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tv   Mad Money  NBC  October 27, 2015 3:00am-4:00am CDT

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sinking. nasdaq is advancing its theory and it has to do with change. change nobody can believe is, for example, i go and talk about stocks, you know, i talk about stocks with people. they ask me to what look at? why don't you look at mcdonald's? check out mcdonald's in europe, they check out my face. they're pressing me. you know what they say? i always love the take, question, fries, big mac is delicious. i love their smoking coffee. you can't beat the egg mcmuffin. we are in a health society. no doubt. we also live in a guilty pleasure, mcdonald's has guilty i think cnbc knows that, they know how to somehow get back to the basics of quick service and a value meal that tastes good, throw in chicken and biscuits, you will do great. burger king is doing great, why
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i wouldn't confuse domino's and call kfc fresh and organic? you know what i mean? so why the heck can't mcdonald's throw itself around, too? it's the execution that's been the problem, not the unhealthy food, if it was food, why the heck is whole foods at a 52-week low. if it were about nutrition, how about pepsico keeps churning higher because of the strength of junk food? invite everyone over for the cowboys-giants game. i was happy someone lost. you think i had carrots and celery? i had some of those. look, i own a mexican restaurant, it's a pretty good darn salsa, people have been telling me for years the clock is ticking on frito lay. all i know, when i go shopping for the guy, i press them to bring oem anything else. here's another story people simply cannot put their arms
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around. they can't believe, the corn popularity of microsoft devices. i'm getting laughed at for suggesting microsoft might have some pull? right now, nobody wants it. nobody hates the surface. wait a second, last week it's been so popular. it is popular. why do i see people at the surface? it's not just the nfl, which is all surface all the time. listen to the ceo, by the way, all those ads on the football games, people and monsters blow each up endlessly, people refuse to link xbox to microsoft. even though they might make the darn. i know i've talked my head off. they have to break up skype, x-box, windows, or enterpriseing cloud. soft, call them that. right now, microsoft the company is totally uncool. microsoft the products are either cool or ret kro cool t. problem is, microsoft doesn't
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hey, sacha, in the black tee-shirt, that's cool. i love that look. the next time i see you, i will wear a plaque tee-shirt with a tie. it's not a good stock. it's an absolutely good company. i think people are starting to like their products. shh, some are good. let me set the stage for another one, many people are rich. shocker. that's what working on wall street is all about why not save it for someone on wall street that isn't trying to just get rich. flying first class all the way. wall streeters have no idea what it looks to use priceline, when regular people are trying to save money, they block the price, which is why it's on the 52-week high list once again priceline has the new easy travel mode. i wouldn't know any of this if ico wrote it for new jersey. we hear about these people within they ask people how they found their place. unless are you in the hospitality business, i don't
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know if you can understand the bargains and information that these companies impart to each other and everywhere we travel next up, no matter what i do, i can't convince people there are two kind of biotechs here. the expensive ones have no earnings, no drugs, either a group or just about to be approved. nothing. or they have little niche positions that will take over things, not the case with celgene, biogen and gilead, all of which are keep stocks on an earnings basis. celgene which has an amazing anti-blood franchise sells for 17 times gilead has a platform, nine times earnings. that's insane. biogen has a powerful alzheimer's formulation. it might work. heck, that has a variety of a
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make no sense. except for the fact that one company, valiant, has created havoc for the entire group with drug distribution issues and there is a hedge fund manager who bragged about prices on live television on cnbc. >> that cost them the scrutiny. however it doesn't mean you should say from top biotechs, they all trade like our country is about to embrace the single payer health care system, like in the u.k. or canada, it won't happen, even bernie sanders somehow becomes president. finally, there are defense stocks, which i recommend to you endlessly, why? every time russia's arm's race they have to be challenged at a certain point, as our interests in the pack gets threatened. i see civil wars breaking out
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else. nobody seems to win a champion in the defense stocks, well lockheed martin reported not that long ago with a wack corner, the stock plunged at the blink of an eye. one week later, 220. want more disappointments like that? why all the negativity? i think it's a perception problem. maybe a championing problem, i can champion other people. it's really perception. defense, people think this budget is a question. it will kill them. it won't get any better with the debt skreeling. biotech ran too much. new perspective. microsoft, it ran so long, priceline, are they still in business? mcdonald's, my body is a temple. yada, yada. negtist is a short example of what's out there. if you share wall street, you will miss them. if you think outside yourself, though, you will be astonished by what you find.
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let's go to kur nice -- curtis in north carolina. curtis. >> caller: how do you get the stocks up forward of the competition? >> all right. my charitable trust bought jack, why? there was a lot of questions about labor costs and chipotle is scaring people. this is a very well run company. i sure wish they'd come on air. they can really tell a good story. thank you for the kind words about our staff, which is great. kc in north carolina. >> how are you doing, jim? >> i'm doing fine, how about you, casey? >> pretty good. i want to ask you do you think they can turn things around with the retailer again? >> i got to tell you, i'm concerned about the fourth quarter and listen to the skechers guys. i think it hit a real speed bump. i notice j.c. penneys is holding
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of nordstrom, if they're hitting all these, macy's kohl's, have you seen these in i don't think it's possible when you see what macy's is doing and kohl's is doing. let's go to john in florida. >> caller: jim, jonathan in key west. they had rlyp, they had approval and we'd love to get your thoughts, man. >> you know, i am still not going i've got so many pharmaceuticals down so low, bristol-myers, a biotech like a biogen, which my charitable trust owns or amgen, i can't go for that, it's not the time. here is positivity. can you use the negativity to your advantage. all you have to do is think outside the wall street think box. i am here to help.
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players have cisco soaring into the stratosphere, one is really i will reveal it ahead. could it be a sign on the reports? and are diamonds an investors best friend? i got a hidden gem stock you might be missing in this market. so why don't you stick with cramer? don't miss a second of "mad money," follow jim cramer on twitter. tweet him #madtweets. sends jim an e-mail to
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in lately, we've seen a lot of stuffy old tech stocks nigh into the stratosphere as investors come to realize they've embraced faster growing businesses. i want you to think about microsoft, up 34% today, cisco up 18%. you know what else has been roaring without much fanfare all them trying to change that now?
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abbe. a terrific long-term winner up 32.5% over the last year, not to mention 98% in the last two months. no one givers it its due. it problem a print media software probably you got it as soon as you got a pc. it offers software as a service ka / sas over the cloud. it's so hard to invest in. despite the occasional massive sell-off, it worked higher. but a adobe ended up an all new high. i think it's worth to find out why this stock charges higher confounding the skeptics, also giving you the fabulous entry points with long lived but gigantic pullbacks that keep happening. opportunity. let's just consider the latest puzzling move from the company
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back on august 6th, looked like a bomb adobe's outlook was pretty darn progressive, annual revenue growth from 20% to 2018. believe me, that's the kind of. that many growth oriented money managers will pay up for, especially if they fear that we're in a world where the global economy is slowing and real growth is hard to find. you think the initial action is really darn positive, right? not if you looked at how the stock traded the very next day shares fell more than $4, 5.4% in a single session. in one point, after hours trading was down over 12%. this was the second worst day of the year, the worst i told you to buy, i said, geeze, this is the same old, it gets hammered. it's your chance, why did wall street react so negatively to robust long term growth
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didn't give their long-term outlook in 20152018 during that analyst meeting. adobe gave guidance for 2016 for the first time, forecasting $5.7 billion in sales and the problem is whiep that $5.7 billion in revenue represents an increase versus was adobe is expected to make this year, it still came in well below wall street's consensus estimate of $5.93 billion at the time. there's the disappointment. more important that $2 fine 70 earnings figure, up more than 30% from what adobe is expected. it came in dramatically below the $3.19 per share earnings forecast wall street was looking for. even now, three weeks later, analysts cut numbers the consensus earnings above the lowball guidance. so now i think it's easy to understand what went wrong.
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long-term forecasts. they tell you next year would be substantially week weaker. that caused many investors to panic. it was really incredible. i saw it. i said, wait a second, you can't judge from the headlines here. but they do especially since the stock has been up '0770% to date. which means they had a good share of profits. just not a good one. in getting with the analyst community that came out with good analysis, rather than bashing adobe, a series of analysts came out and added value. defending the company from it's detractors. in the case of stifel nicolaus, they raised their targets. let me read you the headlines. adobe lower guidance is defensible says jeffreys. adobe should be bought on weak insides, adobe should be bought on pullback, the day the stock got put through the meat
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grinder. it's not often you see such spirited defenses. they were all against the ignorant gravenlt it shouldn't surprise anybody that adobe stock moved higher in six of the seven sessions and pretty quickly rebound above the $85 level where it was traded going into the company's allegedly disappointing analysts meeting. in fact, the stocks now making new odds at $89 bucks. although like these analyst, ideally, yes, you'd like to have a pullback in weakness, not strength. something this fickle market likes to give you. one analyst pointed out how adobe's outlook appeared conservative. the stock had gotten pretty attractive from that slamming. i got to say, if adobe is getting lowballed, so it can blow away the numbers, i wouldn't at all be surprised at that. the company has a long history on projections. in fact, almost all adobe sport guidance numbers have been below consensus at the time which frequently caused a wave in
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selling. each has been a buying opportunity. when adobe's quarters have up, this pattern has become incredibly awkward, that's the case, why is it so freaking misunderstood? why do investors botch reactions to this particular company? i think the reason comes down to a fundamental misunderstanding of what adobe is what kind of company it is. it's a being software company, a standards old tech flag. but the truth is, the company's revented strategy in recent years, focusing aggressively on its high growth, high recurring revenue cloud business. typically the marketing crowd and creative cloud software. on the one hand, adobe has the most complete available. from adobe photo shop. you used that. illustrator used that one. in design adobe premier pro and pdf reoriented into document clouds, a subscription based platform, this is the company
3:19 am
that is really making the transition. adobe's cloud business is growing at a weed. that's the number people really see. meanwhile the company has its old cash cow steady eddie growth on the cloud sign of things. because the transformation the computing company is ongoing and often masked by the headlines, there is a legitimate architect how we should value adobe stock. so you start thinking, it should be compared to old tech like microsoft that sells for 20 times less earnings, oracle which sells less tan 15 tiles earnings, despite they have a burgeoning cloud business on its recent conference call. given adobe trade 32 times next years number, i mean versus oracle and microsoft. given they support a 30% growth rate i'd argue it has a substantial premium.
3:20 am
still it's under what you pay for the cloud king, that's 81 times earnings. it shouldn't have a low multiple. from here to 2018. the stock sells for less than 20 times the 2018 numbers. that's way too inexpensive on the outyears. i'm starting to think, there is a super fast growing trend. here's the bottom line. i like adobe a lot. this company remains very misunderstood. i bet you will get another chance to buy the weakness the next time it sells off. so far adobe has been able to bounce back brilliantly because of the rapid cloud adoption. they will continue to do so. i will come out here and tell you, this is your chance. the next time this occurs. much more "mad money" ahead.
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rotten apple spoils the whole bar relevant, the tech stocks raised a red flag on the company's earnings tomorrow and tiffany and company have disappointing quarterly numbers, one is steadily gaining a round in this market. and i got to tell you, i'm going to clue you in, nobody knows it. it's the landlord from many medical office buildings to hospital with the great yield. s i got the exclusive of a ceo of a 5.7% yield. stick with cramer. americans... ...57% of us try to excercise regularly. 83% try to eat healthy. ...yet up to... 90% of us fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more, together. add one a day. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus, for women, bone health support with calcium and vitamin d. ...and for men, it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium.
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>> live by the apple sword, die by the apple sword. that's what's happening on the eve of apple's earnings report. it's got an awful lot of investors squirming. why? this morning dialogue, those projections, they took people's breasts away, giving them more than 70% of that company's business should be apple related. it was basically a pre announcement. the presumption the market made, apple's got too much inventory on its hands. it doesn't need to make more phones, which, of course, we need a radical buy down tomorrow when they report. that's why so many people are pandering apple. which fell more than 3%. of course, it's not just apple alone. all of the apple-related semi
3:24 am
as if each could be in the same bad shape. we seen two types of semi conductors move in this market lately. the apple related and non-apple relateds. intel and texas instruments, both stocks soared in the last sup couple months. that was a great conference call. if there is a positive apple read, too no one, though, means texas instruments hostages apple. xp semi conductor off $4. skyworks solutions at $4.60. it's horrible $4.74. these once growth darling areas, they're a different story. all of them are considered to be the apple suppliers and their stocks are plummeting. guilt by association these.
3:25 am
they traded like apple component etf, tails wagging their dog. apple service report this chilly impact has people reassessing as us as whether they want to be as hostage as they are to the actions of a single company. it's almost as if these are all say suppliers to wal-mart. no other chain, so wal-mart decides it doesn't want to use them anymore. pretty much the end of the prospects, or to put it another way, if same store sales are slowing, you don't want wal-mart to spread the butter. we don't get an update until tomorrow. you can't blame traders tore taking evasive action in the group that chatter despite apple is good. something confirmed by mcdonald's and nike lately. first, pleads, take a big breath. the gross semi conductor stocks have been going down for weeks now, sec, you have to accept that you have tagged up with apple.
3:26 am
along time, may i suggest owning apple shares, you have much less volatility and call on other apple products, that's what i think. i have no idea, you know, i own it, don't trade it. that's my charitable trust for you. will tomorrow bring a shortfall? what i do know is the bar has been set high by other texts last week. the multiple is uniquely low. i found almost all attempts to gain apple looks at these suppliers have failed you. they may not be indicative at all. more important, i found out more stocks get more attractive as they go lower, not less. what if you don't own apple? i suggest you wait to see if a dialogue is right and perhaps pick some up at a nice discount tomorrow, after the close or wait until wednesday. as for the suppliers i don't know. i don't know if there is any reason to own it? the reaction is too difficult to
3:27 am
fathom. i have to ask, who needs that level of pain? i want to go to sean in massachusetts. sean. >> caller: hey, jim, not too bad. how are you? i'm not too bad, i'm a patrioting fan, it makes me nervous when the giants are in the exhibition. >> i'm a fan, fans don't criticize the teach i withish them the best of luck. >> caller: i guess. i have a question about microron. i got a little lucky. i took your advice on micro-on-. so i set the limit order at $19 to top a few shares off. it's the kind of way down ever since so my question is should i get back in? >> i had, there is something that happened after the close, idt, we had on this show, i really like. they make tings things for apple and they report a proceedout quarter. why did they report a good quarter?
3:28 am
i don't think the prospects are that good. so just use that as an example. it happened this evening. tom in michigan. tom. >> >> caller: boo-yah, jim, thanks for taking my call. >> quite welcome caller i'm calling about the addition of a stock from the technology network security sector to my portfolio. after doing my homework, i have begun doing a position in fireeye which reports quarterly performance on november 4th. i did not believe this was a growth in company, one that resides in a beaten down sector. your opinion, jim, on whether i should buy more or hold? thank you. >> okay. you, tom, are exactly right. everything you said is right. i have to tell you until palo alto bottoms, it doesn't matter with fireeye. i think fireeye represents
3:29 am
value, that is the umbrella. >> that one is collapsing. it shouldn't. it's a great company. it's now down almost 45 points. so what does that tell you? the group is too hard right now. but palaal to will give you the signal. apple, don't trade it. own it. the suppliers, they might not be correct. but if they are, then you will get a nice entry price for apple. looking to add a junior portfolio's crown? i'm revealing an under the radar play that could do the trick. then from nursing homes to hospitals. a major landlord medical care t. stock has been in poor health as of late. i have the ceo. today's rapid fire addition of the lightning round. stick with cramer.
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eastern. what is happening with the signet jewelers? the house of jewelry store chains? well, think kay jewelers, sayles and jared among others. those three have the most catchy advertisements. you ever seen one for signet, have you in they have been delivering disappointing quarter, stocks down 26% for the year, the lesser known jewelry place has been fabulous. 12% from 2015, monster 37% moved since the late august lows. it reported a truly rip recorded at the end of the august. how on earth did they get an impressive run? especially when the action to a much higher profile makes you believe, they're all doing badly, fossil, this one. okay.
3:32 am
story. it's worth the exam, i'm sure most of you have heard of jared or kay jewelers or zale's, i think the parent company unknown to a great many of you out there. signet is the largest specialty jewelry cane in canada and the u.k. not too cheap, not too expensive. ruining your bank rkt. the engagement wedding is hidden looking at the ads before i askedpy wife to get married. here in the occupation, they operate 363 stores. which together account for more than three-quarters of the company's sales. >> that makes up another 9%. remaining 15%.
3:33 am
it lit stocks on fire and wells fargo is shouting it from the rooftops, it goes to a smart acquisition company last year. this was a 41% sales trading the day before, actually, oh, man, these guys are over paying, hold it. it turns out they got a good price, since it was more than 50%, at the time signet management predicted it could be in a high earnings increase. 150 million. 175 million in synergies. sig in the sales was a bigger performer. a puny operating market. 2%, it was poorly run. however, i've seen estimates with the synergies alone, sig fet had the operating sales
3:34 am
imagine that leverage with additional improvements up to 15%. >> that would make it massively more profitable. when they reported at the end of the august, management rment said the deal should be reported in the third quarter. signet has only just begun to cut expense, improve the inventory, leverage market spending when it comes to unlocking sales potential. i think it will have a positive impact when it goes forward. 13% earnings beat off the basis. remember, this is the challenge accessory category. better than the numbers was the commentary. sick net said diamond jewelry was very strong, taking lots of market share from the bridal business. since sig fet reported at the end of august, the stock has been screaming. i can't believe anyone is pieing into this one. we know signet had a strong position in the extremely fragmented $41 billion u.s.
3:35 am
stores like tiffany, cartier and pandora altogether only account for 5% of the toilet industry. cartier, take it from me, it's expensive. since sig knelt is a largely consolidated player in an industry with competitive players, it has a lot of advantages. you can get strong national advertising. every kiss begins with kay as well as, i didn't touch it. sell the exclues toive merchandise, signet has a strong enough balance sheet for customers in-house credit in order to aid the purchases. it's a lot better to finance it. the industry is going really strong. it increased the house information in this country. most important, signet is to scale. the company is four times as large as the next competitors to combine.
3:36 am
it gives them this ability to do in-depth consumer studies. put it altogether, you got a jewelry company perfectly positioned to take market share from so many of the smaller mom and pop competitors, plus, because people still want to buy the expensive jewelry, right, you got to try it on. or like, if you are there, you are trying to sneak it and whatever, trut me. signet doesn't have to worry about someone like amazon coming in and wrecking the business. it's way to ricky to buy a wedding ring, i'm sure people do it. you want to know how protected this company is? the largest online jewelry retailer blue nile is opening bricks and mortar stores to bolster sales. it's not just the u.s., the number one jewelry in u.k. and canada, why am i recommending it up here 3 points from the all time high? i think it has more ram to run. the start of the holiday season,
3:37 am
half of the annual earnings. we know seg nit is up this year, last year the fourth quarter fell short of wall street action expectations, from the integration at zales, i think they can be up. i know the dividend looks puny .6% yooerld yield, given signet is on track to by a down data and reach the target by 2016. the analysts expect the kane could announce a guy jantdic buyback. maybe as much as $5 million. that's a lot to like. just 18 times next years earnings despite a nearly 19% growth rate. that's a screaming buy. especially if it gets hit, some sort of a fed meeting better do something, you know. so here's the bottom line, signet jewelers has been roaring higher. a tear.
3:38 am
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oh...i'll put it back on the shelf... new from mucinex fast max. the only cold and flu liquid gel that's max-strength and fights mucus. start the relief. ditch the misery.
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it is time, it is time for the lightning round, you hear this sound and the lightning round is over. are you ready, ski daddy? time for the lightning rounds. ly start with schaari in illinois. >> caller: yes, i have a question about home depot, do you think that now is the time to buy sell or hold?
3:41 am
>> yes, i do, buy half my position and wait to see if it comes in. i think they're having a trick quarter. go to jim in massachusetts. jim. >> jim, i'm calling about m the attraction stock. >> sell, sell, sell, all that stuff, financial end of the year. i'm not going there. clark in california. clark. clark? >> caller: yes, jim, how are you doing? >> all right. how are you? >> caller: good, calling about sun edison, sune. >> remember we did a sigment, we thought it would work initially, came down, folk about i. let's go to martha in florida. martha! >> caller: mr. cramer, martha in palm beach gardens florida. >> thank you. >> caller: i watched you on "mad money" and listened to you for many years. >> thank you caller carl you taught me to think logically rather than emotionally about the stockmarket. >> that's the way to go. >> caller: this is one of your favorite, onen the strength of
3:42 am
five years ago. this is the first time i've heard about insideer trading regarding bristol-myers. >> bristol-myers, insider, geeze, i know just about their drugs and management. i think it's a good situation. have for a long time, obviously. how about jay in minnesota, jay? >> caller: jim, my question is about waste management. are they picking up the fume of the future? and would that be a good play for a home gamer like many? >> okay now, waste management, the good story is in construction. >> that itself where they do the most business. i think waste management is a buy. bob if indiana. bob! >> caller: boo-yah, jim, from indiana. i have financials, ship finance, sfl. >> i recommend na t.
3:43 am
trut me, if you are looking for that, that's the one to go. mike in texas. >> ml i like it. the group is coming down. i think you are buying on a weak inside, mlm. tony in texas. tony! >> caller: yes, hey, jim, how are you doing? >> hi, how are you? caller i have a question, motor roll larks buy, sell, or hold? >> msi has been doing quite well. i don't want to get in front of that. that's doing really well. >> bob in arizona, please, bob. >> caller: hey, who are you, mr. cramer? my question is this alcoa aluminum. >> it's on the downside, it is ridiculous, you buy it, put it away, i believe that. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning
3:44 am
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one a day. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? you got to know when to hold'em. know when to fold 'em. know when to walk away. know when to run. you never count your money, when you're sitting at the ta... what? you get it? i get the gist, yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent
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we know the whole health care segment has been ocombrit rated lately, even though it has nothing to do with the political witch hundred. the real estate investment trust owns properties across the u.s., canada and buildings and hospitals and skilled nursing facilities t. company spun off most of the skilled real estate in care capital properties back in august. that's an owner of real estate, not a health care provider. if the stock has been slammed with everything health care
3:47 am
related. >> that is now down 7.4% since mid-august. stocks got hit hard last week, they reported a solid quarter. be sure operfect stock could cost it to get hammered. the stock is down massively from its highs. at these levels, it supports a 5.7% yield. maybe we're there now. taken take it from me. check in with the bankable charl, you will hear more about the quarter and where it's headed. good to see you. >> great to see you, thanks, for having me. >> deb, that great spin-off to people. >> yes. >> consistent growth. some see a deceleration. is that versus estimates or what
3:48 am
>> we have a 7 to 8% groat this year, aof would have our early in the year expectations. we feel good about that. we have delivered as you know over ten-plus years for growth for shareholders. >> do you think there is a possibility because of a couple of hospital companies said some negative things that people felt that your recent acquisition made it at the hospital company? >> it's interesting, we're a 30 billion company and made a 3 billion investment in high quality hospitals. we're excited about this. hospitals are a trillion dollar revenue business. very few high quality hospitals are engaged we are reit hospitals. a lot pre announced earnings less than expectations was on investor's minds, even though they had a great third quarter. we're very optimistic about the
3:49 am
growth prospects there. >> so you didn't have the problem with some customers not paying or some of the things there for community? >> i think those were very specific. arden, itself, the company we aligned with had mid, single digit top line growth in the third and fourth quarter. we feel good about its possibility to grow. >> you are a very transparent person. you said, look, chicago atlanta and jacksonville have a bit of a glut. i think people immediately presume there is a glut of highened facilities. that's not true. >> well, senior housing is a great business. as you know, one of the ways we have been able to deliver for shareholders is it's fueled by the aging demographic. >> that is a very powerful tail wind in our business. we try to be transparent and forward looking with investors. there has been some increasing development and construction in senior living. but we have a tremendous
3:50 am
markets, great operators and long-term, we feel it's a great place to be. >> so you don't think there is overbuilding there that will make it that you will suffer some for your earnings? >> i mean, no one is ever immune, i would say, we are in a very protected and great position. we're trying to give up advisors our best of windshield view i would say of what we see in the sector. but we really, it's a great secular long-term business. >> 70% not facing supply problems as all. that's a huge problem? >> right in new york this example, we grew operating 7% in our senior living. that's our biggest part of the senior living portfolio. >> some say there is not enough yields out there. when i did my own work on this i have no friends in this business there are at any given moment, hundreds for sale?
3:51 am
disciplined. try to buy early cycle investments in our different segments. so we can find deals. no questions about that. >> sprieed it got to a 5.7 field? >> it's a triple yield, with a strong business. i like it. >> yeah, i totally agree. i think it's a great opportunity. that's the chairman and ceo of ventas. if you want income, this is the
3:52 am
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>> a lot of confusion on twitter today about what i mean about a bear market. i have not said that we are in a bare market. i said that we have rolling bear markets, like the one that rolled through retail last week when bf and skechers disappointed or the one that rolled through health care when
3:54 am
the hospital companies disappointed. it goes from sector to sector to sector. it's been going on for the last three months i don't think it's over. i don't know which sector will be next i promised i'd find it for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. jeff: today on "flip my food," i'm at the quattro cafe at audi of charlotte where i'm flipping food and i'm driving cars. let's get in the kitchen and let's get cooking. announcer: today on "flip my food," chef jeff brings a lot of creative engineering to the kitchen to make some mouth-watering dishes at audi of charlotte. and now let's get to the kitchen. jeff: welcome to "flip my food." we're here at audi of charlotte, north carolina. i'm here with the doctor himself. sir, it's a pleasure to be here with you. donald: nice meeting you, jeff. jeff: my goodness, man. these some fine cars you got here. audi has recently just gone through the moon. donald: they have. they continue to make the best product going.
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