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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 28, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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until next time, whoo! donald trump calls on voters to fix the problem. new details of the fbi investigation of the disturbing officer student incident at spring valley high school. from the first pitch, a 14-inning game one thriller as the world series goes late into the night. plus, a disturbing new study about faulty tires that may be on your vehicle. and the president makes the phrase, playing like a girl, cool. that and much more. "early today" starts right now. happy wednesday.
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by that shocking video of a a police officer forcibly arresting a student in a south carolina clasroom. we are now hearing from a second student arrested. nbc has the latest. >> reporter: it's 10:30 monday morning. resource officer ben fields is called in. they said she had taken out her phone and refused to leave when the teacher asked. the confrontation escalates while other students watch silently. he throws her across the floor. >> he was slinging her around like a rag doll. >> reporter: he said she stood up to her class mate and was also arrested. >> i felt like the grown men
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he's known as officer slammed. i was in eighth grade hearing about this man. >> reporter: trending under the hash tag, assault at spring valley high school. >> it's not even that seize rr just a child sitting in the seat. >> reporter: his boss says the girl tried to punch fields at least once. when a student refuses to comply, what should a resource officer do? >> we'd like to see the school handle it and not involve a civil law enforcement officer. >> they're also facing a lawsuit claiming in part that fields unfairly and recklessly targets african american students with gang membership. he's also a football coach and had received a cultural
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>> he's a really good officer. sometimes he can be pretty mean but he can also help kids out at the school. >> reporter: he's on administrative leave without pay. >> wep, deputy fields has not commented, nor has the student. the sheriff says he doesn't believe race is a factor and that the teacher and principal initially said the force was appropriate. he said he plans to announce a decision about field's future in the department later today. on the late show with steven colbert. >> do we let them fail this time? >> yes. yes, yes. >> and tonight's gop debate will be the first with a new frontrunner, ben carson is surging in front of donald trump
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yourb ins up-- numbers up, please. >> reporter: number one nationally in a major pole for the first time ever, now over taking donald trump thanks to support from people like this man. >> he is extremely intelligent. exhibits incredible leadership skills. >> reporter: using words like intelligence and humble. >> lot of republicans are now more attractive to carson's personality style and professional experiences but he too will have to deal with the details and the policy. >> reporter: he's also raising eyebrows with his unorthodox policy views and defending his education reform plan but saying it's not redistribution. >> it's the government having a responsibility to educate everyone and looking that best
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system in order to do that. >> reporter: it's not just what he says but how he says it, quietly, that's in stark contrast to his main rival and the candidate yelling isn't trump, it's kasich. >> do you know how crazy this election is? >> reporter: the establishment republican trying to make noise in this crowded field. commit. not trump supporters though. they're 55% l in. >> coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. eastern. today, the house will vote on a budget deal. house speaker boehner calls it the best possible deal at this moment. and many republicans are not happy with it. tracie potts live with the latest this morning. so, did speaker boehner hand the president a win with this?
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>> reporter: some republicans think that and they're not happy about that, including house speaker, paul ryan, he and other rrns say this was a secret back room deal that does not serve the american public. it puts this whole issue after the elections and restoring 80$80 billion billions in spending from the sequester cuts but they're trying to squeeze it through before boehner steps down as speaker. ryan said it stinks, boehner said i agree but we had no choice and he's trying to get ryan to start with a clean slate. not clear at all if it will pass the house, and even if it does, there's already opposition in the senate. ted cruz said this is utter surrender. marco rubio says it's severely
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and rand paul is already promising a fillbuster. that vote happening, we expect, sometime later today. the kansas city royals beat the new york mets in a marathon, five hour, nine minute game of the world series. and escobar hit an inside the park home run on the first pitch of the first inning, giving the royals an early lead. mets were up 4-3 in the bottom of the 9th and tying it with a solo homer sending the game to extra innings and in the bottom of the 14th, a sacrifice fly. the game was temporarily suspended after fox's production truck lost power. the game resumed 10 minutes later after both managers agreed to play without replay challenges. two innings later, game two is
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later today. defense secretary, ash carter did not mince words. he appeared before the senate armed services committee. >> reporter: after american and kurdish cumandos stormed an isis prison in iraq, freeing dozens of hostages, it was clear u.s. had entered directly into combat in the middle east. it cost the life of sergeant wieler. and u.s. troops will be in combat against isis. >> we won't hold back from supporting capable partners in opportunistic attacks against isil, whether by strikes from the air or direct action on the ground. >> reporter: but the president has said repeatedly.
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>> the forces that have been deployed to iraq do not and cannot have a combat mission. >> reporter: considering a wider role for u.s. troops in iraq and syria, while insisting so-called regular troop ss will no longer be in combat. the white house insists nothing has changed, but the pentagon also insists there will be more troops engaging in direct action. a big win for company manufacturing the first new bomber since the cold war. an estimated worth of $77 billions and it could be worth over $30 trillion. and the first plane expected to join u.s. forces in the mid2020.
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outside. that. it's one of the bigger rain time. a lut of the leaves are at their peek, they're examinecoming down. and we could get isolated periods of heavy rain with flooding oen the roadways. definitely airport delays are possibility too. and now through philadelphia, eventually this afternoon, that heavy rain will shift into new england. as far as the gusty winds, the worst of the winds great lakes down to ohio. that's where we have high wind warnings, gusts up to 40 to 50 miles per hour. and new york city, hartford, that would be with gusty winds and the heavy rain. midwest to the northeast, we're
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in the southeast where yesterday you received your soaker. now a closer look at the day so, obviously with all the clouds and rain, temperatures will be kept in check but temperatures will be in the 60s and the cold air spilling in from canada is down in the northern plains from dakotas to minnesota. i guess give yourself extra time and a big umbrella. rits one of those days where the umbrella goes inside out. new details from the ntsb for anyone driving a car or truck. plus, the scene of a dangerous robbery. we have those details next.ext. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do.
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19,000 injured from tire related accidents. they recall 3.2 million tires and only 44% came off the road. many drivers and the mechanics don't know when a tire is recalled. they recommended a tire registration system. in virginia, two people are dead after this car crashed into the house last night, it was going 80 miles per hour when it crashed into the fire hydrant before hitting the house. police officers will start carrying num chucks. this weapon made famous by martial artists like bruce lee will help them restrain unruly suspects without undue force. >> pain compliance, that type of thing. >> officers will have to pass 16-hours of training before
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and in phil eayly a man fell onto train tracks. they're still looking for two suspects that stole the victim's bag on the train. and in pennsylvania, a motorist was killed last night when his vehicle crash under to a school bus, flipping it over. the bus was carrying lehigh university's rowing team. the name of the 28-year-old driver will be released once his relatives have been notified. ready for the world's biggest drugstore chain? walgreens is going to by rite aid. cheap jet fuel and price matching among airlines is leading to deep cuts of round
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coming up on "today," the heart throbs are taking over a performance live on the plaza. now in sports, the golden state warriors celebrated their 2015 nba championship, including ailing head coach, steve kerr. the reigning nba, mvp scored 20 of his 30 points in the first quarter. warriors win 111-95. next to chicago where a busy president obama offered his take on his bulls. >> well, these are two of the top teams in the east. i think in the west, it's a free for all. clippers, golden state, oklahoma, houston. that's a tough line up.
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glad my bulls are in the east. >> in the end, the president's chicago bulls would pull out 97-95. and earlier in the day the president welcomed the world cup women's team to the white house. >> this team taught all america's children that playing like a girl means you're a bad -- perhaps i shouldn't have used that phrase. playing like a girl means being the best. it means drawing the largest tv audience for a soccer match, men or women's in american history. >> i like the first phrase. just ahead, new stuff from taylor swift and a new look at the new "hungergerttle on his little boat any harder if he tried. he's beached here, gazing out on an unforgiving landscape. for while the people who come in here use quilted northern,
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>> michael jackson's tops forb's list of top dead celebrities. at 115 million. elvis took in 55 million and elizabeth taylor rounds out the top five. and the epic finale that is mocking jay part 2. >> our lives, they mean something. >> we can take down the capital. >> now you're talking. >> oh, that's going to be good. it hits theaters november 20th. are you a big "hunger games" fan? >> i a month ago i finally watched the first two. >> oh, it's good stuff. i'm betty nguyen. this is "early today." you tuck here... you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus,
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leading the news on, two killed when world war ii tank explodes in oregon. deputies responded to a firing range. they attempted to save victims but they died from their injuries. and in the huffington post, jason jason chafets moves to impeach irs commissioner. he believes the move will help restore public confidence in the irs.
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tensions mounted in the south china sea on monday. u.s. sent a war ship close to the south china sea. and the u.s. state department says the relationship between bejing and the u.s. is vitally important. indiana maryland on tuesday, a police officer disguised himself as a homes all man. it was an enforcement for growing distractions of drivers. they -- and a notorious international jewel thief was arrested. 85-year-old doris pain was seen walking out of sacks fifth avenue with earrings in her pocket. she's been arrested multiple times during a five decade
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spree. thousands gathered in the nation's capital to walk the annual high heel race dawning the best costumes, they raced down the street. since 1986, this takes place the tuesday before halloween. there are some -- >> what's the cut off? what's the highest high heels you would wear? >> i've worn a pair of seven inch. not going to tell you when or where but i have. there's a tease for you. >> i want pictures. and prince harry is in washington d.c. to promote his events for wounded warriors. and with michelle obama and dr. joe biden. and don't forget tonight, the republican presidential debate. and happy birthday to pretty
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