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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  November 12, 2015 5:00am-5:30am CST

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matter of three, four seconds. it was boom and it was over with just as quickly as it came in." that's how people in des moines and other parts of the state are describing yesterday's storms. where possible tornados touched down... and a look at the damage this morning. tornado anniversary.. we take a look back at another late fall storm that devestated one town.... destroyed homes... and even killed one person. the wind will be the story today.... what you should be prepared for. plus... we're getting ready for our first hard freeze. it's thursday november 12th,
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first on 13... we're waking up
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gusty winds this morning... but those winds... nothing compared to what we saw last night. nine reported tornadoes swirled through the state.... kicking up 60 mph winds. one of them... right here in des moines... near the airport.... some of the damage we're seeing just north of there... at southwest 29th and stanton avenue. that's where we find channel 13's josh nguyen this morning. just near that spot... a potential twister causing
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just near that spot... a potential twister causing problems at the just near that spot... a potential twister causing problems at the airport.
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take a look at this video a viewer sent us from inside the terminal. you can see the wind blow a large piece of equipment across the tarmac... a worker was unable to reach it before the equipment crashed into a parked airplane.. those same strong winds... flipping a trailer at the iowa air guard... crews used a tow truck to pull the trailer back onto its wheels. as you can see... the fence around the guard was also damaged. those winds also knocking out power for many in des moines. as you can see... some of them still in the dark. here's a look at midamerican energy's power outage map. right now about a thousand are without power here in the des moines area that's down from upwards of 75- hundred overnight. there are reports of damage outside the metro as well...
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this should give you an idea of just how strong the winds were there. one gust shot this two-by-four through a truck windshield. the southeast side of town also saw extensive tree damage. several large limbs came crashing down onto homes... officials tell us people there were lucky.... some suffering a few minor injuries, but no one was seriously hurt. and police say strong winds ripped two air conditioners off the roof of this nearby walmart. roofing also fell inside the store, and yet nobody hurt there either. over in southwest iowa... another reported tornado brought work at this corning manufacturing plant to an abrupt halt... workers say winds seemed to quickly come out of nowhere. winds tearing up the roof, smashing out a window and damaging the warehouse. all of this on a day when we mark ten years since 12 tornadoes ripped through central iowa. take a look... this storm, hit the small town of stratford... leaving a path of
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according to the national weather service, the f-3 tornado touched down just before 5 p.m it completely wrecked 27 houses... and damaged a dozen more. the aftermath... took months to clean up. emergency responders on scene that day... say it's something the town will never forget. "seeing everyone lives destroyed. the neatest thing about it was in an small town pulled together... we had meals coming in as far as waterloo" the town will hold a remembrance tonight. it's from 5 to 9 at the high school. 2-hundred people in des moines are looking for a new place to
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people living in these apartments have until september to move out. that's when mercy will close its "park apartments". it's news they just learned yesterday... the decision to close the
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complex is part of mercy's future campus development. the expansion is still in the planning and discovery phase so the hospital doesn't know how the land will be used. that means little to the 2-hundred people age 50 and older who now have to move... 13:20:10 it's a great place to live. it's too bad that we have to give it up. i don't think it's an easy decision for anyone. 18 mercy admits it will be a "very difficult transition" for current residents but hopes the ten months notice will make it a little easier. more than 200 people are lining up today to speak about a proposed oil pipeline that would cross iowa. the iowa utilities board says each person will get two minutes to give their opinions about the bakken pipeline. that would connect oil fields in north dakota with refineries in illinois, cutting diagonally across the state. the texas company behind the plan needs to rely on eminent domain to claim the land it needs. half
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will speak in favor of the project and half will speak against it. the public hearing starts at nine at the boone county fairgrounds. the hawkeye football team is now nine and oh ... and that makes more than fans smile.. their number five ranking has fans and business owners are loving the attention. hawkeye gear is flying off the shelves at stores like the strawberry patch in ankeny. 2224-2243 "probably since the 4th or 5th game ... so they're heavy duty on board now." no matter what bowl game the hawkeyes make it to ... the strawberry patch will start printing shirts during the game to have them available
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and one of those vets is sharing his personal story.. coming up... we sit down with a vietnam war solider... why he says it's so hard for him... and so many of the others he served
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most of us know someone who served in the military... and
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fought in a war. yesterday... our country honored those men and women. coming up... we hear from a vietnam veteran who tells us why it was so hard for him and others he served with to move on after the war
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our top story... messy streets and gusty winds this morning... but those winds... nothing compared to what we saw last night. nine reported tornadoes swirled through the state yesterday.... kicking up 60 mph winds. one of them... hitting here in airport.... we're seeing downed trees this are still without power. other twisters were reported in and minburn. we'll keep you updated with the latest as we go through the morning. of course... 10 years ago today... this is what we were waking up to... take a look... november 12, 2005... 12 tornadoes ripped through central iowa. one of
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of stratford... leaving path of destruction and one person dead. it completely wrecked 27 houses... and damaged a dozen more. the aftermath... took months to clean up. four decades later... the vietnam war is still a wound our nation as a whole is trying to heal.. this morning... a des moines veteran shares that struggle... lynn melling has his story. nats of vietnam.. the day a war begins.. and the day it ends are etched in the history books.. nats but its the dates in between that stick with a soldier... 1:57- 9 march 66 is mine. jerry meek was an airforce major during vietnam.. 1:45- 49 years since i was shot down. he can describe it.. as though it happened yesterday.. 52:48- i was thrown through the aircraft through a door behind the cockpit. all the way to the back of the airplane. the minutes after the crash... still haunt him.. 53:34- i was shot from the jungle. never saw who shot me. but saw the muzzle blast. and found myself on the ground. and i crawled backwards toward the airplane and they grabbed me by the nape of the neck and pulled me back in. 53:51- i was shot through the chest. 54:01- and they were slowly killing us
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one by one. and they killed my pilot and the gunner that was injured in the same blast. and finally helicopters come in to pick us up. 54:14 but three people were left behind.. two had been killed.. the third... was first lt. delbert peterson, from manson, iowa... jerry had no idea if delbert was dead or alive when they lifted off the ground.. he was declared missing in action.. his body was never recovered.. what is certain... part of jerrys heart is still over in vietnam... with his comrade who never came home. 2:33- we all have our ghost. its what drove jerry to go back to vietnam.. volunteering for tour after tour of duty.. 57:48- i had to. im a professional soldier. and i wanted to get even for one thing. and i did. on my second tour. / 58:00- it did cost me a marriage eventually because my wife could never understand why i had to go back. i got a lot of the hate out of me when i went back. for losing all my friends. 58:14 his duty in combat earned him the silver star.. and he still has the uniform he was wearing the day he was shot down.. 5:52- this is the jacket i had on when i was in the jungle at asho valley. 5:56 but he doesnt need the reminders.. almost 50 years later.. it is still hard to talk about.. jerry says.. its too depressing.. 5:14- very much. but you have to speak of it because you dont want peoples names to die in vain. and there was a lot of us iowans over there. i was one of the lucky ones... lucky.. but left with a lifetime of anniversaries that will never allow the
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