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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 10, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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so hand in your gun and uniform. what the hell are you wearing a hello kitty shirt for? you're not my boss anymore-- i don't have to tell you. you're rehired. i love hello kitty. she's a kitty and she has a nice greeting. you're fired. bud, you lost your job? how are we gonna pay our bills? don't you worry, daddy. we gonna be fine. i still got those pennies the goldbergs gave us for trick-or-treat. sanford, you're 24 and able-bodied. maybe you could go out and get a job. sure. maybe i could sell drugs. how would you feel if i were to sell drugs? he's amazing. they really think he's their son! hey, bud. i heard about you being let go at the station. you know, if you need a job, i could use some help on my crew. because of the border wall, there's fewer immigrants left to hire. no way am i working for you. i'd rather go back to dancing for my dad's friends! bud, take the damn job! (sighs) would i be the only white guy on your crew?
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i'm not an albino. i look this way because i saw a ghost! look, becky, news cameras. we're finally going to be heard. activists continue to protest the wall, demanding that... (gulps) oh, god! i swallowed a bee! i'm allergic! (gasping) don't put this on youtube. god, how humiliating. i've gone from one mexican boss to another. when am i gonna be on top? well, in my experience, you just tell a mexican man when you want to be on top. just let me watch my video, you boobed bozo. hola! welcome to the gonzalez landscaping training video. so, julio, are you ready for your first day at gonzalez landscaping? s^, ernesto! landscaping can be fun. but remember,
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so, julio, have you learned what it takes to be a gonzalez landscaping lawn artist? ernesto (dubbed): yes! and in an unrelated note, i hereby absolve gonzalez landscaping of any liabilities. everyone, i'd like you all to meet the newest member of our team, bud buckwald. (forced laugh) oh, that's not my name. bud buckwald is an important person in this community. ha, ha, ha. okay, bud. why don't you use that leaf blower to clean up the debris? (leaf blower whirring) (crash, bud screams) i'm good. hola, bud! you want to come over for a cerveza? no, i don't want to watch cockroaches dance around a hat. bud, he's your boss now. go! (groans) how's your beer? uh, good, uh, mr. gonzalez. so... okay, fine, i confess! i've been stealing office supplies!
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bud buckwald from high school? you're a gardener now? wow. i've never felt so proud about being a custodian at an adult theater. (shoes squishing) okay, that's lunchtime. who's up for a game of air lacrosse? (leaf blowers whirring) come on, bud, join us! ugh, fine. (screaming) sir, we have an unidentified aircraft approaching the base. shoot it down. no! that's it! there is no way i am going back to work for ernesto! it's even more humiliating than working for steve. bud, you can't quit now. sorry, but unless you find another way to make money, you have no choice. now, why don't you go watch tv and i'll bring you some tea. and none of you turkeys better bother daddy
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man: any little girls out there? come back. (indistinct whispering in spanish) janice, do you hear spanish whispering? janice: you mean now, or when you're out at bowling night? what? uh, i'm at the store! (dog barking in distance) (indistinct whispering in spanish) my god, i've worked for mexicans so long i'm hearing imaginary ones. janice, did you hear that?! what the hell?! are you the guy? yeah. i'm the guy. gracias, seor. by the way, you know about the, uh... yeah, he's the son we don't talk about. (wild yelling) hey, ernesto, i got a message for you! what is it? look up in the sky. aw, crap! i filled out the skywriting form wrong! it's supposed to say "i quit!" is that your social security number?
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and tell them not to look up! crispy m&m's are baaaack. what are you doing? you said to tell our fans crispy m&m's are back. not those fans! did you mean this fan? no. (annoyed grumbles) what about that one? there's a fan in the break room, oh! and in the....(trails off) so good, they're back. hey coworkers. it's me, a businessman, and not colonel sanders. don't you just hate those long days when you're so busy doing business things that you can't make a hot, home-cooked meal for the family. well, i just picked up a twenty dollar family fill up from kfc. hand-breaded with eleven herbs and spices. do you even work here? well of course i do, terry. lisa. claire. tiffany. hazel.
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(whistles) welcome to america. you may ruin our country, but our country will ruin your children. there you are, bud. you've been in the basement all morning. what are you doing down there? i'm, uh... making a jazz album. from now on, no one is allowed to go down there. a jazz album? isn't jazz why the government tried to drown new orleans? what about work? shouldn't you be out cutting lawns with ernesto? i quit. my jazz career is taking off. here's some of my early royalties. i don't like jazz. especially when i get it all over my face. wait, i'm thinking of adult contemporary. (knocking) hey, steve. good morning, janice. you look fly. is bud here? he forgot to take home the crap from his desk. (gasps) steve!
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why don't you just forget what you saw here? where'd you get a thousand dollars? here's $2,000 to forget about that thousand dollars you saw. and before you ask, here's $3,000. what? $4,000. i can do this all day. welcome to america. here's a list of states that are cool with you being gay. the jig is up, buckwald! (bud gasps) (man yells) i know what you're up to. you're running a smuggling tunnel. please, steve! i can't go to jail. i like to shower on all fours, and the guys might tease me about that! i'm not sending you to prison, buckwald. because i want in. you... you what? my salary's been cut, thanks to that damn border wall. so i'm your new partner. fine. it's a deal. but you should know, my family thinks
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that damn border wall directly bifurcates the natural habitat of the mexifornia condor, which is a federally protected species. the court has to rule in our favor. bailiff: all rise. the honorable james killbirds borderwall presiding. (gasps) what? sorry, my mistake. judge borderwall is out sick today. oh, thank god. in his place is the honorable jake glasseshater nerdstomp. (gasps) look over yonder what do you see? the sun is a-risin'
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a new day is comin' whoo-hoo people are changin' ain't it beautiful whoo-hoo crystal blue persuasion better get ready gonna see the light... ernesto, shouldn't you be at work? actually, business isn't so good. this wall was supposed to stop the immigrants, but for some reason, i'm seeing more immigrants than ever. new gardeners keep showing up and undercutting me. hola, amigo. what a great day to be in america. ugh, why couldn't immigration have stopped right after me? hey, i just became a true american. ernesto, let me tell you how it works.
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and one day you'll get to be the man, too. like me. i thought you were unemployed. and why do you have all that money in your car? god, you're nosy. why don't you go investigate someone else, murphy brown? in mexico, that show was called fancy sad woman. mr. barracuda, as your accountant, i must inform you that a new smuggling tunnel in mexifornia is cutting into your revenues. what? i will not stand for this. where is my beheadsman? (heavy footsteps approaching) hi, boss! i need you to go to mexifornia and bring me the guys running that tunnel. what if it's a lady? even if it's a lady. what if it's a puppy? if it's a puppy, you can keep it. yay! puppy, puppy! don't get your hopes up. if it's a dog, it's almost certainly a grown dog. mmm, this turkey is natural? yeah. it's too good to be true. not again. real estate never goes down. fact. we'll have the baby, and i'll have my band,
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right. don't worry about it honey. all of our family photos (banging sound) on the hard drive. it's called a timeshare. we don't own it, we share it. let's do it. oh yeah. that is good. - mm-hmm. finally, something that's not too good to be true. it's oscar mayer natural turkey breast, and it tastes great. i hope no one looks at my plans while i'm sleeping. you'll never get my plans while i'm sleeping. (whispering) because i'm never sleeping. vo: boom beach. download for free. clementine never feared for her personal safety. until taco bell introduced $1 crunchwrap sliders. four delicious flavors, for just a buck each. then clementine began to worry.
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(farts) well, that's the quittin' fart. see you monday. not so fast, buckwald. before you go, sweep out the tunnel entrance. since when do you give me orders? since you stood behind me when that bat flew into the tunnel. i don't like 'em-- they're tiny vampires. you're coming with us. is this where the ninja turtles live? welcome to my monthly criminal syndicate meeting. let us first take a moment
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he is a big loss. all right, let's get down to business. i've discovered interlopers cutting into ourur smuggling business. normally, these men would be fed to my hungry croco-tigers. man: humblebrag. but they manage a tunnel that empties into a border agent's home-- the last place authorities would look. it's brilliant. brilliant? the gentleman behind this operation is here tonight. his name is steve. what? no, i founded the tunnel. my name is... beheadsman, remove that man. okay. hey, buckwald, i got to take off for a few hours today, so i hired kimmy here to keep an eye on you. hi. are you bud? your dad, steve, tells me you like stickers. oh, that's it. this is my business, steve, not yours. i'm the man this time around.
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you are fired. fine. you're under arrest for operating an illegal smuggling tunnel. oh, yeah? well, you turn me in, i'll turn you in. if you don't give me the (bleep) money, i'm turning you both in. buckwald, we just lost $2.8 million to a 13-year-old girl, but remember this: i'm the man. this is the way things are and will always be. southern narrator: well, looks like ol' bud wound up right back where he started. course, you don't need me tellin' you that. you wasted your time watchin' it, too. well, stay tuned for the 10:00 news. uhp, we're not done. our top story: due to an increase of undocumented immigrants in mexifornia, mayor paulson has declared the border wall ineffective and called for its immediate destruction. after hours of talks with my new consultant and cell mate, jamarcus jenkins, i have come to the conclusion that the world has enough walls, and that this bitch here, this bitch is all jamarcus's. he runs this bitch.
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yeah, i just wanted to be the man for once. well, you'll always be my man. and look on the bright side. your album reached the top of the jazz charts you sold seven copies. the lucrative contract to tear down the wall has been awarded to gonzalez landscaping. what? gonzalezes: yay. the gonzalezes are going to hawaii. (all cheer) (whispers) okay, not until season three. what can we do? (whispers) the gonzalezes are solving a double murder with the help of bones! 3 it is going to be a very cold night across the western the 10s in the mountains and mid 20s in the upstate 3 the powerball drawing is
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numbers....and some stores have no signs to mark the massive billion dollar jackpot. 3 and fox carolina is live tonight in arizona--as we are less than 24 hours away from the big game--clemson taking on alabama! 3 good evening--i'm derek co-anchor sarah danik has the night off. 3 we're are less than 24-hours away from the national championship 3 this time tomorrow night--the big game will be happening-- clemson taking on alabama for the college football title.the tigers spent part of yesterday practicing---and another part talking to our cameras for media day. carolina has team coverage from arizona tonight---sports director aaron cheslock is there to start off our series of reports tonight.aaron, the biggest story to come out the final press conference today, has almost nothing to do with tomorrow nights matchup right? 3 yeah, just as the press conference was wrapping up.. a question about pro prospects came up.. of course these two teams are littered with them.. and both coaches about to face off, agreed that they'd like to see something done... 3 alabama coach nick saban and
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they'd like the nfl to push back the deadline for underclassmen to declare for the draft. now underclassmen have until jan. 18 to file papers to declare for the nfl. that will leave the players competing in monday's college football playoff championship game just a week to make their decisions. most of the top prospects get grades from scouts about where they're likely to get drafted, saban says the league shouldn't give evaluations to players until after they are done competing. tigers players shaq lawson and travis blanks have already declared.. which obviously can be a distraction... which is why both coaches say a change needs to be made... 3 3 3 3 3 "i wish they'd move the declare date back, i wish they'd make a rule that says you can't even give a player what his draft status is from the nfl committee until they finish their competition as a college player. so that you don't put them and their family in this situation where there's a big timing issue relative to competition. competition. 3 3 3 "i mean it's a distraction
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with. you know you get the grades and some guys you didn't get the grade you want so they're pouting a little bit and you've got to pick themselves up. then you got the guy who gets the grade they want and i echo that 100%. it really should be when the season is over." over."3 swinney added he already knows which underclassmen will leave early, even the ones who haven't declared... defensive backs mackensie alexander and jayron kearse are the most likely to go pro... 3 we'll hear from both of them a little bit later in the show.. as we preview the title game from both sides of the ball... 3 but first l l's kick it out to nicole papay.. who hung out with some tigers fans from arizona who are getting ready for the game.. nicole? nicole? 3 aaron this is pretty great. five years ago, the arizona clemson club was created by tracey clark, a tigers alum
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other clemson fans on the western half of the country. 3 now, there are over two hundred members on the club's roster. they have joined forces with the alumni association and iptay to put on a huge welcome party tonight, where locals and those traveling from the upstate can all come together for the same reason. 3 3 3 "it makes me very very happy to have members of our club tell me that the miss the south. they miss sc, nc, they miss seeing all the clemson fans, and that our club is really family to them, and it's just a wonderful feeling seeing them experience this big event this weekend." weekend."fans from near and far came to participate in the
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with hundreds of people ahead of tomorrow's championship game. there was food, raffles, and a ton of clemson swag being given away. 3 so of course now that we're only one day away from the big game, it's very clear that the orange tsunami has arrived in the desert.
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3 you'll want to stay tuned to fox carolina for continuing coverage as the tigers prepare for monday's game.and dont forget - monday at 7tune in for our special report "undefeated: clemson's return to the championship."we'll be going in depth on the tigers first shot at the national title since 1981. 1981.and coming up later in the newscast--we'll tell you how one venue is prepping for a free party for clemson fans-- plus-see what one upstate retailer has to offer- if the tigers take home the title. 3 we want to get a first check of the weather with meteorologist mark johnson-- who is in tonight for ted. 3 :45 sec wxcold canadian high pressure will gradually build across our region through monday keeping the upstate dry and chilly. with upslope winds on the westward facing mountains along the tennessee border, some parts of the north carolina mountains will have a few snow showers overnight. on tuesday, another cold front will cross the area late in the day bringing more snow showers to areas north and west of
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just have a few clouds as that front passes through south carolina. this will bring a reinforcement of cold air to the area. thus, we can expect continued colder than normal temperatures most of the week.. 3 back to you 3 fox carolina has a big follow-up tonight-- 3 ---on the story of the dead baby found in the woods in anderson county.tonight-- deputies have charged the baby's *mother with murder. murder.the sheriff's office says 23-year-old joanie holcombe confessed to giving birth to the baby girl--and
10:23 pm
bag.a witness says their neighbor was walking through the woods when they found the remains yesterday morning.they later ran to her home to call for help.we're told by witnesses that the person found a little baby bootie and piece of glass.they say the baby was dead-- and appeared to be autopsy on the baby is scheduled for tomorrow. 3 also in anderson county- we now know the names of two people killed in a home in a iva. the coroner sayscasey waddell died from a gunshot wound.justin williams was also identified. the coroner says he died from mutiple gunshot wounds to the chest. the shooting happened on pierce and amy road yesterday. little information has been released in the case. anyone with information is asked to call the anderson county sheriff's office. 3 in macon county- crews have found the body of a georgia man who fell into the cullasaja river.rescue crews found the body this afternoon of sean kasey.witnesses say he fell off a walkway near dry falls yesterday.the search had
10:24 pm
due to the dark and bad weather--but conditions were better today. 3 in spartanburg county- authorities are investigating a deadly happened on victor hill road- near j- verne smith parkway in greer around six-p-m.the cause of the crash hasn't been released--but the coroner says one person was pronounced dead at the scene.they have not yet been identified. 3 in anderson county- deputies are on the hunt for a man they say robbed a grocery store at gunpoint gunpointthe robbery happened at the shop rite on sayre street around 9 o'clock last night. deputies say a man walked into the store--showed a gun--and demanded cigarettes and cash. we're told the man had a beard--and took off in a white van. that's all they have to go on so far--and so far, no one has been arrested. if you have any information-- you're asked to call crimestoppers. 3 happening now-- 3 if you didn't have the winning numbers in last night's 950-million dollar powerball jackpot--don't worry--no one else did either!
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is now in record territory-- now at 1-point-3 bllion dollars--and it could be even more than that by wednesday-- when the new drawing will be happening.that news is leading many into the stores--going for that chance at all that money. 3 3 3 "i think there is about six or seven customers that actually did not played the powerball everybody else wanted a powerball ticket 1.3 billion is crazy we've being staying busy, busy, busy, busy so it's being crazy." crazy." 3 3 3 3 don't forget--fox carolina is the only station where you can catch the powerball drawing live--along with mega millions and all south carolina education lottery drawings.the megamillions will be tuesday night--and again, the 1- point-3 billion dollar powerball will be wednesday night. 3 mark let's get another look at the forecast 3
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3 if you're looking for a place to watch the big game with a bunch of tiger fans--'the well' is opening up for free-- and we've got a look at the preparations they're making for the crowd! 3 and if the tigers do win-- there's some championship merchandise ready to get on the shelves. 3 and we will have more live coverage from arizona--as we get closer and closer to the college football championship-- that, and more--when the ten o'clock news returns.
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3 happening tomorrow 3 so, what's a game between a bunch of tiger fans?if you don't want to watch at home-- or at a bar--you have a third option.'the well' will open up its doors--for free!-to people tomorrow night to watch the game. 3 tonight--we got your all- access pass to what 'the well' is doing to make it a tigers fan's paradise. carolina's shale remien was at 'the well' today--and shale--i'm sure a
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3 that's right derek.a lot of preparation went into this and the general manager i spoke to today says she is expecting about 12 thousand fans! with plenty of activites--trivia and contests to take part in-- before and during the game. 3 3 3 purple and orange were everywhere at today's clemson basketball game at the bon secours wellness arena. but tomorrow is when those colors and the excitement will explode. 3 "as soon as fans get here we'll play the tiger rag on the sound system so as soon as you arrive at the arena, you'll start to feel a game day experience and once you're inside we'll have gamday activites to have it feel as close to phoniex as possible." the viewing party at the well is free admission with open concession stands.and fans should look forward to some entertainment, trivia contests and prizes. 3 "fans out there need to be prepared to get some tshirts, be ready to be loud and cheer on your tigers but not only that but at halftime we have a very special little contest. we're going to have the first
10:29 pm
it's going to be a lot of fun." facepainting, balloon makers and more is in the line up for monday night. one face painter say she's already anticipating working the event. event. 3 "clemson fans, they like at tiger or a tiger paw. its fun to see the kids smile and get their reactions and coming back again and again."jdew says being surrounded by other fans is what it's all about. "it's not solid orange unless you're here with all of us,. but there's not an opportunity at home to win those t-shirts and the gym membership and duke tickets." tickets.""we sent all three of our husbands, their dadies and my husband to arizona. i love for them to show the world what they've got."the well teamed up with clemson alumni association, clemson club of greenville and iptay to make this event one to remember. "we've been planning since new years' eve to make sure it's an experience that everyone will remember and one that is worthy of a national championship!" 3 so again the event is free
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beforehand. i spoke to the clemson alumni association today and they say the well is a great alternative to be surrounded by other fans if you couldn't make it to arizona. he says it was a big job getting the word out to fans but he hopes monday will be one of those "rememeber when" moments. derek back to you - 3 3 cold canadian high pressure will gradually build across our region through monday keeping the upstate dry and chilly. with upslope winds on the westward facing mountains along the tennessee border, ome parts of the north carolina mountains will have a few snow showers overnight. on tuesday, another cold front will cross the area late in the day bringing more snow showers to areas north and west of asheville. the upstate will just have a few
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through south carolina. this will bring a reinforcement of cold air to the area. . us, we can expect continued colder than normal temperatures most of the week.
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3 fox-carolina's national championship coverage continues. 3 this weekend--we've been telling you all about the preparations that are taking place for the game in arizona-- and the hype surrounding it. but all that pales in comparison to the game itself-- and what each team brings to the table. carolina sports director aaron cheslock is live in arizona tonight--with a look at the alabama offense. aaron? 3 yeah, if you're just looking at box scores, the alabama offense looks one- dimensional... just their heisman trophy running back.. don't get me wrong, he's their best player.. but the tide can roll in more ways than one.. 3 3 3 derrick henry's still the number one option.. the heisman trophy winner setting the sec single season rushing record this year.. but quarterback jake coker's stepped up of late.. the former florida state seminole tfinding a stable of receivers led by freshman calvin ridley (3) who have really come on in the last two months.. the tigege secondary, led by
10:33 pm
the country in mackensie alexander all of a sudden face an offense coming into their own during the postseason.. but alexander says, they've been doubted all year.. and they could care less who lines up across from them.. since it's about the tigers playing to their standard.. 3 3 3 3 3 "of course we've got a big chip on our shoulder. everybody expects alabama to win and walk all over us so, we're going to do what we do. i mean we're hardcore. i think we're hardcore man, we fight for everything, we earn everything, if we're going to scratch and crawl for it, we'll scratch and crawl for it. and everybody ain't going to do that, you know what i mean? it's incredible. it's rare that you have so many guys that have the same goals. everybody wants to be great, every body wants to be good and everybodydyants to compete on this team, and that's what's taken us so far." far."alexander's essentially shut down every receiver he's faced this year.. including sterling sheppard from oklahoma in the orange bowl.. 3 a lot of people traveling from across the country have been here for days, making this trip a vacation, on top of
10:34 pm
3 there's no doubt that any time a college team makes it to the national championship, it's a huge deal for their fans. but people we've talked to here in phoenix say there are reasons why it could mean a lot more to tigers fans over alabama. 3 3 3 (02:28:28:08)i think because it's been so long since clemson's been there that this is a huge huge deal for us. i hope it is for alabama i'm sure it is as well but, they've been here they've done that more recently, and so we're expecting that we're going to have lots of clemson fans in the stadium and hopefully make it like a home game. game. 3 (02:27:56:25) we're both h ge college football fans, so this is like our mecca. so just the opportunity to come, and then for it to be a team that we pull for, clemson, and season ticket holders that she is, and her sons a graduate so we're living the dream right now. the dream they are, and all of tiger nation is undoubtedly thinking the same thing... 3 and of course they want those
10:35 pm
championship to become a reality on monday night. 3 derek back to you 3 you'll want to stay tuned to fox carolina for continuing coverage as the tigers prepare
10:36 pm
forget - monday at 7tune in for our special report "undefeated: clemson's return to the championship."we'll be going in depth on the tigers first shot at the national title since 1981. 3 3 there is another clemson game to tell you about tonight-- tonight--this one is on the hardwood.we'll tell you how the tigers fared against the louisville cardinals. 3 and we have even more coverage from arizona--ahead of the college football championship-- it's down to the wire--we'll check back in with aaron in just a few minutes. 3 here's a look at your winning lottery numbers.. 3 3
10:37 pm
3 clemson fans are preparing for the national championship-and so is academy sports! 3 boxes of clemson merchandise-- marking them as the national champions--have arrived at the store on woodruff road. nike shirts-hats- and other items will be for sale--but only if clemson beats alabama monday sports will re-open to sell the special gear--so all you tiger fans can prepared to gloat on tuesday if you need to! 3 3 3 go tigers were hoping for that big win against alabama were real excited as everyone else in the store umm as you know once clemson starts that good strike you know the city is live so were just hoping they
10:38 pm
us.3 right now the boxes are sealed until tomorrow night--on the off-chance the tigers don't win the championship--the gear will be shipped back to its orginal vendor. 3 the clemson men's basketball team-is focusing on the hoops-- and those who have served our country for military appreciation day. 3 the men's basketball team took on louisville cardinals-today at the well. but the team had a bigger victory in mind! to celebrate those- who are protecting are country. veterans and active-duty military personnel were honored before the game and at half-time. 3 3 a cause near and dear to his heart.former n-f-l linebacker chris draft needs your help in a lung cancer initiative. 3 and we'll head back out to arizona for our preview coverage of the big game-- 3 3 cold overnight and for the
10:39 pm
3 fox carolina's'scoverage of the national championship game continues tonight. 3 and while many in our area are rooting for clemson--there is a big concentration on alabama--their strengths and weaknesses-- 3 fox carolina sports director aaron cheslock is live in arizona--with a look at one of the big strengths of alabama that the tigers will need to watch for.aaron? 3 well we've already talked about how alabama's passing game has really come along earlier in the show.. but make no mistake.. the number one playmaker for bama.. wears number two... 3 3 3 talking of course about heisman trophy winner derrick henry... who's been absolutely sensational this season... an sec record 2-thousand-61 yards on the ground and 25 touchdowns... he's the best running back in the country, therefore the best the tigers have faced all season... but clemson's faced some good ones like florida state's dalvin
10:40 pm
perine and elijah hood from unc... they know from experience.. that if they can control the groundgame, that'll go a long way to winning the title... 3 3 3 3 3 "we have to stop the run first of all, if we can stop the run, then we can stop the pass. we've just been having huge holes and if he hits the hole with momentum, it's going to be hard to stop him. we can make him stop and start, if we can do that we'll be in good shape."2-line tab- fox carolina sports sports 3 the most physical team is gonna win. you can't give up explosive plays, who wins the turnover battle, you gotta make competitive plays. those things have nothing to do with me. that's a mindset, a toughness, a technique thing, and you know coaches they don't win this game. this is a players game gamethe tigers bring in a top-20 rushing defense intnt the game.. they're the 6th rates unit in the nation overall.. 3 as nicole told us earlier, the arizona clemson club has a pretty big following, which means there's a possibility that every single local fan around phoenix may not have a ticket to the game.
10:41 pm
walking distance to the stadium, is going all out for fans who want to get in on the excitement... offering a place for clemson fans that can't go to the game, a "home-feel" advantage than your usual sports bar.. 3 3 3 3 3 3 "you know essentially we're going to crank the noise for the game and i'll have a dj playing the fight song when they score and stuff like that. that.02:35:28:22 i would assume everybody walking by is going to see a lot of orange on that patio and they're probably going to want to come in." in."so there you have it, for locals who are getting excited about the game, or for tigers who may not have a ticket, this is the place to come to cheer on the team just outside the stadium 3 and the great news is, salt is only a few blocks from the university of phoenix stadium, so you won't miss a thing. 3 you'll want to stay tuned to fox carolina for continuing coverage as the tigers prepare for the monday's game.and dont forget - monday at 7tune in for our special report
10:42 pm
to the championship."we'll be going in depth on the tigers first shot at the national title since 1981. 3 new tonight-- 3 one upstate group is raising awareness about a serious disease -- in honor of one of their own.and they need your help! help!the "dan powell warriors" are competing in team draft's 20-16 lung cancer survivors super bowl may remember--former fountain inn city planner--dan powell--lost his battle with lung cancer two months ago.he was a *non- smoker who was diagnosed in 20-14--and later went on to start a support group at saint, we caught up with former n-f-l linebacker chris draft.he lost his wife keasha to the disease in 20-11--and was a close friend of powell's.draft says this challenge is a great way to raise lung cancer awareness -- 3 3 3 "were asking people here in ththupstate to support dan powellslswarriors or to become apart of dan powells warriors and give money to his team to
10:43 pm
maintaining this group" group"draft says powell placed second in last year's challenge--and attended the n-f-l pro bowl! bowl!if you're interested in donating--we have that link in the "as seen on" section of fox carolina dot com. com.switching gears a little bit--draft also weighed in on clemson's ride to the national championship--and their chances of taking home that's what he had to say. 3 3 im excited because my wife went to clemson rally cat she would be absolutely excited she would be right out in arizona right now it will be a great game i am excited for them hopefully they win and i know by doing that my wife up in heaven will be very excited 3 draft tells he's hopeful the tigers will bring home the title for the first time since 19-81. 3 fox carolina is following up tonight-- 3 services went on as normal at churches in simpsonville--that were hit with vandalism. vandalism. 3 'we don't have to live in
10:44 pm
protector' 3 3 this is a look this morning at the service at rocky creek missionary baptist church. they--along with two other churches--had glass windows and doors shot out.they weren't alone, though-- greenville county deputies and simpsonville police say they are looking at several other cases in homes and neighborhoods.despite the damage--the congregation at rocky creek says they are not letting the damage keep them from coming. 3 3 3 "nobody looked like stayed away from sercive because of the vandalism. we ask for prayer and lookedl like we got prayer because we had some donations from other churches and some goodwills and their support. so we're just happy that the vandalism didn't affect our continuing serving god." god."deputies and police are still looking for the culprits in the vandalism cases--and still need your help.if you have any information--you're
10:45 pm
3 fox carolina is continuing to cover our counties-- 3 the islamic society of greenville and meeting point south carolina are teaming up-- to fight discrimination. discrimination.the two groups held a rally in downtown greenville this was called "united against demagogues, united for america"--and focused on defending civil liberties, protecting refugees, and fighting bigotry.attendees held signs with messages like "muslims are part of the american fabric"--and "stop isis, not refugees." 3 also in greenville--the n-double-a-c-p is pushing for equal opportunity and fairness in education.the grououheld its monthly meeting at the tabernacle baptist church tonight.the branch says they'll be the local organizers of "king day at the dome" this year.leaders tell us there will be prayer--a march--and rally--all in hopes of moving educational equity forward.that event is set for monday, january 18th. 3 and speaking of doctor king-- celebrations are already underway at furman university. the 37th annual martin luther king junior scholarship gala kicked off this afternoon.the event featured a full course dinner and live entertainment--
10:46 pm
honoring those who serve our community.organizers say it's important that king's message and legacy lives on in the upstate. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 "being selected is an honor because is from the spirit of dr. martin luther king and his believe in community service and our beloved community is an honor." honor." 3 "they are working with people who have not being able to achieve their education to give them the opportunity to have the same opportunities for success in life that we had have." 3 bajeyah eaddy--who you just heard from there-- was presented with the citizenship award--for her effort in combating abuse against women. she's the founder of "standing against violence everyday"--a non-profit group that helps rebuild the lives of domestic violence victims. 3 3 there's a big question tonight on the minds of many tiger fans fanswill shaq lawson be playing?we have the answer coming up. 3 we will be heading back out to arizona for more coverage.the big game coming up tomorrow night and we have full coverage of what to expect. mark?
10:47 pm
the mountains and cold everywhere marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes...
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walmart vs. bi-lo was $24.76 on this week's groceries - that's 19%. so head to walmart and see what you could save with their every day low prices. 3 in only a matter hours---the number one clemson tigers will be fighting for the national championship! 3 and throughout the show--we've talked a bit about alabama-and what they've got--now, we're focusing the tigers--and what they bring to the table. table. 3 fox carolina sports director aaron cheslock is live again in arizona for us tonight--and aaron-alabama's got good game-- but so does clemson...
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