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tv   Fox Carolina Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 and wake up with 3 fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 i'll have much more,coming up- up-thanks kendra-we continue tonight- 3 super bowl 50 is fast approaching 3 and as the carolina panthers prepare to take on the denver broncos -fans for both teams are heading to california in full force -we've been there for every step of the way 3 we've heard from the players at the sap center in san jose - of course the game will take place at levi's stadium in
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descended on san francisco to take part in the full super bowl experience - -that's where we find cody alcorn tonight at the moscone center - 3 3 you just never know who will show up at the super bowl there's people from all over the world here in san francisco for super bowl fiftyand check out who i ran into this morning at the carolina panthers news conference 3 3 "what's up man, how you doing?" "man, congratulations to you" "i appreciate that""go to work on 'em boy" (laughs) (laughs)yes, that's snoop dog himselfhe's no stranger to the football scenesnoop has his own youth football league so of course he'd be here for super bowl 50he told us cam newton is his favorite player to watch on the field and even threw a few questions out for there for cam himself. 3 3 3 snoop: first of all i want to say cam, oh cam, cam cam dab
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question is is the kid in you outweighing hte man in you in this big game youre about to play?cam: thats a good question. i don't know i just think half of me tries to be as professional as possible but the human in me just wants to take it all in innow i should add3 snoop dog also made an appearance at the broncos newswer before the panthers 3 i will say this...snoop stole the show as soon as people realized he was in the building. and cam seemed to
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minute before the newswer to say hey-coming up later in the newscastmore about this place, radio row.this is the ultimate fan experience and i'll tell you why in a few minutes. sports director aaron cheslock of course here with me to talk about what the players had to 3 say. 3 all the talk defensively so far's been about denver... understandable since they're the number one unit in the league.. facing a top-ranked panthers offense.. but carolinas defense stacks up pretty well too... overlooked or not, the panthers simply 3 couldn't care less... 3 3 3 "it's fine with us, it's fine with us. we feel like we're a
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one wants to believe that, we'll just go out on sunday and we'll show them."number four versus the run... ranked 11th against the pass... pretty good numbers for the panthers defense... but with denver bringing in the number one *d* overall.. carolina's unit's not getting a lot of california love." 3 3 "we know what type of defense we are, and where we're trying to go this year, we know we still have a lot to get done. we have to put a whole half together as a defense. it's going to take all of us communicating, and be disciplined and play our role." 3 3 "we fight as a team. we're not just going to single out the number one defense, number two offense. i don't care about all that. you know we play as a team, we win as a team, we've been doing that all season. we don't point one guy out that he's the whole team, we're just going to keep fighting as a team."charles johnson and kaiwan short anchoring a stout d-line... thomas davis and luke kuechly manning the middle... while many claim kuechly's the
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addition... 3 3 3 "i think in defense, you add pieces. but i think the foundation of our defense was already set up with guys like thomas and charles. guys that have been around for a long time. those guys are the foundation, we've just added some good pieces around them." then there's greenwood native e josh norman on the outside... never soft spoken... he says crown denver's defense all you want... while the game still hasn't kicked off... 3 3 "i don't care about that man. it is what it is. i guess we're going to show you on sunday. i guess we'll give it to their group up until that day." 3 the panthers shutting down a 3 couple prolific offenses already in the playoffs... especially the cardinals... they'll get a crack against one of the all-time great's in peyton manning onsunday.. 3 coming up we'll hear more from
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all hang out in the last game of the season.diana, back to you. 3 and don't carolina will have live coverage from san francisco for super bowl 50 all week long on the ten o'clock news! news!and on saturday february the 6th at 7-p-mbe sure to tch the panthers pursuit of the title - for one on one interviews and everything panthers in the hours before the big game. 3 new tonight 3 nearly a month after a double homicide in iva - four people are charged for their alleged roles in the crime. crime.the anderson county sheriff's arrested wesley malmister, tabitha roberts, brandon davis, and randall simpson - after two people were found dead in their home in the early morning of january 10th. 10th.the coroner identified the victims as casey waddell
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3 authorities say the two were killed the night before inside the home at the intersection of pierce and amy road - after an attempted robbery.this is a look at the scene -the coroner says waddell suffered a single gunshot wound to the head. and williams was found with multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. 3 we were there as one of those suspects - 26 year old brandon davis headed to bond court - this is video you'll see only on fox.he was arraigned yesterday - charged with two counts of murder, attempted armed robbery and possession of a weapon during a violent crime. crime.all four suspects remain behind bars in anderson county - facing those same charges - they all will have bond hearings in general sessions court in the coming days. 3 in a fox carolina investigation 3 ree spartanburg county fire departments could face closure if something isn't done to fix the funding.that's the word from the fire chiefs of the enoree, hobbysville and cross
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3 tonight--it's either more money--closure--or consolidation-- -fox carolina's derek dellinger is live tonight in lyman.that's where county fire chiefs took up this issu tonight--derek--what will thi mean for fire service in those areas? 3 well--if it comes to a closure that is a *really big question. nobody wants it to come to that--but the chiefs we talked with tonight say the money they get is not enough to keep them going. 3 3 3 if you look at the enoree fire department off highway 221-- you'll see the a building that, by its chief's admisson-- hasn't aged well.when the department gets only around 30- thousand dollars a year in taxes--it can only go so far. far. 3 3 you lose a piece of equipment in a fire, whether it's turnout gear or whatever, there goes all your money for the yearhis department isn't the only one with the tight budget. budget. 3 3 i have less than 20-thousand dollars a year for fuel and to heat the buildings, patch up equipment, and buying
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question--163305the cross anchor fire department--along with the enoree and hobbysville fire deparments-- are right now in the *crosshairs of a growing discussion--on their future. future. 33 3 we thought we had something, and then when our lawyers went and researched it, we found out 'no there was a reason we could not do it and we went back to square one'jane hall is a spartanburg county councilwoman - she represents the district where all three fire departments are.she says the problems they are dealing with have been an issue for years--since state law places the bigger burden on businesses, not home, for property taxes...they're hurting in areas that don't see much industry--compared with the rest of the county-- county-- 3 3 our fire district citizens are just as important as everybody else's citizens arehall says it's meant tough times-- times-- 3 3 this is our core reason for being, to provide these services to people, and when we can't do it, when we can't give them any more money than they can, then it's a very sad daythere's talk of merging the fire departments--there's also talk of closure--nobody wants that to happen--but if the worst happens--
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3 3 if i lose a truck, i don't know what the community will do 3 collectively--the cross anchor, enoree and hobbysville fire departments all get less than 200-thousand dollars a year--that's to go to paying back fire truck loans-- insurance--fuel and new gear if they need comparison-- we're told some other districts in the county get more than a million dollars a year, in lyman-- derek dellinger, fox carolina-- the ten o'clock news. 3 kendra has the forecast forecasti'll talk about the big chill this weekend! weekend!and she's been on the
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of year...and she's been on the big chill this weekend! weekend!and she's been on the job one year...given the task of turning around d-s-s!fox carolina investigates... changes happening... that will affect south carolina families and those who work there! there!plus - only on fox - a spartanburg county mother risks her life to save one of her children from their burning home -days later - she's being released from the hospital - and this community is rallying around a family who lost nearly everything but each other.ande're mourning the loss of the co-founder of earth wind and fire -maurice white has passed away at his home at the age of 74.the band sold more than 90 million albums - and was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2000.his impact on the industry will surely be missed - 3 3
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3 we're back with breaking news - 3 it's out of greenville county- that's where a dive team is on scene of talley bridge road- where a car is submerged in the water. dispatchers say- crews haven't found anyone in the water...but they did find wet- footprints leading away from the area. so far a driver hasn't been located. 3 we're days away from super bowl 50 3 and there's much more to this event than just football - there's the halftime show of course - featuring beyonce and
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anticipated commercials from our favorite bands -and even closer to the action - an entire "super bowl city" full of activities for all nfl fans. fans.cody joins us live there - in san francisco with more 3 this is a fans's called radio rowand it's literally a ton of radio shows lined up in a row. they're from all over the country and here's the thingthey have current and past nfl players stopping by all day long... 3 i mean check it outthat's troy aikman on the cbs sports radio setthen you'll see the legendary jerry rice on just one of the radio showsfans lined the barriers trying to get autographs or even a picture if they're lucky. but
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you'll see inside this placewe actually caught up with ed too tall jones who played for the cowboys and knows all to well what it takes to win a super bowl 3 3 3 if you're lucky and blessed enough to get to this game - win it - you may never play in another one. i don't care how good you are - it's tough to win today. so i'm sure with - not only cam - guys on that team who've "een around a while - and even guys who've played with other teams who see an opportunity now -they want to take advantage of it and that's what you have to do - play it like it's your last. last. 3 3 back out here live on radio row ad lib what i see. and as fans descend on the bay area - they're also opening up their wallets -we'll have more on the costs of a once- in-a- lifetime trip like this one -
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3 diana, back to you. 3 the folks in california aren't the only ones with panther pridecheck out this crowd at wofford - during their spirit rally for the team today - students, stata, and alumni gathered on the steps to take this photo - to be sent to panthers owner and founder jerry richardson.richardson of course graduated from wofford college in 1959 - and brings the panthers back to his alma
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training camp. 3 little panthers fans- are gearing up for the super bowl-with new gear thanks to academy sports. 50-kids-from the greenville and spartanburg y-m-c-a got a chance to spend big at the woodruff road store. each child received a 50-dollar gift card-to rack up on panthers jerseys, hats, and souvenirs. the kids say now they're ready to cheer on the panthers. 3 now to a story you'll see only on fox 3 after running inside her burning home to save one of her children, a spartanburg county mother is recovering from burns to her face and hands. hands.angela jenkins is a mother that - like most parents- would do anything to protect her children... and she did. 3 and now on top of suffering painful burns, jenkins and her husband and kids have lost everything and are staying with friends. 3 fox carolina's rebecca atkins spoke with close friends of
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the fire department that was on scene, she's live with more on what happened. rebecca? 3 diana, i'm here in you can see the left side of this home is in shambles. the siding has almost completely come off and the fire department says it cannot be lived in. luckily the mother and two children made it out, but for the mom, she was left with injuries and memories that will be with her forever. 3 3 3 underneath this sunset sits a chared and broken home. the family that once lived here lost everything in a fire monday evening. 3 3 "the house was just ingulfed in smoke coming out of everywhere, it was very traumatic."david and stacey steeves are best friends with angela jenkins and her husband. they say they rushed straight over to the family's home on westmeath drive when they heard about the fire."the kids were crying, it was tough. angela did not have a
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to be okay to the kids."and it was her kids that she was trying to protect, moments before she was rushed away in an ambulance. steeves says angela began getting her kids out of the home when she heard her daughter screaming."she ran back into the house to try and find her, not realizing that she had ran out the garage and she was screaming and crying in the garage."he says angela suffered second degree burnsnsn her face and hands from running inside the home... the steeves were told by the family a burning candle may have ignited the fire...but the fire department that responded says they are still looking into that. that. 3 "the front room sustained heavy damage."tracy williams the assistant fire chief says that front room which was one of the children's rooms is where they believe the fire started. but he says thankfully ems arrived right behind them. "this scenario worked out very well, they don't always happen that way but in this case it happened very quickly."the steeves say the family didn't have renters insurance. a go fund me has been set up to help. the steeves are trying to clean up
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items... and have been greatly impacted by this tragedy. tragedy. 3 "share your blessings. if you have blessings, share them, share what you have if you have it." 3 and angela was released from the hospital yesterday, she espected to make a full recovery. if you are interested in helping this family we will have a link on our website to the go fund me page at fox carolnia. com. reporting live in moore, rebecca atkins fox carolina the 10 o'clock news. 3 in god we trust - it's the national motto of the united states... and it appears on our you can find it on patrol cars in western north carolina. 3 tonight why the rutherford county sheriff made the change - and how people in the community are reacting! reacting!and chief meteorologist kendra kent is putting together your seven day forecastshe'll tell you what you can the week to come. come.
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3 continuing to cover our counties 3 henderson county detectives
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suspicious death of a father - and are now looking for his son. son.just before 9:30 this morning - deputies were called to this home on oawkwood road near mountain home.when they arrived the found the body of 66-year-old terry butler. deputies investigate the circumstances surrounding his death.butler's family says he was a generous person - 3 my brother was a very loving man...he would let ybody stay at his home and not charge him a dime, he would feed them, give them a place to sleep. sleep.3 butler lived at the home with his son joey - who was last seen just before 7 this this point - authorities are looking to make sure he is safe. if you have any information - contact the sheriff's office at the number on your screen. 3 in jackson county - deputies are now calling a suspicious death... a homicide.deputies say timothy norris- was found dead inside his panorama trail home yesterday. noris' wife
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returning home from work. right now-the sheriff's office is asking anyone with security footage in the area of zeb alley road and cashiers lake road to contact the sheriff's far, no arrest have been m me. 3 meantime anderson police need your help finding an endangered teen.17-year-old "douglas chapman" was reported missing tuesday -but was spotted yesterday at the q-t on north main street.he was wearing a green t-shirt and jeans.if you see him or know where he the number on your screen. 3 tonight ..i sit down with the director of d-s-s... a state agency with its share of critics. critics.she's talking about changes she's putting into place... after one year on the job.what she's doing to stop so many caseworkers from leaving... to protect the state's children! children!plus...another case of church vandalism in the upstate -glass shattered in greer has the congregation shaken up - 3 3
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when the republicans weren't going after president obama they were coming after me. his attorney general. in the cabinet, i served with hillary clinton. i've known her for almost 25 years. this is a woman whose fought her whole life for children, to protect civil rights, voting rights. and today hillary is pushing hard for tougher gun laws and police accountability. if you want to make sure republicans don't take us backward help hillary move us forward.
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3 in a fox carolina investigation 3 it's been a year... since susan alford became the head of the department of social services.sworn in by lawmakers... to turn around an agency responsible for
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to foster care... to family's a tough job. running an agency with thousands of employees who deal with some of the most difficult issues. 3 d-s-s has had a revolving door of caseworkers... who say they can't keep up with the demands. a third of those who get hired... leave within a few years.but director susan alford is working to change that... looking at everything from salaries to security... and ultimately, how best to protect south carolina's children. 3 we've heard case... after case. nats from news stories... "the child is in dss custody" children abused or neglected... and taken into d- s-s custody.pulled from homes after alleged drug even the case of missing anderson county baby leoanna wright..."nats from any story mentioning dss"for the director of the department of social services... children is the ultimate goal.but to do that... takes getting d-s-s on
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director alford"the hard part for me is you come in and immediately want to start fixing. you want to start making things better and i think my 3 challenge even more was i had to really listen alot and i had to take the time to listen a year ago... susan alford was sworn in by south carolina lawmakers.just two months before that... she was introduced by governor nikki haley... just coming off working at the girls center in clemson... for at risk girls. m/watch?v=cc0jof2hnya(1:11)"i found someone who has really lived her entire life as a child advocate."from day one... director alford... here in her columbia office, hit the ground running.director alford(09:46:46)"it has been a whirlwind. it really has."she vowed to visit every state d-s-s office... and she has. all 46.(nats of camera flashes) here's a look at a few... barnwell...colleton... (labeled as walterboro) and lancaster.she says visiting each location... and finding out the challenges was essential.(09:49:06)"it was going to take my going out and making sure that i understood county by county exactly what our staff was dealing with. what were their issues they had just in terms of the environment they work in, what are the challenges they have in their particular county and
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found out reasons for high staff turnover.listen to this number.when she started it was at 39-percent.she said they felt overworked... and underpaid... unable to keep up with demand.(09:58:57)"which basically means by the time we hire a caseworker, someone else is walking out the door." keeping consistent caseworkers... helps the families and children served by alford's working with the legislature on the budget to change 2015... they approved money for 177 new caseworker positions.157 of them have been 67 caseworker assistants... are being put in place.(09:54:33)"our staff are out there doing lots of work that is sometimes dangerous, it is work that is critical to safety and they really do, they do an incredible job of trying to get at, at this point, with some big barriers in the way, the caseload sizes
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them to do a good job, we really have to get through that barrier for them."and another major issue... is security.alford says it's not consistent at d-s-s offices across the state.we noticed these cameras at the columbia headquarters... something that doesn't exist in many counties. (10:02:34)"we do have alot of worry that in our county office buildings, sometimes our staff feel very vulnerable if there is not adequate lighting in the parking lot, if there are not secured files because it's overcrowded and they are in buildings that are very old sometimes, safety issues can be everything from there is no keyless entry so anyone off the street can walk in and get in a county building and have access to our staff."so they're looking at things like panic buttons... lighting... and training staff for potential dangers. (10:05:17)"dss doesn't close. so our folks are in and out all night, for them to bring
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removing them from their homes in the middle of the night. they need to feel safe, they need to feel like they can come in and out and not get accosted in the parking lot." so many issues... with no easy answers.but director alford says building a strong foundation for d-s-s is the the agency... that does such important work... can move forward for the people of the state.(09:54:08) "we really are at the fabric of all the risk factors that bring people to dss. we're talking about poverty, hunger, unemployment and all of the things that put people at risk and those are the things we try to address."(09:54:27)"so we really get at alot of the hardest issues that face the state in terms of our citizens... we really do." 3 and one of the biggest challenges for d-s-s and director alford right increasing the number of foster homes in the state.they are rolling out a recruitment plan... and have changed the
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licensed as a foster parent. it's going from about a year... to four months.and they are looking to offer more incentives to relatives who can take in children in d-s-s custody... so they stay within their own family. 3 happening now 3 spartanburg county-deputies are looking for the suspects behind a vandalism at a greer church! church!the spartanburg couty sheriff's office says they were called to the "pelham church of god" on abner creek road tuesday morning...after a church official discovered four broken windows!deputies say it appears the suspects used a cinder block to shatter the glass!we're told it happened sometime between five sunday evening and nine tuesday morning. morning.yone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. 3 upstate fans are getting ready for super bowl 50 3 one party in simpsonville is celebrating it's 20th year... and is one of the hottest tickets in town.tonight the party planners started with
10:31 pm carolina's sharon johnson is live in the studio with her vip access and what to expect. 3 they are perhaps the hottest tickets in towna& when it comes to super bowl bashes.but - just like the real super bowl - you have to have vip tickets to get in. 3 3 3 the party is in simpsonville - and although not quite known as a big party town.there's one super bowl bash just off main street that's been going strong - 20 years now. now.2:45:16 "we have hosted this party for so many years, and i think as long as we're living at this house - we will have a super bowl party."their super bowl party grows larger each year with guests from across the upstate - who have been looking forward to watching the panthers make it to the super bowl.their friends here tonight to get ready. ready.2:51:01 "i like cam newton's dancing, what about you guys? iyea, his energy and excitment. i love that when he makes a touchdown that he
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rob &; regina's 3 super bowl party is a tradition for their small neighborhood.the couple has mastered having one of the hottest super bowl parties around. around.2:51:45 "i hang out with regina quite a bit but i always expxpt to see her first weekend in february."with tailgating starting earlyfood and beverages for all their guests with different's in different rooms with of course two big screens - 3 2:52:36 "i'm from nc, that's where i was born gastonia. so, my eyes will be g ged to that screen this year. so, what you're not talking to us? ha, ha i'll chat for a little bit. and it's even family friendly - the kiddos have an area too.2:47:54 (regina)"i couldn't imagine including my friends without their kids if their kids wanted to come." so... with planning done. organizers ready to hit the field on game day - with the home team - while at home. 3 regina shelley says - organizing this party is almost routine now.but she's thinking she may need to do
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3 super bowl 50 is on its way to becoming the most expensive sporting event in u-s history. 3 ticket tracking sites peg the average ticket price just shy of five thousand dollars - far more expensive than tickets to super bowl 49, which set the previous nfl record. record.but there's much more than that to buy = and for a closer look at how much this *experience costs -let's send it back out to cody. 3 there's no doubt the super bowl experience is expensive we're talking flight, hotel, food, tranpsortation while here plus, the game and any extra things you want to do. here alone you have to get a day pass to get in here which can range....(adlib)check out this placethe n f l shopyou
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here from super bowl fifty apparell, to the bronco's and of course the panthersthere's even a customization station where you can customize your gearbut this stuff will put you back...i saw a jacket for 500, regular shirts run between 30 and sixty bucks. so bottom line the super bowl doesn't cater to everyone.... even on a tight budget you'l spend several thousand if you go to the game...that will cost you another grand or two. i'll tell you it's a once in a life time experience but it will cost you to experience it. 3 fans are looking forward to the big game -and sports director aaron cheslock of course here with me to talk about what the players are doing to prepare. 3 it's been a long road for this panthers team... winning in a lot of different ways... but winning consistently none the less... and with only one game
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no holding back now... 3 carolina comes in with the top ranked offense... a top ten defense as well... one that'll match up with a future hall of famer in peyton manning... who has most of the country outside the carolinas rooting for the sheriff to ride off into the sunset with one last super bowl... but carolina's not worried about all that.. with a 17-1, record.. the to stay true to here.. but know if it comes down it necessary.. including taking with their 3 "we've got to understand what the situation, the circumstances are in the game. it's situational football from here on out and as you said its a no holds barred. there is no next game. the approach has to be do everything we need to do we'll have him do the things to do what we need to do for us to give us the best opportunity to win." win."they'll need steller play from cam newton... the mvp front runner absolutely sensational in the win over arizona... more than 300 yards and 4 touchdowns... 3 really only one game this year
10:36 pm
came off for the panthers... against atlanta.. the falcons of course handing the pa there's their only loss... some people think it's a good thing carolina lost one in the regular season... since it could take some pressure off... 3 we'll hear from their quarterback on coming up at 11.. you. 3 it's hard to predict who will win superbowl 50 this sunday.. but fox carolina's joe gagnon says he has been hard at work with some of the most competitive people in the upstate - trying a football simulation to determind who would are the results.. 3 3 3 hey guys we found some very serious competitors right here at oakleaf village retirement home as a matter of fact ruth and hoyle who are both in their 90s and are both going to play one of the most technologically advanced video games of al time madden on playstation 4triangle square or x ...for choose a playdoes it matter..not eally.. oh my goodness..oooo...nice
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gee whiz...3 go go pass...look at that isn't that beautiful..i don't need to walk like that though.. are you catholic 3 sure..go for the hail mary..he did a somersault yea.. ever seen anything like... no...
10:38 pm
applause for hoyle..3 great job..thank you.. that was good really good..a lot of fun i wish i had more was the game it fell the way it fell..hoyle as the carolina panthers won over rtuh as the denver broncos..i'm sure panthers fans hope for the same victory in super bowl 50 back to you guys.. 3 kendra has a look at the forecast forecast 3 colder air will blast in tonight bringing strong winds into the mountains, and a
10:39 pm
for our area. the mountains will see scattered snow showers between 8 p.m. and 3 a.m., with only light accumulations expected. a couple flurries could make it into the upstate, mixed with light rain. no issues expected. temperatures will cool to 32 in the upstate and 27 in the mountains for friday morning.expect lots of sunshine for friday, with highs in the low 50s for the upstate and 40s in the mountains. winds will die down by late friday, leaving a pleasant weekend forecast as well. sunny skies will be the rule on saturday with highs in the upper 40s to low 50s area-wide, then it will be a few degrees warmer for sunday with a few clouds in the mix. monday will bring a chance for snow in the mountains, and a possible rain/snow mix in the
10:40 pm
cold front moves in. extremely cold temperatures will settle in for middle of next week with 30s for highs and teens and 20s for overnight lows.
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3 and wake up with fox carolina. we've got traffic and weather every ten minutes from five to nine am. 3 time for fox's four legged friends 3 suzyq is a 6-month old, 8 lb., female, "chiweenie" (chihuahua/dachshund mix). she is spayed, utd on vaccines, microchipped and on hw preventative. suzyq is a precious little gal but will
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children due to her size and the fact that she is still a little nervous around sudden, quick movements and loud noises. it takes her a little while to warm up but doesa&she is a little love bug. she does well with other dogs. with her canine companions or her human but will also little nap. 3 head to our website for more info on her! 3 and another four legged friend to talk about -her name is bella- and she is making her debut at this year 2016 puppy bowl. her adorable- audition tape was sent to animal planet. the terrier mix- was only a few weeks old- when she was brought to the buncombe county animal shelter.i guess you can say- she has had a puppy bowl happy ending after her adopted owners helped her get her big break - and she's not the only one! meet keegan-potato cake- and jasmine. you can check out the puppies on animal planet on sunday. 3 panther fans across the country are making their presence known ahead of sunday's big game. game.tonight - we'll introduce to members of the upstate
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the carolinas biggest fan groups - hear about their traditions - plus how you can get involved! involved!plus--the rutherford county sheriff's office is making a statement with these new emeblems to their patrol cars....why the sheriff calls
10:44 pm
new tonight 3 after icy conditions postponed the grand opening - today marked the debut of greenville's new boardwalk - the first phase of the cancer survivors park set to open to the public.the one thousand foot boardwalk near church street is the first step in bringing the cancer survivors
10:45 pm
be the first of four a-d-a accessible pathways into the park -which will also include a botanical gagaen, an amphitheater, and a survivorship center.the entire 6.8 acre project is set to be complete by the end of the year. 3 narrowing the field to 24 on american idol! 3 it's judgment day- for 51- american idol contestants!all fighting to make it to the top 24. 24.check-out how one south carolina native blew away the judges- helping him to claim his spot. 3 3 3 'make it rain, just make it rain down' down'16-year old lee jean-can breath a sigh of relief --after making it to the next round. jean is a student from bluffton -south's his smoothness- and style that has won over the judges.. 3 i think they have some really good singers alot of young singers this year somebody will pop up and i'll look at them theyre 16 years old its
10:46 pm
3 and lee jean is one of those teens i was talking about this morning on the hawk and tom show!they said this year's group seems extra-talented... but they wondered if picking a younger artist... would be a good choice... or if it was better to go with someone who has a little more experience! this year's season will go by fast... we'll know the final american idol in early april! catch the hawk and tom show weekday mornings on b-93- point-7. 3 a western north carolina sheriff's department is turning heads... heads...and they're doing it with this emblem...."in god we trust"...marked on the back of each patrol car.coming up rutherford county residents are weighing in. 3 and you're looking live in san francisco -more live reports coming up as super bowl 50 inches closer! 3 3 america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief.
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3 we're back with a look at your forecast 3 colder air will blast in tonight bringing strong winds into the mountains, and a chance for snow and flurries for our area. the mountains will see scattered snow showers between 8 p.m. and 3 a.m., with only light accumulations expected. a couple flurries could make it
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light rain. no issues
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