: and being of the essence. there will be people that might say hey, she is muslim and i don't want to get tested for her because she is muslim. but at the same time, i have faith that there are good out there that wouldn't think like that. >> reporter: her life depends on it. i just got married a few years ago and i feel like i am just starting my life. >> reporter: she is looking for a donor between the age of 18 and 40 and has blood that is o or b. if you are interested in making a donation or you want to get tested to see if you could be a donor head over our web site for
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kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> anchor: more news today, some western massachusetts veterans taking a stand against hampshire college. this after college officials decided to stop flying the american flag in the center of campus. a veteran's group says they plan to bring a flag to campus sunday and will hold a rally demanding the flab be raised. the college made the decision after a flag burning incident following the presidential election. there could be a bit of a wait for a marijuana retail shop to open in massachusetts. the globe reports some being are looking to push back store openings until the middle of 2018 or later. they are looking to push back a start date for when residents can grow marijuana at home. a street in springfield shut down because of a natural gas leak. several people along liberty street were evacuated when gas started leaking into their homes around 8:00 last night. crews on the scene last night. no word yet on what caused the leak. >> anchor: also on 7 boston
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td bang in downtown crossing today. they are demanding the banks who is the primary lender for the dakota access pipeline to stop funding the effort. one participant locked her neck to the main entrance of the bank with bike locks. she was later arrested. not even the holiday could stop more than 100 protestors from continuing their demonstration against the same pipeline on thursday. but they did celebrate thanksgiving with a meal served up by an academy award winning at less a day of music, food and ceremony joined by well-known hollywood actress and advocate jane fonda. it's been centuries since this many tribes have joined together in prayer, in peace and non-violence to protect their sacred land and their water. >> reporter: she said she believes many actions throughout the past 7 months were peaceful. she traveled from los angeles today to help serve a meal to a
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protectors. i was serving for about three minutes and they said people can serve themselves so i never had a job for sufficient a short time, but it's fantastic that this happened. >> reporter: she wasn't the only one. the main cook brought his crew in to serve 200. that number changed after just a few hours. the chef who fed hundreds at standing rock middle school said all of the food contains indigenous ingredients and made as a simple of peace. every great negotiation finished. people are fed and happy and ready to talk. it doesn't matter how much money you have invested or how much money you have to lose. these are human beings. today i am here to feed them. he says love was the most important ingredient. this is a type when we need that. we need to stand together. >> anchor: so fonda volunteers and helped serve about 2,500 people who attended. >> anchor: shots fired at a mall in new jersey.
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the shooting happened near a department store at the hamilton mall. police have not yet made any arrests. police do arrest a florida man after he is accused of stabbing his parents during an argument over thanksgiving dinner. police say edwin dougherty stabbed his 76-year-old father and 72-year-old mother. both parents are in critical condition. dirty is now facing two counts of attempted murder. >> anchor: kentucky police are serving for suspects after a kids holiday football tournament turned tragic when gun shots started tearing >> anchor: so those a cell phone video footage from a victim capturing those frightening moments when more than a dozen gun shots were fired. some of the shots were deadly, 7's sara french has the story. >> anchor: a hail of bullets force a crowd of people to take cover.
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this louisville park hosted the juice bowl, an annual football tournament. kids, parents, friends and neighbors gathered to feast and watch football, but voice lens interrupted the festivities. moment people were here having a good time as they do most of the time but unfortunately this tragic situation has happened. >> anchor: a cell phone recorded more than a dozen gun shots. we're thingful more people didn't get hurt in this situation. >> anchor: some of the shots were deadly see that man shot in the head like that. they telling him to hold on. it's horrible. it's really horrible. >> reporter: as police investigate the motive many people in the crowd mourn the lives lost. this is very tragic of what's happened here. i mean, i am saddened. >> reporter: it's a sad time for thanksgiving. and it's a sad day for the juice bowl. >> reporter: sara french, 7 news. >> anchor: california police
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vetters say four inmates escaped by cutting through the bars on a second story jail window wednesday night. two of the inmates were immediately captured outside the jail. but two men are still on the run. the men are considered dangerous and desperate. as search continued we had obtained video surveillance footage which indicated that the suspects had already been outside the perimeter. >> anchor: investigators also say they haven't found the tool the pris of the jail. >> anchor: caught on calm remarks a home in california goes up in flames. a next door neighbor capturing this video just moments after area hearing a big boom. fire fighters found four bodies inside the burned out mobile home. the cause of the fire is under investigation. they seem really good. he walked the kids to the gate for the bus in the morning and waited for them outside to pick then up in the cause of the fire
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russian talk show set. happened after a journalist insulted the living conditions in russia and then the host challenged the journal effort and there you can see fists started flying. other guests eventually had to step in and stop the fight it got so out of hand. the show didn't air because of the fight but they decided to go ahead and up load the video to you tube. >> anchor: still ahead on 7 news at 4:30, a family gets the surprise of a lifetime when their daughter travels across the globe just to be home for the holidays look a lot like christmas at the white house. mrs. obama question comes the presidential tree today. >> anchor: then ahead at 5:00 were you out early this morning for the mall mayhem? black friday deals pulling shoppers from their warm beds. >> anchor: a television icon passes away. florence her den so, everyone's favorite tv mom dies at more
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>> anchor: hole for holidays a very special homecoming for this airman from texas. she was suppose to be at boot camp in texas for the thanksgiving holiday. >> anchor: but she decided to advice her family and fly home and they were thankful their daughter was able to spend that day with them of course. nancy chen has more on this heart warning story. i'm home for about 25 days. i am really excited. >> reporter: the sweet embrace between a woman on the air force and her husband caug o boot camp in texas. i am ecstatic. >> reporter: but it gets better. your family doesn't know you are home. no, ma'am. they don't. i am really excited to surprise them. >> reporter: the couple went to tara's grandmother's house where her family was having thanksgiving. hello. >> anchor:. >> reporter: she called her family from down the street pretending to still be at boot camp. hi, i miss you guys. >> reporter: tara even told her mom she was on her way to have thanks give wag family who adopts airmen for the holidays.
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what was about to happen. what! oh my god! oh my god! are you kidding me? tara's mom was over weld. her tears were followed by hugs and kisses by the whole family. the only one who wasn't surprised was tara's dad in on the secret so he can make sure everyone was on the back for when tara arrived. >> reporter: her visit was even more meaningful because she is about to leave for italy for >> anchor: coming up as we continue at 4:30 pants filling a little tighter after all that turkey and pie yesterday? that's a question. we have some tips for a thanks governing detox that will help with you your holiday hangover. tail today is all about the leftovers and leftovers of wet and dreary weather how much logger does it last? we'll get to the forecast up next. >> anchor: an incredible story. a california mother reunited with her family after going missing for three weeks. investigators now searching for
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>> anchor: four police officers hit by a car. two of them then dragged down the street. the driver faced a judge today.
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>> anchor: the holiday season in full swing especially in attleboro. >> anchor: the 2016 christmas festival of ts people from all over gathered at the national shrine of our lady of lasolet. hundreds of volunteers began working back in september to bring this festival to life. about 300,000 lights are used to light up the ten acres of space. in my whole life i have never thought that i would ever see so many christmas lights go off at one time. supporters say they expect over what half a million people to
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the new year when it comes it a close. >> anchor: first lady michelle obama welcoming the white house christmas tree earlier today. her nephews join her to check out the 19 foot douglas fir tree donated about i a tree farm in pennsylvania. the tree will be displayed in the blue room where white house christmas trees have stood since 1966. >> anchor: i know this is a big day for people to get their christmas trees. i saw people on cars those things out. ever does a christmas tree shake? >> anchor: s that possible, bri? i never have done that myself. >> anchor: we have a fake one and used it too many years it's more pathetic but once you put lights on it, lipstick on a pig. we do have clouds still with us and a lot of low clouds in some areas as you can see. dense fog in worcester through the connecticut river valley and that is reducing visibility. it does luck like those clouds are starting to lift and
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however, it still feels like you are walking threw a cloud with that mist kind of getting you in the face. 47 in boston, 41 in worcester, 41 in bedford as well. 48 norwood. we do still have some light showers that are hugging the cape and also the islands at this point. for the rest of us just that drizzle and mist that sticks around. wettest weather will work on out the overnight hours but we're not done with wet weather completely. we do have some to c you see low pressure system that tries to form and then it heads east northeast but we do get some of that shower activity that works its way back in south and east of the i-95 corridor for tomorrow afternoon. this is light rain. it's not a lot of rain, may even get peeks of sunshine tomorrow remighter that it is still there. more sunshine in store for sunday but also chilly with temperatures in the low 40's and breezy on sunday as well. best chance for any rain tomorrow and again not a lot of
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east of the 495 corridor and i even think south and east of i-95. and how much rain is on the way? 10th of an inch? quarter not going to get it done it time around but more beneficial rain next week. isolated light showers be patchy fog, tomorrow 42 to 50 degrees with some peeks of sunshine and then here is that better chance for more beneficial rain to work in for the middle of next week and this looks like it's a series of rain events first arriving for possibly again on wednesday and a wet and windy day ahead of us for thursday. forecast models trying to pump out maybe one to two inches widespread rainfall we can only hope. here is a look at the 7 on 7 forecast, lots of sunshine in store for monday and that wet weather with mild temperatures for the middle of next week. see you in a bit. time for fast track traffic. we have a check of what's going on. roads are wet but not quite as crowded. not too much traffic today.
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downtown boston out to 495. the eastbound side of the pike is of mo well from 128 in weston into downtown boston. the leverett connector is of moving well this both directions so the is zakim bridge on the southbound side wide open from assembly care to the o'neil tunnel. the northbound side is also okay from the tunnel up through medford. a bit slow going on the expressway northbound. we had a three car crash right there at the freeport street exit in the left lane. that just cleared, however damage is done. you will be heavy from granite avenue up to freeport street then slow again toward the the southbound side is moving well there further back heavy from the tunnel to the south bay shopping center. we'll look at the braintree split to the o'neill tunnel that. will be an 18 minute drive from the tunnel to the split that's only 13 minutes and the 95, 24, route 3 all looking good. matt fitzgerald, 7 news. >> anchor: aretha franklin belting out an unforgettable national anthem. >> anchor: she delivered a record setting performance before the thanksgiving day nfl game between the vikings and
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and it kept going and going. franklin set the record for the long erendition of the national anthem at four minutes and 35 seconds. aretha's version quickly going viral. >> anchor: yes, so here are some of the other famous performances of the anthem. excuse me. i was singing. whitney houston's rendition in 1991 clocked in at one minute and 57 seconds. and the home of the brave! >> anchor: lady gaga's anthem was a big hit. the pop star's version was two
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to say can you see. >> anchor: all right, that's alicia keys who wowed the crowd at the 2013 super bowl in new orleans. she set a super bowl record if fact at two minutes and 35 here is willie nelson. >> anchor: it's your turn, adam. let's hear it. like a little concert there for you. "healthcast" now. now that our are over, many are trying to get back on track, many, who is many? still going, right? with some leftovers like bri said. >> anchor: it can be hard to do especially with leftovers in the frige. dietitians suggest planning meals around proteins and vegetables while including small portions of the leftovers like stuffing and potatos so this way you don't waste food but not over doing it. one of the benefits to leftovers is that you know what's keel really worth the
4:54 pm
with a you want to eat and maybe what you want to leave for the rest of your family. >> anchor: experts also say it's important to stay active as it gets colder if it's hard to squeeze in an hour of exercise during the whom days a shorter, high intensity workout can be just as good. >> anchor: just ahead on 7 news disney does it again. a new animated classic strikes gold opening big over the thanksgiving holiday. we'll be right back with that
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>> anchor: taylor swift doing that manikin challenge. >> anchor: which he still haven't done. so the star did it with her squad as pat of a thanksgiving celebration. here you go. her holiday post instagram shows a celebrity along with a few of her famous friends. the group breaks it down showing off some of their dance moves there. pretty good. >> anchor: office this thanksgiving weekend of the disney film made a record 15.6 million dollars on thanksgiving day. however, it's not expected to surpass the thanksgiving weekend record of 93.6 million dollars. you can guess which movie that was? i will give you a hint. >> anchor: i can read it so i'm not going to say. frozen which set a record in 2013.. we are limited time. should we skip the down tour? we'll keep it short. there is a debate going on
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booth out. >> anchor: well gilmore gills are back of fans rejoiced today as their favorite star residence return to netflix. >> anchor: all right we have much more to come here the next 90 minutes, everyone. thank you so much for joining us so far. i'm jadiann thompsonian tomson. i'm adam williams. always a pleasure. the news at 5:00 starts now.. >> anchor: more like gray friday. when will damp and dreary weather move out? >> reporter: bargain hunters head to the store on one of the biggest shops days of the year. >> anchor: one of america's most beloved moms pass as way. now a nation is honoring mrs. brady. >> anchor: found alive. california police locate a missing mom three weeks after she disappears and they have a warning for people in that community. >> anchor: a heart warming dinner invite. one boy asked his local law enforcement to share a holiday meal.
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shoppers out and about. this is the south shore plaza in braintree. doesn't look so bad there, but people have been packing stores all day, all over the place, looking for the best prices on some of the season's hottest gifts is that's right, it is not the greatest day weather wise i guess for some of youring trips. maybe took annum a out. here is a live look at downtown crossing where the tree lighting ceremony will happen in one hour. you see lots of people right outside of the macy's store. pretty cloudy and misty, gloomy into the week really. >> anchor: it kind of sets the tone for hot chocolate and a fire inside but when we soot the sunshine again let's start off with bri eggers and today look at the forecast. the cloudiest month of the year it is november and we have been dealing with the clouds for a little bit too long. it seems like they have outworn their welcome. we are in the upper 40's and many locations at this point you wouldn't know it by how damp and dreary it is out there. 41 fitchburg, down through worcester and even some dense fog in worcester specifically
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valley. some of that beginning to lift and mix out just a touch so hopefully that won't be a concern for the rest of the evening patchy fog though all throughout the night. you might run no a dense spot if you are out traveling around late night hours. now the wettest weather of today is sliding offshore but we still have light showers for cape cod and the islands at this point and still some mist and drizzle that's just hanging around. it feels as though you are walking through a cloud because you pretty much are. now as we get through the weekend i think we can get some peeks of sunshine for saturday, more sun to come for sunday but you see this system that tries to develop and tries to bring us some rainfall. i think some of us see some light showers once again tomorrow, breezier, dryer conditions on the way for sunday. overnight tonight isolated light showers, p patchy fog, 35 to 43 not concerned for any freezing drizzle or rain tonight and tomorrow showers staying to the south and east of the i-95 corridor and some peeks of


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