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tv   7 News  NBC  November 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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yet another innovation, only at a sleepnumber store. >> first at 7 developing news. a fire fighter and a woman rushed to the hospital when an apartment building ignites in lawrence. >> reporter: just about done with this batch of rain. more rain heading our way. >> reporter: a man shot and killed by police. >> anchor: a father accused school while drunk. >> anchor: a drug delay. why some state regulators are pumping the breaks on the new marijuana law in massachusetts. >> anchor: and they are champions for children. it's a star studded line up. >> anchor: and it's all for a great cause. >> 7 news at 7 o'clock starts klow first at 7:00 a developing story out of lawrence. a fire fighter and a woman rushed to the hospital after fire breaks out in that
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crews luckily were able to pull the woman from the burning building. >> anchor: fire fighters are still on the scene. tim caputo live in lawrence for us with the latest information. >> reporter: still a very active scene behind me. the flames are out of this fire. a 3 story home at a busy lawrence intersection. a number of people were home when that fire broke out around 1:00 this afternoon. the huge shooting out of the roof top of this triple decker home. several families live inside the house. many of whom were inside at the time when the fire broke out this afternoon. when the fire department got here after 1:00 one woman was trapped on the third floor. fire fighters went inside and rescued her from the burning building. the flames got so intense that the fire chief ordered that all of the fire fighters come out of
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battle the flames but from the outside. one fire fighter was injured rolling his ankle while battling these flames. some even napping when the fire started. >> it was so fast. so fast. as soon as we got out the third floor blew up on that side. >> reporter: red cross is out here assisting those families in need of assistance who were displaced from their home behind how this fire started. we can tell you the woman and the fire fighter rushed to the hospital this afternoon their injuries we're told are not life threateninging. >> anchor: police say the crash happened on route 495 near the ramp to route 110. authorities are working to determine the cause of the crash. 7 news turns to your forecast.
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a cold and rainy day in the city. umbrellas hoodies boots whatever you've got. we've seen plenty of weather moving across new england. are we in the clear? when are we in the clear? jeremy reiner with the forecast. >> reporter: thankfully boston west shutting down. lighter rain in the city up through the merrimac valley. the intensity he backing off. one more burst on cape ann. south of town we have seen the rain steadiest in these locations for the last several hours. pockets of heavy rain and that stands out well. the yellow shading even orange shading exiting the cape. we have those passing over head a burst of intense rain fall. now moving into the worcester
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9:00. providence over an inch of rain. worcester 8/10ths of an inch of rain. temperatures tonight in president 40s. partial clearing believe it or not. a lot of clouds patchy fog. you'll need the rain gear once again tomorrow afternoon for this batch of rain activity. that moves in tomorrow afternoon. we will detail that part of your forecast in a ; just download or go to our website at or download the 7 news app for updates anytime. >> anchor: detectives investigating a deadly encounter that involved a man in lynn lynn. he was the suspect and this happened after he refused to cooperate. alex deprado live in lynn with
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have identified the man who was shot and killed as michael mciness of mulden. he came into this golf gas station struggled with the clerk. stole $150. when police arrived said he wouldn't remove his arms from his jacket. that's when an officer opened fire. >> crazy. i mean it's this world today. >> reporter: the officer involved shooting the lynn way 4:00 this morning after police say the suspect who claimed to have a gun held up the golf station. >> claimed he was armed with a firearm. attempted to rob the store. violent struggle ensued with the clerk of the store. >> reporter: officers confronted the suspect on the sidewalk not far from the gas station. >> the individual had his hands in his pockets.
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his hands. he refused to do so. eventually one of the officers fired his weapon. >> reporter: the suspect was taken to mass general hospital and pronounced dead several hours later after undergoing surgery. >> it was shocking. completely shocking. when i got here they turn me away. >> reporter: now the essex county da and state police are trying to determine if the shooting was justified. >> if you're going to do something wrong you got to happen to you. >> reporter: it is unclear if mciness had a weapon even though he claimed he had one. the essex county da is investigating. live in lynn alex deprado 7 news. >> anchor: a death investigation is under way in manchester new hampshire after police find a body inside a home. officers responded to a call of shots fired here. that's when officers found the
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>> anchor: police are investigating a deadly crash in east boston. investigators say it happened late last night. a driver died as a result of the accident. no one else was hurt in the crash. crews did have to close the road for hours as they cleared the scene. >> anchor: called to court today. investigators say nilton gonzales was driving when he hit a man crossing the street outsid night. the 25-year-old victim was taken off life support yesterday morning. police say the hit and run apparently happened early in the morning of last friday. the victim was leaving a brockton bar. the owner of that car came forward said gonzales borrowed it. telling him he panicked the night of the accident and hadn't slept since. >> anchor: now to a story you'll
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this everett father in court and facing troubling charges. police say he was drunk when he tried to pick up his 10-year-old son from school. >> anchor: 7's kelly o'hara has details you will only see here. >> the defendant has been convicted of operating under the influence of liquor. approximately 9-- approximately 8 prior times. >> reporter: bloodied and bruised steven burns in g the everett father not only accused of driving drunk for a ninth time but also showing up to his 10-year-old's school while under the influence. >> they learned from the principal of that school that he was concerned that an intoxicated parent was about to drive a child home. the defendant became agitated. yelling and swerring at the officers.
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safe when his father acts this way. officers arrested the everett man. hours later he was out of jail. that's when burns's other son called 911 saying his dad was driving drunk again. >> the defendant was intoxicated. he had left the house in everett and was drunk and driving around on a yellow motorcycle. they were able to place the defendant under arrest. they nips in the defendant's pockets. >> reporter: the defendant was driving on a suspended license. in everett tonight kelly o'hara 7 news. >> anchor: police are looking for a woman behind a grab and go robbery. this woman grabbed a purse out of a shopping cart and ran. it happened at a walmart after 5:00 yesterday evening. shoppers say the crime is upsetting. >> that's ridiculous.
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you don't take somebody's hard earned stuff. >> people are desperate. >> the scum of the earth. >> anchor: police posted the surveillance video of the robbery on their facebook page hoping someone would recognize the woman and come forward. >> anchor: massachusetts officials say procedural issues may delay the start of legal marijuana sales in the state. the legalization of recreational marijuana takes place on but secretary of state says -- the state secretary says the law will not take effect until it's certified by the governor and all votes are counted which will likely be after the 15th. >> i reject any suggestion that we should pull out marijuana above all the other issues that are up because people want to start growing plants.
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if there is it's a necessity of having accurate results. ; some people have expressed impatience. this is normal typical procedure. laws typically have a 90 day waiting period before taking effect. >> anchor: the president elect adding more names to his cabinet today. twitter habits raising eyebrows among the republican party. >> reporter: president elect met with several familiar washi faces at trump tower. it's one of his tweets that has people talking today. >> what's on the agenda today? >> it's a busy day. >> reporter: as trump and his transition day select cabinet members. trump tweeted nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do there must be consequences perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail. the supreme court ruled legal
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amendment. >> i do not approve of burning the flag. i think there should be some punishment. right now the supreme court decision is people are able to express themselves that way. >> reporter: offer his personal congratulations. trump has chosen elaine chow for transportation secretary. chow was labor secretary under george w. bush. last night trump le georgia congressman tom price a fierce critic of obama care to lead the department of public health and human services. >> understand and appreciate is that it's destructive to their health care. >> reporter: the white house responding to the real possibility of repealing and replacing obama care. >> we'll see how his proposals are measure up to the affordable care act. >> reporter: mitt romney will
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for dinner. ryan schulteis 7 news. >> anchor: coming up next on the news station. a winning line up. how boston athletes and entertainers are making a difference at boston childrens. >> reporter: more rain tomorrow. forecast up next. >> anchor: also why some massachusetts fire fighters are getting extra recognition today. >> anchor: and a whole knew dining experience.
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>> anchor: new at 7 stars teaming up with boston's children's hospital for the annual champions for children gala. patriots players, entertainers, jay leno dropping in. >> anchor: saw him in the video there. the special event has a big impact. brandon gunnoe live in the sea port district for us. brandon. >> reporter: adam and kim, when boston sports of pediatric medicine come together great things happen. so it's an incredible event with an incredible impact. this is the annual champions are children's gala. a way to support boston children's hospital and the community. jay leno was a hit with the kids. cracking jokes and asking them what they wanted for christmas. >> this is my home town. it's boston.
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i don't know anybody that hasn't been affected by boston's children's hospital. >> reporter: raised more than 42 million for the children at boston's. >> happy that i'm able to put a smile on someone's face and know that i can't play football forever. while i can do it i might as well go out and do as much as i can for the community. >> reporter: and has been touched personally by boston children's his 1-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer late last year. >> they came to us in a time of great need. they've been there through the process. holding us up in a difficult time in our lives and our son's struggles. >> reporter: rob gronkowski is actually the 2016 champion. he couldn't be here due to his injury. teammates filled in.
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cause. we hear about that this time of year. people doing things for a great cause. >> anchor: we have you know the best medical care and then we have great people giving time all good. it was indoors. it was rainy outside jr. >> reporter: it was. more rain on the way for tomorrow. oddly enough i think the time line like today where the front end of tomorrow is dry. rain gear certainly that commute tomorrow evening might be snarlly with more rain. temps on thursday jump into the 50s. after that a chilly pattern takes shape. we have the steady rain south of the pike, the south shore the deeper shades of green and yellow indicating where the rain is occurring. metro boston north on and off lighter rain. will begin to shut down.
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down here. 9:00 rain in these locations. the plume of the widespread rain is beginning to exit new england. still a fair amount of clouds back into new york state. if you continue farther west breaks in the clouds. that dryer air seaps into southern new england. this is all beneficial rain. the timing was the worst part. it arrived 4:00 when the evening commute was getting under another batch of rain similar to that on the way for tomorrow afternoon. temps started cold and raw in the morning. the city at 54. norwood a touch of spring close to 60. where you have the warmer air you have wind as well. winds gusting 25, 30 miles per hour. we'll have that for the next couple of hours. once the rain moves out it will take the rain with it.
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40s. tomorrow morning there will be a lot of clouds. no rain tomorrow morning. this storm would be coming at us in 2 waves. first wave now. here is round 2. unfortunately for those folks in mississippi this is a tornado outbreak in mississippi. not worried about the severe weather. it's the rain in the thunderstorms that will work up the eastern seaboard and into new england tomorrow afternoon. i don't thin will jump into the 50s today. start in the upper 40s to around 50. settle into the low and mid 40s by the afternoon. you don't need the rain gear tomorrow morning. make sure you have it heading out the door. 7 on 7:00 forecast. thursday morning clouds afternoon sun mid 50s. weekend is dry. monday clouds maybe a few snow flurries as well. see you at 11:00.
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it features 4 restaurants 10 take away counters. 5 bars and a cooking school. all the food comes from italy and new england. attended the opening ceremony including our mayor and lieutenant governor karen polito. >> anchor: they have them in new york. they have them in chicago. and today people are like are you -- you know what's at 4:00 today. everybody's talking about it. beautiful. >> anchor: making a stop over there. >> anchor: coming up honoring
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? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. then i stopped drinking soda and eating sweets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin
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>> anchor: heroes all over the state honored today. >> anchor: the 27th fire fighter of the year awards held in worcester this afternoon. hundreds of fire fighters and the governor all there at the event today. members watertown departments among those recognized. >> they all represent in some respects special moments where people had to make difficult decisions and put themselves in harm's way. and they did so immediately and without hesitation. in many cases saved other people's lives as a result. >> anchor: the fire fighters hailed from 11 different
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brad pitt's thanksgiving alone on celebrity hideaway island. >> why he was thousands of miles from the kids now on ?"extra". "extra" ? "extra" ? ? ?"extra" "extra" ? brad pitt's lonely holiday weekend holed up in a $34,000 a night private villa. did angelina ban him from seeing the kids? the kelly ripa connection to his island escape. is kanye a danger to himself? kim by his side.


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