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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 29, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 buyer beware--those hoverboards that ended up under thousands of christmas trees-now, sparking fires across the country-in of them exploded right here in the upstate today- 3 plus, once a healthy baby--- now fighting a rare genetic disease---an upstate family is hoping for a miracle in an effort to continue to get the best care possible for thier little girl- 3 good evening--we have breaking news out of miami regarding the clemson tigers----what it could mean for thursday's game- we'll head to south florida for live report on the situation in minutes- minutes-but first---we have to talk weather-a nice break today from the rain----but it's coming back---and we certainly don't need any more rain in our area after we saw a lot of flooding overnight- 3 chief meteorologist kendra kendra is standing by in the weather center- what's the timeline here for this rain and when can we expect to dry
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3 flood warnings continue in buncombe, transylvania and henderson counties are the french broad river, along with the pigeon and swannanoa rivers are high, rising or above flood stage. a flood watch continues for most of our area until 7am on new year's eve.we're experiencing a nice break in the rain now, but more is coming. this evening and most of tonight will be dry, but showers will push back in for wednesday. the rain shouldn't be as heavy as monday night's downpours, but it could be enough to aggravate the already flooded rivers and saturated ground. wednesday with highs in the 60s. isolated t-storms will be possible 3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 i'll have much more,coming up-
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3 in greenwood... a high water advisory is in effect at lake greenwood at the buzzard roost dam- water was released from the lake into the saluda river today - impacting areas in greenwood and newberry'll recall those areas were also hit hard during octobers historic flooding. 3 3 3 "just a lot of water. a lot of people come down here and it's real dangerous so anytime they've got these wheels open and it's flooding, it's best just to ride by instead of staying here, parking in the parking lot and all, because there's so much water thats coming through these gates. it's just a lot of water, it's real dangerous." dangerous."the bridge on ruff bottom road in greenwood county has been closed as a precaution- it won't reopen until engineers can inspect it. officials are stressing that buzzard roost dam is *not in danger of a breach...but that these measures are being taken only as as precaution.
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- transylvania county saw flooding, power outages, and road was washed out overnight- flooding was also a problem in many parts of buncombe county. 3 and remember - when serious weather conditions do arise - make sure you have our fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 happening now 3 some reports coming to light that clemson football players may have been sent home from the orange bowl. 3 we want to send it straight out to sports director aaron cheslock in ft lauderdale - aaron what exactly do we know at this hour. 3 clemson has not commented on reports that three players were sent home for conduct detrimental to the team.
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on wednesday morning during the 8:30 a.m. news conference. yeah, we got full access to the entire tigers team and all the coaches for the orange bowl media day... we've got a lot of fun stuff coming up for you... 3 from offensive 3 linemen impersonating coaches to the backup quarterbacks grilling deshaun watson with the quote "tough questions"... all that's heading your way tonight... but while everyone had a good time today, the
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thursday's matchup on the field... a rematch from last year's bowl game... one clemson crushed oklahoma 40-6... but dabo swinney made no bones about it... they're preparing for a much different oklahoma team to take the field on thursday... 3 3 3 3 "this isn't thenrussell athletic bowl, this is the capital one orange bowl, this is the final four. everybody earned their way here. and this is an incredibly talented team. they were an incredibly talented team last year, but our team understands cause we've been on both sides of it. you get two or three turnovers real quick. one of them a pick-6, then the next thing you know you've got some quick scores. you get behind like that against a good team it can get away from you, and that's what happened in that game. we weren't that much better than them, we were that day. but the score wasn't indicative of the talent." talent."the tigers 34-point win, the largest margin of victory in program history over a top-25 team.. oklahoma has said multiple times, they were embarrassed. 3 more orange bowl previews
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first, a little more lighthearted.. wren alum kelly bryant and the rest of the tigers quarterbacks take the mic and grill deshaun watson... 3 don't want to 3 miss that...coming up later in
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3 and don't forget to tune in tomorrow for "the orange bowl preview."aaron cheslock will have in-depth analysis and one-on-one interviews with the tigers in all kicks off tomorrow night at 7:30 right here on fox carolina. 3 new tonight 3 a hoverboard battery explodes in a gated community in mauldin. mauldin.the national story about these popular devices - now hitting close to home on windrush lane in the plantation greene subdivision. 3 at the request of the homeowner - we are not showing the home, the burned furniture or the dismantled and charred hovercraft.but the damage is similar to what you see here. 3 it is a sight we are becoming all too familiar with. hoverboard batteries have been catching fire or exploding in
10:08 pm carolina's sharon johnson is live in our newsroom tonight. sharon - although we couldn't get video the damage you did see it first hand, right? 3 yes - the homeowner allowed me inside to see the damage and even talked about the explosion.his family described it as small pops - then a fire that quickly began to spread to a chair and the carpet in the family room. 3 3 3 thth is one of the two hoverboards - a mauldin family bought their sons for christmas. christmas.23:38:54 "i personally do not feel they are safe. i don't think they're has been enough testing on them. any friends ihave, i'm going to give them a call and tell them to return them."the battery in the verboard exploded - and now it looks similar to this - another burned out hoverboard from a differentntstate. 21:41:20 "the batteries went in one area 15 feet - they blew to 2525feet. they blew apart - they desenegrated and it went across the house. and they were lucky fire didn't start anywhere else 25 feet away- because there were
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the floor melted."within 2 minutes after the family called 9-1-1- mauldin fire crews were on the scene.4 fire stations responded - to what lt. walker calls a 200 dollar toy that could have destroyed a house.23:39:44 "the charging systemon these are 36 volt batteries and that's the same battery power that powers a gold cart. golf cart can haul up to 2 people plus clubs and this thing hauls one person around. that's a lot of power in such a small body."but he says... it could have been much worse.((sot))23:40:30 "had they not been home, with the intensity that came out of the hoverboard and the furniture that was burning, they probably would have lost their home." 3 we talked to a local state farm insurance agent about the hoverboard fires...he said anytime there's a possibly liability and its not corrected that could jeopardize your policy.
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forecast3 i'll tell you when the next chance of rain comes. comes.3 plus - details after this tornado touched down in the on camera... 3 a greenville county business - family run for over a century could be forced to demolish their building.we're talking to he family to find out if this historic hotspot can be saved.and a carolina homeowner catches burglars in his house - and holds them at gunpoint - he told 9-1-1 dispatchers he wasn't going to let the thieves get away - and we've got the dramatic 9-1-1 call next.
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3 covering our counties at ten 3 greenville county deputies are investigating a shooting in taylors that sent a woman to the hospital. happened at this housing complex on shockley road just after 4 this afternoon. when deputies arrived at the mountain trace townhomes...they found a woman who'd been shot in the leg. 3 this is an isolated incident theres no reason believe that there is any danager to the public publicno word on any suspects at this hour -the woman's injuries are not life threatening. 3 a homicide investigation is underway in pickens county- after deputies say a man was found dead inside his home. happened around 12:30 this afternoon on planters way in easley.the sheriff's office tells us a neighbor called
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on the floor through a window. the coroner says 54 year old clarence holcombe was found dead with a gunshot wound to the chest.deputies say there were no signs of forced entry - and so far, no suspects have been n ned.neighbors say holcombe was a very nice and generous m m - deputies are asking anyone with information to call crime stoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. 3 in spartanurg county... a suspicious fire is under investigation. investigation.the fire destroyed the condemned duplex on norris street in spartanburg last began in one apartment and then spread to the other.both are a total loss.there was no power running to either it's not clear how this fire started. 3 we are covering the carolinas tonight.... 3 a north carolina man who found three people breaking into his home took matters into his own hands.he held all three men at
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arrived."don't move. sir? do not move. okay sir we've got an officer on the way. don't move." move."this happened in a small town near boone...sheriff deputies and highway patrol both scrambled to the home home in vilas after the frantic call.the homeowner says he found two of the men coming from his basement, and another in the garage - deputies say when they arrived, the owner had a shotgun trained on the trio and was determined not to let thememget away. 3 3 "i think it's pretty awesome. if i found someone in my house i would keep them there." there." 3 "just never seen anyone do that. never thought anyone would be able to do that. i would be scared to do that." that."the county sheriff says he is happy the breaking and entering suspects are in custody.but he's warnini others to exercise caution and not get hurt if they are in a similar situation. 3 it's been confirmed - a tornado did touch down outside charlotte during yesterdays' storm system. system.the natonal weather
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ef- zero touched down three miles northeast of trinity north carolina. 3 it was only on the ground for three minutes - but winds reached speeds of up to 85 miles per hour. ground surveyors with the weather service investigated the damage to trees and homes to determine it was in fact a tornado.the national weather service says the stormed developed within seconds - too quickly for them to issue a warnrng. 3 and we know flooding caused a lot of problems overnight across the mountains- the swannanoa river flooded-- leaving parts of buncombe county under water.asheville firefighters had to perform several water rescues 3 some people only had a matter of minutes to get out of their home as the water c citnued to rise, as fox carolina's ashley daley reports. 3 as you can see much of the water has receded but residents here say at its peak it was nearly 5 feet high. something one residents says
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years living here. with the sun now shining on buncombe county clean up efforts are underway. this creek along charlotte highway...just east of biltmore forest...under emergency repair after debris carried by flood water nearly clogged the pipes.residents of the fernwood mobile home park just down the road say it was that clog that caused the water to rise around 1 this morning. morning. 3 3 we've had a lot more rain than this in shorter periods of time and it hadn't backed up like this before. butted to toat one point maybe 4 to 5 feet of water in the mobile home park. kenneth ledford with the reynolds fire department says more than 6 families were were forced to evacuate and one had to be rescued. rescued. 3 it was just a river out here and i didn't see no way out for me to get out and i know the fire department is right on top of the hill right there so i just called 911.lamb says the water was so high it moved and potentially totaled both of his vehicles...and also damaged his home. 3 3 today lamb and his family are
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in hopes he wont have to leave. "i thank the good lord for getting me out safe."now more rain expected in this area wednesday -- that has residents fearful it could bring more flooding... officials we talked to say theres also the potential for we'll continue to follow this...of course stick with fox carolina dot com for the latest weather conditions. in buncombe county - ashley daley the ten o clock news 3 kendra has a look at the forecast forecast 3 flood warnings continue in buncombe, transylvania and henderson counties are the french broad river, along with the pigeon and swannanoa rivers are high, rising or above flood stage. a flood watch continues for most of our area until 7am on new
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a nice break in the rain now, but more is coming. this evening and most of tonight will be dry, but showers will push back in for wednesday. the rain shouldn't be as heavy as monday night's downpours, but it could be enough to aggravate the already flooded rivers and saturated ground. expect off and on rain through wednesday with highs in the 60s. isolated t-storms will be possible 3 for weather 24 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 cody back to you.
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3 a suspect charged in the deadly shooting of a former charged in more crimes. 3 police say amanda blackburn wasn't his first victim!we've learned he's charged in a second burglary and killing! killing!plus upstate deputies are also hoping you'll listen to their word of warning this new year. what you need to know before you get behind the wheel - that could save lives. lives.
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3 follow up 3 we're hearing from greenville county ems officials - about their part in a 911 call placed on sunday. sunday.this greenville county woman told us yesterday that she called ems for her son on sunday.she said she was scared when deputies showed up unexpectedly and she said they didn't announce themselves. tonight - we spoke with county officials with ems who told us quote - 3 "the sheriff's office was listening to the ems communication dispatcher communicate with the caller and they- the sheriff's office -determined they should go to
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between the resident and ems dispatcher, there was reference to violent acts." 3 now the greenville county sheriff's office told us yesterday, ems asked *them to be there, and that they did in fact knock on the door.county officials say ems sometimes needs 'support' from law enforcement -- and will alert them if they believe the safety of the public might be impacted. 3 happening now 3 new year's eve is this thursday!and that means upstate agencies are preparing to step up enforcement on those driving under the influence. influence.pickens county deputies will be out conducting sobriety check points on thursday and friday. deputies will be stationed at: walhalla highway and terrapin crossing road in pickens.south norris drive at cook road in moorefield memorial highway at odell road in liberty. liberty.and three locations in easley: saluda dam road at north fishtrap road, old easley highway at greenville pickens speedway and farrs bridge road at clear dawn
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rick clark about his agency's effort to crack down on drunk driving 3 3 3 "of course with the partying that's going on and celebrations, we're looking for impaired drivers- drugs or alcohol. and so, they'll be out there at different spots about the county, just like all across the upstate really. everybody is joining forces to make sure we can save some lives this weekend." weekend."and coming up later in the newscast - we're talking to greenville police about their procedures for the upcoming holiday - to make sure the roads stay safe. 3 a family run buisiness - more than a century old - now at risk of being condemned...'s sat unused in t-r..not kept up for years ... but is it an eyesore - or a treasure worth saving??hear from the family and the county... next. may be starting to think about your new years resolutions -if saving some extra money is a goal for 2016 - stay tuned for our tips straight from financial experts. experts.and chief meteorologist kendra kent is
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day forecastshe'll tell you what you can the week to come. come. 3
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3 only on fox -one greeville county woman wants to salvage a piece of her family's history before it may be too late. little texas grocery in travelers rest is at risk of being condemned due to safety codes. 3 the little grocery has not been open for years. but this woman says she plans to save it with help from the community. 3 fox carolina's shale remien is live in the newsroom with the story. 3 cody -i talked with a spokesman for greenville county today...and he says an inspector deemed the store unsafe on decmeber 11th. we found out about this story
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to facebook to fire up the community to help her save the store. 3 3 3 kayla powell says little texas grocery wasn't just a store back in the day. 3 "i had someone comment it was the first place they had met their father, inside of this building, so it's more than just a structure or something that's been in the family, it means a lot to a lot of people."but after powell's family and close family friend, ruth, stopped running the store, powell couldn't' take it on by herself. "there are a lot of repairs that need to be done and it would take a lot of money and materials and help to do it. but we just haven't been able to that but i don't want the building to go anywhere."now greenville county deemed the grocery as an unsafe structure. with a deadline to fix, or be condemned, starting january 15th. '"between now and january 15th, i plan on meeting with contractor, any construction worker that wants to meet me down here to look at the building inside and out and see what they have to offer." powell will then have to write a letter to the
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and hope it extends her the time. "representative joe dill has been working on trying to get it in the historic preservation, so we're currently working on that." powell says she has great memories growing up here and hopes to make her living off of the store someday."i just really wanted to have something for my son, i wanted eventually to have me and him live in the house and then for me to restore the store and run the store."with the right repairs and help from the community, powell says she 3 is optimist for the future. "i feel like there's so many people that are still willing to help and i look forward to seeing what happens and meeting the people that want to help and preserve and give." 3 powell told me she plans on getting the letter to greenville county by next week for their review.she says the experience has inspired her and her dream would be to have the grocery store up and
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reporting live in the newsroom, shale remien, fox carolina, the ten o'clock news 3 in a fox carolina follow up 3 we're learning more about one of the men charged in the death of a pastor's wife -- who has ties to the upstate. officials say one of the now charged in *another deadly robbery. robbery.prosecutors say "larry taylor" is accused of robbing and shooting a man in the head on november 4th. 4th.he's one of three men also charged in the murder of amanda blackburn.she was once involved with the ministry at newspring church in anderson with her husband davey.the two moved to indiana--where they began their own church.amanda was shot and killed inside her home on november 10th.she was pregnant at the time of her death. death.taylor, jalen watson, and diano gordon are also facing charges in the crime. taylor and watson are also accused in two other burglaries - which happened that same day. 3 continuing to cover our counties 3 in anderson county-anderson police were forced to shoot two dogs tonight---after they attacked three people in the
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the victims suffered extensive injuries- 3 police say it happened near the intersection of osborne avenue and shirley street- responding officers found the three victims on top of truck- officers say the dogs were still aggressive and were forced to the shoot the two dogs-police are still trying to find the owner of the dogs and were told that person could be arrested-as for the victims, none of their injuries appear to be life- threatening- 3 cleanup is underway at this greenville county buisiness. you can see the car drove into the storefront on old buncombe road near clarendon avenue. highway patrol troopers responded to the scene just before 4 this afternoon. injuries were reported - no word yet what led up to the crash, or whether charges will be filed. 3 greenville police are on the search for a suspect after a gas station was robbed at gunpoint early this morning! take a listen to some of the audio that was caught on surveillance during the robbery- robbery- 3
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3 just before two 3 a-mpolice say a man wearing all black with a camouflage handkerchief over his face...walked in to the spinx on the corner of laurens road at east washington street. police say the man showed the cashier a gun and demanded money.anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers at 23-crime. 3 laurens county deputies are asking for your help locating suspects believed to be involved in a home burglary. burglary.the sheriff's office is hoping to identify the suspects you see in these photos -there's also a photo of a car they may have been driving at the time.if you have any information on these individuals - contact the laurens county sheriff's office. 3 and a similar story in simpsonville -police there say these two men allegedly robbed several homes still under construction.police believe jarron leanard and leon pollock stole appliances,
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machines and dryers from the homes back on november 13th. fountain inn police and the greenville county sheriff's office have also had similar and possibly related burglary incidents. so anyone with information on these men should contact law enforcement. 3 the rutherford county sheriff's office is asking for your help finding a runaway teen. teen.deputies say 16-year-old alexander militello ran away from his home on sunday and may still be in rutherford county.if you see him or have any information...your asked to call investigators at the number on your screen. 3 as you&decide 2016 3 former new york governor george pataki has dropped out of the race for the republican presidential nomination.pataki began his campaign in may - but failed to gain support in the field - polling at zero percent. 3 and upstate congressman trey gowdy spent the day stumping with gop presidential candidate marco rubio. rubio.the two participated in
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town of clinton. rubio spoke about some of the other contenders for the party's nomination -including jeb bush and chris christie -the new jersey governor called out the senator saying he needs to quote "show up for work" representative gowdy says despite the shouting match - he knows who he's voting for. 3 "it's not my job to tell you who o vote for, but i am going to tell you who i am going to vote for. and i'm gonna tell you why. i'm going to vote for marco rubio. national security and public safety are the most important issues to me. and there is nobody better on those two issues than marco rubio. 3 tonight we're down to 12 republican candidates campaigning for the nomination. nomination.and just four democrats in the races. remember we've got all your political headlines at fox carolina dot com. 3 a scary situation out of oklahoma - where a country band's lead singer went missing after a hunting trip. trip.he was with his friend -
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and as the hours pass by- family and friends are praying for his safe return. young upstate girl diagnosed with a debilitating disease may never walk again...her family now struggling to make thier home accessible for their daughter - find out what you can do to help - coming up. up.and i'll show you when heavy rain is likely tomorrow tomorrowac live in ft. lauderdale - you'll want t t3 stay tuned for a very special interview with tiger quarterback deshaun watson. watson. 3 3 3 3 3 3
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on fox 3 a rare genetic syndrome is impacting an upstate family-- as they watch their once healthy baby *grow -- and *lose her ability to use her fact - she'll most likely never's emotionally devastating - but the family says they won't stop fighting to give their little girl a chance to live the best she can. 3 but to make sure that little rylee gets the best *care she can - there are lots of doctors and physical therapy appointments to get to. they need some help - and a new carolina's sarah danik spoke with the family and is live in studio. 3 cody - the family is waiting on insurance - but they're expecting rylee's wheelchair to arrive in the coming weeks. and with a very small car they're borrowing - *two other children, rylee's *wheelchair *and another baby on the way - this family is in dedeerate need of a handicap accessible vehicle. 3 3 3 3 i wasn't supposed to have any more kids, so we were just delighted when we found out we were pregnant with rylee ))and
10:33 pm
things were developing normally for jeannie hammond's little girl.then, things changed. changed.when rylee was about 6 months old, she started not doing things like she should - just a little developmentally behind ))the family, from liberty, took rylee for testing over several months. then, after an appointment with a neurologist and a genetics test - they learned in october - their little girl, had a rare disorder, called rett syndrome.12:19:28 she doesn't sit, she doesn't crawl, she doesn't hold her own weight - if you are holding her she will throw herself backward if you're not holding her good 12:19:34 *** now - rylee rruires 24-7 care. (nats)and things have never quite been the same for the family. family. it's hard - it takes a lot of patience and it's changed everything about me - it's worth it-- and i wouldn't change anything but it's not fair to her there are multiple appointments to get to for rylee - not to mention keeping up with school activities for hammond's 6 year old daughter.
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the way. way.i've never had to ask for anything and it's hard for me but people keep on telling me you're not asking for you, you're asking for rylee and rylee really does need it - we do really need it for rylee a go fund me page has been set up - and hammond is hoping to raise enough money for a wheel chair accessible van. van. its just something you have to take day by day and stay as calm as possible and you have to realize it's not her fault 3 jeannie is hoping to raise 20- thousand dollars- so far, the go fund me page has a little over one thousand dollars in donations.we'll have a link to the go fund me page on our website - fox carolina dot com. 3 sarah - what does the future hold for rylee - will there ever be a cure? cure?right now there is no cure - but those with rett syndrome can live into adulthood.however, they will always need around the clock care.including doctor's appointments, physical, occupational and speech therapy.
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3 there's a lot of pressure on the tigers... as they head into the orange bowl... but qb deshawn watson still knows how to have fun... fun...sports director aaron cheslock joins us live in ft. lauderdale -he's got an interview with number four like you haven't seen before... 3 yeah cody - after a long season of media days - i was tired of asking watson questions.. so i let the other tiger quarterbacks do it for him. not surprisingly, it got pretty hilarious...take a look. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 this is nick shuessler with fox carolina we've got a few questions for my dog. is it true that you have a crush on sam ponder? ponder? 3 3 you're gonna get me in trouble! i know you've got a girl back at home, but let's just hear it.i guess a little one. alright deshaun, pivotal question, we're all boys and everything, but who is your favorite quarterback on the team and why? make it awkward,
10:36 pm
going jamesyou're going james? who's james? tell me who you are james.a walk on quarterback.we love it, we love it.whatats, i don't know, i don't got one...uhh, you ask him something...kelly, who is your favorite celebrity crush and why? why? 3 3 uhh i'm going to go with skylar digging cause she's a baller and she don't notice me but one day i'm going to notice her you know what i'm saying?"alright big law, one last question, who's your favorite celebrity crush and why? why? 3 3 celebrity crush and why, i really don't know man. i'd say jennifer lopez cause she's old and still sexy. ooooh3 real clemson fans are watching fox carolina 3 clemson has not commented on 3 reports that three players
10:37 pm
detrimental to the team. clemson will address reports on wednesday morning during the 8:30 a.m. news conference. definitely no soft-ball questions there.coming up we're talking nfl draft - and which tiger prospects might be looking toward the big leagues. 3 cody, back to you.3 3 and don't forget to tune in tomorrow for "the orange bowl preview."aaron cheslock will have in-depth analysis and one-on-one interviews with the tigers in all kicks off tomorrow night at 7:30 right here on fox carolina. 3 and for all your clemson updates - check out fox carolina dot com.we have a special section devoted to all things tigers leading up to e orange bowl.
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3 3 flood warnings continue in buncombe, transylvania and henderson counties are the french broad river, along with the pigeon and swannanoa rivers are high, rising or above flood stage. a flood watch continues for most of our area until 7am on new year's eve.we're experiencing a nice break in the rain now,
10:39 pm
evening and most of tonight will be dry, but showers will push back in for wednesday. the rain shouldn't be as heavy as monday night's downpours, but it could be enough to aggravate the already flooded rivers and saturated ground. expect off and on rain through wednesday with highs in the 60s. isolated t-storms will be possible wednesday afternoon. rain should clear out by wednesday night, leaving dry conditions for thursday and new year's day. much colder air will filter in for friday and the weekend, bringing highs back down to the 40s and 50s area-wide, while overnight lows will get to near freezing
10:40 pm
3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 a country frontman - lost on a hunting trip with his friend that has turned deadly. deadly.that 22 year old friend - found dead near an oklahoma lake -and now police say the clock is ticking to find the singer. 3 and caught on elderly woman.. targeted as she is *praying at church!her purse snatched from right next her.tonight - how authorities
10:41 pm
3 developing 3 3 tragedy in oklahoma - after a country singer and his friend took a hunting trip -the friend was found dead - and the country frontman still missing tonight. tonight.just off the shores of kaw lake, lead singer of the band backroad anthem, craig strickland and good friend chase morland hit the water and vanished.
10:42 pm
the weekend but a capsized boat - chase's body was found monday afternoon by state troopers at the lake - he was 22 years and friends turned to social media, finding this chilling tweet from chase - quote "in case we don't come back - craig and i are going right through winter storm goliath to kill ducks in oklahoma. #into the storm." storm."as for craig strickland, he is still missing. strickland's dog, sam, was found alive at the scene. strickland was in the country rock band, backroad anthem. the arkansas- based band was formed in 2012. family members are now filling social media with hope of his return. 3 on the fox carolina money watch 3 if you got new cookware for should check it-- it--macy's is recalling more than 120-thousand martha stewart frying pans.according to the consumer product safety commission...rivet covers on those eight and ten inch pans
10:43 pm
your kitchen.the commission says at least three people have received minor injuries that way.if you have the frying pans, you should stop using g em and return them to macy's for credit. 3 new year's is just 3 around the corner - and we have some tips if money management is one of your resolutions for 2016. order to improve your spending, saving and bill paying practices -try to get back in touch with your finances - take time to sit down and review your accounts to see where you stand with any credit card debt or loan payments.cocomit to paying bills on time - it's the most important element of good credit, and it's the easiest thing to do if you set up a schedule for yourself, whether that's online auto payments, or a reminder on your cell phone. phone.and when you day pay -
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minimum -that'll help you avoid additional interest when you repay - and knock down debt - set specific savings goals - a percentage increase or a dollar amount - to increase your savings this year. a rule of thumb is to save 10 percent of your income, although many experts now recommend saving 15-20 percent. 3 and our last tip - pay taxes early. the irs reports that 2.6 million returns had errors in 2013 - partially in part to last minute filing. preparing your tax return earlier gives you time to review and ensure it is
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3 new tonight... 3 boy scouts' desperate attempt.. to save their leader! leader!he was attacked by a bear.. and pulled into a cave! tonight - we're hearing the 9-1-1 calls for the first the scouts showed just how prepared they could be.. in an emergency situation. 3 and..officers in the upstate are cracking down on drunk drivers this new years eve. tonight - how they're ramping up patrols..and why you may want to snag a safe ride home *early.
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