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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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police shoot a robber on the street in lynn. what that man did before the deadly encounter. on just one station, behind wheel a ninth time. and this time at school. >> what one man younging son after dad was arrested for allegedly picking him out while drunkout of control show no signs of stopping struggling to a contain deadly wildfire. for a second time meets with former governor mitt romney. despite major push back from his tan siggs teams mr. trump's latest tweets have him under fire. like father like son. he flipped his chest >> and he tripped too. >> why tom brady's son thinks dad is like a donkey. seven news at 11 starts now. >> first at 11, get ready for more rain. most are getting a brief break as we speak.
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no part 2 of storm is taking shape and headed this way. let's check that forecast. here's chief meteorologist jeremy reiner. yes part one closing the books and moving out region we got rid rain earlier this evening in boston still a couple stragglers on to cape islands. beneficial rain again we're in this drought. it will take several events like this to help us get out of the drought. it won't over after the second batch of rain tomorrow. where that is second batch of rain. here it is right here. and earlier this evening it was taken on form of tornadic thunderstorms. thankfully for us we're not concerned about severe weather. we will take the rain though. and here it is moving across tennessee and kentucky. still has a lot of real estate to cover. so, that means your morning commute will feature some clouds. some patchy fog. but no rain tomorrow morning early. temperatures in upper 40s. by 9 o'clock there could a couple isolated sprinkles but i think the main event like today is the afternoon. and the evening commute. we will talk more about that in a few minutes. and you can track rain while
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or the 7 news phone and tablet apps. >> now, from the night team. so fast. so fast. >> a sudden spark at home. >> as soon as we got out there was, third floor that blew up. families forced to flee. when their homes go up in flames. >> one firefighters was hurt balloting those flames in lawrence. a woman trapped inside had to be rescued. night team tim caputo is live in lawrence tot. apartments in the huge home behind me. if you take look you can see where the brunt of the damage is on the second and third floors. and that you the roof of this huge home. the fire department got here fairly quickly. but there was one woman still stuck inside. >> fire ripped through upper floors of giant multi family home in lawrence this afternoon. more than 20 people live here and many were home when the blaze grew out of control. >> it was so fast.
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there was the third floor they bloo up on that side. three alarm fire was spreading quickly and there was one woman who hadn't made it outside yet. i was mostly my worry somebody still stuck in the apartments. >> on on the third floor. on third floor one woman was still in her apartment fire hadn't reached her place yet. fire officials say she was packing some of her things but wasn't moving fast enough. w attacking fire as well searching for occupant we did find a woman on the right side third floor of the building. crews helped her evacuate. she wasn't hurt. another woman who lives in one other four apartments a seizure. that woman and firefighter who was hurt battling the blaze were both taken to the hospital with nonlife threaten injuries lawrence's mayor grateful no one was seriously hurt. such an old house kind anchor property for intersection.
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everybody's safe residents who lost most of this belong'ses know it could have been much worse. very lucky to be alive. >> super lucky. the red cross out here most afternoon and well into the evening hours. assisting those families that had been displaced as for the exact cause of this fire, it is still under investigation. latest live from lawrence tonight tim caputo seven news night team. state police investigating a deadly crash in methuen. police say man was riding a motorized bicycle when he was hit by 58 years old that man died right there. the truck driver did stay to speak with police. police say man was riding on sidewalk but somehow crashed with truck on the road. now on 7. a robbery gone wrong. was shocking to completely shocking. takes a deadly turn. >> the officer who shot and killed robber says he was forced to fire because man ignored orders and kept walking toward
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pockets. alexis live in lynn to pick up the story. alex. well tonight we are hearing the gunfire captured on police audio. chief here in lynn says his officer was forced to fire after the man who allegedly robbed this gas station would not remove his hands from his pockets. a liven officer spotted a man he wanted for robbing this gulf gas station. i've got him right across bowling alley two shots rang out man wouldn't remove his hands from his pockets. >> shots fired. shots fired. shot twice in torso 41-year-old michael mcgunigle anies malden he died at the hospital. individual had his hands in pockets. officers ordered him to show his hands. refused to do so. continue to come at the officers. they move back and try to create distance. eventually officers fired his
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gas station during a robbery in which he stole $150. >> an individual went in there, claimed he was armed with firearm. attempt to rob the store violent struggle ensued. those this lynn concerned about crime. there are certain things that can't be controlled. the says ex county da and state police will determine if the shooting was justified. >> great city. some people it is unclear if this man actually had a weapon even though he claimed he had one when he robbed the store. the essex county da and state police are handling this investigation. live in lynn i'm i'm alex, 7 news, night team. >> and new video tonight showing former rivals face to face for second time. president-elect trump on the left his chief of staff meeting with former massachusetts governor mitt romney tonight.
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to talk about the role the possibility of secretary of state. and mr. trump is filled more important position in his white. go to ryan schulteis for details. today the president-elect met with several familiar faces at trump power. then had dinner with mitt romney who was still in running for one biggest jobs in his new cabinet. >> president-elect donald trump mitt romney. romney cde romney seemed hopeful. i had a wonderful evening with a president-elect donald trump. he had we had a discussion about affairs throughout world and these discussion have been enlightening. and interesting. and engaging. it ends a business day for transition team. earlier tonight we learned that mr. trump will be choosing former wall street executive stephen as his treasury
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secretary. she was labor secretary under president george w. bush and first asian american woman to serve cabinet position. last night trump selected georgia congressman tom price a fierce critic of obamacare to lead the department of health and human services. >> the most important thing that the american people understand and appreciate is that it's a destructive to their healthcare. despite naming several people to cabinet it's there trump tweets getting all attention today he tweeted no nobody should be a burn american flag it they do there must be consequences. perhaps loss citizenship or in jail. harsh punishment for appear act supreme court ruled was legal and covered under first amendment. and many republicans disagree with pew's substance on this issue i do not approve burning flag. i think there should be some punishment. but i right now, the supreme court decision is that people are free to express themselves. that way. mr. trump will appear with officials in indiana thursday to announce the struck deal with company they are their to keep
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instead of going to mexico. in newsroom ryan schulteis voter fraud has hot election with president-elect trump himself charging fraud in many states. former green party jill stein has now led movement to recount in wisconsin. she sat down with 7 news to give her reasoning behind the call for recount. voters coming out of this very divisive and a bitter election, you know, we deserve to have a voting system that we can confident in. we can take creating democracy that we trust. but clearly not doing this because it's going to put me into office. i'm a disinterested party here like any ordinary citizen. we want to be it i believe have confidence in our votes and in our democracy. >> stein and her party is trying to raise the money needed for recounts in michigan, and pennsylvania. as well. we're following more news tonight. soccer fans are in mourning
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when a plane carrying a brazilian profession will soccer team crashed in columbia last night. there are six survivors. >> fans and family members gathered at the team's arena to pay their respects today. and investigators say they have recovered plane's black boxes from wreck age. they are in good condition. so investigators will use those recorders to determine exactly what went wrong. early reports are that the plane may have run out of fuel. new details into chaos on campus isis now claimed responsibility for inspiring this attack terror group released a statement on prop began today website suspect 18-year-old abdul artan made a facebook post criticizing u.s. just moments before the attack he grew up in somalia and moved to u.s. in 2014 on a green card. artan injure then slashed victims with knife university police officer quickly shot and killed him. officils say all of the victims
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see on just one station. an everett father arrested and accused of a driving drunk for a ninth time. investigators say this time he was caught at his child's school. jadiann thompson live in everett with story you will see on just one station. well kim it sad that his children were involved here as you mentioned showing up according to police to his ten-year-old son's school. from there, later in the same 20-year-old son calls police himself telli t motorcycle. >> hands to his mouth stephen burns handcuffed and bruised listens to court charges read allowed he has been arrested for oui eight times before. the defendant has been convicted of operating under the influence of liquor aapproximately eight prior times. police say while he was picking up his ten-year-old from school monday the 52-year-old everett
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an ilettering the school principal. the alert from principal of school he was concerned when an intoxicated parent was about to drive a child home. investigators say burns yelled curse words at the principal and was arrested for disorderly conduct. the defendant's son telling officers he doesn't feel safe when his father acts this way. and that sometimes he gets like this when he drinks. hours later he gets out of jail and another son in his 20s called police and said the driving a motorcycle leading to the man's ninth total oui. driving around yellow motorcycle. eventually they were able to place the defendant under arrest. they did locate three smirnoff vodka nips in the defendant's pockets. >> the defense did argue that it has been years since that last oui meanwhile the judge set a court date for next week. reporting live in everett tonight jadiann thompson, seven news night team. >> coming up next from the night
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crews in kansas kansas city dealing with a massive explosion flames burning for hours. terrifying moments caught in camera. more rain for new england. time line coming up in a minute. >> he was playing against the green guys. i don't know what they're called but they are very good. >> and that's tom brady's son crash thing his dad thing weekly crash thing his dad thing weekly radio interview. can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business.
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nd your money like this? they nickel and dime you with fees and minimum balances. capital one won't do that. they've reimagined banking, and built a checking account that's free of all that nonsense. no fees. no minimums. no gotchas. at capital one, your money stays your money. what's in your wallet? massive wildfires in state of tennessee out of control killing three people. and damaging many homes and businesses. tonight, firefighters are struggling to stop the spread of those wildfire. and many families are left just helpless as their homes go up in flames.
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newsroom. national park service says at least one of the fires was human caused. with three people now dead officials are trying to michiganing make sure everyone is safe. it's hot. wildfire took off in a seconds residents and vacationer looked out within dotes to find themselves surrounded by inferno. panic. that's all we have is panic. we could feel the heat coming off, it was nothing but red. >> oh my god it's so hot. people had to drive straight through the flames to get out. >> >> tonight with the fire still burning we're learning three people have been killed 14,000 ordered to evacuate. 200 thousand fled to shelters 150 thoms damaged or destroyed. fireman came and got us i don't know whoa was but i thank him solve. inside gatlinburg hotel where guests were trapped inside by flames. you can see hot embers flying into someone's home from the hurricane force winds that fueled the fires.
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breathe our eyes were stinging. so we just grabbed a blanket and took off running. gatlinburg resort town about an hour from knoxville. what's left of it we still don't know. things i've known probably don't exist any more. i can just close my eyes and have that memory in my heart. pray for us one thing i know that will work. god will take care of the rest. and we don't know yet when people can return to see if their homes even exist any could start another wildfire somewhere else in the smoky mountains. in newsroom, brandon gunnoe, seven news night team. we're following more news tonight emergency crews responding to an explosion near kansas city international airport. fire investigators say pipeline carrying propane exploded witness say fire was burning for hours after the initial explosion. they are saying that no one was injured. now 7 weather with chief meteorologist jeremy reiner.
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light today focused during after noon evening commute. sunshine back with us on thursday. that's a mild day. and then after that, a chilly pattern tries to establish itself across southern new england into weekend early next week right now stragglers here a few showers out toward the cape ask islands. but main event is done for the night. round 1 that is. and again it was fast moving. but it packed a punch for some of you with many city and towns in the shading of blue upwards of an inch some locations to an inch and a half metro boston north up across southern new hampshire not quite as much. again another shot at rain. tomorrow afternoon. and tomorrow night. the other cookie thing about this evening the temperatures if you've been outside. it's mild. it feels like spring upper 50s tore a kkt 60 we spent most day trying to dislodge cool raw air from metro boston. never was able to do nashua and ja reef upper 30s bedford last hour in 50s now in 40s. this cool air will begin to seep
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overnight tonight your morning commute will be not that warm. numbers will head back into the 40s later on tonight and tomorrow morning. partial clearing with some patchy fog out there. you can see that some the visibility is now dropping jaffry clo toes mile hyannis four mime visible heads up on that early tomorrow morning. round two, here it is right here. again showers and thunderstorms moving out of mississippi and alabama. across tennessee and kentucky. this works up into new england. primarily tomorrow tomorrow evening. so again tomorrow morning we will feature a lot of clouds. i think you're rain free. grab rain gear because rain is coming your this way tomorrow afternoon tomorrow night. cool and raw temperatures mid 40s to around 50. chance of rain does go up as we work into the afternoon. and the amount of rain on the way, a nice healthy shot of rain. i think most of us once again pick up an inch of rain from that storm system right there. and then we are into the sunshine. breezy conditions on thursday. temperatures on thursday first day of december into mid 50s.
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chilly. monday clouds. and likely to be a couple of snow flurries in southern new england. on monday. how about that? have a good night. >> how about this, local athletes and comedian teaming up annual champions for childrens gala. the event has raised more than $42 million for patients and their families at boston children's hospital. stars like that guy terry francona v jay leno and pats rob among. also patriots offensive lineman nate sol involved with hospital since his son was diagnosed with cancer last year. >> they came us to a time of great need they've through an entire process. holding us up through very difficult time in our lives. our son's troubles to have a place like boston's children is truly phenomenal. and teammate rob gronkowski this cheer's champion recipient he couldn't attend because of an injury his traem mateser more
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his mark. next, fight with the bronco is going to be crazy. appear star is born oh boston sports radio. that was tom brady's son ben playing the role of monday morning quarterback. yee kicked dad off phone to chat with host. in process compares tom brady, his dad torques a donkey. you know he laid off so benny just walked in. put benny on. hey benny. how are you? a surprise visitor crashing brady's westwood 1 radio interview. the qb's son ben six-year-old giving his take on patriots win against the new york jets on sunday. he was playing against the green guys. i don't know what they're called. but they are very good. >> how did you think your dad did yesterday? >> great. >> flipped his chest. he flipped his chest and he tripped too. he sure did. at one point ben also compared his dad to a donkey. >> he got tripped few times
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more hurt? well maybe you'll tell us what's wrong with him. i don't know. he's like a donkey. in what way? >> a crazy way. then ben went on to give prediction patriots bronco's game next month saying his dad will look more like a horse by then. >> next fight with the broncos is going to be crazy. he's going to be like a horse next time. when i plays broncos. oh, wow you're already looking ahead, aren't you benny? e i can't. so ben brady by way celebrating birthday next week. he will be turning 7 years old. and i guess you know that bradies aren't trash talking a home benny said those green guys, i don't know who they are, but they are really good. saying all right thing walking walk talking talk they think they are just saying public will i guess he means it coming up next in 7 sports. it is the play that change
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says its play that's exacting
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shorthand would you ch?ra who missed fourth straight game with a lower body injury. and fellow defense man john michael liles is now out indefinitely with concussion he suffered on sunday against tampa bay. so, a frustrate claude julien sees brow ins down two-0 to start the third period. the b's come back to life earlier in period. he fights david krejci. bruins with a goal and just over a minute later they strike again. skating four and four. blast brad marchand slams in rebound. fliers look to answer less than a minute later jacob breaking away joe gets called for the hold as that is a penalty shot. tuukka rask will stand tall, sticking out the pat and stuffing bore check. keeping game tied. they go to overtime then shoot out tied at one in 8th round. shane skates in beats rask. david back us has chance to extend the shoot out but watch
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mason had 45 saves. bruins fall 3-2 in shoot out tonight. drew bledsoe honor this years tradition former patriots quarterback part of a class that include shaq, billy wayne cashman layla ali and organizers of the one fund. and bledsoe says there's a good reason why tom brady always plays hurt. september 23rd, 2001, patriots and jets mo lewis delivers a shoulder. a causes signica entered game and rest as you know is history. so when we see brady playing hurt like he did this past week with a knee injury bledsoe says there's good reason why. >> tommy, he, he just keeps showing up day after day and going to work. i also think he did learn a hard lesson watching me when man if you get hurt you never know if you're job is going to be there he's trying to stay on field and not get out of it.
11:28 pm
he was never really nippying at my heels then he came in and team started playing really well. very definition of bitter suite really happy for team and tom but at the same time heartbroken i couldn't be on the field. honest answer right there. clippers visiting nets, paul pierce known rim destroy blake griven who had night off pierce on break and 39 years old he just can't get up to throw down any more. and chris swoops in pierce can only laugh at his final nba season. and rick porcello named american league's comeback player of year after red sox rebounded from a disappointing first season in
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that's ourim
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- natalie portman. j. j. abrams.
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and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 580, oklahoma! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh! my oh my! [ cheers and applause ] welcome, everybody. welcome. i love you. welcome to -- welcome to "the tonight show." this is it. you made it. you're here. [ cheers and applause ] this is the show.


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