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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  November 20, 2015 5:00am-5:30am CST

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games postponed.. organizers of tonight's state football games say they didn't want to take any chances with the weather. we'll tell you when those match ups will happen. new overnight.. police are still looking for the person who ran a car into a house... then took off. it's friday november 20th..
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first on 13... we're waking up to the calm before the storm today. and that first significant snowfall of the year is creating a guessing game for some plow drivers this morning. "we just kinda plan for the worst and go from that. but planning for the worst for the d-o-t so far has not included pre- treating any of the roadways.... warm temperatures and rainfall expected ... makes it a waste of time and money. but they say foregoing the salt back to haunt them... the snow can turn to ice and
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in that case, they say everything has been tested and is ready to go... unlike the d-o-t... the des moines public works department thinks pre-treating the roads will help. a dozen anti-icing trucks hit the roads yesterday. they've also altered some of their snow routes to match school bus routes... in hopes it will improve safety for drivers trying to get kids home from school. it's all amounting to what could be a sticky situation on the roadways... made worse because it is the first of the season. channel 13's josh nguyen joins us now live from des moines with the state patrol... to get you back into the swing of winter driving.
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hundreds of people are breathing a sigh of relief this morning that they won't be out needing those safe driving tips. the impending forecast caused the iowa high school athletic association to postpone tonight's state championship games.
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the big one would've had dowling fans traveling to cedar falls in the thick of the storm. safest thing for us to do...... scrap tomorrow simply because we don't want people to be in a situation that's unsafe instead, they'll play cedar rapids kennedy on monday... at 7 p.m. all tickets for tonight's games will be honored then. same goes for 1a and 2a... iowa city regina and hull western christian... then mount vernon
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an overnight hit and run gave some people on des moines' east
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rude awakening. it happened around 2 a-m in the 29-hundred block of east grand. police say the driver left the road, plowing their vehicle toward this house. you see some of the damage there. hydrant. we're told everyone inside is okay. the people in the car running... they canvased the area searching for at this point. suspected of trying to rob the iowa lottery out of millions of dollars is in court today... eddie tipton, the former information security director for the multi-state lottery association was lottery in an attempt to win 14.3 million dollars. police say video
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shows tipton buying the ticket at a des moines quicktrip. then last month police arrested him again... after investigators discovered he may have been rigging lotteries for his brother and a friend in wisconsin and colorado. his brother says the man in the video is not tipton. his arraignment is scheduled for this morning. terrorist attacks on paris are almost a week behind us now... but lawmakers are still talking this morning about how to avoid something similar in america... s/ speaker paul ryan, wisconsin :14"when we have indications that some of the paris bombers - one at least - may have come through the refugee routes, don't you think that common sense dictates we should take a pause and get this right?" speaker paul ryan spoke on the syrian refugee conflict yesterday... and a bi-partisan group of lawmakers share his fears... 47-democrats joined nearly all republicans to overwhelmingly approve the "safe act." it
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homeland security... the f-b-i... and the director of national intelligence to certify that any refugee from syria or iraq is not a danger. the plan now moves to the senate, where leaders say it won't be considered before next month. president obama says he will veto that if it reaches his desk. the f-b-i says there aren't any credible threats of an isis attack in the u-s. but that isn't stopping police from ramping up security. the university of iowa will do just that around kinnick stadium tomorrow... that means more squad cars at intersections -- and officers at gates. and iowa has adopted the n-f-l's clear bag policy. so if you plan carrying a bag or purse, you'll want to think again. david visin - ui interim public safety vice president "purses and bags will not be allowed in the stadium at this game. so, anything allowed like that needs to be put in a clear gallon-sized ziploc bag so they can bring it in the stadium."
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the university is also encouraging fans to arrive early. if you do bring an item that's not allowed inside the stadium -- you can check it for free at the nearby recreation building -- or take it back to your car. here are the specifics for what you can bring... clear tote bags no 14-inches... a one-gallon plastic freezer bag.. or a small clutch bag... no bigger than 6-and-half inches by 4-and-a half inches. underway at 11 a-m tomorrow.... it's on 13 alum, chris hassel will be reporting for them from kinnick stadium... the hawks looking to reach 11-0, wrap up a perfect home season, clinch the west division title, preserve their shot at the college football playoff... it's a laundry list of achievements, all on the
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this saturday is national adoption day... coming up... we take a look at how families in central iowa are using adoption to grow. and the way one agency is helping children understand why
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a winter storm warning is in effect from 10 am friday to 6 am saturday along and north of highway 20. south the winter storm warning starts at 2 saturday. this is where we can expect the most snow to accumulate by saturday morning. some totals may be as high as 6-8". in the metro, snow likely will not begin until after 3 pm, with rain and even a rain snow mix possible at first. temperatures still look to top 40 degrees in des moines which will delay the transition to snow, and even once all snow is falling,
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temperatures well above freezing will continue to melt and compact the snow, slowing accumulation. 2 to 5 inches of snow is likely in des moines, especially on grassy and elevated surfaces. the heaviest snowfall rates will fall around the evening commute, and will have a major impact on travel. winds of 20 mph will also reduce visibilities. snow will begin to taper off by midnight in central iowa with colder temperatures sliding in after
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families who adopt often give children a chance at a new
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coming up... we show you how some of those children are also getting extra support here in iowa from people
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america's never been a country of quitters. it's not who we are. we don't ignore threats like climate change. we face our problems head-on. with american-made clean energy, we can end our dependence on foreign oil... spark new innovation... and create millions of new jobs. solving our climate crisis starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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more than half of americans have a personal connection to adoption... they or someone they know is adopted. and this saturday -- national adoption day -- celebrates the families who have opened their hearts and homes to children in need... and calls attention to the ones who are still waiting. channel 13's jannay towne reports..
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michelle 13:22:58 'i grew up on a wheat farm' when farm girl met farm boy in this midwestern love story.. michelle 13:22:32 'long story short, i moved to iowa and weve been married almost 15 years.' but early in their happily ever after... michelle and zach morgan experienced heartache... a miscarriage... followed by failed infertility treatments. michelle 13:24:55 ' it got to the point that it was too much emotionally' their search for another way to bethany christian services.... where they began the adoption process. nine months later, came the long awaited call that daughter, avery, was born... nats of avery reading 13:46:37 we vow to love you and take care of you forever. we were so happy to make you a part of our family.' almost two years later, the family of three would welcome another bundle of joy... alex. michelle 13:37:47 'he was a pretty cute little guy' liz 12:55:22 its pretty exciting to hold that baby for the first time.. liz and aaron anderson's path to parenthood took its share of
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twists and turns.. aaron 12:56:26 wed b wedmarrand people keep asking- arent you going to have kids? well, were trying' turned to adoption. liz 12:54:46 it's a pretty stressful process.. coming off the emotion of this on our own. not even a year later, they were no longer on their own... first, danielle- now 7- arrived, and finally the addition of 7- month old twins, charlotte and christopher. aaron 13:03:46 we have a very diverse family. our oldest daughter is african american, our middle daughter is caucusian and the twins are multi race.. with each adoption, their diverse family grew even more.. all of their kids have some kind of relationship with their birth mothers. liza 13:01:21 we think of her and her family as an extension of our family.. ben 14:24:97 my family adopted me through bethany christian services ben dino knows all the questions
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adopted kids ask.. parents want me? what was my back story? he helps answer them as post adoption counselor and mentor in a new program that matches adopted kids with adopted adults.... ben 14:25:23 'it gives the children a chance to explore that- their feelings and emotions about being adopted' leah 14:48:50 this will be something that you figure out over time and it isnt an easy thing, but parenting isnt easy anyway! leah garland is director of bethany christian services. like many agencies, they encourage open adoptions...where expectant parents and adoptive parents stay in contact. leah 14:48:34 the more love a child can have in their lives, the better 39 aaron 12:57:10 when they look at our kids people always say oh you're kids are so lucky that you've been able to adopt them and we say, no we're the lucky ones. 20 michelle 13:56:10 ive always wanted a lot of children. for a while, it seemed like that wasnt going to be a possibility. the morgans hope to welcome a third
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child into their family.. in fact, 10-year-old avery doesn't just want one... avery 13:57:25 i keep telling mom i would rather have twins coming in. michelle 13:56:50 we have more love to give and we have more room in our hearts and our homes 55 and more pages to fill in their familys book of love..
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