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tv   Channel 13 News at Four  NBC  October 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm CDT

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one of the highlights of last night's democratic debate was watching candidates answer the question, "do black lives matter... or do all lives matter?" meet the drake student who asked it in front of millions of people. moments after allegedly killing his grandmother ... this is how noah laprei was acting. we'll show you the surveillance video of what he did moments before confessing to murder. one of the best ways to sum up a complex political event is with a single image. cartoonist brian duffy will be stopping by a bit later to share some of his favorite caucus-related art... and the humor that goes along with it. plus, we'll get you the details on his new book. news at four front door open good afternoon ... i'm sonya heitshusen. .and i'm dan winters ... thanks for joining us. a few clouds will build in tonight with lows in the mid to
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stay in the low 70s for thursday with plenty of sunshine before chillier air arrives for the weekend. in fact, saturday morning looks to be the coldest morning this season with temperatures in the 30s. highs will only reach the upper 50s friday afternoon. next chance of rain
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we begin today with a look at the winners and the losers in the
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there were high points... low points... and a few surprises... n-b-c's steve handelsman has more on today's reaction to last night's event. hillary clinton's supporters are overjoyed at her performance.... sot: hillary clinton presidential candidate :04-:08"i love you guys, thank you very very much." big clinton donors are relieved. sot: howard dean, msnbc contributor, fmr. democratic national committee chair :13-:19 "oh my god ya know they ring their hands over the emails" "her performance last night i think cemented her position as the odds on favorite to win the nomination and the presidency" clinton dominating the debate against the 4 men running against her. sot: hillary clinton presidential candidate :23-:27i think being the first women president would be quite a change clinton's clashes with chief rival bernie sanders were polite but pointed is he tough enough on guns? sot: hillary clinton presidential candidate :33-:39"no, not at all. we lose 90 people a day from gun violence" she frustrated her rivals even donald trump was impressed sot: donald trump presidential candidate :44-:48"i
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think she did her job. i think she got through the debate. i personally thought she won the debate" :16 bernie sanders was mobbed afterwards by tv cameras voice of steve handelsman :52-:55 "it's uncomfortable, but this kind of attention is a positive sign, right? sot: bernie sanders presidential candidate :56- 1:00"well i think there is some interest and maybe some people think we did okay tonight" :32 he did his job: calling for socialism, free health care, free college sot: bernie sanders presidential candidate 1:05-1:09"i believe in a society where all people do well not just a handful of billionaires" and a special debate moment...sanders threw clinton a lifeline sot: bernie sanders presidential candidate 1:14- 1:18"the american people don't care about your damn emails" watching, back in washington was joe biden...less likely said democrats who love the vice president... to up against hillary clinton the democrats debate again in a month .... the republicans again in 2 week a student from drake university got to personally ask the candidates a question.. sterling arthur wilkins is studying law at drake. this is what he wanted to know... "my question for the candidates is "do black lives matter of do
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all lives matter?" the question brought applause from the crowd in las vegas ... and differing stances from the candidates on the stage. we caught up with wilkins between classes at drake this afternoon...he says he was actually surprised to see his question made it in. "i actually did not know it was going to happen, and i actually did not see myself ask the question. i had the debate - i was streaming it on my computer while i was studying, but i had it on mute, and all the sudden, my cell phone started blowing up with text messages and calls from people, letting me know they just saw me on tv. so that was a nice surprise." :01-:24 wilkins says he chose to ask the question the way he did because he wanted to see which candidates supported his stance, which is that institutionalized racism in america has devalued black lives... he says he doesn't believe candidates had to choose between black lives matter and all lives matter...
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matter, the candidates on the stage had to discuss the importance of the black lives matter movement... wilkins says he was satisfied with most of the answers to his question...and he feels hillary clinton had the best answer. "but she did not utter the phrase, "black lives matter," when answering the question. but she did mention that there is a need for a new new deal for communities of color, which i think is important because that sort of espouses the principle that i was trying to elicit in the responses from the candidates. which is that government needs to play a role in rectifying the severe racial disparities that exist between blacks and whites - and other minorities in this country." :01-:26 wilkins also had praise for bernie sanders' response to his question, wilkins also had praise for bernie sanders' response to his question, noting the senator did use the phrase "black lives matter." republican presidential candidate mike huckabee is being criticized today for a comment he made on social media during last night's debate. huckabee was "live tweeting" when he posted this message ... "i trust bernie sanders with my
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tax dollars like i trust a north korean chef with my labrador." his "followers" immediately accused him of racism. he later defended the statement saying the message was meant to "deplore a brutal dictatorship"... though his original tweet didn't mention any dictators. funeral services are now set for a des moines woman allegedly killed by her grandson last weekend. we're also learning more about his condition at the time of his arrest. visitation for rachel pray will be held this thursday at st. joseph's catholic church. r funeral will be held there friday morning. police say her grandson ... 17-year old noah laprei ... killed her on saturday evening in her home. police were called to the home after a family member found pray bleeding on the floor. a short time later police were called to a nearby git-n-go ... a manic noah laprei ... carrying a bible ... ransacked the store. he tackled a shelving unit to the ground then ran outside. when police arrived, he reportedly approached them and
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assaulting his grandmother. laprei is charged as an adult with first degree murder. coming up tonight at five ... hear why his family says they don't think he should be facing that charge. testimony resumed today in the trial of the man accused of going on a random shooting spree in pleasant hill. 33 year old pete polson is charged with three counts of attempted murder among other charges. stephanie moore is covering the trial and has the latest from today's testimony.... the prosecution called more witnesses to the stand today including the third victim of the shooting spree, matt stephenson who was getting into his truck after dropping off a book bag to his son.... sot-matt stephenson- 36:42-"i grabbed the door handle, as i was grabbing the handle back to get into the truck there was two shots and it hit right where my hand was, chest high, the door was open i was coming backwards at the same time, and i instantly knew it was a gunshot." 37:08 vo- stephenson said he took cover behind his truck as polson continued to shoot at him. luckily he wasn't hit. he told the jury he was in fear of his life and positively i-d the man who shot at him as polson in the courtroom today. the state also called several first responding officers to the scene including the state trooper who
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arrested polson. the jury saw dash cam video of polson's arrest, which the trooper testified was uneventful. polson is using an intoxication defense, however the trooper testified he didn't believe polson was under the influence or drugs or alcohol at the time of the crime. we'll have more from the trial coming up tonight at five ... including a closer look at the dashcam video of polson's arrest. four former eastern iowa prison workers are facing charges for allegedly smuggling phones into anamosa state penitentiary ... amongst other crimes. two of the former prison workers
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facing federal charges. barton plead guilty to smuggling cell phones into the prison for prisoner use in federal court yesterday. darrow is awaiting trial for being a drug user in possession of firearms. two other former prison workers ... marques maryland and seth vogel ... are each facing state charges of possessing controlled substances. police say all four men were abusing drugs while working at the facility where they were regularly armed with assault rifles. a fifth eastern iowa man is also charged for supplying drugs to the four former prison workers. three fire departments combined forces this morning to save a home from a fire in story county. it happened on a farm near maxwell. when cambridge, collins and nevada fire departments arrived they found a horse barn on fire. they were able to get the horses out of the barn ... however the building itself and the equipment inside are a total losses. they also managed to keep the flames from reaching a nearby home. des moines is celebrating a thirty-year relationship with its
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the city of shijiazhuang shuh-jha-chong brought a delegation to des moines this week to commemorate the anniversary. a ceremony this afternoon included the signing of a renewal agreement between the cities. city leaders say there is a real business benefit to the sister city relationship. "one of the things we've learned from shijiazhuang is they have a lot of interest in mutually-beneficial exchanges with greater des moines, in fields such as economic trade, cultural exchange, educational exchange, and environmental sustainability. shijiazhuang and greater des moines are very interested in creating those exchanges for the future, for many more years to come." :01-:22 tonight the chinese delegates will meet more officials from the greater des moines area at a state dinner hosted at the des moines embassy club. the coverage of this year's iowa caucuses is sadly missing an important voice from the past ... for 30 years brian duffy's made us laugh and think with his
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now you can look back on duffy's decades of caucus cartooning in a new book. coming up ... we'll be joined by duffy himself to take a look back at his career in caricatures. and coming up next ... find out why bird lovers were "whooping" with joy this week in eastern iowa. the election cycle is bringing all kinds of big name guests to
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but it wasn't a candidate visit that had dubuque buzzing over the weekend. a rare whooping crane--an endangered bird--was first spotted in dubuque friday, and captured tuesday. the international crane foundation says there are only about 400 of these birds in the world. brad hanson has the story this is viewer video of a rare juvenile whooping crane, hanging out near the northwest arterial in dubuque. it's something not many will see in their lifetime. s/ brian preston, dubuque county conservation director:11 - :17 "it's extremely rare bird, it's the first one i've ever seen in the wild, which was really neat experience to be able to see it." the bird set up residence here, wandering away from baraboo wisconsin, where it had been released in the wild. where it set up worried preston and many other area bird lovers. "it was in a really precarious place,
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there was a lot of traffic, it was walking out in traffic. it really was not afraid of humans, and we were really concerned about the welfare of that bird." craig kruse, president of the dubuque audubon society, says he was very involved during the bird's brief stay. s/ craig kruse, dubuque audubon society president:47 - :57 "we kept a really close on it all week and we were out here about every 2 or 3 hours making sure nobody was harassing it and it was basically left alone." s/u brad hanson, reporting:58 - 1:08 "the professionals weren't the only ones getting in on the act. the team here at buffalo wild wings adopted the bird, and even named him kevin, after the movie up." s/ chad miller, general manager, buffalo wild wings1:09 - 1:12 "you know, everyday we were talking about kevin, where he was, who saw him. people were asking about him." and this staff says they'll definitely miss kevin. "bye kevin!" kevin was picked up tuesday by the international crane foundation and dropped off in wisconsin the hope is he'll integrate with a flock of sandhill cranes and
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a few clouds will build in tonight with lows in the mid to upper 40s. highs will stay in the low 70s for thursday with plenty of sunshine before chillier air arrives for the weekend. in fact, saturday morning looks to be the coldest morning this season with temperatures in the 30s. highs will only reach the upper 50s friday afternoon. next chance of rain returns by tuesday. ad lib main weather a few clouds will build in tonight with lows in the mid to
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who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced.
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right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. stay in the low 70s for thursday with plenty of sunshine before chillier air arrives for the weekend. in fact, saturday morning looks to be the coldest morning this season with temperatures in the 30s. highs will only reach the upper 50s friday afternoon. next chance of rain returns by tuesday. next, one of iowa's most well-known artists stops by...
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take on a serious political tradition. see what brian duffy's new book of caucus-themed cartoons is all
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hillary clinton's campaign bus stopping to fill up with millions of dollars in donations... these
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are the images floating around in brian duffy's head... and thankfully for us, he's a talented artist who can put them on paper. brian, thank you for being with us. has there ever been more material for a cartoonist than right now? you have a new book based on caucus cartoons... and i want to get to that in a minute, but first, walk us through your process... from the moment something funny or ironic strikes you... how long does it take to put it on paper? it was a crowd full of ferris bueller's yesterday in chicago
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paper? it was a crowd full of ferris
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back on the cubs' historic win through the eyes of some fans taking a "day off" world food prize week continues with a visit from a woman who could soon be the daughter of two presidents. hear why chelsea clinton says women are the key to feeding the world. and what kind of woman would sue her eight year old nephew? there's more to the story than just the headline ... hear who she says she was really challenging in court. news at four front door 1-13 "he got him ... national league championship series" the chicago cubs moved one step closer last night... to erasing
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historical drought... by knocking off their arch-rivals the st. louis cardinals. yesterday was the first time the cubs had ever sealed a postseason series in wrigley field. a packed house of cubs fans witnessed it ... including many who weren't supposed to be there. amy rutledge from our sister station w-g-n in chicago has their stories. it has been a season generations of cub fans have been yearning for - for decades.. 20.04 - ive been waiting my whole life for this, my whole life my dad started bringing me here when i was 5 my nine year olds into it.. if i get a ticket im going to go pull him out of school and surprise him... he certainly wont be the only one suffering from the blue flu on the day the cubs could clinch the n-l-d-s.. 33.01 - are you playing hookey today? maybe? 48.24 - i got picked up early.. 44.23 - are you playing hookey today from school? yea!! give me a high five.. hookey all the way from california.. 46.26 - they do so much work that if you miss one day youre behind but this may never happen again and ive
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been waiting for this since 19-96 so its a big deal. 51.18 - i won a bet with my mom.. 51.21 - it was 20$ if they dont make it to the playoffs and if they make it to the playoffs i got a ticket.. 49.38 - i love them so so much.. they are like the best team in the world.. 29.34 - whos your favorite cub? anthony rizzo.. 34.00 - anthony rizzo 35.12 - bryant 40.09 - anthony rizzo.. 42.29 - kris bryant 42.37 - he plays 3rd base and i like 3rd base .. and hes really cute.. 44.56 - i used to like anothy rizzo a lot but i watched the game last night and i really like schwarber really good hitter.. 47.53 - rizzo 47.56 - why do you like rizzo so much? i just like his name.. 53.32 - jake arietta and even though they arent in class.. math, history, stats.. all very prominent.. 35.36 - rizzo has over 30 homeruns this year bryant broke a record that beat billie williams for homeruns as a rookie.. you study see youre in school today theres numbers youre studying theres history.. and a little entertainment for kids of all ages.. 37.12 - who are you? i am madden fett.. is that the grandpa to genga fett? 37.23 - 60 is the new 40.. im his grandpa young at heart.. 54.02 - what are you looking forward to seeing today? am a
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player score a home run.. 54.25 - does it make it hard to eat popcorn with no teeth? no.. peanuts can you eat peanuts? yea.. 54.32 - dont lose anymore while youre in there you wont be able to eat at all.. youre crazy.. really arent we all crazy excited about this years team? 31.12 - youre going to bring a three year old? were going to try with blankets and whatever else.. a backpack full of toys.. hes never been so weve got to try for this weve gotta try. 47.03 - youre kids dont even understand how lucky they are.. and when you were talking to my son and he was talking about ernie banks i started getting a little teary.. which is crazy because its baseball. yea.. but its october baseball at wrigley.. 40.54 - go cubs.. woah! 52.17 - go cubbies!! 54.43 - go cubs! standup close - 55.55 - generations of parents who didnt get a chance to go to a play off game wouldnt miss the
4:29 pm
chance to take their own kids and they say if the cubs move on.. they would pull them out of school for yet another game.. the cubs will find out who they'll play in the n-l-c-s tomorrow after the mets and dodgers settle their series with a decisive game five
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aha! oof! weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares.
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the norman borlaug dialogue began at the world food prize headquarters in downtown des moines began today. it kicked off a week of
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discussion on how we'll feed an ever growing world population. the world food crisis is a serious topic. but today world food prize director kenneth quinn starting things off on a lighter note ... focusing on drink, not food. 3359-3417 "last year in honor of norm we created borlauger beer ... i assure you its worth it ... i'll have a "norm." after his introduction to the "borlaug dialogue" ... it was on to the start of the dialogue. the first speaker was someone who's mother has been making a few appearances around the state recently. chelsea clinton ... daughter of hillary and president bill clinton ... spoke on behalf of the "clinton foundation" that was founded by her parents. she says the foundation is trying to do in african fields what her mother is trying to do on the campaign trail. 5602-5633 "as we say in my
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family investing and empowering in girls and women isnt' just the right thing to do its the smart thing to do ... if small stake holder female farmers in subsaharan africa had access ... it could feed itself. the borlaug dialogue will conclude tomorrow evening with the official recognition of this year's world food prize winner. sir fazle hasan abed of bangladesh is e creator of e group known as "b- rac". its an anti-poverty orgranization that is credited as being the largest non- governmental organization in the world. university of iowa president-select bruce harreld is reaching out to faculty, students and alumni this week ... hoping to warm the hearts of those who have given him a cool
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harreld was a surprise selection by the board of regents last month. he's been met with a lawsuit and numerous votes of no-confidence and a censure of his resume. this week he had an open letter to the university of iowa community published in the online newsletter "iowa now." in it harreld tries to clear the air about his goals at the school ... and he says don't believe everything you read about him. he writes --quote-- "ive heard plenty of misconceptions about my vision and values, so let me suggest this: if you hear something that worries you, simply ask me directly. ill give you an honest answer." "we owe it to our university and ourselves to work together on todays problems and build an institution thats even more responsive, releva, and spect." harreld also says he will not seek to sell the multi-million dollar jackson pollock painting "mural" that the school owns. a few clouds will build in tonight with lows in the mid to
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upper 40s. highs will stay in the low 70s for thursday with plenty of sunshine before chillier air arrives for the weekend. in fact, saturday morning looks to be the coldest morning this season with temperatures in the 30s. highs will only reach the upper 50s friday afternoon. next chance of rain returns by tuesday.
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a few clouds will build in tonight with lows in the mid to upper 40s. highs will stay in the low 70s for thursday with plenty of sunshine before chillier air arrives for the weekend. in fact, saturday morning looks to be the coldest morning this season with temperatures in the 30s. highs will only reach the upper 50s friday afternoon. next chance of rain returns by tuesday. coming up next ... find out why this woman tried suing her
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coming up next ... find out why this woman tried suing her
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nephew ... and why she says it
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don't exyesterday her four year legal battle against her pre-teen nephew came to an end. the case started with a hug ... and ended with jennifer connell being labeled one of the most hated women in the world. jamie ratliff explains why she
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isn't the bad guy. "the general feeling off the bat was it was a joke." but 54-year-old jennifer connell did go to bridgeport court - hoping a jury would agree with her decision to sue her 12-year-old nephew.the jury unanimously rejected that suit, and as connell left court - you could see her bandaged wrist - the center of this entire ordeal. according to the lawsuit - back in 2011 - the new york city aunt attended her nephew's then 8th birthday party at his home in westport. when connell arrived - the boy excitedly jumped into her arms - knocking his aunt to the ground and breaking her wrist. connell testified she loves her nephew but thinks he should be accountable - and sued him for 127- thousand dollars. the lawsuit states she "incurred expenses for hospitalization, medical care and attention" adding connell "suffered and will continue to suffer pain and mental anguish" the connecticut post reports the aunt told a judge "i was at a party recently, and it was difficult
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"i think it's really unfortunate ... that a family member would put a little kid through something like that." but connell's attorney said she had no choice... saying in part "our client was never looking for money from her nephew or his family. it was about the insurance industry and being forced to sue to get medical bills paid." it's a court case that's made headlines around the globe - leaving many outraged and puzzled. neighbors say the boy and his family are nice people and were shocked to hear about the suit. "i think people who do that to their family members or any child they can't really have a good heart " connell's attorneys say she has had two surgeries on the rest and could soon have a third. her sister's homeowner's insurance carrier reportedly
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we'll be back in three minutes with results from today's poll
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thanks for joining us on the channel 13 news at four ... the news at five starts right now. 155122 - extremely out of character. i dont think in a million years i would have ever expect that unexplained actions... noah laprei's family says the teen wasn't himself saturday night. the surveillance video of laprei right after he allegedly beat his grandmother...and why the family is asking for a lesser charge. show me your hands, show me your hands.
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shooting spree... the jury is being taken back to that november day when a shooter opened fire at random in pleasant hill. hear about pete polson's arrest...and how one intended victim escaped injury. and let it snow! while most of us aren't ready for this just yet...the des moines public works department says it is! the changes being made to deal with old man winter. newly released gas station surveillance video shows the crazed moments after police say a des mones teen murdered his grandmother. good evening... i'm erin kiernan... and i'm sonya heitshusen... thank you for joining us... police say 17-year-old noah laprei brutally killed his grandmother inside her home late saturday night... right after, po caught up with him at a git-n-go... but before laprei confessed to the killing... surveillance video inside the gas station shows the teen's erratic state of mind. our jodi whitworth is following
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the story.
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