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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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sabrina morgan were in their apartment when someone yelled "fire." >> as soon as we got out there was the third floor brew up so we're lucky we got out before that happened. >> reporter: dozens of firefighters scrambled before the chief ordered everyone battling the fire to get out of the building. >> we did find a woman on the right side third floor of the building. crews helped her evacuate. the building. >> reporter: were taken to the hospital. the mayor says these are always challenging calls. >> it's an anchor property for the intersection. we hope that we can, everybody is safe. >> reporter: informers had their hands full trying to knock down stubborn flames while roads in the area were shutdown and curious onlookers were urged to avoid the fire scene, but everyone was thankful there was no loss of life.
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the house didn't get touched. >> reporter: the injuries to the woman and the lawrence firefighter said to be none life threatening. we're also told damage is somewhere around $400,000. again the red cross helping out those dozens of residents who were displaced by the flames here. right now, no word on a cause but investigators will look at that now that the flames are out. live in lawrence tonight, steve cooper, 7 news. >> adam: t we've a watered down forecast. a much needed rain moving through today. it has been coming down heavy at times. >> kim: we knew it was coming and we knew it could cause problems with the commute. so that is something to talk about, umbrellas are a necessarity. it's still coming down now as you look at the radar. let's get chief meteorologist jeremy reiner to explain what is going on. >> reporter: the heaviest of the rain on top top of the 95 corridor, down through providence then working towards the south shore,
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green and yellow are the pockets of heavier rain. as these batches of main move through the rainfall tallies quickly go up. many cities and towns upwards of a quarter to half inch of rain. the steddy rain focused south of boston. even with that said this will work across the metro. it's moving at a fast pace and you can notice the back edge of the rain marching. it will be in the berkshires litchfield hills within the next 30-45 until about 7:00 or 8:00 this evening. it does taper. orange half an inch of rain. worcester about half inch. taunton and norwood about a third of inch of beneficial rain. it's smack-dab in the middle of the commute but this will wind down over the next couple of hours. temperatures running in the lower 50s although there are left overcolder pockets so this is round one. we talked about this last
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states. that heads for new england tomorrow with a similar timeline which we'll spell out for you. >> kim: know that you can use our interactive radar to track the rain as it moves through your area. for that head to or find it on the mobile and tablet apps. >> adam: 7 news turns to a show of deadly force in lynn. police say they were forced to fire on a man who held up a gas station clerk. the suspect died this morning. alex dipratto is live in >> reporter: there was a struggle with the clerk when an officer arrived here, that man wouldn't take his hands out of his pocket. and that officer opened fire >> crazy. i mean it's this world today. >> reporter: the officer involved shooting happened on the lynnway around 4:00 this morning after police say the suspect who claimed to have a gun held up the clerk at this station at the
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commercial street. >> an individual went in there, claimed he was armed with a firearm. come to rob the store. violent struggle ensued with the clerk. >> reporter: the chief says officers confronted the suspect not far from the gas station. >> the individual had a hands in his pockets. officers ordered him to show his hands. he refused to do so. continued to come at the officers. they moved to try to create distance and one of the officers fired. >> reporter: the suspect was taken to mass general several hours later. after undergoing surgery. >> shocking, completely shocking because i come here every morning and when i got here they were turning me away. >> reporter: the essex county d.a.and state police are trying to determine if the shooting was justified. >> if you are going to do something wrong you have to know something wrong can happen to you. >> reporter: tonight it's unclear if the man actually had a weapon.
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investigation. live in lynn, i'm alex dipratto, 7 news. >> adam: a death investigation is under way in manchester, new hampshire, after police found a body in a home. officers responded to a call of spots fired. that's when officers found itself home owner dead inside with an apparent gunshot wound. >> kim: breaking news from the state of tennessee. three people have died in the raging wildfires. thousands of others forced out of the flames fueled by strong wind and they've drought conditions as well it's tough to even look at. buildings and cars charred. defense takes-- devastation is overwhelming. they called in the national guard. out of control wild fires force thousands to flee. some evacuee versus to drive through the flames to get to safety. >> it's crazy. >> kim: more than a dozen
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smoky mountains of eastern tennessee. people feel hot flames and stinging smoke pushed by strong winds. >> the power went out so it was very dark. smoke was so thick we couldn't breathe. our eyes were stinging. so we just grabbed a blanket and took off running. >> we watched the building go down in flames to the right of us and pulled in front of another building that wasn't on fire yet but the firemen got us. >> reporter: the fires damagi o and businesses. >> personally i think i've lost my house. the, you know, things can be rebuild. difficult to go out into a community and try to protect and serve others when you own property and everything that you worked for is burning down but that is what the men and women have done for the last 24 hours. >> kim: as firefighters fight the flames those in shelter wonder what will the fire spear.
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i close my eyes. >> pray for you, that is the one thing that i know will will work, god will take care of the rest. >> kim: the wildfires were impacting dolly parton's home town. she released a statement saying she is heart broken and praying for all of the families affected by the fires. >> adam: also on 7 a deadly descent in columbia now under investigation. dozens were killed when the plwe the brazilian soccer team. six people were pulled life from the wreckage. >> reporter: this is a tragic accident for a soccer team that was starting to defy the odds. now crews are only search to figure out what happened here. at least 75 people are dead including members of a beloved brazilian soccer team after a plane crashed into a rural area in colombiamont monday night.
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people declared an emergency before crashing into the hillside outside. crews battled stroam conditions trying to find anyone still alive. officials say six survivors have been found. the soccer team was on its way to the first leg of the south american cup finals wednesday. the team's twitter feed showed their logo changed to black today while tributes have started pouring in. coloia can for the survivors and victim's families. >> they have our solidarity. so do their family, their friends and countries. >> reporter: also on itself plane officials say were 20 journalists covering the team and nine yew -- crew members. getting new information in. four people never made it on to the fight so the death toll actually stands at 71. investigators say they found the plane's data recorders
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shed some light on to exactly what went wrong. jadiann thompson, 7 news. >> kim: authorities believe the man who attacked pedestrians at ohio state university was inspired by isis and terrorist propaganda, investigators say he made posts on facebook reaches an al-qaeda leader and isis style attacks. isis did claim responsibility today. investigators believe this was a le 18 years old. he posted a rant on facebook venting about treatment of muslims around the worlds. artan drove his car into a crowd of students and staff and jumped out of the car with a knife slashing at people. 11 hurt in all and a campus police officer then shot and the killed artan. one victim asking people to hold judgment on artan. >> i'm so old but i'm going home this afternoon. he is dead. so i think, you know my
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for living in the dead we should wait until we know what is the truth is. >> anchor: artan grew up in somalia and came to the u.s. as a refuge. officials say everybody hurt is doing well and the school is busy setting up outreach programs to sport them. >> adam: the driver in a deadly school bus accident in tennessee called to court. john thony walker is charged with 6 counsellings of vehicular homicide. he was behind the wheel of the the driver deviated from his designated bus route and lost control of the bus slamming into a tree and a pole. witnesses say walker was speeding. along with the six students who died five kids are still in the hospital. >> kim: massachusetts authorities say procedural issues may delay the start of legal recreational marijuana sales. the legalization scheduled to take effect on december 15 allowing people to grow
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amounts of marijuana on their person but secretary of state william galvin says the law will not take affect until it's certified by the gov and all votes are counted which will be after the 15th. >> we're not going to pull the marijuana question without because people want to start growing plants. we're going to try to get it down before the 15 but. with the target date of decemberly 14 for certification but i can't be that. >> kim: the secretary says while people are upset some have expressed that, he say this is is typical procedure that laws usually have a 90-day waiting period before taking affect. >> adam: dozens of people arrested protesting for a $15 minimum wage. 34 people arrested today in cambridge. the arrests were pre-planned. the group raise up
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mcdonalds where hundreds showed up to protest. the fight for 15 is a nationwide effort to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. protests in georgia, illinois and new york where two dozen people were arrested. >> kim: people in cuba continuing to mourning the death of dictator fidel castro. those of people are lining up in havana for a memorial service that will happen later tonight. his ashes have been in the capitol for the past few moved to santiago decuba for the funeral. castro remembered as a revolutionary hero but to many americans he was a ruthless tyrant. president obama will not send a formal delegation to cuba but will send a top white house aide. >> adam: as we continue at 5:00 a tweet from president-elect trump sparking anger. what he says should happen to people who burn the american flag. >> kim: then at 5:30 the
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on camera. stealing from an older woman. >> adam: refusing to stop climbing, a new jersey teen pushing the limits with his death-defying past time. >> kim: in one hour an everett father in trouble accused of picking up his child at school while intoxicated. >> adam: firefighters from across massachusetts being honored today for their heroic actions in the face of danger. those stories and much more as we continue on 7 news on
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>> kim: today in the trump transition, the president-elect trump is working to fill key roles in his cabinet a's but it's one of his tweets prompting a loot of discussion. he calling for jail time for those who burn itself american flag. tim caputo has been getting reaction. he joins us. >> reporter: trump mentioned a loss of citizenship as well. many republicans out today disagreeing with that sentiments. the president-elect trump meet with several familiar washington faces at trump tower today. >> what is on the agenda today? >> busy day. >> reporter: as trump and his team continue to select cabinet members it's once again his tweets that are getting all the attention. today trump tweeted nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do there must be
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or a year in jail. many republicans disagree with the president-elect trump's stance on this issue. >> i do not approve of burning the flag. i think that it, there should be some punishment but i right know the supreme court decision is that people are free to express themselves. that way. >> reporter: former vice president dan quayle visited trump tower to offer his personal congratulations. trump has chosen elaine for his labor secretary. she was the first asian american woman to serve in a cabinet position. last night trump selected tom plies a fierce critic of obamacare to lead the department of health and human services. >> the. >> reporter: the white house responding to the real possibility of repealing and replacing obamacare. >> we'll see how this proposal measure up to the progress that we've made in
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>> reporter: no word who will be excellented for secretary of state. -- excellented for secretary of state. romney is on the short list with former cia director general david petraeus and bob corker. tim caputo, 7 news. >> reporter: part one of the rain storm winding down. part two heading this way. >> adam: the mystery surrounding a thanksgiving >> kim: coming up at 6:00 salem state addressing this controversial art exhibit. what the president of the school is saying about the painting of the k.k.k. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays.
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too! everything for the holidays. that's my stop & shop. >> adam: welcome back on this tuesday evening. about 5:20 and i mean you look at the temperature. it's comfortable. 51 degrees then you go out and you get wet. so umbrellas are in order. itsn but perhaps tomorrow as well. >> kim: i think it's like off on, off on, how to it is go. >> reporter: wax on, wax off. more rain, for tomorrow, mainly it's odd but the timeline is much like today where the front part of the day does not feature much rain. make sure you have the rain gear handy because as we work towards lunchtime and for sure tomorrow afternoon
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then the sun is back in earnest on thursday. it warms up, temperatures will reach the mid 50s, not so much right now. here is the rain. as we put this into motor vehicles you can see it's -- motion, you can see it's moving at a good clip. also you notice there is more yellow south of the pike as opposed to north of the pike. that's where we have the stayedy rain south although it starts north. we do have rain here but it's not quite as persistent nor as heavy as we're seeing merrimack valley, route 3 up in new hampshire. south of town, the rain is more wide spread and also more robust and this continues to work across portions of southeastern massachusetts and offshore, mid to late evening. how much rain? shower about a half inch. lunnenburg about the same. this is all being done within the last hour, hour and a half. plume of steadyear rainfall.
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and the we need rain like this desperately. we need, it would be nice to get a storm like this once a week for the next 4 to 5 minutes but that won't happen. temperatures right now low 50s, nashua, fitchburg, middle and upper 30s, we also have wind with the warmer air is it's able to drag down stronger winds so beverly gusting near 30 miles an hour, out on the cape, martha's vineyard a gust of 2mi so we'll move the steady rain out of here early to mid evening and have lingering drizzle and mist. after midnight partial clearing and patchy fog. temperatures between 40-48. that is round one. here is round 2. now getting organized. through portions of the deep south but the main center of the storm up here but it's a big old fly wheel. going to grab the moisture and fling tup the eastern seaboard tomorrow. more rain in the forecast. primarily mid day and through the evening hours.
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i don't think we'll reich the -- reach the 50s tomorrow but as we work through the day the numbers will settle back into the low and mid 40s. with the chance of rain going up throughout the afternoon. and boston tomorrow afternoon at 45. lakeville at 49. north of town dracut 42 with periods of rain. in the worcester hills fitchburg at 44. jaffrey at 42. worcester 44. out on the cape and the islands the numbers near 50 degrees. thursday, morning clo mid 50s. friday and saturday, as well as sunday partly sunny. low 40s monday clouds and there could be a couple of snow flurries on monday morning. see you at 5:30. >> adam: on-line shoppers cashing in on a day of deals, cybermonday setting a sales record. >> kim: then at 6:00 going over the game. tom brady's son weighing in on his dad's performance
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>> adam: another hour of 7 news is straight ahead. i'm adam williams. >> kim: i'm kim khazei, 7 news at 5 pock starts now. >> ryan: breaking news in lawrence, a firefighter hurt battling a big fire. >> jadiann: police on the search for a suspect accused of stealing hundreds in gist cards from an elderly woman. >> ryan: honoring massachusetts' bravest. >> jadiann: a road side delivery. an officer lends a hand when
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early. >> ryan: breaking news hire at 5:30, a firefighter and resident hurt. the resident had to be rescued from in the building. >> jadiann: going straight over to adam williams in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: that firefighter is expected to be okay. put out that first. the woman who was rescued more seriously injured. the red cross says around 30 people are without a place to stay. fast-moving flames and thick smoke tearing through t prospect streets in lawrence. the house was engulfed within minutes. very fast moving forward. dozens of firefighters rushed to the scene making sure everyone got out. >> upon my arrival crews had been told there was a person inside. we went inside. they were' doings an interior simultaneous attacking the fire as well as searching for the occupant. >> as soon as we got out, there was the third floor, blew up on that side.
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>> adam: neither of the injuries is being classified as life-threatening. damage to the home could be around $400,000. adam williams, 7 news. >> jadiann: following more news today. an accused gift card -- grinch. it happened yesterday. >> ryan: police are on the lookout for the suspect. byron barnett has more. >> reporter: in falmouth outrained over this. a woman getting her purse stolen while she was' shopping in a store. this was caught on video and police are hoping that someone out there can tell them who this suspect is. a brazen theft. snatching a purse right out of someone else's shopping cart. >> can't believe somebody would do that this time of the year especially. it's awful. >> reporter: police want you to take a good look at the woman. so she is suspected of stealing a woman's purse


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