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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 6, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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their window's shot out- tonight, parishoners are questioning if the attacks were a hate crime- 3 plus..we're less than a week away from the national championship game!tonight - former clemson coach danny ford is weighing in on the tigers chances..what he says it will take.. for the team to bring home another title! 3 and someone could become a half billion dollars richer in less than an hour-the powerball jackpot is the fourth largest ever-the drawing happens **live** right here following the ten o'clock news- 3 good evening i'm cody alcorn- diana has the night off-it will still be pretty cold tonight, then some big changes s are in store toward the weekend weekendlet's check with kendra for a look at the morning commute 3 mostly clear skies will lead to another cold night, but it will be a few degrees warmer than previous nights. lows will drop to 31 in the upstate and 25 in the mountains on thursday morning. clouds will
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thursday, with highs getting back into the low 50s with is right around normal for this time of year. rain should hold off until late thursday night, so the daylight hours are looking dry. 3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 i'll have much more,coming up- up-thanks kendra-we continue tonight- 3 now to breaking news tonight at ten 3 in oconee county- a man is locked up acccced of seriously injuring a 48-day-old baby. tonight deputies say that infant is fighting for her life. 3 seneca police arrested 19-year- old leroy morris after they were called to g-h-s yesterday. police say the baby was brought to the hospital by her
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multiple injuries--including a broken collarbone...and fractured eye socket.the mother told police morris - her live-in boyfriend-....was taking care of the child the night before. during questioning, seneca police say morris admitted that on another night...he became frustrated with the child's crying and began shaking her before throwing the child.and they say he also admitted to hurting the child while drinking alchcol and using drugs on christmas eve. eve.the child right now is in in critical condition. morris is charged with unlawful conduct towards a child...but additional charges and arrests are possible in this case. just a few minutes ago - chief john covington sent us this response quote - "unfortunately this is one of the worst cases of child abuse i have seen in my 29 year career and it is unimaginable that someone could do this to a helpless innocent baby. no criminal charge on the books can render justice in this case. we are prayerful she
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3 and just into our newsroom - the pickens county sheriff's office says the man who shot and killed a legendary pickens high football coach and his neighbor has died. died.the sheriff's office says albert bowen died from health complications early this morning - while in the custody of u.s. marshals. marshals.bowen was charged withthwith the murder of coach bill isaacs and his neighbor dickie stewart back in september. 3 the shooting happened outsdie issacs home- his neighbor dickie stewart saw issacs on the ground and rushed to help him-while on the phone with dispatch deputies say stewart shot and killed him too- 3 stewart had been in custody since his arrest -he was flown out of state in october for psychological evaluations -he suffered a health issue while in the process of returning to south carolina before he died this morning- 3 we'll continue to update these breaking stories on air and
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3 developing tonight 3 in greenville county-law enforcement is trying to figure out who shot out windows at least three diffrent african american chruches-the damage is in the thousands- 3 rocky creek missionary baptist--bethlehem baptist-- and calvary baptist churches have all been hit in the last two days.but all three held wednesday night services-- they're not letting any shattered windows stop them from praying. praying.derek dellinger live at rocky creek derek what was the reaction from those churches tonight? 3 they tell us it's less anger over what happened--and more disappointment--but these churches are getting a lot of support from the community tonight. 3 3 3 ((nats))tonight--((nats)) 3 3 tonight. 3 3 3 ((nats))tonight--is meant for celebration and praise here at rocky creek missionary baptist church in simpsonville.and they are doing so tonight--
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on right outside their church. ((nats))shattered glass-- 3 122838-multiple windows that were shattered. multiple doors that were shot at, shot through--122845and it's hard to find a window that is not damaged.123119-it's safe to say that it was an ill act of ungodliness that was rendered--1231293 and reverend adrian mcilwain's church isn't the only one hit. down the road at bethlehem baptist-- 3 70418-bethlehem was also vandalized-70420--and even further down the road--a youth center at calvary baptist, so shot up with a pellet gun. 3 104013-it seemed like a night that someone wanted to ride around to some churches in the areathe worst of it came last night--rocky creek seeming to suffer the worst of it. authorities say bethlehem and calvary were hit late monday night or early tuesday morning. but there's no word yet if all the cases of vandalism are connected--but many we talked
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conference this afternoon-- state senator karl allen expressed worries that two of the three churches hit were targeted because of their mostly african-american congregations. 3 "the state of south carolina takes that matter very seriously."and while the clean-up continues--there is worry that this is not over. 123104-who's next? we don't know. what's the next church, next building that's going to be vandalized?--123408((nats)) the prayers and praise-- are still happening regardless.and to those that might want to disturb this peace--the pastor of rocky creek says they should find somewhere else. 3 123754-stop, if you want to use it, use it on a trail, on a nature trai...but don't destroy god's house.--123809 house.--123809 3 sled--greenville county deputies--and simpsonville police are all looking for whatever shot out the windows at the churches--so far-- arrests have been made.cody? 3 do the churches feel like they
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targeted?there is that worry and that's why sled is in on the investigation, especially here at cky creek.but calvary baptist told us tonight that they feel like they were a convenient target because they were right off the interstate.cody--back to you. 3 fox carolina is following up-- 3 an organization in greenville says they're fighting for justice-they claim greenville police used excessive force on a man they were arresting- 3 the group fighting injustice together held a news conference this afternoon-they addressed what they describe as misinformation about the case we first brought you earlier this week.. specifically they claim that jaquan williams was taken to the ground in a quote "animalistic way" - during an arrest.but the police report says williams was detained in a controlled manner. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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lawsuit into the december 15th incident.the group says the officer slammed williams head on the ground, resulting in a tooth being knocked out- a social media post displayed pictures of williams' mouth showing a missing and chipped tooth - 3 however, these photos from police taken at the time of booking and release from jail...reportedly show williams with his missing tooth still intact.they say he was cuffed after he refused to return to the vehicle during the stop and citation for marijuana possession. 3 3 3 3 that he took him down in a controlled manner. when a man is handcuffed you slam him to the ground on his face. that's not controlled. that's animalistic..and were not going to stand for it. 3 bruce wilson, with fighting injustice together, says he and williams want to talk to sled about the investigation. greenville police say they're conducting their own internal
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3 the national football championship is less than a week away. 3 and the undefeated clemson tigers are getting ready for the big day. the team will leave for arizona on friday. 3 the tigers will take off from the westzone around 12:30-p-m. if you want to send them off you're asked to show up aruond 11;45 near the entrance- the band and spirit squad will be out there- 3 some of you may be wondering what will it take for the undefeated tigers--roll past alabama? alabama?fox carolina talked to former clemson head coach danny ford.he was the last coach to lead the team to a national title in 1981. and up until now that's the only national championship that clemson has ever wontoday we asked coach ford what it will take for the tigers to add another trophy to their case here's what he had to say 3 3 3 "if alabama turns it over then alabama can win certainly, but there is a reason they are
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yet caught up with alabama in recruiting but they certainly can win they just have to play really well" well"3 ford added that he believes clemson has a big advantage at the quarterback position with deshaun watsonbut he said he thinks alabama has the upperhand on defense and on special teams 3 of course we'll be covering every angle leading up to the national championship on monday-we'll have live reports from arizonastarting tomorrow on the four oclock news... news...some of our crew left today and touched down in phoenix this afternoon. afternoon.sports anchor shannon sommerville and photojournalist amanda salvucci are already there working and getting to learn about the area.we'll hear from shannon a little later in the show. and you can follow their
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3 kendra has the forecast forecast 3 3 it's been more than two months.. since four people months.. since it's been more it's been more than two months.. since four people were found shot to death inside their anderson county home.tonight - the latest on the investigation.. and why deputies are asking for *your help in solving the case. case.and as clemson gets ready to head out west- we're catching up a former player, who just happens to be coaching for the arizona cardinalsand is ready to welcome the tigers to his home field- 3 and..500 *million dollars is up for grabs!this is live look in greenville at the q-t along woodruff and verdae..the cashier said he's sold 45- hundred dollars worth of tickets since coming on his shift at one oclock.he said the early shift sold 25- hundred dollars.those lucky numbers will be drawn right
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top of t3 the national football championship is almost here! 3 it is all clemson - all the timeat least through monday--- from here out- fans, alumni and of course the team are focused on the national title 3 with only one national championship under their belt in 1981 - most former players don't know the feeling of that kind of win.but some have had some big moments that compare. carolina's sharon johnson joins us live with how it feels to be a former tiger player with their team going to the big game. 3 the excitement is truly "over the top" for anyone who loves clemson.and if you have a closer connection - you're definitely going to arizona to watch them may even
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3 3 3 the big moment in football for this former clemson player came - when he played in the superbowl for the pittsburgh this big one for his college team.((levon)) 14:08:02 "normally, i'm objective about things but i feel like this team has something, the tigers do and i feel like they're going to suprise a lot of folks and win this game,"and levon kirkland's welcoming clemson fans to arizona where he is one of the cardinals outside linebacker coaches.his facebook post reads : clemson, i welcome all of y'all to arizona!((sot, levon))10:41:16 "you know i had to show a little southern flavor in there, but i'm looking forward to people that have orange on."3 one of those men in orange will be- another clemson standout.((patrick sot)) 17:42:38 "coach swinney, without a doubt, is one of the best coaches in the country." patrick sapp played as a quarterback and running back in the mid 90's then went on to the nfl. his title now is
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alumni development at clemson. but he does much more. more. 3 17:38:32 "i mentor a lot of these guys, also do our broadcast for the games as well. i get a chance to call the games and i'm on the sidelines as well with the guys during the games, so, i feel like i'm in that realm and that kinda satifies urges." he says his dual role - allows him to enjoy clemson's success. 17:37:12 "it's a great time to be a tiger"and both men - former athletes and clemson's finest - know the pressure is on for the team to bring *home* the national championship. 3 both players agree - this is a once in a lifetime moment for players and the clemson family. one - they will cherish for the rest of their lives. reporting live - sharon johnson - fox carolina - the ten o'clock news. 3 the clemson tigers are not the only ones preparing for the big showdown! the tiger's band is also working to make sure they bring the boom!check it out.
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3 tonight fox carolina caught up with the band at practice at the indoor football practice facility. 300-musicans were working up sweat....preparing for the big battle on monday. we spoke with members who say they ready for the big day. 3 mark spede director of bands &; director of tiger bandtrt: 22"it's a personal bucket list for me. i've been associated with a lot of other top band programs and i've never been at a national championship game with a team or the band i was associated with, so this is a first for me as well. and, certainly as a big college football fan, i'm super excited to be in this position. position. 3 the band will leave saturday for arizona. 3 our fox-carolina crew-has already landed in arizona to bring you play by play updates leading up to the championship game. here is fox carolina's sports anchor shannon sommerville with a preview. preview. 3 well we're here in phoenix arizona, just got here a little bit ago. weather is a little chilly here in phoenix but certainly a little bit warmer here than it is in greenville. it's about 50
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a beautiful scene we have here behind me. this mountain is called mummy mountain, and they say its just because it looks kind of like a mummy laying on its back there. but certainly a very beautiful scene for this national championship game. we'll be here all week long, keeping you caught up on what you need to know on this matchup between the clemson tigers and the alabama tide. we'll be here starting tomorrow with your live reports right here on fox carolina. reporting from phoenix arizona shannon sommerville fox carolina sports.
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3 mostly clear skies will lead to another cold night, but it will be a few degrees warmer than previous nights. lows will drop to 31 in the upstate and 25 in the mountains on thursday morning. clouds will increase through the day on thursday, with highs getting back into the low 50s with is right around normal for this time of year. rain should hold off until late thursday night, so the daylight hours are looking dry. 3 a spartanburg county woman.. accused of trying to poison and kill her daughter who has down syndrome. syndrome.tonight - her former neighbors are speaking out.. why they say there has to be more to the story. months after a one-year-old vanished from her pendleton home.. there's a new push to find the family of leonna wright is coming together.. in search for answers. answers.and..a bank robber look-a-like!why dirty jobs star mike rowe is setting the record straight.. after this man was caught on cam.. holding up the place! place!
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3 3 dirty jobs t-v star mike rowe...has done many jobs..
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isn't one. 3 mike rowe took to facebook today--setting the record straight that he isn't the one caught on camera robbing a bank in oregon. medford police posted these surveillance photos from a robbery tuesday. a short time later...people began saying rowe was the suspect-to clear things up the actor took to facebook.he says quote- 'if this crook was disguised as me, he could still be in medford..walking among you. in which case the public should not be on the lookout for me, but rather, a much skinnier and far less attractive man.end quote. 3 this got many of you talking! we made this the topic of tonight's fox fuss 3 we wanted to know if you thought this guy looked like the discovery channel host - and you guys had some funny comments! comments!including kim who said quote - bank robbing is a dirty job, for sure! lol 3 and chelle wrote... when doppelgangers go wrong! 3 let us know what you think! remember you can email us anytime at the fox fuss at fox carolina dot com.or find us on facebook under fox carolina news.
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3 a wild ride.. on an anderson county ambulance! ambulance!this man is accused of stealing the vehicle.. with a paramedic still inside. tonight - why officials say some quick thinking.. may have saved lives. search for a missing one-year-old.leonna wright disappeared from her pendleton home.. seven months ago.tonight - how her family is hoping these billboards.. will help find her. her.and..powerball fever!the jackpot is up to 500 *million of the biggest in powerball history!!catch the big drawing right here on fox carolina.. at the top of the hour! hour! 3
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3 tonight marks seven months since one year old leonna wright vanished from her pendleton home. 3 today her family placed teddy bears and balloons along the missing persons billboard in anderson. they continue to seek out what happened to her on the night of june 6th while in the care of her mother's boyfriend. 3 travis jones is that man - and although he is behind bars for neglect of her sister, he has not been charged in leonna's dissappearance. 3 it's a case that has drawn much attention for the past 7 months and remains a missing persons investigation tonight. 3 fox carolina's rebecca atkins spoke exclusively with baby
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she's live in anderson with what they shared on this 7 month anniversary. rebecca? 3 leonna's mother and father did not want to talk on camera tonight, but they told me how important it is that they spread the word for someone with information to come forward. their family spoke on their behalf and say this is a tragedy they'll never get over. 3 3 3 3 "she's still in the back of our minds everyday."hugs and tears filled the grass lot where the billboard of missing leonna wright sits along murray ave. in anderson. they placed teddy bears and balloons along the poster ...a balloon for every month she's been missing. 3 3 "our family is in deep deep deep pain... and we need answers."larussia sullivan spoke today on behalf of the entire family, and she says each day without leonna gets harder. harder. 3 3 "we would never imagine this would ever happen to our family, we are such a big family and we have so much
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know what's going on."leonna's mother stood by in tears next to her daughter's father, looking up at the picture of thie little girl. she says each day gets harder. 3 3 3 "on a daily basis her picture is shared on social media and we just continusly put it out there that we want to bring leonna home."investigators searched the area surrounding the baby's pendleton home for weeks and never found any traces of the little girl. but family and friends are holding on to hope. hope. 3 "w don't know, so until we find out... we're gonna continue to search."family friend and activist traci fant says she and leonna's family asked a close friend to reach out to the spanish speaking community who lived in the apartments where leonna vanished... if they may have seen anything that night. night. 3 3 3 "if you know this family, they are good people, they are looking for this baby. if you know or if you have any information please call 1-888-
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family."they say the balloons and bears are to represent leonna's innocence in hopes it will finally bring forward some answers. 3 and i did reach out to the anderson county sheriff's office today for an update in this case, and they say there are no new developments at this time. cody? 3 rebecca do you know if any tips or leads have come from the billboard being placed there and do you know how much longer it will be out there? there?the family says the do know that people have called the number with information but again the sheriff's office says there are no developments in the case, but they told me it's only going to be up for another month, so they are hoping some of those answers they are looking for will come before the billboard is taken down. reporting live in anderson, rebecca atkins fox carolina the 10 o'clock news. 3 continuing to cover our counties at ten 3 in greenville county- a man will spend 40-years behind bars--after a robbery turned deadly for a homeowner. 3 22-year old brandon adams was found guilty by a jury today.
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part in a burglary...armed robbery...and the murder of 51- year old joeseph crite. crite.back in december 20-12- crite was shot and killed in his home on lanford drive. deputies say two of the suspects held crite at gunpoint, then killed him. him.these three people are also charged in connection to the deadly robbery. 3 buncombe county deputies need your help finding a missing teen. teen.jessica crawford is fifteen years old and from black mountain.she's described as five feet tall with brown hair and blue eyes.authorities believe she may be in madison or burke counties.if you know where she is - you're asked to call the sheriff's office. 3 and in mcdowell county - d-s-s is asking for your help finding two runaway teens. officials say 16-year-old david whittington went missing from nebo the day after christmas. christmas.deputies are also looking for 14-year-old ciera waldrop.if you have any information on either of their whereabouts - you're asked to call the sheriff's office. 3 an anderson county man is
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steal an ambulance with a paramedic still inside! inside!take a look at lenny ware.anderson police say he tried to steal a medshore ambulance outside anmed hospital this morning. morning.officials tells us after paramedics had just dropped off a cardiac arrest patient - and one paramedic was in the back cleaning up. that's when ware - who was just released from the hospital - jumped in and started driving towards the highway!the paramedic was able to crawl through the cab, stop the suspect, and put the ambulance into park...with the help of a firefighter on scene. medshore officials say they're grateful things didn't take a turn for the worst. 3 3 3 3 "i think it was very good judgement from the paramedic's standpoint. very scary on our standpoint. the safety of our crews and our ambulances. he actually did the right thing to stop before it got worse." worse."shore tells us thankfully the paramedic and
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from the incident. 3 in pickens county-clemson police are asking for your help finding a stolen tiger statue - just days before the big game! game!take a good look-police say this statue was stolen from the corner of college avenue and wall street - sometime between six monday evening and nine tuesday morning.if you you see the statue or have any information on the who took it-call clemson police at the number on your screen. 3 if you have driven past lake hartwell-or even been out on the water- you've probably noticed the water is higher than normal. 3 right now the current level is six-hundred and sixty-four feet above sea level. that's up more than it should be in the winter. officials say the dam gates may soon be opened. they also say power is being generated through turbines right now. recent rain and cooler weather in the upstate has effected water levels. 3 in a fox carolina follow up 3 leads on a quadruple murder in anderson county have gone cold...and the sheriff's office is asking anyone with
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3 it's been over two months since cathy scott, michael scott, barbara scott, and violet taylor were executed inside a home on refuge road in pendleton. pendleton.the sheriff's office tell us the investigation into their deaths is ongoing...but that no new leads are coming into crime stoppers- 3 while they say investigators are following up on leads they've developedthey want anyone who might have information on this case to call crime stoppers at 1-888-crime-sc 3 today former neighbors of 68- year-old pamela contreras are speaking out about the shocking allegations against her. police say she tried to poison her daughter, who has downs syndrome.but neighbors believe she was a great mother. 3 they say contreras loved her daughter...and took her everywhere with her.they say they don't condone her actions but say there must be more to this story, as fox carolina's ashley daley reports. 3 well before moving to spartanburg, pamela contreras spent several years in
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a few of her neighbors who say not only was she a great mother -- but that non os this makes sense. i didn't think that somebody who loved her daughter like she did would care enough, would do something like that.a former neighbor of pamela contreras...who asked not to be identified, says she knew pamela and her daughter well. she says pamela was a loving mother. she greatly loved her daughter, she walked her daughter around down here where she lived at and she took her everywhere she wanted to go. the neighbor says pamela's daughter, who has down syndrome, would often spend time with her at her apartment in kelly acres. oh i loved her to death, she'd come over here and sit with me two and three hours at a time. she could not talk, she could not do anything, but she'd just sit and look at you. the neighbor says she was shocked to hear that on tuesday, pamela was arrested by spartanburg police -- accused of trying to poison and kill herself and her daughter. police reports say pamela told officers she was worried that when she died, no one would be
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daughter.she told me she was worried about, she didn't know who was going to take care of vicki. that's a worry to every mother, who's going to take care of their daughter like that i mean you don't want them in a home. john cocciolone with the greenville county disabilities and special needs board says the job of a caretaker is not easy and oftentimes comes with health affects. 3 3 divorce rates high, clinical depression is very common, alcohol and substance abuse is common, uh, it's tough. but he says caretakers are not alone and says there are many state and private services that can help.if you know you have a child in that situation get a case manager, because a case manager then becomes de facto family until a guardian is assigned or a surrogate is pamela contreras remains behind bars here at the spartanburg county jail.a judge denied her bond. we reached out to family, who say right now they just ask for spartanburg county
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3 on the fox carolina money watch 3 netflix is now available in nearly every country around the world! world!the streaming video service is available in 130 more countries.several countries are still off-limits for now - including north korea and and syria that's due to u-s government restrictions on american companies. the company says it's even working to open its service in china. but media content in the country remains heavily censored by the government- 3 a new style of grocery shopping hits greenville tomorrow! tomorrow!it's called shipt- and for a fee, customers can have their food delivered to them! them!shipt uses a mobile app to offer the convenience of ordering, paying and receiving food without stepping foot in the store.membership is 3 about 100 dollars - and delivery is free on orders more than 35 bucks.shipt will
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their shopping.for more information on how you can jump on board - head to our website fox carolina dot com. 3 foodies get ready!dozens of restaurants are prepping for restaurant week in greenville! greenville!the event kicks off tomorrow - and will run through the 17th.organizers say its all about celebrating south carolina cuisine - and includes everything from fine to casual dining.several restaurants will offer special menu items, promotions and
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eleven day period. 3 the inspiring story.. of a citadel cadet from the upstate. upstate.he lost his hand in a butcher shop accident in 20-14..tonight - how he's achieving his dreams.. in the face of adversity. countdown is on for the tigers!tonight -
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has to say.. about facing his alma mater in the national championship game! game!and i'll talk about wet weather for the weekend! weekend! 3 3 3 3 3
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3 the national championship's just five days away... 3 the tigers taking on alabama for the biggest prize in college football... for clemson coach dabo swinney, it's a situation he's been in before... sort of... 3 sports director aaron cheslock joins us now... and swinney's been in a championship before.. but he was with the crimson tide, right? right?3 yeah, clemson's coach an alabama native... played on
10:36 pm
championship team... so to say that this is an interesting matchup for him is a bit of an understatement... 3 the history's so rich there... swinney grew up an alabama guy... of course down there you immediately have to choose between auburn or bama... much like the tigers and gamecocks here... he then walked on to the football team, played five years including on the title team... then coached in tuscaloosa as an assistant for 13-years before coming to clemson... one of the most notable stories is how dabo swinney got his name... as an infant, his brother would try to enunciate "that boy"... and it came out "dabo"... the nickname stuck... enough that swinney had a heck of a realization once he got into elementary school... 3 "that's just, i've been dabo since birth. but it's the honest to god truth, i didn't even know my name was william till abou the third grade. but about the 2nd or third grade they came out with those
10:37 pm
bubble this whole thing in. it'd take you longer to do that than to take the test. especially with william christopher swinney. and i'm like good god. and i had to remind myself how to spell my own name. they'd be like william christopher swinney and i'd be looking around like, there's another swinney in here? i got a cousin?" cousin?"coming up at 11 we've got tons to talk about with the national championship... we'll hear from nick saban with the tide.. and check in with shaq lawson on his status for the title game... it's all straight ahead at 11 in sports... 3 and dont forget - monday at 7 tune in for our special report undefeated: clemson's return to the championship.we'll be going in depth on the tigers first shot at the national title since 1981. 3 3 3 the wait is over! the first episode of the last season of american idol kicked off on fox carolina. 3 take a listen to some of the auditions. auditions. 3 "calling out father, stand by
10:38 pm
burn auburn on the mountain side" side" 3 "i can't hold out, i can't hold back like i've done before" before"3 those were a few of the auditions from tonight's episode. many singers were hoping to make it to make their dreams come true.judges harry connick jr., jennifer lopez and keith urban, along with host ryan seacrest are back....searching for the final american idol. 3 and we've been 3 talking about it all night -
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drawing!the jackpot now stands at 500-millionand with thousands across the country heading out to buy tickets - the final amount may be much higher!since november... there have been 17 drawings so far with no winner.if there's no winner tonight, the pot will just keep growing.before you get too excited...know that your chances of giving birth to quadruplets...or being killed by an asteroid are much greater than you winning the lottery. lottery.and keep your tickets handy - we're just minutes away from finding out the winner - so stay tuned to fox carolina for the live drawing! you can only watch it live, right here. 3
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3 mostly clear 3 skies will lead to another cold night, but it will be a few degrees warmer than previous nights. lows will drop to 31 in the upstate and 25 in the mountains on thursday morning. clouds will increase through the day on thursday, with highs getting back into the low 50s with is right around normal for this time of year. rain should hold off until late thursday night, so the daylight hours are looking dry.friday morning will bring scattered light rain showers, with precipitation staying liquid even in the mountains as it looks now. highs will reach the low 50s once again on friday with only isolated rain showers during the afternoon. this weekend will be milder as highs approach 60 in the upstate. another round of rain is set to move in during the day saturday and linger into saturday night. skies will clear on sunday and temperatures will remain mild before the chilly air settles in for sunday night. next week will be colder than normal with highs in the 40s. with the cold air in place, we'll be watching the gulf closely for any developing storms. if
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have a good chance for winter weather. however, most of the models keep conditions dry through much of next week. week. 3 3 3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 big plans.. for spartanburg county schools. schools.a new high county schools. schools.big plans.. for 3 to nine am.every ten and
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wake up with 3 and wake up with fox carolina.
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every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 big plans.. for spartanburg county schools. schools.a new high school.. and a new elementary school.. tonight - why district officials are urging voters to approve multi-million dollar renovations. introduced you to little avery last night..she caught a game ball.. in the tigers big win at the orange bowl!tonight only fox - we're talking with the two miami dade police officers.. who made it all
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recognized--but not for his teaching skills 3 hes getting recognized for making all the right moves... moves...ron clark -has become a viral sensationafter "getting down" with his seventh and eighth graders.the group hip hop danced as part of a social media challenge. the video has since gotten over three million views.and now dancers all over are creating their own dance to the tune using the hashtag can do it like me challenge.. students say that clark's school has had a huge impact on their lives! 3 a moving story of an upstate native and citadel cadet. cadet. 3 'it's been a great rewarding experience honestly for something that i would say was tragic." tragic."he lost his hand two-years ago in a butcher accident--but says he's not
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him down...see how-- coming up! 3 and we're just moments away from the powerball lottery get your tickets ready for the chance to win up to 500-million-dollars!
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3 we're back with a look at your
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