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tv   Today  NBC  November 18, 2015 7:00am-10:00am CST

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good morning. breaking news. terror raid. [ gunfire ] >> special forces in france launch a massive operation targeting the alleged mastermind behind the paris attacks. at least two suspects dead, including a woman who blew herself up as police stormed an apartment. seven others taken into custody, but did abdelhamid abaaoud manage to slip away? while here at home bomb threats forced two air france planes from the u.s. to paris to be diverted overnight, leaving america very much on edge today, wednesday, november 18, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
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welcome to "today" on what is already a very busy wednesday morning. >> we've got breaking news as we're coming on the air at this hour. a large-scale police operation aimed at the mastermind of the terror attacks on paris, abdelhamid abaaoud. officials initially believed he was in syria, but clearly there is some suspicion he could in fact be very close by, possibly on the outskirts of paris. >> want to give you an idea of where this is all happening. it's in saint-denis, a suburb north of paris in some apartments that are actually about a mile from the soccer stadium that was attacked on friday. at least two people have been killed. seven others arrested. the siege lasting about seven hours. >> police say at least five officers have been wounded as well. let's get right to nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel in that neighborhood this morning. richard, good morning, what are you seeing and hearing? >> good morning, savannah. that raid took place on the street behind me. officials say they have arrested seven people. they cannot confirm at this
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stage if the alleged mastermind of the attack was one of the people, but they certainly knew that they were going to find gunfire, find resistance when they came here because when we arrived we saw the police ready for battle. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: amateur video captured some of the heavy automatic gunfire that erupted when elite french forces raided an apartment outside paris this morning. the main target, officials say, was the alleged mastermind of the paris attacks. but as the raid began, a woman in the apartment blew up a suicide vest. we arrived a short while later. police here still seem very tense. they have sealed off some of the area. they are shining search lights on to the buildings, down the alleys. there's a helicopter above. this raid does not seem over yet. police ordered residents to stay inside. anyone who approached was told in no uncertain terms to back away.
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neighbors, many of them muslim immigrants, were evacuated by police and searched. we stopped abdul al jazeeri rushing down the street. he said in arabic he witnessed the whole thing. i saw the raid. 20 cars pass by here and then five minutes later the shooting started, he said. you heard the gunfire, i asked. i saw it with my eyes, he said. meanwhile, the police focused on one apartment on the third floor of this building. that, neighbors say, is the apartment where the raid's target were holed up. the main target, officials say, was abdelhamid abaaoud, the man they describe as mastermind behind the paris attacks, a belgian national and had gone to syria to join isis and period in a propaganda video. it seems he managed to sneak pack into the country. as day was breaking, the raids seemed to be winding down. but then several explosions echoed through the streets. it's common in situations like this for police to use grenades or small charges in order to set
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off boobytraps that the suspects may have set up. police here remain on edge, occasionally moving aggressively to search the neighborhood. they are taking no chances. and the police cordon remains in place around the building where the raid took place. they have set up tarps so that forensic investigators can collect evidence. however, officials say that at least this raid for now is over. matt, savannah, back for you. >> richard engel, thank you very much. we're joined by former pennsylvania governor tom ridge, the first secretary of security under president george w. bush and shawn henry, former assistant director of the fbi. savannah and i were just talking, if this raid was target thing the alleged mastermind of the paris attacks. is it surprising that he's still in country or wouldn't it be
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country? >> he was forward deployed on friday, if it appears and if there were other attacks that were imminent and raids that we saw here this morning seemed to be a result of that, then he may have been there to direct those as well, as a general, forward on the battle line as opposed to more strategically back from syria or elsewhere. >> is it also possible, shawn, that he couldn't get out of the country, that once these attacks took place, it was much, much tougher as a proposition to get out of france? >> yeah. you know, paris, they should down people getting off the city. there were a lot of police actions and activities in the course of the days after friday, so he certainly could have been deterred from getting out, but also i know police are looking at the implications of additional attacks, and they have been exploiting media,
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doing interviews, trying to determine if there are other attacks imminent. this is a result of that. >> and just quickly before we get to secretary ridge, good news and bad news if you're living in paris. the good news is law enforcement officials are reacting quickly and rounding up more suspects. the bad news is in neighborhoods, in your very midst, there are still heavily armed terrorists, some with suicide vests. >> yeah. you're right, matt. you know, we've been talking all week about the value of tactical intelligence and the need tories deputy these types of attacks in advance, and police have been working, again, around the clock, not only in paris but in belgium and elsewhere. these people are living among us. they are hiding in plain sight. oftentimes in neighborhoods and communities. the citizens shouldn't be afraid, but they need to be aware and need to be vigilant and recognize that they are oftentimes they are the eyes and ears to help identify for police anomalous behavior that might be indicative of other attacks. matt? >> shawn, thank you very much. >> a good segue to former homeland security secretary tom ridge. secretary ridge, good to have
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we don't want to alarm people because perhaps europe's situation is a great deal worse than ours is. however, do you see things in paris that could be replicated here? what is waking you up in the middle the night these days? >> i think the tone of your question is precisely the right one. we're allowed to be anxious because america responded to those attacks, just like we responded to 9/11. there was horror. there was sorrow, and i think our anger went to rage and we want to hold folks accountable. some advice that shawn said. we've got eyes and ears in the neighborhoods. let's just simply be aware but let's also understand we've got a great intelligence capability and enormous law enforcement capability. one of the challenges we have here for the fbi to work more closely and collaboratively with the hundreds of thousands of men and women, police forces in the state and local level. they don't have the manpower in washington, d.c. to do this, so
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let's empower them with information. >> we never want terrorists to be successful in carrying out an attack, but when they do carry something out, it opens a window for us. we learn things. >> rate. >> about their tactics and their structure and their organization. from where you're sitting what are we learning about isis based on what we're seeing in paris? >> well, we know they are not a jv team or contained. they are an organization with rather significant reach. that's one of the reasons i would use for the state and locals, arm them with information. i wonder who would have happened had ed davis in boston been aware of the tsarnaev brothers in his presence. he found out about it after the bombs went off. i think there's a lot of learnings and one of the things we need to learn and really learn to appreciate is the hundreds of men and women back home. you have to start playing offense, matt. got to start dealing -- a lot of discussion about refugees these days. there's a real serious problem. we've got to play defense at home, but the president can't let the clock run out.
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i know he loves basketball but it's not like running out clock. you run out clock when you're winning. we need to build a coalition to deal with this in syria as well >> you mentioned here at home there are stories relating to this taking operation here at home so stick around for a second. i want to ask you about those in a second. the security concerns are here. they were evident overnight when two air france planes bound for paris had to be diverted to other airports. nbc's janet shamlian is in salt lake city where one of those jets was held for most of the night. janet, what can you tell us. >> reporter: matt, good morning. passengers are describing a frantic scene in the moments before that plane made an unscheduled landing here in salt lake city, and then once on the ground everything was inspected. the cargo, the baggage, and everyone from the passengers to the crew, to the pilots were questioned by the fbi. just days after the paris terrorist attacks, nerve-racking moments for u.s. passengers after bomb threats forced two air france flights bound for paris to be diverted late tuesday. flight 65 from los angeles took off about 7:00 p.m. about two hours into the trip
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>> fire command and off vehicles, the next aircraft on final is the emergency aircraft. >> reporter: shortly after flight 55 from washington's dulles airport also diverted to halifax, nova scotia. in a statement air france saying the flights were the subject of anonymous threats received by phone after their respective takeoffs. >> we're pretty much at a heightened level all the time at this point, and so people are vigilant. >> they just said that there was going to be an emergency landing, very unnerving given the situation that has been going on over in france. >> reporter: elsewhere, a spirit airlines flight returned to its gate in baltimore after a female passenger became suspicious of a man watching a media report on his smartphone. four people were removed from the flight but no arrests. and in boston an unruly woman was taken off a british airways flight from london after trying to open an exit door mid-air. turns out she had too much to drink. air france flight 65 finally
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left salt lake airport at about 3:00 this morning. it is currently in the air bound for paris. the fbi now saying that there was no credible evidence that these were true threats against -- they were true threats but no credible evidence to back them up, but in this time of heightened concern no one was taking any chances. matt and savannah, back to you. >> janet, better be safe than sorry, thank you very much. >> and security remains ramped up across the country. nbc's national correspondent peter alexander is in washington and has more on that angle. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning to you. this morning we're inside washington's metro subway system. among those places bolstering security right now. means more canine sweeps and more random screenings for explosives at the entrances and more officers systemwide all part of this new heightened state of alert. the isis threat warning the u.s. is next has americans on edge. as washington's union station no known threat but stepped-up security no less. one maryland school district
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cancelling planned field trips to the nation's capital and on capitol hill two of the obama administration's top homeland officials privately briefed house members on the late intelligence about the paris attacks. >> there's no specific credible threat to the homeland, but i think it's clear that the primary concern of law enforcement and the intelligence community is the risk of copycats here at home. >> reporter: nbc news has learned 20 fingerprint images from the paris attackers have been provided to the u.s. by french authorities, but no matches with u.s. terror wash lists. intelligence officials tell nbc pete williams terror databases here contain nearly 2,800 names with connections to france, 800 of those with ties to syria and now under extra scrutiny. the fbi is also beefing up its surveillance of known terror suspects here. a senior u.s. official telling nbc news roughly 50 are getting the highest level of attention. and as for the ongoing fight over refugees, the number of governors who are either opposing or refusing or suspending the resettlement of
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syrians in this country has now grown to 31. almost all of them republicans. early this morning president obama again angrily blasted the republican rhetoric saying he can't think of a more potent recruitment tool for isis, and he mocked what he described as a fear of widows and orphans. matt and savannah. >> peter, thank you so much. we want to turn again to former homeland security secretary tom ridge. there is a technical piece of this as well, and another thing we're learning more and more about is how these terrorists are using encrypted channels. it's getting harder and harder for our good guys to listen in on the bad guys' conversations. there's even been a suggestion that silicon valley should get involved and be helpful to law enforcement. what do you think about that, and is it even feasible? >> i think director comey has made several trips there imploring them to assist in dealing with this. one of the incredible ironies is that isis rejects the modern world and yet they use the modern world and the technology of the modern world and social media and the
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internet to spread their ideology, to recruit, et cetera, et cetera, so i think director comey is on the right path, and i hope that his entreats to silicon valley fall on receptive years because it's a real problem for the fbi and investigators globally. >> we had the color-coated security alert system. >> right. >> if you were in that system now, would we be at red alert in this country? i couldn't tell you because i don't know what the intelligence is. it was much malign the at the time, but i do think it was designed so that when they had specific credible information, either sector specific or nationally, they could use it to alert folks. what people never quite understood is every color represented a level of security. the challenge we have now since 9/11 is that we know, we know that intelligence of law enforcement communities if they get specific threats they will act and act immediately. it's the unknown. it is the unknown that's the real challenge right now, all the more reason to use the force
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the streets and in these communities, all the more reason to start playing offense. it's about time that somebody led a coalition. we've got some -- we've got -- we need leadership. it may have to come from president hollande. this president has spent more time criticizing republicans in their rejection of refugees. he ought to be providing leadership that historically the rest of the world looks to. our friends look to it. our foes want to understand where we are. right now there's no leadership from america. i think it's about time that the president understood he's commander in cheever until january of 2017. it's about time to lead. >> well, there are so many issues that are raised by these attacks in paris. thanks for being with us. thank you very much. >> now turning to the race for the white house. republican hopeful ben carson is pushing back this morning after -- about his knowledge on foreign policy. nbc's hallie jackson has more on that. hallie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. at a time when the paris attacks have put national security front
7:16 am
trail, this morning ben carson and his campaign are really hitting back against a story that one of carson's own advisers thinks he's struggling to get a handle on foreign policy issues. this morning the doctor's on defense. ben carson under fire after reports he's failing on foreign policy. >> well, you know, i think that's a narrative that people want to paint. >> reporter: a "new york times" article quotes one of his national security advisers as saying carson can't get one iota of intelligent information about the middle east and needed weekly briefings on foreign policy, so, quote, we can make him smart. the comments come from dane claritch, a controversial figure who was part of the iran-contra scandal. >> he's not my adviser, a person who has come in on a couple of our sessions to offer opinions about what is going on. >> reporter: carson has seemed to stumble on foreign policy before, like this moment during last week's debate on syria. >> we also must recognize that
7:17 am
you know, the chinese are there as well as the russians. >> reporter: the white house shooting down the china claim and on sunday when carson was asked on fox news who he'd call first if the paris attacks happened on his watch, he refused to answer, three times. >> who would you call first? but who would you call first specifically? can you tell us who you would call first, sir, on the international scene? >> i would call for all of the arab states to be involved in this. >> reporter: candidate implying now those were gotcha questions. >> i know how that works and that's just silly. >> reporter: carson himself acknowledges he's on a learning curve when it comes to foreign policy, and while he may lack that kind of traditional political experience his supporters seem to like it. >> really refreshing to have somebody that's not a politician. >> reporter: the campaign tells me this morning they don't think any of this will hurt carson
7:18 am
gets daily briefings and that he's lived abroad and worked in or visited 57 countries. they are also drawing a comparison to another high-profile republican who they argue was wrongly slammed for his lack of foreign policy experience before he was elect the, ronald reagan. matt? >> all right, hallie jackson, hallie, thank you very much. >> let's turn to al. a lot of people dealing with severe weather. >> all across the country, and it will continue today. let's take a look at what happened yesterday in seattle and spokane. three people have been killed in the pacific northwest by falling trees, thousands without power. a real mess there and lots of flooding as well. we move to denver where they have been dealing with blizzard like conditions, upwards of 100 vehicles stalled on i-25. hundreds of flights cancelled at denver international airport. that blizzard is winding down. the wind storm is making its way east. look what happened in memphis, tennessee. lots of trees down. thousands without power this morning. as you see all the damage caused by falling trees. downed power lines and big, big problems there and there's more on the way.
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remember yesterday when i talked about how we'd see the line of storms developing. you can see right now there's the line of storms currently. take a look at what we showed you yesterday, the futurecast and look at how it lines up. exactly the same, and this is what we're going to be dealing with today as this system moves to the east, so as that front pushes east, we're going to see strong winds, rain sliding to the east. thursday, we're going to get some much-needed rain here in the northeast, but in the meantime, we've got flash flood watches in effect from new orleans to north carolina. 12 million people at risk. rainfall today one to two inches per hour and look for rain delays from mobile, atlanta on into roanoke, 3 to 5 inches there, and tomorrow look for airport delays from washington, d.c. up into new york, anywhere from one to three inches of rain possible. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.this is more than just a town. this is our home. and small business saturday... is more than just a day. it's our day... to shop small at the places we love... with the people we love. for stuff we can't get anywhere else.
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"today" that he's living with hiv, including some of the women from his past. >> and a massive crowd is outside on our plaza this morning. we'll get a live concert from
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a waukee man... charged with murder... is due in court for a preliminary hearing this morning. police say 41 year old brendan mcguinness shot and killed 41 year old gino risola on november 7th. they say it happened as risola returned with his wife to their home on carefree lane. mcguinness is being held in the dallas dollar bond. a des moines woman and teenager
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it's 7:30 now on a wednesday morning, the 1th of november. we've got breaking news out of france at this hour. a massive terror raid carried out on the outskirts of paris, and the target of a seven-hour siege. the alleged mastermind of last friday's attacks, abdelhamid abaaoud. >> but this morning his whereabouts and fate still very much in question. "nbc nightly news" anchor lester holt is in zen we new developments on the raid. lester, good morning to you. >> reporter: all right. good morning, matt. president hollande saying we have neutralized terrorists here today referring to that overnight operation. seven people taken into custody for questioning. two others were killed. police staging a dramatic raid about 4:30 in the morning here. they were met by a woman with a suicide vest. she detonated killing herself and injuring several of the
7:27 am
police dog as well. what followed for the next several hours were sporadic exchanges of gunfire that had people cowering in their apartments here as they listened to it. there were several explosions after about the third hour of this, and shortly thereafter police say the operation was over. they have acknowledged that they were targeting the people involved in friday's attack, including the possible mastermind, abdelhamid abaaoud. they have not said whether he is among those taken into custody or whether the two outstanding attackers that they have been looking for were part of this. they have only said they have been taken into questioning. fact that they were met with someone with a suicide vest, of course, leads to the unsettling speculation as to whether more attacks were planned here in paris. this is a northeast suburb just of the outskirts of central paris, about half an hour from here. again, the operation is over as to who they have and what they have uncovered. we're still waiting to hear. we'll keep you posted and back to you now.
7:28 am
>> lester holt in paris, lester, thank you very much. >> as we've been talking about all morning, the downing of the russian jetliner have really heightened concerns over security here at home and this morning we have a startling undercover investigation that's tied to airport security. today, national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here with that. good morning to you. >> good morning. here we are just over a week to thanksgiving, the busiest travel season of the year. when you get to the airport and you hit the tsa security checkpoint, all know how it goes, right. laptops out, belts off, shoes off, all to make sure you aren't carrying any dangerous weapons, but this morning a new security breech sounding the alarm, and wait until you see what we were able to get through security. it is a shocking security breech. this man says he just carried a loaded gun on to a commercial flight in atlanta. the tsa never found it. >> had it laying in my backpack right here, and i said mother of god. >> reporter: that's right. a semiautomatic pistol.
7:29 am
he says he forgot it was this his carry-on. completely missed by tsa workers on the x-ray machine. >> how did that get on that plane. for the safety of the people of the united states. we need to tighten up. >> reporter: and it's hardly the first time. during the tsa's own internal investigation this year 67 out of 70 times someone was able to carry weapons and fake explosive devices right through security, undetected. that's an astounding 95% failure rate. so could it really be that easy to smuggle banned items, potential weapons past screeners. my team and i fanning out across the country. we'll start at l.a.x. at the airport right now and i bought this swiss army knife, and i'm going to put it inside of my bag right in the middle. right over there. and we're going to see if they find it. good news. they stopped me and confiscate the knife, but across the country in atlanta my producer jovanna has another swiss army
7:30 am
>> i've got the swiss army knife and i'll put it right here in my wallet. >> reporter: tsa screeners don't catch it. at the gate and look what got through. they didn't even pause on my bag. think that's bad? my producer josh has a pair of sharp scissors. >> got the scissors and the blade is longer than 4 inches and i'll stick them down here in my bag and zip it up. >> reporter: gets them right through, no problem. >> here we are at the gate and take a look. still have them. shocking. >> reporter: but the most disturbing security breech of all, these box cutters, the same weapon the 9/11 hijackers used. seen here on surveillance video walking through the checkpoint back then. now 14 years later watch what happens at newark. >> i've got a box cutter here and i'll close it up and put it deep inside my bag here and zip it up. here i am at gate about to board my flight and take a look.
7:31 am
got it right through. so scary. >> reporter: yes. he just got a box cutter past the tsa. >> fundamentally tsa hasn't changed since 9/11. we make the same mistakes over and over. >> reporter: anthony roman is an aviation security expert. when you see our results, we were able to get three of the four banned items we wanted to get through through, undetected and no questions asked. as a family man myself how concerned should i be? >> you need to have a level of concern. these weapons are deadly weapons and can kill, and we absolutely need to do a better job. >> reporter: the tsa declining our request for an on-camera interviews instead telling nbc news' dave epstein saying, "for any prohibited item to pass through security and they frequently conduct testing and have implemented changes to better deter, detect and disrupt
7:32 am
any threat of potential terrorism." is this a wake-up call for tsa in washington and every airport across the country? >> it is a wake-up call. there are good rules and regulations in place for tsa to perform their job. it's a failure of accountability on the management level and on the officer level. >> reporter: eye-opening for sure. by the way, after getting all of those items past security, we went back to the checkpoints and told them they missed them and returned the items voluntarily. one tsa worker even telling us she's embarrassed and wished all passengers were as honest as us. of course, they are aren't, of course. the bad guys aren't, and the tsa does say they confiscate thousands of items a year. experts, as you can see, just not enough. >> a high failure rate, that's for sure. >> jeff, thank you very much. >> let's get a check of the weather now from mr. roker. >> some of that air travel is going to be a little on the bumpy side today because we've got a lot of wind going on. all right. on the west coast, we've got a big area of high pressure.
7:33 am
mid-section of the country we've got low pressure and then as we make our way to the east over the northeast we've got a big area of high pressure, so the difference between those pressure systems basically set up pressure gradients. those bands of pressure squeezing the wind between them, so as that happens we'll be looking at a lot of wind. in fact, we've got high wind watches and warnings out through the pacific northwest into the plains. in fact parts of wyoming already reporting wind gusts of 85 miles per hour or more and could get up to 100-mile-per-hour winds. winds in bismarck 26 and omaha today will see wind gusts of 22 miles per hour, and as we make our way further to the west, chicago, st. louis, louisville, we are looking at a lot of winds over the next several days. power outages, downed trees and high profile vehicles like 18 wheelers have to be careful and, of course, there will be airport delays. that's what's going on around
7:34 am
wo >> get that weather any time you need it, weather channel on cable and online. >> thanks, al. coming up next, how people are reacting to charlie sheen's announcement here on the show that he's hiv-positive. >> a live concert from justin bieber who says it will be his
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thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here mom. me too. look who's here! . back now at 7:43. a lot of reaction to matt's interview yesterday with charlie sheen. >> announced to the world yesterday that he's hiv-positive and while some are rallying around the veteran actor, others are in shock including some of the women in sharylcharlie's life. here's nbc correspondent miguel almaguer. >> i'm here to admit that aim hiv-positive. >> reporter: as charlie sheen went public for the first time here on today, his diagnosis came as news to some with whom he had been intimate. >> i could be dead right now, literally dead. on "inside edition." bri olson, one of sheen's ex-girlfriends seen here in 2011
7:40 am
the actor never disclosed to her his hiv status. >> like playing russian roulette roulette. >> reporter: this morning sheen was reportedly not hiv-positive at the time of the relationship and at least one other woman says sheen never told her he was hiv-positive either. that woman has sought legal counsel. sheen says he's had unprotected sex with two women since his diagnosis and amanda bruce is one of those women. >> i think the real russian roulette comes forward with not coming forward about conditions you have or having unprotected sex frequently with partners. >> reporter: sheen's doctor said his bloodwork shows an undetectable level of the hiv virus but recommends he use protection and specialist dr. robert bowland says the only time you know from a blood test whether the virus is undetectable is the moment it's taken you. >> don't know whether it's unto defense secretariable the next
7:41 am
you just can't be sure all of the time. >> reporter: while laws vary state to state here in california anyone who is knowingly infected with hiv doesn't disclose their status and purposefully tries to infect another person is guilty of a felony. sheen says he's always been open and honest but he told matt he does expect lawsuits. >> a father of five, sheen's ex-wife brook mueller confirmed neither she nor her boys confirmed she's hiv-positive. on social media says magic johnson says this actor can fight this disease and live a long life. heather locklear and pierce morgan among the many celebrities pulling for charlie, at 50 going forward with his biggest life challenge. for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >> clearly one of the topics we talked to him about, does he expect a wave of lawsuits, and i think the next couple of weeks are going to be very telling. >> well, he was pretty clear
7:42 am
that loin and i guess we'll hear from others that he has. this will continue. >> you're right. still ahead, hoda crashes the party giving one of her biggest fans the surprise of a lifetime. this is definitely going to put a smile on your face. >> just the hat alone, right? >> and next "people" dubs david beckham the sexiest man alive. >> good choice, people.
7:43 am
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7:47 am
this morning. do i need to ask you why he's sexiest man alive. >> no, he's beckham and he's romantic and he's a family man and a neat freak. this guy likes to vacuum. victoria is the messy one. his wife is messy h.cleans up after her. >> it's interesting, because brittany who rules the original room over here. how old are you? >> 30. >> she wondered whether or not becks was too old. >> no. >> i think he's appealing for all ages. >> all ages. >> i think it's a great pick. >> i think it's a great pick. >> and everyone seems very happy which is really what we're going for. >> he's a family man. >> yes. >> see him all the time with his children and i feel like that el gated him as well that he can balance the sexiness with all the love that he's willing to share with the kids. >> definitely. >> he has a son brooklyn, gets embarrassed still even though he's beckham. >> let's take a look. 1995 mel gibson. who could forget '95 brad pitt and matthew mcconaughey 2005, milestone issue here.
7:48 am
>> our 0th anniversary so, of course, these guys get sexier with age and we talk to all the former cover guys about what is the most impressive things they do around the house and it's nice that they just appreciate the fact that they were the sexiest man. there's not many of them. >> there you have t.julia. thank you. another furnish u. "people's" sexiest man alive hits stands with the pain and swelling of my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed... intimidating. doing something simple... meant enduring a lot of pain. if ra is changing your view of everyday things orencia may help. orencia works differently by targeting a source of ra early in the inflammation process. for many, orencia provides long-term relief of ra symptoms. it's helped new ra patients and those not helped enough by other treatments. do not take orencia with another biologic medicine for ra due to an increased risk
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police say 3 men broke into a des moines family's apartment... and attacked. police say the men kicked in the front door of the apartment along 18th street... and started demanding drugs. the family tried to tell them they didn't have any... but they still hit two kids with a gun... and pointed a gun at another. the suspects took off before officers arrived... and police are still looking for them. another republican has stepped out of the 20-16 presidential race... bobby jindal is the third to end his candidacy... following rick perry and scott walker. jindal was supposed to take part in channel 13's iowa forum today... but that event is cancelled. we are working to line up another candidate in his place. donald trump will join us in person tomorrow for another iowa job creation. it'll be held at dmacc's campus tickets are already spoken for... but there will be an overflow room available. you don't need a
7:53 am
i owe about $68,000. i owe $44,000 in student loans.
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7:55 am
it's 8:00 on today. coming up, belly buster. how many glasses of wine does it take to ruin your diet? the experts weigh in. hoda heads to the high seas to surprise a fan with a birthday celebration of a lifetime. it's a good time to be a belieber. justin bieber takes over the
7:56 am
wednesday november 18, 2015. >> justin bieber! >> we are back now, 8:00 on a wednesday morning. you're looking at a crowd here that is not here for the rockefeller christmas tree lighting. that's big. this is really big. we've got a concert from justin bieber on this wednesday morning, and these people have been lining up for more than a day. >> they have, and look who is here. justin bieber. getting ready. you say this is going to be your biggest concert ever here? >> i think so, hopefully. >> yeah. >> hopefully. you got a couple of surprises for us?
7:57 am
>> cool. >> this comes with brand-new music, the album "perfect" and a great performance in the next half hour. >> it's a busy news morning as well. i'm going to go inside to natalie and she has a check of all the morning's top stories. >> good morning once again. lots of developments in paris. explosions and gunfire echoed through a paris suburb this morning as politician carried out a deadly raid aimed at the mastermind behind friday's terror attacks. nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely is in saint-denis. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. a seven hour siege and an isis ring leader targeted with a young woman blowing herself up with a suicide vest. an extraordinary night. police believe they were targeting an isis cell that was planning another series of
7:58 am
echoed overnight in a quiet kwai neighborhood miles from the heart of paris. police, guns drawn, raided an apartment building and they had a specific target, this man, abdelhamid abaauod. the bell jab suspected of planning last friday's terror attacks that killed 129 people. as soon as police stormed the building, one woman wearing a suicide vest blew herself up. it's unclear if abaaoud is among those arrested. according to police five officers and one civilian were injured. this morning's raid took place a mile from the stade de france, the stadium targeted nearly a week ago. >> boom, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: witnesses say they could hear multiple explosions. some residents removed from their homes out of harm's way. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: after seven hours with heavy gunfire exchanged, france's government spokesman confirmed the raid was finally
7:59 am
over. and police telling me that they targeted this apartment because of tapped phone conversations, because of surveillance of that young woman and also because of other witnesses. and sources telling nbc news that there is every reason to believe that this could have been an imminent attack. that's based on the number of people in the apartment, the fact that there was an active suicide vest that obviously was detonated quite quickly and based on the fact of the number of guns and ammunition used over this seven-hour siege they believe this was an isis sell possibly planning an imminent attack. natalie? >> very scary. bill neely in paris once again for us, thank you. president obama is pushing back against republicans, especially governors, who are citing the paris attacks as a reason to shut out syrian refugees. speaking in the philippines today the president said that
8:00 am
keeping out orphans or only admitting christians as some have suggested would go against american values. >> we are not well served when in response to a terrorist attack we descend into fear and panic. >> more than half of the nation's governors are now raising objections to the president's plan to resettle 10,000 syrians in the u.s. >> now to the race for the white house, and louisiana governor bobby jindal has suspended his campaign for the republican presidential nomination. jindal, whose poll numbers put him near the bottom of the gop field said tuesday this is not my time. he did not endorse another candidate but says he will support the party's nominee. jindal was the first person of indian-american heritage to run for the white house. rescuers raced to the scene after a car plunged into the water off marina del rey, california, tuesday night. los angeles police say the car had been involved in a hit and run accident. witnesses saw two or three men
8:01 am
divers said it appears there was no one left in the vehicle which was then pulled back on to dry land. well, you know how annoying it gets when ants invade your picnic. well, how about this scene. take a look. some florida college students were enjoying an outdoor snack when that alligator just strolled up, took over their blanket. the gator, as you see there, grabbing a sandwich and making itself feel right at hoe. eventually it did crawl back into a nearby lake and didn't even leave a tip. gator wins in this case here obviously. don't mess with the gators. >> he's smiling about it though. >> natalie, thank you. >> pretty good sandwich. >> coming up next on "trending," how to use pizza to figure out how someone likes you. >> good way to get to my heart. plus, what hoda did that made this cruise ship passenger go absolutely bonkers. >> and one of the biggest crowds of the year gearing up for a live concert from justin bieber on our plaza this morning, but, first, these messages. you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year.
8:02 am
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8:06 am
back now. 8:10. a good time for what's trending today. >> first up, this story is getting a lot of clicks at and most of them from me. here eat question. how much wine can you drink and still stay on your diet? okay. >> let's ask hoda and kathie lee. >> very important information around the holiday and here's the magic number. diet and nutrition experts say you can have one to two glasses two to three nights a week. >> yay. >> i did a little bit of envelope on this so i maxed it out, two glasses three times a week. that's six glasses a week which i think you can spread out one a night. >> right. >> the experts don't say that. >> is that the calorie content or when you drink more wine you tend to then go and eat more things? >> if you're going to judge me, enough about my last night. the idea is the calories of the wine. i don't think they even got into how then you would go open the cheetos. >> great if hoda were here. >> hoda. >> hi.
8:07 am
>> what do you think? >> a glass a day is fine, a glass a day. we like it in the daytime on our show. >> you can do it at night. >> it a a goblet. >> a tumbler. >> all right. lesson from one stranger to another warming hearts this morning. a young man struggling to tie his tie at a train station in atlanta, so a woman in red there noticed so she asked her husband to step in and help that young mantei the tie. the result is a photo, a random act of kindness that is going viral. when you're a dad, that's kind of a rite of passage also to teach your son how to tie a tie but it's very hard to do on somebody else. >> a lot of times with nick i have to stand behind him. >> i can't tie a tie. can you, ladies? >> never had a reason to learn. love that picture. what you eat says a lot about you. who about how much you eve. researchers at cornell used food to study men and women on a date and get this.
8:08 am
women men ended up eating 86% more veggies and 93% more pizza. and that the more they ate the more they liked the gal, or whoever they are dating. >> comfortable enough to eat in front of them and chow down. >> ate a lot of pizza that was a sign for a guy they liked their date which i think for women it's the onit. >> pile on the veggies bus you're worried about the waist line. >> i couldn't eat, that much too danty. >> that's love at first bite. >> there you go. >> just about everybody has "star wars" fever, absolutely around here, including this next 2 year. her dad was watching the family baby monitor and listen to what he caught her singing before bedtime. >> toddler singing the iconic imperial march theme. >> so good. >> that's right. that will put you right to sleep.
8:09 am
that's good. >> bill murray on s&p going -- star wars, nothing but star wars >> famous male model and the fan frenzy at an adele concert. tamron has "pop start." >> we're starting at the first trailer for "zoolander 2" and the world's most famous model is back and in the sequel he's a man on a mission saving someone who is in studio "a" right now. >> i'm with interpol. i need your help. >> she's hot. i trust her. >> someone is trying to kill the world's most beautiful people. >> oh, fudge. >> peace out, world. >> all of them died with your signature, luke. we need you to infiltrate the world of high fashion. >> we're back. >> yeah! >> yeah!
8:10 am
>> that's it, justin bieber making a cameo in the new movie showing off his act being skills, and can you watch this whole trailer right now oh, fudge. oh, fudge. >> and now let's get caught up on adele. we know that she spent four hours -- four years out of the spotlight. >> that's a short time off. >> we missed her after just four hours away from us. last night adele finally returned to the stage and thousands of her fans couldn't wait to see her and say that first hello among the crowd. of course, our own dylan dry yes, an adele superfan. how was it in. >> it was just absolutely incredible last night, and since adele hasn't performed in the u.s. in four years, no one knew what to expect at her sold-out show last night at radio city music hall here in new york, but her fans knew before it even start that had it would be the time of their lives. if there's any question about who this fanfare is for, all you
8:11 am
who are you guys here to see here. >> adele. could have had it all >> reporter: these are adele's fans and arguably the bigest. >> i'm so excited to see adele. >> fans. >> she's probably the most talented singer in the world. >> ever. >> you just have to feel what she's singing, you do. you feel everything. >> they have been waiting anxiously for four years. her last record "21" sold more than 0 million copies and was named the greatest of all time by "billboard" magazine. >> these people get the tickets today! >> yes, i'm so excite. she's amazing an fabulous and we're just going to see her. nevermind, i'll find someone like you >> and last night that patience paid off with a sold out performance at radio city music hall. her first concert in the u.s. since 2011. let me photograph you in this land >> and a peek into her highly anticipated newest album titled
8:12 am
"25. ". >> what are you expecting to see in there tonight? >> a lot of tears. >> and good tears too. >> good tears, tears of happiness, tears of happiness. when we were young >> the best part about the whole concert i think was in between songs, i mean, obviously she's an amazing singer, but in between songs she was so real and down to earth and absolutely adorable. >> she was wonderful. >> my daughter leila and i went. it was her birthday and she's the biggest adele fan. >> i don't think you can top that gift. >> especially the gift wrap around adele, it wasn't easy. >> i took my daughter romey who learned some new words. >> adele was keeping it real. >> yes, she was. >> a little editing involved with that. >> mention the nbc, best part of it all recorded for a one-hour special, "adele live in new york." catch that live, monday,
8:13 am
and by the way, adele will join us live next wednesday here on "today." al, how about a check of the >> and that's your latest wetter. >> all right, al. thank you very much. now the start of the special make your today series that we're calling hoda's party crash. >> otherwise known as tuesday. it's all about our season of kindness and surprising fans as they celebrate big milestones and hoda is the perfect person
8:14 am
to do that. >> you funny duck. when crashing was only way to get into a party, seriously though the idea was to take a fan's special day and turn it up to about an 11, so for my first crash i headed to the h)gh seas to give a lucky fan a fun night. a three-day carnival cruise from miami to the bahamas, the perfect place to celebrate a birthday and the last place would you find me just hours after a live broadcast from new york. >> ready. okay. here we go. but first a little about the lucky lady behind this door. >> my mom is the life of the room when you meet her. she is comical. everyone who meets her just loves her. >> she doesn't know a stranger. she would give you the shirt off her back. >> reporter: cattily worked on an assembly line at general
8:15 am
as the primary breadwinner, she worked around the clock to put her three daughters three college and grad school. >> she's always doing for others and seems like nobody ever does for her. >> reporter: kathy's going on this cruise with her daughter buffy. she has no idea that her other two kids africa and tory are even coming. >> we're staged right here. >> they sneak on early to coordinate every detail. >> she loves strawberries. the chocolate strawberries would be great. >> meanwhile, our crack camera crew wires kathy's room with half a dozen hidden cameras and a letter this says a quote cruise director will be stopping by to say hello. >> mom watches "today" show every day. hoda is her favorite. >> hoda kotb. >> she talks like she knows hoda, like they are best friends. she loves her. >> victoria and africa sneak back to their cabin just as kathy boards. check her out. she's already partying.
8:16 am
my julie mccoy on and it is go time. >> oh, they upgraded us. >> oh, they did? >> when she opens the door and she realizes who it is, they are going to run from everywhere to see who died because she's going to scream so loud. >> ready. ready. >> okay. >> it's huge, mom. >> this is bigger than what i was in. >> this is huge. >> huge. >> catherine and buffy, welcome aboard. we will let you know that the cruise director will be stopping by. >> let's go. >> okay. here we go. >> okay. well, let's z sit here for a minute. >> go check it out. >> hi. >> oh, my god! oh, my god. oh, hoda. hoda, hoda kotb. oh, jesus. i'm going to have a heart
8:17 am
attack, oh, jesus. oh, my god. oh, jesus. >> happy birthday! happy birthday! >> no you didn't. i'm gonna cry. >> you know who did it. >> buffy did it. >> i can't believe. you're such a pretty girl. >> all right. here's what we're going to do. it's your birthday and we have a bunch of surprises for you. >> no, you don't. >> one of the first things we're going to do is a wine tasting. you don't like wine? >> i like chardonnay. you like the red, i know. >> you're the best, buffy. you're the best. >> buffy is the best. so is she your only doubter? >> i have two other girls, but they couldn't come. >> but you have buffy. you can't have everything. >> after a near heart attack we let cathy catch her breath for phase two. >> this is a first class wine-tasting. got to swish it around. >> swishy wishy. close your eyes tight. >> what do you like about it? >> that's delicious.
8:18 am
>> i feel like we need something sweet. >> okay. i think we have something even sweeter. turn around. >> oh. oh, guys. >> i heard a rumor that your mom likes to sing. >> mm-hmm. >> best craky queen. >> karaoke queen. >> the karaoke feels too small tore cathy. >> i don't know about this, but we'll see. >> she's not sure, but y'all, this is your headliner cathy powe. let's give them something to talk about >> she just brings so much joy. i'm just thankful, you know, that i am her daughter. >> she's always in my heart and in my mind. >> all the things she's done and
8:19 am
done for us, nobody's ever really said thank you. i just want to say thank you. >> make a wish! >> that this day never ends. >> she is too much. >> spectacular. >> awesome. >> i felt like i was a publishers clearing house lady. i was so excited doing that. >> she was so excite and recognized you right away. >> how about her doubt errs. >> so wonderful. >> had such a great cruise and great 65th birthday. >> and you were rocking that outfit. >> julie mccoy. >> tomorrow we've got another one coming up. >> what are you going to do? >> we're crashing a wedding but not like vince vaughn and owen wilson. not like them. it will be better. >> somebody's going to actually enjoy this. >> all right, great. >> that's fantastic like i do, here's hoda. hoda, that's awesome. thank you so much. >> we want to hear your stories
8:20 am
surprise you ever received and use the #sharekindness. tamron. >> thank you. >> okay. we're on. let's go. here we go. let's roll out. here we go.
8:21 am
come america's never been a country of quitters. it's not who we are. we don't ignore threats like climate change. we face our problems head-on. with american-made clean energy,
8:22 am
spark new innovation... and create millions of new jobs. solving our climate crisis starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
8:23 am
8:30 now. november, 2015. we are surrounded by a sea of justin bieber fans, and he's getting ready to start his live concert on our city stage. >> got a brand new album. it's called "purpose" and it's racing up the charts and it's getting great reviews. "billboard" says this. they found it turned skeptics into born again beliebers and we'll get more of that after al gives us a check of the weather.
8:24 am
>> perfect weather for justin and fairly warm for november. take a look at this. so far we're talking about the eastern two-third of the country above normal, and you get up into the plains. temperatures anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees above normal but guess what. there's a change a-coming. jet stream dipping to the south and that's bringing in much chillier weather. that's what's going on around the country. and >> and that's your latest
8:25 am
savannah? >> our massive crowd is ready for a concert our our star is promising it's going to be big. ladies and gentlemen, justin bieber. we've got it going you know i try but i don't do so well with apologies hope i don't run out of time time i need just one more shot at forgiveness
8:26 am
once or twice. it's too late now to say sorry because i'm missing more than just your body is it too late now to say sorry yeah, i know that i let you down is it too late to say i'm sorry now i'm sorry, yeah sorry, yeah, sorry yeah i know that i let you down is it too late to say i'm sorry n.o.w. i'll t te every single piece of the blame if you want me to you know that there is no innocent one in this game for two
8:27 am
i'll go i'll go and then you go you go out and spill the truth can we both said words, say forget this yeah, is it too late now to say sorry cause i'm missing more than just your body is it too late now to say sorry yeah i know that i let you down is it too late to say i'm sorry now i'm not just trying to get you back on me cause i'm missing more than just your body is it too late now to say sorry yeah i know that i let you down is it too late to say i'm sorry now sorry sorry yeah
8:28 am
sorry yeah i know that i let you down is it too late to say i'm sorry n.o.w. sorry yeah sorry sorry yeah i know that i let you down is it too late to say i'm sorry now sorry yeah so sorry justin bieber just getting started. we'll get more music and we'll
8:29 am
first, this is "today" on nbc. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded byover a million contributions -- people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
8:30 am
justin bieber back on the plaza as part of our city concert stage celebrating the release of a brand new album. this one is called "purpose." good morning, justin. good to have you. >> good morning. good to be here. >> can i start on a serious note. >> this was going to plan for today and you were going to sit down on monday and paris happened and you knew someone would lost their life. >> i did. it was really hard for me. i mean, we've been working together for probably like four or five years, and it's -- it's a sad thing, man. >> our hearts continuing -- >> heart and prayers go out to the families, yeah. >> let's turn to the new music "purpose" a couple of years in the making, a couple of turbulent years in the making. >> yes, sir. >> if i sit down and listen to the music on album what does it tell me about what you've been through in those years? >> i think it reflects where i am right now and, you know, we're going up, and i think that it's been -- it's been a long journey, but i think i'm the best place i've ever been.
8:31 am
>> you've been doing a little apologizing, maybe not in those words, but you've been taking responsibility for some of the antics we all witnesses. >> for sure, for sure. >> over the last couple of years. did you stop those antics because you made a conscious decision or did you just grow out of them? >> i think a lot of people go through those struggles, but they are not, you know, in the public. and i think that i just -- i grew up in front of -- in the spotlight so it was tough for me, but we're on the other side and i think that i'm 21 and i've got a lot of great people surrounding me and a lot of good support systems. >> a lot of artists before they set out on a tour and you have a big one coming up. >> yeah. >> something like 58 stops, two of them right here in new york city. they get nervous about what the reaction is going to be when you look out in this direction and that direction, do you feel less nervous? >> i do. the love is undeniable, and i'm really excited about just this new chapter and excited about the album and just glad that people are listening to the music. it's about the music. >> i'm pretty sure people came not to hear us talk and to hear
8:32 am
you play so why don't you head up there. ladies and gentlemen, justin bieber. all the times that you rained on mia parade and all the clubs that you get in in my name you think you grow my heart you think i'm crying on my own and i didn't want to write a song because i didn't want to anyone thinking i still care i don't but you still hear my phone now
8:33 am
think it should be something i don't want to hold back maybe you should you know that my momma don't like you and she likes everyone and i never lied to where i was from and i've been so caught up in my job didn't see what's going on but now i know i'm sleeping on my own because if you like the way you looked at much oh, baby, you should go and love yourself and if you still think that i'm still holding you should go and love yourself when you told me that you hated my friends the only problem was with you and not them every time you told me my
8:34 am
and tried to make me forget where i came from and i didn't want to write a song cause i didn't want anything thinking i still care i don't but i still have my phone up and baby i've been moving on and i think it should be something i don't want to hold back maybe you should know that my momma don't like you and she likes everyone and i never like to admit that i was wrong and i've been so caught up in my job, didn't see what's going on and now i know i'm better sleeping on my own cause if you like the way you look that much oh, baby you should go and love yourself and if you think that i'm
8:35 am
you should go and love yourself >> that's it. [ cheers and applause ] coming up next, justin welcomes a special guest to the stage, but first on a wednesday morning, this is "today" on nbc. jeb bush: leadership means you've got to be all in. it's not about yappin'. it's not about talking. it's about doing. i know how to do this because i was privileged to serve in florida for eight years. and we turned the systems upside down that weren't working.
8:36 am
we cut taxes every year. income rose in people's pockets. people were lifted out of poverty. children started to learn. as president of the united states, i pledge to you that i will solve problems. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the
8:37 am
welcome back to "today." a big crowd ready for more music, this time justin is getting a little help from a
8:38 am
special guest. halsey. ladies and gentlemen, justin bieber. [ cheers and applause ] you are to me, a part of me you're pulling me, you're pulling me to gravity i'm notorious for thinking you're full of beautiful hello sugar on your lips
8:39 am
am i in love am i in love with the feeling can't get out of my head and i need you to save me if it's an illusion then maybe i'm crazy in love i'm in love with a feeling oh, oh you did it to me everything that i could dream at least that's what it seems that's what it seems could it be me it's good for me i'm notorious for thinking
8:40 am
sugar on your lips >> sing it. am i in love with you am i love with the feeling trying to find the truth trying to find truth can't get out of my head and i need you to save me if i have an illusion that maybe i'm in crazy in love with you crazy in love with you am i in love with a feeling i'm sinking faster and faster means i've been in disaster
8:41 am
i'm standing on the borderline am i in love with you am i in love with you am i in love with a feeling can't get out of my head and i need you to -- need you to save me is it an illusion or maybe i'm crazy in love with you am i in love with you am i in love with a feeling >> halsey, ladies and gentlemen. >> new york city, justin bieber! >> justin is back with more music on a wednesday morning
8:42 am
nbc. we have just a couple minutes left and justin said how about a little more music so take it away. >> let's do it.
8:43 am
little surprise. and a picture from my frame someone to share tell me want to train and i'll tell you what you've got in mind oh, i don't know your name but i feel like that's going to change you ain't got to be my lover if you call me baby can we keep each other company company maybe we can be be each other's company
8:44 am
it's not about the complication, i'm all about the elevation we can keep it going up or don't miss out on us just want to have a conversation, forget the obligations maybe we can stay in touch oh, that ain't doing too much you ain't got to be my lover for you to call me baby never been about no pressure ain't that serious can we keep each other company
8:45 am
other's company, oh, company one more time, ready, louder. >> yikes, all right. >> all right, listen. right there. thank you guys. [ cheers and applause ] you know, that was the first time i ever did, that ever. thank you guys for all the love. you guys having a good time! >> you guys in the back having a good tie. i'm so thankful for you guys. you guys are unbelievable. thanks for buying the album and liking the album, and, yeah, that's pretty much it. >> justin bieber. back with more music in just a few moments. you've been watching him live.
8:46 am
your loc i owe about $68,000. i owe $44,000 in student loans.
8:47 am
says you should not have to borrow money to pay tuition if you go to a public college or university. and you ought to be able to refinance student debt. and i don't believe the federal government should be making a profit off of lending to young people who are borrowing to be able to get their education. we have got to make college affordable.
8:48 am
this morning on "today's take" pop superstar justin bieber is a man with a purpose as he takes our concert stage for one more song. then, one of "people" magazine's sexiest men alive dennis quaid is here with a new project, and it's turkey time. we've got the crafts and packs for your thanksgiving feast. all that and more coming up now. from nbc news this the requests today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller playsa. welcome to "today," it's wednesday morning, november 18, 2015. i'm willie along with al and tamron. natalie had to leave a little early this morning for an assignment. big crowd outside. justin bieber is our concert star and will have a song for us in just a moment but we do want to gin in paris where this morning police carried out a raid and engaged in a long
8:49 am
shootout north of the city. richard engel is in saint-denis for us. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. that raid took place in a house on the street behind me. it began around 4:30 this morning and police were apparently expecting a fight. they came in heavily armed. hundreds of officers, and as soon as they entered into an apartment on the third floor a woman inside was apparently wearing a suicide vest. she detonated that vest killing herself and injuring five of the police officers. french president says that seven people were arrested. two of what he's calling the terrorists were killed in that apartment. there's been no identification of the phr te suspect, the main target of this raid, we are told, is the mastermind of the paris attacks, a belgian national wanted for a long time for his involvement and his isis. officials are now trying to verify whether they got him or not. they are not saying anything to the press as this investigation
8:50 am
is ongoing. willie. >> richard engel just outside paris for us. thank you so much, richard. >> late yesterday bomb threats forced two air france flights bound for paris to be divert. one flight from l.a.x. landed in salt lake city and a second flight from washiod n halifax, nova scotia. unanimous threats were received at those planes by phone. fbi says there was no though credible evidence to suggest that those were real. meanwhile, overseas, a sports stadium in germany full of thousands of fans was evacuated after intelligence said an attack was planned. no bomb was found there. there were some signs of unity though in london at wembley stadium where fans sang the french national anthem before a soccer match between france and england. listen.
8:51 am
>> beautiful moment there in london. prince william was in the crowd and he laid a wreath before the match. also we've got a nice piece of video to show you. here's prince william late wreath before the match began. some nice video as well. a reporter from france's "le petit journal" interviewing a
8:52 am
who happened. >> that's a beautiful moment. >> if you're listening on sirius xm and don't know what they were saying, basically a father at memorial telling his young son that the flowers and candles are here to protect us, a way of explaining what's happening and making some sense of it anyway to a child. >> go ahead. i was thinking you both are parents, and, you know, i'm very close to my nieces and nephews, my niece's birthday is in march and wants to go to paris and this weekend i had to explain to her why we may not go on this trip, thinking about it, and i thought about you guys and parents who so often, whether it's something like this or even a tragedy in your family, losing a loved one, how do you explain this, and complexity of this. >> yeah. >> when your children happen to tune in and it's everq)e, how do you tell them about something like? and i know it sounds like one those tv questions. >> it's real. >> i was thinking about it this weekend. >> absolutely is. i've got a 13-year-old, a 17-year-old and a 28-year-old,
8:53 am
and each one of them were concerned, and in fact courtney my oldest was calling me, saying, dad, have you heard about this. supposedly there's some chatter about something going on here. i mean, kids are -- no matter how old you are, adults, are now concerned about this, and, you know, we have to -- as we did after 9/11 at a certain point you say we've got to keep moving and have to live our lives and you just try to be as vigilant as possible. >> my kids are 6 and 8 and this is obviously tough stuff for kids that age. what we do is just answer their questions. they live in the world. they got other kids at school and they hear about it and listen to them and answer their questions as they come up. we don't plop them down in front of "nightly news" or cnn and have them watch all the coverage. it's happening and kids at school are saying could it happen in new york and we try to answer honestly the questions they give us. >> what's interesting earlier in our program jeff rossen was on with this rossen investigates, always been concerned about tsa which went into effect
8:54 am
man was able to bring a loaded gun by accident, he forgot, brought a semiautomatic saying he didn't know, forgot about it. got through security just on november 5th. take a listen. >> this it laying in my backpack right here and i said mother of god. how did that get on that plane? for the safety of the people of the united states, we need to tighten up. >> and so that's why jeff's undercover team investigated, and they got three of the four banned items through. they got at swiss army knife, a sharp pair of scissors in atlanta and a pair of box cutters in newark. now during the tsa's own internal investigation this year, 67 out of 70 times somebody was able to carry a weapon or face explosive device through security undeterkt the. that's 95% of the time people were able to get stuff through undetected. that is frightening. >> it is frightening. you don't want to beat down on
8:55 am
these men and women who are tsa agents but you do have to look at tsa leadership and say what is their plan? are they going to implement something to improve this, and they have talked a lot about it, but jeff rossen just filed this report well after the tsa studies showed that they failed 95% of the time. >> tsa says in their statement it's unanable for any prohibited item to pass through security undetect. they frequently test and have implemented systematic changes to better deter, detect and disrupt any threat of potential terrorism and a lot of people are very vigilant in that organization, but obviously they have some systemic issues that they need to address. >> clearly. this is not big sophisticated stuff we're talking about. box cutters, does that set off an alarm after 9/11 terrorists. >> a basic handgun that was in there. again, i agree with you. i have respect for the tsa agents who are doing the best they can, wait in the long lines for 15 years and you go through this thing and people say it's security theater. not actually protecting ourselves.
8:56 am
unfortunately, these results confirm some that have. >> and we keep getting the same statement saying they are implementing things to change but whenever they are tested like in t t case of jeff rossen, they fail, and to your point, it wasn't a sophisticated thing that jeff and his team d.incredible. >> just walked on, boom in, a backpack. not like it was in a secret compartment. >> crazy. can we lighten the mood just a bit. >> great idea. >> so yesterday, of course, we had on our buddy -- you know, he's our buddy. >> is he really in. >> not really. sound lie we're cool -- >> i wish he was our buddy. >> senator john mccain calls everybody our friend. mark randy johnson was here hanging with us and there's a video mash-up gone viral, classic dance scenes from movies all set to mark's "uptown funk." are you ready. >> hit it. because uptown funk don't give it to you saturday night we're in the
8:57 am
don't believe me just watch >> okay. mickey. don't believe me just watch don't believe me just watch don't believe me just watch don't believe me just watch hey, hey, oh >> if you heard me screaming i'm sorry. trying to report name of the people who put it together. nerdgeekuk but our producer kate was mesmerized. i'm like kate, kate, a nerdgeekuk. >> look at that. >> isn't that phenomenal. >> gene kelley and jerry the mouse. >> uh-oh. >> fred astaire. >> that's amazing. >> classics. >> that's good. >> nerdgeekuk. >> watch the whole thing there. cool. >> al, you got a look at weather. >> i'm not going to dance over there. >> oh, please, come on. >> please, no.
8:58 am
>> if you had jerry the mouse then i'd be all over that. so yesterday we were talking about how we're going to see this line of storms develop. here's a tornado watch in effect through mississippi and alabama and into parts of mississippi. and take a look at this. we compare it with what we showed you yesterday, the futurecast, and look at how it lines up. i mean, almost exactly the forecast has come to fruition. unfortunately, it's all part of this cold front pushing to the east. strong winds, rain sliding eve. the good news is we're going to get some rain we really need here in the northeast. however, we're going to see a lot of rain down through the southeast. look for airport delays from mobile to atlanta and on into roanoke. rainfall rates 1 to 2 inches per hour and could be up to 5 inches of rain before it's all over and tomorrow we've got more rain stretching from norfolk all the way up into boston. could be about 2 to 3 inches of rain and generally 1 to 2.
8:59 am
d.c. up into >> and that is your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. up next, we're very excite the. he plays a billionaire mogul with political aspirations in the new series "the art of war." we'll talk to dennis quaid about the role and perhaps some inspirat believe me, i put this hair through a lot, every day. that's why i need total repair. l'oreal's total repair 5 shampoo system with ceramide fights 5 signs of damage. weak, dry, dull, rough hair - and split ends... no way! with l'oreal total repair 5 my hair feels strong...
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9:03 am
dennis quaid was just named one of "people's" sexiest man alive and you would love to spend the entire interview talking about that but he has a cool new show. >> i'm just holding on to it. >> his latest project beyond this is the first original scripted drama "the art of more" about the high stakes world of expenseive art auctioning. >> dennis plays a self-made billionaire who has an impressive art collection and an ego to go with it which leads him to pursue political ambitions. hmm. >> people are fed up with these do nothing two-faced politicians. they want something real, and i'm going to give it to them and i'm in the going to a advise for my life. a man of great passion who worked himself up from nothing to achieve the epitome of the american dream, and, yes, he made a few mistakes along the
9:04 am
he grew from them and because of them it gives me more empathy and more understanding for the common man. >> dennis quaid, good morning. >> good morning. >> you were holding this showing the clip. this whole thing was shot before a self-made billionaire announced for president. >> five episodes in and ten scripts winning. a self-made billionaire. he happens to be a real estate mogul here in new york who has political aspirations. >> that's incredible. >> and we shot that scene that you just saw, and it was basically like trump's opening thing, you know. political correctness out window. >> maybe he'll copy your script. >> whatever. did make it interesting. >> you did study him a little bit. >> it was just too easy, and -- and -- go through the same things, and it's just -- it's a fun character to play, it really is.
9:05 am
>> this character is a womanizer. a lot of things edgy about him. >> he's still in the club, yeah. >> i love that you just said he's in the club. >> he's so different from you. >> does what he wants, whatever he wants. who wants to do that. i don't get to the do that. >> sure would like to play at it. >> we're all speechless. >> having that much ego, money and do whatever you want. that's got to be maybe the most fun character to play, wouldn't you say? >> yeah, yeah. >> it really is. it really is. it's about the art auction world here in new york city, too, which is -- which, you know, a very interesting world. every time, like a van gogh or elvis' guitar goes for millions of dollars i think we all turn around and go what? >> who are these people. >> and this kind of pulls back the curtain to that, and, you know, you see how these great pieces of art bring out the best in people like envy and greed and betrayal.
9:06 am
it makes for good drama. >> that's for sure. and no drama here. one of "people's" sexiest men alive and under the headline of section men with pets. >> yes. >> you have gijt with you, right? >> gijt 's the little one, yeah. >> ah. >> now you've got the walk down. too. >> that's very nice. >> got that strut down. is that the man when you go in the club. >> take lessons for that. >> you need a strut when you're a man with a small dog. you have to walk down the street. >> he's got the guns for it. >> guns and a six pack. i hope i don't get pulled over. >> dennis quaid, in fuego. >> put that on a t-shirt. that's good. got to the ask you about this in april you pulled this prank for the ages that had a lot of people fooled that you had gone on this meltdown, this rant on a movie set.
9:07 am
let's remind people and take a look. >> you're not even watching anymore. >> dennis. dennis. >> don't [ bleep ] dennis me! i am doing my job here. i'm a pro! this is the most unprofessional set i have ever been on! this is [ bleep ]! >> so a lot of people -- >> you're watching, we'd love you to come on, and whether by skype or phone or whatever and talk about this. >> the to talk about it. i was here in new york city, and i had done this thing for "funny or die." give me five or six skits and i picked this one. this could be really great or total flop. i wanted to do a spoof on tmz and see if anybody bit, and then we were opening announcing "the art of more" here and i woke up that morning and there you were telling me -- turned on the television and there's al wanting to do an intervention on me. appreciate it.
9:08 am
>> we were worried for a minute. >> we were terrified. >> and then it was revealed it was a prank. >> it was good. >> it took off. were you surprise that had people were just -- >> i was -- did a little bit better than i thought. >> that's an understatement. >> you are a great actor and you sold it. >> i real he some convincing to do to my mom who is out there. hi, mom. >> did the twins see it? >> no. they haven't seen it yet. it's a little language problem there first. >> dennis quaid, thank you so much. >> first season of "the art of more." all ten open seds air tomorrow on crackle online. >> and it's free and it's streaming. >> all right. >> nice. >> coming up next, one of dennis' former co-stars julia roberts gives us something to talk about. the rumors she is putting to rest in "pop fix" with an incredible guest star. >> we have i did it.... i did it too... they took nature's bounty hair, skin and nails, it's a vitamin supplement that nourishes from the inside...
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9:13 am
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a waukee man... charged with murder... is due in court for a preliminary hearing this
9:15 am
mcguinness shot and killed 41 year old gino risola on november 7th. they say it happened as risola returned with his wife to their home on carefree lane. mcguinness is being held in the dallas county jail on a one million dollar bond. a des moines woman and teenager were killed in a crash in jasper county. it happened along interstate 80... near the newton exit... yesterday afternoon. the iowa state patrol says the vehicle's driver over corrected... while passing a semi. that sent the vehicle into the ditch. two other teenagers from des moines were hurt in the crash. the holiday shopping season swinging into full gear... and you can start checking off your christmas list for a good cause. the "junior league of des moines" annual gift mart begins tomorrow... and runs through saturday. more than 50 vendors will set up inside the "community choice credit union convention center." all of the proceeds benefit a local safe home for survivors
9:16 am
people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded byover a million contributions -- people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in.
9:17 am
taking a look at headlines, the department of justice has announced charges against two companies that make and sell dietary supplements. the indictment accuses dallas-based usp labs of falsifying marketing labels and lying about the nature and source of its ingredients. california-based st laboratories face government charges, a government lawyer saying they often failed to test the products to determine the product's effectiveness and safety. it's a year long investigation into dietary is upments and rei is recalling camp fire rocket chairs because they can tip over backwards. the company says it's aware of four cases where children did topple over while rocking in the chairs inside their stores. it says no injuries were reported. the collapsible rocking chairs game in blue, green, gray and original fabric, sold in stores
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9:19 am
den marc zoo did not get away. they were found walking down the back hallway of their enclosures. the would-be escapees seen reaching a dead end and turning around abruptly. the zoo posted the video on youtube and the clip has garnered more than 1 million. like the black and white they are rocking. >> cute and cuddly, boys. cute and cuddly. that's right. rico. all right. look at today. we've got windy conditions, and a slight risk of strong storms through parts of the gulf coast. we'll be watching that very closely. otherwise windy conditions as this front pushes through and a lot of heavy rain. windy conditions also moving into the pacific northwest again today. heavier rain moves in there and we've got snow through the cascades and wet weather, windy weather here in the northeast, mid-atlantic states and all the way down into florida. windy in the great lakes. could be a mix of snow and rain through there and the winds continue in the plains. lots of sunshine through the southern tier states down into southern california. beautiful day tomorrow in los angeles.
9:20 am
80 degrees and sunny. tha smiling and wave, boys, smile and wave. >> you didn't see anything. >> thank you very much, and cheers. it's the hot day edition of "pop fix." why is there never anybody in my nightclub. cheers to "david beckham," the british soccer star covers the
9:21 am
newest issue of "people" and he's a romantic husband and devoted father and has four children with his wife victoria beckham saying he and his wife had a good laugh and his oldest son brooklyn saying are you sure it's not me that's meant there to be there. maybe some day, young brooklyn, some day your daddy is the sexiest man alive, and by the way, this hits stands on friday. julia roberts still loss of a good romcom as much as the rest of us. the oscar winner who starred in "pretty woman" and "notting hill" my favorite and "runaway bride" and contrary to the rumors she would love to do a romantic comedy again. it's hard to find a true original idea for a 47 idea for a 47-year-old who is relatable. the romcom bar is high for her. and meantime catch her in the new thriller called "the secret in their eyes." it opens on friday. and it's the not so little
9:22 am
mermaid. adam levine debuted his massive new back it a too. take a look earlier this week on his ig account. being sure to give a shout-out to the artist behind the ink bryan randolph. his lovely supermodel wife also posted a workout pic which gives another glimpse of the body art as well as adam's tworms covered in those tats. come on, you know he's one of my favorites. justin bieber rocking our plaza all morning long with songs from his new album "purpose." do you have that yet. it dropped on friday, and it looks like he has reasons to celebrate. >> according to the billboard justin is on track and we should mention this is not official yet to nab his sixth number one album and did i mention he's 22 years old. so that makes this legal. and justin is also listed in the short list "people" magazine and
9:23 am
studio and justin bieber kiss me on each cheek, would i be nervous, yes, i would be nervous if justin bieber was hugging me and my hands would be shaking. >> and they are really shaking. >> and did i mention you his purpose is just to make all of us beliebers. up next, if justin bieber were here i'd read this. our own ice bucket challenge because i need cooling off right after this. his purpose. we'll show you some fun things right after this. did that just happen? >> i love you so much. you're the best. the first fridge with a keurig brewing system. only in the ge caf\ series. made for everyday and extra special days. get up to 40% off select major appliances. $396 and more.
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one week from tomorrow friends and family will be gathering around the thanksgiving table and so we've got crafts and creations to help you with the holiday feast. here is test kristine whose channel test kristine 1, 2, 3, boasts more than 1.6 million skub subscribers. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> everybody has mashed potatoes. nobody likes them. >> peeling the mashed potatoes is the least fun. >> yeah. >> so dave hacks on youtube shows you how to have a quick )p(i on how to peel the potatoes. >> okay. >> take your potato, and you have to take your knife. >> and you basically just make a
9:28 am
line throughout center of it, and you want to try to connect it to the other side. >> okay. >> and then basically you want to make sure that you're only cutting through the skin and not a lot of the potato. >> all right. >> once you've done that to all your potatoes you're just going to take them, put them in water and then you're going to cook them how you would normally cook potatoes until they are soft and supposedly it makes it super easy, run it under goldwater and then you basically peel the skin off like that. >> makes your life easier and then you can turned it into mashed potatoes. >> some like to mash them with the skin own. >> it's up to you. just depends. >> fantastic. that's great. >> i don't even know how you're going to do this. >> what's the idea. >> this is awesome. crazy russian hacker, a youtuber. >> that's his name. >> crazy russian hacker, he's awesome. basically shows you how to make this ice wine cooler. >> okay. >> all you'll need is an ice
9:29 am
take a wine chiller and will basically and weigh it down. use like a super gan and on the outside you're going to fill this with water. leave enough room. >> pus some cranberries. >> strawberries. >> lemon soliss. >> rosemary. >> roamsy. >> and then all you have to do is put in the frears and wait until it freezes. you can run it under hot water. if you want to help me with this part. >> kind of a team effort. >> wow. >> it's coming out. >> put some muttle in here. >> there you go. >> then you can flip it over, obviously. >> and then you pop your wine in it.
9:30 am
>> that's really cool. >> and put it on your table. >> russian hacker strikes again. >> and i love willie is popping bottles. >> and once you pop the bottles, this will be on my channel for the holidays but i made kind of a thanksgiving slergs. take the empty wine bottles and take the labels off it and do that by running in hot water, soaking it and then spray paint, it any color you want. we did white and all you have to do is go to the craft store and pick out berries and twigs and put them in and they make a really awesome center piece and what's cool for thanksgiving you can write give thanks notes, fun to do with your kid and that's a beautiful thing to just simply decorate something. >> we've been waiting for this all morning long and al has been eating. >> they look so good. >> this is from miss remy ashton on youtube and she shows us how treats. just when you're using the marshmallow and butter put
9:31 am
the same thing and you can actually spray your hands so it doesn't stick, you know, you don't want marmias all over it. >> or you could just lick your hands. >> which is what we would do. >> form them into, you know, little balls like that. make a little indent if you want to and take little mini tootsie rolls and form them into cylinders and form them into the pumpkins. >> al had the best tip about being an adult. the best part. >> the best part about being an adult. make a whole patch of rice krispies treat. don't even put them in the pan. >> idea of a party right there. >> thank you so much. >> you were fantastic. >> up next, one of the biggest stars on the plante justin bieber on our concert stage with big shaw. >> popping, it right after this. if you struggle with type 2 diabetes, you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have found a different
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9:36 am
tour in the new year for all the beliebers out there. >> here he is singing no pressure featuring big shawn. ness i'm praying that makes a hank in your life and realizing how much you made a change in my life and i don't wanna spend it with nobody else hear me don't nobody deserve myself snow, owe no, baby what i'm saying is you ain't gotta make
9:37 am
your mind up you ain't gotta make your mind up right now right now, don't rush, no pressure you ain't gotta make your mind you ain't gotta make your mind up right now calm down, don't rush, no pressure girl, i need some attention i wanna love you all over the place don't do it, babe, don't do it to me iy don't wanna talk, right we've been on and off like the cross lights you heard i'm playing with
9:38 am
when i to you, i get frobite girl yu're so cod,socold, so cd how we be so young butiving so o in e bed togh but we sleepng so hectc, drive u loco ouuppoed m my u-kw, oko o ,round t again wve en ghti morethan und ke lastime we aruedigh straht days i learnedmy essoi got straht as and i owt's deerhan massuses h,you kow i at tookie liki'm lciou g aheadake e tme but i's a wteof time if yo waist an inton min thin about y aintgotta ke ur mind up you ain gotta ke ur mnd up rightnow ight now, don't sh,no pressur you n't got mke your nd you ain't gotta make your mind up right now
9:39 am
i'll be waiting for you don't rush, no pressure >> new york city, make some noise for my boy. don't worry, no pressure >> big sean, everybody. give it up! >> just season going to have another song with kitty lee and hoda. not together but during kathie lee and hoda. back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:40 am
bottles. jeb bush: we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible
9:41 am
>> like a little -- >> there was -- >> what? >> tamron's trying to get through her newscast. >> and he's making news. >> making whoopee. >> he's a gentleman. >> you are quite the cuing air though. >> yes, you are. >> wow. >> truth is out, baby.
9:42 am
>> well, i learned from the best. >> hey, now. >> takes one to know one. >> by the way, on our show your surprise is the best. >> your party crasher. >> thank you. >> was unbelievable. >> i think hoda needs to start doing carnival cruise commercials now. absolutely the part. >> just like you, girl. >> how about a hat that the fits her, the only thing. just saying. >> we'll have one specially made for you hody. challenge the in the hat
9:43 am
we also have lou manfpolice say 3 men broke into a des moines family's apartment... and attacked. police say the men kicked in the front door of the apartment along 18th street... and started demanding drugs. the family tried to tell them they didn't have any... but they still hit two kids with a gun... and pointed a gun at another. the suspects took off before officers arrived... and police are still looking
9:44 am
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