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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 12, 2016 10:30pm-11:00pm EST

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hugs. we didn't turn against each other's race or religion, we turned toward god and toward the values that have long madad our country the freest and greatest in the world. we removed a symbol that was being used to divide us and we found a strength that united us. there's an important lesson in this. in many parts of society today, whether in popular culture, academia, the media or politics, there's a tendency to falsely equate noise with results. some people think that you have to be the loudest voice in the room to make a difference. that's just not true. often the best thing we can do is turn down the volume. when the sound is quieter, you can actually hear what someone else is saying and that c c make a world of difference.
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won't have strong disagreements. we will. and as we usher in this new era, republicans will stand up for our beliefs. if we held the white house, taxes would be lower for working families and we'd put the brakes on run away spending and debt. we would encourage american innovation and success instead of dem monizing them. the economy would soar and good jobs would be available across the country. we would reform education so it worked best for students, parents, and teachers, not washington bureau grats and union bosses. we would end the disastrous health care system and replace it with reforms that lowered costs and actually let you keep your doctor. we would respect differences in modern families but we would also ip cyst on respect for religious liberty as a corner stone of our democracy. we would recognize the importance of the separation of
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constitution in its entirety and, yes, that includes the second and tenth amendments. we would make international agreements that were celebrated in israel and protested in iran, not the other way around. and rather than just thanking our brave men and women in uniform, we would actually strengthen our military. so both our friends and our enemies would know that america seeks peace, but when we fight wars, we win them. we have big decisions to make. our country is being tested, but we've been tested in the past, and our people have always risen to the challenge. we have all the guidance w w need to be safe and successful. our forefathers paved the way for us. let's take their values and their strengths and rededicate ourselves doing whatever it takes to keep america the
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of man and woman. thank you. good night. and god bless. >> governor nikki haley with the republican response from the state of south carolina. we're in washington, d.c., tonight. coverage will continue on fox and my network station which is coming up on the east coast. analysis begins now on fox news channel on satellite and cable. for all of us at fox news, i'm shepherd smith in washington. good night. this has been a fox news 3 expect temperatures to fall
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possible before midnight. winds will lessen a bit toward wednesday morning with temperatures bottoming out around 25 in the upstate and 20 in the mountains. ies will be sunny through wednesday with a lighter breeze out of the northwest. highs will warm to 45 in the upstate and only 38 in the mountains. 3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather nine am. 3 i'll have much more,coming up- tonight- championship battle... 3 the tigers are back in the upstate tonight following last night's tough loss to the alabama. 3cheering cheeringwe were there as the igers touched down at gsp
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the buses to head back to the university - 3 and we of course had a crew in place for the team's arrival back at school -marking the end of an *incredible 14-1 season. 3 fox carolina's rebecca atkins joins us now from clemson with the story. 3 cody and sarah, the fans out here say they didnt need a win to welcome home their favorite team they say this season alone was enough to make any clemson fan proud. 3 and by seven oclock hundreds of clemson fans gathered outside the stadium. the tigers pulled up just after 9 o'clock and the fans cheered them on loud and proud through the windy and cold weather. 3 they say last nights game was incredible, seeing the team take on alabama and hold their own till the very end. the fans out here tonight say this has been a season they wwt forget and they were more than happy to be here to welcome
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3 "we accomplished a lot this was a special season for us, we made it to a national championshsh, we won an orange bowl, made it back from the ac championship, i mean it was a great year for us." us.""when you accomplish as much as they did, they deserve a hugegewelcome home, we may not have been able to make it to the game, but we will be here when they get home." home." 3 "even though we didn't get the win last night, so so proud of this football team."(other girl)"my blood runs orange and i just wanted to go out with a bang cause i'm a senior and show my support to all the boys." boys."and again, even though clemson didnt take home the trophy, their fans say this season was enough of an accomplishment to last a lifetime. 3 so although, the football season here at clemson may be over these fans are already talking about spring training and how excited they are for next season. cody? 3 rebecca, its incredible to see all those fans out there tonight, in the hundreds, did any of them get to interact with the players as they arrived?
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3 for all the coverage on clemson's college football clemson's coverage on for all the 3 for all the coverage on clemson's college football playoff bid -just head to fox carolina dot com.we've covered it all from start to finish. just click on the orange tab at the top of the page. 3 now to a developing story 3 this man is accused of killing a 2 year old greenville county girl.michael latimer was the mother's live-in boyfriend. 3 the homicide by child abuse charge comes after the initial charge earlier this month of child abuse.was upgraded after the child died on monday. carolina's sharon johnson joins us live in the newsroom.sharon - do we know how the child died? 3 according to the coroner - destiny jackson died from non- accidental head injuries.she had her second birthday in november and began the new
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3 greenville health system's children's hospital was home to destiny denise jackson for 7 days.according to the greenville county deputy coroner - kent dill - destiny was admitted to the emergency room on january 4th.she died at the hospital yesterday. 3 18:55:03 "based on our evaluation, the injuries and autopsy results - the autopsy was completed today. it was determined that these are classified as non-accidental injuries; therefore it qualifies as a homicide." homicide."3 i spoke with a man at latimer's listed address.he said they didn't want to discuss the toddler's death right now.-adding the 2 year old was not latimer's daughter. 3 the deputy coroner says - other children were in the home but were not in the newsroom - sharon johnson - fox carolina - the 10 o'clock news.
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3 as a moore woman continues to recover after being shot several times- the spartanburg county sheriff's office continues to search for evidence-in fact their dive team was out this afternoon- afternoon-we brought you this story as our most wanted last night -the sheriff told us stephanie batchelor was returning to her home on reidville road when she was shot multiple times. 3 here's a look at the scene from that night - it was breaking news last thursday. the sheriff said batchelor's husband and young kids were home-and it was her husband who actually found her on the road, shot several times-no suspects have been named--- 3 all new tonight-we have learned just days after the shooting- batchelor's husband was arrested on a weapon's charge- 3 it happened on sunday- deputies say they got a call regarding a suspcious person with a gun- gun-deputies say they found johnathan batchelor inside a nearby seven - eleven on reidville road, with a gun- gun-batchelor admitted he had a c-w-p permit but it had expired -
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carry - and has since been released on bond- 3 and the nation is responding following the president's state of the union - which wrapped up less than an hour ago - -and south carolina governor nikki haley in the national spotlight with the republican repsonse - we'll take a closer look at her message to the nation...and what she had to say about *south carolina. anderson county woman.. charged in the murder of her newborn baby.she's accused of giving birth.. and placing the baby in a plastic bag.tonight only on fox - her boyfriend is speaking out.. saying she didn't know she was pregnant.'re just two weeks away.. from a *major construction project in greenville county.the eye-85, 385 gateway project... is supposed to improve traffic. tonight - what you can expect.. before you hit the road. road. 3 3
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3 "will we respond to the changes of our time with fear, turning inward as a nation, turning against each other as a people?or will we face the future with confidence in who we are...and what we stand for... and the incredible things that we can do together." together."that was president obama - delivering his final
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president has said he wanted to *quote - "leave it all on the field" -he wants to make sure the american people understand the proposals to resolve issues *still facing our country- including criminal justice reform, immigration, and drug abuse. and at a time when there are big changes taking place around the world - the president stressed the importance of americans being involved -- and paying attention to the decisions being made.governor nikki haley's response to the president also served as a call to action. 3 3 "we have big decisions to make. our country is being tested....our forefathers paved the way for us. let's take their values, and their strengths, and rededicate ourselves to doing whatever it takes to keep america the greatest country in the history of man...and woman" woman"governor haley, speaking from the governor's mansion in columbia, also spent time talking about the struggles south carolina as faced in the past year - and the resilience shown in the face
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coming up later in the newscast. 3 developing tonight 3 the grisly discovery of a dead infant in the woods in anderson county saturday shocked an entire community... and led to the arrest an anderson county mother motherjoanie holcombe appeared before a judge..charged with killing her newborn daughter and disposing of her remains... deputies say she gave birth to the baby december 13 - then suffocated the child in a plastic bag.she remains in jail tonight with no bond..the baby's body was found by a man out walking weeks later - tonight holcombe's long- distance boyfriend of three years spoke *only to fox carolina he says the baby is not his - and commented on what may have led to this tragedy. 3 3 3 3 "i was mad i was scared i was upset for her...i mean i was just really confused, i'm still confused i still don';t know why she did it." it.""i love her to death but she couldn't have done this by herself, she wouldn't have known what to do." do."anderson county sheriff john skipper says the case highlights south carolina's safe haven laws.he says
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the baby off somewhere. holcombe's boyfriend says she's not a bad person...and says he'll support her. 3 new developments about an excessive force complaint .. involving greenville police. activist group says this dashcam video shows unneccesary aggression by an officer.. and they're now planning a potential protest.. involving black lives matter. tonight fox carolina investigates.. as the police chief speaks out. point five *billion dollars is up for grabs..but could going on the office lottery pool really be the best option?what experts say...coming up! up!
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3 in tonight's most wanted 3 anderson county deputies are asking for your help identifying an armed robbery suspect. suspect.just before 9 p.m saturday - deputies say the suspect you see here entered the shop rite on sayre street wielding a handgun.he helped himself to several packs of cigarettes and cash from the store's register. the supposed getaway vehicle was a white van.fortunately no one was injured.anyone with information in this case is asked to contact the sheriff's office - or call crime stoppers at 1-888-crime-sc.
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after an auto break-in on wenwood court early wednesday morning.he's believed to be driving a a 2015 chrysler 200. the suspect reportedly used a stolen credit cardat a gas it at a walmart. if you recognize the suspect or the 23-crime. 3 in a fox carolina investigation 3 a local activist says a greenville police officer used excessive force against a man in this dash cam video. he claims his head was smashed to the ground and he lost a tooth... but we can't see it in the video. 3 and so far.. the greenville police chief says it doesn't appear his officer did anything wrong. wrong.but bruce wilson of "fighting injustice together" doesn't agree- and is threatening a rally that would block woodruff road. 3 this dash cam video shows a december incident that started as a traffic stop.but the greenville police ken miller chief says things changed, when officer gibson smelled marijuana in the car.(nats from dash cam "who's blunt is
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on the passenger side - where jaquan williams had been sitting. sitting.13:52:11 the officer starts to handcuff him and if you look closely on the video you can see mr williams start to tense up his arm and pull one arm away and the officer places him on the vehicle13:52:25) vehicle13:52:25)3 14:12:45 i say slam, you can say forcefully putting him on the hood of the car when he puts the handcuffs on him" 14:12:51)activist bruce wilson says while the arrest caught on camera is concerning - it's what you *can't see that really upsets him.(nats of scuffle off camera)(bruce 14:13:28 one of the biggest questions is when he took him on the side of the car why not just put him in the car - this woudn't have happened had you just placed him in the car14:13:38)the chief says the officer involved maintains he was doing a routine search on williams off camera.and that's when williams hit his face on the ground - chipping a tooth - and loosening another one. (chief 13:54:05 he's down with one knee on the ground according to his description, williams can't say but he's patting him down and mr
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him and so he takes him by the arm and by the pant and put him on the ground and tries to control his fall but there is weight coming from someone who can't put his hands in front of him" 13:54:28)wilson says this is another example of police acting aggresively -and would like to see the situation corrected.(bruce 14:24:52 -14:25:12 i think if we can get to a point where we can say we will take care of this young mans' medical and if we can get to the point of saying we are going to do some retraining - we will look at that part of it i think we can see an avenue of us not doing what we plan on doing) 3 chief miller says they interviewed williams about the entire incident today.the chief says there is a possibility the department could help get williams' tooth if a rally does go forward - it would include black lives matter. tonight, the greenville county chapter of the organization
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3 continuing to cover our counties 3 officials are calling it the largest traffic project *ever in the upstate-and it'll be underway in just two weeks weeksthe goal of the eye-85, 385 gateway project is to improve traffic flow for people getting on and off the this mainly impacts the 85--385 main interchange, the woodruff road area - as well the south main street interchange. the construction will start on roper mountain and chrome drive and will take place mainly at night. the project is expected to be completed the spring of 20-19 3 in greenville - real estate developers are addressing the public's concerns about a major development. development.northpointe will soon welcome a harris teeter, several small stores, an apartment complex, and a parking deck.but not everyone is on board.developers say they're now taking the public's suggestions-and held two meetings today - to discuss the rezoning of *three
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officials tell us they've made several changes - including extra parking and adding landscaping at entrances. the project is expected to be complete by spring of 20-18. 3 kendra's here with a look at your forecast. 3 winds will remain strong through this evening, as colder air filters into the carolinas and georgia. expect temperatures to fall fast, with 30's and 20's possible before midnight. winds will lessen a bit toward wednesday morning with temperatures bottoming out around 25 in the upstate and 20 in the mountains. skies will be sunny
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lighter breeze out of the northwest. highs will warm to 45 in the upstate and only 38 in the mountains.thursday will bring more sunny weather, with temperatures warming back to normal levels for this time of year. highs will reach 52 in the upstate and 47 in the mountains.showers will move in late friday, and it looks like all of the precipitation should be rain area-wide through friday evening and overnight. colder air will push in for the weekend, then another system will approach for sunday.sunday's storm system is very uncertain. two out of the three long range models are keeping the rain and winter weather well south of our area, while one of the models (gfs) is bringing a rain/snow mix then a few hours of snowfall into the upstate, mountains and northeast georgia. for now, my forecast is going with the odds, so i am keeping the weekend dry. however, we'll have the
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the evolution of the low pressure through the week. can't rule out some winter weather for sunday, so stay tuned!be sure to check out for more on the forecast and
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3 and wake up with 3 fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am.
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carolina. and wake up with 3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 a greenville mom is asking people to send birthday cards to help her young daughter celebrate her birthday after losing her father to suicide over the holidays. holidays.hailey simmons will turn nine tomorrow.her mom says hailey's dad struggled with depression and took his life just two days before christmas.she says the family has been struggling since...but that hailey lit up when she got a birthday card earlier this week.she's hoping more cards will help make hailey's birthday party on saturday a much happier one!we have more information on where the cards can be mailed...on 3 a heartbreaking loss.. in the national championship game.
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short.. after four strong quarters against alabama. tonight - hear from the team about their big plans.. for next season. new study linking popular medicines.. to a serious disease.they're commonly used for heartburn, indigestion and acid reflux.. tonight - why doctors say the
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