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tv   FOX Carolina News Tonight  FOX  January 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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33 3 for the first time since 19-81 - the clemson tigers are national championship bound! here's a look at the team arriving at g-s-p earlier today - after their big win over oklahoma in the orange bowl on thursday..and what a homecoming it was - check it out. 3clemson..tigers! clemson..tigers! 3 this is a look outside death came from all over the upstate to support the tigers - showing that they *too are "all in."clemson is
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title game on january 11th. 3 and many tigers fans simply can not fact, many of them didn't wait--as you just saw--they wanted to welcome the tigers home! home!fox carolina's derek dellinger is live at death valley tonight--and derek--how many people were out there? 3 we can safely say several hundred--if not more--they packed this whole road this afternoon to welcome the tigers home. 3 now--it's been a long few days for the tigers--with the game-- and all the traveling--but some did take time out to shake hands--get some high- fives--and sign autographs.but they know that there is one more step before everyone can breathe a sigh of relief--that playoff game is right now on everybody's minds. 3 3 3 95900-it's a bigger deal. people want to win the championship--95903 95903 3 95722-my daughter is looking for two tickets, and if anybody has two tickets, she would really love to go.--95727
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the 3 buses carrying the players was head football coach dabo swinney.there were a lot of people here wanting to see him- 3 while we don't have official confirmation on this--we've been told by a couple of people in the know that he's taking the weekend off before heading back---and getting his players ready for the big game in arizona.sarah?3 3 so a lot of these fans seem pretty die-hard.did you talk to anyone that plans on making the trip to arizona for the national championship game? game?
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members of our fox carolina 3 team are--but beyond that, many of the fans here were actively asking about tickets-- said that they'll take the day off and watch it room.back to you. 3 again, the orange and white will take on alabama on monday, january 11th..and even though clemson's undefeated, and bama's not, the oddsmakers *still don't believe in the tigers... sports director aaron cheslock wraps up our coverage now from the orange bowl in miami. 3 3 3 3 3 the tigers have been playing the us against the world card all season. underdogs on several occasions against too-tier foes. well they'll be taking on another one in the national championship. the alabama crimson tide. the tigers say they don't care if they're considered underdogs, or not. not. 3 3 3 "this team doesn't get the credit that it deserves. 13-0, 14-0, and sill the underdog. undefeated and the underdog. so we don't get the respect we got. and we know that coming in, coach swinney does a good job of preparing us for that, so basically we just take that mentality and run with it."
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underdog in their last four bowl game... lsu, ohio state and back to back years sending the sooners packing... they're 4-0... and no one's picking them to beat bama either.. either.. 3 3 3 "i just laugh at them. i mean it is what it is. people can have their opinions were just going to continue to do what we do. they don't have to love us. they can go love someone else."deshaun watson taking home the offensive mvp at the orange bowl... the clemson qb says the tigers ca t worry about outside voices..."i mean we're just taking care of our business, not worrying about nobody else. we know people have their own opinions, but we're just chopping along. we know people don't respect us. but hey, sooner or later they will. but the stroller signal caller knows a national championship can change the perception of the program for years to come.."see what clemson is about. it's a brand. and it's a special brand and it's a privilege to play for this program and this university so i want to thank
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who put their hard work into clemson." 3 3 3 "of course this one will be a little extra special for dabo swinney, a guy that played five seasons at alabama. walked on, earned a scholarship, and then he actually coached there for 13 years as well. so now the alma mater in the biggest game in the country. underdogs or not, the tigers are undefeated, number one, the first time their 14-0 in program history. tag out" 3 the big win for 3 the tigers also meant a big win for local businesses selling clemson gear. knickerbockers in greenville is normally closed on new years day...but store manager corwin cervey says they *knew tiger fans would be beating down the doors after the win over the store was open today...and was busy most of the morning... cervey says the better the tigers do...the better *his store does. 3 3
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tigers and they have been buying us out as much as possible, so its been a struggle to keep up the stock but we are trying the best we can" can"cervey says his store should be getting a fresh supply of tshirts and other gear soon...commemorating the tigers orange bowl championship.he says he hopes to be ordering shirts that say "national champions" ....after clemson plays alabama. 3 and if you're looking for a place to catch the big game - dave and buster's may be the place to be!mister knickerbocker's is renting out the venue on woodruff road for a viewing will be called the "big orange bash" - and tickets are 50 dollars a person.that will include food, non-alcoholic drinks, a game card with unlimited video gaming, and a t-shirt. organizers say it's a great way for fans to show their tiger pride. 3 3 "nothing like this has ever happened to us in my lifetime and a lot of people's lifetime, so i mean, its just an awesome event and we want to celebrate as a clemson family." family."mister knickerbocker says fans should buy their tickets *early - before they
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information on our website fox carolina dot com. 3 the well will also be opening their doors on game day.they will throw a viewing party starting at seven p-m - and it's all free!the game will be shown on their center board. and on every t-v in the arena. bon secours says they're excited to give clemson fans who can't make it to phoenix - a unique way to watch the game! 3 we'll continue to follow the tigers on their road to the championship.we've got a special section on our website...where you can find the latest clemson headlines. 3 sports director aaron cheslock and anchor shannon sommerville will also have full coverage from'll want to stick with fox carolina for the very latest leading up to the big game. 3 turning now to weather- 3 meteorologist ted phaeton joins us now in the weather center--
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3 coming up we'll take a look at your seven-day forecast...and what you can expect as you head out the door tomorrow morning.stay with us. 3 the search is on for a runaway teen.tonight - why his parents are behind bars facing charges..and the warning from deputies.. to those who may be *hiding the boy. 3 plus..a big thank you.. from dabo swinney!why he says he's grateful for all the support.. as the tigers punch their
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3 and..remembering a music icon! natalie cole has died at the age of 65..tonight - how those in the upstate are honoring her legacy. legacy.
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3 covering our counties- 3 just into our newsroom at this hour -greenville police are looking for 27 year old hilary williams.she was last seen last night at soby's downtown. we are working to find out more details -if you see her or have any information - contact greenville police, or call 911. 3 new year's eve took a tragic turn in cherokee county.the coroner says a man shot and killed himself - while playing with a gun. happened around 6:30 last night on cowpens-*pacolet highway.the coroner tells us 20-year-old *tezlar rosswas in his bedroom with three other people-when he took the clip out out of the handgun and placed it to his head as a joke. the coroner says the gun
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the incident remains under investigation. 3 laurens county deputies say they've arrested the parents of a missing teenager.and they also have a warning for anyone who may be hiding the boy. boy.the sheriff's office says michael hudson ran away from his aunt's home in fountain inn last month.his aunt tells us she has custody of michael - but his parents found him on the night he disappeared -- and say michael jumped out of their car and ran off. she says *she believes they know where he is. is.michael hudson and kelldon hudson have been charged with custodial interference and unlawful neglect toward a child.deputies say others may be hiding the teen -- and could face charges too. too.anyone with information on michael's whereabouts is asked to call the sheriff's office. 3 firefighters in spartanburg county say one driver is lucky to be alive - after crashing his s-u-v into the happened around 5:30 this morning on u-s 176 bypass near red hill road in pacolet. firefighters say the s-u-v took out a fire hydrant -
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trees. that steel hydrant was thrown about 150 feet. firefighters say they were able to slide the driver out through a window-and he was taken to the word on his condition.investigators say speed was a factor in the crash. 3 happening now- 3 legendary entertainer - and daughter of nat king cole- natalie cole has died. died.i miss you like crazy. trt: 04 04according to her publicist - natalie cole died last night of congestive heart failure - after years of health problems. the singer was vocal about having hepatitis c from drug use in the 70's and 80's and complications from - local radio station 107 point 3 jamz honored the singer and allowed people to be apart of it as well.listeners called in to talk about natalie cole or request their favorite songs by - kelly mac says involving the public in her death is just as important as when cole was alive.
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been tremendous, folks have been calling in saying they saw natalie cole at the peace center and its some of the best money they've spent. so, folks are heartbroken, but at the same time, glad to be a part of her legacy." legacy." 3 greenville native and rainbow push founder - reverend jesse jackson was the first to tweet about cole's passing. tweeting...#nataliecole, sister beloved &; of substance and sound. may her soul rest in peace. #inseperable 3 meteorologist 3 ted phaeton joins us now with
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3 the first 3 weekend of 2016 will be off to a cold start bur sunny skies return as highs climb into the low 50s in the upstate and mid to upper 40s in western north carolina.saturday night will be cold once again, falling into the 30s and 20s once again. look for sunshine to continue on sunday as temperatures peak near normal afternoons and cold nights will likely be the patter for much of the week ahead. 3 for weather 24 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com
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3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 fox carolina sports anchor shannon sommerville joins us now--we've been talking all newscast about clemson.but what do we know about the team they'll be facing in the national championship...alabama? bama?right alabama's been quite the football juggernaut over the past couple
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a title since 2012..but its still no surprise they're in contention for it this year...but what might be more surprising is how dominant they were yesterday against michigan state in the cotton bowl... bowl... bowl...ama shutting out michigan state 38 nothing. the tide held the spartans to just 239 of offense...they got the lead in the second quarter and pretty much had a death grip on the game after that. 3 "i think last year when we came to this game we were just happy to take part in the game i think this year we wanted to sort of take the game and really thought our guys had a vision of what they wanted and everybody paid the price for what they had to do in preparation and there was no circumstance in that game out there today that changed anybosyd feeling about how they wanted to compete and how they wanted to play so with that im just very very pleased and proud and happy that we get a chance to play in the national championship game
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team."and we will have more coverage of that fine clemson team...and the tigers road to the national championship game right here on fox carolina... 3 3 but we've still got more college football coming your way tonight...hear from the tigers head coach...another gem of a sound byte from dabo swinney on fan support in miami miamiand the panthers gearing up for a date with the bucs on sunday that could have major playoff implications...that
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3 the tigers got a warm welcome home today...a huge crowd waiting for the team today in death valley... valley...the players graciously signing autographs and interacting with the fans who waiting- some even several hours- for the team to arrive. certainly a great turnout...the whole street was lined with fans by the west zone at memorial stadium....but the support of the fan base is not something going unnoticed by players and coaches....even down in miami....head coach dabo swinney said he was shocked at how many fans made the trip down to support the tigers... 3 it was just a sea of orange. we just had to go really slow because there were so many people and they were hitting the buses it was unbelievable. in fact brent and i were tlaking and i was like man somebody's robbing a bank in south carolina today there aint nobody there they're all here." here."the tigers gonna take it easy for a couple days and
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needed rest but its back to work on monday to start getting ready for the title game on the 11th. coach swinney 3 wants his team to be able to victory and savor the come monday its back to work... 3 afterall they've got an s-e-c heavyweight waiting in the opposing corner....number 2 alabama...ever since the tide lost to ole miss back on september 19th they've really only had one close call...a 19- 14 victory over tennessee in october...last year you might remeber they lost in the first round of the college football playoffs...upset by ohio state...but this year head coach nick saban says its an entirely different team...with a different attitude...and the prospect of redemption fueling their focus.... 3 "because of the result and the bad taste of losting a game when you had a chance in a playoff and maybe being in the first playoff we werent quite ready to handle bowl game
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but this years team was totally focused on the game." 3 the crimson tide right now a 7 point favorite according to the vegas oddsmakers... 3 3 meanwhile a team that clemson took down earlier in the season...notre dame going head to head with ohio state in the fiesta bowl in glendale arizona...the big story in this game...ezekial elliot who ran for 149 yards and matched a fiesta bowl record with four touchdowns... touchdowns...that effort helped the buckeyes ranked number 7 in the polls to a 44-28 win over 8th ranked notre dame. 3 3 in the outback bowl an s-e-c team on the rise, tennessee...taking on northwestern...this one in tampa...butch jones leading the vols into 2016. and a good start to the new year for tennessee tennesseethey trounce 12th ranked northwestern 45 to
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best season in eight years. 3 3 elsewhere in the sunshine state a great matchup in the citrus bowl....#14 michigan and #19 was supposed to play out as an evenly matched game between two of the top defenses in the country...well...i guess the wolverines didnt know that... jake rudock threw for 278 yards and 3 touchdowns. as jim harbaugh's michigan team dominates the gators... gators...they'd rack up 41 points in their rout of florida. 41-7. 3 3 on the other side of the country...stanford and iowa squaring off in the rose bowl...stanford barely missed out on the college football playoff...christian mccaffrey the hesiman runner up would lead the mighty cardinal in this one...the runningback even caught a 75 yard touchdown pass he's set a rose bowl record with 368 all purpose yards yardsleading stanford to a 45-16 win over the hawkeyes. 3 now to the nfl....the panthers lost their first game last weekend against the
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weekend's matchup all the more important... important...the team hitting the practice field today in preparation for sunday's game against the tampa bay bucs...a win for the panthers locks up the number one seed in the nfc and therefore the ever coveted homefield advantage...despite last week's loss the gameplan hasn't changed...the panthers far from panicked but still aware of the playoff implications on the line.. 3 "lets not forget we only lost one game im still befuddled by that some of the attitudes that ive heard we are 14 and 1. you know we'll just go from there and see what happens like i always say we'll show up on sunday and play." play.""this week its all about focusing in on tampa. and we still have a lot to play for this week. trying to clinch the homefield advantage thoughout the playoffs and that's our mindset. thats our focus this week and we can't lose sight of that." that."you can catch that game right here on fox carolina and
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back to the 4:25 slot. so there will be a lot of score checking as the team challenging them for that one seed- the cardinals also playing at the same time. 3 coming up.. battle of the dancing coaches!who has the better moves - dabo swinney or nick saban?we'll let you be the judge, next! next!and we're back with one
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3 3 we're back with the nightcap-- 3 advancing to the national championship is definitely a reason to celebrate!and it looks like coaches from *both teams are taking the opportunity to bust a move. check it out. out. 3 "look at my dab. look at my dab." dab."dabo dancing with his players once again after the tigers' orange bowl victory. it's something he's been doing all season long - staying true to the phrase "we win, we dance."but here's something you don't see too often. alabama coach nick saban dancing with his team after their cotton bowl win!so who do you think has the better moves?
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3 3 3 thanks for joining us, good night. night. 3
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