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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 snow will continue for the mountains through this evening, then slowly wind down into the overnight. winds will remain gusty keeping wind chills in the teens for the mountains and 20's in the upstate this evening. winds will lessen overnight, helping temperatures to fall fast. tuesday morning will bring temperatures in the mid 20s for the upstate and upper teens in the mountains. expect sunny skies through tuesday with a lighter wind out of the northwest and highs in the upper 30s for the mountains and mid 40s in the upstate. 3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am.
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up-thanks kendra-we continue tonight- 3 new tonight 3 a person is recovering, after a reported stabbing in greenville county- 3 dispatch told us the call came in as a stabbing along long forest drive-it happened around six thirty tonight- deputies say one person was being questioned on the scene- and the victim was taken to the hospital-they're describing this case as a domestic incident-once we get more information we'll update you on-air and online- 3 former north charleston police officer officer michael slager is now out on bail - -slager shot and killed walter scott last year during a traffic stop- the shooting was captured on a cell phone showing scott running away as slager opened fire- weeks later a grand jury indicted slager on a murder charge- originally he was denied bond but today he was given a five
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and was released around seven o'clock tonight- he'll be on house arrest until his trail which is set for october thirty first- 3 scott's family has been fighting to keep slager in jail until his trial in'll hear from their attorney...later in the newscast. 3 happening now 3 in just 3 days the tigers will touchdown in arizona to get ready for the national championship game...and fox carolina will be there live as clemson looks to cap off their perfect season with a national title.... title....but they'll have to go through perennial powerhouse- alabama to do it...sports anchor shannon sommerville joins us with more... more...that's right...alabama's been quite the force in college football over the years...and no one knows that better than tigers head coach dabo swinney... 3 swinney was a wide receiver at alabama..earning a scholarship and lettering on three
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1992 championship team... so even though it'll be a fierce swinney's got nothing but respect when it comes to the crimson tide... 3 "we know that we've got an incredible challenge with alabama. we've got a great respect for alabama and coach saban and their staff and what they represent. they certainly have been the standard in college football for a long long time but especially since coach saban has been there. so its a great honor to be able to go and compete at the highest level with the team that represents you know the best." best."a little later we'll talk about an advantage that alabama has in terms of preparation for the big game...i'll explain a little later in the show. 3 of course we'll be covering every angle leading up to the
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next monday-we'll have live reports from arizona with thursday- 3 plus monday at 7tune in for our special reportundefeated: clemson's return to the championship.we'll be going in depth on the tigers first shot at the national title since 1981. 3 developing tonight 3 new gun regulations from the obama administration could be on the - presisent obama said our gun violence in the u-s far exceeds that in other countries.he's asking congress to act and prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands. 3 but the big question from gun shop owners and their customers tonight - is how the government plans to do that. that.gun enthusiasts we talked to today say the answer is - no new regulations, just enforce what we already have. carolina's sharon johnson joins us live from outside blue ridge shooting sports in greer.sharon?
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clear.a room full of gun owners - some talked on camera and others off camera.they all agreed - enforce what's on the books before adding new regulations. 3 3 3 the sign in the window says "open" at blue ridge shooting sports in greer.they altered and added a little extra time to accomodate customers.and made an extra sale.((nat break))but the owner and customers are firlmly against altering or adding any new federal gun regulations. regulations.10:32:41 it's death by a thousand cuts, death by a thousand cuts of legislation and any step toward that brings us that much closer to more and more regulations."3 president obama is recommending gun regulations he says - could keep guns out of the wrong hands.he wants anyone who sells guns to have a license to sell them and checks. 3 10:17:27 "any new regulations, keeps up with the old regulations enough to throw
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they enforce the regulations already on the books, i think we would have a safer community. instead of throwing new stuff - just regulate what's there.saying it now takes almost a week for background checks already.he says - if criminal can't buy guns legally - they turn to and increase the underground market.((owner))10:21:34 "criminals come in here, they lie on the forms and some of them say no, i didn't committ any crimes and they do. still, they don't get picked upupthey don't get arrested." we learn specifics about the gun initiatives this week.and according to the president - he agrees the initiatives will not prevent every mass shooting or keep every gun out of the wrong hands.((customer)) 10:33:07 "i don't think any more regulations are going to help reduce crime and i think its a fool's folly."but the president says, new regulations could potentially
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3 the general premise here is that if a criminal wants a gun - he/she will get a gun.and no new regulation will stop them from getting it. 3 so sharon, under current law only federally licensed gun dealers have to conduct background checks on buyers.. but many who sell at flea markets or online don't register as dealers..what's the justice department going to do about that? that?the a-t-f will issue updated guidance that says the government should deem anyone "in the business" of selling guns to be a dealer, regardless of 3 where he or she sells the guns. but they say the government will consider other
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guns a 3 person sells and how frequently, and whether those guns are sold for a profit. 3 kendra is in the weather center for a look ahead at the forecast. forecast. 3 kendra: coming up i'll have your forecast including a couple storm systems heading our way wayyand the temperatures have taken a big dip in the last few days!is your home ready for the winter chill?some tips... so you don't get stuck in the cold! cold!plus... with tigers fever heating up...more people are joining clemson's iptay!what it takes to be a part... and whether it'll help you get tickets for next season!and only on fox...spartanburg
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enough is enough!he wants help to get a convenience store robber in custody.where he hit
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3 happening now... 3 what a season for the clemson tigers!and it isn't over yet.a week from tonight, they're playing alabama for the national championship. 3 and everything from clemson gear to tickets are in demand! you can imagine... next season... the scramble for tickets will continue to see the hottest team around. way to be eligible to buy season tickets... is to join clemson's iptay carolinas rebecca atkins spoke to the man in charge about tickets and tigers fever!she's
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tonight.rebecca let's start with this... what does iptay stand for? 3 iptay started in 1934 and stands for "i pay ten a year" and although thats not the case anymore you can pay as little as 60 bucks a year to join. that amount was just offered in the past few months. 3 nats from game.its been an incredible season for the clemson tigers. the games have been highly watched and attended and some games have been sold out. 3 20:32:14"the national championship opportunity it has just created incredible opportunities, tremendous fan interest."davis babb is the ceo of iptay and they anticipate more clemson fans joining their club.20:28:29 "we expect next year to be the best year ever."and if you aren't familiar withwhat iptay is....20:27:17it was started by a group of very dedicated men who just wanted to rally support around the state at that time for clemson athletics."he says the initial effort was to get people to donate what they could to support the tigers, and each year he says its grown.20:28:07
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is high a lot of what we do from the annual fund side is tied to season tickets and parking so the social side is very important with tailgating as well as the football tickets."he says currently there are 24 thousand iptay members. you can pay as little as 160 dollars a year to buy season tickets and the level of priority to get the tickets goes up, the more a donor pays. the highest level is 25 thousand dollars a year. 20:29:05"the funds go for scholarships, athletic facilities... for anything to academic support and operations of our organization."he says with the level of interest they currently have...the number of single tickets may go down next season.20:30:15" there's always some turn over and we're looking at ways in the stadium to create some potential opportunities, cause we've been selling some single game tickets in the past and as the demand rises some of the single game availability may go down so we'll selel tickets as possible." 3 babb says they are currently trying to raise 176 million dollars for 8 new, and
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a lot of their members pay far more then they have to to get season tickets to help out where the school may need funding. diana and cody? 3 well, everyone in clemson has been very busy whether its clemson apparel sales to ticket sales... so if someone wants to become a member to not deal with the hasse of trying to get tickets, how can they do so? so?you can join or find out more about iptay by calling 1-800- clemson or at and the ceo says its a big family as well, they can gather at games, they have events in the spring and also provide gear to the members as well. reporting live in clemson fox carolina the 10 o'clock news. 3 3 remember we'll have all your national championship coverage
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make sure to stick with us on air and online for the latest updates out of arizona! 3 developing tonight 3 the family of a slain greenville teen is pleading for answers. answers.cobey smith was shot and killed last january on the sliding rock creek trail - near the swamp rabbit trail in the nicholtown area.nearly one year later - his killer remains unknown. unknown.tonight - community members came together to honor cobey's memory.they released balloons and are asking for anyone with information about his death to come forward.they tell us someone needs to be held accountable for cutting a young life so short. 3 3 3 3 3 "we are asking for people if you know any information to come forward to the police we want closure for the smith family and for cobey more than that." that."activists say they will continue to release balloons until january 26th.the family tells us there have been no
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the investigation is ongoing . 3 it's monday nightwhich means another editionof sheriff chuck wrights most wanted 3 to kick off the new year-the spartanburg county sheriff is asking for your help in tracking down a man who robbed a couple of businesses just minutes apart- and we have an update on our most wanted from last week- 3 "ladies and gentleman, last week we features the knuckhead of the week and we caught that guy, somebody reported him and i knew they would, because people in spartanburg county are tired of all these crimes being committed by people who don't want to work. the scothman behind me here, a gentleman was in there working, like you are supposed to do for your money, and an oversized white male, dressed in all black, goes behind the counter and takes what he wants, points a gun at someone and tells him he is going to kill him he touches him. so the pictures that we are going to show you, this is a local
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a 10 minute time span. now, someone in the general area of glendale road knows where this guy is. this is one of these guys who can come into the store and not realize you are there and someone catches a glimpse of him and he could hurt you. you know, people of spartanburg county are tired of being tried, lets help us, lets help our communities be safer by getting rid of these people. now this guy might have a drug problem, he might be just to lazy to work, we don't know, but was have a little bit of evidence and we need your help finding this guy. we are going to show you his truck, we are going to show you what he looks like, somebody around here is going to know him. now he is going to get you in trouble if you are with him, so don't be caught up in that mess and lets get our streets clean." 3 take a look--if you have any information on these armed
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3 sheriff mentioned - last weeks most wanted, melvin rice junior, has been captured-he's accused in a home invasion from last month- 3 kendra is in the 3 weather center 3 3 3 snow will continue for the mountains through this evening, then slowly wind down into the overnight. winds will remain gusty keeping wind chills in the teens for the mountains and 20's in the upstate this evening. winds will lessen overnight, helping temperatures to fall fast. tuesday morning will bring temperatures in the mid 20s for the upstate and upper teens in the mountains. expect sunny skies through tuesday with a lighter wind out of the northwest and highs in the
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and mid 40s in the can get the at weather 3 for weather 24 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 back to you. you. 3 3 and a quick note from greenwood district 50 -after the severe flooding in the area back in october -the district will utilize the first two of the three designated days in the 2015-2016 calendar as school make-up days. february 15, 2016 and march 4, 2016 will become full school days for all students and staff. 3 two days after taking over an oregon wildlife building... armed protesters are refusing to budge. budge.they say they're standing up to the government over land rights. tonight....what it's going to take to end this standoff. on the
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parents of tucker hipps. clemson says they had *no knowledge of the frat's tradition of having pledges jump off the bridge.tonight only on fox - how the family is responding... carolina investigates.. credit card rewards!do you love perks like airline miles, free hotel rooms and even cash back? tonight - what you need to know.. before trying out the
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3 in a fox carolina follow up 3 we're continuing to following the latest on the civil lawsuit filed by the parents of tucker hipps...only on fox...we're hearing the family's reaction about clemson's response to the suit. suit.the 19-year-old died in 20-14...after falling off a bridge near clemson university while on a run with his fraternity. fraternity.his parents filed a wrongful death against three members of the sigma phi epsilon fraternity, the fraternity itself- and clemson university. cindy and gary hipps allege in the suit -- sigma phi epsilon had a long-standing tradition that required pledges to jump off the bridge and swim to shore. in the latest court filings...clemson denies *any knowledge the fraternity's tradition -and several times cites "lack of sufficient knowledge" to respond to the hipp allegations.cindy hipps tells us she was angry about the unversity's response...but
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are ready to move forward with the legal case and get the criminal charges have been filed in the case. 3 in a developing story 3 father-and-son ranchers whose arson convictions sparked gunmen to seize a federal building in oregon are now in custody. custody.dwight and steven hammond said they started a fire in 2001 to reduce the growth of invasive plants and protect their property.but prosecutors sayayhe hammonds set the fire to try and cover up poaching.and their supporters - a group of armed protesters - are refusing to budge until they get what they want.the group - now known as citizens for constitutional reform - took over the refuge -claiming the federal government has aggressively swallowed up ranch land, harassed farmers, and hurt the economy.the government says since the hammonds have turned themselves in its time for the protestors to go home. 3 stiffer penalties.. for those who hurt or kill k-9 officers! officers!upstate lawmakers are pushing for change.. just months after the killing of
10:22 pm temperatures are on the way!but is your home prepared for whats to come?what experts say yoyoneed to know.. before you're out thousands of dollars! dollars!and chief meteorologist kendra kent is putting together your seven day forecastshe'll tell you what you can the week to come. come.
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3 new tonight 3 we may have gotten used to the mild december -but with the new year comes a not so -subtle reminder that winter is upon us! 3 with snow flurries in the mountains and freezing windchills in the upstate -it seems we're likely to see some more winy weather in the coming days. days.let's send it over to kendra - exactly how cold are we talking? 3 temperatures 3 will drop below freezing for the next few nights, in fact it will be the coldest air of
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to low 20s in the mountains, with low to mid 20s in the upstate. 3 fox carolina's shale remien has some tips on how to stay safe as our first real taste of winter blows through. 3 that's right kendra we have been lucky with this 70 degree weather but as you've said it's dipped down.i spoke with the fire department about what you need to know about space heaters. as well as what to maintain in your own home as we experience colder temps. 3 3 3 it's that time of year again...temperatures are dropping and more calls for emergency help are made. 3 "any time the temps drop it increases the chances for fires in homes because people
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heating sources."heating sources like kerosene and space heaters - all of which need to be handled with care. "it needs to be plugged directly into the wall, not an extension cord, another thing is it needs a 36 in or 3 feet space in front of it, so we can keep anything from igniting."corley plumbing and air's owner says he sees an increase in emergency calls in january. 3 "make sure you know where your breaker is, make sure you know where to turn your water off, make sure you know how to work your thermostat, and don't turn your heater down if you leave for vacation."and get that ice melt o'handley- sales rep at dunken's ahead of time. dunken's hardware says many times they sell out immediately. immediately."we already started selling ice melt, the forecast is showing potential for ice and snow. so people started getting ice melt, we already selling sleds for the optimist folks out there."
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running your water, keeping your heat turned up, covering with care hold the key to making it through winter."when you're refueling the device make sure it's outdoors, make sure the flame is off before you refuel it as using kerosene heaters." the national fire protection association says space heaters cause aboututne third of all winter fires."it's really tragic when we see people lose everything they've owned, and including their home, so we really want everyone to be on guard with preventing fires." 3 the risk reduction coordinator says make sure you never hand down or buy a second hand space may not meet the safety requirements.he also says greenville fire department started an initative saying fires are everyone's fight and they start with prevention. 3 in a fox carolina follow up 3 we are monitoring the condition of greenville county councilwoman lottie gibson - after she suffered a stroke
10:28 pm last check - gibson remains in the hospital.a close friend tells us she was talking and undergoing more tests - but appeared to be doing well.gibson was elected to the council in 1992 and has received more than 65 public awards and recognitions.she is married with four children and nine grandchildren -we will continue to bring you any updates both on air and online. 3 continuing to cover our counties 3 a controversial proposal to dump coal ash in pickens county packed council night. tonight.people don't want it and the county agreed... leaders passed a resolution - in opposition to the plan that would bring thousands of tons of coal ash to a dump near liberty.council says the proposal by "mmr pickens llc" to dump the coal ash does not meet the county's solid waste disposal plan.after writing their concerns to dhec last month - they said the project would quote - "bring into pickens county a waste that is not generated here and has broad environmental concerns for all of our citizens," 3 3
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3 "this resolution states, very clearly, that we reject this, it defies of our laws, the state does not have the right to change the classification and they certainly don't have the right to do that with giving our citizens the right for public comment." comment." 3 the county is now asking dhec to reject the company's proposal.meantime, they're going to retain legal council to fight this. 3 greenville police and sled are both investigating an allegation of excessive force by a greenville police officer. 3 police say reports surfaced via social media that excessive force was used by an officer during a traffic stop on december 15. the allegations described the officer slamming - the passenger, jaquan williams to the ground, resulting in his teeth being knocked out. the social media post displayed pictures of williams' mouth with a missing and chipped tooth - though police say the allegations *did not originate from williams himself. 3 these photos from police reportedly show photos taken at the time of booking and release. they say williams can be seen with the
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intact.police say williams was taken to the ground dudung a lawful arrest. they say he was cuffed after he refused to return to the vehicle while an officer wrote a citation for marijuana possession. possession.greenville police say the chief has commited to reviewing the actions of the officer -and quote " if we are wrong, we will make it right, if we are right, then i will stand with my officer on the matter. " 3 a former nfl player - and upstate football standout has been charged after police say he ran from a traffic stop. stop.wellford police say landon cohen ignored the officer's attempts to make the stop sunday morning - after they say he was going 65 in a 50 mile an hour zone.police say cohen drove several miles before spartanburg county deputies arrived as backup. police reports state cohen refused to get out of the car - and when the officer grabbed cohen's wrist to remove him from the vehicle, cohen struck him. cohen was charged with failure to stop for blue lights - and resisting arrest - he's since been released from jail.
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3 do you love earning perks like airline miles, points towards free hotel rooms and even cash back from your credit cards? 3 experts say some of these offers are getting even more generous and the way people earn big rewards has changed. changed.for many, playing the "rewards game" can lead to some big payouts, but is the pull to get those points just too much? 3 louis denicola loves getting rewards for his spendinga& and he isn't loyal to just one card. card."i have about 15 to 17 different rewards credit cards right now."reward credit cards that earn him things like free flights or hotel stays. and experts say now, more people who play the "reward game" are like louis. louis."it used to be that earning rewards was all about staying loyal to one airline or one card. now it's about plying for a card to get that signup bonus then spending enough to reach the minimum threshold of spending, and then a few months later
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the same thing."minimum thresholds that can rarae from $250 to $4000 in the first three months as a cardholder in order to qualify for rewards.louis says he only uses his cards for things he'd typically purchase, buta& buta&"there's definitely a pull when you have a rewards credit card to spend a little bit more." more."while the rewards might be great. hunt elliot, president of greenville financial advisors, explains explains 3 "you should only be opening a credit card to improve your credit situationa& a you need to establish credit to buy that house or maintain competitive interest ratesa& the problem, these reward cards are enticiing---and according to psychologist april benson it can trigger a detrimental habit- 3 "for some people, signing up for a reward credit card can serve as an enormously
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overshopping."3 elliot agrees...and says you have to be very careful when signing up- 3 you don't want to be enticed just for the reward itself. only use rewards that are pertinent to your daily routine and the habits you have." have."only allowing your self a limit that is within a monthly manageable amount that you can take care of so you don't carry a balance and pay high interest rates. the fact is many people don't follow that advice- and earning rewards can be similar to an addiction. so what are the signs you may be prone to a problem?"someone who keeps looking for the, you know, the next offer, the next best thing. somebody for whom this is a preoccupation and it has negative consequences in their life."matt shulz of points out that although the upsides to rerd cards can include cash back and travel, the key is to
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anda&"you just have to make sure that you're keeping an eye on things, that you're not applying for too many cards too often cause it can hurt your score. and also that you're not overspending to get those rewards cause that can really get you in trouble." 3 make sure - no matter what type of rewards you might be trying to cash in- read all the fine print! ppnt! 3 the search for a missing country singer.. comes to an end. end.craig strickland's body has been found in an oklahoma lake.. after he and a friend went hunting... during a serious storm.tonight - his wife is speaking out.. saying his family finally has closure. closure.and.. all eyes are on
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crimson tide have an advantage in the national championship? why some say alabama has more time to prepare for the big game.. than clemson does! does!weather is next. next. 3 3 3 3 3
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3 the tigers may have won the orange bowl but it was back to work for clemson today. they've got to get ready to face alabama in the national
10:37 pm
3 sports anchor shannon sommerville is back with us now...and while the n-c-a-a tries to keep a level playing field...we understand this might not necessarily be the case in terms of practice time? time?that's's the deal...clemson's semester begins wednesday...because of that the n-c double a mandates that they have to have a 20 hour limit...however...because alabama's spring semester doesn't start until after the title game, the crimson tide doesn't have to adhere to that 20 hour rule. 3 what counts as countable hours? well everything....prac tices, weightlifting, film sessions, meetings...and the game itself also counts as three hours toward the 20 hour limit. the same thing actually happened last year. ohio state was unlimited in hours while oregon had to adhere to that rule because of the academic scheduling. ohio state ended up winning that game 42 to 20. 3 now whether or not the extra practice time makes a big difference? that's debatable...there is such a
10:38 pm
course we'll see how it all plays out next monday... 3 and we can't forget about our newly engaged tiger fans - sports director aaron cheslock was there as an upstate couple in miami for the orange bowl made the game extra sweet with a, the happy couple is back home - and talking only to fox carolina about the awesome day! 3 3 3 3
10:39 pm
new year!with a diamond sparkler... uniting a couple... so excited about their future! future! 3 3 "she's a special girl. she puts up with me and she makes me feel like i'm a better person honestly." honestly." 3 "it's hard to find in today's world, such a southern gentleman who will open your doors, take you on dates and things like that. i think when i was first getting to know jay i was like wow this guy is different, he's special."and he found a very unique way to pop the question. our fox carolinanacrew was nearby, at the orange bowl... motioned over by family members of jay keller and maddie oxendine. she had no idea what was about to happen. nats of proposal(cover some of her bite with the video) video) 3 "it wasn't until i opened the $2 bill and it said will you marry me and i started laughing and was like wow this is it... and i turned around and saw jay on his knees and i was just so much shock and just so happy and overwhelmed
10:40 pm
started shaking and crying and couldn't believe it. i was excited and it was awesome." awesome." 3 "the main thing i wanted to do is surprise her. i think that was achieved judging from her expression when it happened. so that was good."and there's good reason... he chose a clemson football game.they met at a game more than 2 years ago...tying together their two loves... each other... and the tigers! tigers! 3 "we both love football so it was perfect that it was at a play-off game for clemson." clemson." 3 "definitely the icing on the cake that it was at clemson game, we were all wearing orange andgetting to go to a game that was awesome too."
10:41 pm
3 some school districts in western north carolina announced early dismissal this afternoon - after the first round of snowfall came blowing
10:42 pm
but definitely a wintery scene with these frigid temperatures dropping down into the teens overnight.remember we'll have any school closings and delays all winter season at fox carolina dot com. 3 snow will continue for the mountains through this evening, then slowly wind down into the overnight. winds will remain gusty keeping wind chills in the teens for the mountains and 20's in the upstate this evening. winds will lessen overnight, helping temperatures to fall fast. tuesday morning will bring temperatures in the mid 20s for the upstate and upper teens in the mountains. expect sunny skies through tuesday with a lighter wind out of the northwest and highs in the upper 30s for the mountains and mid 40s in the upstate. cooler than normal
10:43 pm
through mid-week with continued sunshine. our next chance for rain will move in from the gulf late thursday into early friday. rain looks light at this point, so flooding shouldn't be a concern.our weather pattern will be active going into the weekend with another system approaching for saturday night and sunday. that one should bring mostly rain, but some winter weather will be possible in the mountains. it will have to be monitored closely. heavy rain could be a concern.early next week some extremely cold air will drop in with an upper level trtrugh. some pieces of upper level energy may swing in to bring a slight chance for mountains snow and perhaps some brief snow showers in the upstate. right now it looks like anything we would see would be light and brief, but it will be something to watch this week as the computer models get a better handle on things. be sure to check out for more on the forecast and
10:44 pm
3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 a tragic update.. in the search for a missing country singer. singer.craig strickland's body.. recovered from an oklahoma lake.tonight - the haunting words his friend tweeted.. before the pair set out on a hunting trip during a winter storm. storm.andscary moments inside a north carolina church...when
10:45 pm
gun...turn into a powerful message...but instead walked out with a new place to call
10:46 pm
following up 3 a sad update in the disappearance of a missing country singer. singer.officials say they've recovered craig strickland's body from an oklahoma lake. lake.the 29-year-old and his friend chase morland went missing while duck hunting last weekend - during a fierce winter storm.morland's body was discovered at the lake last monday - and their boat was found capsized. capsized.before the two left for their hunting trip-morland
10:47 pm
saying quote - "in case we don't come back, @backroadcraig and i are going right through winter storm goliath to kill ducks in oklahoma. #intothestorm." #intothestorm."strickland was the lead singer in the country rock band "backroad anthem." his wife took to social media today - saying he is with "his father in heaven." 3 on the fox carolina money watch 3 it was far from a happy new year on wall street-where the first trading day of 20-16 got off to a rocky start... start...the dow dropped 276-points.. while the nasdaq lost a-hundred-and-four points. earlieietoday...china's main index fell seven-percent -- forcing an emergency trading suspension.the fall was triggered by weak chinese manufacturing data. adding to the jitters are middle east tensions- saudi arabia plans to severe diplomatic relations with iran -- a development that could potentially threaten oil supplies. 3 there is some good news at the pump t tugh!triple-a says the
10:48 pm
relatively low again this year. the auto club estimates an average price between 2-25 and 2-45 a gallon. last year's average was two dollars, 40 cents per gallon. gallon.right now in north carolina - a gallon of regular will cost you 1-93.while is south carolina its 1-74.and in georgia you'll pay 1-89. 3 tonight we're learning new information out of north charleston...where a former police officer is out on bond. bond.michael slager is charged with fatally shooting an unarmed man--and just today the trial date was set...the details next. 3 and cracking down... on those who hurt or kill k-9 officers! the upstate lawmakers who say the punishment just isn't tough enough...and what they are doing to change it!
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3 we're back with a look at your forecast 3 and you're taking a live look in greenville countywhere the temperature is currently 28- degrees.and it's getting colder! 3 and take a look...some of the mountain towns had some snowfall this morning...the first of the new year! 3 snow will continue for the mountains through this evening, then slowly wind down into the overnight. winds will remain gusty keeping wind chills in the teens for the mountains and 20's in the upstate this evening. winds will lessen overnight, helping temperatures to fall fast. tuesday morning will bring temperatures in the mid 20s for the upstate and upper teens in the mountains. expect
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