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tv   Channel 13 News at 10  NBC  October 14, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CDT

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where is rand paul in the polls...this is not live.. we can edit this right sorry senator... that was live... hear the comments the republican presidential candidate made and how he feels about live streaming his campaign... from layoffs to lawsuits.. the iowa supreme court is deciding if warren county illegally fired a dozen employees... good evening. i'm erin kiernan. and i'm dan winters... tonight justices heard arguments about whether warren county supervisors broke the law when they fired a dozen people last year. one supervisor says the county has slashed so many jobs recently that taxpayers aren't getting the services they are paying for. aaron brilbeck has the story..... for two weeks, the warren county zoning and planning office sat's sole employee was
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colleagues were "reorganized" "reorganization is what they call it. i call it firing. they got rid of 12 employees so that they could save money, is what i've been told."the iowa call it firing. they got rid of 12 employees so that they could save money, is what i've been told."the iowa supreme court is hearing arguments whether warren county supervisors broke the law when they fired the staff in march of last year without first talking with department heads or holding a public meeting. supervisor mcintyre...who wasn't on the board at that time...suspects there's more to it. "i think there could be some age discrimination. i think there could be some personal conflicts. i've been told that there was someone that was stealing from the county, and they thought fire them all in one big sweep, or reorganizing those positions could have alleviated some of that. hindsight they would have done things differently now."either way...the board won't hire replacement
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staff until the court has made it's decision. "and supervisor mcintyre says it's not just the zoning department that's understaffed."she says the board of supervisors has gutted several departments...leaving remaining employees burned out "none of our mowing got done this year. we're about two years behind in our mowing. and we have a brand new mower, and no one to operate it. we have a new ditcher. no one to operate it. there's just a lot of things that have to be on the back burner." "we pulled someone from environmental health to be our maintenance person and he's doing the very best he can but he isn't trained for that."mcintyre says the budget isn't the issue...she says the county has plenty of money. instead she blames a lack of leadership. and she says the residents of warren county are paying the price for it. "you can't run a government agency like a business. it's not for profit. people pay taxes and they want services. that's the bottom line." the warren county board of
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the warren county board of supervisors are accused of planning the reorganization behind closed doors, then county records show, they approved the reorganization at an april 2014 special meeting...almost a month after the employees had been fired. the warren county administrator did not respond to our requests for a comment. no backlog at the des moines plan and zoning commission... tomorrow the city will permanently close southeast 34th street at the railroad crossing near laurel hill road. its part of a deal with union pacific railroad because of increased train traffic through des moines. another proposed project isn't going as smoothly... tomorrow the group iowa citizens for community improvement will deliver a petition to the iowa utilities board. a thousand people signed it in opposition to the proposed bakken oil pipeline across the state. next month the utilities board will decide if the developer has the right to use eminent domain to build the pipeline. prosecutors are punching holes in the intoxication defense of a
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pleasant hill man... 33-year old pete polson is accused of randomly shooting at people last year... two people were hit... and a third just narrowly becoming a victim... "i instantly knew it was a gunshot, i turned, i hit the ground, i knew i needed to get in front of the truck, because he had a clear shot." police located polson a short time later... inside his car investigators say they found a handgun... shell casings... and gunshot residue on polson's clothing. the defense claims polson was too intoxicated to know what he was doing. two arresting officers have their doubts... sot-trooper andy klein----iowa state patrol sot-trooper andy klein----iowa state patrol 34:39-how would you describe him? the best i can describe was indifferent, just normal was just another day. was there anything about his demeanor that indicated to you he was under the influence of any substance? no." was there any indication based upon your training that he was under the influence of any substance? no." was there any indication based upon your training that he was under the influence of any type of controlled substance? no. was
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there anything that led you to believe you needed to make further investigation on whether or not he was intoxicated? no." while he didn't seem intoxicated at the scene.. police did testify they found dirty spoons consistent with meth use at polson's home. the trial resumes tomorrow morning. a des moines family also thinks criminal charges should be reduced because of drug use... 391817- we would like to see nothing more than involuntary manslaughter because it wasnt him - joe pray 17-year old noah laprei is charged as an adult with first degree murder. he's accused of beating his 79-year old grandmother to death on saturday.. laprei was arrested that same night at a nearby gas station. security video shows him carrying a bible... knocking over shelves.. and punching a customer. family members say the video doesn't show the noah laprei they know... 185516 - all of us knowing noah and knowing the type of person he is, i know that wasnt him. it might have
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minute that he was mentally there 1627147 - whatever he was on. he was extremely out of his mind, especially seeing the footage its just scary laprei will be back in court next week for a preliminary hearing. city elections are just a few weeks away... and a newton man is using it as his latest challenge. 00:51:31--38 from day one when i found out that i was paralyzed, my family informed me that just because i sat didnt mean that i couldnt do anything that i still could do beforehand.' 00:52:50--54 'just because im in a chair and i sit doesnt meant that i cant do anything that i put my mind to." and 40-year old garfield berndt the third is putting his mind to becoming mayor. he was paralyzed in a car crash when he was 17. as you can see it hasn't held him back... its even part of his campaign slogan... "rollin in a new era". 01:05:20--29 'you know my dad worked and was one of the last people in security at maytag. he helped close the doors at 11:59, on december
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00:48:47--00:49:01 'theres no jobs. you know, they have created some, tpi is here, trinitys here, but you know, we lost newton manufacturing. you know why did we lose newton manufacturing. thats sad to me. you know we need more work, we need more jobs.' berndt will face incumbent mayor michael hansen in a debate next thursday night at newton city hall. rand paul is struggling to gain traction in iowa... right now he's only seeing about 4-percent support... he's also made several attempts to get voters' attention... we've seen the kentucky senator take a chainsaw to the u-s tax code... he's also broken out a wood chipper to destroy the documents... and of course... there's also the bar-b-que method... yesterday paul opted for another tactic to reach voters.... an all-day live stream of him on the campaign trail. at one point he answered questions found on google. the third question... get over it
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paul looked a little more comfortable today during an event at morningside college in sioux city.. i believe ina strong national defense, but i don't think that we always have to be at war or that every war makes us more safe. that sometimes our interventions, such as hillary's war in libya, i think made us less safe reaction to last night's debate is likely taking the sting out of paul's criticism... most analysts.. and even a republican presidential candidate are calling hillary clinton the winner... 43-55 i think she did her job. i think she got through the debate. i personally thought she won the debate. i thought bernie was off. he was not doing so well. i thought that the other people shouldn't even be up there, to be honest with you. that sentiment was shared by several pundits. analysts speculate the debate could end the campaigns of jim webb and lincoln
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chafee... they also say martin o'malley is on the bubble. "i think o'malley helped himself. i don't know that he helped himself enough, but i think his constant drumbeat of 'ohj, you like that policy? well i did it in maryland'... i think that actually worked very well." the next democratic debate is november 14th at drake university. republicans will take part in two debates between now and then.. one on october 28th.. and a second on november tenth. there are few hotels in america with such a grand history as the hotel fort des moines. channel 13's justin surrency reports how the shine has worn off... and is about to return. there is no shortage of history at hotel fort des moines... "obviously very captivating when you walk into the lobby and all the woodworking on the 2nd floor, it just has a lot of charm to it"from the woodworking on the 2nd floor, it just has a lot of charm to
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it"from the likes of presidents such as calvin coolidge and richard charles lindbergh and boxer joe louis this downtown des moines hotel has stood the test of time since 1919... "it has a lot of character, it has a lot of history that backs it up"and recently past presidents and presidential hopefuls have both turned the hotel into their campaign headquarters... "i remember the last caucus hilary clinton was there in fact i had the opportunity to go over there and see hilary and bill as they headed out to shake hands with people in the community"but after nearly 100 years and new ownership from hawkeye hotels in january...a 40 million dollar renovation plan sought to close the historic landmark this fall until 20-17... leading many to think it was an end to any potential memories made during the upcoming iowa caucuses in february until this week... "the hotel will stay open until march and has plans to even stay open longer than that but right now it will be open until march and there are businesses utilizing rooms at
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while signs from ownership at hawkeye hotels and current guests are upfront with the need to restore the iconic buildings luster... "you know the decor is a little aged and i'm anxious to see what it looks like after the renovation"the swift change in plans means the legacy of another future president staying at the hotel... "maybe trump could invest in this property hahahaha!"is still just one phone call away... "hotel fort des moines how may i help you" owners will tour the hotel tomorrow to look at immediate needs and to discuss hiring more staff. -wx tease- the chicago cubs are on to the next round.. and today two -wx tease- the chicago cubs are on to the
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joined them... plus the homerun ball that will forever have a place at wrigley field. "brand new mattresses we've purchased for everyone..." brand new mattresses... furniture... and clothing.... after the break... how soon all of the items will be needed... and how it will help families start over here in iowa. nats bombs russia has carried
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bombing missions in syria... and at times come dangerously close to u-s aircraft... russia and the u-s took part in a third meeting today... trying to reach an agreement to avoid a mid-air collision... the real tragedy is happening on the ground... thousand of syrians are fleeing the country... and some could end up in iowa... dave franzman has more... "how they are treated in hungry, macedonia, and serbia..." when wartburg college junior kristina aleksander walks through this small park near the cedar river in waverly she can't help but notice it's about the same size as a park in her home country of serbia. but this summer, belgrade park, in her hometown, was a sea of refugees fleeing terror in syria. aleksander volunteered with a refugee group located nearby when she went home this summer and saw the misery and hope first hand. " i think talking to people was the most important part. they had been
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countries and i think talking to them, getting them to tell their story and share their experience helps " aleksander says when she was home an estimated three thousand syrian refugees a day were crossing the serbian border. those she talked to were hoping to reach friends and family in other european countries. they weren't holding out hope making it to the u.s. "open up the internet, right there..." but some may eventually come to iowa and they'll need assistance becoming new iowans. in this class, instructors for lutheran services of iowa teach refugees english and how to apply for a job among other skills. as iowans learn more about the plight of syrian refugees, they're coming to groups like l-s-i and asking how can we help "we've gotten calls an e-mails from churches and individuals around the state asking how can we support a family. " "brand new mattresses we've purchased for everyone..." at
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warehouse in des moines, donors have given enough furnishings to set up 50 to 60 households for new arrivals. doing more would require more funding. "each refugee gets the same amount for their resettlement grant so it would be the same for the clients we currently have we get that money from federal grants as well. " the director of iowa's refugee services office says the u.s. government currently allocates 18-hundred dollars per refugee to groups to pay for the initial costs of resettlement. " what's the cost beyond just getting them off the plane and getting them in an apartment what's the long term cost of supporting and there's no real solid, concrete information about what it takes. " but wilken says more refugees will mean an increase in budgets and he hopes iowans are willing to step up and help the newcomers too. refugee workers believe fewer than one-hundred syrian refugees would be relocated to iowa. they think it will happen sometime next year.
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a des moines couple is honoring their son's memory with toys... jennifer and mike guthrie dropped off nearly 15-hundred toys at blank children's hospital. they were collected during a toy drive last month and will be given to kids dealing with extended hospitalizations. the guthrie's say its to return the favor after the way their son was cared for while undergoing treatments for leukemia. the royals seemed down and out the royals seemed down and out
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the texas governor even congratulated the astros. we should know, never count out
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k-c. decisive game 5 from kauffman stadium. royals put it away in the 8th, kendrees morales with a three run blast. cue the celebration. the royals return to the american league championship series, knocking out the astros 7-2. next up: toronto. 5th inning, tied. alex rios sends one down the line. alex gordon scores. royals astros game 5, rangers and blue jays. tied at 3 when jose bautista jacks one game 5, rangers and blue jays. tied at 3 when jose bautista jacks one deeeeeeeep. three run shot. blue jays advance to the alcs, 6-3. when the cubs promoted kyle schwarber from des moines to chicago, it didn't take long to see schwarber wouldn't be back. last night, schwarber hit a moon shot home run so high and deep, some fans joked it never came
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right. more on that in a moment. first, schwarber on his called shot. the towering schwarber home run didn't land on sheffield avenue, it landed atop wrigley's right field scoreboard. the cubs found it, verified it, and then returned it. the cubs encased the baseball, and said they'll leave it there until after the playoffs. john sears couldn't do his weekly cyclone insider segment. john has daddy duty with new son, sam. but the show must go on... because the cyclones will take the field saturday. glad to step in and help is cyclone fanatic's chris williams. 01-05 williams, 07-14 respectable, compete 26-31, tcu wins 1:03-1:08 chris, thank you. the #3 horned
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before we go tonight... what hormel is calling a "game changing innovation." spam bites... that's right little bits of spam that you can eat on the go. they come in regular flavor... bacon and teriyaki. right now the product is being tested on the west coast... but dan has his fingers crossed that it will eventually come to iowa. who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced.
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