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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 hope you're staying warm tonight- taking you live outside right nowthe lows expected down in the teens- and our weather team is tracking a system heading our way---we'll see rain and even some snow. 3 lets bring in chief meteorologist kendra kent- kendra, first question is will these bitter overnight temps stick around all week? 3 the coldest night of the season so far is upon us tonight. overnight lows will plummet into the upper teens in the upstate (17-20) and around 10 degrees in the mountains (8-11). this will not break records, but is much warmer than normal for this time of year.tuesday will be sunny and cold! highs will only reach the upper 30s in the upstate and upper 20s in the mountains. tuesday night will be very chilly as well, but not as cold as monday
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the mountains and 22 for the upstate. 3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 i'll have much more,coming up- up-thanks kendra-we continue tonight- 3 these cold snaps can cause a lot of problems-every year we see the problems-- busted pipes to issues with our vehicles- 3 the last thing you wantis to break down and be left in the cold-but, it can happen if
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comes to your car's maintenance- 3 fox carolina's sharon johnson is braving the cold tonight for usto give us some tips to keep you safe out on the roads- 3 as the temperatures continues to drop - yes, this is the last minute to check your vehicle.but there is a basic checklist to help insure all goes well when you start your car in the morning. 3 regular maintenance is always recommended to keep your car running its best.matt watson at watson import specialists says - all cars need basic care and better care in extreme temperatures.extreme temps can damage your vehicle if not properly checked.many auto shops - like watson- do routine checks when you bring your cars in for any service. and he says consistency helps too- when the auto shop has serviced your car before.
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haven't had those routine checks.check your fluids - windshield de-icer, oil, and antifreeze levels and refill if needed.check your battery - and make sure the alternator is charging it properly - not draining it. also look at your tire pressure and make sure its at the recommended level. basic maintenance issues can turn into major issues if not repaired. 3 3 20:50:26 "let's say for instance, your wiper blades. you do turn them on and you haven't put a de-icer on the windshield and they are stuck, it could potentially break your wiper motor." motor."3 matt watson says - all the maintenance items mentioned are available at all your local auto parts stores.and much cheaper to buy to prevent any big ticket repairs. 3 watson says - also consider where you warm up your vehicle. he says if its in the garage - be sure to open the garage door at least half-way to allow exhaust fumes to go out and avoid getting sick sick from those in
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fox carolina - the 10 o'clock news. 3 covering our counties tonight at ten 3 in spartanburg county--police are searching for the robbers who held up two restaurant delivery workers on two different days! days!friday night...spartanbu rg police say a marco's pizza delivery woman was robbed at kensington manor.the said the guy had a gun and not only took her money but the pizzas too. on saturday night, police say guy delivering chineese food was robbed at the prince hall apartments-again, the robbery was armed with a gun and took money and the food- right now it's unclear if the two are connected- 3 now wait until you hear this one- greenville police nabbed two men accused of robbing a gas station,then hiding in a waffle house after they wrecked during their getaway- getaway-here's a look at the duo-david dozier and deveon hall-both were said to be armed and wearing a mask- police say their spree started at the b-p on laurens road- 3 it happened early this morning- officers say the duo stole cash, cigarrettes and the clerk's cell phone-they took off but police say a short
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semi- so, they then jumped out and ran to a nearby waffle house- yeah, not a good hiding spot, they were captured a short time later- luckily no one was hurt during the whole ordeal- 3 in a developing story 3 it's not the news the family of a missing greenville man was hoping for--gary burton's remains were found in anderson county-the vet was reported missing last summer- . .he was last seen leaving g-h-s----then on sunday, eight months later his remains were found in a wooded area- 3 the coroner used a medical device implanted inside of burton to identify his remains tonight we spoke with burton's wife and the coroner- 3 fox carolina's shale remien is live outside of g-h-sshale what did burton's wife say about the the last time she saw him? 3 burton's wife says this is the last place she had an interaction with her husband. they were going through a separation - he was having a
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she was still concerned about him and told him to keep in contact with her. but after days of not hearing from him, she knew something was wrong. 3 3 3 a very active scene this morning in piedmont after police and investigators examined the area where remains were found sunday. 3 "family of the property owners were out riding four wheelers and they found the skull and called us and when we got up there we found human remains. darkness was coming on pretty quickly so we had to hold off the scene until this morning. the anderson county coroner identified the remains as that of gary burton.burton had ongoing heart issues.the coroner says his heart defibrillator helped them solved the case. "during that processing time, we found an external defibrillator and it has serial number and we were able to trace it back to greenville hospital system and to our victim mr. burton."the
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found very close to his home. "of course, he was only two miles away from his home, so his wife was very upset when i notified her, but i think she has some closure now, knowing where he was at." we spoke to burton's wife, kimberly, off camera and she says she is devastated by the loss. she told us burton was a veteran, having served in the air force. he loved music and hanging out with his best friend.he was a huge alabama fan."she says he normally wears white tennis shoes from wal-mart, blue jeans and he loves alabama so he probably would have had an alabama shirt on. and that is the things we found near the remains." burton's wife says she believes his heart condition took a toll on him mentally. "she was pretty distraught when i got there and i told her we believe we had found his remains and she was hopeful that he left the area and would soon come home."
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burton's wife tonight - she says she cannot believe that he was only 2 miles away from her home this whole time - when for awhile she thought he had left town. the coroner says he should know burton's cause of death in the coming days - and we will bring you that information when we have it.cody? 3 shale, you mentioned that the wife said burton's heart condition took a toll on him. did she say how he was acting before he disappeared? 3 she mentioned when i was with her tonight that after burton had a heart attack and didn't recieve oxygen for several minutes, his behavior changed a little bit. she says there was some things he was battling mentally but she is still having hard time wrapping her head around the situation.reporting live in gv, sr, fc, ttocn
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forecast3 coming up i'll have your forecast including bitter cold, rain and snow snow3 one upstate police chief says it was the worst case of child abuse he's seen in 29 years. broken bones.. skull fractures.. and a spinal cord injury.tonight - the latest on the baby's condition.. as the mother and her boyfriend sit behind bars. search is on.. for an accused thief.the spartanburg county sheriff says he's a painter.. who can easily access your home.. and steal from you!tonight - why they need your help tracking him down.and..the search continues for 12 missing marines.. off the coast of of those is an upstate native.tonight - how the woodruff community is coming together.. to pray for comfort and answers. answers. in this line of work only the freshest ingredients
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it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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3 3 many different events took place today around our viewing area- to remember dr. martin luther king's legacy-as well as to keep it alive.but the one event that drew people in from around south carolina happened in columbia - a march to the statehouse. 3 this year - it was different- it was historic in part due to the fact the confederate flag no longer flys on the grounds of the state capital- fox carolina's sarah danik has the story. 3 it's the 16th year for king day at the dome - here in columbia- and as you can see the crowd did come out today, more than 1000 people to listen to many different speakers and to march from the zion baptist church all the way to the statehousesome we spoke with got emotional as they thought about their walk,
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knowing that the flag was down, and they said it really felt so different than past years for this event. -but they said there still is work to be done and part of that work centers around the education system. this year's theme for the march was educational equality --a lot of speakers emphasizing no matter what zip code you live in - you deserve a quality education.and that it really takes a community to help with advocacy - today there were lot s of people at the statehouse with families and young children wanting to teach their children about the legacy of martin luther king junior 3 i pray everyday exactly his exact words and they will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. character. 3 i just think the tradition needs to go on and follow it down with our children and our children's children.the crowds also got to hear from the democratic candidates fresh
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they believe their agendas align with the plans dr king was never able to finish today's event wrapped up with just a real focus on what the theme of the day really was all about - and that of course was martin luther king jr. and the importance of education and how a good solid education will pave the way for success for the future especially for the youngest residents and the entire state.reporting in columbia, sarah danik fox carolina, the 10 news 3 in a fox carolina follow up 3 the story is horificbut there's some good news to report tonight in a child abuse case out of seneca- police, say the baby has been released from the hospital- 3 we're told the six week old is continuing to recover after what the chief described the abuse as one of the worst cases he's ever seen-the accused attacker-the mother's live in boyfriend-leroy morris he was charged in the case earlier this month- 3 the child's mother, whitney
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morris was abusing alcohol and medication while caring for her baby and two other children. 3 seneca police chief john covington released a statement tonight regarding the case- 3 "the child will have a long recovery road ahead and will possibly face many unknown medical challenges as a result of the life threatening injuries she is no less than miraculous that she has made it to this point," end quote- we will of course continue to bring you any updates in this case both on air and online. 3 in tonight's most wanted- 3 he's wanted in several grand larcenies-in spartanburg county.the sheirff says the guy has not shown up for court numerous timesand now wants your help in tracking him down- 3 alright - so who's this week's most wanted?we have a gentleman by the name of judah john fisher - here's his pictureand we have eight outstanding general sessions bench warrants on him this gentleman is a painter by trade - so he's one of these gentlemen that can be in your home and then steal from you
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because he's painting and he's in and out of your home all the time he lives - his last addresses were in the campobello - around that area - and the boiling springs area so i mean he moves around pretty good - we just need your help finding where we can get him because he's just one of those guys that's gonna do some stealing from you - and what better way to do it is to come into your own home and then start stealing from you. that's some of the things that we think he's done and if you know where he's at..or?if you know where he is - you can just dial 911 or you can hit crimestoppers, dial crimestoppers and we'll be glad to come to assist you because - he can't hide forever...and we in spartanburg we want to get these kind of people so you won't be another victim because he will hit older people - he will hit the same people we're supposed to take care of so i'm confident the people in spartanburg county don't like this type of guy hanging around their
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him caught. 3 as you heard sheriff wright mention - if you have any information - you can call crime stoppers that number is 1-888-crime sc. 3 kendra has the forecast forecast 3 taking a live look outside right now -we're expected to stay in the teens overnight. 3 the coldest night of the season so far is upon us tonight. overnight lows will plummet into the upper teens in the upstate (17-20) and around 10 degrees in the mountains (8-11). this will not break records, but is much warmer than normal for this time of year.tuesday will be sunny and cold! highs will only reach the upper 30s in the upstate and upper 20s in the mountains. tuesday night will be very chilly as well, but not as cold as monday night. lows will drop to 16 in
10:17 pm can get the latest forecast at weather 3 3 for weather 24 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 and make sure to download our new fox carolina weather app. you can get the latest weather info on the go, as well as get alerts on watches and warnings for your area.just text carolina weather to 23765 to download! 3 cody back to you
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3 new tonight 3 glenn frey -- co-founder and guitarist for rock supergroup the eagles -- has died. died. 3 take it easy, take it easy easy3 a publicist for the band confirmed frey died today at 67 years old in new york city - due to several health issues including complications from pneumonia. the eagles released hit after hit in the 19-70s - when frey played guitar and keyboard.he also took lead vocal duties for the band before seeing some solo success in the 1980s.fellow
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statement -- quote -- "he was like a brother to me... the bond we forged 45 years ago was never broken." 3 the search continues in the bitter cold .. for a missing two-year-old boy. boy.he was last seen on thursday.. during a hike with his grandmother and sister. tonight - why volunteers and the sheriff say they aren't giving up hope. a warning for pet owners!a strain of dog flu is spreading across the country - and has hit the carolinas. tonight - what you need to know.. to protect your four legged friend! friend!good evening i'm lauren elise and i'm nicole papay, i will have more on these chilly temperatures. plus, it's time to say goodbye to the ice on main skating rink. we will tell you about their closing ceremonies. have a
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i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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3 now to a developing story 3 - out of tennessee.that's where the search continues for a two-year-old boy-who has been missing since thursday. thursday.noah chamberlin disappeared during a hike with his grandmother and older sister last week.since then - hundreds of volunteers have been searching for any sign of him.despite frigid temperatures and rough terrain - they say they're remaining hopeful.the sheriff there says the mission is still considered a search and rescue-
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will be found alive. 3 3 3 3 "he was on a trail when he went missing.. we have searched all around those trails. i wouldn't be afraid to say that there was hundreds of miles of trails." trails." 3 3 "the main thing if they can't get out is to continue praying" 3 3 3 "i feel like god's got his hands around him he's a child" 3 the sheriff would not comment on if any clues or traces of noah have been found in the search.he did say the family is cooperating - and there is *no criminal investigation. 3 as you decide 2016 3 we are getting closer to south carolina's primaries -so we want to remind all eligible voters about the steps to take before the deadline approaches -you must be registered to vote by january 27th - that's next week, and includes any updates to your registration if you've moved or changed names.if you are voting absentee - you must fill out an application in person at your county registration office or by mail.
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absentee ballots by mail four days before the primary.the primaries themselves are saturday february 20th for the republican party, and saturday february 27th for the democratic party. 3 a woodruff family says they fear the worst.. after two helicopters collide.. off the hawaii coast. coast.12 marines are missing.. and one of those is from the upstate.tonight - how the community is honoring sergeant jeffrey sempler.. as search efforts continue. special treat.. for an upstate family. they say the onion rings at the beacon.. induced labor on new year's, the spartanburg restaurant is celebrating the special birth with -- free diapers. diapers.and chief meteorologist kendra kent is putting together your seven day forecastshe'll tell you what you can the week to come. come.
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in this line of work only the freshest ingredients make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some publix. where shopping is a pleasure. 3 you heard kendra mention, it's the coldest night of the season so far---
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not out in this cold weather. and there's advice tonight to prevent cold weather problems in your home- like pipes've seen it before - leave the water dripping through the pipes. carolina's sharon johnson is live tonight.sharon - we've heard this advice before and it works. 3 yes - its been proven over and over again - that proven over and yes - its been yes - its been proven over and over again - that leaving just a small amount of water dripping through your pipes will help prevent them from bursting. 3 leaving the water running through your pipes seems like a very simple thing to do and it could save you a lot of money in repairing burst pipes
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chris corley 3 with corley plumbing air and electric advices regular maintenance.but says there are some simple fixes you can do tonight.keep the water dripping in faucets and open cabinets that house plumbing. heat from inside the home will keep the pipes warm. and advice on knowing how to turn the water off can prevent a disaster. 3 3 21:03:18 first thing to know if where to turn the water off to their house- because if you do have a frozen pipe and it starts spraying inside your house or underneath your house. you wanna be able to turn the water off so you can minimize the damage. addition to inside pipes - corley says to pay attention to the crawl space underneath your home and block
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- disconnect the outside water hose as well - saying water collects inside it and can freeze or burst the pipes that way as well. 3 chris corley says - the cold air puts a lot of stress on all of your mechanical systems in your home- heating, air, plumbing.and making preparations is the best thing you can do to try and avoid in greenville - - the 10 o'clock news. 3 a developing story 3 tears, hugs and prayers today in woodruff for a missing marine whose helicopter crashed in the waters off the coast of hawaii last week... 3 tonight the coast guard says they've found three of the four life rafts - but still no sign of the missing upstate serviceman - nor the 11 other missing marines- fox carolinas andrew reeser has the story in woodruff. 3 family and friends of a marine missing after his helicopter
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hawaii...say there is little hope he, his community in woodruff gathered to prayfor comfort and answers during a difficult time. 22 year old sgt. jeffrey sempler and 11 of his comrades disappeared after two helicopters collided off the coast of oahu. several agencies have been searching for the marines and continued their search today...the coast guard said they are still hopeful some survivors would be found...but sempler's family is preparing for the the mayor of woodruff organized that prayer vigil as the community begins the grieving process. 3 20:44:08"jeffrey was all boy, he really was, he fought with his brothers...he was a good kid, i was so proud of him when he graduated..."20:44:35 "i wish i could tell the whole world what a great kid he was, he just was...dozens showed up to pay their respects to the marine...presumed dead after that horrific crash...we spoke with sempler's father yesterday...who says he's stunned by what has happened...
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ten o clock news. 3 counties 3 in oconee county-the coroner identified the name of a georgia woman killed on eye- eighty five this morning- 3 it happened around 6:30 near the state line- the coroner says lam lee was a passenger, and her husband was driving- she died on the scene- troopers say her husband lost control of the car, went through the cable barrier and hit a truck in the other lane- no word tonight on this condition- 3 a fight over a handicap space lands one man in jail-this happened in spartanburg county outside the upward star basketball center- 3 deputies say charles whitaker was waiting for a handicap space to open-well, when it opened up he said another car zipped in before him-deputies say that surviellance video shows whitaker confronting the 79-year-old driver--at some point deputies say you see whitager punch the older
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assault and battery- 3 in bumcombe county, asheville police is asking for your help tracking down the person who shot a man this afternoon- 3 the victim told police he was shot in hillcrest around one p-m-he was taken to the hospital in a private car- he's expected to be okay-but, police are asking anyone with information to give them a call- 3 in cherokee county...firefight ers spent hours battling a massive house fire. fire.this is a look at the scene on hidden acres drive outside of gaffney.six different departments responded to the scene to help out and bring water supplies... the gaffney fire cheif says there was damage to about half of the home - fortunately the homeowners were able to get out and weren't hurt- the cause of the fire remains under investigation- 3 in a fox carolina follow up 3 a young upstate girl is being honored for giving back to children in need. may remember-right after christmas, we told you about ellery owen.she donated all of her christmas money to shriners hospital - even
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sewing machine. today, the hospital's board of governors still made that wish happen. she was presented with her very own sewing machine!here's what she has to say about her gift-and why the donation was so important to her family. 3 3 3 "i am really surprised that my little gift was forty dollars and now i think it's a thousand." thousand."3 "i want to ask for money every year on christmas." christmas."ellery's little sister - shelby - started therapy at shriners hospital- after being diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. thanks to ellery's gift - an additional 16-hundred dollars was donated to shriners in her honor.ellery hopes that money will help other children run, jump, and play. 3 and another follow up -we introduced you to coleman zell after he was born on new year's day.and tonight - we're getting to catch up with his
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3 and the zells might be a walking advertisement for a local restaurant...and to expectant moms everywhere. 3 after the rumor that the onion rings at the beacon could induce labor turned out to be true - the restaurant is now giving back fox carolina's joe gagnon has the story. 3 hey guys i am surrounding what they call here at the beacon some magic onions because at the beginning of 2016 just a few minutes after midnight coleman was born at 7 pounds.. and that's special because his parents drove here to the beacon drive in and heard the onion rings induce labor so they headed here ate the rings and then morgan water broke to give birth to their baby boy after the owners of the beacon are doing something special for the new young man man 3 we decided to buy all the
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we think it will be an ongoing promotion for us..if the mom comes in the month of decembers and has a baby that's first in the county we'll hook them up with a year's worth of diapers.. that's right all the diapers for the year and they will continue will b some3 3 happening now 3 a new strain of dog flu has been found in 25 states since april - now veterinarians are warning pet owners to be on alert. alert.this most recent outbreak of the virus began in chicago and has since spread throughout the midwest and to other regions of the country -
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carolinas. 3 back in july - two cases were confirmed in north carolina one of them at the charlotte street veterinary hospital in asheville and in the atlanta area there were more than 200 confirmed cases. the cdc says dog flu is extremely contagious - and almost all dogs are susceptible. the illness can spread in kennels and shelters, or at other places with many dogs in close proximity. 3 3 3 "if your dog is sick you really don't want to be bringing the dog to a boarding kennel you don't want to be bringing the dog to a playgroup you don't want to bring that dog to a dog park you really want to keep that dog at home and make sure you get the proper treatment so it's not going to spread any virus or bacteria to other dogs." 3 symptoms of dog flu include cough, runny nose, and fever. the severity can range from no signs to severe illness resulting in pneumonia and can sometimes be deadly deadlyand still to come -
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your 3 - we'll have some and still to come - we'll have some tips to keep your dogs - and all your pets - safe this we'll take you to an upstate kennel with a special offer during this brutal cold. 3 an upstate family.. remembering the life of a 24-year-old.. after a deadly crash.he was on his way to his father's house.. when he struck a tree.tonight - what the family has to say.. about the man with a big heart.. and willingness to help others. strike a local monument honoring a confederate soldier and former's the second time it's been targeted in a year..tonight - why police need your help.. tracking the suspects down. down.and..the panthers seem unstoppable as they gear up for the n-f-c championship.. but there is one thing players *won't be able to do.why the head coach is banning hoverboards.. from all panthers facilities.
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two storms for this week that pose a winter weather threat. threat. 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 we will be able to untangle the discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood 3 tonight we're honoring the life and legacy of civil rights leader doctor martin luther king jr. that of course
10:38 pm
i have a dream speech - delivered during the 1963 march on washington. 3 and in his own words - dr king said quote -'life's most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others' others'today clemson university students and staff asked themselves just that --and then got to work. volunteers spent much of the day at various community sites--like the child development center and s-c botanical gardenin an effort to give back!we stopped by to find out what it was like to live out dr king's message.. 3 3 3 "i think at the heart of what dr. king was getting at was fostering communities. so this day of service was a really a great opportunity for me as an individual to help out a little bit with what surrounds the university." university."clemson also hosted an m-l-k blood drive atthe hendrix student center on campus. 3 and in another martin luther king junior day celebration-- this morning-- the jesse jackson's rainbow push coalition dedicated a brand new computer lab to the phyllis wheatley center in
10:39 pm
stations were donated and were a gift from push tech 20-20.. organizers say that the new technology will be used to bridge the digital divide. people were also at the phyllis wheatley center donating blood to the "diversify the blood supply" blood drivehosted by the blood connection.organizers say they brought in critical blood donations that will helps those with blood types who may not be able to find a match. 3 happening now 3 the panthers sit just one win away from getting to the super bowl... carolina beat seattle on sunday, which sets up a huge game in charlotte this weekend... joins us now... and aaron, i know there's plenty to talk about the game... but there's some other news coming out of panthers-country right? 3 well the goal's to keep all your players safe... so head coach ron rivera's not taking any chances... the panthers coach banning hoverboards from the panthers facilities... facilities...if you're not familiar with the term hoverboards... you've probably seen these around... rivera says he banned the self-
10:40 pm
after seeing some of the players drag-racing around the facility... it's actually been in place for about a month, but was just noticed by the media since players haven't been jetting around on them recently... rivera wouldn't say who was racing... but carolina's mvp candidate, quarterback cam newton's been spotted many times riding one to the facility from his apartment in charlotte... rivera says it's simply about keeping all his players safe, especially with a trip to the super bowl within reach.. 3 "did you see those things on youtube blowing up and stuff? i mean that's what concerns me more than anything else is having something crazy happen. you know i'll say this too, i caught them drag racing in the freaking hallways. and you know we still have some that ride to and from work, i'm trying to get them not to but they do. but inside the facility we don't want them running around. we don't want something crazy happening here. we're trying to limit their exposure to injury."
10:41 pm
the panthers taking on arizona for the nfc title... a ton of guys with local ties on the cardinals... we'll tell you who's got a homecoming this sunday.. coming up in sports... 3 and as the panthers inch closer to a superbowl bid - we're taking a closer look at the journey to get there.join us this sunday for panthers' pursuit of a title -shannon and i will have all the coverage from charlotte -again that's this sunday at 5:30. 3 and fox carolina is the place to be this sunday.pre-game coverage starts at 6pm.kickoff is 6:40pm.tune in this sunday
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3 kendra has the 3 forecast 3 taking a live look outside right now -we're expected to stay in the teens overnight. 3 the coldest night of the season so far is upon us tonight. overnight lows will plummet into the upper teens in the upstate (17-20) and around 10 degrees in the mountains (8-11). this will not break records, but is much warmer than normal for this time of year.tuesday will be sunny and cold! highs will only reach the upper 30s in the upstate and upper 20s in the mountains. tuesday night will be very chilly as well, but not as cold as monday night. lows will drop to 16 in
10:43 pm
upstate.a fast moving system approaches on wednesday. it has the potential to bring a quick, light snow in the mountains and a brief shower or rain/snow mix for the upstate late afternoon. temperature profiles support mostly rain for the upstate, and very little of it.our next storm system arrives thursday night into friday. it will come from the gulf of mexico, and is the kind of low that could bring a major snow if the cold air was in place. for now, there doesn't look to be air cold enough for anything but rain in the upstate, while the mountains will see a rain/snow mix then a quick burst of snow friday evening. if the low on friday tracks much farther south we could be talking about a winter weather scenario outside the mountains, but for not it looks like a chilly rain! sunny skies will dominate the
10:44 pm
40s and 50s. 50s.
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3 3 fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 more controversy.. over the oscar nominees. nominees.two well-known entertainers say they'll be skipping the award show this year.tonight - why they say it's time to re-evaluate things.. when it comes to what they call a lack of diversity. diversity.the popular ice cream brand- bluebell is hitting the shelves again-- after last year's listeria outbreak.and it could be coming to a store near you.the
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he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles
10:47 pm
broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
10:48 pm
developing tonight 3 two well-known entertainers are skipping the academy awards this year. year.its in wake of growing controversy over the lack of diversity in the nominees. nominees.actress jada pinkett smith made the announcement via facebook video.she says she's boycotting the oscars - her husband - will smith - is one of the actors of color who did not get nominated-despite critical acclaim for his performance in "concussion" pinkett smith say it's time to re-evaluate things - and she's not alone.spike lee says he's boycotting the ceremony as a post on social media- the director asks quote "how is it possible for the second consecutive year all 20 contenders under the actor category are white?"
10:49 pm
3 trader joe's is recalling its store-brand cashew pieces - over possible salmonella contamination. contamination.the chain says the product was sent to stores in more than two dozen states. and they're now asking customers to throw the product out-or return it to any trader joe's store for a full refund. trader joe's says no one has gotten sick - and right now, they're just taking precautions. 3 bad news for chocolate lovers! your sweet tooth may soon cost you more money. money.according to the wall street journal-there's a number of factors causing the price of chocolate to increase. researchers say the raw material used to make chocolate is diminishing-due to adverse weather conditions and poor farming techniques. the price of chococlate is up nearly 40-percent, since 20-12. 3 if one of the last things you do before bed is check your phone-you're not the only one. fact - so many people do it, apple is adding a new mode for iphones that may help you sleep better.
10:50 pm
exposure to a smart phone's blue glow in the dark can affect your circadian rhythm. so - apple has decided to add a new mode called "night shift" .. that changes the screen from a blue light to a warmer setting - that's easier on the also figures out your location and turns on automatically at night.the feature will be included in the next i-o-s update. 3 new upstate father hopes to share his son's legacy-- legacy--his son was killed in a car crash in anderson county...and tonight we're hearing from his dad--on the type of person he was...and what he wants to leave behind. 3 and on this m-l-k day...we're hearing from the daughter of
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ame church in charleston...her
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