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tv   Today  NBC  November 19, 2015 2:07am-3:00am CST

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from nbc news, this is "today", with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live, from studio a in rockefeller plaza. >> well, well, well. >> it is wines day wednesday. it's november 18th. that is "i feel good", but we feel better. yeah, and one of our fans was sure feelin' good when her daughter took her on a cruise for her birthday. >> can we get to that later and explain what we're doing? >> we are surrounded by hunks. >> is this your first time on national television? >> it is. >> four virgins. >> if you open "people" magazine
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and page through under the sexiest men of tinder, we found these guys. >> nick. >> shannon. >> adam. >> james. >> from baltimore, maryland. >> you're on this dating app. you get a lot of dates on tinder? >> yeah. i'd say so. >> you will now. >> this is your moment. all right, you guys have vino. i like how they came prepared. >> if he drips a drop. yes, please. >> we'd love some, thank you. >> look how sweet. >> isn't this -- >> don't shake, adam, it's going to be fine. >> oh, come on, come on. you conditions drip a drop. >> there you go. >> thank you, guys. >> congratulations. >> congrats -- >> woo! >> you guys can lick them. yeah. let me give you some, what the heck.
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>> i don't think they're of age. >> how old are you, adam? >> 34. >> wow, you look good. share that, okay? >> thanks, guys. >> thanks again, and congratulations of be being the sexiest men of tinder. >> don't you feel exploited like big time right now? >> not too bad. >> not too bad? >> they don't want to leave. all right, guys. thank you. >> bye. >> adam, show them what your stuff is. he's a dancer. you guys are too cute. thank you. >> we're supposed to swipe them away. >> but that seems rude. >> it wasn't kind. but by the way, here is the sexiest man alive according to "people" magazine. it is david beckham, and he is very fine, all right. he's on the cover. and that's it. >> i would have picked lou manfredini.
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>> of course you would. >> and here's our other favorite section. it's the sexiest men with pets. >> not playmate pets. oh, my god, john legend with his -- >> oh, that is a bulldog. >> and dennis quaid with his dog. >> anyway, those are hot dogs, by the way. [ laughter ] >> yeah, that's what i was thinking. that's a hot dog. by the way, may i say thank you to everybody. i'm going to lift it up to remind you. we've sold 1400 of them yesterday. >> of course you did. >> all to benefit the salvation army. if you want them, you got to order them today. good gifts >> since we're still speaking about hot men, you know who the fittest man is?
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>> yes! >> idris elba. he's the star of luther, the avengers avengers. it is going to be his year coming up. people are buzzing about him when it comes to the bond movies. would you like some words of wisdom? >> i need them today. >> all right, with the right music, you either forget everything, or you remember everything. right? please. >> trying to put it together. process t with the right music -- >> you either forget everything. >> because you're happy. >> or, it reminds you of everything. >> or you want to scream, in the case of your music, and i want to run out the door. they left out the third thing. >> but you'll love this. adele last night was in concert at radio city, you guys. this is her arriving. she was spectacular, okay? this, it's been four years since she had her album, and she got up on stage and said thank you
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guys for waiting for me while i had my baby. >> so sweet. >> she talked about how nervous she was on stage. she said i'm so scared i can feel my heartbeating. i'm so scared, but i love you. >> it's so real. it's not rehearsed. >> she took her shoes of of. >> of course she did. >> she talked about her sweet boyfriend. it's all going to be part of a one-hour special of her singing. >> adele live in new york. awesome, i'm glad you could go. i had a great night, rare, rare night out for me. i went to the opening of our friend jeffrey sacaregeoffery zakarian's brand-new the national. he is the sweetest guy. and the food is delicious. it's unusual, affordable. they had my stuff. and it was a perfect night.
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everything was so fresh and delicious i want to wish him and his beautiful wife margaret the best. good eatin'. >> a lot of people know this song by carly simon, "you're so vain." and people wonder what she's talking about. >> she revealed to "people" magazine that one of the verses is about warren beatty. she jokes that warren thinks the whole thing is about him. >> she has confirmed it's about warren beatty. you had me several years ago when i was just quite naive when you said that we made such a pretty pair and that you would never leave >> here its. but you gaif away the things you love and one of them was me i had some dreams they were clouds in my
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coffee clouds in my coffee and you're so vain >> now we know, she said the other two verses were two other men. who could they be? they could be mick jagger, kris kristoff kristoff kristofferson. >> if you've noticed that the man that you are eating with eats a lot, he's really pigging out when he's with you, that means he likes you, according to a new study by cornell university. the more he eats, the morey liky. >> i don't like to see somebody stuff a bunch of food in their face. i can't even watch those hot dog things. that's a turnoff. >> for real, turnoff. i guess when a man feels comfortable and feels -- >> i want them to enjoy a meal,
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but i don't want to go to applebee's buffet, nothing wrong with applebee's. >> i eat less when i'm with someone because you don't -- >> you want them to feel like you're bird-like thing. >> all i do is munch on these snack like things. >> she has secret binging at home. >> joel's getting it now. anyway. >> okay. i think it's the opposite, i agree. one of our loyal fans, you've got to see this. we saw it on the earlier hour. hoda dressed up like this on carnival cruise line and surprised this woman. >> we're going to see what happened right after this. i have ast today all night is sponsored in part by alka-seltzer relief chews.g piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults
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we've got a three-day special series we're calling
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"make your today", also known as hoda's -- >> i'm popping up in surprising places to help friends celebrate milestones. >> look at the hats. they don't fit. >> yours is too big. >> watch me put this on. >> uh-huh. >> look, i'm not kidding, like this doesn't even, my, my head is huge. oh, no. oh, god. anyway, we're helping celebrate milestones around, i hit the high seas to give one deserving mom a fun, fun night. >> oh, this is great. >> a three-day carnival cruise from miami to the bahamas, the perfect place to celebrate a birthday, and the last place you'd find me just hours after a live broadcast from new york. ready. here we go. but first, a little about the lucky lady behind this door.
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room when you meet her. she is comical. everyone who meets her just loves her. >> she doesn't know a stranger. she'd give you the shirt off her back. >> kathy worked on an assembly line at general motors for 33 years. as the primary bread winner she worked around the clock to put her three daughters through college and grad school. >> nobody ever does for her. >> cathy's going on this cruise with her daughter buffy. she has no idea that her other two kids, africa and tory, are even coming. they sneak on early to coordinate every detail. meanwhile, our prep camera crew wires her room, and with a letter that says the cruise director will be stopping by to say hello. >> mom watches the "today" show
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hoda's her favorite. >> victoria sneaks back to the cabin. buffy distracts mom until i get my julie mccoy on, and it is go time. >> o they upgraded us. >> oh, they did? >> and she opens the door, and she realizes who it is, they're going to run from everywhere to see who died. because she's going to scream so loud. >> oh, this is huge. >> huge. >> okay. catherine and buffy, welcome aboard. >> let's go. >> okay. well, let's stay her for a minute. [ knocking ] >> go. go check it out. >> hi. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! oh, hoda! hoda!
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oh, jesus! i'm fixenin' to have a heart attack. oh, jesus! >> happy birthday! happy birthday! >> i'm going to cry. >> did you get it? >> buffy did it! >> i can't believe it. you're such a pretty girl! >> here's what we're going to do. it's your birthday, and we have a bunch of surprises for you. >> no, you don't! >> one of the first thing we're going to do is a wine tasting. you don't like wine, do you? >> oh, i like a chardonnay. >> buffy is the best. is she your only daughter? >> oh, i have two other girls. >> but you have buffy. >> after a near heart attack, we let cathy catch her breath for phase two. >> this is a first-class wine tasting. you have to swish it around.
2:23 am
>> that's delicious. >> i think we want something sweet. i think we have something sweeter. turn around. >> oh! [ laughter ] >> oh! god! >> there's a rumor that your mom likes to sing. >> mm-hm. >> the karaoke queen. >> the karaoke feels too small for cathy. >> i don't know about this. buttal we'll see. >> she's not sure, but this is your headliner, cathy! let's give'em something to talk about >> i'm just thankful that i am her daughter.
2:24 am
i just want to say thank you. >> make a wish! >> oh, that this would never end! [ applause ] >> how about cathy? >> cathy! her reactions are priceless. you couldn't script them like that. >> and we hopped off the cruise, and the family went on for the rest of her 65th birthday. they had a good, good time. >> i'm sure everybody at carnival treated you great. >> they took care of me. >> oh, they always do. we had fun with her. and she kept going, is kathie lee in the closet? where's kathie lee? is she over there? >> when kathie lee comes out of the closet, you're going to know it! [ laughter ] >> just wait onin'waitin', timing is everything. >> i get to crash a wedding. >> all right, look who's covered up.
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it's about keeping the foodparticles out.
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all right, so here's a question. do you have draftee windows? >> none of your business. >> are moths eat being through your sweaters? >> probably. >> if you have a pesky problem and you don't know what to do, ask lou. lou manfredini he's got a name that rhymes with tetrazzini >> i like that. you got a nice little swing going. >> our viewer wants to know how to put weather stripping in her
2:28 am
windows. >> as weather gets cold, people say oh, these windows are draftee. you know what people forget to do with their windows? >> what? >> they don't lock them. typically in a double-hung window like this. when you put it down and throw the lock you seal the weather stripping. you can buy quick little weather stripping. you get a lot of drafts. go ahead, we got to pull the >> sticky stuff off. >> i see. >> pull that off. >> i love to do this stuff. >> i know you do. >> and then place that right up underneath there, and you can go right over the top of that and get it to stick. and then drop the within doughndow down, and that's going to help seal it. lock the window, you're good to go. >> it's a good feeling. >> this is just a piece of clay. and this piece of clay you can
2:29 am
in the drafts for the winter. it's amazing. you'll be so much warmer and lower your energy bill. this is pennies to do. >> with company coming from the holidays, david from san jose would like to know more about the heavy-duty silk pads can you put on the chairs not to scratch the floor. >> they just don't work. >> they work for a little while. >> you hear the story, when women are in high heels, the a pressure. >> watch it. >> not you ladies. >> this piece has a little ring, almost like a wedding band that is actually a nail. you want to buy these, go over the top. one shot. and you're going to put. >> four. >> you get it set. this is for wood only. if it's another material, there are these that have little screws in it. you may have to predrill, but if you have hardwood floors, there has to be something on the
2:30 am
bottom of the chair or you're going to ruin them. >> one viewer has moths eating up her sweaters. >> it's not the moth, it's the larvae. >> they're hungry, they want to grow. you need to wash your sweaters in hot water or have them dry-cleaned. you don't like mothballs because they stink. or when you put them away in the spring -- >> these are amazing. >> it slides around. you need to fill them up well, but these ziploced space bags, you can put a bunch of stuff in here. you can use the vacuum cleaner, away, and the moths and their little babies don't live inside there. >> they can't eat through the plastic? >> they cannot.
2:31 am
>> thank you, lou manfredini. >> you're welcome. >> if you have a question for lou, go to klg and and click the connect button. >> and then we have "who knew."
2:32 am
fun after your local news. it's wines day wednesday. we're ready to play our weekly
2:33 am
we play "who knew", and would you believe it's been 20 years since buzz lightyear hit the screen? we're going to test your knowledge of toys. kathie lee's across the street ready to hand out $100 to anyone who gets the questions right. >> here with me is pop go the week', brian. >> look at this adorable girl from chicago. all right, honey, which iconic toy did not appear in the first toy story film, mr. potato head, barbie or slinky dog. >> barbie. >> why wasn't barbie in? >> mattel wasn't necessarily interested. she did appear in the second one as part of an ensemble of
2:34 am
and then she had a lead character. >> there we have it. >> look at this cute girl from san diego. before it was a popular children's toy, the material in play-doh was sold as what? adhesive, air freshener or wallpaper cleaner? >> adhesive. >> no. by the way, good guess. >> she gets a fantastic little children's album. >> it's wallpaper cleaner? >> a little alarming actually. an educator said my kids can't manipulate clay that easily, and he's like, hey, this wallpaper cleaner is pliable. then they started selling it at education convinces and here we are. >> from right here in new york. in 1952, this was the first children's toy to appear in a
2:35 am
mr. potato head? >> grnls i. joe. >> the correct answer is our own mr. potato head. >> initially marketed to get kids to eat their vegetables. you could plug those into actual potatoes. that's how i look in the morning. that's how i looked an hour ago before they got me to hair and makeup. then they started offering them in cereal boxes. someone said let's sell them and add a fake head so it doesn't look so disturbing, and it's a hit ever since. >> more cuteness, this time from long island. what is the current guinness world record time for solving a rubik's cube? >> 5.25. >> yep. >> isn't that amazing? >> 5.25 seconds? >> yeah. there are people called speed
2:36 am
they have a rule to scramble it a certain amount. i don't know how you do it in 5.25 seconds without having heartburn. >> and another cute one from pennsylvania. all right. which of these is not a crayola crayon color, tropical rainforest, macaroni and cheese or purple rain. >> macaroni and cheese. >> no! she gets another great children's album. >> okay. which is the crayon? >> well, purple rain is not the crayon. it should be, but it's not. rainforest is a tone, macaroni and cheese was submitted by a 6 year old and won, and there's this orange-y yellow color and who can think of a cuter color than that? coming up in time for thanksgiving, how to handle those difficult relatives with a
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one week from tomorrow we're going to be gathering around the table to give thanks for all the blessings we have in our lives. >> but while the table may appear picture perfect, the drama can sometimes be messy. >> whether you have a table texter or a guest who doesn't eat turkey, we have advice from mr. manners. >> thomas farley. >> this is our crack staff. we don't like albert. he is a no-show. that's his chair down there. what do you do when someone's a no show? >> we all know how the holidays can be stressful for everyone.
2:39 am
here. if you are worried about old family rivalries or did he have a wonderful opportunity to go skiing. >> he withdrew but conditions let you know that he wasn't coming. >> if he simply cannot make it, on him. >> what about texting parents down there. texting terrence is down there. what are you doing? >> i'm just texting my friend. >> what do you do when you have someone just like terrence. >> who's so rude! >> i know. >> i'd like to know who terrence is texting so much. >> he said his friend. >> maybe that friend should be here at the dinner so that they're not texting one another, they're sitting next to one another talking. >> how do you deal with it? >> for starters, before the meal, you want to give him platters to be passing around. >> give the man a job. >> give him something to do besides holding the phone.
2:40 am
>> there you go. >> let's move on to the, we have vegan val sitting there. >> i can't eat any of this. >> why not, val? >> because i'm vegan. >> what do you do when you have a vegan at the table, val? >> party killer here. so the key is anytime you're hosting you want to make sure that your guest has something they can eat that they can enjoy, too. so we're going to pass down this beautiful vegetarian casserole. >> looks like there's nuts in it. can you eat nuts? >> yeah, i think. >> as a host, you certainly want to have vegetarian options. that's going to cover the vegetarians, those who can't eat gluten. if someone says i only eat him lay yan berries, and that's all i eat, they want to bring their own. >> sometimes i see a saltshaker
2:41 am
in between kath and you, should i reach for it or ask you? >> salt and pepper, always together, never separate, pass them together. >> that's good to know. >> they don't like to be broken up. they're a couple that likes to stay together. >> they mate for life. >> it's true love. >> look at dora. dora, we call her door buster dora, look, she wans to be somewhere else, kathy. what's going on? >> black friday sales start in 22 hours, and my christmas gifts aren't going to buy themselves. >> you have a good reason. >> she's got to go. >> why did you come in the first place? >> manners. >> i hope first of all that we're on your list. but the thing is, you never want to force someone to stay at your gathering. if they really don't want to be there, let the person go, however, she's not going to get a goody bag with the desserts that she's missing because she can't stick around you're not going to ruin your serving schedule to accommodate her. >> you didn't plan on that, did
2:42 am
>> i'm worried about party paul. he's been drink non-stop since he got here. >> who brought this stuff? it's great. >> paul, paul, do you realize how much you're drinking, paul? come up for air, paul. >> we know there are many kinds of drunks, there's the good drunk, the bad drunk. >> and the affection natate one there. as long as he's not insulting people, being obnoxious, let's make certain he is not driving himself home. and if he steps over the line, you know what your limits are. >> no, he obviously doesn't. >> we're going to observe those limits and make sure that he doesn't go o to excess. >> how about we let him drive her home. just kidding. little joke. it was a joke. >> coming up, he has been rocking rockefeller center all morning long. >> justin bieber has one last
2:43 am
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the citi concert series on "today", is proudly presented to you by citi. >> justin bieber is back with new music, a new tour, and he's been putting on a great show here all morning long. >> his new album is called "purpose", and here he is, singing "what do you mean?" . >> what do you mean? you're so indecisive what i'm saying trying to make up your heart
2:45 am
you're complaining you want to turn right want to argue all day want to love all night do you want to be in between i want to know, what do you mean hey, hey, hey, when you nod your head yes and you want to say no what do you mean hey, hey, hey, what do you mean oh, what do you mean what do you mean oh, oh, oh, what do you mean better make up your mind what do you mean you're overprotective when i'm leaving trying to compromise, but i can't win you want to make the point,
2:46 am
you had me from the start won't let this end you want to turn right want to argue all day but love all night it's either up or down or in between all i really want to know, what do you mean hey, hey, hey, when you nod your head yes but you want to say no, what do you mean hey, hey, yeah you don't want me to move you tell me to go what do you mean oh, what do you mean runnin' out of time what do you mean oh, oh, oh, what do you mean better make up your mind what do you mean hey, hey, hey, when you nod your head yes but you want to say no what do you mean
2:47 am
hey, hey, hey, you don't want me to move but you tell me to go what do you mean oh, what do you mean what do you mean oh, oh, oh, what do you mean better make up your mind what do you mean [cheers and applause] >> all righty, liliana's wrapped in the latest craze. >> we have looks for less, right after this.
2:48 am
they are he a one of the hottest trends this year, capes. >> our girl liliana is going to show you how to wear them with styles that are cozy and chic and they're all luxe for less. >> what price point are we talking? >> every cape that we're showing you today is under $50. super affordable. and it really is the trend to get wrapped up in this evening. when you see them, you think that's just shapeless, it's not going to flatter me. let's start with ragene. it's fully reversible. two looks in one. if you notice with hers, all we did was drape it over one shoulder. >> the other shoulder's not cold. >> this one here, i also love the idea of mixing it with principle prints. >> then on megan. women say you're not go being to see my
2:49 am
-- going to see my waist. we belted it. this is from nordstrom. and here's how you layer it over a coat. sometimes you don't want to wear it under. over a jean jacket, you can do this color blocked one. under $50. and these are three ways to incorporate them. >> but her legs are going to be cold. >> her legs might be cold. those are jeans for now, not jeans for later. >> really great. thank you, honey. tomorrow, seth rogen drops by, he's got a very raunchy christmas movie. >> and you'll meet our next everas a story winner. >> and our next party crash. >> have an awesome wines day wednesday, duh, what she said. tomorrow's thirsty thursday. want to spank? >> no, only tues my mission is simple -- to make you money.
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i'm here to level the playing
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