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[cheers and plause]polls show a new candidate leading the pack. hear the debate day strategies, and when you'll see most of them in iowa. plus... we are learning more about the south carolina take down.... when a female student was slammed to the ground by a deputy. what will happen the deputy now. the news at noon... starts now. news at noon front door open good afternoon, i'm megan reuther, thanks for joining us. republic candites fo presidentare st toace off at th universitof colorado in uldefor eithird debate. rece iowa lls a now natoal oll indcate b cason as ak theead fr donald ump. anngreghas thlatest. dold tru, enters tight debteit ben arn
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cntuing gain ound. a cbs/neyork timenationl pollnow shoing cason 4 poin ahe of trump. presintial caidate :13-:20"i an i'mn seond, is not likeerribl but don't likeeing in cond tht feelterribe o me trp remas a minateforce, leding in st ealy votng ates ut his recent diin ia and thenationl pol may ndicate shit. on that coulimpa the tone f the bate.. "ts is only e natial suey tht's shwin thi b it ds intducen unpredictable dynic to e stage. bu the nbers shorepublicns rmain eeply divded. nl 48% say they wld support cson "enthiastallyif hs th minee...ju 29%or tmp. in corast to e billionae re state mols bombaic style
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l key sty. "i d't think tt very man ope thinthat heis oo laibac tobe presidenti think th people relly ealy appreiatehis mperment the st of e candates, lgin far behd te frnt runer hopehe ebat will prset opportuniie forhe to ditiui themslve ang a cwdd fild. jebus hiingwithveterns erein loradobefo the ebate, hoes to ictarhis capaig, ter cutig stff, and strgglng to ind ooing in theace.a fightfor he nominaion at tnight batecould elp bette deine. th twohour debat wilairon c--b-cit bins t sevn toight. here ines mnes, o groups hoing prova pint ata batewatcparty tight.. "maket wo" is hostinghe event a "sats p anpati" in de mones. e campaigpush for eql y... and the meu wll reflt th message. oanizer priced the drinkto reflecthe avere geer wage p inowa. sothey wl co one dollar r me... an77 cents f women the eve startat 60... and
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nditeswilhea to es ines r turday "grow and oprtunty" vent o ighigh thefallarves and iowcaus. e satuay eve is th firstf its ki...a wiltake pace a on e iwa stat fa gundsticks are dolls. atthis pnt... be carson d donal trump hve ye to cofir th puicans t to gon e atack toght seetar llary clinn isreparing t couterpunc hilla clint relsed neads ahad ofhe g debte... as she gainstrengt shes noahead f vermont nator rnie sders by1 ints..5 to 2peentn a monouth univerty pol soces say a eech will delived inse todas g-o-p nfeence..urging members to voteor pul rn fr hoe eaer pauryanill lilyin aains flida cogressma daniel ebstr. f the wionsicongressmais
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hou of reesentaves r apoval. sources sacongssman trey gowdy willomine ryan. john bhner aounced h regnaon s houe spaker from coress lt month. eanwhile..formerouse seakedennishastrt plade guity todayfor into fedal investigors abt planso pasomeone had wroged point 5 milion dolls in hh money. part the pledeal...htertould seve a pson seence. th entencg da is scduled for february 29th. jt in tay... the depu ben fields inouth carola who ammed a male studento theround s fired today. t video fm moay sws offir b fildslathe stuent t the flo and draher acss e clasrm befor aestng r for disturbing a ma class.iel was inially suendewithout paythe b-i, t jusce partmenand e
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stateaw eorceme hav opnedsepare invesigatins in he btal take dn. aaciallchard hally brawl sleft som lingringffec on west s mnes gh scool. it ppened avall hig hol back n frury... and ws cughtn cel phoncama. nowparents an studentsre cing togeth to e if diussons abut rac ar leadinto proess. sdents are endi time clas dicusinstereoypes, an e cultes that ist the hallways. lt nit princil tim ller emasiz the imptancof brang kindns anrespt. says t goais to impre acctance of all the differencest valley 'were big scol. thes no doubabot it. youbri 2000 ople togeer andou kn anoer 0 staf meers.ouvegot a al ton he. a a ciy, a thers dffeing ltur and an ffor to bri us tother, eve gt to ve someuiding priipls.' students sayhese dcussio
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e adnisttion tes them seriosly. des mois publ schoo is instiati a studentn-studt sault eashigh sool la week. pil roer, te shool disrict director ocommicaton say the suect onideo as ben suspeed fr schoolbut a moreserous punhmentoul be coming "ansituation lke that a seris mater and theschol tok appropriateisciplinar action... ths-r-o s immediately in inlved andeferd thmatter tohe untaorne'sofice aswell s the coud besoe aditnal csequens that thetudent ll befaci as resut o thi" roder says aaultharg wer orinal filed wh poce... buthat vestatin is n in e hndso thcouny attney's offe. onetudent i belved to hav been upsett another gil over annlinpost. the video ken lasthursda shws onetudnt taing e
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viti's ce phone, oving hero the grond, d thethroing a nuberof pches. "the fsh market"pened s moring. hopps can enjofood sampl d chef demstraons as thecheck outhe ste. the fist onehousan cusmers ao wentome wi a bagf the mpany'coffee e sty is locat at 591 mis civc parkay. -e-i" scheded to opn nexdooon novber 6t job ekers willoon ha an opportuni to et witmetr emplors... "d-macc" an"goodwl" are hosti a jobuccess worksho in des mois the xt twoays. ople n receve tis o resme prentation...esearcng compnies.. a dresingto imprss. it'srom six to eig... at "d-mac souridge. it time w to g a fir
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let's ead downo megasalo at the ience nter.
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winds e stng frothe nortwes witsomeguss up near 5 mph. empeaturs wil stay cooin t 50s wit no big warm u expcted.the wnds wil connue t gust his afteroonand is eeninas mperaure fa backto he 40 and30s onigh. gae to of he wod seri is tonght i kaas city. th is throyals2nd straig tr to sebll's champioship t kansacity roys be the neworkmet 5 4 n the 14h innin...
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claiming theirstame of t seris. t to 14 inings..5 9 minute game is tonightt 7-07 onfox. the be in io higschool fotba go had tohead toniht. es is at lley tt game kicks of at sevn. jnston kes onhe hoover huies atohnston. and aeny tales inanola at hoe. chk ino or evnin wscats for orts covage on tho games andore. ggar'night just twoays awy ndsome o you mybe sti wthout stumes e therical op in st des mones saythatou cn fnd a funoutft fo around 2buck it just tak lite bit rk. theyuggestindingome make- upbecse tt is te eaiest and cheapest wato change ur appearce bu, if you d't have timeo dothat,ou cld alysust go rent sothing "a goocostumin the rtal ea s goig to e abot 40- llars. at gets aery mpletecoste
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from hd to t." yo cantillind morehan thoand coumes to nt at th theaic shop. and thewill exte their hou all wk to commode thoslast mute hoppers cing upn the annel 13 ws atnoon thunique w one oanizatio want to risemoney f familie in ed thi thankiving. hw you n help feedamilies whe eouragi fitss. us...he n age docrs now want women be reened f breas cacer. d, why ot evryone agres withhe rommendatio new bast ncer gdelis
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men stargettg maogra eaier. ty suggt gettinchecd at age 45. inead of0. anjanee flows spokwith breas canr survvorwho disres with e newrecomendaon. "i' just beenecoverg and getng hlthier" abut a ear ao coleen essr just fished emohera and h undergone a double mastectomy after a stage two breast cancer diagnosis. with no family history, she's the first in her family. "i was 42 when i was diagnosed with breast cancer, i had very dense breasts. i had cysts in my breasts." that's why the american cancer society's new recommendations really hit home for wessler, a wife and
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mom of two. the new guidelines from the acs recommend that a woman with an average risk of breast cancer wait until she's 45 to have her first mammogram instead of their previous recommendation at the age of 40. "had i not been attuned to my body and had gone on these recommdations, i feel i would've been dead. i mean truly my husband wldn't have a wife. mchildren wouldn have mother hers whe the acstacks up copaed to ther recmendtion the arican llege obstetricis and gynecologists recmends 40 as the age for woen t stat getting mammograms. the u. preveive seices sk force recommes 50. "its still ot cutand y." accrdinto the as, f 10,000 wom get maograms, rom ges 4 to 49,it esultsin 130 fse sitivs an700 ncessry biosies an fivlive sav. wessle sai savng live is wha maters. "i yocan tch i earl i beliee tht jusifis te falseposives. cnn reort, th newguideines als stat that men ove age 55 n oose tget mammram er
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otheryea, sice brast ncer in st enopaual womn td t deelp mre lowly who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced.
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right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa
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a cold front is sliding through iowa ushering in cooler temperatures and brisk northwest winds. winds will be from the northwest at 15 to 25 mph this afternoon. some gusts may be as high as 35 mph. the weather remains breezy on thursday. there is a chance for a few flurries along the iowa/minnesota border overnight. friday evening is beggar's night. skies will be mostly cloudy and temperatures will be in the 50s for trick or treating. rain moves across the state early saturday morning. it looks warm
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saturday afternoon.
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coming up after the break... you can help kids reach a families. the unique way they're raising
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iowans. non-proft "east coast tae kwon do" is doing a fitness fundraiser. the martial arts students are gathering sponsors to raise money by doing several different fitness activities like sits ups, push ups and punching drills. today we have the owner/ instructor norman wrigley joining us to talk more about the annual event. -5th annual fundraiser -every
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dollar donated to a student, that student performs 4 different exercises to earn that dollar. -money donated is to purchase gift certificates for turkey dinner meal through hy-vee in altoona. -money raised in the past has fed up to 104 families over the holidays. each year students of ectkd gather sponsors, to raise money
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hands food pantry in altoona. for every dollar donated to a student, that student in return performs 4 different exercises to 'earn' that dollar. the money donated to our fundraiser is used to purchase gift certificates good for a turkey dinner meal that feeds four, through hy-vee in altoona. these certificates are given to our friends at caring hands in altoona, and then distributed to those families that might not
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have a holiday meal over thanksgiving and christmas. over the last two years alone, we have raised enough to feed 104 families over the holidays. we have some more information from our past fundraisers at our website. http: teases are done! gaining ground polls show a new candidate leading teases are done!
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if you think we can grow our economy while ignoring climate change, think again. america's most innovative companies are already moving to clean energy using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america to save money on electricity and create millions of new jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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the pack. hear the debate day strategies, and when you'll see most of them in iowa. we are learning more about the south carolina brutal attack. when a female student was slammed to the ground by a deputy.
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good afternoon, i'm megan reuther, thanks for joining us. republican candidates for president are set to face off at the university of colorado in boulder for their third debate. recent iowa polls and now a national poll indicate ben carson has taken the lead from donald trump. leanne gregg has the latest. donald trump, enters tonight's debate with ben carson continuing to gain ground. a cbs/new york times national poll now showing carson 4 points ahead of trump. presidential candidate :13-:20"i mean i'm in second, it's not like terrible but i don't like being in second. that feels terrible to me. trump remains a dominate force, leading in most early voting states, but his recent dip in iowa and the national poll may indicate a shift. one that could impact the tone
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of the debate.. "this is only one national survey that's showing this but it does introduce an unpredictable dynamic to the stage. but the numbers show republicans remain deeply divided. only 48% say they would support carson "enthusiastically" if he's the nominee...just 29% for trump. in contrast to the billionaire real estate moguls bombastic style, carson's staffers say the retired neurosurgeon will maintain his low key style. "i don't think that very many people think that he is too laid back to be president: i think that people really really appreciate his temperament " the rest of the candidates, lagging far behind the front runners hope the debate will present opportunities for them to distinguish themselves among a crowded field. jeb bush, hiking with veterans here in colorado before the debate, after cutting staff, and struggling to find footing in the race. a fight for the nomination that tonight's debate could help better define. the two hour debate will air on
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here in des moines, one group is hoping to prove a point at a debate watch party tonight... "make it work" is hosting the event at "saints pub and patio" in des moines. the campaign pushes for equal pay... and the menu will reflect the message. organizers priced the drinks to reflect the average gender wage gap in iowa. so they will cost one dollar for men... and 77 cents for women. the event starts at 6-30... and is open to the public. this weekend, republican candidates will head to des moines for saturday's "growth and opportunity" event to highlight the fall harvest and iowa caucus. the saturday event is the first of its kind...and will take place at the varied industries building on the iowa state fair grounds. tickets are 10 dollars. at this point... ben carson and donald trump have yet to confirm. with republicans set to go on the attack tonight, secretary
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clinton is preparing to counter-punch. hillary clinton released new ads ahead of the gop debate... as she gains strength. shes now ahead of vermont senator bernie sanders by 41 points....65 to 24 percent in a monmouth university poll. sources say a speech will be delivered inside today's g-o-p conference... urging members to vote for paul ryan for house speaker. paul ryan will likely win against florida congressman daniel webster. if the wisconsin congressman is nominated... it would then go to the full house of representatives for approval. sources say congressman trey gowdy will nominate ryan. john boehner announced his resignation as house speaker from congress last month. meanwhile....former house speaker dennis hastert pleaded guilty today. for lying to federal investigators about plans to pay someone he had wronged 3 point 5 million dollars in hush money. as part of the
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serve a prison sentence. the sentencing date is scheduled for february 29th. just in today... the deputy ben fields in south carolina who slammed a female student to the ground was fired today. the video from monday shows officer ben fields slam the student to the floor and drag her across the classroom before arresting her for disturbing a math class. fields was initially suspended without pay. the f-b-i, the justice department and the state law enforcement have in the brutal take down. it's time now to get a first look at the forecast... let's head down to megan salois at the science center. ad lib wx quick cloudy and cool conditions today. winds are strong from the northwest with some gusts up near 35 mph. temperatures will stay cool in
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the 50s, with no big warm up expected. the winds will continue to gust this afternoon and this evening as temperatures fall back to the 40s and 30s tonight. "the fresh market" opened its
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shoppers can enjoy food samples and chef demonstrations as they check out the store. the first one thousand customers also went home with a bag of the company's coffee. the story is located at 59-01 mills civic parkway. "r-e-i" is scheduled to open next door on novmeber 6th. the best in iowa high school
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ames is at valley that game kicks off at seven. johnston takes on the hoover huskies at johnston. and ankeny tackles indianola at home. check in to our evening newscasts for sports coverage on those games and more. coming up after the break. prince harry is the united states today to witness real life courage. why he traveled to the states
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a cold front is sliding through iowa ushering in cooler temperatures and brisk northwest winds. winds will be from the northwest
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at 15 to 25 mph this afternoon. some gusts may be as high as 35 mph. the weather remains breezy on thursday. there is a chance for a few flurries along the iowa/minnesota border overnight. friday evening is beggar's night. skies will be mostly cloudy and temperatures will be in the 50s for trick or treating. rain moves across the state early saturday morning. it looks warm and dry next week. we'll be back in the 60s by saturday afternoon. prince harry is on a quick trip
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he's here to promote an event, he's championed.. for wounded is packing a lot into the brief visit. keir simmons has more. prince harry... in london monday night for the premier of the latest james bond movie... is in washington this morning... to witness real life courage... specialist sydney davis suffers post traumatic stress... ptd... at times she's been suicidal... playing sports helps... sot specialist davis. 'it pulls you out of that hole that you're in and you start to see your depression lessen.' seeing prince harry today... may lift her mood too... sot 'you know you may get to meet him... i know, i'm trying to contain myself...' sargent blake johnson served in afghanistan in 2012... ... like prince harry... sot prince harry 'the american guys are being really nice to us, had us over for thanksgiving'since then harry has been flying round the world
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to help those in need... spending summer in africa working on conservation... meeting sick children... and even admitting he'd like to his own little ones... sot harry 'of course i'd love to have kids right now but there's a process that one has to go through' next year florida will host harry's invictus games for wounded warriors... sot ken fisher, organizer 'this is something that we owe them... we owe them this debt' later today the british ambassador will host a launch party... sot 'harry has a particularly strong sense of commitment to the guys, the people with whom he fought' but 'guys' may not be the ones fighting to get in... sot ambassador 'i'm always very
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touched by the interest young ladies show in meeting members of the british royal family... particularly harry...' harry is here for 24 hours... but maybe... sot specialist davis 'he's still a bachelor, i mean he's still single so. no he's not. yes he is. you didn't have to tell me that' checks are in the mail for farmers... after the break david geiger has more on why the new farm bill crop insurance payments arrive in late october.. next on the agribusiness
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geiger. it looks like the 2014 farm bill crop insurance changes have processed.. and checks will soon be sent to farmers.. i talked to the iowa farm service agency today.. and they say some payments were processed last monday in kansas city.. and batches were sent out on the 23rd... after that.. they have to go to the county office to insure correctness of individual accounts. but there's been worries in the air of the payment timings.. some call them late.. but that's not the case
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they cite arc and plc regulations to require payments due.. after calculations are done.. and there's thousands of combinations of data.. which takes time to process.. and october 1st is the first day the f- s-a can start processing conservation reserve program payments.. which are applied to payment limitations.. "the other part of arc-plc that folks need to realize, because it's a revenue based program we have to calculate the revenues based on commodity, based on county. there's over 3,000 counties in the united states. there's 21 commodities that all has to be data loaded." whitaker adds.. some of that data does not become available until late september. nearly four billion dollars are provided by the arc an plc safety-net programs.. whitaker says despite last years record crop.. some producers needed significant payments because of a 30 percent drop in corn prices. he says there were other spots where yields were good enough to make
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with harvest nearly done.. the grain markets are slow moving.. and trending to the red.. "i'm sitting on the sidelines in corn, i just don't think prices are going anywhere. so i'm advising clients just to move on and look at other markets that are trending." "and with brazil planting 100 million metric tons, i don't see much hope for soybeans. but i don't think we can see a dollar rally and i don't think we can see a dollar selloff. i think we are just going to chop around for the next several months until spring. so i think this market is going to be very boring." "now, i am caught in a bind here. i am short the december cattle, i'm around the 141, 142 level, we are limit up in the december contract. so, i am still bearish this market. but sometimes, you're just on the wrong side and right now i'm on the wrong side. you know, with the world health organization coming out and slamming pork and cattle causing cancer, it sent beef prices and cattle prices down the last two days but then right back up today. so, very, very stubborn." "hob prices have absolutely collapsed. i just don't know where they're going. i think the downside is limited here. due to the fact that the chart structure is terrible, meaning we've just fallen off a cliff." that's all we have for the show
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today.. thanks for joining.. our stories are online.. go to who- tv dot com.. click news then
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dear future, life is good. no, great. i'm like, a man. only better. but even though i know everything, i still feel like you could surprise me. like that skateboard incident with the squirrel. but life is sweet now. hey, what could go wrong? it's you and me all the way, future.
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it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner.
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give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough.
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