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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 19, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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it's thursday, november 19th, coming up on "early today" on the heels of paris, a new isis propaganda video calls for loan wolf suicide bombers that includes images of new york's time's square. this as secretary of defense, ashtonarter confirmed that america is at war with isis. >> you agree with the french president thatre we're at war? >> yes. i think he has said it very well. i'm glad the french are galvanized in joining the fight. is this the bomb used to take down the russian airliner? one atf agent says the photo looks very real. and a helicopter spins out of control. nt and a house battle over the syrian refugees. and more more on a busy thursday. "early today" starts right
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and good morning everybody. we start with the latest isis threat. the terror group has released a newa propaganda video showing scenes from around new york city and implying the city is a target. >> reporter: theta latest isis video calls for suicide bombers and at theom end, a chilling montage of time's square. the footage is from april and isis has threatened new york city before but this new video has been top would fresh images since the paris bombing. >> now you've seen what we do, now understand we say this is the most effective technique. you don't have to be with us and if you live in these countries, here's a suggestive target. >> reporter: the video congratulates the islamic state for the deadly terror attacks,
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>> there's no doubt there's a message aimed at the united states and france as well. the fact that no place is >> reporter: in the days following the paris attacks, u.s. cities have been on high alert, especially new york which aornnounced a new counterterrorism strike force. >> we have to focus on our significant areas and many of the tourist attractions but the softut targets. >> that was stephanie gosk reporting. late last nightmare city de blasio and bill bratton addressed the video. >> the people of new york sate wille not be intimidated. it is credible to note there is nos credible and specific threat against new york >> there is nothing new about that video. our review of it looks like it
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it is a mismash of previous videos. say seek to intimidate and we will not be intimidated and we will not live in fear. >> secretary of defense ash carter saying in an exclusive interview with msnbc that we are at war with the >> how can you assure the american public that there is indeed a strategy and that the leadership role america is taking fully addresses the threat it t poses? >> we have to defeat isil. we will defeat isil. you see the barbarism associated with this. so, it is something that must be defeated. >> deso, you agree with the french president that we are f at war. >> i think francois has said it very well.
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the entire t interview at 6:00 a.m. on msnbc on "morning joe". and ice hasisis released a picture which they say say is a soda can which ccontained explosives. nbc news has not verified the photo and we're learning more about yesterday's deadly raid on a apartment in france. >> good morning, the paris prosecutor announced at least two l suspected terrorists were killed in that massive early mornling raid on an apartment building in an area called saint-denis. they have not yet confirmed a report that the alleged ring leader of the attack, abdelhamid abaaoudbd was mungamong the dead.
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about f 5,000 rounds during the hour's long battle which left five l officers injured and they say the weapon's stash indicated they were prepared to carry out more attacks and a woman opened fire on police before detonating a suicideet belt. a man was found dead in that apartment and they said it was possible a third body was discovered. in the mean ovtime, a new isis magazine included a photo of what the terror said was the pineapple juice can that brought down that russian jet that killed 224 people and crashed in egypt 's sinai peninsula. there was no timer in the photo, leaving open the possibility that device may have been carried aboard and set off by someone on the flight. russian investigators say
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president vladimir putin vowed to hunt v down those responsible. a $50 million reward has been offered by that nation. and it's exect ppected to be topic a when french president meets with president obama before meeting with putin. back at homeee p a war of words getting nastier by the day. should the u.s. give safe haven to the syrian refugees. gop presidential candidates are fighting back, cared of terrorists sneaking in pretending to be refugees themselves. >> reporter: inse manila, president obama aiming a withering attack on those who want to close u.s. boarders to syrian refugees. >> apparently they're scared of women and orphans coming in.
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>> reporter: republican candidates proposing to keep out syrian muslims but then in christian refugees and the presidenthe accusing them of rhetoric that plays into terrorists's hands. >> i can't think of a more potentf recruitment tool to isis. >> the president lives in a fantasy world. >> i thinkrl he's a threat to our country. >> come back and insult me to to my face. let's have a debate on syrian refugees right now. >> reporter: and reports one of the paris attackers may have entered europe as a refugee and now national security front and center in the race for the white house. >> if these remind us of anything it's that we're living in serious times that require serious leadership.ip >> reporter: jeb bush is calling for more troops to the middle
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did while they were in isis. and ben carson is on a media blitz to prove his foreign policy chops. >> a year from now, i'll know a lot more than i do now. >> reporter: and while that may be fine with susporters that like his political inexperience, others disagree. >> vice president joe biden ispe back up the president, vouching forch the vetting process. >> this is a process over the next year, year 1/2, and these folks have vetted and it's a storay stor story of who we are. >> a new survey monkey online poll shows the majority of the public, 56%, disproved of increasing the number of syrian refugees coming into the country. that includes 8 in 10
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republicans and 65% support sending additional ground troops. that is bipartisan. nbc tracie potts is live in washington. we could have big developments in just a few hours. >> reporter: we could because this house vote could determine whether we allow another 10,000 syrian refugees into the united d states. we've heard from paul ryan, the new house speaker who says that we simply need have more information to assure the safety of the american public and also republicans are saying and some democrats as well, we need to better explain that verification process that vice president biden just referred to there. how are people verified? oneri of the things that's come up is that there's no third party verification in some cases, making it tougher to determine
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who's actually coming into this country. so, the house vote is not a final vote but it could be the first attempt at congress trying to block t the president's plan. a deadly helicopter crash near san diego was captured on video. and it may be disturbing to some videos. and thisvi shows the helicopter spinning out of control before the tail breaks off and catches fire. two people were killed in the crash. a helicopter instructor tells nbc sand yiegoy diego that the man was a new pilot and he was trying to land on a helicopter cart used for fed -- federal aviation authorities are investigating the state of emergency in washington state. at least three delthaths is being blamed on a storm and state of
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northwest kansas after 20 inches of snow dumped in some areas there. and bill karins joins ss us to talk about snow in november. yesterday in the atlanta area, it produced these pictures. that is impressive and the waterer has since receded and gone away. but almost a foot of water on that road. this storm system is now heading up into areas far north into canada, the cold front goes into the gulf andes we're not done with it yet. one more day of heavy rain. heaviest from raleigh up to washington d.c. for your morning commute andmo heading for i 95. let's track it forria. iaria iayou. this is 7:00 a.m. d.c., heavier rain over you.
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and the heaviest rains shift from baltimore to philadelphia and all the way down to richmond, still raining and for the drive home, the heaviest rain will be round new york city to hartford and i 95 should be clearing out. baltimore back to philadelphia and this is the one to watch friday and saturday. first snow oftu the season coming milwaukee, chicago and parts of iowa. now a closer look at the day ahead. t well, the rain will be moving through and we see airport delays at the peek of the rainfall. mostin areas an inch to an inch inch 1/2. and look how cold in the northern plains. that looks like winter. so, chicago get ready for snow it looks like friday into saturday. >> tueverybody in the midwest is like, bill karins, come on.
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tell 'em cedric sent you. if you are flying to or from one of america's busiest hubs, you might be in for delays. 2000 airport contractors and workers went on strike. several major airport hubs are effected, including chicago o'hare, boston logan and philly. in minneapolis, black lives protesters and police had a stand off. protesters were seen throwing rocks and bottles at police who retaliated with pepper spray. and now to an incredible
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story involving dug flutie who lost both of his parents yesterday. his dad died in the hospital from a heart attack and less than an hour later, his mother also died from a heart attack. his parents who were made rrried for 36 years said they say you can die from a broken heart and i believe it. and video from an ex-dallas cowboy shop lifting underwear. and sports is next.
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this morning on "early today" -- "today," actor martin sheen speaks out. and in sports, later today, the nfl will ask a u.s. appeals court to hold up a $1 million agreement that will settle thousands of alawsuits from former players that suffer from parkinson's als or advanced dementia but it won't cover other symptoms linked to concussion concussions. and a surveillance video of former cowboy, joseph randal has been released.
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underwear into his bag at a dillard's store. he was sentenced to six months probation. to the nba where houston rockets head coach was fired earlier wednesday and cory brewer pruchkbrew er proved to be the star with the three-pointer to send them to over time. and cy young award for the top pitchers were awarded in the american league. it was south paw dallas kital and david price coming in second and jake arrieta took top honors. and dodgers zack greinke and clayton kershaw were next. and carly simon tells us who is really "so vein." and jennifernnifer one, two, three, four can i have a little more?
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leading the news on, the waster ominous letters spooks dozens of churches in georgia. and the photo copied hand written letter was sent to at least 50 churches in the last two weeks. they've recovered fingerprints from several of the letters. authorities have assigned extra patrols as a precaution. and from the bbc rescued tanz neen minors were trapped for 41 days and upon return discovered their property had been given away. this marks the longest periods minors have remained trapped underground. a run away tour bus hit nearly everything in its path. caught on video, it crash under to a building.
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officials say 20 people were injured in the crash, three remain in critical condition, luckily no deaths have been reported. the investigation is ongoing. the fda has ruapproved narcan. it comes as a nasal spray and believed to aid first responders and others in emergency situations. a dispute over the fate of frozen embryos has reached an end in california. a couple signed an agreement stating that they would be destroyed should they ever divorce and the judge ruled they be discarded. you could say it's life imitating art. you may recall those cute penguins escaping in the movie "madagascar" and in denmark,
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attempt to escape but their watery footprints gave them away. they were forced to turn away. and the video has reached over a million views on youtube. it was a good effort. former subway spokesman, jared fogle will be sentenced in a court room today. he's expected to plead guilty to child pornography. happy birthday to jody
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54, and iconic fashion designer,ready the plows... and salt... des moines' first significant snow is headed toward the metro. but
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