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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  October 30, 2015 5:00am-5:28am CDT

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and the faunz himself,why questions are being raised about the director of prairie meadows signing new contracts with companies his family members work for. halloween history.. kids in central iowa usually trick or treat the night before halloween. we take a look at the history behind beggar's night.. "it just, it broke me. now i'm afraid to ride a bus. what students are accusing a bus driver of doing.... and why they say he lost his temper on them. it's friday october 30th... today in iowa
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first on 13... parents reacting this morning after a violent bus ride through johnston... goes viral. now the driver of that bus... accused of assaulting a special needs child. channel 13's aaron brilbeck has the story. this is the video shot by a student on the bus police say it shows johnston school driver robert scarbrough assaulting a 15-year old special needs child. he then unleashes his rage
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the video ends with scarbrough apparently taunting the special needs child... the whole incident happened around noon today. fabeiola jamboa was thing. "he just grabbed his jacket and like that. nothing else. like he was of the kids got off the bus when they deputy parked near-by and reported the incident. "we just got off the bus. maybe like five to six people stayed on the bus. we just all ran out and just yelled to him and he just said the f-word cussed. he didn't care. this was the school bus driver? yeah. he just cussed at us. he didn't care. he was soulless." "he was denying that he assaulted the student. but the video shows otherwise? the video that we have would give an indication that an assault did occur."the 61-year old scarbrough is charged with child endangerment and assault causing injury. his future with the district is also in question.. "was he fired? he's on administrative leave. what does that mean? it means that he is not working as a driver in this capacity. is he paid still or no? i'm unsure of that. i can say he's on administrative leave."parents here at johnston middle school where the child is a student...were shocked when we showed them this video.... "no one one that works with special needs kids should ever treat a kid like that. kids shouldn't be treated like that regardless." "it made me sick. because i have nieces and nephews that are special education children and i can't imagine anybody laying a hand on those special special kids."jamboa
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says this will forever change her, too...the victim, she says, is more than a classmate...he's a friend. "he's sweet. but sometimes he gets influenced by other people so he can't control what he says. and it's not his fault per se to me." "it just, it broke me. now i'm
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the school is now offering counseling for students affected by the incident. they say the driver passed all background checks and training... and no one has complained of him being violent before. a des moines student had to skip the bus completely. he's recovering from a case of bullying that sent him to the hospital... 14-year-old steven saldago says he was bullied twice in one day. in one incident... another student flipped over a desk onto his foot.... landing him in the emergency room with a fracture. both happened monday at the jesse franklin taylor education center. his mother claims he has a learning disability and the bullying has been constant. the school district is now investigating... but says the injury was originally attributed to "horsing around." saldago's mother says she doesn't believe that.... 123309 - if you keep doing something over and over repeatedly and you never have any consequences for it and nothing ever happens....why would you stop castillo says she's considering
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home schooling her son to prevent future bullying. today thousands of drug offenders will walk free. the justice department plans to release 6-thousand non-violent drug offenders. that's from federal prisons across america... and includes about 150 iowans. they were all sentenced under what the justice department calls "outdated drug laws" during the 80s and 90s. those released will remain under the supervision of probation officers. burglars made off with polk city property totaling 150-thousand- dollars. police say someone broke into the city's maintenance building and stole two trucks... both look similar to this one. and they're pretty hard to miss... with the city logo on the doors... yellow warning lights on the roof... and city license plates. police say the thieves also took tools and other equipment from the building. if you have
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information, call polk city police. two contracts at prairie meadows
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morning. this year the casino changed insurance companies... and hired a marketing firm.. both at the request of general manager gary palmer. and that's a change that sent a total of one million dollars to his family members. two of plamer's in-laws work high up in those companies. the casino's chairman says he didn't see an issue at the time. even though one of the companies was out-of-state... something the gaming commission tries to avoid. 16:27:20 'we try to encourage them to buy through iowa companies.' both were approved by the
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then -- like all conflict of interest deals -- it went to the "racing and gaming commission". where they approved as well. lamberti says raising concern should have been up to the board. we reached out to the casino's general manager, but he declined to comment. beggars' night is finally here... and it's something that's uniquely des moines... but why? we sent josh nguyen down to the historical museum in the east village to find some answers. josh, what did you find? historical museum in the east
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kansas city royals fans have
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but one of them may be the
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happiest of all.. coming up... a lifelong fan got a trip of a lifetime to see the royals
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thousands of kansas city royals
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play in the world series this week. but one of those fans wasn't even planning to go to the game. the surprise trip for a longtime fan... and the stranger who made it
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if you think we can grow our economy while ignoring climate change, think again. america's most innovative companies are already moving to clean energy
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using existing technology to improve their bottom line. now we need a plan to help businesses and families across america to save money on electricity and create millions of new jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? getting tickets inside a cost a pretty penny... but for one 90-year-old fan... they came for free. when two fellow fans heard the
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man's story... they stepped up to make his life-long royals-dream come true. katie banks has the story: and just like that - this charlie got his golden ticket to game one of the world series. quick"i wanted to spread the love a little bit. touched by the story of 90-year-old charlie blystone quick"dont know how much i appreciate it." a veteran who has been a royals fan for decades. but who couldnt afford tickets. instead, sitting outside the stadium before each game, hoping for player autographs, before heading home to watch the action on t-v. "i get kind of thrilled. kind of thrilled about it, getting their signature." dedication that inspired yet another royals fan - to donate tickets to charlie for game two. "well weve got two more for you tonight, i think you might like those. quick"well i sure appreciate it." jerry poore with majestic athletics, which provides uniforms for mlb and the royals, delivering tickets on behalf of the companys president, jim pisani. "its always great, i think to get an actual true fan that just loves the
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sport, loves this team as much as charlie does and to follow a team for this many years and to finally get to go to a world series game thats really cool stuff." generosity charlie appreciates. quick"it sure means a lot to me. and memories hell never forget. "it was perfect! that was an exciting game! i really loved it! game three gets underway tonight. this time the mets get home field advantage. first pitch is at 7:07 on fox. the royals currently leading the series, 2 and 0. meanwhile golf and football collide on the gridiron tomorrow... the hawks welcome two time major champion zach johnson. the drake alum, and lifelong
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the tenth-ranked iowa team hosts maryland tomorrow at 2:30. they take the field undefeated... and favored for a win. in ames, the cyclones host the resurgent longhorns. texas is a 7 point favorite. halloween history.. kids in
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