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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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during the afternoon. western north carolina will likely sit near 40s for much of the day. winds will be breezy! expect gusts of winds to reach 20 to 30 miles per hour during the day.
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3 the national championship is two days away! 3 the clemson tigers are continuing on their road to victory! the team took off yesterday from g-s-p to phoenix--landing with a little bit of fanfare and a lot of attention--as the championship game gets closer and closer. carolina has team coverage of all that's happening in arizona tonight with the tigers.that's where sports director aaron cheslock is tonight--and aaron-- you guys had full access to the team. 3 we did indeed, and we'll bring you a full recap throughout the show so you don't want to go anywhere.. but we'll start with the most important story... the tigers squaring off with alabama.. 3 3 3 and that's what they're playing for... the tigers all taking turns posing with the championship trophy at media day today... they're hoping to take some more monday night... the experience factor is real in this one... clemson playing
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game since 1981.. their only appearance... alabama on the other hand is playing in their fourth national championship tilt in seven years.. they've got 15 trophies sitting in tuscaloosa.. but it's clemson that comes in undefeated.. riding the nations longest winning streak at 17... dabo swinney's said all year that the next game is the biggest game... no question about it this time... 3 3 3 3 3 "this truly is the biggest game of the year cause this is it. we're excited about it. we have great respect for alabama, how can you not? they've been the standard in college football for a long time, but our guys are just focused on trying to get themselves ready to play well cause that's what it's going to take. none of the rest of this stuff matters. matters. 3 3 "they're very good, they're very talented, a lot of skill set, they're very well coached by kirby smart. but we just got to do what we do. i can't really focus on what they have. i just focus on my job and continue to do what we do and just take it one day at a
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happens."the tigers going through their last true practice earlier this afternoon... fine tuning the gameplan before monday.. 3 there's no question the tigers know how big this game is to really the whole state of south carolina... but it's even more important to the guys who are from here... 3 our live team coverage continues with sports anchor shannon sommerville.. who ccght up with some tigers from the upstate... shannon? shannon? 3 exactly. several players right out of the upstate not only have a chance to being back a national championship have a chance at making college football history... 3 if the tigers win they'll be the first team in fbs history to go 15 and oh during a season. and to dorman's charone peake and riverside's kevin dodd...bringing home some hardware to the upstate would be a dream come true.... 3trt: trt: 3
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spartanburg's never seen anything like that before. it'd be very good for me to bring that home to them." them." 3 3 "it still kind of feels unreal that we're here right now, but it's been a long road and i'm just glad that we got the opportunity to play in it. it's exciting." exciting."we'll have more on the matchup a little later. 3 but the players weren't the only ones we talked to at media day nicole papay has more... 3 we were out there all morning with coaches and players getting interviews about the pre-game but, we weren't the only ones there. nicole has more... more... 3 that's right, our sports team got up close and personal with players and coaches, but that doesn't mean the fans stayed away. this die-hard clemson following showed up early this morning to let the team know they're here. 3 3 3 c l e m s o n t i g e r s
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fightdeborah nelson stands among the truest tiger fans. she's been here in phoenix since thursday, already took a tour of the stadium and what will become the tiger's locker room on game day. and while she's been excited to have seen the players today, she's more than ready for what's to come on monday. 3 3 3 "there's no other place i'd be right now than right here in arizona in phoenix. i was there in 1981 and i'm going to be here in 2016 when we take that national championship again!" 3 deborah is such a passionate tigers fan, she tells us her nickname during football season has become "deb-o". i think coach dabo would be happy to hear that deb-o will be there cheering on the team
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3 the excitement 3 here is building up for the big game on monday. back to you derek. 3 3 you'll want to stay tuned to fox carolina for continuing coverage as the tigers prepare for the monday's game.and dont forget - monday at 7tune in for our special report "undefeated: clemson's return to the championship."we'll be going in depth on the tigers first shot at thth national title since 1981. 3 3 rain falls overnight, but winds pick up on sunday and your forecast changes. find
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days ahead with your forecast coming up. 3 there is other news tonight-- we have the latest body of a baby--found in the woods of anderson county. 3 plus--late-breaking details on a double homicide case that has deputies asking what happened--that story--and more from arizona--when the ten o'clock news returns.
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3 new tonight 3 anderson county deputies are trying to figure out what led to a double homicide. homicide.the discovery was made early this morning along pierce and amy road in iva. deputies are not really saying a lot about what happened at this point--and the victims so far have not been id' we get updates--we will pass them along here on air--and on foxcarolina-dot-com. 3 also in anderson county-- deputies are trying to figure out who left the body of a baby girl in a wooded area. we're told a man who was walking around this morning found the remains--which they describe as a **'near-term fetus'**--some 7 to 9 months along. 3 tonight--that story is on the minds of many in anderson county--including deputiti-- who are still trying to piece everything together. carolina's shale
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every aspect of this story all day.shale--what have you been able to find out? 3 derek -very sad situation for an anderson nieghborhood with many unanswered questions tonight.i spoke to anderson county coroner's office and they say it is confirmed the child is a full trimester white female. they also say the child was birthed in a natural way. one neighbor says she still can't believe how this morning's events unraveled. 3 3 3 police cars, yellow tape and investigators all surround the anderson county scene this morning after the body of a baby was found. 3 "investigators were called at about 11 o'clock saturday morning when a passer byer walking through woods, ran up on a what appeared to be a near term female infant."the person walking by ran to a neighbor's home to call 9-1-1. sot: kelly y berkwitz, called police to scene"he had a little baby bootie and a piece of glass and he found a baby
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it's head 3 had been mutilated by some animals maybe?"the coroner says the baby suffered some sort of trauma. but at this time they cannot confirm if that happened before or after the baby was left. "i think it's too soon to pinpoint the exact time but it does appear to be very recent." "of course an investigation has been launched, we don't have details right now. but it does appear to be nearly a full term female."investigators say this is an ongoing investigation and they will be reaching out to the community for answers. 3 "forensics, along with assistant coroners down there collecting whatever we have right around the incident itself and then we'll expand out from there and then talking to people in the neighborhood."neighbors are trying to put the pieces together themselves."i have no idea what the mirror has to do with it, i know there's fingerprints on it because i could see it.". "for now, the community just hopes for answers."prayers for the family and wrap it up and give back people their peace of mind." 3 anderson county deputies say the person who found the baby is not a person of interest at this time. an autopsy has been set for monday.we will let you
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we find out. derek, back to you. 3 in macon county--search and rescue efforts will continue tomorrow for a georgia man-- who witnesses say fell into the cullasaja river. we're told this all happened in the dry falls area near highlands. crews spent most of the afternoon looking for the man-- but had to call off the search once it became dark.we will let you know any updates as we get them. 3 3 rain will linger 3 overnight, becoming moderate at times. look to see winds pick up by early sunday morning with temperatures sitting in the mid-40s and upper 30s.sunday will start of cloudy with a few lingering showers. with a breezy and cold morning likely in western
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snow flurries cannot be ruled out for the morning.expect clearing skies throughout the day as temperatures peak in the mid-50s across the upstate. western north carolina will likely have already seen its warmest temperatures of the day and hover near 40 degrees for much
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3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download!
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3 our coverage of the clemson tigers trek to the national championship continues now-- 3 and there's another angle to this whole game you have to take into consideration--head coach dabo swinney's connections to alabama. alabama.let's head back out fox carolina sports director aaron cheslock in arizona--and there's a lot of history there, isn't there? 3 without question.. swinney's an alabama native, who walked on as a wide receiver and won a championship with the tide back in '92... he also coached in tuscaloosa for 13 years as an assistant. 3 3 3 3 earlier at media day... swinney fielded multiple questions about returning to alabama someday.. he continues to stick to his line one that... never say never.. but
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has no plans to leave.. but the recent success he's had at clemson, putting the tigers on the national map continues to garner national attention.. and as nick saban continues to get older, speculation of swinney leaving tigertown to take over in tuscaloosa continues to grow.. which is why when we asked athletic director dan radakovich about the possibility.. he admitted it's not lost on him. 3 3 3 3 3 "you're probably under water if you're not conscious of it or don't think about it but, there's nothing that we can do.. we try to control what we can control. and we're going to do the best job we can do for coach swinney and his staff, to allow clemson to be successful." successful."now swinney's ties to clemson are pretty strong too.. been in tigertown 13 years.. but if bear bryant left to get back to bama.. you gotta figure clemson's coach would have to consider it if
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3 and the storylines are seemingly endless for this one... both on and off the field.. 3 let's bring nicole papay back in as we continue our live coverage.. and the whole phoenix area's buzzing about the big game right nicole? 3 that's right aaron, the football arena is in glendale, just outside of phoenix, but the area that will feel the economic impact spans even farther. 3 we stopped by old town scottsdale, which many locals mentioned is a top tourist destination for food, music, and nightlife outside of downtown phoenix. one of the managers of a popular restaurant there told us more about what they expect through the weekend and next week. 3 3 3 oh it's awesome for this area you know you get a lot of people from out of town a lot of people make a vacation out of it so they're here to have fun and we're here to make sure that they do have fun)
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if you think about it in comparison to back home, it would be like a downtown event in greenville bringing enough people to even have places like anderson and spartanburg feeling the flood of people into stores and rereaurants. 3 back to you 3derek derek
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3 you'll want to stay tuned to fox carolina for continuing coverage as the tigers prepare for the monday's game.and dont forget - monday at 7tune in for our special report "undefeated: clemson's return to the championship."we'll be going in depth on the tigers
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title since 1981. 3 3 still to come tonight--more from phoenix as fans get ready for the big game-- game--some are spending the bucks to head out there to watch clemson take on the crimson. 3 this is what they're arriving to--scottsdale arizona. we'll continue to bring you full coverage throughout the show 3 and let's not forget powerball. 900-million dollars could be yours tonight--if you have the right numbers.the live drawing is coming up! 3 here's a look at your other winning lottery numbers.. 3 3
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3 clemson tiger fans are making there way to phoenix 3 now that the tigers have gone-- the fans are following-- jetting off to arizona to see the game in's fox carolina's brookley cromer. 3 3 3 3 im here at gsp where many clemson fans are getting a once in a lifetime opportunity as they travel out of tiger territory and into glendale arizona in hopes of bringing home a national title win! win! 3 3
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going. this is like a dream come true!"a dream that many tiger fans have hoped for -- since the legendary 1981 win... win... 3 "we were there in 1981 when they were there before so this has been a long time coming!" linda long is a diehard clemson fan- who owns her own travel agency--so -- she wanted to give fans the ultimate experience-- by setting up a charter flight-- directly from gsp to arizona. and as soon as the tigers won in miami-- the tickets went quickly! quickly! 3 "when we came back from florida, the trip sold out!" corey andresen is one of those fans- 3 3 "we've all been waiting on this our entire lives so we can not get there fast enough!" this is just one of many flights --that are carrying thousands of fans from the upstate- as they jet off to see the tigers play! play! 3 "i don't care how far it is and all these other forty-something thousand people don't care how far it is. they're going to follow the tigers wherever they go
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and dolly younts are lifelong clemson fans and have been waiting for a repeat of that win-- since 1981!"we've been tiger fans for over fifty years. we went to the first national championship game that we won. we intend to do the same thing at this one!"in greenville brookley cromer fox carolina the 10:00 news 3 flights from g-s-p to arizona continue tomorro-- and in case you need a reminder--the tigers face off against number two alabama--monday at 8:30 pm. 3 3 we've got more coverage from phoenix with our crew there-- we'll check in live with coming up. 3 and--oh--how about that chance to get 900-million dollars?the time for buying the big ticket is now over--the drawing is coming up in just minutes!ted? winds pick up on sunday and your forecast changes. find out what is in store for the days ahead with your forecast
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3 anticipation is growing for clemson and alabama fans tonight-- 3 there's a good chance that two nights from now--that game
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even though there is 46 hours to go until the big game starts--there's a lot going on--and there's a lot of excitement that's still surrounding hte game. game.our live team coverage from arizona continues with fox carolina sports director aaron cheslock.and aaron while it was all business today-- there were some lighter moments right? 3 yeah absolutely... in particular some jawing back and forth...between two clemson players... about some really important stuff.. like facial hair.. 3 3 3 3 one of the more lighter moments was the back and forth between tl hanna alum ben boulware and eric mac lain... boulware's shaved his beard down to just a mustache.. while mac lain's still rocking the full mane.. which made for some pretty good trash talk in front of hundreds of media members.. although boukdware's planning to shave the stache, pretty soon 3 3 3 3 3 "after the game. it's getting
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locker room right after the game. i have a razor and it's gone. cause this thing is getting annoying. it's beautiful, it's a nice mustache, but it's definitely gone after the game." game." 3 3 "let me tell you something man, ben boulware's'sustache is terrible, he needs to shave it right now. it's just an embarrassment for this entire team. what makes your beard better? everything. you can look at it and see that there's no aspect that his facial hair's better than mine." mimie."so there you have it... according to the winningest player in clemson history in eric mac lain. he does have an epic beard... 3 now we've talked a bunch about deshaun watson and dabo swinney all season.. and deservedly so.. but keeping with the lighter story theme we've got going on.. 3 let's bring back shannon.. joins us live from scottsdale.. who's got an interview with an important player you don't often hear from... but is pretty important.. the long snapper.. shannon? shannon? 3 when you hear the name jim brown you probably think of the greatest runningback of all time...the jim brown we
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hes the long snapper for the undefeated tigers... he might not be the most well known player on the team...but he just might be the most entertaining... 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 "it's a question i always ask like when you're in school in the first class i've always asked o o horse size duck. "wait what"one horse size duck a horse size duck ok.or three duck size horses.3 duck size horses would be adorable.see that's what everybody says. i'd rather have a horse size duck because id rather fly on a big duck.""ladies say the miniature horses because they're cuter and most guys are like i wanna fly a big duck that's kinda what i want to do.""are these the things that plague you at night?""no no they don't plague me i stole that from somebody else. if you were stranded in the desert right here makes sense were in arizona you could take 3 things what uld they be?
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take...and not stuff for survival actually lets do two. two things not for survival but you have to have with you that you're attached to the hip with."it could be a stuffed animal..."easy easy... netflix...big fan of netflix also my wonderful photographer mark warren what about you what would you bring?""oh let's see here. my guitar. that's the first one the second one would be stanton seckinger he's our tight end. we're outdoorsmen we you chop wood or something?we hunt and fish all the time. so we would love to drop everything and go live in the woods for 3 or 4 months. i think we could do it. i'd love
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should be a reality show.and still have like a cell phone or something in case it really hits the fan and let me call 9-1-1 or something? but i really do think i could survive for an extended period of time...maybe like less than a week...."if fox carolina is looking to do a show maybe the adventures of jim and stanton. you got it man we'll pitch it right now.""not like naked and afraid.""that's just weird." 3 i think that was my favorite interview all year...
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3 you'll want to stay tuned to fox carolina for continuing coverage as the tigers prepare for the monday's game.and dont forget - monday at 7tune in for our special report "undefeated: clemson's return to the championship."we'll be going in depth on the tigers first shot at the national title since 1981. 3 happening right now 3 get your tickets ready!we are just about 20 minutes away from the big drawing for climbed to a whopping 900 *million dollars---and it will likely be more than that when the drawing happens tonight. tonight.900-million dollars-- it's the highest lottery payout in u-s history!the last time someone won the powerball jackpot was in october--and it's carried over every week -- what would you do if you won? 3 3 3 "i probably retired at 28" 28""probably just quit my job do whatever i want to do me "and what about the cameraman?" i'll help him out give him a little bit." bit."the odds of winning the jackpot is one in 292-million. you can catch the drawing
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3 3 and you are looking live--- that sign says 900-million dollars.they say the cash payout value is 558-million dollars if you take the lump sum.will you be a winner? 3 plus--more from arizona--and the preps for the big game-- clemson and the crimson-- that's still to come tonight. 3 rain falls overnight, but winds pick up on sunday and your forecast changes. find out what is in store for the days ahead with your forecast
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3 clemson fans have been waiting for monday all season! 3 clemson and alabama players are gearing up for the big day! each hoping to walk away with the big title. 3 fox carolina sports director- aaron cheslock is back phoenix. aaron, and while the tigers get ready for their second national championship, it's the same old story for alabama right? 3 absolutely, the crimson tide.. no strangers to the biggest game in college football. nick saban's bunch making their 4th appearance in the last seven years.. 3 3 3 3 alabama players and coaches looking calm and confident earlier at media day... mentioned the recent success, but this is arguably the most storied program in college football... in fact 15 national championship trophies sit in tuscaloosa right now..head coach nick saban's certainly made his mark there.. and the crimson tide
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3 3 3 3 3 "i don't know that anybody's stopped deshaun watson you know you're talking about a phenomenal player. a player that can beat you in a number of different ways. and i think he truly understands what they want him to do and gets it done on a pretty consistent basis which makes them have the kind of prolific offense that they have. have.coming up a little later in sports we check in with derrick henry... and get the heisman trophy winner's take on going up against the top- ranked tigers.. 3 now the tigers come in as the underdog... and clemson fans can take any edge they can get.. 3 let's bring back nicole papay... and nicole, a lot of the tigers faithful' made their way to arizona from all over the country.. and even a
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3 that's right aaron, thousands of clemson fans arriving here will make a huge impact on the game 3 3 3 3 and we've 3 already seen a lot of them taking in the good food and sights around the phoenix area ahead of the game. it's well known that clemson fans travel well, but one group in particular, who has been to an incredible number of home and away games, brings with them a very popular "fan". 3 3 3 02:37:04:12 this is our traveling gnome, he has his own facebook page his name is riggs. we take him to every game, he's been everywhere that we've gone, we've been to every game home and away away02:37:40:05 i think it really makes all the difference, we really are a lot of times the extra player that they need in the game, because we definitely make sure that they know that we're
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3 aaron said it right, that clemson fans will take every edge they can get going up against alabama on monday, so maybe, just maybe, riggs the gnome will help to make the difference! 3 back to you derek 3 you'll want to stay tuned to fox carolina for continuing coverage as the tigers prepare for the monday's game.and dont forget - monday at 7tune in for our special report "undefeated: clemson's return to the championship."we'll be going in depth on the tigers first shot at the national title since 1981.
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3 rain will linger overnight, becoming moderate at times. look to see winds pick up by early sunday morning with temperatures sitting in the mid-40s and upper 30s.sunday will start of cloudy with a few lingering showers. with a breezy and cold morning likely in western north carolina, a few stray snow flurries cannot be ruled out for the morning. expect clearing skies throughout the day as temperatures peak in the mid- 50s across the upstate. western north carolina will likely have already seen its warmest temperatures of the day and hover near 40 degrees for much of the afternoon. winds will be an issue. expect west southwest winds between 10 and 15 miles per hour in the upstate with gusts reaching over 20 miles per
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carolina will see more of a north northwest flow between 10 and 20s miles per hour and gusts reaching as fast as 30 miles per hour!cold temperatures rush in sunday evening, bringing temperatures into the low to upper 20s. monday will start the week off with sunny skies and temperatures below normal. 3
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3 we're back with more clemson coverage! we're talking to shaq lawson lawson 3 3 the lowdown on 3
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3 the lowdown on lawson... hey there, i'm ac... tigers defensive end shaq lawson's status 3 for the title games one of the biggest concerns for the entire clemson fan base.. 3 3 3 still not 100% sure.. but the
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expects to play against alabama in monday's national championship.. the tigers certainly need him.. lawson leads the nation in tackles for loss, and touts ten and a half sacks on his resume... when facing an offense like alabama.. with such a huge presence up front, clemson needs all their top players up front for the national title clash.. 3 3 3 "i'm just taking it a day at a time. trying to get my knee back. down here before the game, trying to get it stronger before i go out there and play. i don't feel no weaknesses. i really can't tell right now until i start moving on the field and everything. but it's getting better each day, with movement. and i'll continue to work on it to get it back where i was at." at."we'll continue to follow lawson's status throughout the next day or so and bring you a concrete answer as to whether
10:42 pm
3 sports anchor 3 shannon sommerville was out at tigers practice this afternoon... and shannon, did we see anything from lawson? 3 in less than 48 hours the tigers will square off against alabama in the national championship game. a lots been made of the hours limit on practice for the tigers but at the end of the day it doesn't matter cause they've got a game to get ready for.... so with the hours counting down how game ready are the tigers? 3 the tigers hit the practice field at scottsdale community college for their final full practice before the national championship game. the players are loose but focused. calm but motivated. motivated. 3 3 3 3 mentally were ready physically ready to just go out there and
10:43 pm
team ever the closer it gets we just want to go out there and compete can't wait wish it was tomorrow 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 "i say we're at a good point right now we've prepared well last week so we've recovered well so i think we've been pretty good."the coaches face the difficult challenge of balancing their preparation. too much and it can be overwhelming for the players... but too little that's just a recipe for disaster.. disaster.. 3 3 3 3 3 you know it's been going good you know obviously it's a lot to get prepared for and not quite as much time we gotta try and get some new things going but at the same time not do too much have your guys confident you know you've gotta do what you do but the best teams gonna win the game. 3 the team will have meetings and walk throughs tomorrow. they'll go to see a movie as a team tomorrow night and then monday its game day and well see if all that preparation
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3 shannon thanks... now we'll check back in on bama... nick saban and company coming in with a heck of a resume... as they return to the national championship.. 3 the sec champion crimson tide roll into alabama with a 13-1 record.. a defensive minded team that's really picked up offensively of late.. a lot of that's thanks to derrick henry.. the heisman trophy winner wants to add some more hardware to his collection... a national championship... 3 2-line tab- fox carolina sports derrick henryalabama running back""im ready to play in this game you know just ready to be in the moment with my teammates and go out there and play play 3 3 henry broke herschel walkers record for the most rushing yards in a season.. stopping him is priority number one for the tigers..
10:45 pm
your way throughout the next couple days as we countdown the hours to the national championship... till then, tag out.. 3 and finally--mother nature hasn't been too generous to new england with snow this winter--so one new jersey man is applying the do-it-yourself concept instead.check it out. michael jannicelli says his homemade north pole is a childhood dream come you can see -- he's the only one in the neighborhood with white powder.he uses a snow gun--and in the right conditions -- he says it can crank out an inch an hour!it has to be at least 35 degrees cold and the relative humidity just ted, will we be
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3 *ad-liblet's take one more look at the forecast. forecast.3 rain will taper off early in the day on sunday with highs getting into the mid-50s during the afternoon. western north carolina will likely sit near 40s for much of the day. winds will be breezy! expect gusts of winds to reach 20 to 30 miles per hour during the day.
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