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tv   Channel 13 News at Four  NBC  November 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm CST

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mother nature isn't in a holiday mood...we'll tell you when it starts to get really bad today and what it might mean for hawkeye fans headed west. new tradition... as you were feasting, some were trotting off their meal. hear why soggy runners got a view of des moines not possible any day but today. plus, behind bars. the woman behind the wheel of a deadly crash makes her court debut. hear the charges she's facing today.
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good afternoon ... i'm andy
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a des moines woman is being handed charges for her role in a deadly crash... deanna gliem was in court today... she faces four counts of vehicular homicide... that's two for each of the men police say killed in a crash earlier this month
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when she crashed into another car. 60 year old rick hummel and 59 year old randy sonnenburg were killed. witnesses say gliem was driving twice the speed limit at the time of the crash. she's now being held in polk county jail on a 120-thousand dollar bond. her next court appearance will be next month, december 7th. meanwhile the man behind another deadly des moines crash might have charges against him reduced... troy mure junior is facing vehicular homicide charges and o-w-i stemming from an accident this week 35th street where mure slammed his car into a tree, killing his passenger, 22-year- old scalicity boyd mure claims he was being chased... now a legal expert says if mure can prove that... he has a good chance of having charges against him reduced... lawyers say he would have to use a compulsion defense.
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the man accused of killing a man outside his waukee home says he's not guilty. 41 year old brendan mcguinness was arraigned yesterday. police say he shot and killed 41 year old gino risola in the driveway of his home on november 7th. they have not identified a motive in the case. mcguinness will stand trial on february 1st. you'll notice more officers out on your way home from thanksgiving dinner today. west des moines police are upping enforcement... to catch holiday travelers. they're partnering with the "governor's traffic safety bureau" to reduce traffic-related injuries and deaths on iowa roadways. officers will be watching for all traffic violations... keeping an extra close eye out for those not wearing seat belts. that's not the only thing that had drivers hitting their breaks today. 00:20:27 - 00:37:20 thanksgiving is kind of a slower day as far as traffic goes... we're drawing a 1.5 mile line
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across the city... we really wanted to incorporate as many aspects across the city as we could. the first annual turkey trot took over downtown des moines this morning... turning the metro into somewhat of a thanksgiving destination. organizers say people from 38 states showed up for the soggy trek.... and they hope to grow that in future years. to replenish all those calories burned... there was even a thanksgiving meal ready at the finish line. there will be no thanksgiving favorite... "dos rios"... along court avenue... closed its doors at the end of the day yesterday. it's to make way for extensive renovation... both inside and out... over the next few months. meanwhile owners are trying to help their 40 employees find
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their goal is to re-open before the ncaa basketball tournament in march, and for the warmer weather that follows. dos rios is well known for its patio dining along court avenue. well we expect family, food and football on this day each year. but some in the metro are taking a different approach... "food family fitness." "wanted to get my workout in before i stuff my face." while many businesses remained closed today... fitness gyms gave people in the metro a chance to burn some calories before the biggest meal of the year... the calorie control council estimates americans will consume an average of 3,000 calories this thanksgiving... these workout warriors were fighting that today at anytime fitness in downtown des moines. they say they'll still take part in platefuls of their thanksgiving favorites.... but the turkey day workout makes them feel a little better about a second or third helping. several groups in des moines put
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the "giving" into "thanksgiving" today... "those numbers go up every year. and right now, there's at least 16,000 here in iowa that are homeless, and another 20,000 that are at risk. and it's just unbelievable for the state of iowa to have that." :01-:17 that was susan travis of hope ministries. she and over two-hundred volunteers, delivered hot, cooked meals to families who wouldn't eat otherwise. in total they took twenty-two- hundred meals to people's doorsteps today. they welcomed nearly 400 more people into their bethel mission ministry center for a hot thanksgiving lunch. they've been preparing for this day for six weeks... and tomorrow morning, the work continues. they'll serve breakfast to the homeless, as they do every day. just down the street at chucks' restaurant... the same giving spirit was in full force. the restaurant has offered free meals for the past 15 years... and even an ownership change
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"it's something that you had to carry on. and i mean, it's so overwhelming that it's something you can't say no to. i can't possibly think of not doing it here; they've done it here for the last 15 years, and it's something i hope to keep doing for the next 30." :01-:13 chuck's restaurant says they served around four-thousand people today... over at hope ministries, the focus now turns to christmas... where they'll serve and deliver just as many meals again. coming up... at this time tomorrow, the hawks will be fighting to preserve their perfect record... but right now, iowa fans are nothing but thankful for what's been the greatest hawkeye season ever. coming up, michael admire and i cut through all the turkey and stuffing to find the five things to appreciate most of all. but first... plenty will be paying with plastic come tomorrow... but it could cost you... coming up, we'll tell you about the
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warning security experts are issuing this holiday season...
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but it's also a hot spot for thieves... targeting gas stations, with a hidden scam. iowans are no strangers to it. the problem popped up at pumps in davenport just last month... now cases like that are setting off a warning across the country. police are on alert this holiday, over an alarming spike in the hidden scams. nbc's gabe gutierrez shows us just how, the next time you swipe your card at the pump... your personal information could be stolen. in michigan...authoritie s on the hunt...for a device secretly planted in gas pumps! stealing credit card information from thousands of consumers, car nats: they're called skimmers... the criminals...breaking into the pumps...with master keys...they buy online... look at this man - secretly attaching a skimmer, in less that a minute. sot: it's as simple as pulling this wire off here, attaching the skimmer, attaching this wire back to the end of the skimmer, and closing it .
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"it's just that easy."sot: "it's crazy."in texas...charlotte hessey lost nearly three thousand dollars. sot: "it was a tremendous nightmare. it puts your life on hold. you can't pay bills. you can't buy groceries."last year...the
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devices cost consumers two billion dollars and - it's not just gas stations that are vulnerable. and major retailers are also on alert. sot: "the problem is you have employees , usually low-level employees , gang affiliated or being coerced by gangs to bring these skimmers into places of employment."author ities in pennsylvania dubbed this alleged crime ring "operation gucci". watch this video of a cashier...swiping a credit card at the register. then...police say on a skimmer that is out of sight - as she grabs a receipt. sot: the technology is easy to acquire and its smaller than you would think- it can fit in the palm of your hand , its not some huge device.and yoc find it right line. to proct yourself perts say...avoidapumps rthest from the attendant's ew. pay inside...or use cash. d monitor your bank count...often. sot: hat we' finding/ has just ally bwour mind." a aud...nospreading withedit r in high demand this liday seanbe gutierrez, nbc news, lliamston, michigan.experts say the kind showing up gas pps leave no way for youoee if u're beingcmed. that'scause the skimmers are often aced inside the pump's cardader.
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stillto 11-0. michael admire and i pick five things about these hawks that probably got mentioned around a few
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works.vmost new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banksand billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by overa million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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michael admire joins us now to talk a little hawkeye football. hawkeye fans had no idea that this season was coming. they were ho-hum about the fans had no idea that this season was coming. they were ho-hum about the start of the, they don't want it to end. for the team itself, what are five things that are
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new kirk. tax slayer - broken, unfixable. sound defense. 5th in turnover margin. reinvigorated before season.
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favorable schedule. strength of schedule is 65th in the country. perfection. 11-0. don't have to be the best team in college football, just have to be the best on gameday. we'll be back
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planning ahead... we'll tell you where you can and can't get a jump start on holiday deals. and what about when you get hungry? the places dishing up an alternative to home-made turkey dining. the team to fight isis... is recruiting. we'll tell you why it's a hard sell to one country. and what's being done today to change that. and on the homefront... sky high balloons... and sky high security concerns. hear how new york city broke records amongst mounting concern of an attack on the homeland. news at four front door well it crowded the streets of new york and took our favorite characters sky high... the annual macy's thanksgiving day entered its 89th season this morning. along the way though, bullet proof vests... long rifles... and more officers than ever
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before. good afternoon, i'm andy fales. more than 25-hundred police officers were stationed along the city's parade route... officers from the bomb squad... with bomb sniffing dogs... were also working the crowd. and the city reportedly rolled out hundreds of heavily armed officers from its elite counter terrorism unit to patrol as well. the heightened security follows recent terror attacks in paris... and despite officials reassuring people that there were no credible threats to new york, they were still ready.... with a security presence greater than ever. "we also have the most nypd presence we've ever had for one of these parades, thousands and thousands of officers out along the parade route, including hundreds of our new counter-terror force critical response command. we are ready here today. and i have to tell you the people of this city are voting with their feet. we're going to see millions of people here today meaning they are feeling safe and secure- they want to participate in this
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incredible event." officials estimate about three-million people turned out for today's parade. a security scare in brussels has come to a peaceful close... authorities there spent the day investigating suspicious packages containing white powder.. at the city's grand mosque. after investigation, they determined the powder was not harmful. belgium has been the focus of investigations into the deadly terror attacks in paris -- and the city has been at a high terror alert level for days. a tense meeting is taking place today in light of those attacks... french president francois hollande continues his bid to form a grand coalition to fight against isis. he took the effort to moscow today - hoping to win over vladimir putin. that follows meetings with british, german and american
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getting russia on board is proving challenging after a russian warplane was shot down by turkey. putin says russia will not go to war, but he will deploy long-range air defense missiles to the region... hollande said this week he can work with russia if it focuses its efforts on isis. new video today of a 17-year-old's deadly interaction with chicago police has reinvigorated protestors there demanding justice. ryan young has the story. a second night of unrest in two major metropolitan cities - as hundreds of protesters return to streets from chicago to new york... demonstrators marching in frustration over the shocking death of 17 year-old laquan mcdonald police arresting several protesters in new york city their passion spilling into the
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macy's flagship department store in the heart of manhattan - their voices raging - in chicago - demonstrators staged a sit-in blocking a major intersection. some trying to take police officers' bikes. this, as newly released dash-cam videos - obtained by the chicago tribune - capture the moment before and after - 37 year old officer jason van dyke - shot mcdonald 16 times last october. this is officer van dyke's own vehicle dash cam - while out-of-focus you can see - mcdonald cutting across the front of his police car and passing a nearby burger king - moments later - about six seconds after getting out of his vehicle - officer van dyke begins to shoot the teen as he walked down the street, wielding a knife ... continuing to fire even after mcdonald fell to the ground. just minutes later - this dash cam from
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another police car shows mcdonald lying on the street .... the other officers at the scene never opening fire. van dyke's attorney says the officer was in fear for his life, and says the videos don't show a complete picture, saying mcdonald was ... "... harassing business owners, waving a knife for about 18 minutes on a busy street, him stabbing a squad car windshield that was manned with two police officers inside there, him stabbing a tire of a squad car." late wednesday, president obama reacting to the deadly shooting, saying he was, quote, "deeply disturbed by the footage" and his grateful for his "hometown for keeping protests peaceful." van dyke is charged with first-degree murder. he is being held without bail. the crowds are already forming out in west des moines... but not all stores are opening their doors... including one of the newest. r-e-i stayed closed today and will remain so tomorrow. the store say it's because black
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the company's 12 thousand workers... will still be getting paid for the days. and online customers can still make purchases... but they'll first have to get through a homepage encouraging them of shop. and a list of others are following suit. they're closed today and tomorrow as well. if the shopping gets you hungry -- or you burn the turkey -- you're not completely out of luck. cracker barrel began serving up its thanksgiving meal at 11 this morning. village inns were open all day...denny's was open, too. you can find a complete list of restaurant chains staying open... at "restaurant news dot com." if you want to minimize the black friday craziness all together... experts say set your alarm clock. google analyzed foot traffic data... and found black friday crowds are at their lowest between two a-m and six a-m. then things pick up around eight in the morning... peaking in
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afternoon. they say the absolute best hour to shop if you want to avoid crowds is five a-m. still ahead... minimum wage and job creation... we'll tell you the issue iowa republicans and democrats differ on... and which one they actually agree on. it's sparked protest across the country... and the talk about minimum wage only gets louder as election season
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which one they actually agree on. it's sparked protest across the country... and the talk about minimum wage only gets louder
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it's sparked protest across the country... and the talk about minimum wage only gets louder as election season nears. presidential candidates talk about it all the time...but we wanted to find out what iowans think about it. so our who-tv iowa state
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85 percent of likely democratic caucus-goers told us they want a higher minimum wage. it's a far different story with republicans... only about a third of them want the government to dictate a higher wage. we also wanted to know what you think about this... the question is whether iowa should give incentives to encourage new businesses that provide more jobs. this time, we found support on both sides. 85 percent of democrats like the taxpayer-backed incentives 77 percent of republicans do as well. critics say it's government picking winners and losers. but from our poll...people from both party think these incentives are a winning business plan. we'll have more on this coming up in the news at five... and tune in tomorrow as we take a look at what iowans want instead of obamacare.
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coming up... it's the sad truth that can dampen any trek home for the holidays. how to get your money back... when
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no wants to be that person standing at baggage claim only to leave empty handed. erika gonzalez tells us how to get reimbursed... if it happens to you. "we went from dulles... newlyweds elizabeth and paul hart are describing the route to their honeymoon. "you know turks and caicos is a very glamourous place and on your honeymoon you want to feel nice. so i packed my really nice clothing." but somewhere along the way, the airline lost elizabeth's bag. "it was not a good way to start our honeymoon--- me crying in the airport." this isn't a new
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summer alone, the department of transportation says airlines have mishandled more than half a million bags. it estimates that includes a small percentage of lost luggage. and while the airline did offer a 50 dollar credit for future flights and reimburse her bag fee, elizabeth feels like she's owed more. reporter: "whats is the likelihood of this couple seeing a return on their money or seeing a return on their bag?" "well, after a month it's pretty low." still, paul hudson of the non-profit flyers rights says there are a few things you can do to maximize the potential of getting reimbursed. first itemize everything in your suitcase... elizabeth did that and one better... she included pictures. "this is a picture of the bag, this is another picture of the bag and then what it currently retails for." hudson also advises consumers to submit a claim as fast as possible. keep in mind, he says, you wont see any extra cash for items with sentimental value and adds the
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try to depreciate the value of your items. technically, airlines can reimburse travelers for lost goods up to 35 hundred dollars, but he says airlines reject those claims about 90% of the time. one final tip from hudson--- check your renters or home insurance policy. "most homeowners policies have a provision for theft loss even if it's outside the home." as for these newlyweds, they're now looking for a new airline. "i think its a shame for them because we're both young, we like to travel and we have a lifetime of that ahead of us and they'll never see
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right now. thanks andy... first rain and now freeze raining... and snow is on it's way... what you can expect as you head home
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"it's prep work for today and tomorrow" and... many of us pigged out on turkey, stuffing and pie... but learn the place where some iowans hung out before dinner... and their reasoning behind it. and... making progress... what a south eastern iowa county did to an intersection with a deadly past. and why it's efforts are not stopping there.. today is one of the busiest traveling days of the year.... and it always brings less than ideal traveling conditions. much of the state will see it all today... rain, sleet and snow.. good evening and happy thanksgiving. i'm jodi whitworth. driving to your holiday celebration, you likely didn't have any trouble... but coming home that may be a different story. meteorologist brett mcintyre joins us now with a first look at the
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