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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 25, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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until next time, whoo! it's wednesday, november 25th and coming up on "early today""e ahead of one of the busiest travel days of the year, the fbi tells people across the u.s. to be aware of copy style attacks. and a shooting of a 17-year-old, the officer facing first degree murder charges. a second isis attack in france may have been thwarted as tensions rise between putin and in obum obama over that downed russian fighter. and a new born baby abandoned at a nativity scene. "early today" starts right now. good morning, thanks for being with us. i'm shannon mulaire.
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cam video showing officer shot 16ho times. protesters took the streets of downtown chicago last night, many chanting 16 shots. others wondered why it took so long for charjs to be filed against van dike. a few protesters were arrested following small altercations with police and a small scuffle broke out after a police van carrying those arrested. vanre dike has been charge would first degree murder. he is being held without bond. here is more. and we must warn you some of the following footage is graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers. >> the dash cam vid yefrom october of last year shows police responding to a suspect with a spknife. and officer jason van dike
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mcdonald 16 times. >> the officer took a young man's life and he'll have to account for his actions. and that's what today is all about. it's about accountability. >> reporter: officer jason van dike turned himself into hi authorities authorities. he's charge would first degree murder. >> this defendants's actions were not justified and they were not a proper use of deadly force by this police officer. >> reporter: the cornor's report shows at least two of the wounds were in the back. >> it's truly not a murder case and we feel that we're going to be very successful defending this case. >> reporter: the city of chicago braced for protests as the mayor and the mcdonald's family pleaded.
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>> they have asked for calm. >> reporter: protesters marched through the m streets of chicago, some blocking traffic. >> and that was nbc dan shanman reporting. and a new bulletin from homeland security, urging police nation wide to remain vigilant for isis threats before the weekend travel rush begins. tracie potts joins us from washington. >> reporter: first, there's this alert and now an fbi bulletin telling police they need to bebu vigilant and let me tell you what you're going to see.e you're going to see a lot more security at train stations, airports and the message from president obama, go about your business, as he put it, americans will not be terrorized. he's sitting down with his national security team to talk aboutk domestic security later on today with this new isis video
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out, this questioning our military and certainly people might beeo concerned and in fact, experts admit that intelligence has itsce limitations and it's almost impossible to tell specifically a time and a place and a date when something will happen before it happens. so, what authorities are really relying on is you being vigilant and reporting anything unusual that you see. >> be vigilant and leave plenty of extra time. russian president vladimir putin speaks out. the pilot ejected but landed in hostile territory. one was killed while parachuting. the other was recovered by the syrian army and expected to be taken to a russian air base and and helicopter that went to rescue was attacked from the ground.
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here with more. >> reporter: for the first time in recent memory, a nato country, turkey fired on and shot down a russian fighter jet. turkey says it was because the russian su-24, a sucoy bomber violated turkish airspace on its way to carry out a bombing run in syria. turkey says it was simply defending its border when an unidentified aircraft was warned repeatedly and failed to acknowledge and respond to those warnings. russia has responded furiously, accusing turkey of being in bed with terrorists. they areor vowing some sort of punishment, response. >> i think it's very important right now formp us to make sure that both the russians and the turks are talking to each other, find out exactly what happened. >> reporter: in moscow, russian
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this was a stab in the back by the associate of terrorists, he says. >> it does escalate a very tense situation at a time when president obama and others are calling for more unity. >> russia says it will terminate all military contact with turkey and they won't retaliate militarily but warned in the future it will shoot down anything that threatens one of its aircraft. and meanwhile, french president was f at the white house yesterday meeting with president obama. he's pushing to form a coalition to fight isis. he has a full schedule of meetings today and then thursday with russia's vladimir putin. andrea mitchell reports. >> reporter: president obama widely criticized for not condemning the paris attacks strongly enough, tried to makeup for it.
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must be destroid and we must do it together. >> reporter: france's president said we must act but his hopes of drawing obama and vladimir putin into a new coalition were derailed by turkey's shoot down of the russian plane. >> turkey like any country has a right to defend its territory and its airspace. >> reporter: and putin says they're fighting a different enemy than united states and france. >> russia right now is a coalition of two, iran and russia. supporting assad. >> reporter: obama is calling on russia not toru i escalate with turkey despite putin's >> putin will respond, i think it's highly unlikely he would attack turkey, a nato ally but i think you could see a response
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>> make no mistake, we will win and groups like isil will lose. >> that was andrea mitchell reporting. french authorities have conducted more than 1200 searches and taken 100 skoichb ko peep -- 165 into custody. and nbc reports. >> reporter: authorities says hiss plan wasn't over. abdelhamid abaaoud, the suspected ring leader of the terrorist attacks, was allegedly planning another suicide bombing, last wednesday or thursday, foiled when he died in this police raid in a northern paris suburb just hours before the efdeadly attack would have been carried out. cell phone records shows one of the gunman who stored several paris caves, returned to the scenes of the carnage and
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another arrest warrant who was in the car with suspected sar terrorist salah. a new born is safe this morning after being left in a church nativity scene. it was discovered in a manger that catholic church in queens. it was healthy. surveillance footage shows a woman entering the church s with a bag 20 min btsutes before the child was found. lake tahoe and parts of nevada already under winter's grasp. heavy snow fell in reno, creating near whiteout conditions for travellers. no major injuries meteor meteorologist bill karins is here. >> a lot of people on the roads
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ux in the air and the storm in the west isst going to cause problems. ifob you're east of mississippi, nosi problems whatsoever, light showers late in the day and salt lake city into wyoming, southern portions of montana, that's where you're going to have problems and the roads should be fine. it willl be on the grassy surfaces. but north of salt lake city and probably one of the worst out there. and stormy weather, rain primarily, dales to hoousb, maybe thunderstorms bullet in denver, the temperatures are going to plummet. they're going to feel like the teens on thanksgiving day in november. so if you're driving dales to kansasve city, raining weather for you. but the northern portion could
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chicago itself, we're going to watch out for rain. thanksgiving day, middle of the country, trouble, today we're looking good. that's your national weather, now a closer look at the day ahead. so, you can see the difference. look that cold air starting to pourin out into montana. highs only in the 20s. and temperatures warm ahead of our storm system. and of course, safe travels to everyone. >>ev absolutely. bill, thank you. new details this morning, an nfl wide receiver is in critical condition after being shot in his car. and an implosion of a smoke stack s that doesn't go quite as planned. and legends in their own right at the white house to receive the nation's highest
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if you've recently bought a rotisserie chicken salad from cost co, be warned. 19 people in seven states have been infected with eecoali. if you purchased on or before november 20th are being advised to throw it out. and three men in custody with connection to black lives matter protest. five people were shot. none were life threatening. they're deciding whether to charge the men, who were all white, with a hate crime. and this is in greens vill, south carolina yesterday. it was a tractor trailer malfunction that caused the accident. >> the bed of the tractor-trailer raised up and struck the sign and the bridge.
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. >> oh, you know you love it. this morning on "today," shattering records is just the beginning. adel lierv on the a adel live on the plaza. only on "today." st. louis rams wide receiver was shot on tuesday night in miami. they say bailey and the driver were shot multiple times. the rams confirmed that they have spoken with steadman and he's in the hospital with critical but stable condition. and now to history on the hard court where the warriors out scored the lakers as they crews for a 111-77 victory. this makes them a perfect 16-0.
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that's a new nba record. the browns' johnny manziel has partied himself out of the starting job as quarterback. saying he violated trust as new videos of manziel partying in texas have surfaced. and clemson, alabama, oklahoma, and iowa rounding out the top four. the broncos' peyton manning will miss at least two more games with a torn planter fashau in his left foot. just ahead, justin bieber and adel broke big records this week. can you guess which ones? plus, the epic trailer for
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ask your doctor about stelara . now to entertainment. beerb bieber tops the beatles. he's officially broken a 51-year-old billboard record. he managed to get 15 songs on the billboard charts at a single time. this is matched by drake earlier this year. bdel has also broken a record selling the most albums in a single week, selling 2.4
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friday, besting previous record holder, in sinc. >> he's my friend. >> so was i. >> the official trailer for "captain america, civil war" appears to tease an epic show down between captain america and iron man. >> iron man will win. >> you think? we shall see. kurt cobain has made it to the billboard charts for the first time. sound track reached number one on the sound track charts. and last night, jimmy fallon shared news about mars on the tonight -- "the tonight show." >> mars might eventually get
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rings like saturn, which is the same passive aggressive thing your mom will tell you on thanksgiving. you got to get out there. like mars. >> family. >> i always have this conversation with people. do you think in our lifetime we will go to mars? >> yes, i do. do you not? haven't you seen the recent reports? there's life out there. >> matt damon was there and i know. >> and that's the end of that. i'm shannon mulaire and this is "early today." coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day. when your cold is this bad...
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leading the news for nhpr, fired up about the "pony economy" vurmen supreme might just be your candidate. he's back after a failed 2012 campaign, surprisingly, for president. he's officially registered in new hampshire as a democrat. his promise, free ponies for all american citizens. >> wow, that's too bad 8-year-old girls aren't voting. once in a lifetime moment at the white house, some of the biggest names in movies, sports and more gathered to receive the nation's highest honor, the medal of honor. >> reporter: you might not
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everyone is an american icon, filling the east room, 17 nominees in all. from the director of "jaws," steven spielberg. and pick bideed by president obama for exceptional service. >> they represent what's best in us and we're very, very proud. >> reporter: the highest honor any civilian can receive, even ones that already got an grammy or seven, or an oscar. recognize not just the "funny girl" but ground breaking women. the first african american woman in congress. and before john glen piloted friendship 7, he requests she double check the computer. and they range from those that
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played beautifully. willy maze at the white house, yogi berra's family accepting before him. as he might have said "if the world were perfect, it wouldn't be" hally jackson, nbc news, washington. >> and being the president is the hardest job in the world but there are cool moments and events like that. >> it's just incredible. >> i think i'm going to run for president now. >> he's going to do it. >> yeah right. >> happy birthday to christina apple applegate. and chris carter and
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