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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  November 28, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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right now they are searching for a motive. dan hausle live for us in the newsroom. he has more on what we learned about the attacker. >> reporter: the associated press reporting the suspect's name is abdul artan, in somali but now a level resident in the u.s. he lived with his familiar low in the ohio area. police are now combing through the vehicle he used to crash into the students and social media posts. investigators say they are being into whether th terrorist attack. heavily armed swat teams swarmed the oh hi oh state campus after shots rang out and students got a twitter warning of an active shooter. they were sold to run, hide, fight. some piling chairs to block the doors. we heard the shooting and the yelling and the place erupting into chaos. >> reporter: it turns out the only shots came from an officer who shot the suspect after he drove over the curb, crashed into students and then jumped out and started cutting people
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less tan a minute and he ended the situation in less than a minute. he engaged the suspect and eliminated the threat. >> reporter: for more than an hour students stayed hiding while police made sure there was no more threat. it's terrifying especially where we're close to the building where it happened. just uncertainty and not a lot of information getting through to us. >> reporter: official say anyone people were taken to local hospitals, one was said to be in critical condition but officials later said none of the victims suffered life-threatening injuries. police say they are looking into whether this was a terrorist attack. students who were just returning to campus after thanksgiving break and a big football win say the attack is a sad sign of the times. it seems like it's happening more and more often across the country and it hits a lot harder when it's at your own school it's really heartbreaking and sad and frustrating, you know. >> anchor: students describe the suspect as silent while he slashed at the people on the
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elook in his eyes. live in the newsroom, dan hausle 7 news. >> anchor: also on 7, a new hampshire mother called to court today. police say she was arrested after video surfaced that showed her on the floor a store. she is overoverdosing on drugs and that is her toddler pulling on her arm right there. well, now she is facing charges in massachusetts. 7's byron barnett live for news lawrence. he has more on exactly what happened in court, byron? >> reporter: yeah, that woman you saw in that video every saw in her daughter trying to wake her up. just left court here in lawrence a short time ago after promising to stay in drug treatment. here is some video of her, 36-year-old mandy mcgowan of salem, new hampshire left court with her hood pulled over her head after being arraigned for childen darerment. she is the woman you saw in that video that went viral in the september. police say she was passed out if a drug overoverdose, lying on the floor of a family dollar store in lawrence, her
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up. she was revived when emergency responders gave her two shots of narcan. today the prosecution asked for $10,000 cash bail, but the judge released her on personal recognizance after her lawyer said she was living in a drug treatment facility and would stay there. now mcgowan's daughter is in state custody in new hampshire. she is staying with a relative. that's latest live from lawrence i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: we want to take you back to ohio state univ let's list men live. encountered the individual by 9:53 and the suspect was neutralized by :53. a campus alert went out for people on campus to shelter place. first, to exit and avoid the circumstances at the place where this all happened, so they learned where it was and were told to run and hide and get away from the circumstances as we've trained for in desk tops
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from a variety of local law enforcement from our campus community, from our city and from the state joined us and the f.b.i. joined together on campus to sweep the campus to make sure there was no further threat and then approximately 90 minutes later the buildings were released. i have here with me the people who were directly on the scene and they will speak in a moment. i just want to say that first we i had a chance to officer that was first responder and to thank him for following the training and neutralize the circumstances within roughly one minute. also, i was ale to visit three of the people who were injured who are here in the hospital to let them know how much we are praying and supporting them and coming to a complete and speedily recovery. the ones who were here in the hospital were in good spirits. i note that a couple of people are having more work done and i think that dr. thomas can give
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and we are pleased that no one was more seriously injured and look for them all to recover completely shortly. let me move out of the way and i want to give you the director of public safety. just give you a brief time line of events this morning that we had at 9: 52, the officer involved called out this a car pedestrians. this happened at :52. called into the radio at the dispatch center. again, a few seconds later, at 9:52 the officer called out to a call that indicated officer in trouble, that there was a man with a knife. at 9:53 that same officer called out that there were shots fired and that he had one person down. and that is when the officer engaged the suspect. until the suspect drove his
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injuries that resulted from that. the suspect got out of the vehicle with a knife and began cutting individuals in the area and the officer engaged the suspect and fired shots and used deadly force to stop the threat. the threat to safety was ended at that time. several other law enforcement agencies responded in addition to osupd and began to we also followed up on other possibilities and other leads that were going on. the lane avenue parking garage there was rumor that there might have been another potential threat there. that was thoroughly searched and that turned out not to be true. we would like to share with you today the officer's name who we all owe a debt of gratitude to. he did a grab louse job today he
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january of 2015 so not quite two years. the suspect's name we can confirm that the suspect was an osu student named abdul razak ali artan. we do not have any information at the moment on motive. the investigation is ongoing in that regard. we have some information or updates about i want to say, there are several people joining me on stale. i won't mention everybody but the support we received from the city and that the city is represented here by the mayor, support from the state and our governor kasich is with us. also our representative from congress, joyce bitty is here this afternoon so just wanted to mention those people then maybe have you come and give us an update on the status of our patients. thank you, good afternoon. my name is andrew thomas, chief
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medical center. a brief update on the individuals involved in this situation that were both brought here as question as to two other hospitals in the city. we had six total individuals that have either been brought here by ems or who have come in on their own will earlier today that number was five. s is our press conference earlier today we had one additional victim who was hit by the car, who came in with muscular skeletal injuries and is being assessed downstairs. beyond that there were two stab victims, two other victims of having been hit by the car and then one other victim with some lacerations that we are working on. there are two patients that were taken to riverside methodist hospital just north of campus. both of those individuals were struck by the car. one has orthopedic injury and
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neurologic injury with a skull fracture and is being observed but is awake and talking and appears to be stable from what i am told by my colleagues there. there are two individuals that were taken to grant that i mentioned earlier today with lacerations and then one additional patient that is shown up at grant hospital who was a victim of doing hit by the car, who had an orthopedic injury and has since been discharged from the emergency department. with that, i will turn back over. >> anchor: what we're listening to right now is an update from ohio state talking about what happened. just before the 10:00 hour today when a suspect, what officials say got out of his, or hit some people, some students, with his car at ohio state university, got out of the car and started attacking people with some sort of knife. so what we're hearing right now is that there are several injuries, one person critical and that the suspect was shot
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when all of this happened. so we'll continue to follow this for you as we get more information of course on what happened in this knife attack at ohio state university. the suspect we're being told right now is deceased. >> anchor: 7 news now turning to your forecast. a sunny, but cool day back at work after the thanksgiving break, but there is some wet weather on the way and we definitely need that rain. chief meteorologist jimmy reiner is here with the forecast. jr? right now the numbers in the mid 40's, the city at 45, norwood 45, high pressur beginning to pack its bags and move out of here. this is our weather system that will spend a couple of days in new england and it will be in the for of some beneficial rain. this rain is on the move although right now it's moving more north than it is east. so i think that will buy us dry conditions, certainly this evening and really overnight tonight. skies will begin to cloud over. chilly, temperatures between 30 and 36 and your tuesday does feature patchy drizzle during the morning hours. so not much rain during the first part of the day but you
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rain arrives around lunch time through the afternoon. through the evening commute with temperatures mid 40's to around 50. now back to this patchy drizzle tomorrow morning, there may be a couple of pockets of patchy freezing drizzle along the route 2 corridor northern worcester county, there is a freezing drizzle advisory in effect in these locations. again, just some patchy freezing drizzle possible for a few hours tomorrow morning, other whiz a runny day. we'll talk more about that and the other batch with a of rain on the way as well. >> anchor: ahead on 7 news patriots pulling off a big win against the jets. >> only highlight. why tom brady is celebrating after hitting a major milestone. >> anchor: drugging in a tree. the holiday tradition continues in our nation's capitol. >> anchor: coming up at 4:30 a flag fight at a massachusetts college. veterans protesting a big change on campus. >> anchor: on 7 news at 5:00 a deadly hit and run under investigation in brockton. the victim now dead as the driver turns himself in.
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>> anchor: the patriots pulling off another big win begins the jets. but it was quarterback tom brady who had a major milestone during that game. brady staged a comeback in the fourth quarter to secure the tomorrow's 9th win of the season. his late touchdown pass making the difference in the 200th win of his career. tb 12 shaking off the injury that kept him out of practice last week. >> anchor: even though it was a close game the patriots improved to 9 and 2.
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john cuoco has more from gillette. it was a great win for our team. we didn't play as well as we wanted to, but made the plays when we needed to. >> reporter: tom brady downplaying another career landmark. now tied atop the nfl record book for wins by a quarterback. it says a lot about him and what he has been able to do for this franchise. that's what it is all about. that's what a quarterback's job is to win. i had a lot of great su hopefully we'll keep winning. never gets old. >> anchor: win number 200 was surprisingly in question until late, with rob gronkowski out for most of the game suffering a back injury. how was gronkowski? i haven't seen rob, i don't know. >> reporter: but malcom mitchell stepped underand delivered with the game on the line. do you remember el played over the top of it and we did a
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ma'am come made a nice catch and got in the in zone. i was praying on the field that we get another chance to make a play, to put our team in a position to win. >> reporter: mitchell's touchdown capping off brady's big day. a day he appeared to be playing through quite a bit of pain. he will also become only the fifth player to throw for 60,000 yards. i try to, you know, show up and do my best and like i said i don't think everyone is feeling great this time of year. just do the best you i will try to do the same this week. >> reporter: so how about this? yesterday was the 200th win for tom brady. it was the 500th win for the patriots franchise. in foxboro, john cuoco, 7 news. >> anchor: coming up on 7 news a food fight with a farmer patriots player. bri eggers take on a challenge between herself and troy brown. you get to decide who did it better. it will get ms. y that's for sure if you are talking food fight and weather the next few days a bit messy.
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>> anchor: thanksgiving weekend is wrapping up and it's beginning to look a lot like christmas already. today in washington, d.c., this beautiful tree was brought in to be displayed outside of the capitol building. it arrived from a national park in idaho. the boston pops spreading holiday cheer at logan airport today. they performed in terminal b performing rudolph the red nosed reindeer at the boston pops concert season on wednesday. that's some good tow tapping music right there. >> anchor: good spirit if you are coming off the flight either coming or going to boston to celebrate the holidays. i flew in last night from wisconsin. we had decent weather around here. and wisconsin to travel this
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over the weekend. the next two days we have a slow moving rainstorm tomorrow and again on wednesday. one to two inches of rain. beneficial rain i might add. we are still in that doubt. it will take months to get out of that drought it. took months to get to where we are now, so we'll welcome this rain. again, at times tomorrow afternoon and again wednesday afternoon the rain may be briefly heavy. i don't think it's all day rain each day. in fact i think tomorrow morning drizzly and that will be the case again on wednesday morning, but both evening commutes do look like we'll temperatures. we'll have to wait until we get the sun back on thursday before those temperatures jump into the 50's. 40's right now, the city at 45. worcester 39. jaffrey at 41. gorgeous day today. lots of sunshine, granted a little bit on the chilly side early this morning. at least there was no wind out there. that is the case this evening becoming cloudy with mostly clear skies this evening and then more clouds after midnight tonight, lows between 30 and 36. it's this storm system right here taking up a lot of real
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storm where you have all of the cold air that's where have you snow? dakotas but on the front side rain, downpours, even some severe thunderstorms in the deep south today. not concerned about thunderstorms but just you see this big old bag of rain will work up into new england then another batch come at us on wednesday so tomorrow morning drizzle with showers developing midday, we'll have rain through the afternoon then evening commute, temperatures tomorrow for most of us most of the day in the 40's to around now that patchy morning drizzle there may be more colder pockets of air along the outer route 2 core do as well as connecticut river valley. there is a freezing drizzle advisory early tomorrow morning to the say everyone will have a skating rink for the morning commute because i don't think that's the case but it doesn't take much to turn roads into a skating rink so even a little birth patchy, freeing drizzle might be enough to make it slick out there if we have that just for a few hours tomorrow morning but this is a rain maker for
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evening. boston tomorrow afternoon 47, lakeville at 52. the merrimack valley numbers in the 40's, worcester hills again chilly tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon fitchburg 44, worcester 44 and out on to the cape. i do think you guys will jump into the 50's tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. more rain on the way for wednesday. again as planned temperatures on wednesday into the 40's and the amount of rainfall on the way i think most towns about one, two inches of rain likely by the time it moves out of here thursday breezy, mild. temperatures on thursday mid 50's. see you at 4:30. >> anchor: thanks so much, jr. let's get a check of the ride home. matt fitzgerald with a check of the road. >> reporter: this is the 93 clover leaf in woburn. it's jammed first on 93 norton the top of your screen up to here, 128 north at the bottom heavy from route 2 a up to the clover leaf and southbound heavy from route 1 a down to the clover leaf. crawling on the pike west leaving the city you will be
4:24 pm
state police barack action, eastbound side of the pike moving well from weston to downtown boston and we check drive times from downtown boston to 128 in weston, a 33 minute drive and from 12820495 only 23 minutes. i'm matt fits , 7 news. >> anchor: all right. rush hour at a restaurant comes along with a high risk of a meal mixup. i'm off my game today. if the kitchen staff sends out the wrong order, i have been there, you have food service at some point, you have to fix it, right. you have to make sure the right food gets to the right table. >> anchor: we head to burton's grill in hingham to see who is better at blocking the food fumbles. pay attention because you will decide who did it better. >> reporter: this week's calling on who can it better i'm with patriots legend troy brown. this is so exciting at burton's. it looks like we're getting in the kitchen. we're get in there and mix it up and ito take you down
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>> reporter: our challenge, once the kitchen puts out prepared dishes we have to check the ticket to see if what is about to be served matches the customer's order. >> reporter: we'll see who can do it better and you are the judge. i didn't get lunch though. >> reporter: here it comes. let's go, guys. people are waiting. they got the wrong plate what to mit oh allergy. i said tom had allergy. tom brady has allergy mediterranean chicken. american cheese onion strings. this one is wrong too. what's that bottom one? no guacomole. second base send it back. >> reporter: busted. we have a gluten free on a square dish. >> reporter: i thought you would miss that. you can try one for quality of purposes. it tastes like onion strings. you take it from there. i am winning right now.
4:26 pm
i was just winging it. >> reporter: we're up. there are hungry people out here folks. checking my ticket. first rule, read the entire ticket. got a chicken dip on a round plate which means it's not gluten free. wow, that smells good. we have a medium rare gluten free max burger which means it's maximum deliciousness. can't eat soup without a spoon. i have a square plate, i can spot gluten from a anway. i got a clean up my plate just a litt table 222, catch two of them. order up. i'm glad you show me how it was done. the score was close, troy musted five things things, i missed four. i think you tolerated the heat, didn't have to get out of the kitchen. it went well. how did you think it went? i think i started off slower. i felt like i made progress and
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that could be so. we did have a very fantastic coach both of us. that also helped. but it's not up to us. it might even come down to a popularity contest. then i know who will win. not up to us to choose. you get to decide who did it better. >> anchor: that's bi said it's up to you. you get it vote. you can do it on our web site right now at we have results for you tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. and for now
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>> anchor: right now at 4:30 a swampscott man accused of causing a deadly crash in east boston this summer called to court today. two tourists died in that crash. >> anchor: now the man behind the wheel is facing charges. steve cooper has more on what happened in court. stephen pleads not guilty to seven different charges in suffolk superior court including two counts of motor vehicle homicide while operating under the influence. he then struck the rear of the shuttle at a minute mull of 76 miles per hour in a 40 mile-per-hour zone. >> reporter: prosecutors say the 27-year-old was speeding and had a blood alcohol level nearly twice the legal limit when he plowed into a hampton inn airport shuttle van back in august just outside the ted


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