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tv   Channel 13 News at Four  NBC  November 11, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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this is 34, where we see this kind of high shear in tornadoes. the warnings are steer outline to the west them deep river over toward i 80 and zero -- over a jasper county we have a tornado.that expands all the way to the north side of jasper county. i wouldn't be surprised if partial count into the grundy county area you may see some warnings as well. the farther north of the kobe really have cold enough air that it is cutting off the potential for extreme severe weather. most of it as then i 80 down to the celtic just because of the heating of the day.
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triple point of a very center moving it and the heat and wind coming together with higher levels of stability. that's all occurring right now as we speak. how fast it's moving out. put about two hours ago this would be out of here and moving through the metro fire around 4-4:30 and by five and 6:00, we will talk cedar rapids into the east that we have the strongest severe weather and the wind will whip up behind us tonight at 50-50-mile an hour wind speed slightly into tomorrow morning so we will have high wind warnings to deal with. these are the most important. the tornado warnings and this one brett is outlining in jasper counting near newton. you can see the outline up a scraggly edge and that is on the north side of that particular tornado warning. marion and poweshiek county, a little farther to the south, still jasper county and the edges of the other county under that tornado warning as well as we go through the next 45 minutes.
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we see the green and red and when we see that bobble, that is where we watched the wind speeds in and out and away and away from the radar. the radar sees that and when it moves through, it can see which way the wind is moving toward that beam and when that starts to spin and win these colors get close to one another, you either know that the storm is moving over the radar or you know that it is a twist within the storm and for pella, to new sharon, sally, you all need to be seeking shelter. we have the trigger warning toward solly. we even have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect across highway 63 back over toward palette into that area that is again been hit very hard today. we have the potential for storms to slide a little further to the north and east. open area from carroll. they had a tornado warning and atlantic the same thing and
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kristen down on le mans i we've seen severe weather moving out and this is the open space underneath the big storm center. it is where we see the colder culver conditions now. >> the west des moines police are reporting that the westbound exit ramp at jordan creek is underwater and is impassable right now because of the short rain that move through. they are expecting the water to go down now three has ended. if you're traveling and would be using the westbound exit ramp onto jordan creek, you will not be able to take that route. that's where we had folks inside of jordan creek that we're kept safe in their storm shelters, tornado shelters. the heavy rain is going to be a problem for any area that is prone to flooding and may be sometimes that's a prone to flooding.
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all at once we showed that on radar as well. we have a bright pink area, magenta, that is where we had the rain and heavy rain falling with high winds all at once per the lowest level is where you need to be in a tornado warning and no window between you and the storm. interior room is the best place to be. all the walls you can put between you and the outside. no mobile homes. moved to sturdy shelters. in this situation you cannot out run the tornadoes, even like some of our particular convenience stores, trip, casey's, come and go. they have the storm shelters so if you get in there, they will keep you safe as well. jasper, and poweshiek county, the highlighted area we have here break down toward montezuma, jasper county has one left rate here for newton. that goes until 4:50 and should be eliminated be. i wouldn't be surprised if we have more severe thunderstorm winds and even straight-line wind affect moving a little further to the north and east so people from cornell to montezuma and onto thornburg and oskaloosa, to seek shelter when you see the storms moving your
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it's going to be extreme wind. we had our own roger o'reilly into the abyss over lb a or in lds the storm moved over lb up. between the driving rain and not being able to see and pulling over to the side of the road, a herd of deer ran into his car because of this storm. talk about is happening at the same time. get back down to the sully area, giving a great indication of that to and from the fact that the green to the red and the outflow boundary, the spinning storm effect, that is where we see indicated rain tornadoes and we haven't not like that between sully down to pella so on the north side of pella we will be watching the sister moved to the northeast on the outline box but you can see it looks like almost a triangle as it moves back up to the north, the wider edge giving us an idea of where the storm is moving. overnight hours storm center at the big-screen or medium-sized screen, it is our own reagan.
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>> when you have for us. >> you are supposed in the pictures i'm going to show you are from winterset. we have damage around the school area including the softball dugouts, the announcer box that's been damaged in this looks like it is a softball field with a lot of debris on the ground and we talked earlier -- talked earlier that we have a tornado in the area that we highlighted earlier in the afternoon. this is a picture from across the street, a corn crib was damaged they are near the school and there is more damage from near the announcer's box, the football scoreboard has been banned in winterset as well. there is the corn crib across the street and we've been watching this area earlier when you were highlighting some of the areas we were watching for possible tornadoes. this is another picture of the football field and it looks like this is the scoreboard and it is a bit blown out. not good. damage at some of his home powder have the location for
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it looks like a little child's playhouse has been blown. that would not be the place to take them. >> if you have social media pictures that we can visit our facebook page or the channel 13 facebook page and post your pictures they are. if we see anything significant, whistle posted there. only quebec to the warning. i've been watching jennifer and brett. jennifer retweeting information that they have their pick sure you follow us on twitter and facebook and we will give you the information not only on the severe weather board happens afterwards. some of the storms did quite a bit of damage and even hail pitches run indianola and help on some of the patios and decks outside of homes down the road and you know after that storm brought hail on them. here's a new tornado warning
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down to the cedars, iowa, area, and on the very edge of the few area until 4:30 this afternoon. that line is just to the west of rose hill and right along highway 92, that is where we have to break indication there and there it is with that radar information from all of the wind coming to and from our radar. that shows us where the spin occurs between the bread and to the green. heavy wind on the north side of this and this is up toward the villages and it is just on the south side of highway 92 and as
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where we are going to find a lot of trouble for travel tonight. make sure if you have folks coming from the iowa city area over toward des moines that you tell them to put the brakes on and take your time. same thing down to the south of highway 92, highway 34, oskaloosa come over toward that area toward southern iowa. marshall county we expected a warning for you and this is a tornado warning that will last until 4:30. marshall and tama county, you can see this is moving around highway 330. recall of the diagonal to highway 30, southside of marshalltown and there is a little bit farther down to the south, melbourne, the baxter area and that is where we had various thunderstorms as well to the west and gilman. everybody within this line needs to be seeking shelter, especially south marshalltown. this is going to be moving up into highway 30. it is going to be right on your
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the next 10-15 minutes. hear from 418, 427 for marshalltown, elaborate at 4:43 and this is into the rhinebeck hudson area.waterloo so this is really scooting to the north and east at a fast pace. that is the column that we would expect for eta. especially for folks in marshall taught -- marshalltown and tama county, poor set of tama county at it is under severe thunderstorm warning. that is a tornado warning for marshall county. southwest into newton right across i 80, that is where we had the tornado warning that you see some of the line is moving a little bit to the north and east and things have started to improve quite a bit. in the background you're going to hear a lot of ambient noise
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pretty a lot of lot of people working and we have sunny and ban on the news that ready to go. this is normally when we do our 4:00 news and this is why we do this newscast for you, by the way. our dedicated -- we're dedicated to put efforts you see before he could hoping you might be at your office or school in between but this is for severe weather that is why we have this hour of news that really gives you a lot of great information that normally we wouldn't have been we are breaking its they all play through. we always do with severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings for this event is especially not rare but powerful in november when we have these kind of storms. it is a particular type of situation where it is warm in cold air behind and does them a few you do not expect tornadoes but they are strong when they happen. down to cedar and highway 23 and 92 area, that is a corner that you need to be watching right now. this a lot of open space on the wirral areas and to the east of oskaloosa, getting close to the sigourney area, that is a tornado warning that is still in effect for good reason. a town of rain and high wind ahead of it and rose hill. need to seek shelter and
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warning. marshalltown is another area that needs to be seeking shelter, highway 330 which run. >> down toward the baxter area, awfully down to des moines, that is where you need to be finding shelter is that system moves in. it does not have as much of an organized green to red gate to gate sheer that we have earlier pistols may very good chance for that to be high level wind and the tornado warning as possible. a lot of people let us know some of the sirens were not working today so we will check into that and the next couple days. we are here to keep you updated so even though your siren may not be going off, we will let you know when the warnings have hip.
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was put out, a tornado popped up along the airport. you folks are going to find the storm on your doorstep within the next 10-15 minutes. heads and waterloo, that is how fast this is moving. this will be outside of far -- you are going to see plenty of rain. are ibetweefootballe hh-leve wd. power lin areown wh this inhis veo is comi into th neroom. they've been knocked down by trees. that's not a good sign and obviously we see these down power lines, stay away.
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are there an emergency crews are there to keep you safe. that is a dangerous situation. macon is at the storm system. new information. i have a few photos to share with you from our viewers. we will take a look at those from robin. a tree has fallen onto which right there. it looks like a lot of damage in that area. it looks like the elementary and rocky of the top of the tree come if his shirt off the top. this is a great like apartment so it's close to us in downtown des moines. we heard earlier up potential tornado touched down near the airport so there is likely a lot of damage in that area. that is some tree damage there we are getting in lots of nice pictures now. the storms have passed and rainbows in such now. lindsay took this photo and you
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that home there. i just wanted to show some of the social media pictures that you are -- keep this coming as they come in. >> we have the storms that are lining up and we were getting information from it is coming to us live. they call it robbed and you and that is we get and we appreciate all of your help we would just make sure you see later on. we take this information and use it. marshalltown, it's a plan for survival. make sure if it's the basement, that is the best bet under a
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that is really to stay. room away from windows. we talk about life streaming all the time. you can do that on your cell phone just like i'm using mine today. you can see all the leister the information coming right to its resting safe, even without power. we have video as well from the airport. we were watching that storm after the tornado warning was taken away. you conceit that low level kind of scott holding onto the south side of the bottom side of the cloud cover. no tornado per se. power crews were out there and following the storm pippi didn't see the tornado. certainly we did have a few reports of the tornado on the south edge of the airport, on the north east side of the tornado. some damage right around our own brett macintyre's home. we appreciate all your help.
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is back to the actual storms. these things really rolling. it is all. out. there'll be leftover scattered showers. that is going to be along the line of high winds if it is going to be a real problem late tonight. so for travel referral morning i'm talking midnight to eight or 9:00 tomorrow night, we will have 40-50-mile an hour wind gusts. so is the severe weather moves through for marshalltown, we have the tornado warning still in effect highway 30 up to marshalltown and south and east near gilman, you can see there is a definite stand between the president green. that is showing off the velocity of that storm. a little disorganized over the speed five area. this is from gilman, which is ten or 5 miles east of marston. that some notched up. is showing a good indication of tornadoes so gilman, ferguson,
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make sure you seek shelter. i get a lot of great food. there is gilman and back over to the south and the west up there. you can sit still organized to a certain group and we will push that a little bit and you can see this mess around the haverhill area and you see the dying system pushing out. this leading edge, month or two to beat up and garvin, tama county, the highway 146 line. police seek shelter and there is another great indication. brett is showing that curled line that is around ferguson and montour. earlier we talked when we take a storm slice like this we can see an open slice, a begin the space and with strong signature with very high winds, when you see it almost looks like a dinosaur
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that. and that is where we have good possibilities of the twister with the storm twisting that is showing us an elevated area of high-level wins above and an open area and right behind it, sometimes you have a hail core, a big area of hail falling a lot once as keeps pulling all the debris up above and it just dumps out. macon, you have more information. >> i was just hearing from my producer. what was that again, dan. >> their reporting damage to the walmart in knoxville. >> thank you for the
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information. a brand-new tornado warning just popping up your around montezuma. this is going to extend warning on the north side. this is for the has to and poweshiek county moving up to i 80. so belle plaine back down the eye 80 on the outside area of our viewing area, this is brooklyn. the deep river barnes city, this is where we have that strong indication and this velocity scope, the winds are going to win from the radar when it goes green to red, you know there is radar indicated tornado many times, so that is what we are watching break here, from highway 21 back along this area just to the south of i 80. you guys need to be seeking shelter and barnes city, deep river, this is going to be another tornado warning that
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we are not ignoring our news of the day. we will have plenty of time to tell you about that i five and that 6:00, we are ready to go and when we have the news moving in, right now it is whether that is taking over for the news at the moment. people have a lot of weather information to show you on the backside of the system. right now we are keeping updated live with these tornado warnings that extend from marshall and tame and poweshiek all the way into that. just around oskaloosa. make sure your staying safe tonight. a lot of reports down his as people are headed out after the storm on your evening travels. one key, west des moines keep the kids longer than average today just to make sure that they are safe. all the schools letting us go out. about the children go for the day and they are yours again. showers and thunderstorms upward waterloo into cedar rapids and this area is not going to be a
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the same thing from highway 34, highway 92 all three down into southern iowa for the moment southeastern iowa will feel the print this. the storm center is just to the south and it is. really in all this moisture and dumping it. that little alley between highway 20 and back up to the north and ill be interesting to see how much rain we see in the system and you see it's not moving as fast as a to the line in the north side is reducing a lot of rain. a couple isolated showers and thunderstorms. they will not be severe. what will be severe will be the high wind. you will see the high wind warning stay late. >> i want to let you know there is new damage report. we talked about the brief tornado touched down the airport. the damage to national guard trailers at the arport at the building across the street. tower controllers in air traffic control the reported seeing a
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funnel cloud for such a mission which the ground earlier today. that was at about 3:30 percent today. a mansion in the air control tower above ground and you are watching this final touch the ground. the tornado warning is still in effect for marshall county and this is the line of gilman. marshalltown right now, you folks are just getting hit very hard as we move across highway 114 back up to the northern edge of marshall county into southern grundy county. this is a line that has the extreme wind around lagrande. this is from montour to lagrande that is that it looked kind of circulation around the backside of this thing as brett is drying that up for us. breast, megan, jennifer in the weather office today. this morning giving you what was the updates from a we told you last night.
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the wind and the damage reports. car went to marshalltown, the storm right here is moving straight north and east. anybody in this area, lagrande and car when, although it back up into the northern edge of marshall county, tama county, grundy county, you need to and garment app for:39. the voorhees area, that is right outside of the viewing area. you see how fast this moving print celebrate our timeline on this, usually on a tornado, sometimes it moves 30-40 miles an hour. these are moving 50 miles an hour this afternoon and the whole line is flying to the north and the use. this williamsburg and north english, turner warning in effect until 5:00 for this particular area. this is mahaska and poweshiek counties near the kids. just to the east of new sharon.
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however 63 up to i 80, this area of montezuma, there we go, just the soap montezuma, highway 63 and then this line extends all the way to the north and that moves across i 80. we will see if we have cruise that are out there working their way into that region. no the travel is going to be stopped it hasn't already. i want to get back to the pictures. we just had some about the damage at the knoxville walmart and we are starting to get pictures on her facebook page. here's the first one from mark mcroberts busy can see, the semi potentially blown over and thank you for sending that when it. here's more pictures. worst trade are on the back of a pickup truck. that has been blown to decide up slightly on some of the car wrecks in the parking lot there. this another look at that poor straight or hopefully there were no horses in there. hopefully everybody is okay in a rainbow. starting to get a couple
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pictures and from the wind damage and potential tornado damage across central iowa from -- and keep pictures coming to our facebook area. this whole lot of calm in the ottumwa area even though the storms we are watching right now up near montezuma english to williamsburg with that is where we have to to areas of circulation and breath is pointing this out print to conceive up to red to green. that is where we have the line that is showing in an outflow boundary so the radar sting to remove wind going to and away from it and that is where we have tornadoes that are indicated by radar. deeper for this marshalltown area tens of rain coming down toward belle plaine. that is the tama county area and the getting close to the edge of our viewing area so as soon as they passed out of our viewing area, we will be ready to go what is left of the four news and also 5:00.
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the news of the day along with our weather updates. it will include drier conditions and very windy. we may blow dry a lot of these areas that have had a lot of wind. unfortunately could also do damage to trees, that sort of thing and power lines. getting into marengo, deep river, this is all coming out of district killer cell that is pushing straight to the north and east. out of the poweshiek area toward oskaloosa, back over to jasper county, we still had a couple of isolated storms will put strong. pierce and marshall county also under a tornado warning that will extend until 5:00 this afternoon just to the east side of marshall county into tama county. so it has been pushed to the east just a little bit, trimmed up a bit. these thunderstorms continue. >> we have reset the tornado warning and marshall county. it is now down to just about a sliver there of extreme northeastern marshall.
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county now so really beginning to take most of the threat from that storm out of the viewing area with the latest slice here. looks like the area of rotation right along or even now just into the tama county side of the marshall tama county line. so things about to improve there and marshall county. we're looking at southeastern poweshiek county now as the last remaining area and then the viewing area with that rotation. that still looks fairly strong are fairly healthy at this point. that is about what is left here to the south deep river for our viewing area. i have a few more reports from my sister-in-law's help it took some of the damage there on the south side of des moines. we talk about there was a little bit of damage to make and mentioned that the national guard outpost they are, my and sister-in-law had a very narrow
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area of thornton and it can one more block over so it doesn't appear to be a sustained path but at least a very narrow kind of intermittent and broken path across from the work on the club. like i said, we we'll have family relatives. we get all that information from you as well. part of our team a child 13 is over in the coronary that was hit hard today. he's on the phone with me right now. what are you seeing from your perspective over them was the leading edge of the storm. the damage seems to be very isolated. we are over at ppi planet right now on the west side of town. if the plan to make some systems from everything from fedex to different coal mining systems and that kind of a thing. your area was hit pretty hard and we are seeing some roof damage in part of the roof is separated from one of their warehouses. a window was broken out and
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there are several trees that were taken down. what is interesting is near not founding anymore damage anywhere else in town. nothing serious like this. we talked to the manager tells us that the entire thing happened within a matter of seconds. he said one minute it was raining pretty hard in the next hit pretty much out of nowhere and pretty high powerful wind and rain wasn't even met strong. the wind, nowhere and it left quite a bit of damage. sunset the touchdown right at that point. so amazing. we saw some of the pictures earlier as well. so irritated.up as well? >> i didn't see any evidence of any compressed air tank blowing up. we are told that there were injuries as the storm hit. we are looking at pictures of that right now. thank you so much. we appreciate you and we send our storm teams are undefeated go and today we said stay put.
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it is going to come right up to us and state what. he took off to show off with that damage was in the corning area in southwestern iowa. that is where we see that rotation and that is why the radar indicated the tornadoes. outside of the viewing area, very strong thunderstorms moving outside ottumwa down to fairfield. is it going to be severe
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thunderstorms and possibly another tornado or two. there is the area to the north that brett was mentioning, the tornado warning and this is in effect for marshall and extreme tama county right around montezuma very close to i80. talk about a pizza slice right here, that is a very small isolated area of a tornado warning that still extends into the western edge of our viewing area around grinnell across i 80. nagin is back her office. have some pictures coming in and cheap. this is a picture of some of the trees down on her property. she says thankfully they were not hurt. northeast 29 to broadway. another very nice rainbow. another picture of him to show you, this is from ep true parkway and hall in des moines. this is just another day at work.
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there is another semi truck that was blown over there in that area and i also think it is important to mention that if you are in des moines, ankeny, the metro area, the tornado watches been taylor back. is not include des moines anymore and eastern iowa is under a tornado watch. if you live in the metro, you should be okay to get out as long as you can get through the roads and there is no debris anywhere. >> that's exactly what jennifer was telling me as well. see them. as far as the tornado situation is right now, especially here with central and southeastern iowa. this line of storms continues to
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edge of this, on the outside of our viewing area. this will be a lot of rain and you are right, that is the white stuff out to the west. that is heavy snow and there is going to be a real problem with travel and i 80 near lincoln because of all of the blizzard like conditions that they're going to find. this is -- point at the start to move out and behind it will suck in high level the infamous we're talking 50-50-mile an hour as possible tonight there is a high wind warning over much of the area. that will be our next concern and it may keep you up tonight because it is one that will be banging on the side of the house and the shingles. if you have dogs, they will be barking for a file i'm sure. showers and thunderstorms, the most concerned that we have are really pushing out of the des moines metro and certainly our viewing area. comfort just this area of about 30, 35 counties over central iowa, so when it moves out, we let our folks to the north and folks in the weather area and cedar rapids take over the warnings. for the moment we still have the spot between montezuma back up to eye 80 and marshall county as well. a lot of storms to spreading to the north and northeast. the thunderstorm warning around
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six and i 80 and then thornburg, that is where we've had damage reports as well. some show you those pictures north of english. this is going to be some strong thunderstorms moving through your neck of the woods up the points of williamsburg and on the leading edge of this, travel concerns, a lot of it along i 80 tonight, east/west, this will be heavy rain and it is going to cost blinding situations, low visibility, and also damaging winds that can tip over semi so make sure you are watching their. if you don't have to travel east of the des moines area, that is good news if you can stay with you are for a while. here is a little bit of the spin that continues for a thornburg back up and this velocity scope that we half, this red to green and into the outflow of the. of our radar, you want to make sure that you are staying safe as the system moves back up into this little outlying area. this only had the tornado warning still in effect for the
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williamsburg area and still a lot of indication that the storms are producing some turpin look mothers evening for sure. marshalltown on the set of marshalltown, marshall county, the very edge of your county, still inside of this area, tornado warning area, i wouldn't be surprised that his trip to appear and from garvin back over toward tama county, grundy county, into black hawk county, we have a better chance for severe weather tonight. that is outside of our viewing area. for you folks around iowa falls, certainly artie hitting your
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lot on the northern edge of the state because you haven't had the tornado warnings. we still know that you are getting a lot of rain and a lot of that will run in behind the system. it will dry up tonight and it is going to be a very quick take up tomorrow compatible have seen. the wind will be held at 40-50 miles per hour. is going to be like overnight lows will be in the 40s and feel like the 30s in the 20s to the north. punching and expecting also the chance for hearts freeze as we look further into our forecast by friday into saturday. speeds right now, this is the last -- they are extending into the evening hours. still looking at wind gust up around 30-40 mouse power by 6:00. i think by midnight to 1:00 in the morning, that is when we will fill the brunt of the system. you are going to see it is spinning up in sioux city. that is at 7:30 monday night. that is what we will find hereby around midnight, 1:00 in the morning. so be prepared 10:34 carroll county, vacancy 53-mile an hour. discuss with on a call to 911 are. you can see the center of the windstorm. is like you have a hurricane. the same situation, low-pressure system is very open and calm and centered. that is where we're going to be
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it is just going to be called home for a moment and then 30 minutes later it's going to be.shingles off the house. hopefully not. we still have some strong thunderstorms been things have started to dive down to hear still seeing a chance for the stronger thunderstorms to move into eastern iowa. they're going to be outside of our viewing area. we will see a good chance that will be prepared from our weather coverage here. very quickly and get back over to our news desk from marshalltown down to montezuma. distal of the variants of this and this is going to be eliminated within the next couple of minutes and then right along-63 to montezuma, brooklyn, outside of our viewing area. thanks so much for everyone behind the scene. every one of our meteorologist her to serve you, that's it here this afternoon hopefully. back to the news desk -- or to the news desk we take you for the first time. it's been a busy day. thank you for standing by and all the news crews out there as well.
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