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tv   FOX Carolina News Tonight  FOX  January 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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deeper to find out what's3 we're back with a look at your forecast 3 expect temperatures in the low 20s for the upstate and mid teens in the mountains on wednesday morning under clear skies. sunshine will dominate much of the day, with only a few afternoon clouds. highs will get into the low to mid 40s, which is still colder than normal for this time of year.thursday will bring mostly cloudy skies, but temperatures will be a bit milder. highs will actually get over 50 degrees in the upstate and the mountains will see upper 40s. rain moves in thursday night.expect light rain showers for friday morning, then the wet weather will taper off during the sure to check out for more on the forecast and interactive radar 3 and don't forget to wake up with thee morning news-- meteorologist nicole papay will have a check of the forecast as you head out the door--and traffic reporter chris scott will have the latest road conditions on your way to work.that's from 5:00
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3 back to you. 3 3 in tonight's big story 3 president obama says he's trying to prevent more gun violence by issuing a series of executive orders...but it's coming with great opposition. the president detailed his executive actions on gun control. they include: expanding background checks and gun sales license requirements...providing new funding to treat mental illness--and additional manpower at the f-b-i and a-t-f to handle background checks.obama said he's wants to prevent the next mass shooting from happening...and is not capitalizing on current 3 3 3 "each time this comes up, we are fed the excuse that common sense reforms, like background checks, might not have stopped the last massacre or the one before that or the one before that. so, why bother trying? i reject that thinking."
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paul ryan released a statement...saying the president's word does not trump the second amendment...and his executive order will no doubt be challenged in the courts. attorney general alan wilson mirrored the same response today--calling obama's actions that of a king...and not of a president. 3 saying quote:"some items, such as more resources for law enforcement are clearly constitutional. the president should have advocated those reforms on day one of thh administration, not eight years later...someone should remind president obama that america is not a monarchy." 3 and next week president obama will deliver his final state of the union address...and governor nikki haley will give the republican response. response.haley's deputy chief of staff made the announcement on twitter ...saying governor haley is honored to have been asked by speaker of the house to deliver next week's republican address to the nation. 3 and tonight governor nikki haley was in liberty at a fundraiser endorsing neal collins--and while she didn't comment on speaking next week following the state of the
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senator larry martin who says he's excited to see someone from south carolina to be chosen. 3 3 3 "the nation is going to see a very bright, articulate, strong, leader when she address the counrty next week." 3 we will have coverage on the state of the union address...and governor nikki haley's response on januray 12- it live on air and fox carolina dot com. 3 now to some new information 3 out of north charleston... where a civil rights group is demanding the former police officer--charged with killing an unarmed man be sent *back to jail after bonding out outtoday protesters with the national action network was outside the detention c cter today chanting...and banging drums upset that a judge aprroved bail for micahel slager. 3 here's a look at slager in court yesterday...where a judge awarded him a 500- thousand-dollar bond.he was released shortly after 7 last night. night.slager is charged with fatally shooting this man--
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year.and today protesters say he never should have been released on bond. 3 3 3 we have a 48 hours that the solicitor could appeal this decision, we want her (scarlett wilson) to appeal this decision. (yes) we want him back in jail. jail.slager was arrested after this cell phone video surfaced...showing him fatally shooting scott in the he's seen running away from a stop into a field. officials say slager fired eight times...killing scott.he will appear for trial on october 31-st. 3 and we're covering our counties tonight 3 simpsonville police are looking for a man they say broke into a a s station and stole over 300-dollars worth of cigarettes... cigarettes...take a look...the smash and grab was caught on surveillance camera at the spinx station on west georgia road.late last month.the suspect is seen throwing a
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window.and tonight we caught up with police to find out more on the investigation. 3 3 3 "we were hoping the public could actually assist us on identifying the subject because we would like to get him off the streets he's going into these businesses taking people's merchandise." merchandise." 3 "but, if you want cigarettes that bad, guess what - i guess you went in and got it but you've gotta be willing to do the time for your crime." 3 now if you recognize the suspect--call the simpsonville police department immediately. 3 and in anderson county one man is locked up...after police say they lead him on a chase ...tonight...officers say his accomplice is on the run. run.shaqwon geer was taken into custody yesterday morning following the brief pursuit. pursuit.officers say he was seen on the george alber lake road--acting suspicious d sped off...leading deputies on a chase before crashing near the meadow run apartments... where both suspects got out. officer say geer was arrested immediately but the second suspect is on the far
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identified. 3 happening now 3 in just 3 days the tigers will touchdown in arizona to get ready y r the national championship game....the game is on monday night against alabama...if the tigers win they'll be the first team in f-b-s college football history to go 15 and oh. 3 and fox carolina will be there live for all the action... action...but right now sports anchor shannon sommerville is live in our studio with more on today's media day down in clemson... 3 thanks cody and diana...that's right today the team held their last day of media availability before they head down to arizona on friday. and all season long coach swinney talked about what he called a windshield mentality...just focusing on the game in front of them... 3 so even though there's only national title on the line....the team's approach is actually the same its been all season long...afterall its that mindset that's helped 3 3 we've just tried to approach each and every week as truly
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year and just kind of put everything we've got into winning that game, and that's just been the mentality, and then let's look up at the end of the year and kind of see where we are. are.well where they are is 14 and oh...where they could be monday night is hoisting the national championship trophy.and as you mentioned diana, the first team ever in f-b-s history to go 15 and oh. 3 but they'll of course have to face a very tough alabama team...they've got a great rushing attack with heisman winner derrick henry...they've also got a defense thatat given up the 2nd fewest yards to opposing teams in the nation...we'll have more in sports...diana, cody back to you. 3 remember for all your clemson coverage - just stick with us on air and online.we'll have updates all week long - and our live reports from arizona with aaron and shannon start thursday. 3 clemson fans are roaring with excitement over the trip to the national championship matchup against alabama... 3 and there was a big reason to celebrate today at the esso club in clemson. carolina's andrew
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3 3 3 3 espn's sportscenter was here all afternoon taping their show...dozens of fans came out to show the world their support for the clemson tigers. excitement is reaching a boiling point here in say it hasn't been this palpable here since the 80's, when clemson took home the national title under coach danny ford. the esso club, which is a staple sports bar here in town,has hosted espn a couple times already this season...but they say to have sportscenter here covering the tigers road to a national the cherry on top of what has been a banner year. 3 3 anything that has s er happened here. i can't imagine a better way to kick off a win in the national championship." heisman trophy winner tim tebow was also here at the esso club this afternoon shooting part of the show... show... 3 sportscenter is set to be here for the next few days taping... a welcome boost in business for sure for this popular sports bar. in clemson andrew
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3 and monday at 7tune in for our special report"undndeated: clemson's return to the championship."we'll be going in depth on the tigers first shot at the national title since won't want to miss out! 3 potholes are making for a rough ride on upstate roads! 3 you could even end up with a popped tire like one cowpens women!fox carolina investigates-how officials are working to fix the problemand who to call if your car gets damaged! 3 out with the old and in with the new...chick fil a is swapping out their infamous coleslaw for a new "superfood side"and it's getting some mixed be the judge...up next! 3 coming up we'll take a look at your seven-day forecast...and what you can expect as you head out the door tomorrow morning.stay with us. 3 3
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3 fox carolina investigatesits no secret -- many of our state's roadways need upstate woman tells us she is fed-up ...after hitting a pothole so deep, it nearly caused her to wreck. 3 dot officials say they're busy patching potholes because of all the recent rain--and the cold weather isn't helping either. carolinas ashley daley joins us now with more on the story. 3 3 3 3 3 yeah -- and one of the roads which has seen potholes open up is highway 11 here in cherokee county. today we spoke with one lady who hit one. 3 3 "it almost made me wreck my car this morning."darlene humphries is describing the moment she hit not one, but two potholes while on her way to work on highway 11 in cowpens. 3 "i just hit it and the tire went flat right away." humphries says the potholes were so deep... 3 "like a gully, a canyon."they not only popped her tire but also caused damage to her car.
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here and it also cracked my side panel here."she says the potholes along highway 11 have been an on going issue for years.and after this latest incident --shes calling on sc dot, who maintains the highway, to put a permanent fix. 3 "that we can get somebody to come out here and not doctor our potholes but maybe pave our whole road." road." 3 "if there's a crack or a spot in the pavement or any kind of moisture it tends to make the pavement weaker and the base weaker."stephen ellis, a maintenance engineer with scdot's cherokee county office, says all of the rain weve seen has led to many potholes opening up...and the cold now is only making it worse. 3 "when it gets cold it freezes. if there's water in there that freezes it can contract and expand and cause the pavement to break and push apart."ellis says there are no current plans to repave highway 11, but says crews actively make
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maintains about 700 miles of roadway in cherokee county alone...and depends on the public to make them aware of any issues. "you know they see that road day in day out, where as we may see it two or three times a year. so when 3 you see changes in the road let us know." 3 now there are several ways to alert dot to a roadway issue. including called 855-go-scdot. but we'll put all of them for you up on our website fox carolina dot com. in cherokee county ashley daley fox carolina news tonight 3 trending tonight 3 and something new is coming to the chick fil a menu--and not everyone is on board with the change changeyou'll remember recently the fast food joint announced they're getting rid of their coleslaw--but offered fans the age old recipe online.and starting january 18-th it will be replaced with a new "superfood side-"combining broccolini....kale...dried sour cherries and roasted nns. so let us know what you can join the discussion on our facebook
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3 chief meteorologist kendra kent joins us now with a look
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3 sunny skies have 3 only warmed temperatures into the 30s and 40s area-wide today, and it's going to get bitterly cold tonight. expect temperatures in the low 20s for the upstate and mid teens in the mountains on wednesday morning under clear skies. sunshine will dominate much of the day, with only a few afternoon clouds. highs will get into the low to mid 40s, which is still colder than normal for this time of year. thursday will bring mostly cloudy skies, but temperatures will be a bit milder. highs will actually get over 50 degrees in the upstate and the mountains will see upper 40s. rain moves in thursday night.
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friday morning, then the wet weather will taper off dururg the afternoon. that will leave friday night and saturday dry and mild, but another round of rain arrives saturday night into sunday. both round of rain look fairly light, so flooding shouldn't be a concern this time around.very cold air settles back in next week, but there is no sign of winter precipitation to go along with it. highs will be back in the 30s and 40s by
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3 for weather 24 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 coming up in sports more on the tigers as they get ready to battle for a title... 3 but whats the status of all- american defensive end shaq lawson and find out which player declared for the n-f-l draft.... draft....and another team putting their undefeated streak on the line? the gamecocksksens basketball team. could keep a perfect record on the road at auburn...that and more coming up in sports. stick around.
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3 that would be we're the best ever. that's what it would mean. who's going to argue with that? one of y'all will. (laughter.) you'd lose in a court of law. (laughter.) 3 that was tigers head coach dabo swinney at media today at clemson...on what it would mean if the tigers go 15 and swinney always good at delivering some great sound bytes...that was no different today... today...but he also talked about shaq lawson...tigers all american defensive end...he injured his knee in the orange bowl...but coach swinney is optimistic he'll be able to play in the national championship game on monday. lawson says his knee is sore but he's just taking it one day at a time. and while
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for the nfl draft this year another player also making the decision to go travis blanks told sports director aaron cheslock he plans to declare as well... 3 "my decision n based off of what my life has entailed these past 2 years. you know 4th year junior year two acls later i just feel like the time is right for me to go ahead and take that next step if i wanna have a legitimate chance to play at the next level." level."of course we'll have more on the tigers all week will be live in arizona for the big game...right here on fox carolina... 3 the tigers aren't the only team putting their undefeated season on the line...the gamecocks men's basketball team one of just three unbeaten teams in the country... cououry...they were in auburn tonight in an s-e-c tilt... (2(2south carolina @ auburn
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his team before the game... first half.....gamecocks with an early lead.sindarius thornwell drills the 3 pointer...south carolina up 18-9later in the first sc up by 11...and duane notice gets hot from behind the arc...- first notice drills the triple...- then he gets another one to fall... gamecocks add to their lead with the help of notice's hot shooting...south carolina leads auburn 43-30 at the break...2nd half...auburn not going away, down 8...bryce brown pulls and burries the 3....tigers down 5... later...south carolina up 6... mindaugaus kacinas in the lane....gets the jump hook to go..gamecocks up 8...then... laimonas chatkevicius slams it home and gets fouled...south carolina adds to their lead... lead...finally...duane notice gets the bucket to fall... south carolina wins 81-69 3 the tigers up in new york
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would go to overtime...landry noko with a hook gives the tigers a one point lead... lead...gabe devoe hit the game-tying three-pointer with 5.5 seconds left and clemson won in overtime at syracuse, 74-73, on tuesday. the win, clemson's first in the carrier dome, improved the tigers to 9-6 overall (2-1 in the acc). syracuse fell to 10-6, 0-3 in league play. 3 over in lexington the terriers paying a visit to the v-m-i keydets...terriers up early...freshman flectcher mcgee with the layup...later in the half derrick brooks knocks down the long 3 as the shot clock expires... expires...a close one but the terriers win this one 65-61 3 to unc greensboro...where the paladins on the road....but the spartans held furman scoreless in the final 3 minutes erasing a 6 point paladins lead ncg's diante baldwin scored with 3.9
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a 67-66 victory over furman in southern conference men's basketball action on tuesday night at the greensboro coliseum. 3 mike cunningham scored a career-high 19 points, and michael buchanan picked up his first double-double of the season, as the usc upstate men's basketball team won its game tuesday 68 victory over the north aggies to close conference to 6-11 on the opener saturday afternoon at 4 newcomer njit. north carolina overall. 3 and one georgia teacher is going viral...y dancing to the right beat alongside his students.stick around for the
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3 3 we're back with the nightcap-- 3 well one georgia teacher has all the right moves...when it comes to connecting with his students in a positive way. way.check out this math teacher...ron clark is quickly becoming a viral sensation with this video of him dancing alongside his seventh and eighth grade students to the song "bet you can't do it like me."it's all part of a social media dancers across the globe create their own moves to the song...posting them online with the hashtag "do it like me."clark says it was a great challenge to be a part of...and was a way to show students he cares about their interests. interests.
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3 let's get a last look of the forecast with meteorologist kendra kent kentexpect temperatures in the low 20s for the upstate and mid teens in the mountains on wednesday morning under clear skies. sunshine will dominate much of the day, with only a few afternoon clouds. highs 3 3 thanks for joining us, good night.
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