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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:00am-7:01am EST

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two people injured, including a firefighter. >> nicole: learning more about the man shot and killed by lynn police, his long criminal past including this viral video. >> sarah: and meeting again. what president-elect donald trump and former governor mitt romney discussed over dinner. >> this is 7news "today in new england." >> sarah: good wednesday morning, everybody. thanks for waking up with us. i'm sarah french. >> nicole: and i'm nicole oliverio in for christa. dare i say it was warm when i walked out of the it wasn't as cold as usual, even though it was so rainy and gross. >> nicole: are we going to see more of, that wren? >> wren: our highs were late last night. we reached 58 degrees, but that was closer to around 8:00, 9:00 last night. since then temperatures have fallen for us. we won't be that warm today, but we are looking at seasonable temperatures back into the upper 40s. our main concern is visibility. we have a dense fog advisory to our north, southern new hampshire and vermont as well as to our west, west of worcester
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everybody is seeing some of this fog. so areas of fog throughout southern new england. visibility down half a mile in norwood, boston going to have some reduced visibility, as well. but in term of those rain showers, those are holding off for us now. we are dry and we'll be predominantly dry throughout much of the morning. rain is returning. be sure to grab your umbrella before you head out the door. >> sarah: time now for fast track traffic with danielle gersh. >> danielle: thanks, sarah. here's a look at the zakim bridge and leverett connector. no issues so far for your morning on the out the door, you're in good shape. the expressway braintree to boston northbound, only going to take you about ten minutes this morning. not seeing any problems out there. again, lots of green on the maps. let's take a look at those drive times if you're getting ready to head out the door. ten minutes braintree to boston northbound on the expressway. 12 minutes into town on the pike from 128 and 93 southbound, 128 to the zakim bridge just 11 minutes this morning. the "t" and commuter rail starting the morning on schedule. back to you, guys.
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at least three people have been killed in severe storms down south. a tornado tore through northern alabama. the twister slammed enter a 24-hour day care center, critically injuring four people. there also a church was destroyed. rescue crews right now are sifting through damage and debris. >> sarah: happening today, an emergency meeting is being held to discuss firing the dighton fire chief, who is charged with abusing his clothing allowance. investigators say he used taxpayer money to buy women's clothing. >> nicole: he claims the clothes are for investigators don't believe him. 7's jennifer eagan is live in dighton with more on this meeting to discuss his future. >> jennifer: and, nicole, town officials say that he reportedly tried to... he tried on some of the clothing to try to convince them they were, in fact, for him. they don't believe him. they're going to hold a meeting later today to address this issue. dighton fire chief anton roderick accused of abusing a perk that comes with the job.
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his clothing allowance to purchase women's workout gear and lied about it to police. the chief allegedly altered some receipts to say menswear. roderick told investigators he prefers a slim fit, which is why he shopped for women's item, but after a month-long investigation, roderick was charged with violating employee standards of contact and lars nism police believe he bought that clothing worth $250 for someone else. their board of selectmen is calling an emergency meeting to discuss suspending or firing the chief, saying there is more to the story. >> after tomorrow, those figures are going the change. there has been a substantial amount more that has shown up, and i mean substantial. >> hundreds, thousands? >> thousands. >> jennifer: and that town selectman says moving forward they will be aggressively auditing the fire department's finances looking for other
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jennifer eagan, 7news "today in new england." >> nicole: right now police are searching for the driver involved in a serious hit-and-run in taunton. this happened on state street late last night. police say a driver hit man with a pick-up truck and dragged him for two blocks before driving off. the victim, we're told, is in serious condition and suffered a severe leg injury. >> sarah: this morning investigators are searching for what sparked the fierce flames that displaced 30 people in one woman was trapped on the third floor when the fire started yesterday afternoon. she was rescued from the mull -- multifamily home on east haverhill street. >> that was my worry, that somebody was still stuck in the apartments. >> so fast, so fast. as soon as we got out, the third floor blew up on that side. very lucky to be alive. >> sarah: one firefighter and another woman were both taken to
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ism new details in the deadly police-involved shooting in lynn. this morning we're learning the man police shot has a lengthy criminal past, including this incident in malden where an elderly woman socked him while he tried to rob a 7-eleven. victoria warren is back at the scene with all the details. >> victoria: sources telling us this man just got out of prison. they say yesterday morning he walked into this gas station demanding money, saying he had a gun. source s suspect has done time and time again. they say that he went in and when he demanded the money, the clerk then called 911. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> victoria: police opening fire in lynn, shooting and killing man suspected in a violent robbery at a gas station. >> the individual had his hand in his pockets. the officers ordered him to show his hands. he refused to do so. he continued to come at the officers. they proved back to try to
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fired his weapon. >> victoria: 41-year-old michael mcguinness died in the hospital. sources telling 7news mcguinness just got out of prison and has a long history of robbery. in 2010 this surveillance video went viral, showing a 75-year-old woman trying to jump in to help a clerk as police say mcguinness jumped behind the counter, strong-arming him to hand him the money. police say he was at it again o at this gas station and taking $250. >> an individual went in there armed with a firearm. >> victoria: the clerk was okay. now the district attorney's office is investigating all the events leading to the police officer opening fire. and the two police officers involved yesterday were not hurt. lynn's police chief not saying if they recovered a weapon. he says that is part of the continuing investigation. live this morning in lynn, victoria warren, 7news "today in
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>> nicole: president-elect trump's transition continuing over dinner in new york last night. mitt romney getting what appeared to be a second-round interview for the secretary of state job. at the same time, the president-elect is sparking controversy over his twitter talk on flag burning. kris anderson joins us now with with the latest on this. kris? >> kris: sarah, a lot to talk about in the political world. a former massachusetts governor speaking out about his dinner date with the president-elect. president-elect donald arriving for dinner in new york. it's the second time that governor romney has met with president-elect trump as he considers romney for secretary of state. >> i've had a wonderful evening with president-elect trump. we have another discussion about affairs throughout the world. >> kris: the former massachusetts governor seemed hopeful by a possible spot in the cabinet. >> i have the tell you, i've been impressed by the transition effort, the people he's selected
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solid, effective, capable people. >> kris: it ended a busy day. tuesday steven manu chin was tapped as treasury secretary, elaine chao selected as transportation secretary. chao was labor secretary under george w. bush. despite naming several people to his cabinet, the president-elect's tweets getting lots of attention. tuesday morning he tweeted, "nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do, there must be consequence,er a harsh punishment for an act the supreme court ruled was legal and protected by the first amendment. many republicans disagreeing with the comments. >> i think there should be some punishent, but right now the supreme court decision is that people are free to express themselves. >> kris: the president-elect will meet with carrier to
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to keep more than 1,000 jobs in the state instead of going to mexico. >> sarah: the president-elect's chief strategist is backing out of a conference at harvard's kennedy school after protests were planned. it's not clear why bannon canceled. >> nicole: this morning big news coverage of major stories we've been following for days. tragic news out of tennessee. three people have died in the wildfires that tore through the smoky mountains. firefighters say the victims died in the blaze burned roughly 15,000 acres and destroyed more than 250 buildings near the ski resort town of gatlinburg and pigeon forge. >> sarah: today investigateers will continue trying to figure out why a plane crashed in colombia. officials have already found the plane's black boxes. investigators are looking at the possibility the plane ran out of fuel. a brazilian soccer team was on board the plane. 71 people were killed in the crash. six others managed to surv