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tv   Today in Iowa at 530  NBC  November 20, 2015 5:30am-6:00am CST

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getting ready.. we're expecting snow later today.. how street crews are preparing... why some of the roads could be slicker than other and jeriann tells us how much we'll get. special call... a newton man says donald trump did something no one else did... call him. what he said, and what the man says it proves about the business-mogul. new overnight.. police are still looking for the person who ran a car into a house... then took off.
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first on 13... that first significant snowfall is creating a guessing game for some plow drivers this morning... they're tasked with deciding when to sweep... and when to treat... and the nature of today's storm is making that a hard decision. the department of transportation says it plans for the worst on these days... but planning for the worst so far has not included pre-treating the
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roadways.... that's because the relatively warm temperatures and rainfall expected ... makes it a waste of time and money. but they say foregoing the salt spreading... could always come back to haunt them... that is... if the snow turns to ice and starts sticking to the pavement. unlike the -do-t... the des moines public works department thinks pre-treating the roads will help. a dozen anti-icing trucks hit the roads yesterday. they've also altered some of their snow routes to match school bus routes... in hopes it will improve safety for drivers trying to get kids home from school. it's all amounting to what could be a sticky situation on the roadways... made worse because it is the first of the season. channel 13's josh nguyen joins us now live from des moines with the state patrol... to get you back into the swing of winter driving.
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an overnight hit and run gave some people on des moines' east side a rude awakening. it happened around 2 a-m in the 29-hundred block of east grand. police say the driver left the road, plowing their vehicle toward this house. you see some of the damage there. the car also knocked over a fire hydrant. we're told everyone inside is then took off running... they canvased the area searching for them... but have made no arrests at this point. a former des moines police officer maintains he didn't steal money from the department's gym fund. theft charges yesterday... he resigned in january after police say he was caught spying on a female officer who was showering. then, investigators say they discovered he took at least 10- thousand dollars from the gym fund.
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the fund isn't run by the city, but by officers to buy and maintain their workout equipment. his trial is set for january. 2016's republican front-runner political director dave price. donald trump joined us yesterday for our third and final iowa forum to talk that he would be the country's greatest jobs president... and a newton man says trump's actions prove it. david mcneer was highlighted in a 60- minutes report about how the recession has left his advertising company financially wounded. after the report aired, mcneer says he got no calls from lawmakers or city officials... but he did get a call from mr. trump... asking what he could do to help. sots: donald trump - presidential candidate15:16:27--43 'i thought it was very sad what happened and that was when the whole event took place and what happened to the area. and i helped a lot of people in the town when i saw that because i felt badly. i didnt know i was going to be running for political office. i
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didnt know that someday years later, id be here talking to the same people.' trump says he'll help the middle class by bringing back jobs from other countries and lowering taxes. trump won't be in des moines today... but eight of his competitors will... carly fiorina... ben carson... ted cruz... mike huckabee as well as rand paul... marco rubio and rick santorum descend upon the metro this morning. they'll gather around one table at a presidential family forum. that's at the community choice convention center... at 6:30 another anticipated guest returns to the metro today..... santa is back. he'll be at jordan creek for the first time this season today... this year parents can even reserve
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a winter storm warning is in
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effect from 10 am friday to 6 am saturday along and north of highway 20. south of highway 20 and north of i-80 the winter storm warning starts at 2 pm friday and lasts until 6 am saturday. this is where we can expect the most snow to accumulate by saturday morning. some totals may be as high as 6-8". in the metro, snow likely will not begin until after 3 pm, with rain and even a rain snow mix possible at first. temperatures still look to top 40 degrees in des moines which will delay the transition to snow, and even once all snow is falling, temperatures well above freezing will continue to melt and compact the snow, slowing accumulation. 2 to 5 inches of snow is likely in des moines, especially on grassy and elevated surfaces. the heaviest snowfall rates will fall around the evening commute, and will have a major impact on travel. winds of 20 mph will also reduce visibilities. snow will begin to taper off by midnight in central iowa with colder temperatures sliding in after
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coming up next, david geiger joins us with this morning's agribusiness house is getting decked out for christmas. why the theme this year will be based on a christmas show a lot of us grew up watching. then... refugee vote. the bill the house blocked yesterday that prevents syrian refugees at
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a new kind of salmon could be hitting store shelves soon, it grows faster than other salmon. it's also the first approval from the fda on a genetically engineered animal intended for food. on november 19, the fda announced its approval of aquabounty technologies' application for a ge salmon. bernadette dunham, d.v.m., ph.d., director of the fdas center for veterinary medicine says, 'the fda has thoroughly analyzed and evaluated the data and information submitted by aquabounty technologies regarding aquadvantage salmon and determined that they have met the regulatory requirements for approval, including that food from the fish is safe to eat." the fda says there are no biologically relevant differences in the nutritional profile of the aquadvantage salmon. there are some requirements; however, they only can be raised hatchery tanks, and those are only found canada and panama. the production and facilities, measures to prevent escape of fish and eggs are in place, and all the fish are reproductively sterile. the agency is opening 60 days of public comment starting november
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people are sick and tired of establishment politics,vand they want real change!
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bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system that keeps in place a rigged economy. bernie's campaign is funded byover a million contributions -- people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in.
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our top story... an overnight hit and run gave some people on des moines' east side a rude awakening. it happened around 2 a-m in the 29-hundred block of east grand. police say the driver plowed house. the car also knocked over a fire hydrant. we're told everyone inside is took off running... police were not able to find them. we're following a tense morning... the u-s and french embassies to take
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shelter. are being held hostage at a hotel in the country's capital. reports say two armed men have locked in 140 hotel guests and 30 hotel employees. malian soldiers and u-n troops, have surrounded the hotel. no group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet. terrorist attacks on paris are almost a week behind us now... but lawmakers are still talking this morning about how to avoid something similar in america... yesterday the house passed a vote to suspend the syrian refugee program. they worry it will allow isis militants to slip into america. the bi-partisan bill also adds more layers of screening... the plan now moves to the senate, where leaders say it won't be considered before next month. president obama says he will veto that if it reaches his desk. but with dozens of democrats on board... there will likely be
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it's about to start looking a lot like christmas in washington this morning... the u-s capitol christmas tree is to set to arrive in washington d-c monday. the 74-foot tall spruce comes all the way from alaska. crews will light it all up december second. coming up in the next half hour of today in iowa.. the isis attack in paris has cities here in the u-s beefing up security. how the university of iowa is changing the way people enter kinnick stadium.. a car gives you freedom. room to grow. and in time,
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room to grow up. your dream car evolves, and protecting it takes committed support.
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