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tv   Channel 13 News at 6  NBC  October 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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prosecution in the pete polson trial rested its case. good evening, i'm erin kiernan and i'm dan winters. after a calling up a few witnesses the defense called polson to give his side of the story. he is facing three counts of attempted murder after going on a shting spree last november. channel 13's stephanie moore has en following this trail. she joins us now live with the latest. the defense called two witnesses to the stand including a friend and ex- girlfriend of polson... both testified polson was on drugs in the weeks and days leading up to the crime...when polson took the stand in his own defense he didn't deny his drug use... sot-pete polson-defendant 1146-"i'm an addict, i use what i can get my hands on mostly, i've done some herion coke.-55 polson is using an intoxication defense and his attorney says the jury needs to decide if his client was suffering from a drug intoxication at the time of the shooting...
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addict and was on meth in the hours before the shooting. however, he described the last hit of meth he took as beig different and not remembering anything about the shooting until it was all over... 1218-i don't remember anything from that point on until early morning until the cops were all around me, just know i would never intentially do any of this i'm sorry from the bottom of my heart i appologize, it isn't me i would never hurt anyone like that 1240 polson went on to tell the jury he wishes he would have turned the gun on himself that day instead of the three innocent victims... the state had a chance to cross examine polson...and he kept saying while he doesn't deny he pulled the trigger he can't remember anything from the shootinand was in a drug induced state at the time... the trial resumes tomorrow word if the defense
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plans to call any additional witnesses... police in knoxville released dash camera video of a hig speed chase through marion county. officers say the driver, travis sickler, took off when authorities tried to pull him over. at one point, sickler hit speeds of 100 miles per hour. police eventually cald off the chase off. they l him get away. ...until this afternoon when they founand arrested him. he faces multiple charges including domestic abuse. pella police arrested two men they say broke into a tire store. officer say yesterday evening they were performing surveillance on a known burglar when they witnessed two men going in and out of midtown tire authorities say they took items from inside of the building and loaded them in tothe back of a pick up truck. when police confronted the suspects they ran and hid inside of the building. eventually police were able to arrest joel followill and jason beaman. they are both charged with 3-rd degree burglary and 2-nd degree the. police in western iowa are looking for a suspect that hit
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an officer wita truck. council bluffs authorities arrested adam thomas yesterday on suspicion of fraud. but while they continued thr investigating thomas got out of a squad car and into his truck that was parked near by. an officer tried to stop him from diving away but was hit. the officer was taken to the hospital with injuries to his stomach. officials also shot at the truck...which was later found abandoned. investigators now say he could now be in a chevy malibu that he stole from his mother. thomas faces charges of attempted murr, theft, and escape from custody. if you have any information you are asked to contact authorities. authorities in pottawattamie county need the public's help finding a robbery suspect. deputies are looking for this man after he held up the farmers-merchants state bank in neola yesterday afternoon. the suspect was able to get away with an unknown amount of money in and red s-u-v. if you have an information you are asked to call the sheriff's office at
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a portion of southeast 34 - th street closed for good today. it comes after a deal made two years ago between the city of des moines and union pacific... channel 13's jodi whitworth is following this story city council vote n favor of this plan back in 20 - 13 and some residents are not a fan of having to take a permanent detour the portion of south east 34 - th street from laurel hill road and scott avenue are closed... and drivers will be re - directed from south east 34 - th over to south east 36 - th streeet union pacific say the road closure will increase rail operating efficiency. the city says trains often sit and block the iersection... it says the closure will improve saty and prevent traffic delays. councilman bob mahaffey says it will also create more jobs 093408 - adm and the railroad over on hull is going to increase investment by about 5 million d add about 30 jobs in that area the city closed down scott
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up next, hull avenue. the city says it's scheduled to close next spring. protestors stood outside the iowa utilities board headquarters this morning voicing their opinions about a proposed pipeline. arlene bates own farmland in sothern story county. 32:50 because i do not want them on our land. they have been courteous with the two calls that i have had but i have not met at our kitchen table with anybody and i told them no because it was a waste of ther time and it was a waste of my time. 33:08 bates says the bakken pipeline would go right through her farmland. she was one of the thousa people who signed a petition by citizens of community improvement in opposition to the pipeline. they believe that a private company should not be allowed to use eminent domain to build the pipeline. however...supporte rs say people just don't understand
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26:18 every body has their opinion. i mean they road in on two diesel buses so kinda hypocrite if you ask me 26:26 if approved the pipeline would stretch through 18 counties carrying oil from north dakota to illinois. the board is expected to make a decision next month. u-s secretary of agriculture tom vilsack announced today that the federal government is going to help save iowa's wetlands. the u-s department of agriculture plans to give the state three million dollars to help with preservation. officials hope the extra money will double the amount of wetlands across the state. over time that will help reduce soil eroson and water pollution. 4:09:41 water quality is not something that is something that is good one year and horrible the next. the reality is your dealing with a lot of complex facto. those ctors evolve over time...over a long period of time. 4:09:56 this project, is part of a 30 - million dollar effort to preserve wetlands in 6 states. this project, is part of a 30 -
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million dollar effort to preserve wetlands in 6 states. thanks ed.... we are only a few weeks away from the start of the college basketball season... later in sports how iowa head coach fran mccaffery feels about the ung talent on his team. but first...the white house announced troops will be staying in afghanian longer than expected. after the break...why the esident is going away from his original plan...and why one republican doesn't approve of the move. president obama announced today
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remain at their current levels through most of next year. the decision comes after months of discussion between the white house, afghan leaders, and the u-s military. this goes against the president's original plan to have less than 1- thousand troops there by the end of this year. as commander and chief i will not allow afghanistan to be used asa safe haven for trosits to aack our nation again. our forces threfore remain engagein two narrow but critical missions. training afghan forces and supporting counter terrorism
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qaeda. according to the new white house plan....98-hundred u-s troops will be in afghanistan until the end of 20-16 the number will then drop to 55- hundred by early 20-17. iowa army national guard officials say no iowa troops are currently deployed there. republican candidate carly fiorina went after president obama for his decision to keep troops in afghanistan. theormer hewlett packard c- e-o held a town hall style meeting in spencer this afternoon. fiorina mostly focused on her business experience and how it would help the u-s economy. afterward she told reporters that the president's strategy s doomed to fail from the start. 1:59 it was foolish and naive for us to assume that we could build a centralized government in afghanistan in a nation that does not govern itself in that way. instead through tribal councils. on the other hand we also need to have troops present in situations that are highly dangerous so that terrorists cannot create a safe
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haven again. 2:19 fiorina also said as president she wil listen to her military advisers before making decisions. some u-s veterans are concerned about proposed changes to how medicare handles prosthetic limbs. american prosthetics and orthotics in clive invited congressman david young to talk about the issue. the company says thpossible change in the lower limb policy will not be beneficial. u-s leaders decided to re-do policy after a study found medicare was spending more on prosthetic but getting less. experts say that's because the new technology cost more... young says he will do his part to prevent congress from enacting the changes. 11:07:19 you're dealing with d.c. and a bureaucracy my voice will be heard and carried along with those a who've commented across the country as well as some of my colleagues and we are going to do what we can to fix this. 11:07:33
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decision has been finalized. west des moines city library fountain big ten media days. iowa state beat kansas twice last year, but the cyclones couldn't it is time to deal withkyrocketing out-of-pocket costs.
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raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. i'm announcing a detailed plan to crack down on these abuses. commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water. her plan would limit the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. clinton: nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent. i'm hillary clinton,
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iowa state beat kansas twice last year, but the cyclones couldn't end the jayhawks crazy run as big 12 regular season champions. big 12 coaches expect kansas to extend the streak to 12. the rest of the poll is up for debate. oklahoma at two. iowa state receives a first place vote at number three. texas and baylor finish out the top 5. the cyclones come in at number seven in the national coaches poll. their highest pre-season ranking in school history marcus paige and north carolina share the top spot with kentucky. iowa receiving votes outside the top 25. fran mccaffery has a top loaded
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line-up. four starters returning from last years tournament team. now they need to find depth. iowa plays its first exhibition game two weeks from tonight. women's college basketball will look different. they'll play four quarters, instead of two halves. it'll also sound different. teams can now play music during dead balls. the bulldogs return four
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leading scorer, lizzy wendell. while the mets and dodgers play for the final championship series spot... the cubs get ready for game one. jon lester, not jake arrieta will be the game one starter. cubs will also play without rookie short stop addison russell. russell injured his hamstring in game three of the n-l-d-s. joe maddon says its time for javier baez. cubs will find out their n-l-c-s
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mets and dodgers game five starts at 7. the a-l-c-s is set, and it was celebrated with champagne in kansas city. the royals and toronto blue jays will start their series friday night. it's a rematch of the 1985 a-l-c-s. the iowa department of corrections is planning to move we need to disrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people to freely decide how they want to spend their money.
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so that this country takes off and soars where people can dream the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with a vengeance. sfx: applause jeb. proven conservative. real results.
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the state's sex offender treatment program to newton. tonight at ten...the reason for the move and what city leaders think of the decision. west des moines city library fountain west des moines city library
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