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tv   Today in Iowa at 530  NBC  November 18, 2015 5:30am-6:00am CST

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refugee dilemma... the events
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are creating a challenge for thousands of syrians hoping to come to the united states. why states are worried about accepting them.. plus candidates react... how white house hopefuls from both sides would handle the influx. and why one republican won't get a say at all... holiday help.. the charities that say they need more help this time of year.... and what they're doing to get the word out. it's wednesday... november 18th... today in iowa starts now.... first on 13... people in france
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another loud night.. authorities there launching an overnight terror raid in a northern paris subburb take a look... guards continue to patrol in search of the mastermind behind those deadly french terror attacks. reports this morning show two terrorists were killed... one a
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woman with a suicide bomb... several people have also been arrested. at least three police officers were hurt carrying out the raid. and french media says a bystander was killed as well. no word yet this morning if they captured the man they were looking for. french police... looking to learn more about this man. they say he was a suicide bomber who attacked the stad de france, friday. but before he was an accused suicide bomber... he was a refugee.... fleeing war in syria for france... to start a new life as an isis militant. now 26 u-s governors say they're closing the door to syrian refugees... iowa being one of them. that runs counter-current to president obama's efforts to relocate 10-thousand of them... the f-b-i says the u-s is unable to vet refugees to make sure they don't have ties to isis. one central iowa refugee knows
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through.. 'a lot of people, they have this wrong thought about muslim means terrorist.' ghassan abood moved to iowa with his family in 2009. he says the government should be able to tell who's a terrorist and who isn't... despite concerns from governor branstad and others... local resettlement agencies say they're still hearing that communities want to embrace syrian refugees. 10:38:13 'we have also received quite a number of very positive messages from communities across the state, including ankeny, ames, grinnell, iowa city, all of them contacting us to ask how can they help to welcome syrian refugees.' the organization says they dont believe governors have the authority to decide not to resettle syrians because it would contradict federal immigration programs. just as governors are divided over the issue... so are presidential
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tons 385673 :13 - :26 when hundreds of thousands of people have lost everything, have nothing left, but the shirts on their backs, we will not turn our backs to the refugees from syria most republican presidential candidates disagree.... saying there is no way to properly vet syrian refugees. tons 385674 :13 - :19 presidential candidate "i will oppose them coming." presidential candidate "we should be relocating them in the region." presidential candidate "i do not believe we should be bringing them here." one face you won't see amongst those republicans... bobby jindal. that's because he's no longer a candidate for president... we announced obviously today we are suspending the presidential campaign. look i'm honored to have the opportunity to run for president of the united states. my parents came here 45 years ago in search of freedom and opportunity never in a million years did they think i'd be governor much less run for president this wasn't our time. jindal is the third republican to drop out of the race...
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following rick perry and scott walker. jindal was supposed to join us today for an iowa forum on healthcare. the event isn't taking place now. we are working to line up another candidate to take his place. donald trump will join us in person on thursday for an iowa forum at the dmacc campus in newton. it will focus on job creation. tickets are already spoken for... however there will be an overflow room available for anyone else who wants to attend. you do not need a ticket for the overflow room. the thanksgiving season is just about a week away... and it's putting metro charities into overdrive trying to keep up with demand. channel 13's josh nguyen is live this morning from united way where they're trying to do just that. josh, united way just released their holiday helping hand list of
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the new college football playoff rankings are in and the iowa
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are right where they were last week. once again, they're at number five, just one spot out of the college football playoff...the whole top five is unchanged...clemson, alabama, ohio state, notre dame, and iowa. oklahoma state moves up to six, oklahoma to seven...the big twelve still suffering the effects of a back- loaded schedule at this point. ohio state plays number-nine michigan state this weekend, so a buckeye loss could mean iowa has a chance to make the top four next week. the hawkeyes close out their home season on saturday against purdue...they could improve to an unprecedented 11-0... but get this...there are still more than 8-thousand tickets left for this game! how could that be? the ticket office says it's selling
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tickets every day. 4-thousand have been sold since last
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it is going to be wet at times and windy again today. it will be dry and sunny on thursday, from the northwest. a quick moving system will bring a mix of rain and snow across the state during the day on friday. the heaviest snow will fall north of i-80 with 2-4" possible. des moines could see a dusting to upwards of 2" on the northside of the metro. the weekend will be cold with
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coming up next, david geiger joins us with this morning's agribusiness report. then.. an overnight raid in paris. the suspects police arrested in connection to the bombings... and who
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people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded byover a million contributions -- people like you, who see the middle class disappearing
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and want a future to believe in.
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nationally records are also set to be broken, soybean production looks to be the highest ever at 3.98 billion bushels and its 48.3 bushel per acre yield is also a record. corn is predicted to be the third largest production on record and yields are the second highest. the november crop production report from the usda natural agricultural statistics service has a small margin of error on average, it's about 100 million bushels give or take for corn and 40 million for beans. the reason for that according to field crop head anthony prillaman, is most farmers are done with harvest and give more accurate data, "in vember, obvuy lot of the crop had been rsted. so when weent to lk to the producers, they had fairlycertaiyf what they hadactually harvested and what eir productionuld be. so th'why you see e margin of eor in november smaller th what you're going see in the previous months. now, we will go backand do a december agricultural survey, which will be the final timates for 2015." there are o ways usda gets the data,according to prillaman, field umerators go out and take us and ey send out surveyors to farms asking what the crop looks like, t e statlevel, in ia forstance, we do an objecteeld survey where
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but we're so going out the producers d asking them what theirpected yields are going to be. so, there's two pieces of formation is what we use to make our forecast in r opduction reports." illam ds he's thankful foroducers and agribusinesses who mete the survey, their goal for accuracy is to get back out 80rcent of what theyend out.the final production report will
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plus $400 per line. see ya soon. it is going to be wet at times and windy again today. it will be dry and sunny on thursday, but winds will really kick up from the northwest. a quick moving system will bring a mix of rain and snow across the state during the day on friday. the heaviest snow will fall north of i-80 with 2-4" possible. des moines could see a dusting to upwards of 2" on the northside of the metro. the weekend will be cold with daytime highs in the 30s. our top story... the republican line-up is down one member. yesterday, louisiana governor bobby jindal announced he's dropping out of the race. he is the third republican to drop out... following rick perry and scott walker. jindal was scheduled to join us
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today for a channel 13 iowa forum on healthcare. the event is now canceled. we are working to line up another candidate to take his place. the waukee man accused of a shooting a man outside his home is in court today... 42-year-old brendan mcguinness is facing first degree murder charges. police say he fatally shot 41-year-old gino risola back on november 7th. they say it happened as risola returned home with his wife. mcguinness appears for his preliminary hearing later this morning. more anti-terror raids in france overnight... this one in saint-denis... a northern paris suburb. that's after french authorities got word the mastermind behind friday's paris attacks -- may have been in the area. :00 - :03 nats gunfire you hear there gunfire sounding early this morning. you hear there gunfire sounding early this morning. reports now show two terrorists
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were arrested. french prosecutors say that suspected ringleader was in an apartment in the area, no word if he was one of those killed or arrested. three police officers were hurt carrying out the raid. french media also says a bystander was killed as well. friday's attack on paris left 129 dead and hundred wounded. a climate of fear following those attacks.. trickling into germany... german officials evacuated a soccer match after learning of a threat yesterday. according to german media -- the french alerted german federal police to an iraqi sleeper -- who french intelligence say had concrete plans to attack. no bombs were found. two air france flights were grounded late last night after a bomb threat was called in. one... en route from los angeles to paris had to make an emergency landing in salt lake city. the two did land safely.
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this morning the fbi says there is no evidence that those threats were credible. intensive security checks found nothing concerning. they grounded the flights only as a precaution. coming up in the next half hour of today in iowa... body cameras are used by police officers.. but soon they won't be the only ones wearing them.. the other emergency responders who will soon be using them on the job... and the reason they're trying them out. a car gives you freedom. room to grow. and in time, room to grow up. your dream car evolves, and protecting it takes committed support.
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