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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 30, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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area today-streets have been closed---even a red cross shelter has opened for those evacuated from the wilson creek mobile home park in greenwood- 3 12 counties are dealing with more than two dozen road closures across the state. here's a live look in greenville right now -at the reedy river -this whole area was closed off earlier today, but has since reopened. 3 showers will last into the evening before tapering off overnight. expect temperatures to dip into the low to mid-50s area-wide. thursday will peak in the mid-50s and mid-40s under gradually clearing skies. look to see dry
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3 and again - greenwood county one of those regions south of i-85 that saw the brunt of this system - fox carolina's rebecca atkins spent the day out there - what are you seeing at this hour?
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road was unpassable. the water was rushing and emergency management says at least six families were displaced and were taken to a shelter opened by the red cross. 3 3 3 nats: "its very frustrating to have to deal with this." rushing water ripped through the wilson creek mobile home park in greenwood early wednesday. cars sit submerged in water and residents were evacuated. 3 4:40:32it's caused a lot of people to not be able to get back and forth to their homes, wish there was something they could do to fix it make it better." donald cortright says this is the second time he and his family have dealt with flooding in just a few months. 4:44:00i have a wife and a daughter back there and i can't get to them right now and it scares me cause i don't know what to do or how to get to them."and the owner of the wilson creek mobile home park says he wants something to be done to prevent more flooding. flooding. 3 4:44:12"the water has nowhere to go but to ride down the road in a creek like this and it all overflows."davenport was speaking with residents on
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for the families that cant get to their homes. 4:45:08"it's really bad for everybody.... i know the county they can't work wonders or anything like that but it would be nice if we had a better covered or better way to get off the bridge like a little elevated pipe where people wouldn't get stuck on this side of the creek."the american red cross set up a shelter for those that had to be evacuated, on main street at the united methodist church.nats: rain shortly after 3, the us 25 bypass at burgess drive was closed off due to flooding. and in 96 a man and his two passengers were swept away in their car on paysinger road. 4:51:57i started and the water started pushing the car sideways.that is the man that was driving, he did not want to be identified and the road is now closed.4:52:01"next thing you know the car started filling up so we all crawled up on the top of the roof and we called for help."in just ten minutes he says fire crews arrived and rescued them from the water, and he says hes grateful. "don't think you can go through something you can't
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yourself." 3 both the phoenix and 96 fire departments responded to that rescue and all three people are okay. cody? 3 rebecca what are the conditions like out there now? and are roads still flooded? flooded?from what we can see the water has moved away from this area it certainly isn't like it was earlier but a lot of the roads that have been closed today are still closed at this time.reporting live in greenwood, rebecca atkins fox carolina the 10 oclock news. 3 in anderson county- this is what many of you faced--- you're looking in powdersville---county officials are keeping a close eye on creeks, streams and rivers-- 3 we aslo know abbeville county alone had 12 roads closed at one point.remember if you see
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3 in greer- most of the roads that were closed earlier today are back open tonight- so be careful out there--police say this driver was going too fast along brushy creek roadwhen he lost control and ran down an embankement- all four people inside are okay-but again, these wet roads can be dangerous- 3 whether it's flooding, snow or severe storms- make sure you have our fox carolina weather app handy-it's easy to download just text carolina weather to 23765you'll get watches and warnings sent straight to your device- 3 only on fox at ten- 3 we are hearing from a mother looking for answers about what happened to her son--and why. he was shot christmas weekend along a greenville county road--tonight, police are looking for the shooter and a motive. 3 that mother says her son is lucky he didn't of the
10:06 pm carolina's derek dellinger is live tonight in our newsroom with the story you will see only on fox--and derek--how is that young man doing tonight? 3 his name is marquavious mcgrath--he's 18--he's a volunteer firefighter back in greenwood, where he lives.and according to his mother-- things are getting better for him--even though they did have to bring him back to the hospital for emergency surgery last night. 3 3 3 3 3 it started here, 11:10, i'm in greenville with this girlthis is quite literally the last conversatrion trella hill had with her son marquavious mcgrath--before everything was christmas night--her son had gone from greenwood to greenville with a family member--and a girl--to a club--but he did not make it back home that night.hill got the knock on the door at 2:30 saturday morning. morning. 3 3 my whole body went limber at that moment. that was my son. i have a daughter, too, and if something ever happens to them, it happens to me.her son
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just barely.and that whole entire time--hill has been trying to figure out what happened--and why. 3 light turned green, and shots went everywheregreenville police say mcgrath was at club acuarius off pleasantburg drive--there was a fight that happened in the parking lot-- that he wasn't involved in-- but seemed to follow him--from that parking lot--to a waffle house nearby.hill says her son--and everybody else he was with--decided they would be better off going back was just a short distance down the road--when the shooting happened. happened. 3 3 he was shot in the back of the neck, and it went out the side of his chin and also fractured his wrist.and police are now trying to piece everything together--they don't know yet who fired the shots.and hill wants to know why her son is right now back at the hospital. there's bruising--and some significant throat damage--but she knows it could be a lot worse. worse. 3 3 luck is not the word. the doctor said with his injuries, he has never seen anyone survive without paralyzation or death. my son has neither one. 3 greenville police are investigating what happened.
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mcgrath's mother does.if you have any information on this shooting--you're asked to call greenvillle county crimestoppers---at 23-crime. live in the newsroom--derek dellinger, fox carolina--the ten o'clock news. 3 ted has the forecast forecast 3 3 rain will move out of the carolinas as cooler air moves in. we are taking a look at your new year forecast and tracking some sunshine for the weekend. stick around for the latest. latest. 3 thieves target 3 an upstate charity in the midst of the holiday season! what law enforcement is encouraging all of us to do to stay safe- 3 plus stick around for this one- an 8-year-old upstate girl teaching selfessness while helping out the greenville
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ft lauderdale -we're talking about how the tigers are moving forward after the suspension of three players from the orange bowl -they're headed home - and two will never suit up in orange again. hear from coach dabo swinney next on the ten o clock news.
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3 weathehetaking over the headlines across the country and right here in our area- 3 today, the upstate saw a lot of flooding-but earlier this week the mountains saw their fair share -take a look at artspace charter school in buncombe county.a mudslide caused this mess- they are still cleaning up the mud---- all the carpet had be removed---and will have to be replaced- they're asking for
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building---if you can - contact the artspace charter school- 3 in the city of greenville-all the roads through cleaveland park are back open-this area always seeing flooding when we get this much rain- but again, the roads are back open- 3 and taking you live outside right now--things have calmed down in spartanburg county- this is a look on highway 290 near duncan.hopefully we can start to dry out as we head into new years eve and the beginning of 20-16 3 ted is in the weather center 3 3 3 rain will stick around this evening as temperatures dip into the mid to low 50s area wide. expect to see showers taper off overnight with a few lingering showers possible in the upstate early thursday morning. widespread fog will
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well.thursday will start off mostly cloudy with skies gradually clearing throughout the day. expect highs to peak in the mid-60s across the upstate while western north carolina tops out in the upper 50s.winds will be light across the upstate while western north carolina sees more of a north northeasterly flow between five and ten miles per hour. 3 for weather 24 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download!
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you. 3 3 happening now 3 by this time tomorrow night we'll know whether the tigers are in the tional championship.. but there's still plenty to preview with the matchup... matchup...we continue our live coverage from south florida with sports director aaron cheslock, and aaron - the big story's still the three players sent home for the remainder of the college football playoff right? 3 yeah dabo swinney confirming this morning that jay jay mccullough, ammon lakip and deon cain are suspended for the rest of the season... for mccullough and lakip... they'll never suit up in orange and white again.. 3 3 3 3 "it doesn't matter who they are, or how big the game is. if you don't do what's right, you ain't playing. didn't do what's right, so they're not
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more complicated than that. tigers head coach dabo swinney making the call late last night to send the three players packing.. swinney says when coaching college kids, sometimes they make mistakes... love them all the same, i love those guys. they're not bad guys. those aren't bad kids. they didn't go out and rob a bank or anything like that, they're not bad guys. but they forfeited their opportunity, this is a privilege and we have rules. i don't make all the rules, but i'm going to enforce them. we're going to do what's right. often times it's easier to do the wrong thing, but it's s ways best to do what's right. and that's what we're always going to do in this program."it's lakip's second run in with trouble this year.. the senior losing his starting kicker spot after being charged with dui and possession of coxaine this summer.. both him and backuo tight end jay jay mccullough are out of the tigers program for good... but it's cain, who's able to get a second shot if he stays on the straight and narrow..."deon will have an opportunity to come back to school and rejoin
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grows up and does what he needs to do. if he doesn't, then he won't. so it's really pretty simple."swinney says while he's disappointed in those players... he feels for them.. wishing the story stayed on the tigers pursuit of perfection rather than three guy's problems..."i really hate it for them. they're the ones that really have to deal with the consequences because it's unfortunate that those three guys get the headlines, but the headlines aren't about all the good things the other 112 guys areredoing. but that's the way society is too. so it just comes with the territory."a bad time for the story to break... with the orange bowl just hours away.. but swinney says it won't change the gameplan too much.. and won't flex the tigers focus from oklahoma..."why would it be a distraction? jay jay mccullough and lakip and deon don't have anything to do with shaq lawson. and how he plays his game. they don't have anything to do with the rest of those guys. it's not a distraction for me, cause i have to answer questions about three guys who break our rules. and i have to deal with it but that comes with my job, those guys they're focused on
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nothing to do with them. 3 while cain was a big playmaker all year, it was actually dorman alum charone peake who's started all 13 games... he'll see significantly more action in the orange bowl... much more to get to, coming up later at 10, we'll hear from more from dabo swinney on keeping clemso focused... 3 cain posting on instagram...quote -"i apologize to everyone i hurt or let down. i'm gonna learn from this mistake and become a and off the field. i'm determined to stronger than ever before" before"while cain was a big playmaker all year, it was actually dorman alum charone started all 13 games... he'll see more action in the orange bowl... 3 much more to get to, coming up later at 10, we'll hear from more from dabo keeping clemson focused... cody, back to you. 3 in a fox carolina 3 a charity that helps the disabled and elderly in the upstate lost almost all their tools last night...thanks to thief who swiped their trailer- 3 law enforcement says this group is not alone...this is an issue across the usptate- 3 fox carolina's shale remein live here in the studio-with more on this charity and how
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can protect themselves.shale? 3 cody here is a long list of all of the tools the non profit had stolen - and these aren't just single items, there are quanity numbers by each item.with more crime around this time of year - i spoke with the simponsville police to get tips on how to keep you and your belongings safe. 3 3 3 3 "this year alone 18 hundred calls for assistance, there's a lot of people that need this, and we do just as much as we can with what we got." but what rebuild upstate has to work with now is close to none. they had dozens of tools stolen right out of their trailer tuesday night in greenville. tools they need to help the community. "rebuild upstate is a non profit that does home repairs for elderly and handicap and impoverished people."they have finished 120 projects this year- but with few tools left to work with now, they're not sure where to turn. "we only have the one trailer - and probably over
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trailer. probably about 15 hundred dollars worth of equipment." rebuild upstate says the trailer was locked when it was stolen. and over in simpsonville, lieutenant williams says crimes like this are on the rise.and if you see something that looks suspicious..."try and get a good description of the person, what direction they leave, what they're wearing and what kind of vehicle they're driving and tag number if you can." lieutenant willaims also says surveillance footage makes a huge difference in an investigation. investigation."security companies have cameras you can put out, that's really useful to us during investigations, where we can go and help get assistance on those people and you have a real good video on them, like what they're driving, we can use that." rebuild upstate says they do their best to help those in need but they are still in shock by e theft. "frustrating...someone would take from a non for profit who
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can't believe that." 3 lietenant willams says when you buy an item, write down the serial numbers. its an extra step but if police find your stolen goods and the serial matches, it ensures they arrest the correct person. rebuild usptate says if you would like to make a donation to help resupply their tools, you can go to the link on our website.they already have about eight scheduled projects between now and february. 3 bill cosby free on a million dollar bond - 3 it comes years after numerous women made sex assault allegations against him- tonight... a look at cosby's court appearance... and the charge he's facing., the search is on for a driver in a deadly hit and run in greenville county- tonight..his daughter is pleading for answers- we'll tell you what kind of car troopers are looking for-
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3 we're back with a developing story- 3 bill cosby is out of jail tonight -on a one million dollar bond for sexual assault- 3 the 78-year-old is charge in connection to a 2004 allegation in pennsylvania-
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and sexually assaulting andrea constand----a former staffer for the temple university women's basketball team- prosecutors say the charge stems from **new evidence** including cosby's own statements in a civil lawsuit recently unsealed by a judge in which he admitted having given drugs to women he wanted to have sex with- 3 3 3 "mr. cosby urged her to take pills that he provided to her and to drink wine. the effect of which rendered her unable to move, respond to his advances, and he committed aggravated indecent assault upon her." her."this all comes after nearly forty women came forward this year with similiar accusations spanning over four decades- cosby is expected back in court next month for a preliminary
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face up to ten years in prison- 3 more details tonight after the wife of a cowpens man killed in a hit and run is locked up accused of the crime- crime-now, his family is speaking out-telling us the type of punishment they want to see handed down-- 3 and a driver on the run after another deadly hit and run in greenville countywhat troopers are asking you to look out for - -and meteorologist ted phaeton is putting together your seven day forecasthe'll tell you what you can the week to come. come.
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3 the big story of the day - major flooding throughout our area 3 and check out this video that was sent in to us by a viewer in greenwood county!we're told this is usually just a small stream or standing water that spills into lake greenwood.. it's not so small today- 3 and in laurens county - investigators say lightning sparked in this house fire in
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responded to the scene on hipp avenue along highway 560 just before noon.a challenge for those first responders - since the closest hydrant was two miles away - and the road tankers use to access the area was flooded.the flames caused severe damage after igniting the roof's wooden officials there were people inside when the lightning struck - fortunately there were no reported injuries. injuries. 3 ted is in the weather center 3 3 3 you're looking live in spartanburg countythe roads are wet, ground extremely saturated and highway patrol troopers definitely still warning people to be carefulif you're hitting the roads
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evening as temperatures dip into the mid to low 50s area wide. expect to see showers taper off overnight with a few lingering showers possible in the upstate early thursday morning. widespread fog will likely develop overnight as well.thursday will start off mostly cloudy with skies gradually clearing throughout the day. expect highs to peak in the mid-60s across the upstate while western north carolina tops out in the upper 50s.winds will be light across the upstate while western north carolina sees more of a north northeasterly flow between five and ten miles per
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3 for weather 24 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 cody, back to you 3 continuing to cover our counties 3 not sure if weather played a role or not early this morning - when multiple cars hit a man walking across the road in berea.the first vehicle kept going after hitting ronnie shawn follett on white horse road near blue ridge drive.the cars that followed and also hit him stopped to h hp. 3 but it was too late for ronnie follett. he died just 10
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family wants the driver of car number one to come forward. carolina's sharon johnson is live in the newsroom tonight.sharon - what did the family say about follett? 3 the family questions what factors may have led to his death.the weather - lack of visibility- and they say perhaps ronnie follett may have been drinking and his vision impaired.either way or reason - they're angry the first driver who hit him did not stop. 3 3 3 video of this fatal hit and run scene on white horse road and west blue ridge drive - doesn't tell the story of 51 year old ronnie shawn follett. -just where he died.but despite the tears... elisha follett can share her memories. memories. 3 19:59 "my dad was a great grandfather, great dad. he had his moments and he had his
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goininto say he was drunk, and he probably was but that don't make the person whoever hit him... they should have stopped." 20:18the early wednesday morning crash blocked traffic and involved multiple vehicles.the first one kept going.21:13 "it's awful, that this is how he went out knowing the way he lived. but, i just wished the person had stopped. he was another human being, everyone deserves that kindness. and for them just to keep riding, you know you hit something." there's no way you didn't know you hit something.the south carolina highway patrol wants information too that might help determine that first driver who hit a father and grandfatherthen left him in the road to die.21:50 "i pray this person can live with what they've done because i'm having a hard time living with
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good man. he didn't deserve this." 3 the message from follett's family tonight is for someone to give information to find out who hit him.also - wanting everyone to be safe on the road and look out for pedestrians. 3 highway patrol and oconee county deputies are investigating a deadly wreck - discovered three days after it occurred. occurred.the coroner says the car was found off highway 107 in mountain rest this afternoon - investigators believe the victim - janet cason - took the vehicle without the owner's consent sunday morning - and ran off the road and flipped down and embankment.the wreckage of the accident was found by her father this afternoon through gps - since the car wasn't visible from the autopsy will be performed - but the coroner believes cason died from blunt force trauma
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car - she was not wearing her seat belt. 3 buncombe county deputies are working to find jessica crawford.she's fifteen years old and from black mountain - authorities think she may be in madison or burke counties. anyone with information should contact the sheriff's office at 828-255-5050. 3 in anderson county...anderson police are looking for information after they say a masked suspect attackeda female officer. officer.around 2 a-m on november 16th officer kristin brady says she encountered the suspect at the dead end of edenbrook drive.before she could call for back up - the suspect got violent - trying to stab her with a knife, and take her service weapon before running into the woods. woods.a k-9 search led police to the anderson village apartments where they found kristi hendricks and bryan gary.the two were arrested on drug charges - but police
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in the attack on the officer. they're now asking the public for help connecting the dots - anyone with information should contact anderson police. 3 happening now 3 it's almost time clemson fans...we're less than 24 hours from the tigers squaring off with oklahoma in the orange bowl... bowl...we've b bn covering for you all week from south florida... ac's back with us live and it's the second straight year these two have faced each other, so what's different... 3 well arguably 3 the two best players on the field are... oklahoma quarterback baker mayfield and the heisman finalist out of tigertown deshaun watson... 3 remember it was cole stoudt under center for clemson in the russell athletic bowl last year... not deshaun watson...
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not baker mayfield... both of these guys can change the complexion of the game in a heartbeat... the tigers obliterated o-u 40-6 in orlando... sooner players and coaches called the performance embarrassing... dabo swinney, asked about keeping his team focused on this year's matchup... in an interesting 3 way... if he had any quote "jedi mind tricks"... 3 jedi mind tricks. is that star wars? no jedi mind tricks. last year's performance isn't going to win this year. different teams. you know they turned the ball over five times against us and we're a good team. that's not going to be a pretty result. if we turn the ball over five times. it's not going to be a pretty result. when you put the film on, they know who can play. pretty quickly. all you've got to do o put the film on, and
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attention."we'll have more on the matchup between the two star quarterbacks coming up a little later in sports... 3 also coming up at 11... we'll hear from the clemson coach on the suspensions of three players for the team.. and why two will never suit up for clemson again... 3 that and more live from south florida at 11...cody, back to you. 3 as the clemson tigers... prepare to head to the orange bowl...officials are cracking down on knock-off merchandise. merchandise.many of you maybe making your way to miami.but if you pn to grab some last minute gear....the collegiate licensing company says watch-out.the c-l-c will be patrolling shopping areas in miami for counterfeit products. here are some tips to make sure you're getting the real deal. 3 officially licensed products should have-- a collegiate
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hologramthe merchandise... should also showclemson, oklahoma, or orange bowl..trademarks. .the tags on the clothing should be intact. intact.the manufacturers name should be on the product. 3 deputys arrest a woman in the death of a father of six in cowpens. cowpens.we'll have the familys reaction to the charges...and their emotional plea to the judge. is something children look forward to all year -including one local 8 year old -but she more excited about giving than receiving - her amazing story..coming up uprain will move out of the carolinas as cooler air moves in. we are taking a look at your new year forecast and tracking some sunshine for the weekend. stick around for the latest. latest. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 we're monitoring the latest conditions after a round of severe weather in our area 3 multiple reports of cars submerged in spartanburg county today - and we're told several roads could remain closed in cherokee county while bridges and overpasses are checked out for damage adrian acosta has a look at some of damage the heavy rains caused. 3 im here on brugg street where things got so bad these apartments behind me had to be evacuated and the road behind me had to be closed for hoursa&this video your about to see will show you why """nats"""this video taken by the blacksburg fire department shows how high the waters got near the brugg street apartmentsa&.firefighters say they helped residents evacuate before things got too dangerous "the police and the firedepartmenta&the lady down here had to go to dialysis and mea&we are the two handicaps down here"brenda brown lives
10:36 pm
neighbor called her this morning to warn her about the rising water"it was swift water and i said oh my god i've got to get up and get out of here""""nats"""just down i-85 in spartanburga&""nats""" heavy rains forced road closures and saw creeks like this one pushing their banks "it was bada&i 3 got home..looked out the back window and my back yards flooded it was terrible"mark smith lives just off of arcadia station roada&.and said when this mornings rains starteda&it quickly washed out "stop turn around and go the other way"" i wouldn't drive through that if i was anybody" brown and her neighbors have been allowed back into their homesa&but brown says she will be keeping a close eye on
10:37 pm
that i've got neighbors that look out for me"in cherokee county adrian acosta fox carolina news tonight 3 ted has a the forecast forecast 3 you're looking live in greenville county - at the reedy river tonight 3 rain will stick 3 around this evening as temperatures dip into the mid
10:38 pm
to see showers taper off overnight with a few lingering showers possible in the upstate early thursday morning. widespread fog will likely develop overnight as well.thursday will start off mostly cloudy with skies gradually clearing throughout the day. expect highs to peak in the mid-60s across the upstate while western north carolina tops out in the upper 50s.winds will be light across the upstate while western north carolina sees more of a north northeasterly flow between five and ten miles per hour.skies should clear thursday evening as we approach the new year and temperatures fall into the upper 40s across the upstate and upper 30s in the mountains. look to see plenty of sunshine to start 2016 as highs climb into the mid-50s in the upstate and mid 40s in western
10:39 pm
will stick around for the weekend as temperatures settle closer to normal for this time of year.
10:40 pm
3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 only on fox... 3 for many kids --christmas is the most exciting day of the year--finding presents under the tree--just adds to the magic of the holiday!but for one young girl-her favorite gift-- was the gift of paying it forward at the shriners hospital in carolina's brookley cromer has her story. 3 3 3 3 like most kids--one upstate girl could hardly wait for christmas morning.but this year ellery owen-- wasn't excited about opening presents for herself-- she was most excited to see what santa left in her stocking---hoping for money to help other kids.. kids.. 3 "i wanted to give the money to shriners so other kids can run, jump and play."ellery's three year old sister--shelby-- was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis-and before beginning physical therapy at shriner's hospital she was unable to walk--
10:41 pm
3 "we got in here and they gave us hope. they gave her back the ability to not only just walk but she can dance and run and jump and play again.""it just got worse and worse and then we came here and physical therapy helped her a lot." ellery was so grateful for the help that shriners gave her younger sister --so this inspired her christmas wish. "she wrote on the letter that she wanted santa to bring her money to give to shriners to help people like her sister." and on christmas morning-- santa delivered forty dollars inside her stocking--but didn't deliver the one other gift she had asked for---"shes kind of said in a quiet little voice, i didn't get my sewing machine. i said to her, honey santa gave you that money because you asked for money for shriners but if you want to get your sewing machine that is your gift from santa and i'm sure he wouldn't mind if you took it and bought your sewing machine."but instead of spending the money on herself-- ellery chose to donate her only christmas gift to help
10:42 pm
needed it more--"it was easy because the money was meant for shriners.""i hope that it inspires other people to be selfless and to do good, because you know, we need more good put out in the world and i'm really proud that she put good out in the world." 3 it looks like santa will be visiting again! the ronnie thames foundation is giving ellery a sewing machine--this happens to be the same foundation that inspired ellery to make a donation-- after seeing them present a check to the hospital. 3 identity theft is a problem we come across a lot as personal data becomes more vulnerable online. online.a new north carolina law is hoping to help parents secure their children's financial stablity - we're explaining the new credit freeze man's facebook post.. lands him behind bars!he's accused of drinking and driving.. all
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his family says people
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who's the rebel now? no way. yes way! savor a bacon egg cheese biscuit any time you like. eggs, bacon, and melty cheese all on a biscuit with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. yeah!
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developing tonight 3 all new years eve festivities in brussels belgium have been called off--...after a police reportedly made arrested two men planning a terror attack the arrests was made in a
10:46 pm
sunday and monday--...after an investigation uncovered a serious attack planned for the city of brussels during the new years holiday. the two suspects are members of a muslim biker gang called the "kamikaze riders".belgian counterterror official says the plot appears to be inspired, but not ordered, by the terror group isisand was not** connected to the november 13-th paris terror attacks. a judge will decide whether to file a formal arrest warrant on thursday. 3 on the fox carolina money watch 3 the price of buying a home is going up...steady job growth, low mortgage rates and tight inventories helping to fuel those prices. prices.for much of 20-15. home values climbed nearly 5 percent as the unemployment rate went down.but the boost to the housing market hasn't been evenly dispersed however. cities like san francisco, denver, and portland reporting increases of almost 11 percent over the past year
10:47 pm
help parents to protect their children from identity theft. theft.starting january first - this friday - the department of justice will allow parents to put a security freeze on their child's credit before they turn 18.the credit freeze can stop people from opening credit card accounts, or taking out loans in someone else's name - even if they have personal information.we talked with a financial expert - who admits this isn't an issue he deals with often - but does see the benefits. 3 3 "i think it's important to be able to help protect your kids from identity theft. but i also think it's important to educate your kids when it comes to credit early on and to give them guidance, talk about these issues, and to help educate them when it comes to being smart when they are able to use their credit. " "now this option will cost you -parents must pay $5 to freeze
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the freeze will extend across all credit bureaus. 3 just days after speaking with fox carolina....the wife of a cowpens hit-and-run victim is locked up.. accused of the crime. crime.tonight - his family is speaking out.. telling us the type of punishment they want to see handed down. 3 plus..some upstate doctors are dishing out serious advice.. before you ring in 20-16!why they say e-r visits spike this time of year.. and why you need to think twice.. before getting behind the
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3 3 we're continuing to track rain
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