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tv   Channel 13 Live at 5  NBC  November 10, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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first on 13 with more...justin? employees at hotel fort des moines were blind sided by the news they received just yesterday that they would be without work at the end of the week...many of them say they've stuck their necks out for ownership but feel nothing is being given back in return... news of the iconic fort des moines hotel shutting down this friday may come as a surprise to most but for current hotel employees like tesla tallbott its much more than that... "four days to find a new job is not a lot at all...its a far different tune than what management told her just several months ago when she was hired on full time... 'when i was hired i was told wed be doing reservations through april so wed be open until april 20-16.'hawkeye hotels chief development director raj patel released this
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exact date as to when to close the hotel for renovations was quite difficult, as we know what this hotel means for the people of des moines, and for iowans all across the state who have become accustomed to staying at this hotel during their travels,' patel also says employees have been offered a chance to interview at open positions at other properties hawkeye hotels owns but for tesla who is 7 months pregnant it offers little hope... i walked in and they had one applications and he looked straight at my belly they say there is no discrimmination but it is hard to get a job. i'm giving birth in two months and then out of work 8 weeks...knowing that the hotel was outdated and thinking the 40 million dollar renovations wouldnt begin until the spring...employees like tesla say they often stood up for management when customers complained... 'i feel like we have gone above and beyond to try to make their guests happy with the elevators not working with the air conditioning down all summer.'tesla says she wishes management showed that
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same integrity...
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storm system will bring thunderstorms to iowa wednesday afternoon which may become severe, especially across
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the iowa division of criminal investigation is looking into a fatal shooting. the calhoun county sheriff's office found a man dead at 205 second street in pomeroy around two o'clock this morning. no arrest have been made in the case, but officials don't believe the public is in danger. the name of the victim hasn't been released. polk county officials have released the names of three people who were shot at a nightclub early sunday morning.. officials say 25-year-old geraldine lindsey of illinois, 19-year-old marquise thompson of des moines
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and 33-year-old steve gibbs of des moines were all shot at "evolution nightclub." 20-year-old dashwan smith of des moines was killed in the shooting. no arrests have been made and the investigation into the shooting continues. the violent weekend in the metro was part of a discussion with police today. the des moines p-d held it's annual "neighborhood workshop" at the police academy. the department discussed solving crimes...saying it's proud that it's identified suspects in all of the city's 14 homicides this year. officers also talked about current and future police projects. at request, the neighbors also got to meet the school resource officers. the chief says meeting like this are key to keeping a community on the right track. 16:44:27-16:44:50 you can look at the national news and the media about what's going on. we get it we see it as well. dsm is different because of the people in this room. both blue uniforms and people at tables. we will always be different. we are more
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throughout the 3 hour meeting, the residents were also allowed to ask questions. des moines police are hoping the community can help them solve a burglary. this is a picture from security video at "the laundry place" in the 23- hundred block of east university avenue on october 12th. police say the people seen here... forced their way into a private office and burglarized it. if you can identify these individuals call polk county crime stoppers at 515-223-1400. fort dodge police are also searching for a suspect in a robbery at a kum and go convenience store. it happened early this morning at the store on north 22nd street. workers say the suspect displayed a handgun... demanded money ...then ran out. if you have any information on the robbery... contact webster county crime stoppers at 515-573-1444.
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a des moines ambulance is smashed up after it got into a crash while taking a patient to the hospital. it happened this morning just after seven o'clock. police say a car collided with the ambulance at the intersection of southwest 6th street and west m- l-k junior parkway. another ambulance responded to take the patient on to the hospital. there were no serious injuries reported from the crash. the state will honor five iowans for their heroic deeds this thursday at the capitol. the governor will issue the sullivan brothers' awards of valor. nevada fire lieutenant bradley melton and nevada police officer chris brandes are among the recipients. the pair rescued a nevada man caught in an apartment fire in april. two cedar falls fire fighters are also being honored for a fire rescue. iowa state trooper tracy bohlen is being recognized for administering c-p-r to a driver on interstate-35 near ankeny. the plans to revitalize walnut street now include a museum. the wells fargo history museum will go into the wells fargo bank lobby in
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the financial center on walnut street. the 55-hundred square foot museum is expected to open in the fall of 2016. it'll celebrate the history of des moines and wells fargo... and will include a full-size wells fargo stage coach. city officials say this is just the beginning of what's to come for walnut street. 11:07:27-11:07:44 parallel parking spacing, shopping...walnut street will become a lifestyle destination and this museum is really an important part of it. the museum is expected to attract more than 25-thousand visitors annually. there will be no admission. across the nation, people rallied for higher wages today... here in the metro... the effort was staged at a restaurant in waukee. what this group is pushing for...and won't work. plus...the republican presidential candidates prepare for their fourth debate. what's at stake...why trump is calling this campaign
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weird...and how the moderators plan to make this debate different. plus, some say it could be the biggest one-day economic boom for johnson county. why hawkeyes fans are expected to
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13:12:55 what do we want? 15. when do we want it? now people took their the fight to raise the minimum wage outside fast food chains across the country and here in iowa.
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the group, fight for 15, staged protests in hundreds of cities some fast food workers showed their support for higher wages by walking out on the job. 13:41:20 yeah, trying to save money- living at home now. hopefully i can get another job and make things, make ends meet 30 more than a dozen protestors stood outside the mcdonalds in waukee over the noon hour. zac campbell works at a gas station and is going to college. won't help iowans break the cycle of poverty. the group is calling to raise the rate to 15-dollars. but senator chuck grassley says that won't work.. 14:46 i dont think we ought to do something that causes more people to be unemployed and when you raise the price of labor. it does increase unemployment 58 grassley says the percentage of americans in the labor force sits at 62-percent... the lowest in 38 years. minimum wage could be one of the economic topics tonight at the g-o-p
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debate. the main stage tonight will only feature eight of the top polling candidates. the remaining four candidates will do an under card debate. n-b-c's steve handelsman has more from milwaukee. the pressure is on ben carson... who's pushing back presidential candidate :04-:08 puerto rico/sunday "i simply cannot sit still and watch unfairness." with the republicans in milwaukee... carson's friends predict fire from the quiet doctor. "bring it on, i'm ready to fight." carson is insisting his youth was in fact violent until he became a christian presidential candidate too short to super"now president trump!! president trump!! donald trump ... at a huge rally last night in illinois. called the campaign weird..citing a carson story presidential candidate / last night :34-:41"if you try and hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up, i never saw anything like it." trump and carson are tied in national surveys trailed by marco rubio... defending his personal finances and jeb
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performances in a new ad link: https: "it is not about yapping, it's not about talking. it's about doing" it's the 8 top-polling candidates tonight on the main stage on fox business that promises a different tone from the last debate by cnbc maria bartiromo, fox business news debate moderator "you want to draw out the differences, but... taking somebody's head off and having a fight""you want to draw out the differences... says moderator maria bartiromo... but... taking somebody's head off and having a fightparty chairman reince priebus "i think they want a substantive debate on business and finance and the economy. which is what people in this country and this state of wisconsin want to talk about. the economy!" specific economic plans from the top contenders would be a change. audio outcue: i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, milwaukee, wisconsin. the under card debate begins at six o'clock...and the main debate begins at eight. you can see it on the fox business network. if you don't have that'll also be streaming online. you can ask some of the candidates questions at a series of channel 13 forums next week. the first is one week from today...
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with dr. ben carson. the topic is education.... and the forum will air live from four to five o'clock. two more forums will follow with bobby jindal and donald trump. to find out how to submit questions or get involved in the forums...go to who- tv-dot-com. scroll down to the "featured" bar
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skies will stay cloudy and overcast tonight and temperatures very mild. we will hold in the mid to low 50s during the night. drizzle will develop by early morning. as a strong upper level low moves into the central us, it will intensify over iowa on wednesday afternoon. this will lead to an enhanced risk of severe storms across parts of iowa, especially southeast iowa. all modes of severe weather are possible: large hail, damaging winds, and a few tornadoes. the time period most likely to see severe storms will be between 1 pm and 6 pm. behind the storms, comes very strong winds. a high wind watch wijl go in effect at 9 pm wednesday until 6 am thursday, as winds across central and
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gust as high as 50+mph. colder air will return to the state with temperatures dropping to 32 degrees by early friday morning. highs will only be in the 40s. that chill doesn't last long, as we will return to
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coming up the hawkeyes are nine and oh... that means the game this weekend against minnesota is sold out! coming up...what else is happening at kinnick on saturday that has the city
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mark carlson explain how the local economic is cashing in on the "grapple on the gridiron." it could be the biggest one day economic boom in the history of johnson county. "saturday, if we did a study just for saturday and all the people coming to town, not to mention the attention and additional press, it would probably go down as the greatest economic impact day in this community's history. " officials estimate that well over 20- million dollars will be dumped into the local economy from sun-up when the hawkeye wrestling team gets ready to take the mats - to sun down when the 8th ranked hawkeyes take on minnesota in a prime time battle with a chance to get to 10-and-0. "i've said, and i don't think it's overstating it, saturday has the potential of being one of the greatest days in hawkeye history, to be able to witness a wrestling duel with 40 plus-thousand of my closest wrestling pals, buddies, and then to be able to go tailgate for a little longer and then comeback and watch us beat the gofers, which
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pretty special day. " "some people will pass through the gates on more than one occasion, but in all officials say well over 100,000 people will come and go from kinnick stadium this saturday." but if you don't have a hotel room -- you may be out of luck. many have been booked for weeks. "this weekend probably two months, and we have got a waiting list and the calls are coming in every day, still people looking for rooms. " dave davis, general manager of the hampton inn and holiday inn in coralville says there are literally zero hotel rooms left in all of the county. it's good for business, you wish you could help the people, and there's nowhere i can refer them to, so when you look in our computer system it's saying there are still a few rooms left in cedar rapids, but there's really nothing in town here. " iowa's big sports weekend actually starts friday night when the men's basketball team hosts
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if you think there's no solution to the climate crisis, think again. in iowa, wind energy is already producing enough power for over a million homes, reducing our dependence on foreign oil and supporting six thousand jobs. i'm tom steyer. with bold leadership and an endless supply of wind and sun, we can do that across america. the goal is 50% clean energy by 2030.
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