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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 21, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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massacre in paris. record breaking snow. a month before winter arrives much of the midwest is blanketed. tens of millions under watches and warnings. the right note. a principal whose school of thought brought him to the fifth grade orchestra where he's learning more than just the viola. nightly news begins now. good evening. we begin tonight with harrowing new details from inside that hotel in mali in west africa where al qaeda linked terrorists killed 20 people, including an american on friday. exactly one week after the devastating massacre in paris. dozens more were held hostages inside the radisson blue hotel and some are sharing their terrifying
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with nbc news for the first time. islamic extremes armed with rifles and grenades storming the hotel and screaming religious epithets. we are in mali tonight and tells us what happened through the eyes of one american. >> reporter: in t t halls of the hotel a hunt for a gang of killers. men who had gone from room to room shouting allahu akbar. and from the moment the gunmen stormed the hotel. this man from florida saw it all. >> a group of four or five men came from across the street, started shooting. took out the guards. they shot at us. we ran back inside. at which time i fell. >> reporter: but managed to crawl away. some guests barricaded doors, terry hid from the hostage takers under a breakfast table. >> i heard three terrorists coming in. they were standing right next to me.
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the shell casing were hitting me under the table. i knew i was going to become a victim. because all they had to do was look down. >> reporter: were they speaking? >> they were in a low whisper. two males, one female. >> reporter: security stormed the hotel, two jihadis were killed. they're bodies carried out. rescuers saving close to 150 terrified guests. helped by two u.s. secretary agency. another american from maryland didn't make it out. she was one of 22 killed. she worked for the peace corp. >> people loved her. she made a real difference. it's a great loss. >> reporter: where terry kemp was hiding a fire set by the jihadists blocked him from his rescuers. >> they couldn't get in because of the heat and smoke. i didn't want to open the door until they yelled. >> reporter: the siege lasted an hour. but he says it seemed like days. what's the first thing you're going to do
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>> i'm going to hug my wife, my two sons and my two grand babies. >> reporter: two jihadi groups have claimed responsibility, including one linked to al qaeda. there are fears three of the gunmen may still be on the loose. tonight, we're confined to our hotel as mali's capital is under a state of emergency. brussels is a city on edge art after the belgian raised his terror threat to the highest level and warned of an imminent threat. nbc's ron mott is in brussels and has our report. >> reporter: armed soldiers armored vehicle. streets cleared of tourists. the government raised the terror alert in brussels to its highest level. signaling an imminent attack. fearing a paris style attack in brussels.
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said we recommend the population to respect the measures. he urged people to avoid gathering in large numbers, stadiums, shopping malls, mass trants ordered shut down. we must remain calm he cautioned. we take the situation seriously and will continue a to do that over the next couple hours. meanwhile, the intense manhunt for a suspected terror accomplice last seen crossing the border into belgium last sat continues. the molenbeek district. the uncertainty of what's coming next meant les take home pay for this waiter. >> life is like that. that's it. if it had to be like that to save our life, so it's better to be like that. >> reporter: still, defiance.
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this group sang its opposition to daesh. a name isis considered a put down. carol wasn't going to let terror take her satd night aware. >> it's bad to see the city like this. >> reporter: joining a few friends the u.s. embassy urged all americans to stay home. the prime minister said the security situation will be reviewed again. new threats tonight from isis, releasing yet another propaganda video. the fourth in as many days following the attacks in paris. this comes as more suspects have been arrested for their alleged connection to the attacks. nbc's bill neely is in paris with late details. >> reporter: under arrest in turkey today, three men suspected of links to isis. police believe one of them, a belgium, skirted the locations of the paris massacres. across europe, police
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accomplices of the terror gang. french police are still trying to identify the suicide bomber who detonated in the apartment they stormed. these new images from inside, show the damage of bombs, grenades and thousands of bullets. abdelhamid abaaoud was killed there days before police say he took the metro to escape the massacre as he directed on the ground. today, trips guarded key sites like the eiffel tower. in a new video isis threatens france again, threats they're learning to live with. the capitals of three european countries are now on high alert. paris, brussels, and rome which was directly threatened by isis this week. paris began its weekend in defiant mood. a week after the attacks. but for dennis, who survived the attack at a concert, everything has changed. >> definitely my life won't be the same.
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and after 13th of november. as there was for you people in new york city there was a before and after 11th of september. >> reporter: like america after 9/11, france is hitting back. its aircraft carrier close to syria, tripling france's strike capability. france's coordinating attacks with russia which has more than 60 war planes bombing isis daily. from russian warships, cruise missiles were launched. more than 100 aimed at isis in eastern syria. russia and the west, divided so often, united here in a common fight. and united also at the un security council which has just passed a french resolution. calling on all countries to confront isis. remember, all five permanent members of the security council have had citizens who have been killed by isis in the last year.
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isis, it calls a global threat. a group that is hunted now on the streets across europe. jose. bill neely in paris, thank you. twice this week alone president obama has made pointed remarks on terror attacks that have taken the lives of so many innocent people, including americans. in malaysia, the president said the siege in mali stiffens his administration's resolve against terrorism. >> we will stand with the people of mali as they work to rid their country of terrorists and strengthen their democracy. with allies and partners the united states will be relentless against those who target our citizens. we will continue to root out terrorist networks. we will not allow these killers to have a safe haven. >> president obama in kuala lumpur late friday. donald trump attempted to clarify comments he made foonbc news in iowa about implementing a data base system to track muslims in the united states. hallie jackson is on
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the campaign trail with more on how fallout from the attacks on paris is changing the conversation here. >> reporter: donald trump now trying to set the record straight facing fallout after he refused to rule out a data base tracking muslims. >> i would certainly implement that. absolutely. >> reporter: today, pausing to kick out a profiter. >> get him out of here. throw him out. >> reporter: trump'sclaringtrump's claire clarifying. he wants a syrian data base. and more surveillance. >> i want surveillance of certain mosques, okay, if that's okay. i want surveillance. you know what? we've had it before and we'll have it again. >> reporter: ben carson agrees. >> i would be in favor of monitoring a mosque or any church or any organization where there was a lot of radicalization. >> reporter: the candidates' comments coming a week after the attacks in paris put a new focus on
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national security. chris ristie in new hampshire, highlighting his tough stance. >> i am concerned about widows and orphans. the widows and orphans i'm concerned about are the widows and orphans that live in my space. the widows and orphans of september 11th. >> reporter: one voter wanted hear from marco rubio about it. >> one of them is a killer, you've got a huge problem. >> reporter: that's a huge issue for brenda christian. >> we believe in opening doors to people that are truly in need. but you have to do that in a cautious manner. >> reporter: hillary clinton reminding the u.s. vets refugees strictly. >> we don't want to enhance the recruitment of isis and the others by acting like we're going to shut our borders because that validates them. >> i think that the effort to close our borders and turn this into a nation of fear
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and barbed wire is going to fail. >> reporter: the syrian refugee debate has been a hot topic on the trail. a couple of campaigns had to cancel events today after a snowstorm overnight. the first real one of the season here in des moines, jose. probably not the last. >> hallie jackson, thank you very much. much more on the political fallout in paris tomorrow mourng on meet the press. how do we defeat isis? tonight, 22 million americans are under winter storm warnings and advisories across the midwest which broke records this morning with more to come. mike seidel has more from the hard hit suburbs of chicago. >> the midwest slammed with heavy snow. from secretary of defense -- south dakota to illinois. more than a foot in
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some areas. >> these bushes have fallen completely down. >> ice and wet snow blanketed roadways creating dangerous conditions causing multiple accidents. in the suburbs of chicago near white out conditions, on i-80 the semi overturned. outside des moines firefighters had to rescue a woman whose suv slid off the road and into a creek. plows out in full force this morning. removing the snow nearly as quickly as it was falling. >> with the temperature falling in the single digits we want to make sure to get on the pavement and get a healthy amount of salt down before it freezes. >> reporter: in iowa stadium it was barely recognizable. i keep seeing truck load after truck loud trying to get the snow out of the field. here in chicago, air
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hundreds of flights canceled at omare'hare and midway. wild weather the region knows all to well. >> it wasn't expected to have this much. but here it is. welcome to chicago. >> arriving sooner than expected. about two weeks early on average for the first inch of snow. it's the second biggest snowstorm on record in november. there will be more snow around detroit, but the coldest weather of the season on the way from dallas to atlanta. 25 million homes under freeze warning. miami will drop below 70 for the first time. generally dry from coast to coast. a warming trend by thanksgiving day itself. >> that's a good bit of news. thank you very much. when nightly news continues, the dramatic new
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i absolutely love my new york apartment, but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance. we are back tonight with shocking new surveillance video of an abduction and shooting in new orleans. and a manhunt for a man who shot a tulane medical student. >> reporter: police say the incident can be seen on a security camera video. where officers say a man is shown dragging a woman towards an suv.
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moments later a tulane university fourth year medical student identified by his family as 25-year-old peter gold drives up and gets out of his vehicle to help the woman he thought was being abducted. that want the attacker turned the weapon on gold kw demanded money. gold repeatedly told the man he wasn't carrying cash. the goldman shot gold once in the stomach and appears to try to fire again. >> it appears that's what he was trying to do. fortunately for everybody his gun jammed. >> reporter: gold was rushed to the hospital. the incident occurred early friday morning. police released the video today asking the public for help in identifying the shooter. the tulane president said i'm shocked and saddened by this horrific event and described gold as an outstanding student who represents the best of tulane in every possible way. tonight the university is offering a $10,000 reward and gold is listed in guarded condition.
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symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (children giggle) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. call or go online to learn more about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. a convention last week on the booming business of pot left some in nevada with high hopes becoming the fifth state to legalize marijuana.
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as voters in ohio learned, dreams can go up in smoke. >> reporter: inside a glitzy vegas hotel, pot is turning over a new leaf. >> this is great. >> reporter: it's billed as the world's largest conference of its kind. no puffs of smoke here. this joint is all about a booming business. these entrepreneurs from new jersey are launching a company making high end purses for women to carry cannabis. >> they're stylish and they have technology. >> reporter: this is the convention's fourth year. organizers say it's grown, drawing more than 5,000 people who view this as not just a budding industry but a social movement. >> the industry has grown up rapidly. i'd say it's arrived. >> reporter: now four states allow sales of recyational weed. it's legal to grow in the nation's capital.
5:52 pm
nevada may try to legalize it next year. 23 states allow the use of medical marijuana. in ohio voters opposed a bill. >> right now we are creating the second coming of big tobacco. we're creating another vice industry which allows on addiction for profit. >> reporter: despite that opposition some vegas politicians are embracing the 2016 ballot measure with more than 40 million tourists visiting every year. >> we'd love to have you in kansas. make sure it's legal smoke marijuana and go home and be good citizens. >> reporter: iowa allows residents from out of state to by buy pot. >> if it goes recyational it will add to the brand. >> reporter: bringing higher hopes for sin city. gabe gutierrez nbc
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news, las vegas. one more political issue finally settled. the winner of a state house race in mississippi has a straw to thank for taking him over the top. the 20 year democratic incumbent and his republican challenger received 4,589 votes earlier this month. as state law dictates, straws must be drawn in the event of a tie. so it was just one inch that decided the seat to the apparent shock of people. inincumbent coming out on top with the luck of the straw. when we come back we'll meet an unusual member of the middle
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finally tonight those of us who have been to a lot of school concerts to see our children perform the principle is usually in the crowd cheering for the kids. in one school, the principal wasn't just cheering. he was getting a whole new perspective. >> reporter: in the the strings section there's a new student on the viola. like the rest of the class, he plucks away. can't always follow the music and occasionally slips up. >> sometimes he hits the wrong note and it sounds funny. >> reporter: in the sea of fifth graders
5:57 pm
he stands out because he's the school's principal. >> i don't know if everybody took it seriously, when i started coming to every class i think people started to think i was serious. >> reporter: he was an athlete growing up and never picked up an instrument. this year decided it's never too late. >> i teach him like i would any of the other kids. sometimes i remember this is my boss and my principal. >> reporter: for the kids, it was kind of strange at first. >> i was nervous. at first he was like, hard for him to pick it up. then he got the hang of it. >> reporter: they said they were better than you. >> i would agree. some of them take private lessons i know who to sit by. >> reporter: it turns out mr. day isn't the only one learning something. >> it shows them at any age you can pick up something first. you may not be good at first. >> reporter: like members of any good orchestra they quickly learn to work together. >> he's like one of us. he's a cool principal. >> reporter: when they gave their first concert, like the
5:58 pm
other students, mr. day invited his father. >> he looked up at me and we waved at each other like he was back in fifth great. >> reporter: a father's pride matched only by that of the students at his son's side. >> he did good for my ears. >> i give an a. >> reporter: kristin daulgran, nbc news. a schoolcool principal indeed. that's nbc news for this saturday. thank you for the privilege of your time. for all of us here at
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good night.straight ahead tonight... now that the storm is over... crews still have a big mess to clean up. the number of accidents state troopers responded to. :47:38:22-:47:46:11 "its a little thing..but it's something that they seem to really appreciate...a little reminder of home." the gesture thounds of iowans are sending beyond state lines... and who will be receiving them. and.... the snow didn't stop the hawkeyes from inching closer to perfect season. highlights from iowa city... the first snow fall of the year is the books... many of us broke out the shovels but road and emergency crews are still cleaning up from yesterdays storm. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm jodi whitworth. more than eight inches of snow fell across parts of the state last


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