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tv   Today  NBC  October 16, 2015 2:07am-3:00am CDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> oh, to hear what goes on before -- >> the pregame. >> the pregame. >> it's thirsty thursday, everybody. it's thursday, october 15th. you know what today is? >> what is it? >> today is global hand washing day day. >> when you leave the restroom. >> yeah. >> we got it. >> this is "we're taking over" by dee miller. we had her on our show. she was singing downstairs. she was good. >> yeah. you with us? >> the camera's falling apart. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> sometimes we don't know how we get on the air. okay, so we've got the actress who's very hot right now, rumor willis.
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of bruce willis and demi moore. but she's making a huge name for herself as an actress and a dancer. she's going to tell us about her new role on broadway. >> you won't believe what's going on behind closed doors right this minute. ambush makeover. our two fans were plucked and they're getting a once over for hot new looks. >> we're honoring a wonderful woman who's battling breast cancer but always manages to see the light when she goes to a dark place. she's our "everyone has a story" winner. >> looking forward to meeting her. >> she wrote me such a beautiful letter. because i have to write the lyrics from the letter. so you need something that's lyrical, something that's poetic, you know? she wrote a beautiful letter. i'm looking forward to meeting with her. >> we were mesmerized in the makeup room because i don't know if you guys -- do you know how old dick van dyke is? >> i think he's in his 80s. >> he's turning 90. okay. what was amazing was watching
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look at. oh, hi, like nothing. look how it's nothing. >> well, how many pounds is it? >> that's a lot of pounds. >> i'm only kidding. you know what i love? >> what? >> remember when they said he comes so early to the gym, before it opens, so they gave him his own key. i mean, isn't that awesome? by the way, his attitude, just watching him. >> i love to watch him dance. he does look fabulous. >> working out. >> i'd like to see that, too. >> let's look at one of his suggestions or secrets to staying young. >> people tell me they can't dance and they can't sing. everybody can. >> in your mind, are you a very good dancer? >> no. they say sing like nobody can hear you. dance like nobody can see you. >> and that woman in the foreground, by the way -- >> is his wife, who's half his age. >> he's been asked is she his granddaughter, is she his daughter. he says, no, she's my wife. she says she doesn't know the age difference. >> how fun are they? >> he has a fantastic attitude. i had such a great opportunity
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to work with him once. regis and i did an episode of "diagnosis murder." >> you were on that? >> those are the times you pinch yourself. like, working with dick van dyke. >> can i tell you i had a little pinch me moment last night? >> i know you did. tell everybody. okay, and it's called the turn to foundation, where he helps young kids, teenager, get off the wrong track. >> jeter's leaders. >> jeter's leaders. first of all, i had never met him. he's a beautiful man on tv and in person -- >> drop dead? >> stop it. let's take a listen about what he had to say. >> what's your typical day? >> what do you tell him, derek? >> derek, can you get me a couple autographed balls? >> you two kept in touch? >> text. once my teenage daughter taught me how to text. now we're texting back and forth. >> what time's bedtime? >> 9:00. >> okay. that's why he has such a long
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career. >> he lives clean. >> here's the funny thing. they recognize, he and his sister, charlie, recognized these kids called jeter's leaders. they got up on the stage. in the audience was all these athletes, great athletes. walt clyde frazier, all kinds of amazing people. these kids get up and they get a standing "o." >> from those people. >> the kids on the stage are crying. it was like one of those moments you look and you think all the great work that derek jeter does. >> what happens to their self-worth? >> can we show a picture? we have a picture of all those young kids. >> and his girlfriend hanna davis? >> hanna davis was there, had a nice chat with her. >> all righty. "watch what happens live" was on last night. we had taylor kinney on our show. >> we love him. the guy from "chicago fire" who's engaged to lady gaga. he went on andy cohen's show. >> his second mistake of the day after being on with us. >> what was he thinking? >> yeah. >> anyway, donna karan and
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taylor kinney was his guests. he's engaged to gaga. >> he calls her stef because her real name is stephanie. >> they played a game and they were asking them as a couple, he and gaga, who would they rather go to poughkeepsie with. the game is called menage-gaga. for those of you who have never been to poughkeepsie. >> here we go. let's take a listen. >> emma stone or rachel mcadams? >> oh, wow. i don't know. i'd like stef pick. >> you'd let her pick? >> yeah. >> i think she would pick rachel mcadam. >> okay, hoda or kathie lee? >> oh, both of them, are you kidding me? you can't -- one without the other, no. that's a package deal. >> what about jennifer aniston or angelina jolie? >> oh, that's too weird. >> too weird. hoda. >> hoda, okay. >> that's not weird. okay. >> oh, that -- now we even love him all the more.
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oh, would you ever -- >> a threesome? how are you asking me that right now? >> i just thought it might make for better tv than we had yesterday with frank sinatra jr. i don't know. >> that interview goes down -- >> if you haven't seen it, go to -- just click on it. it's worth looking at. >> in the 50 years i've been in this business, i know it's hard to believe, he -- the worst interview ever was with a guy named craig t. nelson, who was a lovely guy, but he was promoting "poltergeist." he never said a word to me and regis. so regis and i just -- this was the worst. ever. ever. and you know it. the the good news is, hoda, it will never be that bad again for you. when you are still doing this 30 years from now, you will remember fondly. >> rumor is looking right over here. like, what if i'm the worst interview ever? >> rumer, run.
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>> okay, my daughter cass as you know is trying to make it in the film business and she's -- her latest movie is called "caged no more." it's going to be released january 15th. the film will hopefully raise awareness of human trafficking. and i'm in it just a little bit. just do a little cameo with my friend gretchen carlson over on fox news. if you don't know, human trafficking is the fastest growing time in the world. more than 500 anti-traffic organizations have teamed up to put this movie in theaters. churches nationwide are giving their support, too. we have an exclusive first look at the trailer for "caged no more." >> what kind of person would sell their own child? >> it's just hard i think for americans in general to believe this is going on in our country, in our states, in our neighborhoods, maybe even next
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>> today is the day. >> in greece, everything is done through relationships. >> how am i going to get to them if i don't know where they are? please deliver my children from evil. >> this is humanity at its worst. >> just run, allie, run! >> would you not move heaven and earth to get her? >> come on! >> millions are still waiting to be rescued. waiting for all of us to say no more. >> wow, that's quite the intense shoot. >> she lost a lot of weight to play -- mom, i was a 17-year-old girl and i'd been trafficked for two months in a brothel in greece, she said, i would -- she wanted her skin to look horrible. it was hard to -- she finished shooting right before thanksgiving last year. i fed that child, oh, my gosh, stumping pumpkins in her. but she really gets into the role.
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>> very powerful. >> when is that out? >> january 15th. >> january 15th. thanks. here is a cute book called "wet dogs." some soggy doggy videos. because why wouldn't we? come on. this photographer captured the pictures at bath time. sophie gannon took some of the pictures of the wet pooches. this is all to raise awareness for animal adoption. to capture these expressions. anyway, they turn -- >> oh, no. he doesn't want that there. >> he looks the same when he's dry. >> all right. >> you know, some dogs love it and some dogs can't stand it. but you didn't answer my question. would you ever? >> all right, so here's my i-hoda. all right? 6 and maybe this will answer the question. >> an oldie but a goody. >> wait a minute, i shouldn't have you ever. i should have you. >> hit it. >> timing, baby.
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let's go. she's a very kinky girl the kind you don't bring home to mother she will never let your spirits down once you get her off the street she likes the boys in the band she says that i'm her all-time favorite >> doesn't that make you feel good? >> no. >> how does it not make you feel good? >> how does it make you feel good? >> here comes your part. that girl is pretty wild now the girl's a super freak >> i'm sorry, just a reminder, you can listen to us on sirius xm channel 108. why you'd want to, we have no idea. >> nobody knows. >> you can find hoda there every monday and wednesday at 2:00. remember to join in our give it away, okay? go to klg and >> we give five lucky viewers win a prize.
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>> we're moments away from the big reveal. >> and life is a cabaret for rumer willis who's taking over "chicago" right here in new york city. we're going to talk to the actress about landing her dream role. dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual? he said sure. but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists. with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean. oral-b know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. americans. we try to live healthy. but many of us don't know there are nutrients that can help support our metabolism. take new one a day healthy metabolism support multivitamin with chromium to help use carbs from food and b-vitamins to helpconvert food to fuel. one a day.
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on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... she may have been born into a famous hollywood family but 27-year-old rumer willis is blazing a trail all her own. >> she sure is. the actress, singer made her film debut at
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the age of 5 starring alongside her mom demi moore in "now and then." >> cute kid. >> and winning last season's "dancing with the stars." now rumer has taken those talents to broadway. why not? natural next step. lighting up the stage for a seven-week engagement as roxie hart in "chicago." one of the great roles. i guess you wanted to do it all your life, huh? >> i did. it was one of those things. i remember coming to new york as a kid and seeing that show so many times and it's just such a fun show. it's so tongue and cheek and so kind of -- >> it's classic. >> yeah, it really is. >> did you want to play roxie or did you want to play the other? >> i kind of wanted to be velma. i think i'm much more velma at heart. i really like roxie actually. she's really fun. it's so quirky and kind of silly. it's been really fun to play around with every night. >> you sing, you dance, you act, you're like a triple threat. is there one lane you like the most? >> before i did "dancing with the stars," i probably -- i
2:22 am
wasn't as comfortable dancing by any means. i probably would have said singing or acting. since then, i love all of it. i'm really actually excited to keep dancing. i'm going to keep actually taking ballroom classes and keep going that way as well. >> so you didn't train as a dancer when you were a child? >> no, i took the requisite ballet classes that every little girl takes when you're 3. >> what do parents think of you in this particular role? >> they loved it. "chicago's" one of my dad's favorite shows too, so he was really excited. >> he'd be great as billy. he would be fun. he should come to broadway as well. >> yeah. >> is your dad -- hey, bruce, are you with us? >> hello. >> hello, bruce. >> rumer, how many jobs do you have? >> hey, bruce. >> hey. >> it's a lot like -- >> there you are. >> how are you? >> have you seen her in the show
2:23 am
yet, bruce? >> it's rumer week. >> have you seen her in the show yet? >> yes, i have. >> and? >> as a new york critic, you say? >> she's crushing it. she's doing great. >> are you more nervous when they're out there, mom and dad? >> is she still awake right now? or is she -- >> just barely. >> she's awake and she looks beautiful. >> she's a little sleepy. >> when are you opening, bruce, in new york? >> hold on. >> on the 22nd. >> he's asking. >> november 15th. november 15th is the big grand opening. so tell your friends. >> we will. >> you just did. >> we were saying you'd be great as billy in "chicago." >> yeah. >> well, i'm a heck of a dancer but i don't know about the singing part. >> oh, you got it, dad. >> what's the thing about your dad you love the most? >> we just laugh together a lot.
2:24 am
you're the best. we laugh together so much. we really make each other laugh. i actually got to see him this morning. i was watching this really funny comedian. we were always trading jokes back and forth. it's just we laugh a lot. we make each other laugh a lot. >> well, thanks for calling in. >> thanks, bruce. >> you can't take it too seriously but then you got to take it really serious. >> yeah, thank you, bruce. >> thank you so much. >> i love you, papa. >> oh! >> so when bruce or your mom is in the audience, do you feel more nervous? >> i actually love it because -- especially if it's theater because, you know, if i say a joke and no one laughs, i know 100% that my family at least will, you know, kind of give me a little love. it's always nice. >> this is a short run. do you have another project already line up after this? >> i literally have so much going on. i can barely keep track.
2:25 am
i'm doing a show at 54 below. >> your first cabaret one, right? >> yeah, i'm really excited. with my best friend ty. we've been wanting to put together a show for a really long time. it's going to be really fun. kind of silly. and then i'm doing another show in l.a. "sway" with val and maks and tony from "dancing with the stars" in miami. >> wow, you're very busy. >> i'm really busy. >> pretty soon people are going to say bruce willis is the father of rumer willis. >> rumer, thank you so much. >> she's in "chicago" through november 1. the excitement is building backstage for two lucky ladies. >> they washed away the gray for brand-new looks. and then stick around for our "everyone has a story." it's so good's a little healthy advice. eat well, live well, and take of what makes you, you. right down to your skin with aveeno aveeno daily moisturizing lotion
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all right, now we want to put a smile on your face with the video we think is webtastic. this one shows a father telling his daughter joanna she needs to do more school work. >> i can -- if she says, joanna, come and do your reading or something else or -- then i go and do my school. whenever mommy says for me to do school, i can do school. but whenever mommy doesn't say that, i don't. >> and what does she do more work and more school? >> not more school, not more work. okay. okay. >> oh, my gosh. how about this? perfect. okay. okay. she's going to own the world. >> jo jo is already a youtube star.
2:28 am
viral videos that show that crazy outgoing personality. her sense of humor. i think it's the hand gestures and the pauses. >> she's a natural. she's apparently known for a video where she educates her dad on wedding etiquette. >> where's that one, jo jo? >> we have our own jo jo. come here. jo ann just got her hair cut. we love it. we love it. it looks awesome. all right, coming up -- >> he's on the phone for you. >> who? >> louis? >> no. >> who? >> frank sinatra jr. >> "everyone has a story." it's about seeing the light through the darkest moments.
2:29 am
>> he's on line one. it's the brisk and beautiful thirsty thursday in new york city. >> a great day to hit the plaza for ambush makeovers. >> two deserving women who wanted head to toe new looks. leading the pack, celebrity hairstylist to the stars louis licari, la, la, la. and all around fashion plate and mogul jill martin. >> we want to congratulate you, mr. louis. >> thank you. >> a celebration of his salon this week. a lot of your friends and supporters showed up.
2:30 am
and there is -- >> sofia. >> sofia coppola. >> sandra lee, donna karen. >> you're busy and important. >> we had a lot of fun. it was just fun. >> everybody loves you. >> our first lovely lady is jan deyoung. she's 69 years old from holland, michigan. jan's been breast cancer free for 14 years. she tells us it's kind of a miracle. she currently works as a nurse at holland hospital. she's turning 70 next month. she tells us this makeover is her early gift. take a listen. >> good for her. >> i know this is a month to celebrate for you and for your wife. so you're excited for this, you told me. >> that's right. we're taking a trip over here to new york to celebrate 14 years of cancer free, survivor. she's doing well. >> we love that. you said to me, i was premature gray so he hasn't seen me with dark hair in over 30 years. >> about that, yes.
2:31 am
>> long time. >> are you ready for this change? >> i am. >> i feel like you're going to flip out when you look in the mirror. >> i'm all ready. >> she's ready and so is ernie. ernie, please keep your blindfold on. it's a little off but you're all right. just keep your eyes closed. you're okay. no, not yet. you're good. keep it on for just one second. here's jan before. all right, jan, here's the new you! oh, wow! all right, ernie, you ready? take off your blindfold, hon. >> who is that? >> who is that. jan, you ready to see who it is? >> i am. >> turn right around. >> oh, my. >> how chic are you? wow! >> you look so chic. >> thank you. >> look right here into that camera if you wouldn't mind. tell us about the hair. >> what did you do, louis? >> of course she had gray hair and she was ready to wash it
2:32 am
away. which we did in less than half an hour. the quick fix that works. and then vanessa just swept everything to the side. just give it a little flip. because it was short we couldn't do much of a cut. she looks fabulous. >> ernie. >> she looks great. >> ernie! >> she looks great. >> jill, that coat, the whole -- >> the perfect fall ensemble. >> it's casual chic. it fit her. we're doing gray hair makeovers today. two big surprises. the jacket has that insert built in from andrew mark. and then the shoes, i want to point out, are crocs. they're waterproof with a wedge. they're comfy. if you don't like to wear heels. >> a big round of applause for jan. >> jan, you can join your handsome husband. >> our next lady is janet ashton, she's 67 and she says proud of it. from new port richie, florida. she's a retired family-run business woman. she says the last time she got her hair colored was 35 years
2:33 am
>> yes, hoda. middle of a cross country train tour hitting all the major cities. >> wow. >> sounds fun. let's listen to her story. >> i'm not sure but i guess you're gator fans? >> absolutely. >> go gators. >> that's actually how we recognized you. we're so excited because you have not had dark hair in when -- >> i turned gray in my 30s. my daughter turned a teenager, my hair turned white. >> you're excited to see her? >> absolutely excited. she's more beautiful now, but she's going to be even more -- she won't be more beautiful, she'll be different. >> don't you love him? >> he thought that through. glad to have you with us. please keep your blindfold on for just a moment. let's take one last look at janet before and bring out the new janet ashton. wow! >> wow. >> i have that dress. love that dress. okay, dave, take off the
2:34 am
>> holy smokes! >> oh, my god. >> this takes you back 30 years. >> you want to see what he's talking about? right in there. >> oh, i love it. >> you look adorable. just like sandra dee. adorable. okay, louis. >> thank goodness i don't have to depend on sandra to keep my business going, 35 years between appointments. what i did is of course i kept her blonde. notice, it's slightly darker at the base which gives it depth with makes it look more real. vanessa completely redid the haircut. and to make it all come together, when you're blonde, you do need makeup to add definition. >> that's a gorgeous job. look at dave. what are you thinking, dave? don't tell us what you're thinking.
2:35 am
>> i love it. >> we know this dress. >> yeah, this is new by shoni. i love the perforations. it's just that subtle sexiness. >> dave thinks it's very sexy. >> a big round of applause. jill, nice job. good job as always. the beautiful brave woman who chose to be better instead of bitter. >> everyone has a story and we'll share hers. it's the final countdown! the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips' fiber good gummies plus energy support.
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it is breast cancer awareness month. story" winner is a brave wife and mother who's battling the
2:38 am
disease. her name is shawna shendler. pronounced right? >> we're going to meet shawna and her family in just a moment but first let's listen to the letter she sent to us. >> i was a 33-year-old married mother of one when i received the news i had breast cancer. it began as an occasional pain and an enlarged appearance on the right side. a visit to my doctor and one mammogram later and it was confirmed. the radiologist fought back tears as he explained i needed to see a surgeon as soon as i met with her that evening and she stayed late to perform the biopsy in her office. a blessing. i did eight rounds of chemotherapy from april to the end of july. less than a month later, my sister got married and i was able to stand at her side as her maid of honor. another blessing. two days after that, i had a total mastectomy on my right side. i am currently going through 33 radiation treatments. people often ask me how do you stay so positive. sometimes don't. there are many days when the
2:39 am
impossible to stand. i also see the blessings. a good prognosis from my doctor. the kindness from friends, neighbors, even complete strangers. the unwavering support of my husband, my mother, my sister. the list goes on and on. and the most beautiful blessing i have with me each day is my 2-year-old daughter colette. she is the sweet smile i wake up to each morning. my faith has grown tremendously and i know i have not been alone in this journey. so i will continue to look for the blessings as i go through treatment and later reconstruction. i trust in the greater purpose of this pain. and i know even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. while i wait, i choose to look for the stars. >> that's the line. while i wait, i choose to look for the stars. wow. >> and here with us now is shawna along with her husband brett and their little daughter collette who's very curious about everything. >> yes, she is.
2:40 am
>> first of all, you look beautiful. >> thank you, guys. >> how are you feeling today? >> i'm feeling really well, actually. i'm about 2 1/2 months post-chemo. so i'm feeling a lot better. >> a lot better, yeah. >> and i've had seven radiation treatments. so i haven't really experienced much of the side effects from that. >> sure. >> i'm feeling really good. >> how much has this guy had to do with it? we talked about your daughter. how much has brett? >> he has been there for me every single day of this. >> you get cancer as a family, don't you? >> yeah, you do. >> and your mom is here. your mom and your sister too, right? >> my cousin and my mom are here. >> you're so young. people look at, you know, young women diagnosed with breast cancer and wonder if there's family history or anything like that? >> no. i had the genetic testing done. i tested negative. so it wasn't a genetic disease for me. >> wow. well, we love your family, by the way. your letter's amazing.
2:41 am
>> i can't wait to hear the song that david wrote. >> me, too. >> and we have a special song written just for you and it's going to be performed by a beautiful, beautiful actress. she was with us in scandalous.
2:42 am
us in just a moment. happy anniversary dinner, darlin' can this much love be cleaned by a little bit of dawn ultra? oh yeah. one bottle has the grease cleaning power of two bottles of this bargain brand. a drop of dawn and grease is gone. now there's a new way to stay tru to your health. new trubiotics with immune support advantage. this advanced formula combines probiotics with the power of antioxidants to support your immune health in two ways. trubiotics from one a day. that detergent was like half the price! and we'll have to use like double! maybe more!
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we are honoring our wt everyone has a story" family. shawna, her husband brett, her daughter collette, her mother heidi and her cousin kristin are all here. >> now it's time to hear the song we wrote just for you. it's called "choosing to look for the stars." i'm so happy my friend is here to perform it, elizabeth wardland from broadway's
2:45 am
the same sun rises on me and you the same sun sets on us each day but our journeys are different our stories are too though we'll both get through the very same way finding the beauty in the ashes finding the joy in a smile searching for purpose in the pain pausing for gratitude once in a while seeking the meaning in the suffering notice the blessings along the way seeing the healing and feeling the feeling of
2:46 am
choosing to look for the stars the same moon rises on me and you the same moonshines on us each night our journeys are different our stories are too and we'll both find peace if we look for the light finding the beauty in the ashes finding the joy in the smile searching for purpose in the pain pausing for gratitude once in a while seeking the meaning for the suffering
2:47 am
the way seeing the healing feeling the feeling of peace as we wait choosing to look for the stars the same sun rose today on me and you and the same moon will shine on us tonight and the same god loves us exactly as we are and he's with us as we wait choosing to look for the stars choosing to look for the
2:48 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> just beautiful. gorgeous. so if you like that, wait until you see what's in store for the
2:49 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. right to the camera. [ laughter ] >> we're honoring a very special woman, shawna, here with her husband brett, her baby girl collette, who's 2 years old and only got a few hours sleep last night. they were just treated to a beautiful performance to elizabeth ward. who's starring in "amazing grace" on broadway. also composer david friedman. and instrumentalist david whiles. what did you think of your song? >> oh, my gosh, it was incredible. it was beautifully sung. beautifully written. it was perfect. >> it was gorgeous. it was just sung so beautifully. >> the woman can sing. >> the woman does it all. >> we want to give you guy also a little something special. we know you haven't been able to take a family vacation because of all treatments and stuff. we wanted to give you something to look forward to. the hard rock hotel san diego's giving you a four-day stay in a
2:50 am
deluxe suite. located in the heart of beautiful san diego. the hotel has a pool! >> what? >> yes. and a rooftop lounge spa and much, much more you can go crazy in. we hope you get to relax and have some fun times. >> oh, that sounds wonderful. >> san diego's gorgeous. a lot of fun. >> thank you so much, guys. >> you want some more papers? >> no. >> she better behave. >> no. >> she's adorable. >> she's 2 years old and she's just perfect. >> bye, collette. >> tomorrow, thinking about redecorating? get a high and low-end price. >> and bobby thomas is back with hettle baby. >> david, what's coming up? you guys got anything? >> what's coming up? i have a new album coming out in two weeks.
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