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tv   Channel 13 News at Four  NBC  October 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm CDT

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a local tire company is celebrating breast cancer awareness month by making their product pink. the personal connection that inspired them and how they make the colored concoction. a family is passing through the metro on the trip of a lifetime. find out the distrance they are traveling that make ragbrai seem like a short ride. news at four front door open decorate pumpkins in the east village... in front of business. .and i'm dan winters ... thanks
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after four days of testimony the arguments in the trial of a man who went on a shooting spree last year. the prosecutor was up first. she told jurors that polson knew what he was doing when he showed up in that neighborhood with a loaded gun. 56:51-no one shoots someone with kill them particularly in this case where everytime pete polson shot multiple times." 57:05 polson is charged with three counts of attempted murder among other charges. he allegedly shot at three people, injuring two and narrowly missing a third. polson is using a intoxication defense. on the stand yesterday, he told the jury he doesn't remember what happened. polson's attorney is currently giving
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we also checked into that intoxication defense polson is using. legal experts say it is extremely rare and difficult to prove. and it's a defense jurors do not like to hear... according to drake law professor, bob rigg. because it's difficult for them to understand. he says when the jurors hear the word intoxication, they try to compare it their own experiences... but they can't because most of them have never intentionally hurt someone while under the influence. experts say this defense is only used for people who claim to have blacked out from substance abuse and impaired. 565318 - this defense is very its very very difficult for jurors to that jurors should take into defendants liability in rigg's nearly 40 years of practicing law, he says he's used the intoxication defense only a handful of times... and only twice did a judges
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rule in favor of it. two people are in jail, one of them accused of sexually assaulting a girl... the other accused of allowing it. jasper county authorities arrested 38-year-old michelle wortman and 46-year-old berlou barnard of newton according to court documents bernard is a registered sex offender...but the victim was allowed to see him if wortman was present. the girl's mother contacted police to accuse bernard of assaulting the girl while wortman was asleep. during questioning, the girl claimed there were several incidents between her and bernard. bernard is now charged with sexual abuse, violation of the sex offender registry, and drug charges. wortman is charged with child endangerment. a man from iowa falls has been found guilty of threatening to kill judges. the waterloo-cedar falls courier reports 35-year-old andre lafontaine the third was convicted of transmitting a threatening communication. the paper says lafontaine left a
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threatening voice message with the u-s department of justice. prosecutors say he threatened to cut the throats of judges in eldora... and spoke racial epithets and obscenities. two des moines fire fighters made history today by becoming the first african american chief officers in the department's history. captain steven brown and percy coleman along with kerry schneider were promoted to district fire chief. the promotions are part of a reorganization effort that was announced earlier this year. the change will put two district chiefs on each shift, as an effort to improve safety. brown and coleman say being the first african american chiefs only means they will have to continue to work hard everyday. 4:40:14 it proves with hard work and dedication that you can achieve what you want 4:40:20 44:21 its a huge responsibility when i first came on the job there was one african american stationed officer to see where we have come finally have some chief officers on the job means we have come a long ways as a fire departments. 44:34
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daniel gilliatt and jonathan tayler were promoted to fire medic today as well. the first woman to finish the boston marathon is here this weekend to cheer on people running the des moines marathon. katherine switzer joined several other runners for a light jog through downtown this morning. back in 1967 switzer illegally joined the boston race despite it only allowing men to run. a few miles into the marathon a race official tried to forceably remove her from the competition. the picture has since become a symbol for women's rights. 56:15 i went a head and decided i had to finish that race no matter what because women wouldn't be take seriously in sports if i didn't finish...i did finish and that took a lot of courage and as anybody knows with 24 miles still to run with a lot of pressure on me was difficult. 56:33 switzer says she was invited to des moines because the majority of
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plans to be there to cheer them on. october is breast cancer awareness month...which means everyone is sporting the color pink... even on their farm machinery. roger riley explains. outside the titan tire plant some the first ever pink tires are mounted on a farmall m. 23:21 you dont run pink everyday in your factory, so when the pink rubber hit the was all hands on deck. like every new idea, there is always some inspiration behind it. nats tractor ride for some time titan tire has been involved with the who big show tractor ride. show host and tractor rider bob quinn had been asking for a tire made to run roads...for the tractor riders. nats marty morrow the man who helped come up with the pink formula.. got some inspiration from his wife kathleen.. a breast cancer survivor. 'we went to the fair and marty was showing me some tires that have been re-done by the ffa students that were pink. at that time he told me they were possibly going to design a pink one, i said that would be really cool. nats tractor drive at titan
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11:21 'different food coloring we just put a little dye in it to come up with the formula for the pink nats 'scott 26:25 i would have never guessed that there would be this much positive for a project that to us seemed like just another technical project. sloan says there are new possibilities for tires with different colors.. 24:48 weve been approached about green tires on golf courses when they turn they leave black marks on the greens and if there is enough interest...maybe producing pink tires for those tractor collectors who want to pink-out their tractor. in des moines. rr ch 13 news. the pink tire hay ride will be
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25th...proceeds go to help fight breast cancer. a canadian family is in the middle of the vacation of a life time. ...and this is their mode of transportation. they've made it as far south as the des moines metro. find out where exactly they started and the tropical place they plan to end up. plus....a shrinking population has led hundreds of iowa communities to shut down their schools and look elsewhere for education. a little later we'll talk to film director who wanted to dig deeper into this phenomenon in rural iowa. imagine giving up your job or
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to travel across the continent... that's exactly what a family from canada is doing on a seven-thousand-mile journey... the family of four is from quebec, canada, and they decided a little family vacation via bicycles all the way down to the panama canal was in order... they've been biking for four months and aren't even halfway through their journey...but they've taken a pit stop in des moines this weekend. reid chandler caught up with them here and has their story. chris conk and his family are
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from waterloo... "we're from a small town called waterloo, quebec and it's about 60 miles east of montreal." they'll tell you they're just your run-of-the-mill average canadian family of four... but their idea of a family vacation may be a bit different from yours. "we are taking one year off from our normal routine, basically re- constructing a routine based on bicycling from quebec to the panama canal." that's a bike ride of over seven thousand miles. "a big motivating factor for us to travel this way is because it gets us involved and interacting with local people. if we're in our own car, we'd zip by cities or zip by small little villages." chris says his family has always enjoyed cycling and traveling... looking for a way to spend more time together, pairing those two passions made sense. "we normally wake up in the morning, i go to my teaching job, julie goes to her studio to work on glass, the kids go to school. they get home from school at 4:30 off the bus. there's hockey practice, there's some other gymnastics practice or whatever. and we don't really have that much time as a family together. weekends we want to be together, but we can't because there's sporting events and that, so, basically we said, 'we want that time.'" collecting license plates from
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states and provinces they pass through along the way... it's more than a vacation - it's a learning experience this family has embarked on as they pedal to panama. "i guess when you're a parent, you want your kids to be good citizens and amazing human beings. it's getting out of your comfort zone to push yourself intellectually, physically, environmentally, and socially." in des moines, reid chandler, channel 13 news. the family uses a smartphone app called "hot showers" to help them find people willing to host them for a night or two in every city they pass. as for their return trip...chris says biking part of the way back is actually a possibility. they'll decide once they've arrived to the panama canal...right now
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ad lib main weather it's a common problem across our
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lack of students and money. after the break we'll talk to a film director tried to find out more about iowa's disappearing districts. since 1950 if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse.
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we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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doors due to dwindling rural populations those empty school buildings around our state are now just reminders of a time long forgotten. director jason claysworth took a closer look at this disappearing issue in his iowa public television documentary "lost schools." he joins us now live... democratic candidates are starting to see the results of
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debate with the latest poll numbers. who seems to have come out on top...and what donald trumps wants to see the next time the republican square off. the mayor of cedar rapids is starting a "think tank" to try and solve some of the state's problems. how this new initiative could be a spring board for an even higher office. the 5-th ranked waukee warriors are taking on undefeated fort dodge. we'll take you live for a preview of tonight's big game. news at four front door new poll numbers are out today showing hillary clinton's lead over fellow democrats is increasing... but she could lose some of her ground if vice president joe biden decides to join the race. and as for republicans, donald trump is still holding on to his lead. steve handelsman takes a look at the race for the white house. in new hampshire... where bernie sanders leads her in most polls... hillary clinton made a promise on an
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from him.: guns. sot: hillary clinton presidential candidate :09-:14"as president i will push and achieve universal back round checks" most democrats are saying clinton won ahead lies danger. huma abedin, clinton's closest aide, was questioned today at the republican-run house committee where hillary clinton herself has to testify next week. again democrats ask: is the probe a gop plot? sot: rep. elijah cummings maryland :38-:46"whether this is a a tax payer funded effort to derail the candidacy of hillary clinton" sot: rep. mike pompeo kansas :46-:50"im confident that the american people say this was a professionally conducted investigation" another clinton concern? joe biden running. no pressure to decide today from president obama sot: president obama :57-1:03"i think that the vice president, like every other candidate, makes their own decisions" fundraising would be a big biden challenge clinton...who tops the democratic field nationally.... also tops in fundraising. 30 million dollars
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so far. bernie sanders: 26 million. donald trump has raised just 3.9 million...the least of any republican running.... he uses his own money. but trump still leads his pack in the polls...though ben carson is closing and trump leads in brassiness... insisting today the next debate include candidate statements and will run just 2 hours. audio outcue: i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. the next republican debate is october 28-th in boulder, colorado. democrates will square off again on november 14-th right here in des moines. it is an end to an era in aviation today... u-s airways is making its final flight before a historic merger with american airlines. the last journey is a red eye flight from san francisco to philadelphia. jay gray has the story.
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us airways final departure will be on this s rbus a321.. still displaying the colors and familiar logo -- it's flight 1939.. a nod to the year the carrier began -- it becomes a part of american.. now the world's largest airline.. s/ traveler / no id:16 - :23 "what i hope for, as a traveler, is that the airlines will choose the best of each of them." the merger was announced two years ago.. since then the airlines have been working behind the scenes toward this day.. running five million mock reservations... testing more than nine-thousand computers and kiosks... and spending more than a million hours training employees. s/ rick seaney / ceo, :38 - :46 "american actually has a system that's pretty easy to slide in the us airways system. they've been actually doing a pretty good job of this for the last two years..." still.. it's been confusing.. and at times frustrating for passengers.. s / traveler / no id:51 - :54 "we were just like, are we american or are we u.s. air? we didn't really know what we were supposed to be checking in at." overnight, us airways website and reservations system will go dark.. it will take a bit longer to re-paint
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as us airways.. flies away.. jay gray - nbc news. an interesting fact about that final flight...the plane will take of as a part of u-s airways...but when it lands the company will no longer exist. severe flooding and thunderstorms have left communities north of los angeles a muddy mess. crews worked overnight to dig vehicles out of mudslides in northern los angeles county. parts of interstate five were still shut down this morning due to flood blockage. no injuries have been reported due to the weather. but more than 100-drivers were trapped inside their cars. 39"it was just boom. it was like a freight train."42 24 "all the mud just came from 27 1:00"it took about 20 seconds, maybe 30 seconds, for all this scary."1:05 experts say some parts of los angeles county say 6 inches of rain in less than an hour. cedar rapids mayor ron corbett
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examine problems iowans are dealing with.... corbett is calling the effort engage iowa. while the former speaker of the iowa house says this "think tank" is just a way to come up with more ideas to help the state. others think he is setting himself up for a run for the governor's office. political director dave price sat down with the republican to find out more. :45-4:32:09 you can watch the rest of dave and mayor corbett's
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insiders. that airs sunday morning at 9-30. ad lib main weather it will be a cool night for high
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it will be a cool night for high school football around the state tonight. after the break...we'll take you live to waukee for a preview of tonight's big game. in recent years waukee has been who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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iowa. tonight they welcome a very good fort dodge team into waukee stadium for tonight's big game. fort dodge has yet to loose a single game this year...but will have a tough challenge against the 5-th ranked warriors. brett mcintyre...that's right....meteorologist brett mcintyre is in waukee tonight to give us a preview of tonight's game....brett? we'll keep you informed on every
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safety tonight. you can follow the scores on channel 13-dot-two ... w-h-o-t-v-dot-com ... and on the 13-now app. we'll be back in three minutes with results from today's poll question
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channel 13 news at four it is time to deal with skyrocketing out-of-pocket costs. commentator: the 32-year-old head of a pharmaceutical company raised the price of a life-saving drug overnight by 5,000%. i'm announcing a detailed plan to crack down on these abuses. commentator: he may be lowering it after hillary clinton blasted him out of the water. her plan would limit the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. clinton: nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent. i'm hillary clinton,
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thanks for joining us on the channel 13 news at four ... the news at five starts right now. closing arguments... all the witnesses have been called in the attempted murder case of pete polson. hear how attorneys are laying out their final arguments as the case goes to the jury. smoke and flames... we are at the scene of a developing story... coming up...the latest on this house fire...where it's burning...and when it started. female inspiration... she's known for breaking barriers... coming the first female to finish the boston marathon...why she was invited to des moines...and what race she's training for now. the witnesses have all been sent home...and the closing arguments have been delivered.... now
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pete polson's future. good evening... i'm erin kiernan... pete polson is facing nine charges...including three counts of attempted murder. polson allegedly opened fire at random last november in pleasant hill. late this afternoon the pleas in this case... channel 13's stephanie moore is seeing this trial through. she joins us now live with the latest...steph? the jury had the opportunity to hear closing arguments from the prosecution and defense...the prosecution was up first and said pete polson knew what he was doing when he showed up in that pleasantill neighborhood with a loaded gun... 56:51-no one shoots someone with a 9 mm who doesn't intend to kill them particularly in this case where everytime pete polson shot multiple times." 57:05 prosecuting attorney stephanie cox said polson changed the lives of three people he didn't know in a
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