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tv   Channel 13 News at 6  NBC  October 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm jodi whitworth. we're four months out from the iowa caucuses -- and the smack talk continues on campaign trail. donald trump once again blaming jeb bush for his brother's actions during 9 -11 chris pollone has the story. nats republicans donald trump and jeb bush are at it again... taking aim at each other as they set their eyes on the gop nomination. friday, trump implied to bloomberg news that bush's brother george w. was responsible for the 9-11 terrorist attacks. sot from bloomberg news "look he was president, don't blame him or don't blame him, but he was president, the world trade center came down during his reign" it set off a twitter battle. with jeb bush calling trump "pathetic"... "we were attacked and my brother kept us safe" he tweeted. trump replied "no, you're pathetic..." even ben carson even weighed in on the controversy. sot dr. ben carson / presidential candidate "i think it's ridiculous to suggest he is responsible for it" as the republicans fought amongst themselves, democratic front runner hillary clinton took her campaign to alabama... later this week, she testifies
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before the house select committee on benghazi... republicans have used the killing of four american officials there while clinton was secretary of state, as an issue to wound her campaign. she could face also another imminent challenge... if vice president joe biden jumps into the race. biden confidants say a decision is close. sot steve schale / biden supporter " certainly there's more evidence today that he is looking really seriously getting in" the vice president watched his grandson play flag football saturday, as supporters geared up for a possible run... former delaware senator ted kaufman writing biden's former staffers: "let's stay in touch. if he decides to run, we will need each and every one of you - yesterday! if biden runs, he faces a severe fundraising deficit compared with clinton and bernie sanders... and rapidly approaching deadlines to get on primary ballots in several key states. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. on the republican side of things... carly fiorina says she does not consider iowa a must-win for her campaign, but she knows she has to do well here. the republican presidential hopeful is campaigning in
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eastern iowa this weekend. fiorina held a town hall meeting in waterloo this afternoon. in a one - on - one interview with kwwl's jerry gallagher... she talked about her frustration with the government -- saying she spoke to an iowa farmer hit hard by bird flu. she said the farmer knew what to do -- but was told by the u-s-d-a to wait until they got there. his voice literally breaking he said, 'carly i've been in this business all my life. i know what to do. the government won't let me do it.' when six bureaucrats finally showed up to tell him what to do, he said, 'you don't know anything about my business and they didn't care anything about me.' the next republican debate is on october 28th in boulder, colorado. authorities are investigating two gas station robberies which happened just hours apart last night the first happened around 8 - 30 at the b-p gas station in the 51 - hundred block of north east 14 - th street. then three hours later and two block
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over... the git n go on in the 42 - hundred block of north west second street was also robbed. authorities are not sure if the two are connected. more than 16 - hundred people in pleasant hill and altoona were without power this afternoon. according to mid - american energy there are about one - hundred customers still without it. they say an underground equipment issue is to blame and should be fixed within the next couple of hours. hundreds of kids had their chance to run this morning in a modified race for the des moines marathon but tomorrow it's the adults turn... 041800 - by far the bulk of our marathon , thats the most popular distance. thats a trend we see nationwide more than 8 - thousand runners are expected to run either 13 point 1 miles or the full marathon at 26 point 2 miles. both races begin at eight, sunday morning... locust street bridge downtown. but before the race, athletes could visit the scheels sports and fitness expo at
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the iowa events center. a runner from the east coast traveled to des moines to run the race with his family... he hopes his training will pay off 094617 - its perfect environment, i live in floridia and so ive been training in 80 - 85 degree weather and high humity this for me is going to be a perfect break some roads are already closed off due to today's activities... and tonight, more streets will be shut down. they include the locust street bridge, walnut street, and grand avenue to m-l-k parkway. the race begins tomorrow morning at 8... the roads will not re - open until four tomorrow afternoon. and a lot of runners and spectatures are watching tomorrow's forecast closely meterologist jennifer mcdermed joins us for a first look at the forecast... sleeping outside tonight... does not sound like an ideal
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people ... but hundreds of people are at drake stadium it's the tenth anniversary of reggie's sleepout... the event honors reggie kelsey, a homeless boy from des moines who was found dead by the des moines river in 2001... hundreds of students from schools around the metro participate... each one of them making a card - board home to sleep in for the night. for a group of students from johnston high school.... they contstructed a 15 - foot tall converse tennis shoe. 14:31:54 "for me personally, i think it's just a great crossover of my passions. i love helping people, giving back to the community, and it's great for - i'm into engineering and stuff, so i think where those two kind of crossover just naturally was a great project for me to work on, and a lot of the guys have the same opinion, i think." 14:32:11 :01-:17 iowa homeless youth centers estimate there are around 13-thousand homeless youth in the state in it's 16 - th year..the great iowa pet expo keeps getting bigger and bigger. and there is something for all animal lovers there ...
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meet earl --- the gumpy puppy. the beagle and pug mix is an internet sensation from bloomfield iowa. you can get a picture taken with the pooch... or visitors can check out the more than 100 booths and vendors there 463326 - we have multiple entertainment events going on each day of the weekend. plus we have multiple contests, lots of interactive experiences whether you need to talk to a vet, a trainer, or an animal communicator. we also have about 20 adoption groups out here so you can go home with a new best friend the event continues tomorrow at the iowa state fairgrounds varied industries building. doors open at 10 a-m. tickets are 6 dollars for adults and 3 dollars for kids coming up after the break... the nba basketball star found unresponsive this week... is awake from his coma. what lies ahead for lamar odom... and why there is a battle for his privacy plus.... the hawkeyes are now 7-0. highlights, scores and more....
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that's coming up later in sports lamar odom is showing signs of
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yesterday he woke up after being in a coma for several days at a nevada hospital the former n-b-a star was found in a brothel unconscious tuesday night. after being unresponsive for days, odom was able to speak to his estranged wife khloe kardashian on friday. n-b-c's jacob rascon has more... this morning, sources close to lamar odom tell our sister network e! - he is out of a coma and spoke for the first time in days. ken baker/ e! news senior correspondent "in the morning, khloe, who had been by his bedside the entire time was with him and he opened his eyes and said, "hey baby," and gave a thumbs up." it's an improvement but not a recovery - odom's mother in law kris jenner told access hollywood - "while there have been signs of improvement, lamar remains in very, very critical condition and the damage to his vital organs is serious."
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keeping up with the kardashians is an american entertainment staple for millions who know the former nba star because he married khloe. but the family made rich and famous by sharing everything about themselves - is battling a brothel owner over privacy. s/dennis hof/owner love ranch i'm going to tell the world exactly what happened, every detail, about lamar, about the ranch, everything that transpired. dennis hof says odom paid 75- thousand dollars to stay at his brothel love ranch - surveillance cameras show him arriving last saturday. he was found unresponsive on tuesday. nats 911 call "they need to hurry please cause he's got uh, blood coming out of his nose." reps for khloe kardashian asked hof to respect her and lamar's privacy, accusing him of profiting from their pain. s/dennis hof/owner love ranch "i think the kardashians owe it to the world and their fans and more so lamar's fans to give daily reports." kardashian watchers staying tuned for more drama - as their
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the hawkeyes limped into today's top 20 showdown at
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if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... they want to go back to letting the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of americans, not just for those at the top. that's what i intend to do as president.
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not because iowa's losing, the
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hawks are undefeated, but because iowa is so banged up. new kirk knows he'll need some football to win this one. and it starts poorly for iowa. guy iowa can't lose, quarterback c-j beathard, aggravates a leg injury early, and comes up wincing. then this. jordan canzeri, the national player of the week, goes down with an ankle injury. looked bad, but it's a sprain, not break. next man in. and that man is akrum wadley. you'll hear his name again. first play of the second quarter, 35 yard turn the corner touchdown. hawks lead 9-nothing. more wadley. this time from four yards, and iowa's lead is 16. love it. northwestern pulls within
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six, and the hawkeye defense slams the door. josey jewell with a big third down stop. stays 16-10. third quarter, the akrum wadely experience continues. wadley's third score, and it's 23-10, iowa pulling away from stunned northwestern. this iowa offensive line, down two starting tackles, keeps making big holes, fullbacks helping too, a fourth touchdown for wadley, ties canzeri's school record. wadley rushes for 204 yards. next man in, that's derrick mitchell. he scores too, and we have an old fashioned beatdown. hawks humble northwestern 40-10. iowa stays undefeated with a much needed bye week coming up. c-j beathard didn't put up numbers, but his coach says he still impressed. 01-05 ferentz 23-28 wadley
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nearly two weeks, look at iowa's schedule. the hawks would likely need to lose two of these games to keep iowa out of the big ten championship. barring a big change, iowa will be favored from here out. the cyclones need one of those rhoads upset specials. they've been few and far between the past few years, but an oppotunity to shock the college football world tonight. #3 tcu a 20 point favorite against the cyclones.
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frogs cyclones # 7 grand view out the tunnel and walking tall. the yellow jackets of graceland out to make a name. first play from scrimmage for the vikings. derek fulton hits cory crynkovich ....sir-ko-vich finds the ball and an open path down the sideline....a 75-yard score. it's 7-0 vikings. grand view defense bringing it. pressure on graceland in the end zone. that's a safety. 9-zip vikes. then late in the half, robert lewis comes up huge on special teams. the house. grand view wins again, 19-13. the kansas city royal won't go the biggest comebacks in post-season history. another nice one today. down 3-zip, the royal tie it. 4-3, thanks to a double by alex gordon to
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royals blue jays game one of the nlcs, cubs and mets from new york tonight at 7-07. joe maddon going with the well- rested jon lester in game 1, saving jake arrieta for game 2. the mets counter with matt harvey. finally tonight, a military
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% cleany by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? >> welcome to the us bank nbc sports report. >> south bend, indiana.
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a saturday night for a rivalry
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