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tv   Channel 13 News at Four  NBC  November 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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making a profit off of lending to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education. we have got to make college affordable. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. today the city of paris continues mourning while international police agencies are on the hunt for suspects in last weeks terror attacks. plus ... how some republican u-s governors are reacting to those attacks ... and why governor branstad isn't joining them. congressman steve king is throwing his support behind a candidate for president. the man he says is an answer to his prayers. and a central iowa towns holiday cheer is already being dimmed. find out was vandalized ... and how you can help turn them back on . lots of umbrellas on the campus of iowa state university today. news at four front door open
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news at four front door open lots of umbrellas on the campus of iowa state university today. this is the kind of day you want to just stay in bed good afternoon ... i'm sonya heitshusen. .and i'm dan winters ... thanks for joining us. skies remain cloudy and overcast after this morning's rain. rainfall amounts not all that high with about about .3" or less across much of the state. another round of heavy rain moves in tonight after midnight. we'll show you how much rain looks to fall
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we begin today in paris where
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terrorist attacks that killed 129 people and injured hundreds more. there was a moment of silence at midday when thousands stopped to remember the victims of the attack. kelly cobiella reports from paris. on cam: "well it was back to work, back to school but not quite back to normal in paris today." the museums and monuments reopened, all but the eiffel tower which didn't open until later this evening because of security concerns. a moment of silence at midday. when that tribute happened, people paused and reflected on the victims, the lives lost on friday. they continued to lay flowers, light candles at several makeshift memorials around the city. president hollande said today terrorism will not destroy the republic, the republic will destroy it. and people in paris were trying to live that sentiment today by moving on with their daily lives saying we will not allow terrorism to stop us from living.
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and at night coming together at places like this at the plaza de la republic tonight.. on cam "..a boy just nine years-old came here with his grandfather. he wrote in chalk on the sidewalk 'love always wins' he said 'i have to do it. we have to show the terrorists that we are not afraid.' back to you." three days after paris, isis today threatened an attack on the united states. that's stoking a debate that's part of the race for the white house... how to beat isis and protect our homeland. steve handelsman has the story from washington here on capitol hill ... after a specific threat by isis, in a video, to attack here in washington more police are visible with automatic weapons... but in turkey today, president obama said he won't change his plan to beat isis. intensified u-s bombing ...urging more nations to bomb ... and
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forces into the ground fight. "the strategy that we are putting forward is the strategy that ultimately is going to work." jeb bush said he would send a lot more u-s ground forces. win. then homeland, ben carson and ted cruz are demanding the president not allow what cruz called u-s as refugees. so...debate today about how best one commander in chief and president obama says he is sticking with his plan - because he says it will work." steve handelsman nbc news washington. a number of u-s governors are butting heads with the obama administration today in reaction to the paris attacks. they say they will not allow syrian refugees into their states. the list of governors refusing refugees includes alabama, arizona, arkansas, georgia, illinois, indiana, louisiana, michigan, mississippi, massachusetts, north carolina,
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those governors are all republican. this morning governor branstad said he understands the sentiment ... but there's one problem with the other governors' plan. 19:52:28 i don't know if the state's have the authority on whether or not we can accept refugees. this is a federal program the governor says the solution to the problem is at the federal level. he says senator charles grassley is already working on legislation that will ensure the white house is doing all it can to keep from welcoming terrorists disguised as refugees. the governor says he, too, will do all he legally can to make sure iowans remain safe. 54:44 we need to be very vigilant and very careful it's a very dangerous situation that exsists today and i want to do all i can as governor of this state to protect the well being of iowa. i don't want people to come her without very careful vetting. i want to make sure there is no likelihood of them becoming radicalized or part of an isis operation 55:11 branstad says the white does
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light of the recent attacks in paris and on a russian airliner. this morning iowa attorney general tom miller joined u-s attorney general loretta lynch to announce a major settlement with a group of "for profit" colleges. the agreement involves schools managed by "education management corportation" ... or e-d-m-c. the justice department and a bipartisan group of attorneys general accused the company of illegally recruiting students and defrauding them. the company has agreed to a business model. miller says one of the major changes will protect students from having the rug pulled out from under them after they graduate. 103245-103310 "another problem ... can't get a job ... this agreement provides they can't enroll students in states where they can't get their license based on their degree." e-d-m-c also agreed to institute
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students to drop out without having to pay tuition within the first week of classes. we know the names of two people killed in a crash in des moines this weekend. it happened around six o-clock last night at the intersection of hubbell and east 37th street. 60-year old richard hummel and 59-year old randall sonnenburg were hit and killed as they pulled onto hubbell. coming up tonight at five will have more on the investigation ... including what's neighbors say could have prevented the crash. the iowa department of public health is reporting the first two deaths of the flu season. officials say the victims are men between the ages of 41 and 60. we are just entering flu season in iowa right now. it usually peaks around february.
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iowa state university is investigating a case of vandalism involving a statue of one of the school's most famous alumni. late friday someone sprayed shaving cream on the statue of george washington carver.. carver was isus first african american student, who went on to become a world renowed agriculturalist. today university museums officials were out inspecting the damage. the shaving cream was cleaned off friday, it's not yet known if there is permanent damage. 'were looking into this now, were looking for any video that might be in the area, doesnt appear that theres any video that captures that area, were putting things out on social media, and seeking input from the public to help us identify who may have done this. isu president steven leath issued a statement saying it is not known whether the motive for the vandalism was racial in nature, but the school takes this act of vandalism very seriously and will continue to investigate it. across iowa many towns are
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getting ready for the big christmas season, but in the town of dayton, a disappointment 'i drove out there sunday after church,...its just so awful, small towns working so hard... sometime early sunday vandals sometime early sunday vandals damaged dozens of christmas decorations in the dayton city park. wooden figures..along with candy canes and various lighted displays were knocked over or smashed. this comes a year after no decorations were put no volunteer could be found. tonight the community will meet in the community get the christmas displays up 'we always do come together when turn this tragedy into a triumph, and get it lit up by thanksgiving, thats sure out goal.' you can give meredith gallentine a call, we put her phone number on our website. on saturday the town plans a work day to get the thanksgiving.. each week at four we bring you a
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"workout of the week". well today we learned about one sonya and erin haven't tried before: body by bacon! this morning the organizers of the blue ribbon bacon festival announced the theme of next year's celebration. the 80's theme will feature an homage to those jane fonda workout videos. you can join the party and feel the burn on february 20th. that's the date of the event at the iowa events center. tickets go on sale december 10th. four years ago congressman steve king refused to endorse a presidential candidate. he's found his man. coming up next ... find out who
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king is backing ... and who he says was a close second. and its a popular site for those in need of help ... and for scammers hoping to capitalize them. we'll show you how to keep from becoming a victim of go-fund-me scams. four years ago, congressman steve king watched the iowa
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the sideline ... this time around he's getting more involved. king says he's spent months weighing the candidates ... and this weekend he decided it was time to offer an endorsement. in doing so ... king says god is answering his prayers. 44200-44223 "the candidate i endorse does listen and does think ... i believe ted cruz is the candidate is the naswer to my prayers ... restore the soul of america." king says they are dozens of reach to earn his endorsement. they list includes fully repealing the affordable care act, building a and offering a plan to defeat isis. king also says the candidate must be
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able to win the general election and be favored amongst the conservative wing of the republican party. he says no one fits that bill better than cruz. king says he is also impressed by dr. ben carson ... but says carson is too much of an outsider to really fix washington. 44450-44532 "when i make my statements about the intellect of ted cruz i give pause ... you need to know what's going on in the organism ... as i am with ted cruz." king is the second iowa congressman to make an
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year. democrat dave loebsack is backing hillary clinton. tomorrow during the channel 13 news at four ... we launch our exclusive series of conversations with the presidential candidates. "the iowa forums" will offer you a full hour to hear from ... and interact with ... three of the men running for the republican presidential nomination. it is not too late for you to get involved. it begins tomorrow with a conversation with dr. ben carson. the retired neurosurgeon has gone from unknown to national frontrunner in a matter of months. he will join us tomorrow via satellite to talk about education issues. you can still submit a question for dr. carson right now at w-h-o-t-v-dot-com. the road to ankeny. dave will be joined live at dmacc by louisiana governor bobby jindal. the topic for the full hour will the affordable care act and finding are still
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your free ticket for this unique opportunity right now at w-h-o-t-v- dot-com. then on thursday we hit the road again ... this time to dmacc in newton. that's where we'll be joined for a full hour by billionaire donald trump. the topic of the day will be jobs ... how to create new ones and save the ones we already have. tickets for that event are still available as well. again you'll find details on taking part online at w-h- o-t-v-dot-com. lots of umbrellas on the campus
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stay cloudy and overcast with temperatures will hold steady and rise slightly overnight. more rain is expected late tonight through tuesday. there may be a few thunderstorms as well. not anticipating any few degrees warmer in the low 60s. rainfall amounts through the will range from 1" to 2.5" across the state. it will be noticeably cooler at the end of the week with highs in the low 40s and potentially our first chance of snow. the best early on
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do you know who your go fund me donations are really funding? do you know who your go fund me donations are really funding?
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we'll tell you how to keep from being a victim of scammers on the popular fundraising site.
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for those in need of a helping hand and crooks looking to take advantage of your kind nature. more and more people turn to websites like go fund me to raise money for themselves... or for those in need.... but where is your money sara zendehnam from our sister station k-t-x-l tells us what you need to
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important dates stand out in our minds.. birthdays.. anniversaries.. symbolic days that have a big meaning.. for angela osborn its.. osborn: august 23rd august 23rd.. the day her life changed forever.. osborn: we were involved in a car accident that took the lives of my husband of 18 years and our 10-year-old daughter the family of six planned to spend the sunday together in old sacramento when a driver lost control of her car and slammed into them on the alta arden expressway... angelas husband kc died on scene.. her daughter michelle passed away in the hospital.. osborn: its been really hard getting used to life without my husband and daughter the emotional and financial pressure of life without them was almost too much to handle.. osborn: if i didnt have any other kids i would probably be curled up in a ball in a corner somewhere but a friends idea to start a go fund me campaign for the family took angela out of that dark place.. in two months 881 people chipped in and donated more than 54-thousand dollars to the sacramento mom and her three kids.. shes put that money to good use... nats car starting osborn: i was able to buy a new car ive been able to keep
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utilities weve received enough to get me through at least a year since its launch in 2010.. go fund me dot com has raised more than one-billion dollars for crowdfunding campaigns from medical expenses to natural disasters... after the valley and butte fires dozens of campaigns were launched... chavez-ochoa: if im led to give i will give jennifer chavez-ochoa from calaveras county decided to help her neighbors in need.. chavez-ochoa: i had a good view of the fire starting we didnt think it was going to go anywhere but then all of a sudden it exploded countless people stepped in to help their neighbors who lost everything in the month long blaze.. jennifer did what shes done time and time again.. she found a go fund me campaign to donate to.. chavez-ochoa: i noticed they were talking about getting trailers for butte victims and i wanted to help so i donated she made a generous donation... chavez-ochoa: $400 but then something happened to the campaign.. it disappeared.. chavez-ochoa: just confused about what happened with the money and where it went she didnt know the person she was donating to and didnt do research on the campaign before pulling out her credit card.. which are big red
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about the campaign jennifer got a refund.. nats thank you for calling the better business bureau the sacramento better business bureau says go fund me accounts have become increasingly popular this year but theyre not all genuine.. galvan: many of us do it out of the kindness of our hearts but sometimes people who create these go fund me accounts dont according to go fund me representatives.. out of the 100- thousand accounts that pop up each month only a handful are fraudulent.. to avoid becoming a victim of a scam.. the better business bureau and go fund me have tips for donors.. gfx: support campaigns of people you know.. if you want to donate to someone you dont know look into how the organizer is tied to the beneficiary.. check for grammar and spelling errors.. do an internet search of the story.. see if its something that was copied and pasted off another persons page... and focus on donating to a person rather than a community account... galvan: its nice to for it to be person to person than a community because anyone can create one jennifer may have had a bad experience but says shes taking it as a heart remains
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unchanged.. chavez-ochoa: it wont stop me in the future as for angela.. shes grateful for everyone who stepped up to help.. osborn: its been a lifesaver its been amazing you can report a fake go fund me account on the companys website, to the better business bureau and to local law enforcement. if 'go fund me' finds a fraudulent campaign... the organizer will be banned from the website. 'go
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percent out of each donation a campaign receives. ou'd think an undefeated team would be a hot ticket ... but not so in iowa city right now. coming up next ... find out how many seats could be empty on saturday as the hawkeyes try to make it
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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find out what word is the word of the year according to the oxford english dictionary. this weekend martin o'malley introduced a new phrase to the political lexicon. hear his explanation for what hillary clinton's "weak tea" policies are. and there's nothing week about the performance of two hawkeye teams in kinnick stadium on saturday. we'll look back on a record breaking "grapple on the gridiron" and what's next for the undefeated hawks. news at four front door that proposed sale of des moines based meredith is looking less and less likely today. meredith is in the middle of a game of musical chairs with two other media companies right now. in september media general announced plans to buy meredith. days later nextar announced it wanted to buy media general ... putting
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today media general announced it is rejecting the bid from nexstar ... however it is now negotiating a new deal. media general stockholders reportedly prefer to see the company sold to nexstar rather than having them absorb meredith. meredith officials tell the des moines register they still hope to become part of media general ... but understand the feelings of its shareholders. oxford english dictionary has named its 2015 "word of the year." you can rate the choice with a "smiley face" ... a "frown face" ... a "thumbs up" ... a norwegian flag ... a tennis ball ... or hundreds of other options. that's right, the word of the year is "emoji." what started a few years ago with a few choices you could text to friends has now turned into a language of its own. skies remain cloudy and overcast
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street, it was greeted by many as, quote, unquote, "weak tea". it is weak tea." martin o'malley was on offense saturday evening at drake university. many are saying he was the clear
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with hillary clinton and bernie sanders in des moines. o'malley's fiery performance had the audience buzzing saturday. o'malley was still fired up afterwards when he talked one-on-one with our dave price. from saturday news array...dem debate wrap o'malley....'s not a matter ... 0005...from wall street." we want to remind you again
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bringing you starting tomorrow at four p-m. we're calling them the iowa
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in person or online. tomorrow ben carson will join us via satellite at four p-m ... you can submit a question for dr. carson right now online. then on wednesday bobby jindal will join dave at dmacc in ankeny. free tickets for that event are still available. you find details on how to get your ticket for this unique opportunity with a presidential candidate at w-h-o-t-v-dot-com. then on thursday donald trump will join us from dmacc in newton. tickets for that event are all spoken for ... but there will be an overflow room to accomodate more guests who want to watch the event live. ad lib main weather skies will
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people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded byover a million contributions -- people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in.
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overcast with pockets of drizzle this evening. temperatures will hold steady and rise slightly overnight. more rain is expected late tonight through tuesday. there
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well. not anticipating any severe storms. highs will be a few degrees warmer in the low 60s. rainfall amounts through the next few days will range from 1" to 2.5" across the state. it will be noticeably cooler at the end of the week with highs in the low 40s and potentially our first chance of snow. the best chance exists friday night into early on saturday. coming up next ... find out
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coming up next ... find out where the hawkeyes stand today after stretching their unbeaten streak
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it started in the morning with a wrestling meet. then in the nightcap the football team improved to ten-and-oh to start a season for the first time in history. it was one of the toughest tests of the year for the hawkeye team. but minnesota's best wasn't good enough. the hawkeyes beat the golden gophers 40-35 saturday night. the game was the first sellout at kinnick stadium this season. more than seven-thousand tickets are still available for this saturday's
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game against purdue. a win would guarantee the hawkeyes a spot in the big ten title game. the hawkeyes saw a bounce in the rankings following the minnnesota win. they're now ranked sixth in both the associated press and coaches polls. they'll find out tomorrow night if they'll climb in the football playoff poll. how excited is ithe iowa city area about the hawkeyes undefeated record? even the buildings are celebrating. the marriott in coralville was lit up last night with a reminder of the hawkeyes winning streak ... 10-and-oh. we'll be back in three minutes
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i owe about $68,000. i owe $44,000 in student loans. my plan, the new college compact, says you should not have to borrow money to pay tuition if you go to a public college or university. and you ought to be able to refinance student debt. and i don't believe e federal government should be making a profit off of lending to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education. we have got to make college affordable.
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thanks for joining us on the channel 13 news at four ... the news at five starts right now. 22:51:30ish i can't say it any other way, just like an explosion 36 violent collision... a two-car crash claims two lives on sunday evening. the questions investigators want answers...and what the family says about the two men who died. holiday grinch... a central iowa town is picking up the pieces of it's holiday
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display. coming up... how the town is coming together to bring back the christmas cheer. king's pick... representative steve king announces today which presidential candidates he's backing. the reason for his selection...and what happens if his guy doesn't get the nomination. two men who grew up like family died together in a car crash on a busy des moines road last night.. good evening... i'm sonya heitshusen... and i'm dan winters... thank you for joining us... police say the pair was hit by another driver on hubbell avenue just after six last night. the des moines traffic unit is now investigating whether that driver was impaired behind the wheel. jannay towne joins us with the latest... first on 13. police are still waiting on that was the case. people who live and work along this stretch hubbell say there's an by. they've seen their fair share of happened
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